Cheap Sheep Says – Take Thanksgiving and Black Friday up a notch!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner; we all know that means we look forward to getting together with our families, eating great food, and then succumbing to the inevitable food coma while watching some football! Use this as your opportunity to give thanks for your new mattress from The Mattress Hub, because it will be there to give you the best Thanksgiving nap you have ever experienced!

Maybe you are thinking about waiting until Black Friday to get a new mattress? Join us NOW for our Black Friday Sale, which has the best prices on the best mattresses in town! That’s right, our Black Friday Sale has already started on our Five StarSertaBeautyrest, and Tempur-Pedic Mattresses!

Don’t wait around for sales because The Mattress Hub always has the best prices in town

Come see me, the Cheap Sheep, at our Black Friday Sale to get the most enjoyment out of your Thanksgiving food coma!

As always, sleep well my friends!

– Cheap Sheep

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