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Step up to the next level of cooling comfort with the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm mattress.  This model features even more temperature-regulating technology than the Blue 100, 300 and 500 models. It combines our TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam and TempActiv™ Touch Fabric Technology with two other layers of premium memory foams for an instant “cool-to-the-touch” feeling and enhanced heat dissipation. Plus, a layer of ActivBalance™ Support Foam enhances the responsive feel of the memory foam layers, creating a substantial and extremely comfortable cushion-firm feel.

Top Layers of Comfort
1” of TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam is the ultimate Serta foam for temperature regulation and conforming comfort.  1½” Deep Reaction™ Memory Foam and EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam provide pressure relief and extra support.  1” Serta® Support Foam gives deep support and excellent pressure relief.  2” ActivBalance™ Support Foam is created for ultimate airflow and spinal support.

Core Layers of Support
The 6” Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core is the foundation for the advanced Gel Foams. It provides a firm and long-lasting support system.

Our Recommendation
Like it’s counterpart plush model, the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm is one of the best buys in our entire lineup.  We highly recommend this mattress for people who want a firm feel with just a little cushion give on top.  Ideal for both back and stomach sleepers.


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  • Full
  • Queen
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  • Cal King
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Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





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10 Years

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Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

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Intellicoil® Advanced

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133 reviews for Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm

  1. AdamM1498067527

    Love the bed. Super comfortable. Feels like sleeping on a cloud!!

  2. ThomasH1525742834

    Decided to purchase the icomfort mattress, and after reading all the reviews I just had to order one and I must say I love it and has changed my whole outcome about a mattress on how it can make you rest better, after many years of lower back trouble it has helped 100 percent better, thanks serta!!!

  3. BrittanyN1503890342

    It’s honestly the best bed I’ve ever slept in. I didn’t get one of my own but was sleeping on a relatives and I didn’t want to leave! There truely was nothing I disliked and I slept in it for a month!

  4. MarcellaP1537488065

    love the comfort and my back and hips don’t hurt anymore.

  5. RheaB1505931642

    This the first in years I’m able to sleep all night. I love my new Mattress!

  6. TaylorW1543535438

    I recently purchased a Serta foam mattress with the Motions Essentials base and I have never slept so well. Most nights no matter what I did I would walk 2 or 3 times or more throughout the night. I tried several styles of beds and there was no difference. Since getting the Serta foam mattress and adjustable base most nights I fall asleep and do not wake until morning. It’s been incredible. I would recommend this bed to anyone. Thanks

  7. JerryH1523744519

    Used to waked up several times a night and this mattress has helped me get a good night sleep. This mattress has helped my aching back also.

  8. TimothyH1532183423

    soft get a betters night sleep compared to my previous mattress set. get up feeling better rested

  9. BrianH1511024765

    We always go way over the suggested life of our mattresses anyway. Which adds to the trouble and stress of picking out new ones and making the transition. So last year we decided to go with the sleep number beds. Everything seemed well, until we started using them at home and we couldn’t seem to make them work. They were returned. We went back to the old ones and dreaded doing the process over again. Finally we had to go back out and spend the day laying on mattresses again. We tried out a lot of regular, pillow-tops, and memory foam mattresses. Surprisingly we picked the exact same mattress after so many hours of laying around the store. We are now the proud owners of a Queen and #2 Twin XL IComfort Blue Max 1000 mattresses and we couldn’t be Happier!

  10. RickP1508941148

    Definitely like the fact that there is virtually no motion when my souse gets out of bed. Unlike our previous mattress. I did a fair amount of research before the purchase and decided that all foam was the best solution per dollar for me. after seeing and lying on various makes and models, decided on the Serta Blue Max. The salesman told us that the foam would break down a little after we slept in the bed for a month or two, which it did. I’m a little disappointed in how much. I can honesty say that I don’t feel I sleep any better now than I did with the old coil mattress. Not any worse, but not better. My wife, however, loves it so give it 4 stars.

  11. Cher23

    The first thing I noticed about this bed was even though it initially felt soft, soon as you lay on it, your back and/or sides get the support they need. I slept the whole night which I haven’t done in so long. I didn’t have any of my usual aches and pains. The mattress didn’t get all hot and sweaty like other mattresses do. This is the most comfortable bed I have slept in. Keep up the great work Serta

  12. BillH1520728262

    Was sceptical of purchasing a foam mattresses. A firm mattress is what I needed all along. After 2 weeks of trying to find fault with it I can say it was the best bedding decision ever. Replaced the old box spring with a solid masttress foundation. Truly a great combination! Rolling in bed doesn’t bother my wife either.

  13. LoriR1502578236

    It’s firmness is perfect. No more back pain. Adjustable base is amazing

  14. Danny21

    I have only had a pillow top and spring mattress prior to this and I will never go back. The first night my wife and I immediately felt the difference. My wife doesn’t like to make a big deal out of things but I asked her how she like it and she even said how much she liked it. I would recommend this to everyone.

  15. JimmyR1526853805

    Sleep way better no back problems just a great bed

  16. RichardT1522027987

    There are absolutely zero complaints about owning this bed. You will sleep better than you knew possible. Very firm, with just the right amount of plushness.

  17. KariM1504034980

    We needed a firm mattress that worked for both my husband and I and this one did the trick. We had an icomfort before that lasted 12 years so we do know the brand well. It was time to get a new one and this one with the adjustable base is amazing. No more back pain.

  18. DanaB1503523773

    I have back problems and sleep issues, thus far I have been sleeping through the night which is rare.

