Blue Fusion 100 Firm

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The Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 100 Firm mattress combines TempActiv™ Gel Memory foam with a layer of Serta® Balanced Support Foam for a firmer feel with breathable, gentle cushioning. Your body gets exceptional support from the Serta® Hybrid Coil™ support system, built to deliver the ideal balance of comfort, support and durability.

Top Layers of Comfort
¾” TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam provides pressure relief, gentle support and cooling at the surface. 1” Serta® Balanced Support Foam gives the mattress a slightly firm feel without being too hard.

Core Layers of Support
The Firm Serta® Hybrid Coil Support System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement is a next generation coil. It acts like 3 coils in one. The bottom part of the coil is very firm to provide extra support. The middle part of the coil gives slightly more to relieve pressure and the top portion is designed to provide excellent conformation to your body and spine.

Our Recommendation
For customers that want the durability, adaptability, and cooling comfort that Gel Memory foam provides but prefer a more traditional “bouncy” feel, this mattress line is designed for you. The Blue Fusion 100 Firm will be a medium firm feel that is ideal for both a back and stomach sleeper.

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  • Queen
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  • Cal King
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Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King




iComfort Hybrid

Comfort Type


Mattress Type



10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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42 reviews for Blue Fusion 100 Firm

  1. JasonD1539378326

    This bed has helped with my chronic back pain and with pressure points. This is the best night’s sleep I ha e had in decades. Thank you Serta.

  2. TiffL1534076006

    This bed is great! Not too firm but firm enough. I slept like a champ all night long!

  3. naffy

    First of all, I’d like to say that I absolutely love the color of this mattress. It’s a nice navy blue. This mattress is very comfortable. I like something that isn’t too hard on my back but also something that isn’t too mushy and soft. This is in between. There is good support. Even when I sit up right, it pushes my legs in a way so that my back is sitting straight and is not slouched. The mattress is quite thick and a little heavy. But my husband and I both managed to set it up on our bed frame. It gives you a firm feel. The mattress and the springboard both look very strong. I’ve had it for about a week and I can tell that it is definitely worth it. If after walking I get tired, then I can expect myself to lay down and relax on this mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress to everyone because it isn’t too firm nor too plushy.

  4. JeffD1531671947

    My wife and I purchased this mattress after years of sleep discomfort on a “non-Serta”, queen mattress. At the time we thought we were getting a good deal at a “mattress specialty” store and felt as though the sales person was just trying to meet his quota. The mattress was good for a year or two. And then our sleep patterns started to change which made us feel sluggish and cranky. We thought it was just us getting older and didn’t think it was the mattress because we paid a lot of money for it. 6 years later, we decided we should try a king sized bed to see if that would help. We tested 20 or so mattresses and the Serta iComfort was the most comfortable for the both of us. Our sales person at the locally owned furniture store was awesome and gave us a great rundown of all the mattresses features. We also loved the fact that it promoted cooling since my wife says I am like a furnace at night. But the best part is…we now have a larger, more comfortable mattress for less money we paid for a queen mattress 6 years ago. I am now reviewing this mattress 1 month after we purchased it and I have to say, we feel young again. The iComfort is so comfortable we feel like we are catching up on missed sleep. I cannot tell when my wife turns over or moves ever so slightly which is great since I am a light sleeper. We actually have that, “i don’t want to get out of bed ever” feeling. We highly recommend this mattress to those who like a firm feel, with a soft embrace of slight memory foam. This is an A product and we are so glad to have pulled the trigger on this one. Well done Serta! Well done.

  5. EmF1534597250

    From the first night I’be noticed an improvement in my sleep. I wake up with less back pain and joint pain. This bed while firm doesn’t feel as though you’re sleeping on a board. Best decision was to buy this bed!

  6. ChristinaP1528387556

    This is the second Serta I have purchased and I couldn’t be happier. Great night sleep every night. I made the mistake of purchasing another brand after my first Serta (even though I loved it) and I have now switched back! Happy to be sleeping good again! Thanks Serta

  7. DianaT1533071494

    I’m in love with my new mattress. The level of comfort is superior. Best purchase I’ve ever made.

