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The Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 200 Plush mattress combines the TempActiv™ Gel Memory foam with a layer of EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam for enhanced breathability and pressure-relieving comfort. Your body gets exceptional support from the Serta® Hybrid Coil™ support system, built to deliver the ideal trifecta of comfort, support and durability.

Top Layers of Comfort
¾” TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam provides pressure relief, gentle support and cooling at the surface.  2” EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam cools the surface and provides exceptional adaptability to your body so you toss and turn less.

Core Layers of Support
The Serta® Hybrid Coil Support System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement is a next generation coil. It acts like 3 coils in one. The bottom part of the coil is very firm to provide extra support. The middle part of the coil gives slightly more to relieve pressure and the top portion is designed to provide excellent conformation to your body and spine.

Our Recommendation
For customers that want the durability, adaptability, and cooling comfort that Gel Memory foam provides but prefer a more traditional “bouncy” feel, this mattress line is designed for you. The Blue Fusion 200 gives you a medium feel and is ideal for all types of sleepers including back, stomach and side.

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Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King




iComfort Hybrid

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10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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30 reviews for Blue Fusion 200 Plush

  1. ErinL1534101502

    I purchased my second Serta mattress recently- the Blue Fusion 200. This mattress is amazingly comfortable and affordable. This mattress is labeled as plush; however, it does have the perfect balance between firm and plush to suit my preferences. I love that the mattress is not white. I feel the cool, trendy grays and blues give this mattress an edge over the typical white mattresses. As a parent of a young child and rowdy puppy, I feel more comfortable knowing that stains may not show up as much on this mattress than the traditional white mattresses. I am a Serta convert after having poor experiences with other brands. With confidence, I encourage you to run to your local retailer or order online and purchase the Blue Fusion 200 Plush!! You will not be disappointed!!

  2. JG93

    When I first took the mattress out of the plastic, the feel of the bed was super soft. After getting it set up on the frame, before I even put sheets on it I laid down. The mattress was wonderful, I felt myself actually being happy in a mattress. I didn’t use Serta prior to this and I will never use another brand again. The Plush is exactly as it says, it isn’t too soft that it leaves you feeling like you are sinking, as well as not too firm where you feel like your back is aching. It conforms to your curves perfect, while giving you extra cushion to lay on. It is like sleeping on the clouds! The mattress doesn’t feel springy, I even pushed down hard to make sure after the mattress sets it wont feel that way. This mattress sits at a perfect height (I’m 5’11) to where when I kick my legs off the bed in the morning, my toes hit the floor). It also has that wonderful crawl into bed feeling.

    The mattress speaks for itself. The only thing I can say, for a shorter person, like my wife, your feet will hang due to the bed being thick (Which is a good thing because the construction of the bed is well done.

    If you are looking for a plush mattress then I have to say after a week of sleeping on this one, I am sold. It is worth every penny spent.

    TLDR: Mattress is plush. Not too firm, not too soft. Gives to curves and provides extra comfort for those looking for something in between. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone that enjoys a soft bed. This is Bar None the best bed out there.

  3. DonnaW1533844819

    Researched all mattress, and found this fit our needs. It is just like the sales person said.

  4. LeslieM1527812886

    Since I have purchased my Blue Fusion 200 Plush IComfort Hybrid, I have slept like a baby. I am extremely comfortable and I also purchased the Motion Essentials platform so I can raise my head and feet for health reasons. Buying this mattress and platform was the best decision I have made. My previous bed was a Tempur Pedic and I am getting a much better nights sleep on my new Serta mattress. Love It!!!! Highly recommend it!!!

  5. JessicaN1537399708

    This mattress is a great mix of firm and soft. Offers great firm support when I lie on my back and does not put pressure on my hips when I side sleep.

  6. SamR1525033120

    After 14 years, my wife and I decided to buy a new bed. We both suffer of back problems, sciatica, arthritis knees and overweight. We did an extended research to get the best bed at the best price and comfort. Serta icomfort 200 plush… Won! The bed is firm, but soft at the same time. The mattress is not heavy like our last bed… That I could hardly move… I also love the color… Not the typical white… We love it! If we have to change this bed in 10 years… We will buy a Serta mattress again!

