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The Mattress Hub is built on those two ideas which are more than a slogan—it’s a corporate philosophy. Founded in 2008 in Wichita, Kansas, The Mattress Hub has evolved from a strictly brick and mortar presence in five locations across Kansas, to having a full e-commerce option for people across the United States. Founder, Ryan Baty, believes that good sleep helps people be their best and live their best lives and he is committed to helping make the world a more well rested place.

Ryan Baty

Our Story

The Mattress Hub was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in 2008 by Ryan Baty. Ryan remains the owner today, and loves the fact that he has not only been able to build a successful business in his hometown, but he’s also been able to build a beautiful family with his wife, Alicia. Today, The Mattress Hub has many locations throughout Kansas, five of which are in Wichita.

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Wichita Bridge

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact lives through the positive stewardship of our business operations, fostering the growth and development of our employees, and remaining champions of the customer service experience. We are committed to excellence in our organization and the communities in which we proudly serve.

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