  8. WalterT1531070985

    The second I tried this out in the store I felt completely supported from head to toe with the perfect firmness, like no other mattress I’ve ever used. You know how experts are always telling back sleepers to lie with your knees elevated to give your lower back the proper support? With this mattress you don’t need to…I can lie flat on my back and the support is amazing and so comfortable. It is also excellent for side sleeping as long as you have a thick memory foam pillow. I can’t say enough about how pleased my wife and I are with this mattress set. Thank you Serta!

  9. DA1542217947

    After 3 months of sleeping on this over $1000 mattress, one side of mattress lost its firmness!! If you get too close to the edge of the bed it gives out and you will roll right out of the bed. Called place where we purchased it and they sent out a company called Precise Mattress Inspection!! They are a total joke!! Also, beware of them!! The notes he wrote on the inspection were NOT what we said. Serta denied our claim because of this inspection. Called Serta and they will stand by the inspection because the pictures didn’t show an impression!!! Well, come and lay on it then tell me there is nothing wrong with it!! Pictures don’t show the frimness gone!! Very very disappointed in this mattress and the way Serta is handling this so called inspection!! We DO NOT recommend this mattress to anyone!!

  10. DerekB1530978472

    This mattress is comfortable, firm, conforms, and cool to touch, I won’t ever get another mattress. Always sticking to the Blue 100. Thanks Rooms To Go

  11. JamesM1540218982

    Had bad pain from back problems. Since sleeping on this mattress, pain is almost nonexistent, wake up feeling refreshed, can move easier. Mattress is so comfortable, best purchase I ever made, highly recommend this brand. Also great value for this produce.

  12. Groomclan

    This bed is awesome. I’ve had it for about a week. My husband and I both have back problems and have been waking up often during the night. We both have been sleeping all night on the bed. My back and shoulders hurt less now. I also don’t wake up sweating like I did with my old bed. I highly recommend this bed.

  13. Kade

    From the moment I tried this Blue Fusion mattress I was in love! It has just the right amount of firmness I needed and alleviated many of the back issues I’ve had with noticable improvement in just one night. It’s very comfortable. I found that the mattress was supportive, yet still conformed to my sleep position, so there weren’t any pressure points like traditional spring style beds.

    The quality of the materials is second to none. The material is very soft and comfortable. Even the fabric covering the box spring is delightful.

    I noticed unlike traditional memory foam, the mattress stayed very cool and comfortable throughout the night and I didn’t wake up from overheating. I highly recommend this mattress for firm mattress lovers!

  14. TimothyA1533422713

    Not too hard, not too soft, but just right is how I would describe my new Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 100 mattress. Huge decrease in joint pain after just the first night on this mattress….should have bought it years ago! Before this I was sleeping on another leading brand mattress. I looked at them again while shopping for a new one and discovered that they are now way overpriced. So glad that caused me to abandon brand loyalty and try a Serta! Additionally, I was impressed by the extensive knowledge of bedding that sales agent Rick Hill displayed and I also appreciated his unrushed, no-pressure style. Delivery service was also a pleasant experience. Will be looking for more of the same from Serta the next time I buy bedding.

  15. DonnaM1524583982

    My husband loves a firm mattress where I usually I don’t. The salesmen suggested the Blue Fusion 100, my husband tried and that was it! We got twin XL’s and I could have chosen a different firmness. Tried several but the Blue Fusion firm at the store didn’t seem too hard. In addition my husband thinks the softer may be contributing to my back aches so I also went with the firm. Haven’t had for long but so far sleeping good and my back pain seems less in the morns.

  16. MyrnaB1531405643

    Only had the bed three nights but it is very comfortable. Currently better than our select air bed of 18 years. Knew of the reputation of Serta.

  17. DougF1534616093

    Better than the beauty rest mattress we recently had for only 5 years. Gives great support and resting really well at night.

  18. DebraB1538254817

    Sleep improved the first night. Comfortable and deep just like the ad said we would.