  19. TimothyZ1520090284

    We were looking for a mattress that had firm support but was still soft enough for side sleepers. We both sleep hot and have found the icomfort while not great at removing heat does do a better job than other mattresses we have tried. One of the strengths of the icomfort are the amazing edge support, if you have 2 people sharing a queen this is a must have feature. When trying memory foam lay as close to the edge as possible on this mattress and then on almost all the competition the iserta was the best for edge support. This mattress does feel firm, but one of the weaknesses of iserta (at least in the past) is they get softer over time. I’m hoping since this mattress is much firmer than ones we had in the past it will retain that firmness longer. I’ve given up on any memory foam actually sleeping cool so I have a chili pad and room AC to ensure perfect temperature control. My wife and I sleep very hot and this is the only way we have found we can control the temp. This is a quality mattress and doesn’t actually break the bank. I would say to avoid this mattress if you want something very plush, or you don’t like memory foam at all. For those that love a good memory foam and want some extra support this is a great mattress. I’d suggest doing all your homework when buying memory foam, there are so many choices and variances between them.

  20. DavidS1525288325

    Had this mattress for almost 2 months and so far its extremely comfortable and we are sleeping good. Add the adjustable frame for more comfort, especially for reading or watching TV

  21. AnneS1521400620

    This mattress is very comfortable mattress. And we love it and if we needed to purchased another we would. And we HIGHLY recommmend this mattress to everyone!

  22. CharlesW1541370341

    I never thought about my 18 year old mattress being the cause of my back aches. I thought it was just an old age thing. Boy was I wrong. from the first morning after sleeping on the new Serta, my back pain went from a level 9 to a 5 and seems to be getting better every morning.

  23. ClydellL1498495469

    With the purchase of this mattress , my acid re flux has disappeared , with the added bonus of the best nights sleep I can remember .

  24. Bethb1

    I just got this mattress and have been sleeping on it for about 3 weeks now. Prior to getting this mattress I have only ever slept on spring mattresses. I always thought that a memory foam mattress would not be supportive enough for me because I like a firm mattress and don’t like getting too hot while I sleep. I was surprised to find that neither of these were an issue with this mattress at all.

    The first thing I noticed about it is how nice it looks. The box spring is covered with a nice blue fabric and the mattress itself is also covered with an attractive looking fabric. It looks nice regardless of whether you have any sheets on it or not. The first time I slept on the mattress I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. The mattress conforms to your body and wraps you up in comfort. The mattress itself is firm, but it breaks in all the right places, while still providing support. After 2 weeks of sleeping on it, much of my back pain went away.

    This mattress also has some temperature regulating technology in it. Usually memory foam gets really warm and I would normally wake up sweating. That is not a problem with this mattress. The mattress feels cool to the touch and remains that way throughout the night. The coolness is actually noticeable when your body comes in contact with the mattress.

    Overall, transitioning from a traditional spring mattress to this memory foam mattress has changed my mind about mattresses. I fall asleep quickly, wake up feeling rested, and my back has been thanking me every single day. This is a fantastic mattress and I would recommend it to anyone hands down.

  25. ChrisR1513051638

    My wife and I have spent a lot of time trying to decide what mattress would work for us. We finally decided we would get an icomfort. It is the best decision we could have made. It has been perfect for both us and we are sleeping better than ever.

  26. KianaB1510279320

    This has been the best investment I have ever made! I used to toss all night and wake up constantly; but now with our new Serta IComfort Blue Max 1000, I sleep through the whole night! I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Before, sleeping with someone else was a struggle for me. I would be able to feel him get in and out of bed and I would wake up every time he shifted his position. Since we have had this Serta IComfort mattress, I can’t even tell when he moves a muscle! Without a doubt, this is the most ideal bed and sleep I could ever ask for. I would definitely recommend it anyone and everyone!

  27. RobertW1530362874

    I’ve had chronic back and neck problems that has made sleeping comfortably nearly impossible until now. After purchasing this mattress, I seldom toss and turn enabling me to sleep soundly throughout the night.

  28. SabrinaD1531058699

    I like the firmness of the mattress. I like the cool layer that keeps me from sweating at night. Very comfortable for my back problems.

  29. CindyA1518405770

    We had. Tempurpedic before we purchased the icomfort blue max1000. We had a problem with the tempurpedic so it was covered by warranty and they replaced it but of course they did not have the original we purchased so we had to pick one that just was not the same. My husband had shoulder and back pain when sleeping on the tempurpedic for over a year. We went and purchased the Serta and we have only had it for 2 nights and he wakes up with no pain . It is amazing. I love this Serta icomfort. And the difference in price is amazing also and the comfort is out of this world. They say it could take 10 days or more to get used to a new mattress. With the Serta that was so not true. 1st night and great sleep and wake up refreshed. I don’t know why we didn’t look here first..

  30. ZacR1503244598

    Mattresses have come quite a ways in terms of technology since innerspring mattresses. These days there are coil hybrids, varieties of foam, gel, etc. After laying on a bunch of mattresses, we found the iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm was for us. We’ve had great sleep, less back pain, etc. Because we’ve owned the mattress for a short time, it remains to be seen how it will stand up over the years. Only disadvantages are that it’s not as cool to the touch as one would hope, when they advertise the BlueMax cooling (although we wouldn’t say it’s hot either). Also, it’s not yet clear that it has been worth the additional cost over the ~$700 pricing for newer bed-in-a-box competitors, but we’re satisfied for now.

