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Back to School Essentials

Summer is winding down fast and for many parents our attention turns to preparing our kids for back to school. The endless supplies list includes pencils, paper, backpacks and more. All of those items are important for success in the classroom, but at The Mattress Hub we want to make sure parents understand there is another essential element to your child’s performance at school…healthy sleep. If our children are not sleeping well at night, it will impact their ability to learn in school. Lack of sleep negatively effects attention span, memory capacity

The Power of Sleep – Summer Savings Event

America has a strange relationship with sleep.  Each generation values a good night’s sleep differently. Millennials measure lack of sleep as a level of “hustle”.  Young parents become keenly aware of the sleepless nights associated with raising children. Many working adults are so stressed and worried that sleep is often an afterthought.  Lack of sleep is celebrated by business types as a measure of determination and work ethic.  The Baby Boomer generation battles the physical ailments that come with aging and they struggle

Buying a mattress online. A Guide

Just about anything we buy in a store can now be bought online. This has worked with most all products that can be shipped. However, some industries are slow to the table like cars and well...mattresses. The first real boom of online mattress stores were just one item, the bed in a box. Innerspring mattresses took a hit due to the amount of pop up websites selling the next best foam mattress that could be compressed. Shipping any mattress let alone an innerspring mattress presents challenges. Not only due to the size but also a consumers worst fear of "what if

Memorial Day and Mattresses

Summer has arrived! Tis the season for baseball, swimming pools, vacations… and sleep. That’s right, we encourage you to enjoy the season by first focusing on the quality of your sleep.  If you are determined to get healthy and physically fit this summer, the place to start is with your sleep. Sleeping well is the foundation of living well.  Healthy sleep impacts your energy levels and your productivity. Healthy sleep impacts weight control and your body’s ability to fight off infection and sickness. Healthy sleep also helps your body de

Feel the Breeze

Spring is in the air and temperatures are on the rise.  For many people this warming trend is a welcomed sign of the season.  For others, it magnifies a bigger issue… Sleeping Hot. Temperature control is the number one unmet consumer need in regard to a mattress.  In fact, 62% of American bedrooms have at least one hot sleeper.  The problem of sleeping hot has drastic impact on the quality of sleep an individual gets throughout the night.  Those who have trouble finding a temperature balance at night also report tossing and turning, w

Doing the Right Thing

Full transparency—I’ve never thought much about recycling. It’s not that I don’t care or that I’m anti-environment or intentionally wasteful, it just never was much of a focus in my home. Looking back, I think it’s because when my trash was out of sight it was then out of mind. We placed everything in our trashcan, hauled it out to our garage every couple of days, then to the curb once a week. After the trash company picked up our dumpster I didn’t give a second thought to what happens with our trash.  That changed abou

Sealy Premium Silver Chill Plus

The Sealy Premium Silver Chill Plus is a top of the line Sealy mattress that has reinforced support where the most support is needed.  The heaviest part of your body has the most reinforcement thanks to the most innovative Posturpedic Technology.  It is all made possible by a 2-inch Immersion Advanced Memory Foam with Chill, 1.5-inch ComfortSense Foam, and 1-inch SealySupport Extra Soft Foam pillowtop plus Response Pro HD Zoned Coil System of densely packed hourglass-shape coils with a dual-stage design, for more targeted support and reduced motion tra

If You Are Thinking About A Spring Detox, Do Not Forget Sleep

Have you ever heard of spring cleaning?  It’s called spring cleaning because spring seems to be the ideal season to really deep clean your home from top to bottom, get organized and get rid of “stuff” you no longer need. Recently more people have started applying this ritual to one’s body.  They use this time to expel the unnecessary and harmful substances in their bodies. If you think about it, our bodies become slower and less efficient by our toxic environment and our constant stress levels.  We get pollution fr

Tempur-Contour Elite Breeze

The Tempur-Contour Elite Breeze Mattress has four different layers to make it the best choice for people who are hot blooded and want a firm mattress to keep them cooler.     The first layer is the cooling cover, a performance fabric that covers the mattress and is lightweight, breathable and has innovative technology to keep you cooler.  Next is the comfort layer comprised of Tempur-HD that is infused with a cooling technology called PureCool.  Then there is the support layer that is ultra-breathable Tempur-Climate that distributes body weight

Why You Should Find A Natural Mattress For Your Child And How To Do It

Bringing home your new baby is undoubtedly a mixture of night lights, temper tantrums, tears, bedtime stories, white noise machines and so forth trying to find the right combination to help your little bundle sleep soundly. All of these details have probably been adjusted and re-adjusted to suit your baby’s needs.  But have you ever thought about what role their mattress plays in their sleep? It makes sense due to sheer amount of time new babies spend sleeping. It was recently reported in the Washington Post that almost three quarters of crib ma

Serta Blue Fusion 100

This mattress combines TempActiv Gel Memory Foam, Serta® Balanced Support Foam, TempActiv Balance Fabric, and it is compatible with Serta Adjustable Foundations.  And, because it also contains the Serta Hybrid coil, you can expect exceptional comfort and support.  It is considered to be a memory foam hybrid. The Blue Fusion 100 Firm mattress is covered by the TempActiv Balance Fabric that is designed to have high performance moisture and heat regulation. It provides softness as well as longevity of your new mattress.  

How Memory Foam Helps Couples Sleep Better And Live Better

Sleeping with another person is often a game of two competing interests.  Whether it is because one person prefers a colder temperature, a warmer temperature, more blankets, less blankets, or the battle of the pillow, sharing your bed with someone is usually fraught with concessions by one or both parties. How Mattresses Help Control the Temperature Now that mattresses have new features that aid the circulation of air, much of the temperature battle its solved.  Foam and hybrid mattresses help to regulate temperature, giving you a better night’s

Get The Best Sleep With The Mattress That Is Best For You

More and more we are learning that lack of sleep has become a public health epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When we do not get the required amount of sleep, many problems arise.  Motor vehicle crashes increase, as well as workplace accidents and industrial disasters. Have you ever decided to go out the night before work and the next day you were unable to focus and and concentrate.  Did you notice that you made more errors and worked slower?  Sometimes even the smallest mistakes in an industrial setting

The Truth About Alcohol And Sleep

Ever wonder how your sleep is impacted by alcohol? Make no mistake, although we agree that a little booze here and there can be quite nice, our professional goal is to find a mattress that you will not need alcohol to get  the best sleep!  Anyone trying to attain or maintain a healthy lifestyle must get a certain amount of quality sleep every day.  Furthermore, good sleep alleviates the need for other more expensive options, such as  personal trainers, doctor visits and diet pills.  Most people know or believe that a cocktail before bed ca

