Blue Fusion 3000 Firm

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Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King




iComfort Hybrid

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10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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12 reviews for Blue Fusion 3000 Firm

  1. Foadlabandtud

    I love my new blue fusion 3000 firm Serta mattress after having a pillow top soft mattress previously. I was originally worried about getting a firm because I have never had one but had read they were great for low back pain and also good for alignment of the body while sleeping! Well it really has helped my back pain! It took a few days of getting used to as with any change but now I’m super glad I chose the firm. It has the memory gel which gives the added comfort while still giving great support. The quality of the mattress and box springs is great too. I can tell this is a mattress I’ll be able to keep for 10-15 years! Definitely worth the investment on something you sleep on every night!

  2. LisaR1536687750

    I love my new bed. I have suffered from back problems for quite some time. Wish I had gotten a Serta a long time ago. I am able to sleep the whole night. I also got the adjustable base which really helped to relieve the pressure on my back. There are plenty of options for the type of mattress you need. I got the firm and it has enough cushion to be soft but keeps my back in line. The plush was too soft for me but perfect for a side sleeper. The only down side to my bed is that it is heavy..bad back and all. Truly love it.

  3. Asha

    This is the most comfortable mattress I have owned. I like firm mattresses & this is firm yet very comfortable. I am having good rest & no backaches & mattress doesn’t feel hot. It’s a top quality product. It has modern look, love the look & feel of this product. I would highly recommend this mattress for anyone looking for a high quality firm mattress.

  4. AndrewP1536886988

    This blue Fusion mattress is very comfortable and meets all of the advertised qualities. It is cool, the proper firmness, and there is no motion on other parts of mattress when there is movement. A bit pricey but so far worth it.

  5. RB1535284643

    Have had this mattress for about one month so far and absolutely no complaints! The hybrid mattress gives all the support of a normal firm mattress that I like but also has a little cushion.

  6. danc1526594727

    Makes all the other foundations and mattresses I’ve slept on obsolete. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I wake up feeling well rested and relaxed. The quality is superb very well made.

  7. RussM1531187560

    After only three weeks my wife’s back pain is gone. Great nights sleep

  8. RLClover

    Upon initially receiving this mattress I was surprised by the weight of it! I could immediately feel the cooling gel upon touching it. I was concerned that I may not be able to feel the cooling gel through a mattress protector (a must with three small children) and the sheets. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cooling gel does indeed still provide a cool feel to the mattress through both the sheets and the mattress protector. The mattress is very firm which my husband loves but posed a bit of a small problem for me at first as I was essentially “stuck” in the bed like a turtle on my back as I couldn’t get it to give me enough leeway to roll over. This is only due to the giant basketball/watermelon currently on the front of my abdomen.

    After a few weeks the mattress has provided some give so it is a bit easier to roll. I love the firmness for the most part because you don’t end up rolling towards the middle of the bed, for the most part, you stay where you should be. There are no indentations or body grooves from where we sleep either which is excellent and gives me hope that the mattress will provide long term comfort and relief for our back pains.

    One of the only other “cons” besides not being able to roll out due to pregnancy is that due to the thickness of the mattress it can be a challenge to find sheets that fit it without popping off. I definitely recommend QUEEN not the full/queen sheets. Overall, this mattress is definitely a welcome addition to my nighttime routine.

  9. Strongsteady

    I’ve owned a million different kind of beds in my lights on and they always seem to be lacking one specific thing. I honestly don’t know what that one specific thing is, but I’m always searching for it. This is until I came across this mattress that literally makes me feel like I’m sleeping on clouds. There’s so much wrong on the mattress and is so flexible. The only reason I think is not as comfortable to my expectation is that it could be a little bit softer. Other than that everything else about this mattress is top-notch grade A and I highly recommend if anybody wants a good night sleep to definitely check out this specific mattress.