  31. JH1543336315

    This mattress replaced an innerspring pillowtop mattress, which was just to soft for me. I love the comfort it provides while I sleep, as well as the firmness without being “hard”. It also has a cool technology feature which enables me to get a restful night sleep without getting too hot and waking up throughout the night. I was having back issues on the previous softer mattress, and this seems to have subsided with the Blue Max 1000 series mattress. Very glad to be back on more solid foundation. I have the same mattress at 2 homes now, so will be assured of comfort while asleep!

  32. PattyF1514256441

    Very comfortable mattress. We have had a great night sleep since the first night. We always use Serta brand mattress and our last one was a pillowtop. I would definitely recommend the I Cool from Serta.

  33. sharid1513811261

    My husband and I needed a new mattress because our 6 year old one had deep divets where we sleep and we are not bit people. My husband was waking up achey in the mornings from sleeping in “the valley”! Weve had our new set for about 1 month now and its much nicer. I also needed a fairly cushioned mattress because I badly broke my femur 6 months ago and I can feel the hardware in much leg when laying on that side. This mattress has enough cushioning to allow me to lay on my right side comfortably! We are enjoying our choice of our new mattress!

  34. JulieB1525029072

    I had a tempur-pedic bed that got ruined from improper storage in a move so I was hoping to find something comparable. This bed exceeded my expectations and the price was MUCH more affordable.

  35. SarahD1510078584

    This mattress has helped us sleep better. Its cozy and comfortable. I also have waken up without my back hurting. Overall this mattress has been very good to us so far.

  36. HP1509649851

    First foambed we have had. Works well for pressure points.

  37. OcileW1509242228

    I like the feel of the cushion while lying down. Previous spring mattress felt like it was poking my skin at certain areas. My sleep has improved. I sleep/rest for longer periods. Not sure of the coolness effect once sheets are on the mattress!

  38. THOMASB1504046624


  39. CarolB1532706068

    I do like this product however I am in the process of contacting corporate office of Ashley’s and Serta as we noticed the stiching on the mattress where the little crevices are is coming undone.

  40. ChristineW1513348166

    in my choice of a new mattress. I have low back problems and have had surgery for lumbar fusions. I am very happy with my mattress and have slept comfortably and wake up with much less discomfort! It has amazing support!

  41. JoniC1521328099

    This is the third IComfort mattress we have purchased and are very happy with it. We now have one for our daughter and one in the guest bedroom. Our recent guests commented on the great night’s sleep and asked us what the mattress brand was.

  42. MonicaJ1521857739

    This bed is like sleeping on a cloud!! My husband is 6 ft 2 in in height, I am 5 ft 8 in

  43. JesseG1530477952

    My old mattress was worn out and was about 8 years old, and that is what my body was used to. It took about a month to get used to my new Serta. I have less fatigue, I wake up rested and generally feel better. I shouldn’t have waited so long to replace my old one

  44. RyanA1517113841

    This is our first memory foam mattress and I am very pleased so far. We’ve only had it for a week but we have been sleeping very well and waking up feeling much better then before. We also purchased the perfect motion III adjustable base and it is a nice addition to our new mattress. So far we are loving it and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good night’s sleep. I will review again in a few months to update.

  45. BRENDAT1498999796

    I love my new bed . So comfortable and so well made .

  46. MaritzaC1499733417

    This is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever owned. For me, sleeping all through the night and waking up refreshed and recharged is luxury. No more waking up with sore shoulders, neck or back. This bed does it for me. It is also super easy to make and it is also pretty to look at when it’s done.

  47. DavidS1506803023

    This is te best mattress I have ever purchased. Tried this and the sleep number and this one was the best for me.

  48. KellyN1517176863

    So far we love our new I-comfort mattress! Our last bed was a pillowtop that we enjoyed but was very old and needed to be replaced. We wanted the new foam type bed and have loved it so far. We have owned it for about 3 months. It does get a little warm sometimes at night, that would be the only complaint. Otherwise highly recommend it.

  49. KathleenB1514494914

    This is my first memory foam mattress and I love it. I purchased this with the Serta Motion Perfect III adjustable base and I sleep great. This is my first adjustable base and I really like the ability to adjust my bed while reading or watching TV. I would recommend the Serta Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm Mattress for anyone looking for a great and reasonably priced mattress.

  50. PhillipC1512016141

    It has become clear to us that a quality mattress with the proper level of support is worth careful selection. We’ve tried varying levels of softness and support, pillow tops, foams, and so on. This mattress has the best blend support and comfort that we have ever owned. Keep in mind, the break in period is critical. The mattress starts out quite firm, more than what you might expect from the showroom experience. After a few weeks that initial firmness is no more. We are sleeping very well, waking refreshed, and without pain or stiffness.

  51. Janices1518810706

    I love my new mattress and enjoy much better sleep. The support I am receiving truly helps. I feel refreshed as I step out of this bed in the morning.

  52. RichardB1522016022

    We bought this mattress in Sept., and in 6 months we are totally dissatisfied with this mattress. It sags wherever we have laid. It is like sleeping in a bathtub. Hope Serta has a good return policy.

  53. JohnM1502631772

    I did my homework and then spent hours in the store trying different beds. I selected the right mattress and made the purchase. The expense of the bed was difficult, but I know the value of a good night’s sleep. After delivery, I still believe that I have the right mattress, but I’m having difficulty with the Essentials III Base in getting the right settings for my sleep. I’ll give it some time and have confidence that everything will be fine.