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Sleep

Do you find yourself sleeping so well that your body can’t handle it? Well, we have all had that problem before. So we decided to show some ways to fix this problem. In all seriousness, we’ve learned that there are many ways to improve sleep but if you find yourself sabotaging your own sleep cycle, you’ll probably still wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus. 11 habits to stop: 1. Drinking coffee during a dragging day at work. It takes the human body 8-10 hours to break down caffeine, so if you’re a person who is sensitive

Nap Like Royalty

We as adults have learned to truly appreciate the precious moments that come from a good nap that we weren’t able to truly appreciate as a child. Whether that’s lazing around on your front-porch swing or sprawling out in bed for a quick rest, it’s undoubtedly an enjoyable pastime. But, waking up dazed and confused to a messy home and the realization that  you only have a few spare moments to get yourself together for that next meeting can be rough. And we can all relate to the feeling late at 

Sleep Is Important To Your Health

An article released by The New York Times about sleep covers many important points about how sleep is so vital to your health. If you cut out even one hour of sleep it can affect your health. “Sleep affects almost every tissue in our bodies” is said in the article by a sleep specialist, Dr. Michael J. Twery, at the National Institutes of Health. “From infancy to old age, the effects of inadequate sleep can profoundly affect memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability, as well as your physical health. Failing to get enough slee

Black Friday Coupons

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Black Friday Additional Savings

SAVE MORE ON BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS. ADD THESE SAVINGS ON TOP OF OUR BLACK FRIDAY SALES. Offer valid only on 11/23/17 at all locations. Must present coupon at time of purchase.  

The Best Pillow For Your Sleep Style From Our Mattress Stores In Wichita, KS

Everyone has a unique sleep style. Even infants tend to favor one sleeping position over all others. You likely gravitate toward one position each night, and you may be experiencing some discomfort as a result. Whether it’s a crick in your neck or a lack of restful sleep, the right pillow can alleviate your problems and have you sleeping in comfort again. But which pillow you should choose? SIDE SLEEPERS If you’re a side sleeper, you probably need more support as you rest. Sleeping on your side results in a large amount of space between

8 Tips On Defeating Insomnia From Our Mattress Stores In Wichita, KS

8 TIPS ON DEFEATING INSOMNIA FROM OUR WICHITA MATTRESS STORE EXPERTS A good night’s sleep is more than just a refreshing way to spend the night — it’s a necessary component for good health. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of health problems, ranging from an increased risk of heart disease to poor cognitive function. Visit one of our mattress stores in Wichita, KS to find the best mattress for you. When sleep and health go hand-in-hand, you can’t afford to continue with poor sleep habits. So, what can you do to get a better night&r

How To Fall Asleep Faster

Do you find yourself tossing and turning for hours after you tuck yourself under the covers? Chronic sleep deprivation affects millions of Americans, and it can severely impact how you function on a daily basis. If you’re one of the 60 million Americans having trouble falling asleep at night, there are numerous ways you can change your sleep routine to get a better night’s rest. From switching up your sleep habits to taking a trip to The Mattress Hub to find your perfect mattress, a few simple changes can help you fall asleep without spendin

What Type Of Mattress Is Right For You?

You might find it more comfortable to sleep on your back, sides or stomach. The position of how you sleep won’t change based on your mattress. But how comfortable it feels to sleep a certain way might be different in a different bed. So you’ll want to know which mattress type is best, whether you prefer the back, side or stomach-sleeping position. Let’s help you figure that one out! BEST MATTRESS TYPE FOR BACK SLEEPERS Your back is the best place to be when you’re asleep. It’s better than your sides, as you’re not putting a

Food And Drinks To Be Avoided Before Bed

If you are having trouble sleeping, the hidden cause might be what you tend to eat or drink before bed. It turns out that some popular items can make it hard for you to sleep shortly after you eat or drink them. So before you make the trip to a Wichita mattress store to get a more comfortable place to sleep, consider whether you normally have any of these food or drinks before bed. PIZZA If you’re up late and need a midnight snack, it’s tempting to order pizza. But that could be a mistake if you want a full night’s sleep on your comfortable mattre

Napping Do’s And Don’ts

Many adults wish they could go back to the days when they took naps as children. As it turns out, you do not need to turn back time to take a nap. In fact, lots of adults can benefit from adding napping to their regular routine. Before you start scheduling a daily nap, consider the pros and cons of napping, as well as these tips on making the most of any naps you take. Then, head to your local The Mattress Hub to make sure you have the most comfortable place to take your naps. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF NAPPING? Napping allows you to get more sleep when you did not g

How To Choose The Right Pillow For You

If you’re in the market for a new pillow, you know it makes sense to ask the Wichita sleep experts for help. After all, there are dozens of great pillows available; if you want a good night’s sleep, you need to know which one is the right one for you. Before you come to The Mattress Hub in Wichita, KS, check out these tips on choosing the ideal pillow. YOUR SLEEPING POSITION Your first step in choosing a pillow from your local Wichita mattress store is to think about which position you tend to sleep in, since this position will affect whic

How Sleeps Affects Memory

Millions of college students pull all-nighters in preparation for final exams, but according to sleep experts, they’d be better served by setting their revision aside and getting a solid night’s sleep. Both too little and too much sleep are tied to memory problems, which is why it is essential to spend between seven and eight hours in bed each night. WHAT THE RESEARCH SAYS The prescribed seven hours of sleep for better memory are backed up by a groundbreaking study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. In this study,

Can Believing You Sleep Well Erase The Effects Of A Poor Night’s Sleep?

Missing out on sleep can leave you feeling sluggish and unfocused, but did you know that a simple mental trick could help you feel much better, at least in the short-term? Studies show that people who believe they slept well feel well-rested the next day, even if they actually got very little sleep in reality. However, the effects don’t last; if you keep missing out on sleep night after night, no amount of mental trickery is going to help you focus at work. THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING According to cognitive behavioral therapy, the way you think about sleep

Can The Placebo Effect Your Night’s Rest?

