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Experience the benefits of Serta’s new TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam with the NEW Serta iComfort Blue 100CT Gentle Firm mattress. It offers cooling, pressure-relieving comfort while also supporting every curve of your body. Plus, a layer of EverCool® Fuze™ Gel Memory Foam helps enhance breathability to promote airflow and further reduce heat buildup.

Top Layers of Comfort
Starting with a TempActiv Touch Cover, the coolness is noticeable immediately to the touch.  Beneath that layer find ¾” TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam that gives you temperature regulation not only in the surface but the subsequent layers beneath. 2” EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam contours and supports while also increasing airflow. 1” Serta® Balanced Support Foam provides a firm support feel.

Core Layers of Support
At the core of the Blue 100 you’ll find 6” of Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam. This is the foundation for the advanced Gel Foams. It provides a firm and long-lasting support system.

Our Recommendation
The Serta iComfort 100CT Gentle Firm mattress is an economical way to jump into the luxury sleep and the Gel Memory Foam world. The lack of coils will provide superior pressure relief and exceptional contouring ability. Your body and spine will be gently supported as you sleep.  We recommend this mattress for both back and stomach sleepers.

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Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





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10 Years

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Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

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Intellicoil® Advanced

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144 reviews for Blue 100CT Gentle Firm

  1. DanielZ1507150860

    All i can say is this is a difference compared to my pillow top mattress . My first time having a foam mattress. Totally worth the money..

  2. MichelleM1503941287

    The first night I slept on it I woke up with no back pain. I have bad joints from head to toe and I woke up with no pain. My sleepless legs didn’t bother me all night and I didn’t get up to go to the bathroom. I have had it for over a week now and it is the same every night. Thank You.

  3. Jason84

    The Serta Blue 100 Gentle Firm offers an excellent happy medium between comfort and support. The mattress is extremely soft on the top layer, and the jersey-like cover on the mattress feels great to the touch. The support is quite adequate for a firm mattress, without feeling like a rock. One con is the cooling gel feature is not as effective as I would have liked, but this mattress is certainly not “hot” compared to most memory foam mattresses. Overall, a great product!

  4. LawrenceA1511701702

    1 week in and I can tell you that we love the mattress. Just had fusion surgery and I wake up each morning without any pain. No arms or shoulders fall asleep. We have another high end memory foam mattress and this one is better and was less than half the price! I highly recommend this mattress!

  5. HELENEJ1510609358


  6. MatthewK1510072078

    Overall, the Serta iComfort Blue 100 is the most comfortable bed I’ve slept on in a long time. It has the perfect support that I need for my back while being “soft” enough to not sleep on a rock. I’ve had beds that don’t have enough support, and while they are extremely comfortable, they lack the overall structure that’s needed to keep the back healthy. This back rocks. Oh yeah, and living in TX, the cooling technology is a must! I’d die without it!

  7. bibih1520063958

    Amazing! Soft! Best sleep now! After 17 years we got a new bed. Price was perfect And sales person was very helpful!

  8. MiguelH1526139704

    I love the mattress because I sleep way better. The blue 100 gentle firm is like sleeping on a cloud my old mattress was like rocks. Before I had the blue 100 i would wake up a lot in the middle of night an with the blue 100 not even one time i wake up.

  9. MichaelR1538248373

    I’ve loved the product so far but recently it’s getting a sink hole. It’s becoming a little uncomfortable but with the adjustable it’s tolerable for now

  10. AmandaV1525303967

    Very well worth the price. Sleeping better than I have in years. This mattress set has tremendously cut down on my sleepless nights and backaches.

  11. DonaldK1508281505

    I feel we are sleeping better with this new mattress. very comfortable and affordable

  12. jennigurl9

    For the past year or so, I have been struggling with major back pain. After TWO WEEKS of sleeping on my Serta Blue 100 Gentle Firm mattress my back problems are now history. This mattress is the perfect combination of firmness and comfort. It seems to cradle all my sore areas and support me where I most need it. I tend to sleep hot and the cool feature makes a huge difference in my sleep hours.

    Very plush and comfortable. Firm, yet soft on top.

    Serta has been one of my favorite brands. They might be a little more expensive than others, but the quality is guaranteed. And, the customer support is very helpful too.

  13. KarenS1515545753

    Just received the mattress. Seems to be a little stiff. Hope it softens after awhile.

  14. DeborahD1531058480

    After one night of sleeping on my new mattress, my back feels so much better! Being a chronic pain sufferer, this mattress is heavenly! I wasn’t sure that I would like a firm mattress but it was the perfect choice!

  15. LauraN1514569925

    I love that I am able to relax and fall asleep quicker than I ever have. I dislike the hight of the box springs wish it was taller like a pillow top.

  16. KrisV1519063335

    Excellent quality and comfort. We slept very soundly and we both have issues with our backs and shoulders. The motion-essentials adjustments are fantastic and the overall cost is very reasonable. Of all the mattress sets we have owned, this one fits the bill the best. First decent nights sleep in 5 years!

  17. StephanieH1503166752

    I search for several weeks trying different brands and comparing pricing. When I came across the iblue series I realized that this is too of the line. After having the mattress delivers and set up and sleeping on it for several weeks I know for certain I made the best choice out of everything on the market. You can go somewhere and pay more the same quality and comfort but why would you?

  18. williamm1504131320

    This is the best mattress I ever slept on! my back pain disappered, and I am not tired during the day,definatly worth every penny!!

  19. JoeI1509399206

    This mattress is unbelievably comfortable! The quality of this mattress is awesome! It’s been so long since I can remember getting a goodnight sleep with the constant tossing and turning. My wife and I sleep through the night and wake in the morning with no aches! Thank you Serta. It’s been long overdue!

  20. KenM1516893358

    Loved the Serta Icomfort so much that we purchased another one for our mother. She was having back problems and she says she sleeps like a baby now! Bedding Mart in Texarkana is the best place to shop for mattresses and Troy provides excellent service.

  21. BrianH1537289526

    Very comfortable. I had spring matters before and I hated it. I had a hard time getting comfortable and every morning I woke up in pain. Decided to get the memory foam and it was the best decision I made. I have been sleeping great and I am no longer waking up in pain

  22. AlfredC1524114952

    We love this bed. We bought the icomfort memory foam mattress and the Serta adjustable bed platform. We are having good nights sleep. Wake up with no aching body. Our old bed was a futon bed that woke up every morning with body aches. Would recommend this combo to everybody to buy.

  23. CSK1503717570

    My body is wonderfully supported everywhere. I don’t feel like I’m laying on the bed, instead I’m laying in it. It’s cooler and more comfortable than my old bed.

  24. MikeM1536978183

    This is by far the best mattress that my wife and I have ever slept on. 29 years together and we get in bed and just love the way the bed feels and how well we sleep.

  25. MichealA1535950394

    This mattress was a fabulous buy at Lexington overstock My back has never felt better for the longest time We knew as soon as we lay down on the mattresses it was the one for us When I lay in bed I just feel such wonderful support through out my entire body

  26. BradlyS1518147658

    It’s a great mattress for a fair price. Couldn’t get better than this

  27. LianaH1504878562

    Desperately needed a new bed. The first night I slept on my new Serta I woke up in the same area I fell asleep on. Got a great, restful sleep. I did not wake up on the floor, as usual. I do sleep normally on my side and the bed accommodated me beautifully. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  28. LianaH1504878087

    I desperately needed a new bed. First night sleep ing on my Serta I woke up rested and did not find myself sleeping on the floor, as usual. I woke up in the same spot I fell asleep on. Bed is comfortable. I.normally am a side sleeper and this bed accommodated to me.

  29. MaryA1510174885

    I was very excited to own my first non spring mattress, after the first few nights of sleeping on it I was very disappointed it didn’t feel nearly as soft as it did in the showroom after 30 days it has softened up a lot more and I’m definitely getting used to it. Nobody tells your foam mattresses do you need to be broken in and soften up over a period of time, I do like my mattress a lot more than my old spring mattress however still do wish it could be a bit softer hoping it will once it’s broken more

  30. DebbieW1540573511

    Happy so far with my new adjustable bed with a Serta mattress. I’m a stomach sleeper so I can’t have a too soft mattress, while I do prefer soft. This mattress feels like about 2” of cushion with a firm base beneath that. So it feels good while also being firm enough to comfortably sleep on my stomach. Also works well with my adjustable base.

  31. RichardM1512870400

    This mattress is perfect for for people who like to sleep on a hard surface and others who like the softness!

  32. BrandenK1498101891

    Just beyond comfy…Happy to have it in my room! Definitely feel a change in my back, overall mood, and sleep quality!

  33. DanielO1515466895

    My wife and I switched from a spring based bed to this Serta iComfort Blue Mattress. BEST DECISION EVER! We were shopping for a new bed due to the many aches an pains we would feel sleeping in our previous mattress. Once we laid down on the showroom floor bed, we did not want to get up. We literally carried out a full conversation and purchased the mattress while laying down on it! Now that we have it in our home, we will plan to go to bed as early as possible just so that we can enjoy laying down in it. It may have taken us a long time to find the right mattress but now that we have found it, we will not be replacing it with any other brand other than a Serta!