  54. LisaC1534690962

    I purchased this bed with the recommendation of a salesman. My husband and I have had back and neck pain with numbness down both legs and arms. I have never had an issue with any other mattress in my life. I am in my 50’s. PLEASE don’t buy you will be sorry. I am hoping Serta company reads this and will help me exchange this mattress.

  55. DevonC1536641508

    I’ve never owned a Serta bed before, however I am very excited that I do now. My last bed was rickety and hurt my back. I can only hope that this bed alleviates my pain and gives me the good nights rest I am hoping for. I have always herd great things about Serta and I am happy to join the bandwagon.

  56. GeorgeV1505678942

    With the iComfort cushion firm, I like how the mattress contours to my body and gives me the comfort and firmness I need. The gel provides the cooling effect as long you use breathable sheets.

  57. KarrieK1498620350

    This mattress seems VERY FIRM to me. My husband and I have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks. My husband has 18″ of titanium in his back and he sleeps comfortably on this mattress. I am very curvy, when I lay on my side this mattress does not allow my hips or shoulders to sink in and my spine feels out of alignment; I feel a lot of discomfort/tension in my hips, shoulders, and neck. When I lay on my back this mattress does not allow my butt to sink in and my back feels like it’s arching; I can’t maintain this position for any length of time without pain in my back. So I suppose we’ll have to reselect a mattress, not sure how to strike a balance as a split King and/or adjustable base are out of our budget.

  58. KennethB1519752324

    This mattress seems to have helped my back ache problems. Our old Serta innerspring mattress was too soft. My son has this model and he recommended it to me for my back problems.

  59. BrentB1518224251

    This was our first time buying a memory foam mattress, and we’re so glad we did. Wonderful from the start, and really great at keeping motion separate if one of us tosses and turns. We’ve always felt super comfortable in summer, in winter, all year round.

  60. VickiR1501685823

    Like the firmness. Last mattress developed body molds that was hard to roll out of.

  61. BobbyT1505181532

    After assembling my Serta motion II bed and my headboard, my back was totally wrecked. I layed in bed watching Monday Night Football. By the time it was over my back started feeling better than when I started. That’s awesome!! Thanks

  62. DavidC1519591294

    My wife and I purchased the Blue Max 1000 and have been sleeping on it for about 8 days. It is firm, but very comfortable. We both have been sleeping soundly, although my wife has changed pillows to help her with neck comfort. We also went from a queen size mattress and springs set to the IComfort king size, which has really given each of us a lot of room. The foam mattress has eliminated the “jiggle and shake” of a standard mattress when turning over and/or getting out of bed which has eliminated us accidentally waking each other up. The cooling gel insert seems to work since the bed hasn’t really slept “hot” like some foam mattresses. So far, I would give the IComfort Blue Max 1000 an A.

  63. RafalS1504640230

    After trying several different mattresses, we opted for the Serra iComfort mattress. It provides the firmness we need but still contours to our bodies, all the while providing a cool touch due to the gel infused foam. And the fact that the price was in the range of standard coil ,actresses, it was an easy decision to make!

  64. EileenJ1512326453

    So far I am pleased with the iComfort foam mattress. I am able to get out of be, in the morning, with a minimum of back pain. I am amazed that I am sleeping through the night.

  65. SharonP1498466004

    I love this mattress. I was hesitant to spend so much on a bed but it was worth every penny. Once it gets through the break in period, it is very comfortable and the adjustable foundation is awesome. I finally can rest without tossing and turning all night long and no longer wake up with a back ache.

  66. ConnieH1529265713

    We love the way this mattress sleeps, but after two weeks, it still stinks so bad I end up in another room during the night. We’ve had fans running with windows open the entire time, and the odor does not seem to have subsided. Please tell us how to resolve this matter.

  67. GayB1527645406

    This is our first foam bed with movable foundation. Previously had a Beauty Rest Black. Enjoy changing positions independently on our Split California King. My husband and I have back and shoulder issues and it helps take the pressure off.

  68. ChristopherW1514303607

    This bed is amazingly comfortable and we are now sleeping much better than we ever did before.

  69. MikeJ1524393421

    Solved my back pain on the first night. Be sure to get a motion foundation to take full advantage of the mattress.

  70. CoreyJ1505949685

    I love how this bed conformes to my body, and also I don’t disturb my wife when moving on and off the bed. I sleep all through the night. This is my first foam bed and I am extremely happy and comfortable I made this purchase.

  71. JamesB1525032210

    Best mattress I’ve ever slept on. I sleep better than I ever did.

  72. TammyB1538931495

    Soft and conforming yet firm. Great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized

  73. RobertW1501120663

    Love it so far. Nice and firm. The adjustable foundation is awesome.

  74. JasonG1532738308

    I really enjoy the mattress, only problem we had was it was listed as set but we only got the mattress and no box spring, and called Amazon and they said that it must of been missing labeled and would not send us the box spring, but I guess that’s the chance you take buying online and not in store. But I love the mattress, just disappointed we didn’t get the box spring as listed.

  75. VictorV1502880285

    Love this new mattress not only does it confirm to your body it kept me cool all night long. This is out frost memory foam bed and it does not disappoint not the cheapest bed out there but after testing out multiple beds it was worth spending a little more and over the gen year period that it should last it’s not that much more. If your on the fence I say do it.

  76. AlanJ1513439869

    We love our twin xl mattresses. We chose the Blue Max 1000 Firm because the top layer of gel softens it up just enough to make it extremely comfortable. Also the cooling cover really keeps it coool!