A bad night’s rest can ruin the next day. Not only does your body feel sluggish if you don’t get enough sleep, but you may also feel like your brain needs an extra dose of caffeine just to get through your morning. While scientists once believed that this mental sluggishness was the result of your brain’s lack of rest, there’s also research to suggest that your brain function is tied to how you perceive your sleep quality. UNDERSTANDING THE PLACEBO SLEEP EFFECT You probably already know how the placebo effect works: You believ

4 Great Tips For Better Sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning every night? Do you lie awake at certain hours of the night and then have a hard time getting back to sleep? There are many reasons you may not be getting enough sleep at night. Kansas sleep experts agree that the everyday challenges of life, work and stress can lead to disturbed peace at night. Here are a few tips to help you regulate your daily routine so that you can benefit from better, deeper sleep. 1. STICK TO A SLEEP SCHEDULE Try to get into a routine. The same time to bed, and

Fun Reads: Books All About Sleep & Dreams

Sleep is one necessity that most people would love to have more of. Whether you can never seem to squeeze enough sleep into your schedule or just toss and turn once you get into bed, you need help. Fortunately, we have some solutions for you. First, check out these five fun books about sleep and the dreams you might have during it. Then come to The Mattress Hub for help choosing the right mattress.   “COUNTING SHEEP: THE SCIENCE AND PLEASURES OF SLEEP AND DREAMS” BY PAUL MARTIN If you love sleep, you’ll love learning more about why it&rs

How To Avoid Jet Lag

About 93 percent of travelers will experience jet lag at some point. What do the other 7 percent know that you may not? How to avoid this unpleasant sensation, which causes symptoms including disorientation, fatigue, depression, headaches and nausea. When jet lag strikes at the start of a trip, you lose valuable time feeling enjoying your destination city; when it strikes at the end of the trip, you may find that focusing on work and family is difficult. You can’t afford to spend several days dealing with those symptoms, but you can prevent them

Plants That Help You Sleep Better In The Bedroom

Do you feel exhausted instead of rejuvenated when you wake up? Many factors have a role in your sleep quality, but one in particular may surprise you: plants. Some houseplants filter out chemicals in the air, while others have soothing scents. Plus, plants let you add living decor to your room. Consider these houseplants when you want a better night’s sleep after visiting your nearest Kansas mattress store. LAVENDER Lavender finds its way into teas, soaps and even your food. This beautiful and versatile flower also has a scent that helps you relax a

What’s The Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

We’re all different. No two people sleep the same. But when it comes to science, the numbers don’t lie. There are several factors that come into play when getting perfect sleep. One of the major ingredients is temperature. So it’s important for you to know: Are you sleeping at the right temp? The Mattress Hub, your Wichita sleep expert, is here to help answer this burning question. The optimal temperature for great sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because, while you are trying to fall asleep, your body temperature decrease

The Future Of Sleep

As the world of science and sleep coalesce, we, as sleeping humans, are realizing the dramatic effects sleep can have on every aspect of our lives. With the rapid growth of technology in every sector, it’s no wonder that sleep is part of this wave. So the real question is – how far can technology take the world of sleep? The Mattress Hub, your Wichita mattress store, is here to help you find out. Sleeping smarter and harder The autonomy of our world has taken hold of our sleep. Although there are many aspects that may hinder good sleep – late-nigh

Does A Warm Bath Really Help You Sleep?

Pre-sleep rituals like powering down your electronics, reading and listening to music are known to help improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. But there are rituals – like taking a warm bath – that may be leading you astray. So The Matress Hub, your Wichita mattress store, is here to set the record straight. A cool body means a sleepy body, right? Your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. Then it slowly decreases while you sleep, dropping gradually until you wake up in the morning. This drop creates the perfect conditions for sle

The Most Common Sleep Issues For Pregnant Women

Let’s face it – pregnancy is uncomfortable in so many ways. And there’s no better time for discomfort during pregnancy than when you hit the hay, or try to at least. Here are the top sleep issues for pregnant women and what you can do to alleviate them. INSOMNIA Hormones can wreak havoc on sleep. But stress and anxiety are big contributors to insomnia while pregnant. You worry about your baby’s health, your health, if you chose the right color for the nursery – the list goes on. But the one thing you can do to combat insomnia and w

Sleep Myths You Should Stop Believing

We’ve heard them all before. Many of the following myths have been so ingrained in our brains, it’s hard to believe they aren’t true. But for the sake of your sleep and the sleep of others, it’s time to stop the madness and get back to sleeping like you should. Here some quick advice from your local Wichita mattress store – The Mattress Hub. Alcohol helps you sleep Sure, alcohol can make you feel more relaxed. And it can even help with sleep latency, meaning it’s easier to fall asleep. But as for sleep quality – it’s

How To Look More Awake

We all have rough nights from time to time. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter, working late or just have a restless mind, sometimes getting a restful night’s sleep is tough. And when you wake up, it’s difficult not to see the tossing and turning on your face. So how do you make it through the day without everyone noticing how tired you are? Well, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make it through a sleepy day – and look good doing it. Wash Your Face Being up late or out on the town can cause a shift in hormone production, w

Sounds That Help You Fall Asleep

Noise typically isn’t the best thing to help you fall asleep – construction, cars, noisy neighbors – not good for sleep. But, there are sounds that can actually make sleep easier. The good new is, there’s always a way to make sleep better. The bad news, most of these sounds aren’t normally found in Kansas – or your bedroom. But hey, this is the information age – anything’s possible. Here are a few of the best sounds from the deep that will help you fall asleep.   Whale   It’s hard to think that s

People Who Get Good Sleep Appear Smarter

It’s true. And science proves it. If anything, getting the proper amount of quality sleep just makes you feel amazing. On the flip side, a consistent lack of sleep doesn’t quite let you face the world like you should. But now, and maybe more important that all that other stuff, we know that the right amount of quality shuteye can make you appear smarter – or at least a lack of it will make you appear dumber. Is dumber a word? Who knows. But science is a word – and it don’t lie. The Study Participants in a study at the University of

The Ingredients And Benefits Of Tea Before Bed

There are so many great benefits to drinking tea before bed. It’s a great way to unwind your nerves and loosen up your mind. But there are certain tea ingredients to look out for if you want a tranquil night’s sleep. Search for bedtime teas with these ingredients – they’ll help you drift off into a relaxing, calm slumber. Chamomile Chamomile is one the most popular nighttime tea ingredients. Although there’s little evidence of its sedative effects, millions of people continue to drink it before bed. Valerian Researchers have found ta

Unwind That Busy Mind For Better Sleep

It seems that everyone today is always in the middle of something – busy, no time to slow down and relax. But to get a great night’s sleep, pumping the brakes on your neural pathways is so important. Here are a few tips to powering down and quieting your overactive grey matter. BREATHE DEEP Deep breathing is known to slow your pulse and reduce stress, which are key contributors to great sleep. Proper breathing often seems like a lost art. With crazy deadlines and hyper kids running around the house, it’s sometime hard to even remember to breathe a

Becoming A Morning Person Isn’t As Hard As You Think

There are plenty of excuses – I worked late, stayed up watching Netflix, and just couldn’t fall asleep after staring at my Retina display for five hours. We know the routine. But wouldn’t it feel great to wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the world while everyone else is frantically searching for their phones to hit snooze? Everyone could use a few extra hours a day. Becoming a morning person is actually pretty simple: get ready for bed, sleep well and wake up with a purpose. It All Starts Before Bed Shut down everything that glows at least 6

Workouts That Help With Better Sleep

Are you feeling groggy, sleepy, and irritated during the day? Do you having problems falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night? Are you also a couch potato who doesn’t get any exercise whatsoever in your daily routine? Do you see where this is going? It’s a fact that those who participate in a regular exercise regimen will get better sleep. Just look at Cheap Sheep. He may not be “Superman,” but when it comes to exercise…well, he tries REALLY hard. He also happens to be a world-class sleeper, and that’s partly because