  34. AhmadA1533506773

    Our 6 year old now sleeps in her own bed the whole night. With the previous mattress she would wake up in the middle of the night and run over to our room. Thank you Serta!

  35. scottl1503082595

    this mattress is all but perfect. this bed is firm but soft conforms to your body, wake up with no pain. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it scott.

  36. ScottL1502123561

    very comfortable bed. the best bed we ever had to date. sales associate mark miller very helpful and knowledgeable about the mattresses. thank you mark. scott and deb lund

  37. LauraM1537331186

    I am glad I invested in this mattress, it’s very comfortable and I sleep like a baby (who doesn’t wake up at night). Highly recommend!

  38. MaricelaC1521210524

    This mattress is so soft and it cuddles your body perfect! I haven’t been able to sleep due to back and hip pain, but I slept like a baby on the 1st night. Totally recommend to anyone who needs the extra support on the lower back. Also my husband wasn’t snoring like he normally does.

  39. clarkp1518117028

    This is my favorite mattress. My parents have this mattress in their spare bedroom and I love it. With this mattress I get a perfect nights sleep every night. Just bought one for my house. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who has a varied sleep position.

  40. KarinC1504975228

    Sleep has greatly improved! No more waking up through the night with my arm numb, no back ache in the morning. Great support.

  41. CynthiaM1543377980

    I tend to get back aches with my last mattress. Immediately I felt new results when I got my new memory foam mattress. I feel extremely well rested and no more backaches. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!

  42. RonaldK1538585686

    This site will not let me upload photos but if you want to spend a lot of money and have it go to waste then you should definitely buy an I comfort. You too can enjoy a saggy mattress with foam collapsing out of the side. You can also have Serta tell you it’s just “normal body impressions” and refuse to honor their 20 year guarantee.

  43. MarkK1520804410

    I have had issues sleeping for a long time, and this bed is finally giving me a good night’s sleep!

  44. JaneH1517804120

    My husband and I decided to upgrade our mattress because I had been having lower back pains. I decided to go with something more firm to help with my pain. We tried the iComfort Blue touch 300 and it was too firm for my husband, so we swapped it for the 100 model. We are both very happy with our new mattress. It provides the firmness I need for my back and the comfort my husband needs when he wants to sleep on his stomach. We are both sleeping better and hope to have years of good sleep on our new bed!!

  45. Jenji79

    I have now had this mattress for almost 3 months and am still very happy with it. I find it very comfortable and am able to sleep through the night without waking up from painful pressure points. The gel memory foam is very supportive which i like because I suffer from lower back pain. I no lower wake in the morning feeling stiff. The best features of this mattress though is how cool it stays. There is 3/4″ TempActiv Gel Memory Foam and 2″ EverCool Fuze Memory Foam which helps to stop heat from being trapped in the foam leaving you feeling cooler when you sleep. To me this is the #1 reason I sleep so well on this mattress. Aside from me loving this mattress, my husband thinks it’s very comfortable too which is definitely a win in my book.

    I recommend this mattress for anyone looking for a comfortable firm mattress. You’ll get comfort and support with the Icomfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm Mattress.

  46. KimberleeW1536607310

    I really like the mattress it is comfortable and supportive. I have lower back problems and this mattress has helped me sleep better with less pain. My old mattress was so far gone and it caused me to have severe back pain. I added the adjustable frame and it allows me to put my head and legs up which also helps a lot.

  47. KathyH1535447192

    We have had mattress a few days, we have no complaints at this point. Very comfortable, no issues with being to hot, no movement issues when the other person is getting into bed. Look forward to getting into bed at night.

  48. LindaW1518398198

    It feels great. Took a 2 1/2 nap today it was comfortable. I feel so rested. Highly recommend this product.

  49. EncarnacionC1510254034

    Mattress is comfy. Only complaint is that the gel has a weird smell to it. But other than that, would buy mattress and the adjustable base again.

  50. AmberH1501768495

    My husband and I purchased the IComfort foam mattress for our three year old who was transitioning from a toddler bed to a full size bed. We looked around and tried out many mattresses along with our little one. The IComfort is the one our toddler kept going back to, therefore that’s the one we purchased. He loves his new mattress and has slept in his bed every night throughout the entire night since. We like the comfort and feel of the mattress as well as the cooling technology. We also purchased the low profile foundation which works perfect for our little one.

  51. HaeyoungY1498797592

    I bought through the dealer, and was first time purchasing. It is very comfortable, and satisfied.

  52. MargaretB1517426891

    I just got the product, but am looking forward to many good nights of restful sleep

  53. LeslieM1503397927

    It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

  54. MelissaS1513717397

    I was sleeping on a pillow top mattress before purchasing my iComfort memory foam bed and I’m SO glad I switched! I feel like I’m sleeping on a supportive cloud! Would definitely recommend!

  55. Jenji79

    I’ve had this mattress for about 2 weeks and I’m loving it. It’s a gentle firm so it’s definitely supportive but not too hard. I find it very comfortable. I suffer from lower back pain so after my few first nights on the mattress I woke feeling really stiff in my lower back but now that I’ve gotten used to a new mattress, my back feels really good when I wake in the morning and I’m able to get a restful sleep. My favorite feature is the TempActiv gel memory foam. It feels cool which is nice change from most mattresses that leave you over heated. I would definitely recommend the Blue 100 Gentle Firm to anyone considering purchasing one.

  56. JenniferN1520894658

    My husband and I have been shopping for a new mattress for over a year. We had only looked at Serta mattresses, and found several that were very comfortable. Then, we had the pleasure of laying on the IComfort Blue 100. It was like laying on a cloud!! It may not have been the most expensive choice by far, but wow!! The comfort level is outstanding!! We have both had the best nights sleep we have ever had!!

  57. JAMESJ1511306971

    Our sleep has improved ,my wife says I snore less.

  58. LawrenceA1493842398

    What I like most about this mattress is it cuts down on the restless sleeps nights very comfortable to sleep on

  59. KathyG1527821260

    We were not sure if we would like a foam mattress and we love this one. We sleep better now and used to wake up with back pain but not anymore.

  60. RonD1504306205

    Have been sleeping on a waterbed since 1972…This was a big step…going to a conventional mattress…This mattress is anything but conventional..Comfort, support and my back doesn’t hurt in the a.m. Light enough to make sheet changing easy. In today’s high priced bedding market this was an excellent value…can’t wait to get to bed tonight! P.S. The cat loves it too…..

  61. NoelM1528569518

    It was very comfortable at first and it does keep you cool, one side is sagging, and I’ve only had it for 8 months. It has a 10 year warranty but has to be a quarter inch before they will replace it. Although you can’t tell until after 10 mins in bed it sags to the box spring, I will not be buying Serta again. I’ve spent alot of money And stuck with a bed that makes you feel terrible the next morning.

  62. SuzanneK1503585614

    We just had the set delivered today so I will need to sleet on it in order to give it a true review but I liked that I could take may time to try out the selections that were in my price range. I chose for the price, quality, comfort, and loved the next day delivery!

  63. ChrisO1505935485

    My Spouse and I are very pleased with the choice we’ve made to purchase this mattress, we’re sleeping comfortably and there’s zero interruption for the other if any movement is made throughout the night.

  64. NafiB1511458585

    Recently decided to go with this bed to replace my temperpedic and was blown away by how comfortable it was very excited to get the adjustable base and have the ultimate sleeping experience thanks to Serta!

  65. MohI1530494415

    I liked comfortable, quality and firm iComfort mattress. Only problem is heat can not escape, heat retention at the contact point between body and the mattress causes sweating.

  66. SukhdeepB1506352960

    It’s little soft on the top but does not sink to in too much and provides good support. It’s has gel but cooling is very minimal by the gel. The more expensive versions may have more gel and more cooling.

  67. JosephD1521423788

    Everything seems to be OK and it is very comfortable.

  68. JillT1511991444

    Have noticed a difference from our previous spring mattress. Feel more rested and less sore. Have had it about a week and so far so good!

  69. DEREKG1509723261

    My fiance and I, have been sleeping on a hand me down mattress for the last 9 years that belonged to my grandparents and let’s just say, our sleep was less than great. We purchased our i-Comfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm and let me tell you we have been sleeping like babies ever since. There is no partner or family pet disturbance, our body aches have significantly reduced and we are able to get a more restful sleep. Furthermore, we were able to purchase a split base for our mattress, which made getting up our narrow stairs a breeze. We would recommend this mattress to anyone that is looking for a blissful night’s sleep.

  70. RobertJ1503953805

    The memory foam in the mattress itself is a big improvement over using a memory foam topper. This mattress was recommended for my lower back pain. Although I have not slept on this product for long, it does appear to be helping to minimize this pain.