  19. Pattys1541766323

    This Mattress is one of the best. The Hybrid has the best of both worlds, cooling memory foam and coils for support. The price was just right! Thank you Serta for creating me a good night sleep.

  20. MarilynP1538065071

    Great firmness! No sags or low points, easy to move around on!

  21. MaeS1532271586

    Very Comfortable. Very well made. No bumps or lumps when on the adjustable bed.

  22. ConnieR1524964576

    Our old mattress set was a Serta which was 12 years old! This mattress was not only long overdue but was an excellent choice for us. We’ve not slept this soundly in years and better yet – no aching backs in the morning!

  23. AhmedE1542334858

    Serta is the best mattress ever I’ll recommend everyone who can afford it to buy any kind of serta matttress

  24. KevinL1540767488

    I purchased a I-Comfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 100 Firm mattress on Sept. 1, 2018, but it wasn’t delivered until Sept. 17, 2018. Immediately after getting this mattress I was impressed with it’s comfort and support. However, after two weeks, I started having lower back pains while sleeping and hip pain after rising. I was taking Ibuprofen to help me sleep. The vertebrae in my lower spine were grinding against each other causing me great pain. It got to the point that one night while trying to sleep on my side I put my fist to the bottom of my spine and pushed in on the sore area and felt the vertebrae click and slide back into place, easing the pain. This has happened several times. After using the mattress for only THREE weeks I spun it around hoping to have some relief, but that didn’t help. The mattress has caved in so much it’s like sleeping in an open hot dog bun. I have to climb up and over the edge to get out of bed. I have found that sleeping on the very edge, where the mattress is stronger helps somewhat. The retailer where I purchased the mattress is temporarily closed so I can do nothing about a refund or return.

  25. MichaelB1530033910

    The mattress is a little firmer than I would like. I have slept on pillowtop for 20 plus years. This is a new concept.

  26. JANT1537615926

    I love this mattress!! I replaced my old mattress of 15 years and could not believe the difference in how well I was able to sleep. I have chronic back pain and this morning my back is so much better! I love being able to turn over and not disturb my partner- if you are going to purchase a new mattress look no further – GO WITH SERTA

  27. DaveP1537565942

    It supports my body and doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping on a board.

  28. philipv1531653892

    my old mattress had worn out some time ago. The time and price was right for this purchase. I’ll see in 6 months if the mattress holds it’s shape and firmness. The reviews were mixed. I have to believe Serta makes only quality bedding, we’ll see.

  29. stephag90

    I like how firm and plush my Blue Fusion 100 Serta mattress is. It’s not hard at all. It provides support and is so comfortable that every night I get a good nights rest sleeping on it. It’s the best mattress I have ever owned!

  30. MichaelDerekR1527644888

    I like it’s firmness and how comfortable the memory foam is.

  31. DianeA1527818372

    The Blue Fusion 100 is not too firm and at the same time not too plush. It has enough support to keep your body from sinking in. It has a softness to it. I can sit on it without it making my back slouch. The mattress stayed cool through the night. My husband is now sleeping through the night. Would highly recommend this mattress to my friends and family and anyone reading the reviews!!!

  32. EarlS1542215026

    After sleeping on a 20 year old mattress, (light used the first 10 years, then nightly the last 10 years), we had a very restful night of sleep . We like the no movement of the bed when the other person turns over and does not move the whole bed. The backache is gone when waking. Hallelujah! Why did we wait to long?

  33. MichelleB1530901492

    I love the comfort and quality of this mattress! Combined with an adjustable base it is the perfect bed!

  34. KathleenC1528148960

    My wife and I brought the Serta Hybrid Fusion 100 firm,we both have bad backs but only sleeping on the mattress for two weeks we notice a big difference in our backs , this mattress is Great,I would tell anyone who has a bad back to buy the Serta fusion 100 firm. WE had a sealy pillow top nice mattress but not for anyone who has a bad back,we made a good choice. Thank You

  35. ScottM1530644876

    I went in to see what the store had for value, as i didnt want to spend thousands of dollars. I was comparing to online Bed in a Box products. Sales rep shows me store brand, as well as other options. I then came across the iseries and decided that or just a few more dollars, this was by far a better purchase. Surprised that i was also able to get a free adjustable frame as well!