Best Sleeping Positions For Head, Knee, Back And Shoulder Pain

Cheap Sheep is one of the greatest sleepers in the history of bedtime, but his dreams are a little less sweet these days. Our little lamb recently joined a local rugby club and all those bumps, bruises, and strained muscles are keeping him awake at night. We need our rest in order to heal, but sometimes our injuries make it hard to get nice and comfy. SOME ACHES AND PAINS MAKE US RETHINK OUR SLEEPING POSITIONS SO WE CAN MAXIMIZE OUR ZZZ’S! HeadachesWhat’s worse than a headache when laying your noggin down to sleep? It’s uncomfortable, painful,

Scents That Help Us Get Better Sleep

Hello again, oh pals of mine! It’s your best buddy in the entire world, Cheap Sheep. I’ve been spending my nights in dreamtime bliss, and my days thinking of ways to help us all get better sleep. Finding the right luxury mattress, pillow, and comfy sheets is an absolute must for anyone looking to maximize quality Zzz’s. It’s also important to practice good sleeping tips like turning off all screens before bedtime, keeping your room cool and dark, and cutting back on foods that keep us awake. Would you believe that certain aromas also help us g

Tips For Teens To Get Better Sleep

Since Cheap Sheep is the biggest “teen idol” this side of Taylor Swift (really, CS?), he knows a thing or two about his legions of fans. It turns out that teenagers just aren’t getting enough quality Zzz’s! Sleep studies show that teens have a difficulty feeling “sleepy” at night, and experience excessive drowsiness during the day. That’s a real bummer, boys and girls. What the heck is the deal? TEENAGERS HAVE PROBLEMS GETTING BETTER SLEEP DUE TO THEIR AGE, SCHEDULES, AND SLEEP HABITS. That Wacky Biological Clock…It&

Choosing The Right Bed Sheets For Better Sleep

We all know that finding the right luxury mattress and pillow can turn bedtime into a sweet symphony of quality Zzz’s. Cheap Sheep has also taught us a lot of great sleeping tips that keep us from turning into a “Grumpy Gus” in the morning. If you’re still tossing and turning at night, then it’s highly possible that you’re not using the right bed sheets. THE RIGHT BED SHEETS CAN ELEVATE YOUR BEDTIME TO NEW LEVELS OF AMA-ZZZ-ING SLEEP! The Right MaterialBed sheets made of synthetic fabrics sleep “hot” because they

Is It Better Sleeping Alone?

Tossing and turning, hogging the covers, cold feet, snoring, and other annoyances come with sharing your bed with another person. This can result in lack of quality sleep, which has a harmful impact on our health and relationships. However, there are also many benefits of sharing your bed with a significant other. So which one is it, Cheap Sheep? What the heck should we do? CATCHING SWEET ZZZ’S WHILE SLEEPING ALONE OR TOGETHER DEPENDS ON THE COUPLE! Why do we?We don’t just sleep with our significant other because we’re lovey dovey, snookum, sw

Simple Ways To Sleep Better

Simple Ways To Sleep Better Hi everybody! It’s me again, your best pal in the whole world — Cheap Sheep! I’ve been hearing rumors in dreamland that some of you just aren’t sleeping right and it’s really bumming me out. Work, school, family and relationships can stress anyone out enough to miss quality Zzz’s. But I know better than anyone that getting better sleep can make you healthy, wealthy and wise! THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS YOU CAN DO TO SLEEP BETTER AND IMPROVE YOUR BEDTIME! Keep a Sleep ScheduleSometimes it’s good to

Cheap Sheep Returns To The State Fair — Dreams Of Wichita Mattresses Part 2

Hello again, oh pals of mine! It’s me Cheap Sheep — your best buddy in the entire world. The 2015 Kansas State Fair, “Fried ‘n Joy,” was a smorgasbord of deep-fried tasties, farmyard intrigue, and a lot of interrupted naps. It was another whirlwind adventure, and by the end I was ready for my Wichita mattresses back at home sweet home! DID CHEAP SHEEP SURVIVE ANOTHER STATE FAIR AND MAKE IT BACK TO HIS WICHITA MATTRESSES? I caught up with my animal pals at the exotic petting zoo sponsored by The Mattress Hub. But since I don’t spe

How To Choose The Right Pillow

Cheap Sheep has taught millions of sleepers the importance of finding the perfect luxury mattress. Well, our little lamb also doesn’t want you to forget about pillows! Not just ANY “pillow” either — the PERFECT pillow for dreamy bedtime goodness and high-quality Zzz’s! That sounds pretty nice. However, the wrong pillow can result in neck pain, arm numbness, and headaches (that’s not so nice). The right pillow doesn’t need to be constantly fluffed. It keeps its shape no matter what, and neutrally aligns our noggins with the re

The Negative Effects Of Interrupted Sleep

The Negative Effects Of Interrupted Sleep Cheap Sheep has been a wreck around the office! He’s cranky, groggy, weepy, and just not a very nice “little lamb” to be around. What’s the deal, Cheap Sheep? Thanks to some recent stress, he’s been waking up hours before the alarm. Cheap Sheep also has a new puppy keeping him awake, and his neighbors are throwing too many “righteous” parties. Even ONE of these disturbances would cause any normal sleeper to miss Zzz’s, but three distractions at once? That’s a bummer! INT

Smartphone Apps For Better Sleep

Smartphone Apps For Better Sleep Hi everyone! It’s your best buddy Cheap Sheep here reporting from dreamland. As you know, I am one little lamb who values the benefits of a good night’s sleep! I’ve been talking to my scientist pals in the sleep lab, and they say that people just aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, almost 40 percent of you get less than 7 hours of sleep a night (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The horror…the horror! Friends, that’s just not right. LUCKILY THERE ARE SOME COOL SMARTPHONE APPS THAT CA

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do We Need?