  71. JamesN1502728981

    Just got the iComfort, which is our third Serta mattress . The first two belong to our dogs ! Can you believe they make such a high quality and comfortable dog bed! They seem to really like theirs and so far we love our iComfort. We even got the remote controlled platform for adjustment. Totally worth it! Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed, Large, Brown

  72. PaulaD1498056870

    We got the split adjustable base king Blue 100 Gentle Firm. We have been sleeping on this bed for 1 month now. One of the original bases we received was damaged so we had to wait 2 1/2 weeks for a new one to come in. The mattresses are a lot firmer than we had thought after trying them out several times in the store. We are trying to replace this mattress now with something a little softer but the store doesn’t have all the models in stock so we are stuck with whatever we replace it with even if we don’t like it.. Its a constant toss and turn at night from the bed being so hard. Also even though the bases come with the bracket at the foot of the bed to keep them from sliding off, its not enough. The split mattresses constantly slide apart. Really bummed 🙁

  73. EzettaB1501682735

    This mattress is great for a firm lover. I normally like a softer mattress, so it will take a few days to get used to but I don’t wake up with back pain anymore.

  74. KellyS1510661488

    It is cooler than I expected. The other foam mattresses seem to hold your body heat making for miserable sleep. This does not

  75. StephanieC1505496173

    We needed to replace our 9-year old memory foam bed set, and bought the Serta iComfort Blue 100 with the adjustable base. The mattress is incredibly comfortable. It is firm and soft at first, then you slowly sink into the mattress as your body warms the foam. The feeling is both cozy and supportive. The adjustable base is certainly not necessary, as we’ve been sleeping on a flat mattress our whole lives; but it is a nice touch, and the motor is very quiet and smooth. We also purchased leg extenders, which allowed us to keep our brass bed frame for the looks, and simply insert the entire self-contained base and mattress unit inside the frame. We are very happy with this product, and would highly recommend it to others.

  76. AnnD1509051864

    I am more than satisfied with our new i-Comfort Serra mattress! Having a back injury I have always struggled with a good night sleep until now. We also purchase the Serta Motion Essentials adjustable foundation. Should have invested in a Serta years ago! Sweet dreams!

  77. RuddH1506617199

    My wife and I used to sleep on a queen-sized Sealy firm innerspring mattress. Frankly, we had no problems sleeping on it, but it was 12 years old and starting to squeak. The kids use it as a trampoline.. We wanted a king for a growing family, and were interested in memory foam for its many benefits. We especially like how it doesn’t transfer movement so much, allowing one of us to get in or out of bed without waking the other. But we aren’t fans of plush covers or soft foam that seems to “hug” you after settling in. We like a firm mattress that still feels soft. At first we liked the Blue Touch 300, but eventually favored the 100 for its softer feel. Notably, we are each of modest stature and under 160lb, so don’t really need a deeper mattress for support. So far we love it.

  78. MarilynnW1499853679

    First night sleeping on my mattress was awesome. Good for my neck and back. I really like this mattress, nice and firm.

  79. TerryS1502228580

    Love the comfort of our new bed. So nice to be able to adjust the head in order to watch TV without having to stack pillows. Would definitely recommend (and already have) this bed to friends and family.

  80. RachelG1505439433

    My mom had back surgery 4 years ago, with a rod and pins in her back. She still suffers from back pain and her old bed didn’t help her at all. Her new bed had made sleeping so much easier, and doesn’t need help getting in and out of bed. She loves the massage feature and light under her bed. It was my birthday gift to her.

  81. PatrickP1522870312

    When comparing more expensive brands and models we kept coming back to the Blue 100 model in split king with adjustable bases. Best bedding decision we ever made! The bed is very comfortable and my lower back pain is gone.

  82. MitziK1537797404

    Bought 2 twin xl to replace king bed because we bought power adjustable beds. Took a while for us to adjust to the mattress and for it to conform to us. The salesman informed us about the 120 night trial period which was a great incentive to buy this mattress. Sleeping great!!!!!

  83. JessicaC1517452747

    This mattress is just soft enough and just firm enough to give me the best night sleep. It is also very cool for a foam mattress.

  84. RaymondW1507578143

    Really like the comfort and support of this mattress!exactly what I needed to replace an old one. Great sleep on it.

  85. MistyC1512476563

    I typically sleep on my side, often causing pain in my hip joint. I have never had this type of mattress before so I was surprised it was so gentle on my hips, especially since I thought it was firmer than my old mattress at first. Also, I like the soft edge of the mattress because I like to sleep with my knee or foot hanging over the edge slightly.

  86. edwardr1508956528

    We like the feel when lying in any position. Enjoying experimenting to find the one we like the most-so far it is a tough call.

  87. AnthonyG1536711741

    We replaced a 15 year old Serta with a new all foam one. A month sleeping on it and so far so good. First night on it was a huge difference.

  88. AnnaZ1542037611

    When the mattress arrived it was very stiff. However, that was to be expected. It also had a bit of a smell, however, compared to the memory foam mattress topper that I had prior to purchasing an actual memory foam mattress – the smell was not as noticeable. According to google – it will take up to a week in order to feel the way the mattress felt in the showroom – the proper firmness. To be decided what’s it truly like in weeks to come.

  89. LuisR1541199523

    Love the feel of the bed, the cooling sponge in it help me get a great sleep. Definitely recommend it.

  90. JayH1504320460

    My wife and I purchased the iComfort series for our daughter. We are so pleased with this product that we are now interested and actively searching for the right Serta king size for ourselves. Thank you Serta!!

  91. ShawnS1502664724

    This bed is the best. Instantly help with my back pain! Great night sleep every time.

  92. AnthonyD1540864717

    We was looking for a mattress that would help our backs and legs and help us sleep better and we are very pleased with this mattress.

  93. DonS1504626441

    The comfort foam mattress is very comfortable, it contours to my body and supports where it needs to and cushions spots that need to be cushioned. So much more comfortable than my old mattress, didn’t know how bad my old mattress was until my first night on this wonderful new one! Sleep much improved…..Thanks!

  94. KellyF1505006732

    My mattress was 17 years old, and I was waking up with a backache every morning. I went to the store and told the salesperson of my complaint, she immediately pointed to the Serta iComfort Foam mattress. I put my trust in the Serta reputation, and gave it a try. To my surprise, I woke up the first morning after using it with no backache! I do admit that it took a few nights to get used to the foam mattress after sleeping on a spring mattress for so long, but it was definitely worth sticking it out! I can’t believe I waited so long.

  95. CodyP1502385359

    It’s very comfortable and cool! I do wish it was a little bit colder than it is though! But it’s a great buy!

  96. ErrolH1524669210

    Good price. Just got delivery and it’s as advertised. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep

  97. DorisR1521394272

    We went from Tempurpedic to Serta so it was an adjustment. Took time for us to get used to not sinking into our bed but we could not be happier with it now. We sleep much cooler and the mattress has loosened up and is quite comfy. Make sure you give it at least 30 days before you make up your mind on the comfort. We will happily have our mattress for as long as possible.

  98. MichelleO1538523880

    With my previous (aging) mattress I would wake up stiff and in overall discomfort. My hips and legs would hurt. I had never had a memory foam mattress and the salesperson at Mattress Firm talked about the different types and recommended this one. He also said this was the mattress he bought for his mother.. I have been sleeping on it for almost a month and i now wake up without a stiff and sore body, The name describes it perfectly- gentle firm. It is firm, and not the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, but so far its doing what I need- to support my body and the positions i tend to sleep in. Seems like a solid keeper.

  99. WilliamH1527637112

    My wife a I upgraded our current bed to the icomfort with an adjustable base. My wife has trouble sleeping and other physical problems. The mattress is very comfortable in the various positions of the adjustable base. We look forward to many years of good rest.

  100. GabrielJ1516471588

    Best rest and sleep with this brand. Once in the bed you wount be willing to get out of it .because of its comfort. Very good quality and resisting material.

  101. PamelaS1509301441

    I brought this mattress for my husband. He has problems with an aching back. He LOVES his new mattress and is sleeping well now.

  102. NancyN1520745842

    i have only had it for a few days so i am still adjusting to it but i have been sleeping well and it is very comfortable hoping to get the adjustable base when i can afford it

  103. Ttgadg

    I have had this mattress for 2 weeks and so far I love it. It’s firm, but once you settle in it feels great. It conforms to your body and provides great support . I sleep cool which sometimes has been a problem. I highly recommend this mattress.

  104. TomM1505253292

    Very comfortable to sleep on, contours to body . Last mattress was memory foam this replaced it no back aches on the icomfort blue100 .

  105. MellissaM1534447229

    We had avoided foam mattresses in our last purchase, about 5 years ago, because we heard that they slept “hot.” This time, we met with a knowledgeable salesman, did some research on the improvements in memory foam, and were not disappointed. I am a menopausal woman and night sweats have been my torment. Now I no longer wake up feeling like I’m lying on a frying pan in the middle of the night! Thanks for a good night!

  106. BeataJ1506272843

    I absolutely love this mattress and so does my toddler. I believe that it’s extremely important to start the children off with the right mattress, so they can avoid back problems and incorrect posture in the future. IComfort foam provides just the right amount of support and softness to help their growing bodies develop properly.

  107. LisaN1535683826

    The I Comfort Blue Touch 100 Gentle Firm Mattress lets you sleep cool and provides perfect support. Now I wake up and my back doesn’t hurt and I have more energy.

  108. LauriB1524602066

    I like quite a few things about icomfot blue mattress. The mattress has great motion isolation so it is couple friendly in that it isolates movement made by one person so the other person is not disturbed. Mattress had no initial order that you read about when it is first taken out of the plastic. Mattress is great at minimizing pressure and conforms comfortably to your body. I would buy another Serta!