  10. Spacy

    This Serta Blue Fusion 3000 firm is a perfect blend of firmness but with a soft feel.
    First off the mattress is a whopping 15″ high, and I have that on the box spring and I literally have to climb up in bed and love it.
    The box spring is a pretty blue so I don’t need a bed skirt to cover it up. The matress is multiple shades of blue and is almost to pretty to cover up. And even though it is 15″ thick all my sheets fit the matress perfectly. The matress also has good, strong handls on the side to help with moving it around.
    This is a hybrid so it has coils and gel memory foam. The best of both worlds. The coils help with the support and it keeps me from causing my husbands side of the bed to move when I am tossing and turning at night. The gel foam helps a firm bed feel soft and actually does help with tempature. It feels cool to my body and I don’t seem to over heat like I use to. I also don’t wake up as much as I use to and I fall asleep faster. My body doesn’t ache as bad as it use to either and that is a good feeling. My husband also sleeps better on this matress. He doesn’t snore as much. And he has less back pain and stiffness when he wakes up. I love this mattress and am very happy to sleep on it.

  11. Texasmom3

    This mattress replaced our 19 year old Serta mattress (about time right?!?), and what an upgrade! So far, the all of the cooling features are very noticeable and very appreciated as we live in the south. We love the firmness of the mattress while at the same time it doesn’t feel hard. Also, the micro-coils keep the mattress from feeling “bouncy” especially when you share your bed with someone, you can hardly notice them moving around.

  12. Shazmekool

    I am a light sleeper and get pretty easily disturbed with my husband twisting and turning on the bed. This mattress has been a life saver.

    The firmness is just right and I do not feel my hubby turning a lot since the weight distribution is good and it does not budge a lot.

    The mattress itself is pretty comfortable and the temperature stays good. Not too warm and not too cool. Serta is a good quality brand and its always worth the price since even though you might be paying a little more then other brands but it will last you for a longer time which instead gives you good value for your money.

  13. RobertN1533251840

    Very firm. We like them a lot. I got new sheets too. Twin extra long was kinda hard to find.

  14. HarleyL1532960405

    Twin XL split KING is very convenient for the different sleep habits of me and my wife. Serta’s quality has improved drastically over the years and I was convinced to buy this product. Slept very well the very first night and continue to wake refreshed with no sore back.

  15. Shary

    Before this mattress I had a spring mattress all my life, and 1st thing I noticed was the firm and yet soft qualities of this mattress by serta.

    I always felt some of the serta products were high priced (office chairs),

    however this mattress I feel is worth every penny. 1st thing many people

    may notice is

    the firmness of the mattress. The top layer is soft, but once you apply a more weight you feel the firmness underneath.

    My husband is able to get in and out of the bed and I have no idea he is moving next to me. The weight transfer is much

    less than a spring mattress.

    Its also firm all over and I am familiar with how a spring mattress has wear and can develope a dip in the middle of the

    mattress. This mattress on the other hand feels so much better and balanced all around.

    Im very impressed with the design and quality of this mattress and I am glad we decided to upgrade to this new mattress.

  16. Deekat10

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about this mattress!!!! My previous mattress was very uncomfortable and I would wake up every morning with my back in pain. From the first night sleeping on the Blue fusion 3000 I noticed a remarkable difference! I am so comfortable! You don’t just sink it like other memory foam. It’s firm, but not FIRM. Just right!!!. I seriously can’t say enough good things!!!!

  17. SusanD1526486612

    I bought a Serta about 10 years ago and fell in love. The mattress was starting to feel a little worn, though still supportive, but I’m now divorced with a new partner and it was just time to move on! I researched air beds and other types of mattresses on-line but decided to stop by the local Serta dealer just to see, and wow, the improvements in mattresses in just 10 years! We absolutely loved the hybrid model as it really suits my desire for a firm mattress but offers just enough cushion for my boyfriend. Had the absolute best night’s sleep in a long time last night. Thanks Serta!

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