  36. TamaraS1536167959

    Our previous mattress was replaced and the new one gave me a stiff neck and gave my Husband back pain for the first time in his life. After one year of suffering we traded it in for the Blue 100 and Im happy to report that after only one yes I said one night we were both pain free! I look forward to years of comfort from this mattress. BTW my very first mattress was a Serta perfect sleeper, I should have stuck with Serta it would have saved me time and pain. Lesson learned.

  37. PT1537831931

    My husband just bought this bed and have nothing bad to say about the bed or Serta, the bed we purchased for just to form for our likings so we have requested an exchange for a different Serta bed. Their customer service is excellent..

  38. NancyR1535663943

    We just received our mattress set today. I can’t wait to try it out tonight to see if I can finally get a full night of sleep! I got the firm because I have a bad back and need the support. This is a nice set

  39. nicolineB1531610085

    At first I thought this mattress was too hard for me, however my husband encourages me to try it for a few nights, as he slept like a baby the first night.He loved it, as we both had back pain and difficulty sleeping with our old mattress.I tried it and now I am loving its firmness yet soft enough to cushion my body.Wake up feeling refreshed.

  40. WyomingMom

    The Blue Fusion 100 Firm mattress is a high-quality mattress. With that being said, it is also a very firm mattress. Yes, I do realize that it says ‘firm’ in the title. My husband has had back surgery and I did some research and read that for his condition a firm mattress would be best. My mistake came into play when I didn’t take into account that I am a side sleeper. My husband (a back sleeper) found this mattress incredibly comfortable, however, no matter what I did, I could not get comfortable.

    It was hard to rate as my comfort level would be a 2, but my husbands would be a 5. The quality of the bed is superior. I am now in the market to find a better fit for the both of us. I will definitely be looking for another Serta.

  41. daler1539374397

    sleep has improved. it forms to your body best sleep I have had in a long time

  42. SaraH1539361889

    Great firm mattress, offers comfortable support. I always stick with Serta brand mattresses and have never been disapointed. Also purchased the adjustable foundation, its great for watching tv etc.

  43. SandraB1530838314

    I love my new Serta Mattress! I come from another country where Serta mattresses are imported and compete really well with the good quality national brands. This is how I know about Serta. Being in the United States and with the idea to buy a good mattress, I did not have doubt to choose one Serta. I have always liked the innersprings mattresses so I found Serta combines them with memory foam in some of the mattresses (hybrid) plus the gel memory foam. Serta means to me Quality and Comfort. Buy a Serta mattress is to have invested in my physical, mental and emotional health because if I can sleep deeply and rest well, I will wake up recharged, ready to begin the day full of energy. I was sleeping on an old mattress and I had back pain in my lower area, besides to sweat during the night even in winter. With my new mattress (Serta) it is past history. If your are planning to buy a mattress, I really recomend you to buy a Serta Mattress. I am happy and in love with my Serta Mattress!

  44. SandraB1532754244

    I have been sleeping like a Queen since I bought a Serta Mattress. I knew the product in my native country, because this brand of mattresses is imported and compete very well with the excellent national brands. I was sleeping on an old innerspring mattress and I was having back pain every morning. Now, the pain is gone with the Serta Mattress. I talked about my Serta Mattress at work and two coworkers bought Serta Mattresses. I do not chamge my new mattress, I feel sleeping in a cloud and with angels.

  45. KevinL1539879387

    I like the firm mattress and the softer padding on top. I have back and hip problems that this mattress and box spring set have helped immensely.

  46. MaureenB1532625106

    At first the mattress felt too firm, however, after a 2 week break in period – I am very happy with the product.

