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Experience luxuriously plush comfort combined with Serta’s most advanced temperature regulation technology in the Serta iComfot Hybrid Blue Fusion 3000 Plush mattress. This mattress features Serta exclusive TempActiv™ gel memory foam and an extra thick layer of EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam for enhanced airflow and cushioning comfort.

Top Layers of Comfort
With 2” TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam and 2” EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam the Blue Fusion 3000 Plush mattress is designed to provide support with an ultra-plush feel. The Exclusive TempActiv Foam will help regulate temperature throughout the night, so you don’t sleep hot.

Core Layers of Support
The Serta® Hybrid Coil Support System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement is a next generation coil. It acts like 3 coils in one. The bottom part of the coil is very firm to provide extra support. The middle part of the coil gives slightly more to relieve pressure and the top portion is designed to provide excellent conformation to your body and spine.

Our Recommendation
The Serta iComfot Hybrid Blue Fusion 3000 Plush mattress is for those who want ultra-soft comfort with a more traditional “bouncier feel”. You get all the pressure relief and durability of Gel Memory Foam while being more on the surface of the mattress.  We highly recommend this mattress for a side sleeper that has struggled with painful pressure points.

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Bed Size

Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King




iComfort Hybrid

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10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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8 reviews for Blue Fusion 3000 Plush

  1. Cobainian

    For years we have slept on a horrible, cheap mattress. We got the Serta Blue Fusion 3000 Plush a couple weeks ago and the difference between this mattress and our old one is astounding! This Serta mattress is the most comfortable, amazing mattrsss that I have ever slept on! No more squeaky, uncomfortable coils! It is so soft (but not too soft!) and plush and just all around amazing!!! The TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam keeps us cool all night which is a huge plus! I really just can’t say enough good things about this mattress!

  2. sharono1529518729

    it conforms to the back and is very comfortable, it is beautiful in appearance and functions well for all sleep positions

  3. k870612

    This is a very comfortable mattress! I am a back sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper and we are both very comfortable and love the Serta Blue Fusion 3000 Plush! I often get hot at night sleeping and the TempActiv Touch Fabric works very well. I noticed right away that I wasn’t getting as hot at night anymore. This mattress is very high quality and will last for years. It does sit a little higher than other mattresses and takes some time to get used to being so high up but other than that I absolutely love this mattress!

  4. Nancys1539535642

    So far I am very impressed with this mattress. First, it is USA made. Next, I like the combination of springs and foam materials for strength and comfort. The plush feel of the top allows my body to be supported, yet doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping on a brick. Finally, working with the sales person at Macys was very helpful. He didn’t steer me in any particular direction. He seemed honest and knowledgeable. After buying a mattress from Amazon sight unseen to avoid sales people and paying commissions, I had to return the mattress because it was very uncomfortable. Going into the store to try the mattress works much better to select the right one.

  5. Adeheid2237

    The blue fusion 3000 plush is a really nice bed. The mattress itself is huge, height wise. The bed is very comfortable and definitely 100 steps up from my previous bed that I had. It’s a little firm but still has that nice plush feel. You should definitely know that this is a pretty tall bed, especially if you’re using a frame as well. I would definitely recommend this bed, I have a horrible back and this bed has helped a lot. I don’t wake up in the morning as sore. The look of the mattress and box both have a very slick and fancy look.

  6. HelenH1530039846

    Plush top and that it can raise up. Don’t like that the brackets won’t work on my headboard. Last bed sleep number was comfortable to start but as years went to much of a hump in middle. Have only used bed 1 night so can’t really say how we like it. Only tried it flat. Did not know much about it but had excellent sales person that really was helpful in explaining things.

  7. LynnW1542656832

    Purchased a Serta spit king adjustable bed with the new Plush 3000 Mattresses. Mattress are great. Tried several other mattresses and the Serta is by far the most comfortable we tried. Adjustable frame works great and has all the features we wanted including massage. We had some difficulty setting it up but with a call to the support people problems were resolved. The sleeptracker option on the bed is the only negative point. Doesn’t work if the bed is adjusted after activating the sleep mode. My Smart watch works better than the included option and software. I would not pay for this option,

  8. HelenS1536539861

    My old Craftmatic bed, the mattress was very hard and I never liked it except that the head and foot would raise up for me.

  9. MariaS1539583108

    After receiving our mattress I left it breath for several hours. It took a couple of weeks to break in and I even got soreness in my muscles, but I finally can lay on my sides without getting in pain in shoulder or hips I‘m great full for such an invention

  10. LeeannA1536953946

    I could not believe the difference in sleep until I slept on my Serta blue max 3000 I woke up refreshed and with no pain in my shoulder due to me being a side sleeper. Also the cooling affect of my mattress help me sleep comfortably through the night. The best purchase I’ve ever made regarding mattress.

  11. JamesG1538006015

    Love this bed it’s like sleeping on a cloud. My temper pedic has always been to hard even though the model at the store was nice and soft. My new Serta mattresses are just as soft as the store demos.

  12. BethanyS1541261871

    My sleep has improved dramatically. I’m curious on how much the mattress will break in. I would recommend to a friend

  13. Janet123

    Sleeping on Serta’s Blue Fusion 3000 is wonderful. I slept the sleep of a child. You must remember that amazing sleep that escapes us all in adult life. I found it on this mattress. It is miraculous. The comfort level is like nothing I have ever known. I lay down in bed on this Blue Fusion 3000 and I am asleep within moments. Noore waking up throughout the night. Thank you Serta’s for making my life better with this great mattress.

  14. MelissaJ1533115613

    We just bought a Split King adjustable Blue Touch 3000 Elite Plush Bed. This is the best we have ever had. Great nights sleep. Pure luxury with this bed. From so many position options, Ultra plush mattress. With bonuses like under bed night lights and electric plug and usb ports right on the side of bed, we couldn’t ask for anything better. We love this bed and highly recommend it for anyone.

  15. Brandee89

    This mattress is very comfortable. Since having this bed I dont toss and turn. No more back pains. Will be recommending to friends and family.

  16. misslynn9

    After sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks all I can say is wow! I should have gotten this new mattress a long time ago. I have slept so well on this mattress. It is so comfortable. I tend to get warm at night and this mattress helps keep me cool. I can’t say enough good things about it. My husband has back problems and this mattress has really helped him sleep better and not wake up so sore.

  17. MaryR1537203872

    We are getting a lot better sleep since we purchased this mattress, I am very pleased with the comfort and the way the mattress was made.

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