  77. ElaineM1522677164

    After sleeping on the new I comfort blue max 1000 for just one week my husband and I have only praise for mattress. We have switched from a coil spring style mattress to the new I comfort and are loving it. It is firm for back support but comforting on the arthritic joints. Less tossing and turning better sleep and more rested in the am. The cooling foam is wonderful and aids with better sleep also. Our sales person was wonderful as he had us try a hybrid, a regular foam and the I comfort and it was an easy decision which we liked best. Looking forward to years of good sleep ahead.

  78. BrianJ1516996974

    So far this has been a great bed. I think it will get even more comfortable with some break in. I am sleeping better now than with my old bed. I’m pleased with my purchase. I purchased directly from Serta’s website and I think they could improve their status updates regarding the order. Nobody could tell me anything until the mattress left Serta’s warehouse for the delivery warehouse.

  79. JosephR1500739518

    Best sleep I have had in years. Comfortable and everything I expect from a top end matress.

  80. JerryS1531752935

    I wanted it because it is foam, hoping to help with pressure points. So far it has been good. It is a little more firm than I thought, but I can live with it. Overall I am very pleased with the product, and the way that Mancini’s handled deliver.

  81. TamG1515967874

    I just bought the mattress. It was very easy to handle. The mattress seems firm which i am looking for. 10 years warranty is good deal for me!

  82. ValerieT1520283594

    I have been having a lot of problems sleeping the first night I slept on my Max 1000 Firm I slept like a baby. Love it

  83. ElizabethL1515946246

    This mattress offers great support for my back, which is such a relief after suffering with our old mushy mattress for too long. Also, my husband is restless and it used to drive me crazy but there’s hardly any motion transfer with the new mattress so he can toss and turn and not bother me. So far so good!

  84. JackF1514503692

    The Product is Great! I am sleeping better than ever. It keeps you cool and comfortable.

  85. RobW1503171244

    Mattress is super comfortable and made with high quality foam and cooling materials. No other mattress can compare at this price.

  86. VivianaA1511736597

    My husband and I are in love with our new mattress! We previously had a spring mattress which became very uncomfortable to sleep on. Now that we have switched over to a breathable gel foam mattress we have been able to sleep a full night without tossing and turning. It certainly provides the back support and comfort we were looking for. We cannot be any happier. I would certainly recommend it!

  87. CherriT1526425850

    Our new mattress is firm, yet your body rests comfortably without pressure on the hips. We purchased the twin XL for our king size adjustable bed. Previously we slept on an air bed with a memory foam pad, but we were getting up with our backs hurting

  88. MaryP1505604329

    Hubby can move around without disturbing my sleep. The cooling gel helps keep me comfortable through out the night! The foam provides support without being too firm. This is our first foam mattress, so there was a little getting used to it, but now we love it!

  89. BrendaB1502885848

    This mattress is so comfortable ! Love how it conforms to my body. When one of us rolls over or gets out of bed, there is minimal movement to disturb the other one. It has a cooling feature, but I don’t really notice it – I think because of the mattress protector and fitted sheet. However at the store I could really feel it. I bought this for the cooling feature, but I just love how the mattress feels, I don’t mind that I can’t feel it.

  90. JosephC1520701773

    We switched from a Tempur (that was about 12-15 years old) to the icomfort mattress and slept very soundly the first night. I would recommend to anyone. Great mattress!

  91. RobertG1524425370

    Have been sleeping on the iComfort foam mattress for over 2 weeks now. Very fine time sleeping on this mattress. No more pain in left hip. Very good for side and back sleeping. Would buy this mattress again. using on platform bed with slats. No sag.

  92. StaciS1514685812

    I’ve had this mattress for almost one month and I’m very pleased with it. It was definitely a little firm to begin with but the mattress that I had been sleeping on previously was VERY old with not much comfort left in it so that’s to be expected. After a few nights I adjusted to it and the coolness factor is wonderful. I don’t find myself getting as hot at night as I used to and my quality of sleep is much better. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who gets really hot at night and is also looking for an alternative to the typical innerspring/coil mattress. Well worth the price!

  93. MargaretB1521338312

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress that I have ever owned.

  94. BrandonM1502304147

    My wife and I are both stomach sleepers, and this mattress just felt the most comfortable to us. Coming from a plush to firm has had a major impact on our aging bodies. Neck pains and numbness from odd pressure points has subsided, and hopefully will be a thing of the past. We are pleased with this recent purchase.

  95. DAvidN1512403067

    The mattress is amazing. The cooling technology to me is awesome and worth the extra money to purchase. I had to get use to the mattress compared to my previous one but nothing negative to say so far. I definitely recommend this mattress.

  96. ErdalC1511823717

    We had a spring mattress by serta and we have been sleeping on it for about 15 years. We wanted to try foam type mattress and we chose again Serta because of its quality. We just got the delivery today and this is a very great comfortable mattress.

  97. GaryM1503152807

    We purchased these Twin XL beds with the I Cloud mattresses in an effort to reduce or possibly eliminate my lower back and leg pain at night. The short time we’ve slept on them, I feel an improvement in my condition. These beds are will worth the money.

  98. RickeyE1528773819

    This is my first memory foam bed and i do not think ill ever go back to spring. The bed itself is cool, conforms well to my body and appears to be really good quality that will last a long time.

  99. StevenL1519402244

    I love the gel Max Gel MemoryFoam and it’s instant “cool-to-the-touch” feeling with enhanced heat dissipation.

  100. mileidysm1536282092

    I am very comfortable sleeping, it helps me with my back I am happy for the big change I made.

  101. connieb1501957804

    I have had serta mattresses before and have never been disappointed.