  47. patsfan

    For the majority of my life I have slept on a medium to soft mattress. Being a larger male I contributed my aches and pains every morning to a lifetime of playing sports and let’s face it, my age. Until now. This mattress was a shock to me. The first night I slept on it my immediate reaction getting into bed was how it didn’t dip or depress from the weight of my body. While feeling soft it gave me tremendous support. That support didn’t feel “hard” or “stiff” as I expected. I still felt the softness of the mattress but with the added support to keep my body from sinking into the mattress. I woke up with no discomfort. No aches or little pains in my back as I have had for years. The real test was my wife. Her first reaction was to consider a mattress topper as she felt this would be too “hard” for her. But she gave it a few days and she reluctantly admits she too feels so much better in the mornings. She didn’t buy the topper and feels no need for it now.

    The mattress is well made with tight stitching. Even though this mattress is firm it has the softness of a luxury mattress. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and can honestly say you will appreciate the quality of this Serta mattress. The mattress has a depth of approximately 13.5″. Combined with the boxspring height of 9″ you have a total height of 22.5″. Keep this in mind as my wife immediately noticed the height difference from our old mattress.

    Overall the quality and value are spot on with this set. I have had more expensive and less expensive sets over the years but this one tops the charts for me and happily my wife as well.

  48. BobT1531500309

    Replaced a pillow top mattress that was too soft and did not have enough back support. We were looking for a high end hotel quality mattress. Our first night provided a great night’s sleep and awoke with no back pain.

  49. DonK1537633095

    I have a lumbar disc that prevents me from sleeping through the night. Looking for relief, most nights I leave our bed and head straight to the couch in the middle of the night. However, I was totally amazed that the very first night on our new Serta Hybrid, I slept through the whole night. Even more amazing, when I did awake, it was without any discomfort in my back at all! While that is beyond fantastic, I am starting to feel kind of bad about putting more Serta Counting Sheep out of business !

  50. DavidJS1536335136

    My wife and I like the fact that we can set different setting for each of us and have different positions and massage times , etc

  51. MarkM1533166617

    My initial impression is good. Set looks nice and constructed well. Firm mattress with good edge construction. Time will tell.

  52. AngelaY1526435658

    The iComfort Hybrid is an amazing bed! I’ve been having the best nights sleep! I couldn’t have asked for a better bed. The price of the mattress was reasonable and it’s the best purchase I have made.

  53. ThomasM1526942076

    No sag and the firmness we were looking for. And offers a cool top foam surface.

  54. SueB1542320864

    I just took a nap as soon as I made up my new Serta Blue Fusion 100 and I slept for two straight hours. This mattress is so comfortable. I’m happy with it today.

  55. AngelaA1535832625

    I like the height of this mattress and the comfort it has given me now I don’t wake up with pain in my back Im so happy I purchased this one, now I don’t want to get out of my bed, I so recommend this mattress for that it is so good for my back now I don’t wake up with back pain Ive been sleeping much more than I used to with my old mattress, love,love the firmness my back is thanking me for this mattress.

  56. TinaH1537040177

    This is only the 2nd Serta mattress set I’ve ever owned. Due to budget restraints through the years, I wasn’t always able to purchase what I wanted for what I needed. For the last 5 years, I was sleeping on an old mattress. I don’t know what it was as it was in my parents’ home but it would never have been my first choice if I’d had a say. When you have springs you can feel and sagging that doesn’t bounce back and every morning it feels like a chore to roll out of bed, it’s past time to upgrade. I really like the Blue Fusion 100 but I don’t love it. After 2 weeks, I do sleep better but I have found that the memory foam doesn’t seem to be as thick as I thought it might be so it almost feels too firm. I do still have a few body aches but not nearly as bad as before and after a few good stretches, those aches subside quickly. I think that comes from being able to finally sleep well and once I’m in a comfy position, I don’t move so my joints get stiff. I almost decided on the Plush version but I’m not a fan of pillowtop mattresses though I’m thinking it might’ve provided just the right amount of extra cushion to decrease my body aches even more. If you had a hybrid mattress that fell in between the firm and medium without a pillowtop, I would’ve bought that in a heartbeat. I know the Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm might have been the way to go but that was not in my budget. There’s always next time :). Overall, I know I made the right decision to buy a Serta.