  109. RollieF1519261481

    The comfort is amazing. Our previous mattress was a tempurpedic that we’ve had for 13 years. This Serra Blue Touch 100 Gentle Firm mattress is much more comfortable.

  110. NancyR1524426727

    I like that it’s firm enough for my back, so far since I purchased it, I don’t wake up with any backaches, I still have to get used to this new mattress, I’m going from a traditional mattress to something more firmer

  111. LynneG1542035780

    Very affordable. Very comfortable. My daughter has been asking for this mattress for over a year. We have been comparing mattresses by different types and brands at different mattress retailers for over 6 months. The iComfort Gentle firm is the one she has consistently been drawn too. Looking forward to many years of comfortable sleep!

  112. CynthiaI1543093845

    I did my homework and picked this mattress because it was right for me. I had a Serta a long time ago, then bought a Simmons. I knew the Serta Blue Fusion was what I liked the best. Just an FYI: I am retired and active. When I first started my search I thought of Serta first. That reason being, when I was 18 and started my first job, it was with Leo Burnett Advertising and I worked for the Account Supervisor in the Creative Department and Serta was one of his clients. I bet none of you remember Joey Heatherton, but she was a dancer and popular celebrity, and she did the Serta commercials. Check it out!

  113. CathyA1503031648

    I love my new king size adjustable bed! Best money spent on myself in a long time. I get a good night sleep and it really does keep you cool. Why did it take me all this time to purchase an adjustable bed? Love it more than Starbucks!

  114. JaquelineG1523552339

    I like my mattress… especially because I won it at mor furniture. It was a great gift now my husband and I don’t wake up with back pain and we wake up restless it’s fresh and I just love it. I always wanted to buy one but my income couldn’t reach the price so I’m so happy that mor furniture gave a chance to give prices to customers and for the first time I one something. Thanks mor furniture

  115. KarenC1506283646

    And, Serta did not disappoint. I am very pleased with this purchase. Due to back problems, it was recommended that I get a memory foam mattress. I have always had an inner spring mattress and was very reluctant to switch. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of mattresses before I made my purchased. I will admit, it took a couple of weeks for me to adjust to this mattress. Don’t be fooled by the name “gentle firm”. This is a very comfortable yet firm mattress. No more back issues in the morning.

  116. SharonB1503443321

    I like the way it molds to my body and supports me. My sleep is deeper and I get more rest. The set allows for versatile comfort positions, especially for reading in bed. My legs are getting better circulation and overall it has been great to know it’s better for my health. My grandchildren especially love it, calling it the “robot bed”. 🙂

  117. MarilynH1520262478

    Douglas and Marilyn purchased a blue 100 and the blue 1000. She has not slept in a mattress very long time. She was sleeping on the couch as she has scoliosis. And could not sleep in bed with her husband they been married for over 50 years! And Serta got them two models that fit both of their sleep needs that are able to finally sleep together!!! Love the 120 in home trail!!

  118. carolinaf1508640633

    it is the best mattress I have ever by its very comforbable.

  119. LynnP1528149233

    I have severe scoliosis and kyphosis. I would get up in the morning with back pain. With my new mattress and adjustable base, that problem is solved. I am sleeping better and using less pillows for support.

  120. MaryE1521483637

    My daughter has an older foam mattress, and we both liked it, so we started shopping for one. Found icomfort by Serta at Mattress Firm, and the price couldn’t be beaten by any other mattress company out there. Firmer than what we tried in the store (as they advised it would be). My husband’s back self adjusted two spots when he first used this. I am in need of a new left hip, and my pain levels aren’t as bad as they were on the old mattress. (I couldn’t lie on my left side at all without pain of 8, 9 or 10 on pain scale all night). I am actually able to get up after almost 8 hours and stay up for the day, instead of wanting to go right back to sleep. Overall, this mattress has already made a difference in our every day lives. Thanks.

  121. MjM1530933747

    The cooling part of the mattress doesn’t work if you use the mattress pad they state you should buy. Mattress started out super firm, then got comfortable and now it sinks in certain spots only after a few months?? Thought these were supposed to last years?? Not happy with it. Good thing I’m still within the time frame I can return it.

  122. ReginaP1520348121

    Last year I was looking for a new mattress and thought I would try something different. I had purchased an innerspring pillow top from a local furniture store. It did not take me long to feel realize this was not the mattress for me. I had been wanting to try a memory foam and in particular the I comforts. I went to my local Mattress Firm and looked at all of the I comfort’s that they had on display. I had finally settled on one and it was delivered 3 days later. This mattress is very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.

  123. EmmanuelT1509418386

    What I like about this bed is that it can support me since I’m a bit on then heavy side, and that I sink just enough to support my whole backside. The last bed I owned was 23 years old and it creaked and scrunched up due to the springs it contained. My back was not being supported like this bed does now. Now it literally feels like I’m sleeping on a giant cool cloud! The gel foam also helps a ton! Great product!

  124. DavidP1521424088


  125. MarkR1525739094

    The mattress is a little firmer than the store model. I think it is a great value compared to other foam mattresses I’ve researched.

  126. SheriT1534332311

    The only thing I disliked about this bed is it does have a strong new smell to it when you first get it. It takes a little while before it goes away. But other then that the Mattress is Awesome!! Its very comfortable and you sleep wonderfully! Compared to my other mattress, bought at another store, I can tell a big difference. This Mattress is defiantly better!

  127. MikeG1519344441

    I like this bed beacuse it holds the body well as if on air and has a very low transfer from partner movement. It took awhile for me to get used to the memory foam style having had a pillowtop for so long but this is much better.

  128. Jessicam1504912716

    So far my boyfriend and I love our new mattress. It is so comfortable especially after a long day at work.

  129. RonaldA1521930322

    It is OK, Nothing out of the ordinary. It has had a few glitches but nothing out of the ordinary. I was expecting the mattress to maintain cool while I sleep but I guess that is too much to ask under the price range.

  130. JohnL1520604154

    After a lot of shopping this was the best mattress for us at a great price.

  131. OrlandoO1513741094

    It’s totally fine. I have problems with the ciatic nervous with this product I wake up with no pain on my legs no back pain. It’s the best deal I did.

  132. laural1517883566

    Usually with coil spring you have movement with this bed there is no movement no matter how much you or your partner move during the night and therefore a better night’s sleep

  133. JesusG1527646546

    I like how when I lay on it, it’s feel comfortable right away, i don’t have to toss and turn to get confortable.

  134. FrankR1502122980

    Before I owed a Sealy pillow top mattress which really wore out over the ten year period. Since I bought this mattress my wife and I have been sleeping like babies! Both my wife and I sweat a Lot in our sleep despite setting the A/C to 68 at night, the cooling technology really works! Haven’t really sweat at night since we bought it.Just like a new pair on shoes it has to be broken in a bit, but other than that it is well worth the money!

  135. KarenH1519222203

    The first night we could tell the difference immediately, felt like we got a good night of sleep for the first time in years! No tossing and turning, also fell asleep fast!

  136. DaleG1519163834

    We love the body molding comfort. Having slept on not so good mattresses for years we wish we would have purchased soon. Our backs thank you.

  137. DAVIDP1504379076


  138. bethg1537464452

    This is definitely a firm mattress. When i went to the store it felt softer probably because 10000 people have tried it. I am thinking of using my warranty to try and switch to a medium. I will update this after I see how the Customer Service handles my issue. I have had the bed 24 hours and am calling today.

  139. Davidd1521926232

    I have not been sleeping well for quite a long time. After buying this mattress with the adjustable base I noticed an immediate difference.

  140. DawnD1500315423

    My husband and I searched extensively for the perfect mattress to replace our almost 20 yr old one. We went in wanting to avoid memory foam/latex mattresses because our few experiences with them in hotels were not great. Some how opposite our wants we kept going back to the mattress. It felt so very supportive. It was firm without being hard. We found out a good percentage of our restless nights and achy mornings were directly related to our old, coil pillow top. So far so good, but I will update if that changes.

  141. ReneeG1533828361

    I absolutely love this mattress! I no longer have any lower back pain and I look forward to going to sleep on this every night. When you first get it, give yourself some time to adjust. After the first night I was worried the mattress would be too firm, but after a few days I’ve found it to be perfect. As a smaller person, I prefer medium support but my husband is on the firm side. We both love this mattress! Initially, it does have a bit of a chemical smell to it (as most foam mattresses do), but this goes away quickly. Would absolutely recommend!

  142. KathyL1515772577

    We haven’t bought a mattress for twelve years. Wow, have options changed! We were interested in a memory foam mattress but didn’t think we could afford a good one. We visited our local family owned furniture store, spoke with a knowledgeable salesperson and tried the Serta icomfort line. Not only was it super comfortable and had exceptional quality but it was affordable! Very happy with our purchase! Thank you Serta!

  143. KristieW1514686361

    A quality Blue 100 Gentle Firm mattress to go with my husbands Motions Essentials III adjustable base. He truly loves it as do I with my own Motions Essentials III adjustable base as I suffer with GERD. I purchased the Grays Reef, extra firm mattress. We truly love these beds and highly recommend them for anyone bothered with hip/joint/back pain or GERD. The price for the two beds were less than one Craftmatic or Sleep Number bed with the results. Great quality beds at an affordable price.

