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Cheap Sheep Returns To The State Fair — Dreams Of Wichita Mattresses Part 2

Hello again, oh pals of mine! It’s me Cheap Sheep — your best buddy in the entire world. The 2015 Kansas State Fair, “Fried ‘n Joy,” was a smorgasbord of deep-fried tasties, farmyard intrigue, and a lot of interrupted naps. It was another whirlwind adventure, and by the end I was ready for my Wichita mattresses back at home sweet home!


I caught up with my animal pals at the exotic petting zoo sponsored by The Mattress Hub. But since I don’t speak Giraffe or Turtle very well, I decided to find a snack. When the fair is named “Fried ‘n Joy,” you know you’re in for a plethora of deep-fried sweetness. I was NOT disappointed! For starters, I had two Cap’n Crunch corndogs and a few Oreo churros. Then it was time for the deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! For dessert I had some Jalapeno Twinkies and topped it with a Krispy Kreme burger.

Before I blacked out from a food coma, I started dreaming of my luxury mattress in Wichita. So I decided to find a peaceful spot to catch some Zzz’s. This was easier said than done! The darn Chainsaw Woodcarver woke me up with tremendous ruckus. Who knew art could be so noisy? I wiped the sleepies from my eyes, got a bucket of double-smoked bacon popcorn, and jumped on the “Ye Old Mill” ride. I started dozing off when, all of a sudden, that sweet little old M-I-L-L was filled with G-H-O-S-T-S!

After that I had to settle down, so I attended a performance by the Kansas Kountree Kloggers. That did NOT help. I ate my last Jalapeno Twinkie and dreamed about my lonely Wichita mattress at home. Somehow I wandered into something called a “Sheep Dog Demonstration.” This was where a bossy Collie herded me (for the second year in a row) into the “Sheep Shearing Demonstration”! The horror…the horror! With a freshly shorn buzz-cut and a tummy packed with “Fried ‘n Joy,” it was time to get home to my Wichita mattress. See you at the Kansas State Fair next year, everybody…maybe!