  7. RomonaC1532368631

    When I tried this mattress in the store, I was sold. It felt so soft and beat all the other brands I had look at. Look great in my bedroom, though it’s a little firmer than the one in the store, but I’m sure with wear it will feel like the one in the store.

  8. Ashtyn

    I only have great things to say about this bed! As soon as you lay down you get instant comfort and support. I am highly impressed with this mattress and box spring. I suffer from a bad lower back and this has really been helping my body with the morning stiffness I had with my past bed. I have also been getting a great nights rest, and not constantly waking up all the time. An all around win.

  9. KarenB1539381100

    The mattress is the right amount of firmness yet has a soft top. I am a back and side sleeper and the mattress accommodated both positions well. My only complaint is that it sometimes holds in body heat and I have awakened while sleeping on my back feeling uncomfortably warm under my body. I did not have that problem with other mattresses I have used.

  10. DonnaS1530822615

    Bought this for a guest room! Great value, quality

  11. PaulP1538921848

    This mattress is extremely comfortable. It has the feel of being firm, but once you recline on it you enjoy the plushness of a very comfortable sleep. Highly recommended.

  12. DeniseS1533474302

    I love this mattress fall right to sleep. My last bed was pretty bad. All though I sleep pretty good, I do wake up to a back pain sometimes. I believe my back is adjusting to the mattress.

  13. DeniseS1533473383

    I love this mattress fall right to sleep. My last mattress was pretty bad. All though I sleep pretty good, I sometimes wake up to back pain. I believe I’m adjusting to this mattress.

  14. frankc1542290150

    We had a foam mattress. What starts out as soft and comfortable, does not hold up. You need coils. Better yet, you need coils and foam. Thats where the I Serta Hybrid delivers. Its a perfect guest room choice. You want to provide your guests the best comfort you can. But guests come in all sizes. All foam becomes a challenge for the elder and a bit heavy person. All coils may not deliver the plush feel. We found the perfect combination.

  15. CharlesG1526073648

    Excellent support for a side sleeper. Keeps me cool at bight

  16. MandyH1534562547

    I love this mattress I woke up without the excruciating pain I usually wake with. I’m so glad I purchased this mattress.

  17. Gris1990

    I’m amazed. Its perfect! Not rock hard or plush soft. Super comfortable!Absolutely no movement on one side of the bed when someone is moving around on the other side. I’m absolutely in love with this mattress. I knew that I was going to love it as soon as I laid down on it the first time. It’s soft while still being supportive. I love the feeling of sinking into the mattress when I lay down. We’ve been sleeping on it for a month now and I always feel well rested.

  18. jl7282

    This beds overall quality is outstanding! Its a little more firm than I prefer and doesn’t soften much after delivery. Its very soft material and has been easy to clean after spills. (2 children) I would recommend this to anyone who likes a firmer soft materialed bed.

  19. SteveP1541341912

    Leaving our “too firm” big box store 14″ foam mattress for the Blue Fusion 200 Plush mattress was a no-brainer. After testing the Serta mattress in the store, it was a done deal. We purchased 2 twin xl mattresses and 2 twin xl adjustable foundations to make up our king size bed. We could not be happier after two weeks of sleeping bliss. We are both over 60 years old and no longer wake up stiff and sore.

  20. catlady1977

    I am very impressed with this bed. It has just the right amount of support that I need. I am no longer waking up with my lower back hurting throughout the night and I am certainly sleeping better than I have in years. It is firm as well as soft. I was very surprised how thick this mattress is. I loved that it came as a set and not just the mattress. It is just an all around great set to have and it is really something to be proud of. I have no complaints with this set, and I have already recommended it to others.

  21. JeffK1537491112

    I haven’t had the product long enough to give a good review. The only thing I can say right now is that the bed seems firmer than the same bed tried in the store.

  22. WillardE1534782665

    Like the quality, the warranty, the comfort of the mattress.

  23. SherryM1537736870

    We have just had this mattress a couple of weeks, but so far it is great. Super comfortable and great support!

  24. DAVIDB1528497492

    This mattress is a tremendous upgrade over our previous Sealy mattress. We love and recommend Serta.

  25. JimH1534805572

    Sleep is so much better, sleeping on side, back or stomach all feel great.