  144. staceyg1496622324

    We have this bed in the king. it is a awesome bed I was a bit worried from going from a regular spring mattress to this but I’m glad that I did. My husband can be some what picky when it comes to mattresses

  145. LindaC1542469278

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve had. Have it on an adjustable base with no more tossing and turning can finally sleep through the night!! Love it!!

  146. LarryP1505248064

    It is very comfortable. The most comfortable bed i have ever owned. My sleep has improved. I love the adjustable bed frame. I was having trouble breathing and being able to elevate my head has really improved my sleeping.

  147. BonnieS1525952098

    Best sleep I have had in along time love my new mattress

  148. ToniT1505055549

    We have a temper pedic in our room. We wanted a good mattress for the guest room. We choose the Serta iComfort because it is very comfortable and love the fact that it stays cool. My temper pedic does not do that. Very happy with this purchase!

  149. SueM1504885125

    Been having the best sleep since buying this mattress set.

  150. NoraN1536418135

    Had this mattress for a week and it’s by far the most comfortable mattress ever!!!

  151. JonT1511296920

    Just bought this for a spare bedroom. It seems really well made and am very happy with the feel of it.

  152. DanielM1517422047

    My wife and I have not slept well for quite some time. We thought it could all be attributed to old age, but one day we decided to purchase a new mattress. We looked and looked, researched, and finally ventured out in the world to find our new Serta! They delivered it yesterday and last night was our first night to sleep on our new “Cloud” WOW, what a great sleep on the first night, best bed I have ever slept on. Looking forward to many, many sleepful nights!!! 5 STARS Thank You Serta!!!

  153. LeeH1517846661

    This is my second Serta memory foam mattress. My first one was a lower quality model that is now 7 years old. I was starting to feel pain in my lower back when I woke up and decided I needed more support. The first night I slept on this mattress, my back pain was gone. Two weeks later, and the mattress seems more comfortable each time I sleep on it. Well worth the purchase.

  154. BrianK1499275708

    For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say my hips, knees, back and shoulders feel twenty years younger when I awaken in the morning! Thank you, SERTA i -comfort series!!

  155. FranciscoF1533485003

    My wife and I were in the market to purchase a bedroom set and decided on a Serta I series foam thanks to our sales person that took to the time to explain the benefits and most importantly, the value of the I series Blue foam mattress. We spent about an hour “Test driving” different mattresses to finally make a decision. The firmness was important to us. If there is any opportunity to improve, it would be to make it not as thick. My wife and I are not tall people and we ALMOST need a step stool to get on the bed. Other than that, we are satisfied with the firmness and have noticed a better experience in sleeping throughout the entire night with less wake ups.

  156. MaryB1517882579

    Takes some adjustment to get used to a foam bed, but it has been the best sleep since! Would recommend to anyone.

  157. garys1534140061


  158. JeffW1498085904

    This is our first new bed in over 11 years. So far we have been pleased with quality and the cooling effect. It is nice to wake up and not have our backs hurting anymore.

  159. JoeB1513734008

    So far my wife and I love it. Switched from a worn out 4 yr old innerspring mattress that was killing our backs. The Blue 100 is the perfect firmness for back sleepers. Hopefully it holds up!

  160. NancyP1502142545

    I chose Serta because my husband and I have one and we love it. My boys were getting to big for the twin beds so we picked them up Serta beds and they are in love. They are the envy of all their friends! They sleep better and more comfortable than ever before. My only problem is when the beds were delivered one of the box springs felt fabric was almost completely off. I called customer service and they reassured me some one would get back to me but never did. 🙁 That to me is very important, hence the 3 stars.

  161. PatriciaM1537717577

    I have now slept on this mattress for 2 nights, and so far I like it…it is especially easy to turn over on it. Also, when my adjustable bed is slightly raised at the head and foot, my tailbone is very comfortable.

  162. CynthiaM1518735306

    I received this mattress as a gift from my husband. I had already slept on my daughters queen size bed years ago and noticed how comfortable it was. This wil be my first night sleeping on my new twin size and I already can feel the comfort just sitting on it now.

  163. MindyF1519835478

    This mattress is a great combination of cozy but firm. It was time to replace our old mattress after having it for almost 10 years. Purchased from mattress firm. Sales person and delivery people were awesome and it was a great experience. So far my back is happier.

  164. JosephD1505315773

    Very comfortable and provides much better support than our previous inner spring coil mattress. You do not feel when your spouse is tossing and turning – better sleep overall. Plus we absolutely love the adjustable head and foot foundation – can’t ever go back – such a bonus! Absolutely thrilled with our purchase – no more back and hip pain plus raise the head a little and my spouse no longer snores.

  165. GiseleF1540567643

    My spouse and I needed a new mattress and went to several mattress showrooms to try them out. Since I’m a side sleeper and I like a softer mattress, and my spouse needs to recline and likes a firmer one we needed a split bed. After laying on several mattresses we found the Blue 100 Gentle Firm perfect for both of us. We ordered the foundations

  166. DarleneA1505506667

    We are sleeping on our new mattress for the first time tonight. We have heard from several other family members how great they are….. Hope we experience the same great feeling in the morning!

  167. MaryC1503335939

    The mattress is lovely and quite comfortable, however I don’t know why I have never tossed and turned so much in my life. I am definitely not happy with the supposed cooling effect. I have been heating up considerably throughout the night which could be causing my restlessness. I have been turning the fan off and on all night and kicking off the covers. I honestly don’t know what to do. This is a huge investment for me and since it’s only been a little over a week I am telling myself I need to get used to it. I am also concerned with the chemicals used in the foam. I have been waking up feeling congested. I am at odds with this purchase. ps, why is my age, 56, not included in the next survey??

  168. LiliO1515342773

    Arrived in perfect condition. Left to air without putting the mattress protector for 2 hours. When arrived the mattress felt more firm than the one We checked at the store but after an hour now feel the same. I will do an update in a few weeks to provide more data.

  169. SukhdeepB1505253137

    I like it because it’s the only matress that I and my wife both liked. It is good with movable base also.

  170. HarrietP1532973584

    When I was a kid we slept on foam mattresses and they were soft and squishy, as I remember. This mattress is a dream come true. We’ve tried several other mattresses in the last six years…yes, several! Hybrid didn’t work out. Topper didn’t either. This really molds to the body and works wonderfully well with our adjustable bases. Finally getting a good night’s sleep!

  171. MitchM1509038915

    Had it for about 2 weeks and I love it. I have been suffering with back pain for a while now and just kept putting off getting a new mattress because I really didnt think that was the issue. Turns out it was. No more back or shoulder pains. Best purchase Ive made in a very long time.

  172. MarilynV1515454474

    My husband purchased a king sized mattress by Sealy online two years ago. After only 2 months the pillow top began to compress. We called the company and they sent out a representative who confirmed the depressions in the mattress were abnormal. However, the company would never do anything as far as replacement. After two years and many a backache, I convinced my husband to go mattress shopping once more. We went to the Bedroom store and were greeted by the most knowledgeable and friendly representative. He listened to all our issues and introduced us to the iComfort mattress. We couldn’t be happier! This mattress is cool and comfortable. It has surpassed all our expectations. We are very pleased with our new mattress and with the experience at the Bedroom Store!

  173. ElidaM1510593186

    What I love most about this mattress is that I has the perfect amount of softness and firmness. I have my mattress on a well supported foundation, and it truly makes a difference on the mattress. The mattress is firm enough where my body doesnt sink in too deep, but plush enough to sleep comfortable and all night. I love my new mattress!

  174. CarmenP1516326099

    I personally liked this product because it is not too soft nor hard. Serta has been around for quiet a while and they are known for their quality. I highly recommend this particular one.

  175. christinev1543297725

    I needed to find a bed that was firm yet still a little soft. This mattress was the best compromise along with the motion plus frame.

  176. GerardB1513103260

    The first night we slept on it brought immediate relief from my back pain. We didn’t move around as much as we used to creating a better night sleep. We are thrilled with our new bed.

  177. PolitoL1500762197

    Purchased for our 11 yr old son. While in store checking if he would like the mattress, my son fell asleep while we were talking to the sale person… SOLD! bought a Twin and a Full size with foundation

  178. KathyS1528407460

    Is very uncomfortable and it feels more like a plush mattress than gentle firm and it feels like I’m sinking in and my back is bothering me so much. I’m paying for it monthly and is in the basement brand new .. very dissatisfied the reason I’m paying for it is because of my credit.

  179. Karenl1543516524

    This is the worst mattress I’ve ever owned. We’ve had it for over 2 months (“you have to break it in” we were told.) It’s still hard, uncomfortable. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep and usually wake up with my back or hips hurting. I’ve never had this problem. We have a year to swap it out for something of equal or more value but the medium is $600 more. Not happening. I’m going to try a mattress topper to see if that will help. Otherwise I’ll suffer for 20 years.

