Glossary of Terms

What We Are Talking About—A List of Terms

Adjustable Base

Also called an adjustable bed frame, adjustable bases take the place of a box spring and allow you to adjust your mattress to different angles.  The goal is to find the most comfortable and most health-conscious positions for relaxation and sleep.


An ingredient in mattress and sleep accessory products that helps promote and ensure proper sleep hygiene by working to prevent dust mites and bacteria.

Border Wires

Often referred to as border rods, this component is found on the perimeter of the mattress and is designed to offer more support on the edges.  The goal is to prolong the life of the mattress, prevent sagging and extend a stable sleep surface from edge to edge.

Box Springs

The accompanying piece of a “mattress set.”  The box springs are a framed box placed under the mattress that is made from vertical steel springs.  The purpose of the box springs is to provide additional support. Box Springs come in standard or low profile heights.  Although most beds require a box spring, some do not, including bunk beds, daybeds, trundle beds and platform beds.


Also referred to as an innerspring, these are steel wire springs in the mattress help provide even support when the weight of the body sinks into the bed.  Coils come in varying shapes, sizes, counts, designs and gauge of steel.

Edge Support

This refers to a foam padding or wire support system placed around the outer perimeter of the mattress to give an extra level of stability and support. Edge support varies from each manufacturer but is designed to offer more support for the sides of the bed.  The goal is to prolong the life of the mattress, prevent sagging and extend a stable sleep surface from edge to edge.

Gel Memory Foam

A popular component in modern mattresses.  Gel is a cooling and support material.  Memory Foam is a comfort and pressure relieving material.  Blending Gel and Memory Foam together helps regulate temperature on the surface while offering enhanced comfort and support.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam is technically known as visco-elastic foam.  Rumors of its original development in both space technology and health industry are true.  The purpose of Memory Foam is to softly conform to a person’s body while simultaneously providing pressure relieving support.  Mattresses can use Memory Foam as a component in the top layers of the bed or as a larger, thicker layer over high density foam core to make an entire mattress.  Memory Foam is one of the most popular components in mattress manufacturing due to its benefits for a sleeper and durability.

Pillow Top

This is commonly known as a type of mattress, but more specifically a Pillow Top is referring to the extra layer of padding on top of the mattress.  A Pillow Top is designed to provide a soft, extra-comfortable surface for sleeping and a barrier against painful pressure points.

Plush Mattress

This type of mattress fits into a medium comfort feel.  The purpose of a plush mattress is to provide more “give” in order to create a softer, more comfortable bed, while maintaining proper spinal alignment.  Plush Mattresses aim to balance the qualities of a firm mattress and a pillow top.

Ultra Plush Mattress

This type of mattress fits into a soft comfort feel.  Ultra Plush Mattresses are the softest designs made in our portfolio of products and are normally ideal for side sleepers.