  26. KathleenH1543417497

    So far, I love this Mattress. It is more comfortable than my previous one. It appears to be of high quality and should prove to be durable and reliable. I am happy to be part of the Serta icomfort blue fusion 200 family

  27. DebbieP1532888128

    The first night I slept like a log and woke without backache. It is firm but soft enough to not cause hip n shoulder pressure. We bought it with a motion essential base and love that we can adjust head and foot end to take pressure off mid back.

  28. GeorgeK1537476489

    The Serta sleep set that I chose is so comfortable and with the highest product quality and durability, I can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to go to sleep every night.

  29. TomP1530722538

    I have not slept on my iComfort Hybrid for long, but so far I have to say it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. I purchased the Blue Fusion 200 Plush and for me the level between softness and support is about right. I’m mainly a side and back sleeper and this one seems to have a good medium feel to it. I also purchased a close out Serta Heads-Up pivoting base with it. I believe this foundation has been discontinued and replaced with bases that offer more adjustments, but the price was right and makes the bed even nicer. The workmanship of the product is excellent and it’s a heavy mattress. I’ve always heard that weight of a mattress is a good way to know if quality components were used in the manufacture of it. It seems to sleep fairly cool although might be a little warmer then my old budget mattress. I always keep a mattress protector on it however so that might effect sleeping temps a bit. I chose the Hybrid over the foam only iComfort because I still like a little “bounce” in my mattress, but it appears that motion is well isolated. The only negative that some people might have with this mattress is that it’s pretty tall. I’m a 6’1 guy so I actually sort of like how high it sits, but shorter people might not like jumping up in bed depending on how high the bed frame and foundation sits. Overall I highly recommend this mattress.

  30. RochelleT1535824229

    I purchased the Blue Fusion 200 Plush | King / Motion Essentials (1 King Mattress 2 Twin XL Bases) and absolutely love it! It completely gets rid of back pain at night and I actually wake up feeling rested for the first time in a long time! I love the adjustable base and the “Zero G” function. It feels like you’re floating. I often fall asleep in that position and then lower to flat in the middle of the night. I highly recommend this mattress/foundation combination!

  31. LarryW1532060440

    I love the matress covering. It looks so rich. That is what drew me to lay on it. It was every bit as comfortable as it looked. I knew right away it was the one for me. My previous matress was so uncomfortable. For the past year I was having upper back pain. No more upper back pain after sleeping on my new mattress from day one. I highly recommend this mattress.

  32. VictoriaW1530716070

    This is seriously the best mattress I have ever slept on. After having my mattress 10 years I knew it was time for a new one but couldn’t find the time to go. I went on vacation for a week in different hotels and different hotel beds and came home to find my mattress made me ache more than the hotels did. I went the next day and bought my Blue fusion hybrid. Amazing doesn’t sum it up. This mattress makes me wake up with no back pain, no shoulder pain and I get a fantastic nights sleep. I may sound like I’m raving, well it’s the truth. After having chronic back and hip and knee problems for years this mattress is a breath of fresh air. No funky smells like some people say with the memory foam in it. Tall so it’s perfect for someone taller like me. Overall a fantastic mattress and I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

  33. NaomiD1529112086

    This mattress in the store seemed to be the best for us! A 2 cloud mattress…. my mattress was so bad for the past month LITERALLY ebery single morning I’ve been waking up with neck pain and shoulder pain. We had been waking up in bad moods grumpy in pain all that crappy stuff ! After My very first night sleeping on the mattress the morning I awoke with NO pain! It was a miracle ! I was so surprised and I was relieved that we had finally found this mattress … Me and my husband have both been dealing with back issues for a few years now since our last car accident and we definitely needed a new mattress. I am thankful we were even able to get this mattres, now all I’m doing is saving up for the pillows next! I know after I get those pillows I’m going to finally sleep like an angel! I don’t think I’ve slept that good in years probably not since I was a kid! Thank you Serta for saving my marriage and my health!

  34. MichaelK1542249240

    This is my bride’s and mine first bed. We had to choose between the Serta and a competitor based on primarily on comfort issues. I am a hot sleeper, she cocoons up because she gets cold. The mattress works out very well on all accounts. It supports my back and I do not require a pillow under my legs any longer, also I do stay cool enough to not wake up. My wife could care less about the cooling factor however, she finds it an upgrade from her previous bedding and it is comfortable. We also comfortably sleep with numerous pets in the bed. The dog appreciates the coolness as well.