  180. SandraR1513795864

    I thought I would love it but unfortunately it’s too hard my back and my neck are killing me and unfortunately I bought this in New York and moved shortly afterwards to North Carolina and since there are no Raymour

  181. JohnC1499186887

    Went mattress shopping July 1st. We saw this at Mattress Firm. We laid on it and felt perfect. We got the mattress at our home on Monday the 3rd. It was softer than a pillow top. I woke in in more pain than the old mattress. Went back to the store, they said to try it for at least 30 days. If you want a firm feeling mattress stay after from this mattress.

  182. DoreenS1505003071

    I now go into DEEP SLEEP mode; sleeping in heaven. This product works for my back issues and am very satisfied and glad to have made my purchase that also provides great warranty satisfaction for years ahead. Mahalo (Thank you) MattressFirm!

  183. EstherH1511622500

    We previously had a king size tradional plush top spring mattress that we thought was comfy at first. However after my husband’s back surgery, it was no longer good for him. Our new Serta iComfort foam set with adjustable vases are heaven-sent. Finally a wonderful night’s sleep for us both. I woke with no neck pain and his back didn’t not wake him in pain once throughout the night. The adjustable bases make this bed choice even better!

  184. ArianneA1539825463

    The moment I’m on bed, I don’t wanna get up and work. I just wanna lay down the whole day. Even to stand up and go use the bathroom is a challenge because of the comfort it gives you. I highy recommend this who wants to sleep like sleeping beauty.

  185. KenI1513041856

    My husband and I used to wake up sore backs toss and turn now we sleep great wake up feeling pain free

  186. AlfT1534690210

    I am a side sleeper, and this mattress gave me significant pain in my shoulder. The memory foam seemed to push up into the muscles on the side of my shoulder. By morning it felt like someone had punched me really hard on the side of the shoulder. The mattress felt comfortable in the store, but at home it felt very hard. It just took too much pressure at pressure points to make the mattress give. They say this is a medium firmness mattress, but I would put it in the firm category. Maybe it softens up over time, but it was way too uncomfortable for me to give it any more time. After 3 nights of misery, we put a soft 2″ memory foam pad topper on top of the mattress to make it bearable. We then exchanged it for something softer. I see this mattress has a lot of good reviews, and I do not understand why since my experience was so bad. Maybe it works better for heavier people or people who do not sleep on their side.

  187. IrisT1520554264

    I just got it so far I love it! I don’t know how to get out of bed now. I actually look forward to coming home just to lay on my bed. May have to write a review later on when two or more years down the line lol

  188. EthanB1504794843

    The mattress was a little more firm in the beginning than I liked but has softened up to be perfect. No too hard not too soft. We bought the split king with adjustable bases and is working out great!

  189. JonG1543256350

    Purchased on the 10th, received on the 17th so it’s been a little over a week of sleeping on it but I must say I’m not impressed. While I have gotten some pretty solid sleep on occasion, I find more times I am restless. The amount of heat and sweating is insane. Between the protector they say you must use, sheets and a blanket there is absolutely no way to get cool except turning on a fan and pointing it at the bed. I find that to be a tad ridiculous especially if cooling is a selling point. 2nd part is that I’ve woke up in terrible pain in my right shoulder area into my neck causing immobility. Good thing I see a chiropractor on a regular basis to help me work on that. I will be discussing with my wife this week on options to whether to keep it and see if it gets better or possibly return this.

  190. MarilynG1501984052

    i finally purchased a serta icomfort blue touch 100 queen mattress set. the old mattress i had was lumpy and uneven with metal springs and always put undue pressure on my hips and shoulders. i would get up with a stiff neck and shoulders and painful sore hips. my hands would fall asleep also. without all that metal pushing against my body when i sleep, i get a more restful night’s sleep with my new icomfort! i wish i’d have purchased it sooner!

  191. ClarkJ1507148877

    Sleep has improved. Just great didn’t know what I was missing before I purchase this mattress. Sales person who sold this mattress was very helpful. Would recommend this mattress to ever one.

  192. KarenR1505846922

    I’ve never day dreamed about a mattress before but after sleeping on a Serta Blue Touch while having to stay in a hotel due to Hurricane Harvey, I could not get the comfort out of my mind. It was the best mattress I have ever slept on. When they sent on sale we bought one and now have wonderful nights rest every night. Best of all I could afford it!

  193. AndrewD1536973582

    Our son loves his new iComfort Blue 100XT twin mattress. No regrets with this purchase. Not too hard, not too soft, just right.

  194. ToddC1505178112

    This mattress is so comfortable and we received great service at Mattress Firm

  195. Tara25

    We have had this mattress for a few weeks and if you like a firm quality mattress this is a great mattress. When you first lay on the mattress it does feel a little firm, but as you lay for a little bit the foam starts to mold to your body, providing comfort and support. My husband loves the mattress and the support it provides. It is taking me some getting used to because our previous mattress was a pillow top, which is more soft and cushy. If you prefer a firm supportive mattress this is a great choice but if prefer a soft plush mattress this is probably not a good fit for you.

  196. LauraM1519536688

    Our sleep improved for the first 5 months. At month 6-7, back pain returned, body impressions Very Evident. Even turning 180° every other week isn’t enough. For now, attempting to sleep horizontal.

  197. AshleyJ1535457086

    I my husband is a stomach sleeper and I am a side sleeper and its hard for us to find a mattress that works for both. This worked great for the first 6 months. I didn’t get shoulder pain (from a mattress being too hard) and it supported my husband enough where my back didn’t hurt. After about 6 months though his side sank in (its probably down 2″ in less than a year) so now he sleeps in a hole every night and wakes up with lower back pain. My side is still close to where it was when we got the mattress so I love it. My husband needs something firm (which this started out as), but now its just too soft for him as it sank in on his side. Considering its just over a year old next time I get a mattress I’ll be going back to springs.

  198. ClarenceC1524862704

    As good as they get. Do not wake up with soar lower back anymore

  199. CarolS1498740835

    This mattress feels so good when you get in bed. The softness pulls you in and then the support takes over. Great mattress. Our previous latex mattress had gotten too hard for our old bones and this mattress is perfect.

  200. JohnathanW1504418783

    I finally bit the bullet and invested in a good mattress…I am so glad that I did. I have never slept so good. I really love how soft it is and I absolutely love how cool (temp) is.

  201. MonicaH1503009659

    My husband sleeps on this mattress (the Blue Touch 100 Gentle Firm) and wishes we had bought these mattresses sooner! He is thrilled with the comfort, cooling and soothing properties of this model. We’ve never had foam mattresses before and were leary–but let me tell you, it will change your life. He wakes up refreshed and that is all you need to know. Highly recommend–I have the twinXL Blue Touch 300 firm…amazing as well! And the best part is you can get a split, like we did. We did a king size split into 2 Twin XLs so we each have our comfort level in our own mattress. Go out get one! Super thrilled, super happy! Thank you, Serta.

  202. ChristineM1505243540

    A friend purchased a new serta select comfort mattress and I liked it so much I decided it was time to buy one for myself. I’m really happy with how comfortable it is and how much better I sleep!! It’s night and day compared to my old mattress!! I don’t have any soreness in my back when I wake up now either! I’m really happy.

  203. LindsayC1508765201

    We went from a interspring with a pillowtop to a full foam so it is something to get used to. It is a little harder then we thought it would be but was told after 30 days of sleeping on it it should get better. It is still comfortable.

  204. NP1510684662

    Upgrading to King from previous Queen iComfort. If it’s anywhere near as good as my last bed this will be great.

  205. BrianH1502548556

    So far so good. Feels a little harder than in the store, so I’m hoping it softens up a little over the next few weeks. Other than that, I’m looking forward to the advantages of this new technology.

  206. KimberlyL1503268390

    This bed is truly amazing for it’s price! Comfortable amd affordable! But honestly, lets face it! What is the price we pay for good sleep? This mattress is so worth it!

  207. WilliamB1541358657

    My sleeping has been wonderful. I love this mattress and would tell everyone to buy it.

  208. RodgerS1516930555

    I love that it is firm, but still gentile. No pain anymore!

  209. PhilipB1512135651

    I am definitely sleeping longer and feeling much more rested after waking than I did on my prior old, but high quality, independent-spring mattress. I like the fact that the foam contours to the body, and I believe as a result, I haven’t experienced any aching joints when I awaken. (I am in my 60s and have hip, knee, and shoulder joint problems from past injuries.) The foam mattress does retain more body heat, however, so I have lowered the house temperature a couple degrees at night to compensate. Alternatively, one could use less or thinner blankets. I live in Colorado and like to sleep under a blanket, but if you live in, say Florida, you’d probably have to sleep under only sheets so as to not trap too much body heat.

  210. davidt1501031473

    its a firm but way to soft dont care for it at all much better in the store

  211. YvonneW1530973312

    Sleep is fine, comfortable mattress. I learned about Serta when I was in St Croix and the hotel had just purchased them for the entire hotel. I found them to bed comfortable and decided that a Serta would be my next mattress.