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do We Need? It might surprise some of you to learn that Cheap Sheep gets almost 11.5 hours of sleep every night. That calculates to almost HALF a day in bed. That might sound like a lot (and it is), but our little lamb honestly needs that much sleep to feel truly rested in the morning. This doesn’t mean everyone in dreamland needs the same amount sleep every night. Some sleepers only need 5 to 7 hours, while others need 8 or more hours to wake up truly refreshed. SLEEP EXPERTS HAVE FOUND THAT A PERSON’S AGE DETERMINES HOW MANY HO

Eating Habits For Better Sleep

Cheap Sheep is usually one of the best sleepers in the history of bedtime. Unfortunately, he’s been having problems recently catching the “night train” to dreamland. What’s the problem, little buddy? Cheap Sheep has been eating foods that make him toss and turn at night. He isn’t alone. There are countless sleepers out there whose diets are wreaking havoc on their sleep schedules. BY CHANGING YOUR DIET AND EATING HEALTHIER, YOU CAN GET BETTER SLEEP IN NO TIME! Cheap Sheep has been loading up on the hot sauce and spicy foods during dinn

The Benefits Of A Two-Sided Mattress

The Benefits Of A Two-Sided Mattress Cheap Sheep has been around the block. He knows there are two sides to every coin, and at least two sides to every argument. Why would it be any different with luxury mattresses? Cheap Sheep loves what his new two-sided mattress is doing for his trips to dreamland. The type of mattress you choose depends on a wide range of factors. These might include your age, lifestyle, physical health, comfort preferences, and what you expect from your mattress. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A ONE-SIDED OR TWO-SIDED MATTRESS? Back in

Better Sleep For A Healthier Lifestyle

Sleep is one of the foundations of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Long-term effects of sleep deprivation include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, obesity, and other conditions. In the short term, lack of sleep results in the impairment of alertness, problem solving, concentration, and memory. Cheap Sheep is one of the best sleepers in the history of bedtime, but even our little lamb sometimes has problems. IT’S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR SLEEPERS IN DREAMLAND TO PRACTICE HABITS THAT PROMOTE BETTER SLEEP. The average person spends one third

Choosing The Perfect Luxury Mattress

Cheap Sheep has been an absolute wreck lately. He’s drowsy, restless, and in a truly horrendous mood. What’s the deal, Cheap Sheep? He’s been tossing and turning at night, waking up with aches and pains, and just can’t get in “the sleep zone.” Sounds like somebody needs a new luxury mattress! We all spend one third of our lives sleeping (even more than that if you’re Cheap Sheep). When we have trouble sleeping it can lead to problems in our overall mental, physical, and emotional health. This is why it’s so important to

What Mattress Size Is Right For You?

What Mattress Size Is Right For You? Everybody knows the story of “Goldilocks.” She broke into the home of the Three Bears, stole their breakfast, and then tried out each mattress like Cheap Sheep on an epic “nap quest.” Goldilocks felt that Papa Bear’s king bed was way too tall — NEXT! Then she thought there was too much room at the foot of Mama Bear’s queen bed — NEXT! The search finally ended when Goldie took a trip to dreamland in Baby Bear’s full-sized bed — Just right! Goldilocks may have her “

Mattress Shopping In The “Year Of The Sheep”

In case you haven’t heard, 2015 is officially the “Year of the Sheep”! Apparently 2014 was the chaotic “year of the horse,” but don’t worry everyone. Cheap Sheep has assured us all that the “sheep year” will be peaceful, tranquil, and cultivated with beauty and creativity. Sounds ambitious, Cheap Sheep! Let’s hope things work out. The “Year of the Sheep” might also be a sign that it’s time for a new luxury mattress. BY FOLLOWING THESE MATTRESS SHOPPING TIPS, YOU’LL BE SURE TO FIND SWEET DR

Tips To Care For Your New Mattress

Cheap Sheep recently brought home a new luxury mattress and he couldn’t be happier! We all know he’s a world-class sleeper, which makes it important for our little lamb to keep his mattress clean and safe. THE BEST WAYS TO KEEP MATTRESSES SOFT AND SUPPORTIVE Flip it & Spin it!It’s a good idea to rotate and flip your mattress every time the seasons change. This helps prevent deep mattress indentations that form when the body continuously sleeps in the same spot. Changing the mattress position can make it last longer and keep you more comfo

Is It Time For A New Mattress?

Cheap Sheep is a world-class sleeper, which means his bed has seen a few miles. His mattress isn’t as springy as it used to be, and it’s not as supportive either. Is Cheap Sheep breaking up with his mattress? All good things must come to an end — even for a trusty luxury mattress like Cheap Sheep’s. Remember the time when we snuggled through the thunderstorms? Or the epic afternoon naps of 2008? Those were the days! But shed no more tears Cheap Sheep — it’s just time for a new mattress! Cheap Sheep woke up for the first time w

Get Luxurious With The Serta Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress

Cheap Sheep has been in an amazing mood at The Mattress Hub lately, and it’s all because of Donald Trump. Say WHAT??? Well, they’re not “haircut” buddies and Cheap Sheep isn’t a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice (yet). It’s much more serious than that. Trump has recently brought his “classy” and “luxurious” skills to the world of luxury mattresses! With a lot of help from the sleep geniuses at Serta, he has invented the Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress for the Trump Home™ iSeries®. As the

Finding The Perfect Mattresses For Your Holiday Guests

The holiday season is upon us and Cheap Sheep is stressing out! Our little lamb has invited his entire family from the Bo Peep Sheep Ranch to stay with him during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not that Cheap Sheep’s mansion is short on rooms or space. He just doesn’t have enough luxury mattresses to fit the specific needs of his many unique guests (he comes from a large family). LUCKILY THE MATTRESS HUB HAS MATTRESSES OF ALL SIZES, PRICE RANGES, AND COMFORT LEVELS! Cheap Sheep’s parents are the first to arrive. Papa is not a sound sleeper

Get Hi-Tech With The Serta Motion Custom Mattress Base

Cheap Sheep’s bedtime routine was starting to get boring. As hard as it is to believe, our little lamb just wasn’t feeling as excited about sleep as he used to. In order to reignite Cheap Sheep’s sleep mojo, the sleep scientists put their heads together to create the greatest invention to ever hit dreamland — the Custom Mattress Base from the Serta® Motion Collection™! Of all the adjustable foundations from Serta, the Motion Custom Mattress Base is the most advanced with 9 luxurious features! Thanks to the Motion Custom Mattress Bas

Tips For Women To Get Better Sleep

The saying goes, “Everything men can do, women can do better.” Well, Cheap Sheep says this just isn’t so! Our little lamb isn’t putting down all of womanhood (you’re not, are you Cheap Sheep?). NO! It’s actually a fact that women suffer from insomnia and sleep disruptions much more than men. Tips for Women to Get Better Sleep Sleep studies have shown that 50% of women feel more exhausted in the morning due to nights of fitful sleep. WITH A FEW SLEEPING TIPS, ALL THE LADIES OF THE WORLD CAN NOW GET BETTER SLEEP! Ladies, first

Experience The Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop By Simmons

The sleep scientists are at it again! Just when you thought they had out-done themselves, they’ve pooled their moxie and “know how” together to create their biggest sleep innovation yet — the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop mattress from Simmons! This innovative sleep creation has a softer feel that changes the game in two specific ways: 1) It provides better support and comfort due to memory foam in the pillow top and individually pocketed coils; 2) It sleeps cooler thanks to the ventilated mesh fabrics and TruTemp™ Gel. What