  102. DennisK1503166854

    We where not to sure how the I Comfort and the Serta Motion Custom II frame was going to be. Since we both have back problems that a conventional bed was not supporting. Very surprised how much support there was. Our local mattress store had a special and we where able to replace two beds and very happy that we did. Would recommend the I Comfort for anyone that has back problems.

  103. ST1504294744

    I knew before purchasing this product that I wanted a foam mattress. I like that the firmness of the mattress is a good fit for a couple that has different preferences in choice of firmness. This mattress is not too hard nor to soft and a good compromise.

  104. ChrisW1502108687

    Don’t let the scale fool you this is a FIRM bed . We really wanted to like this bed but its like sleeping on a Brick . We have had this bed for almost a week now and it still killing our back . We wake up with sore backs I weigh 265 lbs and there is no give in this mattress at all . you sleep on top of the mattress not in it Hoping the next choice will be better .

  105. PatrickM1503961321

    Fantastic product and service! Can’t wait to sleep like a log!

  106. RobertS1507644411

    We absolutely love our new mattress. My husband can get up at night and I am not aware of it. We both are sleeping so much better. Our dog seems to be sleeping better also!

  107. JeffH1505751892

    I went from an Inner Spring mattress that had been sagging and causing lots of back pain to a Memory Foam bed. What a difference. Just the right amount of give, while not being too firm. I’m a stomach/side sleeper and I love this mattress. I had previously got one that was a bit too firm and was not comfortable. I spent lots of time in the showroom, go in and get comfy on the bed. Lay on it for a while, and get into the position you sleep in. I’m glad I did that. I actually dozed off in the store and knew this was the mattress for me.

  108. benignos1516743123

    my sleep improves a lot and i love it and i definitely recommend this to relatives and friends. the texture is soft and smooth and i love the color combination of it…it relax my body,it doesnt feel hot at all especially summer season

  109. TravisD1502982470

    The title says it all. The mattress is comfy, at first; however, a full night of sleep and it really shows its true colors. I wake up all night sweaty and my back/side is super hot. I wake up in the morning and I’m achy and sore because the thing is too hard.

  110. WillardA1542241936

    The availability and construction of it, and the feature on keeping you cool as you sleep. The mattress conforms to the body and after each use, returns to the original shape. We would recommend it to anyone who has back problems, or sleeps in various positions. The first night we slept on it was the best rest we have had in a long time.

  111. AdamW1538672056

    After sleeping on a cool and spring mattress for many years, it started to wear on my back. Having a career in aviation I spend many days on the road sleeping on all different types of mattresses. Other than missing my wife and children I also miss this mattress, as corny as it sounds. There’s no place like home, especially when you have a mattress as wonderful as this!

  112. JoannaF1504286738

    There is NOTHING I dislike about this mattress. My quality of sleep has improved dramatically and I no longer wake up with a lower back ache that has been bothering me for the past year. Who knew a mattress had this much impact! I am very impressed and encourage others to try this product, very happy with my purchase.

  113. BenJ1505129404

    Great mattress that keeps you cool while you sleep and doesn’t sink like Tradition foam mattress es

  114. TeresaG1524534395

    It is so soft and cuddly and comfortable. It sleeps much better than the last mattress I had. I have always wanted a ‘high’ bed, you definitely have have to climb up in it. It makes my back feels so good when I wakes up in the mornings. Compared to my last mattress, I’m sleeping on a cloud!!!!

  115. RichardR1522858753

    Very comfortable mattress. We got the adjustable base which allows us to raise head and foot slightly for better sleep, or raise more for reading or TV. Dealer and delivery personnel quite helpful and knowledgeable. Almost forgot–the base has night light underneath which helps during night when we need to get up.

  116. MartyW1502368318

    Purchased the blue max cooling mattress set, sheets, mattress cover, and pillows… Luv feel of the sheets, heavy duty band on fitted sheet means they actually stay in place. The mattress feels like a cloud, no more back issues. Nice rest to a good morning. However the cooling affect is felt, could be a little cooler for me. Looked and shopped for 6 months, Serta was the best buy.

  117. CindyW1529845183

    I have been sleeping in my new mattress for two nights now and it is the first time in very long time that I have sleep completely through the night two nights in a row. I have old injuries to my back and neck and for the first time in years I have not woken up in the morning with my back kinked out of place and hurting. I also sleep hot and would wake up drenched in sweat on my old mattress and have to move to a different spot but now I am either not sweating or I am not waking up because of it, which is fine with me. I did a ton of research on mattresses and made multiple trips to stores to try them out and keep ending up laying on this one in the stores. I am very happy with my decision.

  118. LoganR1504457182

    After 12 years on an old Serta, we looked for a new one. this bed is so comfortable that both of us sleep better at night. I am waiting to see how the cooling technology works. Otherwise this was a great purchase.

  119. LisaA1520016102

    I love this mattress. I have pain in my hips and lower back, and I used to toss and turn all night. I don’t do that anymore. Sleeping is so nice on this mattress. I don’t wake up with the aches and pains that I used to wake up with. And I no longer feel groggy most of the day because I haven’t slept well. This mattress is a keeper.

  120. ReneeZ1519607567

    We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and we both love it!! We love the zero gravity mode and we know longer wake up stiff. It is very comfortable and worth every penny we paid for it.

  121. JessicaT1506526975

    We love this mattress. Sleep like a baby! It is cool, comfortable and just the right firmness. Highly recommend.