  212. Jenniferd89

    I have been sleeping on this bed for a few weeks now and it is amazing! My quality and quantity of sleep each night has drastically improved since I started sleeping on the bed. It has a nice firmness that goes great with the memory foam. My partner is able to climb in and out of bed and we don’t have any issues with the mattress moving when doing so. I can definitely feel a difference in my neck and back. After years of having very sore pains and I am finally getting some relief. I would recommend this bed to anyone. It’s amazing.

  213. SharonS1502774054

    I wanted this mattress because it has reinforced sides. My last mattress (also a memory foam), broke down on the sides before the warranty expired but I’d gotten it from my daughter who was the purchaser so I couldn’t use the warranty. Serta, I’m older than 54 but there isn’t an option for my age range or for older people. 🙂

  214. JuidithF1506430215

    The comfort of this mattress has greatly improved my sleep. I normally have a backache when getting up, that is disappearing. With my old mattress I would toss and tun all night. Not any more!

  215. Hismommie2015

    The Serta blue 100 firm bed is the best! it is very firm yet forms to your body and makes you feel like your getting a hug. And no more sweating at night, it keeps me cool all throughout the night. I normally woke up with back pain, and now i never want to get out of bed in the morning of how comfortable is it.

  216. KarenU1540687427

    I love my new mattress! I tend to run a little hot at night and not only does this mattress keep me cooler but its so comfortable and affordable compared to other mattresses!!

  217. PamelaS1542140866

    I’m really happy for the decision I made to buy the mattress. It is so comfortable, foamy ,beautiful to rest ! I recommend it to buy and don’t need to rethink ! It worth !

  218. LairaS1536860065

    The bed feels soft yet firm … I had it two nights so far … the first night ny only complaint was the smell that comes from the mattress . It had a chemical smell. It was a bit over powering . The second day , I removed all bedding opened up my window and let it ventilate all day … that night the smell wasn’t too noticeable unless you stick your nose to the mattress.. I fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up around 2 am feeling EXTREMELY HOT!!! I felt like I was in a sauna.. now I’m not saying it’s definitly the mattress. I had my AC on lower than usual, and my daughter sleeps with me and was super close to me. I woke up and had to get water and cool off .. I lowered the AC to about 68 degrees and went back to bed. I fell asleep the rest of the night and did not feel that heat anymore. I am praying it does not happen again.

  219. DANIELM1518497080

    Thought the backaches, muscle aches, sore neck in the morning were all just a part of my old age…not true. This mattress has the perfect “number” built in, you don’t need to spend $1000’s on one of those number mattresses!

  220. XX1522604379

    Lost support after 2 weeks ,it was a comfort exchanged at city mattress after the applause hybrid turned out to be a concrete slab and now the gentle firm is killing my back I hammock so deeply. Was comfortable for 2 weeks ..stuck with it…never buy Serta again

  221. SherryG1512576699

    I have back problems, so I bought a sleep number bed. DID NOT help! This bed is so much better for my back!

  222. KarenP1542006679

    It’s such a relief not to wake up in terrible pain every morning as I did with our old mattress. I’d recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from any type of disease or syndrome that leaves a person in pain all the time. This mattress will definitely provide some much needed relief.

  223. AaronC1533763310

    This was right in our price range and a very comfortable mattress.

  224. MichaelP1535673822

    The bed is very comfortable. Very pleased with my purchase.

  225. MohammadD1523914855

    This is a very great mattress! A wonderful purchase!

  226. BRIANT1520957997

    Alittle firmer than expected but very comfortable. Great value

  227. ShannonG1514496313

    This mattress is very comfortable. One thing we noticed right away is how fast we fell asleep. We also don’t toss

  228. christopherd1498918071

    my wife and i decided to go to an all memory foam mattress. we chose the blue 100 because it seemed to be the perfect balance between soft and firm. sleeping on it for about a month now and it is fantastic. its not the kind of memory foam that you sink into. the support is great and it feels as if its forming around you but not swallowing you as i have felt with other memory foam mattress’s. would highly recommend this mattress.

  229. johnb1512667689

    very good for price , so far so good sleep like at baby , wife love it

  230. SamuelS1529171180

    This mattress is totally amazing. I’ve never had a mattress this soft!

  231. KristaK1523211578

    This is by far the most comfortable bed me and my wife have ever slept on! We will definitely be buying another one when the time comes. Thank you guys for making our nights perfect.

  232. MarkS1517335852

    The wife and I were excited to try our new mattress. I had a feeling it would be a little firm for my taste but our old mattress was long overdo for replacement. In the middle of the first night we both woke up from being too hot. This foam is just too dense to release heat. To be fair I know that lighter people like my wife and I should be using medium density foam to contour to our bodies. I am 6′ 170lbs and she is 5’2″ 125lbs. I purchased ours from a Sears outlet center. It had been returned unused and the guy at the store said it had cooling foam on it but I don’t believe that is the case. Although I am not certain on that because everyone calls their foam by different names. So in short if you are not thin or you like a firm mattress and you do not mind the heat retention then this is a great mattress. We will be returning ours

  233. TJRLAB

    I always thought that a mattress is a mattress and bought the cheapest I could find and keep it as long as possible. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve been comfortably sleeping in this bed for about 3 months now and every day I wake up refreshed and renewed. Its unique ability to be both soft and firm (even extra firm) surprised me. When I originally received I thought it would be hard to adjust, however it was one of the best nights sleep I’d had. My favorite thing about the bed is its ability to regulate temperature. My bedroom is the last to get air conditioning in my house, so sometimes it made it hard to sleep. Now, with just my fan, my bed is cool to the touch – just the way I like it. I love the cover that is on top, its plush and soft. Even when days I am doing laundry and don’t have sheets on it, I find myself being able to take a nap enjoyably. I can’t say enough great things about this bed, but I am so glad it entered my life! My insomnia and ability to fall asleep fast has been completely obliterated.

  234. Jessi629

    We switched to this mattress from a memory foam in a box mattress. It is sturdy and you don’t feel like you will fal in. It’s comfortable and perfect firmness for my back! I have slept so much better since switching to this mattress and couldn’t be happier! My husband and I would toss and turn all night until now!

  235. chrisg1521620142

    I was interested in a pleasantly firm mattress, and this one seemed ok at the store where we bought it. It arrived at our house today and i am awake in the middle of the night wondering exactly what i was thinking. The mattress is painful and while i understand that there is supposed to be a break in period for these, i wont be able to pull it off. If feels like a 1 inch layer of foam on top of concrete.

  236. RinaS1509481466

    The mattress is fantastic! Very comfy and cool ! The adjustable base is amazing no more stacking up pillows just an easy press of the up and down buttons and it’s on!! Will recommend this mattress to anyone who backs me about it! My old mattress was a coil mattress it was comfy but after years of sleeping on it it became kinda molded to the shape of my body and uncomfortable that’s why I decided to shop for a new bed Im glad I found mattress firm the gentleman who helped us out was awesome!! His Name was Daniel Witt very knowledgeable and helpful!

  237. markw1506797672

    Very comfortable. Would like if wouldn’t sag in middle when my partner gets in bed. I am still adjusting to the firmness. I am looking for a good pillow to use.

  238. BrendaC1498993231

    When I put a very expensive mattress cover on the bed I began sweating every night when I removed it , realized it wasn’t the mattress it was the mattress cover. What do I do now to protect my mattress?

  239. LoriB1515195630

    Very comfortable and gentle on pressure points. Feels very firm but confirms to you. Best sleep we have had in a very long time.

  240. LuisF1505124466

    I like how it’s like a cloud you sink in n i love it it’s what I wanted

  241. ChristopherD1499814017

    Beautiful mattress. My wife and I decided to take the chance and go all memory foam. We did not regret it with this mattress. The blue 100 is the perfect balance between soft and firm with plenty of support. We’ve been sleeping on it for a month now and it’s been delightful.

  242. JarettaA1529346462

    Our sleep has definitely improved. I am no longer waking up with aching legs and hip pain. I can ‘t believe the difference a good mattress makes. Our old mattress was over 10 years old and it was never this comfortable even brand new. This mattress is so much different than the other mattresses we looked at. I’m so glad the salesman had us try this one. He really knew what he was talking about.

  243. MitchM1508175053

    Ive only slept on my new mattress one night but holy cow what a difference! I didnt toss and turn all night nor did I wake up with back pain. From what the salesman told me, it should take a couple weeks to adjust to the new mattress so i cant wait to see how much better it gets. Wish I had bought this a long time ago!

  244. AliceA1537900216

    I sleep on my side and have always had a spring mattress. But as I have aged I have learned needed a foam mattress to help with soarness that has begun to develop in my hips. The Blue 100 Gentle firm foam mattress is so comfortable and my hip pain is receding.

  245. WilliamB1500396302

    Much better than the Sleep Number bed we had. I sleep with the head end raised slightlly and as a result haven’t had Acid Reflux.

  246. Squeaky1

    I’ve had this Serta Blue 100 Gentle Firm for about a month. One thing I have noticed is that I definately sleep a lot better. It’s quite firm, but provides enough support and cuddling for body curves, whether you sleep on your back or your side. I toss and turn a lot less, but I can’t stay in one position for very long, otherwise my hips start hurting. My husband sleeps good on the matress also. He wakes less during the night and isn’t tossing and turning. He prefers a softer bed just like me, but we both sleep better on the firmer bed. We don’t notice the cooling effects of the bed, but that may be because we have a mattress protector on it.