  57. ColleenB1535816265

    My husband and I are absolutely in love with our new mattress set. It is very comfortable and has the support we need to keep our body in perfect alignment. We sleep throughout the night without disturbing one another. The only negative we have is we purchased the cooling mattress set with the cooling protective cover; however, we don’t really feel the cooling of the mattress at all. But, it does not bother us at night, it just was a nice feature to have. Overall, we both are happy with our new mattress and would highly recommend to others.

  58. PangY1529691542

    Love going to bed now It’s so comfortable the rest that we get it’s amazing.

  59. KishaP1537305377

    We had a Serta mattress that we loved but sent it to school with my daughter. It was comfortable and provided a god nights sleep. Everybody who slept on it liked it. So, it was a challenge to replace. This new mattress has been fabulous. It has lived up to all of our expectations. We wake up without a backache and with a good night of rest. As Goldilocks would have said “Its not too soft, not too firm but “just right”.

  60. vickil1532656274

    Much firmer than previous mattress. Just what I was looking for. Great value.

  61. GifterG1531957983

    The product is great I got a firm for my daughter and love it. Not to hard and not to soft cool to the touch.

  62. GeorgeS1527790921

    Our other old mattress only lasted for three years due to the sinking of the mattress. It only had a year warranty which we were over the date. Had no other chose but to buy a new mattress. Sale person recommended we try the Serta firm. It was love at first sight. Love the fact that my husband will not feel me move around. Happy sleepers, happy marriage. Thank you Serta.

  63. DeannaF1537735160

    So far this mattress has been a nice change from our old mattress. Not as soft as the one we laid on in the store, but I think with a little time it will soften a bit. I have slept better and felt less achy waking up the past week since having this new mattress. Lets hope this is the continued trend!

  64. PiaK1534208528

    It is firm! I made the choice based on my husband request as he suffer of chronic back pain. I was a bit taken off on how firm it was but my husband really like it and he is not easy to please. I’m getting use to it and I truly sleep great,

  65. BernardO1543349602

    I like the firmness of the mattress that allows me to sleep without being wrapped up by sinking into it. I was a little concerned about the gel making the mattress to warm but it is just a little warmer. Actually very comfortable.

  66. RonaldB1537204828

    If you like a firm mattress, this product is for you. I have lower back problems and this mattress gave me a restful night sleep. I would definitely recommend it!

  67. CathyM1537277365

    We are just not recovering from Hurricane Harvey from a year ago, We had the Serta Icomfort iseries firm and loved them, never a problem. So this time I bought the dual adjustable twin XL (king) again. They were delivered, but we did not sleep on them for a few weeks. One was not as smooth on the surface and within a month of sleeping on it we noticed a total difference in look and too soft to be a firm. This was replaced from where we purchased it. I really never liked the lumpy look they have, but can tolerate that. Our fault, my husband had spilled a cup of coffee on his side and I was furious. We blotted the mattress as best we could, put a fan on it. My husband tried to rub it just with a towel and the top material has started balling up, or almost to the point of falling apart. this is my complaint. accidents happen, but this material is not holding up, brand new, to mild cleaning. What will be the condition in a couple of months or a year ?

  68. RD317

    This serta mattress is truly quality mattress. As soon as it was delivered Inspected the mattress and it was well package in plastic. Once I removed the plastic I was checking to make sure the mattress was intact. The mattres had perfect stitching no lose threads or imperfections. One placed on my bed frame it fit perfectly. The mattress feels firm and once I layed on the mattres you can feel the firmness and support which eased my daily back pains. Its been a few days Ive slept on my new serta mattress and slept well, less tossing and turning. I also like the color scheme and design of the mattress set. Im very happy with this serta mattress.

  69. DeborahC1539737256

    I love my new bed. It is perfect. Just knowing that my bed was made to order for me and not lying in some warehouse is a plus!!! Cheers to you Serta and my many hours of sleep!!!

