Blue Fusion 500 Extra Firm

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Experience superior firm comfort combined with the Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 500 Extra Firm mattress. It features Serta exclusive TempActiv™ gel memory foam and a layer of Serta® Support Foam for enhanced airflow and firm, yet cushioning, comfort.

Top Layers of Comfort
With 2” of TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam and 2” of Serta® Support Foam, you’ll feel supported and caressed by the luxurious foam layers as they take away pressure points, relax your spine, and help you drift off to a more rejuvenating sleep.

Core Layers of Support
The Serta® Hybrid Coil Support System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement is a next generation coil. It acts like 3 coils in one. The bottom part of the coil is very firm to provide extra support. The middle part of the coil gives slightly more to relieve pressure and the top portion is designed to provide excellent conformation to your body and spine.

Our Recommendation
An extra firm mattress in the iComfort Hybrid collection means it’s firm but not so hard that you loose pressure relief. The combination of advanced Serta foams and an exceptional coil system makes the Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 500 Exta Firm mattress a great choice for the back or stomach sleeper looking for a harder sleep surface.

  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King
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Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King




iComfort Hybrid

Mattress Type



10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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11 reviews for Blue Fusion 500 Extra Firm

  1. aagner

    Comfort: This bed is very comfortable, I am a side sleeper and I feel like this supports me well. I dont have any aches on my hips when I wake up in the morning compared to when I used to sleep on an innerspring mattress. I also have been spending a lot of time on this bed since I got it which has been for about 2 weeks now and it is holding up awesomely so far. I am happy with this purchase and it beats going to a brick and mortar store to get the same quality for 3x the price (yes, I checked).

  2. SueC1528638485

    This is by far the best mattress I’ve ever purchased. I’ve had icomforts before but this extra firm hybrid has made all the difference. I sleep sounder, longer and my joints don’t hurt when I wake. Fabulous mattress

  3. StaceyM1542035088

    We love the comfort and size of our new bed! We were previously sleeping in a queen bad with a bad mattress. We are so happy and we sleep so much better!

  4. SharonW1532107221

    MY mattress I thought was suppose to not allow the resisting of edge sagging and roll off, but my mattress seems to do this. I tried my bed in store and have used for about a month or so and I can personally say this is not the bed I thought would allow me ot have the best nights sleep… Hopefully can figure out whats going on here. Sharon and Ed Washburn

  5. RachelleB1526994706

    My sleeping schedule has been great!!! Longer periods of comfortable rest!!

  6. MarilynS1532448637

    So far so good. It is very comfortable yet firm for back issues. Happy so far!!!!

  7. MarciaB1533073033

    I like the way it feels but it is very high. My sleep has improved

  8. cjlmms

    We love our Blue Fusion 500 extra firm bed. It is firm but very comfortable. I have degenerative disc disease so I have been looking for a firm, supportive and comfortable mattress for awhile. After a few days of sleeping on the bed I realized I was sleeping better and waking up with my body not feeling achy or sore. It has a lot of support but is still soft enough to make it easy to get comfortable to get relaxed and right to sleep. It is so great to wake up after a night on this and actually feel refreshed and ready to get my day started.

  9. KimT1527988611

    This mattress is very comfy. Soft on top without sinking and firm enough to keep us supported. We love it so far!

  10. LisaS1538095256

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the I comfort mattress. My old mattress sagged and caused achiness and discomfort. Being a stomach sleeper it provided no support. The I comfort mattress supports my body and still has a soft feel while still maintaining its firmness. So glad I bought this mattress.

  11. Donnah1524134934

    It took me a couple of nights to adjust to having an extra firm mattress. Oh boy, once I got through the adjustment period. I sleep like a rock. I am a stomach/side sleeper. With my old mattress I always had to have a pillow under me. Not anymore!!!! If you are a stomach sleeper. This is a great mattress for us. I am sure it is for back sleepers too. I do not toss and turn all night anymore. YEAH!!

  12. RandallP1537047956

    We needed firm mattress for my bad back, this mattress fills he bill.

  13. Kelly005

    I have been sleeping better and longer since I received my mattress! It is a little hard for my liking, but I love the support and the ease of staying asleep!

  14. donnah1525823767

    Love this mattress. I am a stomach sleeper. The extra firmness is great on my back. Since the weather has warmed up. I do get a little warm at night now. I just keep my room a little cooler and I sleep like a rock.

  15. Klassic66

    I’m in heaven nightly thanks to my Blue Fusion 500 Extra Firm. My previous mattress was an 8+ year old pillow top that had seen better days.It wasn’t very supportive and it held an ungodly amount of heat.I didn’t sleep well at all.But, now I get fabulous comfort, support and rest.I also get a cool night sleep because of the Icomfort cooling gel! I like it on the cool side when I sleep so, I am over the moon happy with it!

  16. Reesesc1802

    I absolutely loved be my mattress!!! I love the firmness and it so helps my back!!! I’m soo happy I got this! I have absolutely nothing complaints!!! Fabric is wonderful too!

  17. mnkeygrl4

    I am SO happy I got this bed! At first I was a little nervous if I would like this particular mattress, because I’ve had a few different memory foam mattresses and I thought they all were way too soft. This mattress however is the best of both worlds, it has the memory foam but also the traditional coils. It is very supportive, but not too hard. It is very deep, do you have to be careful with your sheets, they definitely have to be deep fitted.

  18. utahrose

    I love having extra firm beds, because I hate it when me and my husband all end up squished in the middle. This bed is exactly what I needed. It is amazing and My husband and I both sleep very well on it. It definetly lives up to its name. It is extra firm exactly how I like it. The bed is built well too and fit perfectly in my bed frame. Love this bed.

  19. Nicko14

    As soon as I received this mattress I immediately put it together. I’ve been sleeping on it for a little over a week now and let me tell you! I am absolutely in love with this mattress! It’s extremely comfortable, I love that it has the memory foam. I can get up in the middle of the night and not wake up my partner. I’m sleeping more longer than usual. This is my favorite mattress of all time. Thank you so much! I’ve been recommending this to all my friends and family. Everyone needs to have one of these!

  20. RichardV1535579367

    Neither one of us wake up with a back ache. That, alone, is great! We have only had it for a week but so far so good.

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