  35. MarciaF1529939522

    We are very please with Serta products and tried out 10 other mattresses in the store before choosing the Blue Fusion 200 Hybrid. It was by far the most comfortable mattress in the store and we really like the fact there was a 4 month trial period!! – Marcia Fahy

  36. AnnM1535991533

    We love the firm support yet at the same time, the plushness and luxury of this mattress, the icomfort Blue Fusion 200. Our last mattress (Sealy) was at least 8 years old and we were starting to wake up with sore backs so knew it was time for a new one. We wanted a Serta this time because our son has a Serta icomfort series and he was very happy with his purchase. And we are very happy so far as well!

  37. GaryS1531342146

    I took my visiting daughter to test mattresses, as she despised the mattress in our guest room. Admittedly, it was 15 years new, and extremely firm. This mattress represented a (Serta) perfect fusion of comfort and price. The seller, RC Willey in Salt Lake City, only had Twin XL size in stock, so we went with that. Today, my wife helped assemble the daybed and install new bedding on the new mattress. It fit beautifully and looks great on the daybed. This mattress feels plush and comfortable, with just enough firmness to support back, side or stomach sleeping. Tonight’s sleep will be a sea change from her last visit, Serta style.

  38. LisaW1542765563

    Well made hybrid mattress. Super plush and comfortable yet gives plenty of medium firm support for back problems and arthritis. The mattress has a nice supportive edge to prevent sliding off when getting out of bed. Impressed by its style and so happy it has handles which was an added plus! Previous mattress was firm but offered no support. It was difficult to find a comfortable position so nights were spent tossing and turning trying to find pressure relief. Not so with this Icomfort Serta…truly like sleeping on a cloud whether side, back or stomach sleeper! So nice to wake up pain free in the morning.

  39. ReneeH1534030518

    We first purchased an applause 2 matress and that was horrible, so we switched it out for this matress. At first it was alright but after 4 months it is sagging like crazy and we are not big people. It is so uncomfortable and KILLS my back every night. It’s too far past the 120day mark plus the hassle of exchanging again sounds horrible. But this was the worst $1800 I’ve ever spent.

  40. bvickrey

    I was a bit skeptical when this bed arrived and I saw that it was a Firm bed because I am use to my bed being super soft but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. I was most happy because my husband was sleeping better at night, not tossing and turning all night. He said his body didn’t ache in the morning like is had before with our old bed. I think my favorite part was that because he gets up in the early hours of the morning to get ready for work and sits on the edge of the bed to dress I didn’t even feel it,before I felt every little movement. I think I am converted to a Firm bed buyer from now on I’m sleeping better, My body feels better and I’m not yelling at the husband at 2 am any more its a win win…

  41. SalvatoreG1537366908

    Purchased the Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 200 Plush and its a very comfortable mattress.

  42. NaomiP1534642929

    I bought 2 of this particular mattress, one for me and one for my son. I tried to get used to it for 3 weeks, but I found it too hard for me and it was making my arm and hand hurt, since I lay on my side when sleeping. My son said he was liking his mattress ok. I selected another mattress at Raymour

  43. DawnaD1538155090

    We bought side by side twin xl adjust. Bases and mattress after 35 yrs of back pain and a spouse that snores and moves around alot in sleep. Because they are seperate mattress’ We do not feel each others movements while sleeping. Also has relieved back and joint pain, heartburn, and snoring!! I have not slept this good in 35 yrs! I regrett we did not do this many years ago. Also both twin xl units fit inside our king size bed frame. We did have to purchase twin xl fitted sheets, but on the top we used our 1 pc King sized flat sheet, comfortor and pillowcases. Because of this you would never know it was 3 seperate mattresses. We love it!

  44. ToddS1538707088

    We absolutely love this mattress. Slept better than ever the first night. We’re looking forward to many years of comfort.

  45. ChristineA1525369331

    Love that it has a foam topper. Very comfortable. I don’t toss and turn. Before I had a Sealy pillow top which was my daughters. The first one we had had to be replaced because it was sagging in the middle. The next one also started sagging but the inspector said that was normal and they wouldn’t replace it. Very uncomfortable mattress and I swore I wouldn’t by that brand again.