  122. DanielH1523460248

    We have temper pedi mattresses for the rest of the beds which we love. We bought a bed set from rooms to go and we are lucky with the Matresses I feel we made the best choice for my 5 year old daughter she loves it . It is so comfortable. Highly recommend.

  123. SharonV1532308623

    We have never slept better. We spent a lot of money on our previous mattress, but found we sunk into the mattress and it was hot. Our new Blue Max is cool and we sleep on top of the mattress. It is very comfortable and we do not disturb each other while sleeping. Wish we had found this mattress years ago.

  124. MissCFS

    After sleeping on the mattress for a month, although it sounds a bit cliche, I can honestly say I wake up more energized. I was initially hesitant about the foam because I’m a very hot sleeper, however the mattress is cooler than expected and this hasn’t been an issue. My fiance also think’s his neck pain might be decreasing as well.

    This is the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

  125. GaryS1524239632

    like the way it conforms to the body. sleep longer and wake up refreshed .

  126. CarlosS1536453468

    Ive had it for 2 weeks and ive never slept better. 10/10 so far

  127. AprilJ1519846727

    Omg I have always haven’t had a good night sleep in forever but when I purchased my Serta I have slept like a baby I love it thanks

  128. jennah1514586557

    received for Christmas 2017, I have not been using long, but my sleep has improved I can tell the difference already. I love it my best friend received hers last yr. she was bragging about it to me so I put it on my list. and lord and behold my santa got it for me.

  129. LoriL1510329284

    We purchased the Icomfort matteress in September 2017 and have had the best sleep since the first night. No more back pain when we wake up and we feel well rested. Would recommend this matteress for sure.

  130. PaulaC1519676206

    This is our 2nd icomfort mattress. Can’t say enough positive comments. My husband and I both have bad backs, yet we never ache after sleeping on our mattress. Mattress holds up well!

  131. JosephP1516905204

    So glad I upgraded to a new mattress! My old bed had a rut and was hard to turn during the night. This bed hass cured alot of aches and pains. I sleep alot better now.

  132. DeeR1523638598

    We like the firmness and so far so good. No aches and pains or periods of adjustments. Fits us just fine so far!

  133. AnneD1512747067

    This mattress if very comfortable for back sleepers. I definitely sleep better than I did on my last spring mattress, but it does take some getting used to (especially the foam smell). It took a good month for the smell to go away. Now I like the foam, but I’m not as comfortable when I sleep on my side with the firm version of the Blue 1000. However, I’m hesitant to go with the plush in case the foam gets impressions/sags over time. The cooling is nice, but it does warm to your body after a while like the other reviews say. Overall happy with the purchase, and I would not go back to my last mattress!

  134. DickP1508532779

    Just received delivery of our serta Mattress. Still in the “break in period” and getting use to the bed and serta adjustable base. So far so good.

  135. BobbiT

    This is an excellent mattress!! The first night I slept soundly all night long without tossing and turning. The mattress feels quite firm at first, but as you lay on it you can feel it cushioning your body, yet still holding it firm. I love this mattress and hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

  136. LindaB1533043248

    I could never get totally comfortable on any bed I had. I’d start out the night fine then end up feeling a lump there, or a pressure point here. I tried Tempurpedic, Simmons, Sealy, and other brands of mattresses. I was the “Princess and the Pea”, not able to sleep through the night without pain in my back and/or hips, and sometimes other areas. One day I decided it’s time for a bed that helps me feel relaxed and not in pain! I searched around looking at a Sleep-By-Number Bed, Tempurpedic (again), Stearns and Foster, laid on so many mattresses for at least 30-45 minutes, I thought the sales people would kick me out. None of the mattresses were comfortable after awhile. A friend of mine who works for an appliance and bedding company told me to come on in, he could find me the bed I was searching for. He was patient, listened to my needs and how I felt with my past mattresses. He then told me to lie down on a Serta i-Comfort foam mattress that was cushion firm. Not too firm, but just right. I did not want to get up. It was on a Motion Perfect foundation in a King. Then he had me try the other Serta i-Comfort foam mattresses in each comfort level, plush to firm. These won out. I could not stay on the other brands longer than 10-20 minutes. The Serta Blue Max 1000 cushion firm felt fabulous. Here I thought I needed plush to feel comfortable. I went back a few days later, laid down on that cushion firm mattress again for 45 minutes and ordered two sets in a Twin XL to make a King bed. This way, my husband and I have a wireless remote control for positioning our own side of the bed. I am in heaven. I am experiencing different sleeping positions that make my body feel totally relaxed. I thought I was relaxed and felt good on other beds until my pain would kick in. This has not happened with this bed! Lying on my side there are no pressure points at my hips. They thank me. My lower back loves the “Zero G” position, and it does not hurt lying flat. It thanks me. My shoulders do not get sore, my neck has not bothered me either. My whole body thanks me! I am a light sleeper to boot but since getting the i-Comfort series foam mattress and foundation, I’ve slept through the alarm. Good thing I’m retired! I am that comfortable, and in such a deep sleep, now I am feeling rested! Face it, no one wants to spend an arm and a leg for a bed, but this is the best purchase I have made. The quality and workmanship is great. Pricing is not outrageous, especially when it comes to getting your rest. The Serta i-Comfort mattress and Motion Perfect base are worth every penny and my husband thanks me too!

  137. GloriaS1527883522

    We cannot wait to go to bed each night to experience the comfort and relaxation that we are experiencing on our new bed. We no longer experience body pain and wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day.