Cheap Sheep – A Life Of Luxury Mattresses

Cheap Sheep is a busy sheep! He’s either taking one of his epic naps, dating Hollywood starlets, or helping our sleep scientists perfect the latest luxury mattress. Sometimes he’s doing all at the same time. Everyone always wants to know more about the “World’s Most Interesting Sheep,” so Cheap Sheep sat down for an exclusive interview! Cheap Sheep was born on the Bo Peep Sheep Ranch in the early spring. He was an inquisitive little lamb even at an early age, and stood out from the rest of the flock. Unlike Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindee

Cheap Sheep At The Kansas State Fair – Dreams Of Wichita Mattresses

Hey all my buddies and pals! It’s your best buddy in the entire world — Cheap Sheep. The 2014 Kansas State Fair was fun but absolutely exhausting. Let’s just say this little lamb got pretty tuckered out from all the festivities! I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep. Everyone kept interrupting my naps… Every year, The Mattress Hub sponsors the exotic petting zoo. There were some weird Goats, a Giant Turtle named Mr. Cecile, a Llama, and even a Giraffe. None of them would let me pet them, so I decided to check out the rest of the fai

Get Comfy With The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress

The enemies of dreamland are at it again! They’re out to ruin bedtime and siestas everywhere with their diabolical sleep-depriving plots. Be on the lookout in your neighborhood for Tossing and Turning, Night Sweats, Aches, Pains, and Discomfort. These fearsome foes continue to turn normally healthy, happy sleepers into day-walking zombies. But have no fear! All they need is a good night’s sleep to reclaim their Zzz’s! LUCKILY THE SLEEP SCIENTISTS HAVE BEEN HARD AT WORK IN THEIR TOP SECRET SNOOZE FACTORY TO CREATE THEIR NEWEST INNOVATION — THE

How To Get Better Sleep In College

College is a time of self-discovery, freedom and new responsibilities. It’s also a time when sleep is routinely sacrificed for other pursuits. College students need at least 7 hours of sleep each night to fully function. When Cheap Sheep was a fresh-faced college freshman, he completely wrecked his sleep schedule with some bad habits. In college you need to be operating at full capacity, so you get the most out of your experience. Let’s look at some ways you can get better sleep in college! Sacrificing sleep can affect your grades and long-term health. D

Breaking Bad Sleeping Habits

As we’ve discussed before, there are several bad sleeping habits that are turning millions of otherwise healthy adults into day-walking zombies. Even poor Cheap Sheep has had his share of troubles finding quality Zzz’s. However, there are actually several ways for all of us to break bad sleeping habits, so we can get our sleep schedules back on track! Cheap Sheep has a bad habit of not keeping a regular morning routine. Sometimes he wakes up at 7 or 8 a.m., but other times he stays up too late on weekends and wakes up at 11 a.m. or noon. If Cheap She

The New Serta IComfort ISeries Mattress TV Spots!

So you just told your special lady friend that you mortgaged your future for an Alpaca Farm and she didn’t even get mad? Then you told her you became a professional laboratory test animal, and she answered both strange bits of news with, “I’m comfortable with that”? It sounds like she’s either in a chocolate coma, or day-dreaming about that guy from that movie you took her to see last Saturday night. Actually she’s just unbelievably comfortable lounging like Cleopatra on a Serta iComfort® iSeries mattress. According to Serta&rs

How To Sleep Better And Maximize Your Zzz’s!

Cheap Sheep has been a wreck around the office lately. He’s groggy, lacking energy and can barely speak without mumbling or stuttering. He also looks like he was hit with a freight train. The truth is that Cheap Sheep hasn’t been getting enough quality sleep, and it’s been affecting him mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s a problem that not only affects sheep, but almost 70 million adults in the United States. Everyone wants to find out how to sleep better at night. So what are some things Cheap Sheep and others can do to get back on tr

The Mattress Hub Difference

There are many out there who pretend to be sleep “know-it-alls”: Rip Van Winkle (lethargic hillbilly), Sleeping Beauty (narcoleptic princess), and the Sandman (magical grandfather covered in dust). The Mattress Hub isn’t just another bedtime story. We are the literal “hub” for the sleep revolution and work with the most talented sleep scientists in the industry. The “Mattress Hub Difference” defines our core beliefs while also setting us apart from the rest. We promise our customers to be the #1 provider of quality mattresses

Introducing The IComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm!

With the breakout sensation of the Plush iComfort Savant Everfeel mattress, the sleep scientists at Serta thought they had reached the ultimate in sleep technology. However, they decided to take the iComfort mattress to the next level and really knock us into some sweet dreams! If a surplus of softness is too much of a good thing, then the Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm mattress levels the playing field by bringing some welcome padded support to the Zzz-Zone! IS YOUR OLD MATTRESS TOO SOFT, OTHER MATTRESSES TOO FIRM? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN OUR NEW ICOMFORT

Finding The Best Mattress For A Sleepless Spring

Spring is the time of year when everything old becomes new again. There are birds singing, flowers blooming, and bees buzzing. Cheap Sheep, can you get your head out of the clouds for just a minute? It’s time to get REAL. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it also wreaks complete havoc on our sleep schedules! There are so many Springtime sleep deprivers out there keeping us from our precious Zzz’s. Let’s look at how they’re rearranging Cheap Sheep’s sleep schedule, and how getting a brand new mattress can make a difference! RECLAIM

Serta IComfort Savant EverFeel Plush

There are certain comforts in life that we never outgrow. One such luxury is that of being cradled like a sleepy baby by a soft, supportive mattress (And no, there’s nothing wrong with that). In fact, The Mattress Hub and the leaders of the sleep revolution want everyone to know that “sleeping like a baby” isn’t just for babies anymore. It’s for anyone who values quality, restful sleep that gets us through the night. Once upon a time, the sleep scientists at Serta concocted their most fearless invention called the iComfort® Savant&re

Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress

Don’t be too alarmed, but there are sinister forces at work preventing millions from getting the quality sleep they deserve. Leaders of the “sleep revolution” have identified these disruptive agents as the “Fearsome Five”: Tossing & Turning, Lack of Support, Sleeping too Hot or too Cold, Partner Disturbance, and Mattress Sag/Roll-Off. All five have done their best to turn perfectly happy, healthy people into sleep-deprived zombies. However, thanks to the powerful union of Serta and the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the sleep revol

Employee Spotlight: Justin Callison

Cheap Sheep would like to introduce everyone to the newest member of The Mattress Hub’s elite Master Class, Justin Callison! The Master Class Award is a sales goal only 6 people have ever achieved, which requires not only exceptional sales numbers but also a perfect customer service record. We’re pretty impressed with Justin and want everyone else to get to know him a little better! TAKE A SECOND AND GET TO KNOW JUSTIN CALLISON Justin Callison is an all-star sales representative at our 21st & Maize location in Wichita, KS. He’s only been