  46. MattA1529955292

    We were not ready to go all foam from innerspring and so hybrid appeared the way to go. Having had good luck with comfort and longevity of the prior mattress and it having been a Serta, we decided like Goldilocks to try each of the hybrid offerings to determine which one was just right regardless of price and pick one. After traveling to several different stores because no one store offers all models, we narrowed it down to Blue Fusion 1000, 500 and 200. Ultimately, we decided to go with the 200 since it felt “just right” and so far so good 😉

  47. KristenI1542457614

    This was the first bed we “tested” when going to the store to find our new mattress. After she told us the price we were a little nervous to spend this much. But, after trying the rest of the beds in the store we kept coming back to this one. I’m glad we paid the extra money because I have never had such a great nights sleep!!

  48. SuzeeG1535491599

    We were not even looking to purchase a bed when we purchased our icomfort hybrid. We were looking for an entertainment venter and laid down on a floor model just to try it out. We fell in love. But then our salesman said “I am about to change you life”. He adjusted the base and all of the pressure points went away and I felt supported but at the same time the mattress was conforming to my body. I have severe back problems and chronic joint pain due to an autoimmune disorder. I never sleep more than 2 hours at a time due to pain, especially pressure points from lying in bed. I never feel rested and always wake up stiff and barely able to move. NOT anymore! The first night in the bed I slept 7 hours. I will always have pain and stiffness in the morning, but it was decreased from the usual morning with the old bed. My husband has never been a fan of memory foam, but he loves the hybrid. He was shocked that he enjoyed it as much as he did. I highly, highly recommend this mattress to anyone, but if you have chronic pain, this mattress will change your life! To complete the experience give the Serta moition base a try with it. You will NOT regret it! Sweet Dreams!

  49. TiffanyDupard

    I was chosen to try the Blue Fusion 200 Plus mattress set. I am amazed at the quality of this product. It’s very comfortable. I rate this product 5 stars. Excellent!

  50. cherylo1532470092

    Not as firm as my last mattress which is exactly what I needed. It has eliminated my shoulder and back pain. I did an online questionnaire and found that a too firm mattress was not good for my “old” bones. I am very happy with this mattress.

  51. Shannon76

    I have the Blue Fusion 200 Plush Serta mattress and I absolutely love it. It is super comfortable and has done wonders for my back. I was in a car wreck in August of 2017. I have had back issues since then. I used to wake up every morning with back pain and since I have gotten this mattress my back pain in the morning is gone. I love the cooling gel that helps regulate temperature. It is a super heavy duty mattress. It weighs at least twice as much as a standard queen size mattress, but it is made out of great materials. This mattress is definitely a 5 Star mattress. I highly recommend this one to everyone but especially if you have back issues.

  52. RolandS1529615763

    We just revived this product today. We have had this product in the past always 100 percent pleased. Hope this one is the same.

  53. cherylc1534556992

    We finally made the decision to replace our 15 year old mattress. I was curious to check out a hybrid mattress. It’s the best of both worlds. I wanted a name I could trust. Serta is the mattress I chose. Since we bought the mattress, sleeping has been much better. No more saggy mattress

  54. SandyD1542038673

    I love my mattress, but, it is starting to cave in the middle. I am side sleeper. Has anyone had this problem ? I’ve only had it for 2 months ??

  55. MeganS1525894188

    The last 2 mattresses we had were too firm so this plush is much better on our backs

  56. BrendaB1528386893

    I had purchased my first iComfort mattress in September 2017 and loved it from the beginning. Our home was destroyed in February 2018 and I had to purchase a new mattress. There was no question that I would get another iComfort bed like I had the first time. This bed helps me sleep better and eases my back pain. I would not have any other mattress!!

  57. SueL1536194611

    Thought it would take time to adjust to this new mattress, but I loved it the first night and my husband adjusted to it in three days. Very happy .

  58. HERBW1527463092

    1 night so far it is all good so far! Mattress is comfortable and the buying process was very pleasant. We had a restful night and felt good in the morning. Ready to start our day!

  59. Sammi2345

    This is the best bed Myself and husband ever owned. Its so nice and firm yet soft. Its temp is so grest feels cool when its hot and warm when its cold so its just great . I have two toddlers they sleep threw the night now with this comfy bed . I highly recommend this brand its so worthit . Planning on going to try and buy a king size hiw pleased we are with it .

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