  70. TimG1531078439

    Both my wife and I have had issues sleeping over the past few years. The difference was immediately noticeable and we both got a solid EIGHT hours sleep the first night!!! I’d highly recommend this mattress!!

  71. FayeB1526856356

    I was in desparate need of a new mattress. After researching all brands and taking the brief test in the store, I opted for the Firm Blue Fusion. I have had it a month, and it has been great.

  72. JosiahF1532051648

    We have been pretty happy with the mattress so far far. Haven’t had it for more than thirty days so I will have to update after we have slept in it for a while.

  73. LauraO1533337141

    I found I sleep better in my new mattress. I can sleep the whole night thru and wake up rested, before my alarm clock and in the same sleeping position from the night before. I also fall asleep faster than I ever have. I don’t feel the mattress gets hot either. The first few nights I was doubtful that it was actually near the time I needed to wake up. So glad I made the decision to get this mattress. I like a firm but softer mattress and this was a perfect fit. I no longer have to have a bunch of pillows on the bed to get comfortable. The kids have also been sneaking into the bed to take a nap. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  74. Amanda12

    I received my serta blue fusion 100 firm bed about a month ago! Me and my husband both have back problems and In just one night of sleeping in our new bed we could definitely feel the difference in our backs! The material is very soft, comfortable and the breathability is a great feature! It is a well designed and crafted bed for a perfect night sleep! I would highly recommend people to buy the serta blue fusion 100. It definitely exceeded my expectations! Thanks to serta I now sleep through the night! No more tossing and turning!

  75. Sarah05

    I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a month now and couldn’t be happier. This is what true comfort feels like. I wake up in the morning feeling well rested and ache free. It’s refreshing. The mattress is firm, but not hard or stiff. It has a soft and breathable feel to it. It’s a quality made, durable bed that provides great back support and stability. It’s been perfect for me and my husband. I highly recommend this mattress.

  76. GailS1538800140

    I knew that I wanted a Serta set… I also knew that I could no longer get a decent night’s sleep on a softer mattress. The minute I tried this mattress, I knew. The salesman showed me three different beds and advised me to get into my normal sleep position and maintain that position for 10 minutes, saying that if I was still comfortable after that time, that’s the one I should choose. It took me a few nights to get used to the firmness, but my sleep is SO much better! When I get up in the morning, I feel totally rested and ready to go. I would highly recommend this bed (and have!) to everyone. My best friends bought one after trying mine out – 3 days later! Thank you!!!

  77. JaimeC1530113515

    The zero gravity is an amazing feature. It takes all of the pressure off of the knees, back and shoulders. Our deep sleep has increased since we bought this mattress a week ago.

  78. ChrisI1534008145

    After trying several makes and models of mattresses, the icomfort blue fusion 100 stood out from the rest (pun intended). It provides the firmness desired for back support, but does a great job at alleviating pressure points while on your side, compared to other firm mattress. In my opinion it is the best firm mattress without totally comprising on a soft to the touch feel.

  79. CarolY1531503262

    My husband and I like the comfort and support. We are using the wooden bed frame my mother received for her 16th birthday in 1933. The combination of bed with 5 slats, mattress and base set is a little higher than our previous combination. However, we are making the adjustment. We wanted our new Serta set to have the combination of innerspring / hybrid.

  80. MARLANDM1533072892

    Just purchased the mattress yesterday and had it delivered today. If it feels as good as it did in the store I’m in for a good nights sleep. (finally)

  81. BethK1535237010

    My husband in 6’6″ and 290 pounds, and I am 5’6″ 145 pounds. We needed a new, firm mattress with support, that was reasonably priced. We must have tried 30 mattresses before purchasing the Hybrid 100 firm. We LOVE it!

  82. KarenH1531261827

    It appears well made, the price is good. It arrived in secure packaging. I have not had it long enough to see how well it wears over time.

  83. BrianA1540223269

    We’ve tried them all (latex, memory foam, pillow top), but we will never go back. My back feels great, my wife’s snoring much less, and we’re both waking more rested. Thanks Serta.

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