The Best Mattresses At The Best Prices

Tired of tossing and turning? Tired of sleepless nights? Tired of feeling…tired? The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overstated. Restful, uninterrupted sleep for 7 to 8 hours leaves us feeling more refreshed, and rejuvenates us physically, emotionally and mentally. If you ask any sleepers out there in dreamland what contributes to a perfect night’s sleep, they might collectively say “a quiet, dark room at a cool temperature with plenty of clean, fresh air.” However, the #1 factor that sets the tone for the entire sleep

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme

Sleeping on clouds is usually reserved for Care Bears and angels, but the rest of us are getting into the habit thanks to the innovations of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress. Using unparalleled sleep technology created by Tempur’s renowned team of “sleepologists,” the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress features extra-soft comfort and responsive support that conforms to your body’s unique contours. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, only much better! (Because real clouds are actually made of water vapor instead of fluffy soft pillows) The

Take Care Of Your Sleep Health

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but millions of people take their sleep health for granted. Sleep is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and replenish ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. The truth is that a majority of people don’t get enough quality sleep. Studies have shown that people need at least 7 to 8 hours a night to fully function at their maximum capacity the next day. They feel more refreshed, reenergized and ready to tackle what life throws at them. On the contrary, sleepers who only get 6 hours of sleep or less, e

Serta IComfort Savant Memory Foam Mattresses

Revolutionary geniuses often aren’t appreciated in their own time. They’re usually misunderstood and run out of town on a rail only to be discovered centuries later when they’re finally given their full due. Luckily this isn’t the case with the “Sleep Revolution,” which involves startling innovations in the world of memory foam mattresses. Serta changed everything with the iComfort® Savant™ Sleep System and their Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam, which provides a cooling sensation for all sleepers. The Mattress Hub is t

Cheap Sheep’s Serta Mattress Super Sale

What’s that Cheap Sheep? We’re having a limited sale on the unbeatable comforts of Serta Mattresses? They make some of the best mattresses in the world! They also use the latest in memory foam technologies that make them leaders in the sleep revolution. Cheap Sheep, are you sure we’re allowed to have a Serta Mattress Super Sale? It sounds like a heck of a deal….well okay then, if you say so. Let’s stop talking and tell them all about it! SPREAD THE WORD, IT’S OUR SERTA MATTRESS SUPER SALE! We don’t know if you’ve hea

Santa Knows About The Mattress Hub

Santa Claus knows everything! He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. So he must also know when you’ve been tossing and turning on a bad mattress all night with an aching back. Luckily, Santa also knows The Mattress Hub has the best mattresses for a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep. Cheap Sheep has a hotline directly to the North Pole, keeping Santa up-to-date on all the new mattresses to keep you well-rested and cozy during the winter. GET OFF THE NAUGHTY LIST WITH A NEW MATTRESS FROM THE MATTRESS HUB The Mattress

Cheap Sheep Says – Take Thanksgiving And Black Friday Up A Notch!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner; we all know that means we look forward to getting together with our families, eating great food, and then succumbing to the inevitable food coma while watching some football! Use this as your opportunity to give thanks for your new mattress from The Mattress Hub, because it will be there to give you the best Thanksgiving nap you have ever experienced! Maybe you are thinking about waiting until Black Friday to get a new mattress? Join us NOW for our Black Friday Sale, which has the best prices on the best mattresses in tow

Cheap Sheep Loves Watching Scary Movies In His Mattress Hub Bed!

October is already here! You know what that means right? Cooler weather and scary movies! We all know there is only one thing you think about during cool weather and after scary movies; it is hiding under the covers on the most comfortable mattress in town! The Mattress Hub is here to help you find the perfect mattress to stay warm and escape those scary characters in the movies! It will be impossible for you to be afraid of the dark on one of our premium mattresses. We carry the best mattress brands in the nation including Five Star Mattresses, Serta, Beautyrest,

Cheap Sheep Says – Change Is In The Air!

Fall is almost here! School has started and change is on the way! What kind of change you ask? The leaves on trees changing colors, the time changing, the weather will start to get cooler, AND a change of mattresses to help you get the best sleep of your life! The Mattress Hub offers such great deals, it would be silly to pass up on a better mattress to better your rest. We all know sleep is a valuable part of our routine, and the better it is, the better YOU are. So call The Mattress Hub today, they have MANY locations! Let them help you find the perfect mattress!

Cheap Sheep Says – School Is Back In Session!

They say August is like the “Sunday of Summer”. Summer is sadly coming to an end. No more long summer days swimming and lounging around. School will be back in session in no time and sleep will be more important than ever! Luckily, we have great Back to School deals from The Mattress Hub! We have truckloads of savings! We have huge savings storewide with instant rebates up to $500 off. We also have Queen mattresses from $149 and queen Serta memory foam starting at $399! Stop in today and say hi to the Cheap Sheep before you have to be back to the normal

Cheap Sheep Says – Summer Vacation!

Cheap Sheep here! The summer heat is here, and that means pool time, BBQ’s, fireworks, and summer vacations! Are you going away for vacation this summer? If you’re like me, there is nothing better then coming home from a long vacation, and enjoying the comfort of your own mattress! We all know that hotel mattresses are not always the best! Luckily, my friends at The Mattress Hub can hook you up with the PERFECT mattress! They carry many amazing brands, including Five Star Mattresses, Serta, Beautyrest, and Tempur-Pedic! Not only that, but they offer amaz

Sleeping Soundly On A Serta Mattress

Let me tell you, as a sheep with a busy schedule, there is nothing like falling face first into a cozy Serta mattress. Let all your cares and concerns melt away while you relax on an iComfort Serta mattress, or rejuvenate your tired self on a Serta Perfect Sleeper from The Mattress Hub. Now that the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer, most of us will be participating in more activities, and our bodies will need all the rest they can get. Having a well-made mattress will help you achieve that. If you live in Kansas (including Wichita, Kansas Ci

Cheap Sheep Says – Good Morning Sunshine!

BEAUTIFUL MORNINGS AT THE MATTRESS HUB One thing I love about Springtime, are the beautiful mornings. There is nothing better then waking up from a great night’s sleep on an wonderful mattress, and hearing the birds chirping and enjoying a great cup of coffee (yes, sheep drink coffee too!). In my opinion, the better the mattress, the better your start to the day will be.  Take the advise of this wise sheep, and look into the amazing sleep systems from Five Star Mattress. GREAT SLEEP WITH A FIVE STAR MATTRESS At The Mattress Hub, we carry the Pro-Comfort

Cheap Sheep Says – I Believe In Peace, Equality, And Better SLEEP

Cheap Sheep here. Everybody has a unique way of life. Over time, we form ideas about ourselves, and what we think is important in life. Let me tell you a little bit about our core beliefs here at The Mattress Hub. We want to be the number one provider for the best sleep systems for you. Not only that, but we want to provide better sleep for you at the lowest possible price, guaranteed!  We know that everyone is different, so we carry a wide variety of products so we can offer each customer quality and value. On top of all that, we love to help educate you on ma

Grand Opening Of Our Olathe, KS Location!

