8 Tips on Defeating Insomnia From Our Mattress Stores in Wichita, KS

Mattress Stores in Wichita, Ks Sleeping Tips

8 Tips on Defeating Insomnia From Our Wichita Mattress Store Experts

A good night’s sleep is more than just a refreshing way to spend the night — it’s a necessary component for good health. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of health problems, ranging from an increased risk of heart disease to poor cognitive function. Visit one of our mattress stores in Wichita, KS to find the best mattress for you. When sleep and health go hand-in-hand, you can’t afford to continue with poor sleep habits. So, what can you do to get a better night’s sleep in Wichita? Here are eight tips that can help turn a night of tossing and turning into solid and restful sleep.

1. Wake Up on Schedule

Your circadian rhythm is a fairly delicate system. Going to bed late or getting up late can shift your body’s natural rhythm. That shift can lead to everything from weight gain to increased impulsivity, according to a recent study performed by the Society of Neuroscience. To keep your circadian rhythm ticking away properly, try to always get up at the same time every day. Even when you stay up late, a consistent wake up time can help combat schedule shifts.

2. Avoid Evening Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant. That morning cup of joe might give you a boost to help get started in the morning, but you don’t want a boost when you’re trying to get to sleep. Cut off the coffee and other caffeine sources at around 2 p.m. Remember, caffeine can continue to affect you for up to six hours after consumption. That means your two o’clock cup is still keeping you awake at eight o’clock at night.

3. Cooler Is Better

Light and time are important to sleep, but new research shows that temperature might be even more critical to a good night’s sleep. Optimal sleep requires a cooler core temperature. That means lowering your thermostat before bed is a good idea. If your feet get cold, throw on a pair of socks. Warm extremities and a cool center are the ideal ingredients for uninterrupted sleep.

4. Avoid Long Naps

A short, 20-minute nap during the day can help you feel refreshed, but long naps can leave you feeling groggy. Long naps let you fall deeper into sleep, and waking up before the end of your sleep cycle can leave you longing for a little more shut-eye. To get the best nighttime sleep, avoid even cat naps in the evening.

5. Keep the Screens Off

Blue light, often used to provide illumination for back-lit screens, has been shown to disrupt sleep cycles. Different colors of light can impact sleep to different degrees, and blue wavelengths have been shown to be the most disruptive. Blue light can disrupt the circadian rhythm by three hours after six and a half hours of exposure. Several hours before bed, be sure cut down on screen time and leave your phone outside your bedroom.

6. Skip the Nightcap

A full bladder can wake you up in the middle of the night, disrupting your evening sleep. Alcoholic beverages can be an even worse idea. A nightcap might help you fall asleep faster, but your quality of sleep will suffer. A recent study at the University of Melbourne showed that alpha wave activity, which does not typically increase during sleep, rises with the presence of alcohol. That increased brain activity can prevent sleep from actually giving you the rest you need.

7. Black Out the Room

Remember how blue light can interrupt your sleep? Well, while blue wavelengths might be the most problematic, any light can affect your ability to fall and stay asleep. Natural sleep cycles respond to changing amounts of light. If your curtains allow in sunlight, you are more likely to wake up with the sun. Given changing times for sunrise and sunset, it’s best to blackout the room for sleep. Heavy curtains and shades can help, and make sure to hide the clock or any other device that can radiate light.

8. Ugrade Your Mattress From A Mattress Stores in Wichita, KS

The final step to a good night sleep is a great sleep surface. The right mattress offers you the support you need to get comfortable and stay asleep, all night long. A new and comfortable mattress can help with sleep in several ways. First, a new mattress has fewer dust mites, a common allergen. Another issue is that mattresses wear out. When they do, they no longer offer the same support as a new mattress. A better mattress will last longer and help you sleep in comfort.

Our Wichita sleep experts (and the Cheap Sheep) will help you rest up and wake refreshed. The friendliest Wichita mattress store is here to help you find a bed that is comfortable and conducive to the best night’s sleep.

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