  247. JosephT1525103400

    It is very firm. The only thing I don’t like is there is a band of extreme firmness that goes across the matress where your back lies. It seems a lot harder than the rest of the matress wo I had to turn it upside down. I do sleep better since buying this mattress. Wish I would have went with a softer one, but if you like firm this is definitely the matress for you.

  248. LynetteB1515684631

    I just received my new beautiful mattress. Just sitting on it, I can feel the quality! Mattress Firm delivery people were excellent.

  249. KarenO1511893460

    I finally replaced an 11 year old foam mattress and wanted to try the Serta icomfort… I wasn’t sure which kind to get (firm, medium or plush) and what height to get but based on reviews and a lot of research, I went with the medium which they call “gentle firm” and the height is 9.75″. The price was very decent since foam mattresses are generally quite expensive. Also the delivery was very quick and professionally handled. I’ve had it for two weeks and I do like the choice I made, it took me a week or so to get used to it… It’s definitely not too firm and not too soft and I have a platform frame with wooden slats. I like the cover on it and the design. I don’t know if I’m any cooler by the gel foam that’s supposed to cool you down. I will say that the odor from the foam mattress when I first got it was really overwhelming and it does still smell, though a little less but two weeks later there’s still an odor which I hope goes away soon. I have really sore muscles and back problems but I have to admit, when I wake up after sleeping on this mattress, my back feels much less sore and this mattress does not sag. I highly recommend this brand of mattress.

  250. PaulB1529011266

    sleeps better than when we tried it in the store Have enjoyed several good nights of sleep on this mattress

  251. RachelM1508416846

    Easy and convenient shopping experience. Professional sales personnel, Logan Matthews, was very thorough and very knowledgeablable.

  252. KathleenC1504812691

    I already owned an IComfort mattress with the adjustable base in my bedroom. I have had it for 2 years and I just love it! I am older and this mattress supports my bad back and my arthritic hips. So, when it came time to replace the mattress in my guest room, I decided to get an IComfort mattress for that bed also. My daughter visits from California a couple times a year and I know she’ll love it! ( She has had a disk replacement in her back) Thank you Serta for making these mattresses……good night sleep is had by all! P.S. My grandson would love the sheep!

  253. cliffordl1524428101

    Very comfortable and our sleep is much improved. We should have purchased one years ago. Since we purchased this mattress our sleep is much improved. My wife has suffered with back problems for years and since we started sleeping on this mattress she has a lot less pain.

  254. AngelaS1531759703

    We purchased the iComfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm mattress after our last mattress started giving me terrible back pain. After a week of sleeping on the iComfort mattress, my back pain upon waking is gone. It’s such a pleasure to wake up pain free! I am pleased with the covering, as it’s soft and seems like it will be durable. Sheets fit it well. There really isn’t anything negative to say about it at this point. It was a good choice!

  255. LoribethR1517095696

    I purchased this Serta Sleep-to-go 12″ California king mattress to replace my waterbed mattress after about 32 years. I was facing hip replacement and could not forsee getting in and out of a waterbed any longer. The mattress arrived a day before my surgery, so I did not have time to get used to sleeping on it prior. The mattress was amazingly easy to open up and it fit perfectly in my waterbed frame. No fuss, no smell, no wasted time waiting for it to expand. The mattress is a bit more firm than what I am used, but it is very comfortable now that I have healed from my hip replacement. I sleep a bit warmer on the gel foam mattress so I use less bedding. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

  256. bettyc1531870314

    We slept on this mattress at our daughter’s house and fell in love. Our mattress at home was way too firm. Gentle Firm describes this mattress.

  257. SteveS1532381468

    We’ve had the I Comfort Gentle Firm for three nights and greatly enjoy it. It’s firm for me and soft enough for my wife. Highly recommend.

  258. AbbieH1533213897

    This mattress is the BOMB! I love how the foam hugs to your body and whenever you get up it conforms back to its original position. I would recommend spending the extra money to get this one over a traditional bed with springs or pillow top.

  259. ChristinaR1532745743

    My husband and I were literally late to work everyday before our body became adjusted to the bed due to the level of comfort. It’s as of the bed hugs you and cripples you in a good way, you never want to leave it!

  260. LauraS1510532076

    First new bed for my 15 year old son! He loves it and it’s very comfortable. He has been getting all the rest a growing boy needs and wakes up less crabby!! Glad we went with Serta!

  261. RayS1534827597

    I am really sad that this mattress wasn’t what I was expecting! It is hard like a rock. Tried to return it and was refused. Only had it 5 nights and they won’t take it back. I’m sleeping on the floor vs this thing worst pursuance ever

  262. BrandonS1514002488

    Serta I comfort blue touch 100 is the first all memory foam mattress that I have purchased and I can already tell a major difference in my sleeping patterns in just a few werks from my previous spring mattress that I owned!!

  263. CatherineL1537232300

    I’ve been having back problems so came to the decision on a new bed. Tried several mattresses out but this was thee best for me

  264. CharlotteS1525000225

    For the first time in four months I sleep through the night. 8 hours sleep .

  265. LindaZ1510092013

    I am loving this Serta set. The mattress is very comfortable and supportive with out cutting off circulation to limbs. I also purchased the Serta Motion essentials adjustable foundation for this mattress and I can not say enough good things about it. The perfect pairing to find the perfect sleep position and comfort.

  266. KathyM1517697465

    This mattress is amazing. The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Not too soft and not too firm, perfect!!! I highly recommend this mattress. You will not regret buying it!

  267. Jordanh1518569408

    Extremely comfy. Great night sleep! Was so impressed for the price !

  268. PamelaP1518364768

    Always owned a Serta mattress so this time decided to try something different than coil. Have to admit only had one night sleep but it was great. Did not move around all night to get comfortable and love the adjustable foundation to go with it. Have to say my old Serta was 11 years old and held up but time for new. I also read all reviews on this mattress and I feel I made a good choice

  269. JanetW1499711815

    It keeps me cooler at night. I get better and longer sleep than my old mattress. Sheets fit much better. I have a better foundation for my back and my legs.

  270. CynthiaW1502975366

    I love the Cooling feature. What a difference in my sleep, I don’t wake up dripping in sweat and I sleep thru the night. I can’t believe i’ve waited so long. A bit pricey but totally worth it. Thank You

  271. aprilh1504022579

    This is the first new mattress, we’ve bought. We had a standard pillow top mattress and were miserable. I suffered from constant neck and back pain . I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the “foam” reviews say their, hot and lose the firmness quickly. My husband convinced me to try it. I was also worried about the price, I mean it was a major investment for us. we got the standard Blue iTouch Serta gentle queen set. A month of sleeping like a baby has made every penny spent worth it. I’m raving about my mattress and am very happy my husband talked me into it. FYI : its not hot?

  272. paulc1525985159

    my wife cannot feel movement from me stirring unlike older mattresses we have had

  273. CharleneB1501611158

    We liked the firmness of the mattress. My husband has a bad back and needed more support than our old mattress was giving him. He was waking up with severe back pain every morning. Since starting to sleep on the new mattress, his back pain has improved. We hope it will continue to improve until he has minimal pain. The salesman was very helpful and knowledgeable about the quality of the set. We had seen commercials about Serta products in general but he provided more information concerning warranties etc. We think the value/price was excellent and it met our budget needs.

  274. GuyJ1510421174

    I like that the mattress is firm but also feels soft enough to be very comfortable. Our old mattress had become indented enough to be very noticeable. That mattress was less than 10 years old. We are looking forward to this one keeping its shape and comfort for a lot longer.

  275. GaryT1506610812

    The only dislike I had in the beginning was the firmness, but as the salesperson told me the mattress would improve with time. I am beginning to get more comfortable with the mattress and am truly enjoying it.

  276. CathyD1530647755

    Love the bed, slept on several other brands over the years and this by far is the best!!

  277. MathewS1518572906

    I’ve spent most of my adult life (barring a brief interlude with a waterbed in the early 80’s) sleeping on a coil mattress. After just one night on the “ICOMFORT FOAM”, I awoke feeling much more rested than I have for over 10 years. I’ve heard a lot of disaffection about memory foam, sleep number, and any number of “new fangled” mattresses. After 10 days, I wouldn’t give up my “ICOMFORT FOAM” if you offered double what I paid.

  278. MarcW1542998187

    Purchased the Serta iComfort Blue Touch 100 in June of 2017. It replaced a Select Comfort set that we had and loved for almost 18 years. My wife and I spent 3 hours in the mattress store before we decided on this model. At first it was very comfortable, and we followed the instructions of spinning it (not turning it over) from head to foot every month. As time has passed, it has become more and more uncomfortable. Now that we have had it for a year and a half, it is awful. I wake up with severe back pain. The only place on the mattress that still has any firmness to it, is the center, where we don’t sleep on it. Their claim of it having a “cooling” effect are nonsense. I am going to see if Serta will honor the warranty, but I’m almost certain that we will more than likely have to replace it with a new Select Comfort model.

  279. MyrnaP1506021643

    This mattress is Great! I haven’t slept so soundly in years. It supports my back beautifully.

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