We have just opened up our Olathe, KS location! It is located at 14957 West 119th St. Olathe, KS 66062. Stop by and experience the Hub Difference!

Cheap Sheep Says – Spring Forward Into A New Tempur-Pedic Mattress!

Who is ready for spring? Cheap Sheep is definitely ready to stop shoveling snow, and start getting ready for warmer weather! The days are starting to get longer, and that means our days are going to fill up with even more activities. Longer days should be paired with a great night’s sleep. This is when we need to get the best rest we can, to recharge our bodies and minds. What better way to do this, then with a Tempur-Pedic mattress? Cheap Sheep can attest to the fact that you can create a place of true relaxation with the Tempur-Pedic mattress. With so many d

Grand Opening Of Towne East Location!

We have remodeled our Towne East Mall location in Wichita, KS! It now features iComfort and Tempur-Pedic sleep systems. This store only carries the most advanced mattresses in the industry. Make sure to stop in to check out our Tempur-Pedic Sleep Experience Center! Are you tired of sleeping on your old Mattress? Get the VIP treatment at The Mattress Hub. Stop by and say hi! PH: 316.652.0365Hours: Mon. – Fri. 10am – 9pmSat. 10am – 9pm Sun. 12pm – 6pm7700 E Kellogg Drive, Wichita, KS 67207

Cheap Sheep Says—Live Life Fully Charged! Dreaming On The Beautyrest

As a sheep of impeccable taste, Cheap Sheep believes there to be nothing finer than the fusion of illuminating ideas—the union of practicality and innovation. Specifically, I’m talking about Recharge Sleep System from Beautyrest. Beautyrest took the best in mattress technology and put it all to work in a single product. Their Recharge Sleep System makes use of AirCool Memory Foam, Beautyrest Independent Support Technology, and the AirCool Design. Or, to make it simpler: your body is going to be comfortably and fully supported, the bed is designed to be c

Cheap Sheep: Lessons In Love (Serta Style)

Cheap Sheep here with an announcement: I’m in love. You know how it goes. You tell yourself to play it cool. “Take some time. Make sure you’ve got the big picture. Give it some room to breathe, be sure.” I’ve taken time; I’ve got the picture; I’ve given things room to breathe. I love Serta.No, this isn’t a passing fancy. For my friends who happen to be agnostics about love and/or mattresses, I’ve put together a list. It says a little about me, and a lot about the Serta I love. -I sneeze. I sneeze a lot. Living

Vote For Cheap Sheep!

Right Now! Get instant rebates up to $500 OR Serta Queen Memory Foam with Adjustable base for $999

Cheap Sheep Says—Keep Good Company

For today: a few words regarding Cheap Sheep’s best sheep peeps. The friends you keep say a lot about who you are. To better understand a sheep (or person), understand their friends. Cheap Sheep here likes to keep it classy—when he’s not hard at work, he’s hanging with his woolly little buddies from Serta. Like Cheap Sheep, they know their sleep. Serta Mattresses will put you down for the count and keep you in comfort all night long. Sweet untroubled sleep. But back to me. Let’s talk sheep for a few minutes. Review what you know about


Tempur-Pedic mattresses now starting at $699. Save up to $400 TempurPedic Ergo series. FREE state-wide delivery! Through September 30th! *Visit stores for more details!

21st & Maize Grand Opening!

Get up to $150 off on Serta and Simmons Get up to $300 in gifts on Tempur Pedic and Serta iComfort w/ Free Delivery anywhere in the state See store for more details!  

Revolution And…Conformity? Introducing The Serta IComfort Line

Cheap Sheep here to discuss the beauty of paradox, and the essence of a great night sleep. For a sheep, I get around a lot. Like to travel. Like to take my message on the road. From Wichita to Joplin, down to Stillwater and Enid—I like to keep my woolly tail movin’ and thanks to the wonderful people at The Mattress Hub, I know I’ve always got a place where I can get a restful night of sweet, sweet sleep. Ah, but to the message at hand: the connection between revolution and conformity. For decades, people have been seeking a mattress that will conf

Back To School Savings!

Instant rebates up to $500 Queen mattresses starting at $149 Queen memory foam starting at $399Visit store for details! Stop into The Mattress Hub in your town to check out all of the back to school savings!  

Serta Savings

Get a FREE boxspring with the purchase of an iComfort® or iSeries™ mattress OR Save up to $400 on a Serta® Motion Perfect® Foundation! Hurry! This offer ends September 9th!

Cash For Clunkers!

Time to get out of your old Clunker of a bed! Upgrade and Save Now! Get up to $700 of instant trade in credit for your old mattress!* Not valid with Tempur Pedic. Delivery and/or Pickup fees may apply.  See stores for details.

Another Lesson From Cheap Sheep Says…

Feel My Passion Even a sheep can have passion. In my case, I’m passionate about what I love best: sleep. You may be tempted to scoff, but let me ask you this: how did you sleep last night? How are you feeling right now? Tired perhaps. How about your lower back, your knees and hips, they feeling ok? And what about that spot right at the base of your neck, there between your shoulder and your spine? If your mattress isn’t good, getting a good night’s sleep can be a lot of work. My passion is helping you get to sleep; my best method is putting you

Lesson 2 From “Cheap Sheep Says…”

“Educating the World for the Best Night’s Sleep” Cheap Sheep here. I am a sheep on a mission; I am here to educate the world for the best night’s sleep (that includes you). The more time I spend around people, the more I realize people aren’t in healthy relationships with their mattresses. If you don’t understand, I Cheap Sheep am here to elucidate. There are clear signs that you and your mattress no longer have a healthy relationship. They are as follows: 1-You’re cranky. Maybe this is silly, but it’s true. If you

Tempur-Elite Status!

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded Tempur-Elite status! Come by today and try out our wide selection of Tempur-Pedic mattresses!

The Great Serta Mattress Heist: Exclusive Facebook Contest

Exclusive Facebook contest brings consumers into the plot of the new Mattress Heist commercial.  Here is how it works: –Facebook users are invited to “Like” Serta on Facebook to join. –Participants retrieve one new clue from Sheep #1 each week for 3 weeks, hinting at the whereabouts of the Perfect Sleeper mattress stolen in the “Mattress Heist” commercial. –Each week, participants may enter a sweepstakes to win various prizes such as a Serta Fleece blanket and iComfort pillows. –After Sheep #1 has revealed

Memorial Day Special

Tempur Pedic Upgrade and Save Event– Up to $600 off on Cloud SupremeFor more information, visit tempurpedicretailers.com –  Up to $400 on Serta iComfort Adjustable basesFor more information, visit sertaretail.com