  138. WilliamH1520535455

    We had probably laid on 10 beds prior, but we knew as soon as we laid down on it in the store that this was the mattress we wanted. It was very comfortable and liked the gelfoam. The firmness of the bed was supportive and we knew we’d found our bed!

  139. CordellW1519546584

    I waited little over 3 months to give this review So I can try out my new bed and I must say I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The Mattress and adjustable base motion perfect 3 checked All of my boxes As far as I’m concerned and exceeded all my expectations. I previously had the Enso Hampton memory foam mattress before I decided to switch to the Serta Family and I couldn’t be any more happier best choice I ever made. I never had a adjustable base with massage function before So that was new to me I use it almost everyday I Turn it on then I count the Sheep then I’m fast asleep. I also noticed I don’t toss and turn Frequently as I did on my previous Mattress This mattress contours my body very well and I love it.

  140. JoeyP1520173023

    Great sleeping mattress. Would recommend to anyone that is experiencing a restless night of sleep. Very comfortable and sleeps great.

  141. JonathanC1527474872

    So far so good. Have had the mattress for 3 nights. A lot firmer than the model we laid on in the store but overtime it will become less firm. Also not as cool. Overall a good mattress. My wife is pleased with it. Happy wife happy life.

  142. MohammedN1531797957

    The only way to tell anyone about this mattress is to lie down on it. My wife fell in love right away.

  143. PattyF1511763596

    This mattress is very comfortable. The only dislike about it was the “new odor” from being a memory foam mattress. It has taken about a week of “airing out” and the smell has diminished. The previous mattress set was a Serta Pillow top. We purchased the motion essentials base with the I comfort Blue mattress.

  144. JoeH1509058785

    After I lost my last Serta IC mattress when my wife moved out, I had to have another. This was by far the best and most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I love having the cooling feature as I tend to sleep hot.

  145. EmilyL1503759403

    It’s the perfect amount of cushion and firmness. It is also quite cool which is great for warm sleepers

  146. JenelleS1499998445

    It took my husband and I a week to agree on what mattress we both liked. I personally wanted the Blue Max plush 3000. My husband does not like plush. He likes firm beds. While reading reviews online we noticed the Blue Max cushion firm. We went to a local dealer to try it out and I was very surprised, that we both loved it. It’s perfect for us. Firm, yet plush.

  147. LindaM1512435867

    Love the comfortable support best night sleep ever. Highly recommended!!

  148. DENNISS1528416701

    This is our first memory foam mattress, we replaced a 4 year old Beauty Rest plush, that neither of us had ever slept well on. We have only had this for less than 2 weeks and so far we have been sleeping better, and so far there are no “indentions”. If people could afford these, I definitely would recommend. P.S My wife really wants one of the small plush sheep 🙂

  149. VicS1503676700

    Initial feeling is very positive. Love the adjustable base.

  150. TONYAZ1532213612

    It is really comfortable compared to my other old bed. The cool is not as cool as I would like but it is cool.

  151. SueP1518965420

    2-18-2018 I woke up this morning after sleeping on my new mattress for the first night

  152. TaylorA1519758549

    Went to my Local Rooms to Go Store Fayetteville NC, Purchase the Max Blue 1000 Plush, In the Store, The mattress was very soft and it Hugged every part of my Body and it was very comfortable at the Store. however when the mattress arrived at my home it was hard as a brick, told the installer the problem, and I was told that because the mattress was in the delivery truck the cold weather would affect this mattress, to let the mattress sit in the room at room temperature for about 4 hours and it would come back to normal. Well, Folks that was a lie, it’s been about a week and a half and the mattress is still hard as a brick. went to RTG store and no help, call Serta and No help. Was told from RTG and SERTA that I had to sleep on this hard mattress for thirty days until the mattress reaches its breaking point. once again I will never buy a Serta mattress again or never purchase anything from Rooms To Go.

  153. SonyaV1522124877

    I bought this bed to help with my neck and lower back pain and stiffness in the morning getting out of bed. Wakeing up in the morning my bed has helped with my neck pain and my lower back and body stiffness. I really enjoy the way my bed fills in the spaces of my body to give it support. I can recommend this bed for great nights sleep.

  154. TamiW1502634824

    I am sleeping like I did before we had kids! With our old spring mattress, I was tossing and turning all night and feeling fatigued all day and now I actually wake up refreshed! My body isn’t hurting in the morning anymore!

  155. TerryH1512135476

    Takes a little time to get used too, being it is the first memory foam I ever owned. After a few nights (20-30) my sleep has improved over the last mattress I owned. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.

  156. DoreneC1507915976

    Upon delivery and airing out the mattress it has smell like skunk from the first night no one seems to want to help me I’ve emailed I’ve called every day they tell me it’s escalated to upper management still I have the same smell in the house for a month now I have a headache everyday and don’t know what to do about it other than leave it closed up with the fan on and my bedroom and sleep on my couch.

  157. MeganM1501369361

    This mattress is fairly comfortable. I like the way I can’t feel my partner moving around in the bed during the night and it is the perfect amount of soft yet support. However, after owning the Blue Max 1000 I have noticed that I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep due to the fact that this mattress sleeps so hot, I keep telling myself I will get used to it, but as time goes by the problem just seems to get more and more annoying. It’s so hot, it’s like trying to sleep while you are running a fever. The mattress gives my body aches from being so warm throughout the night. I find myself tossing and turning more then I’d like because I’m desperately trying to find a cool spot in the bed. During the day I feel groggy and tired, probably because I was up all night fighting the heat from this mattress. I am past the 120 day trial and can no longer exchange this mattress, silly me thought I could remedy the problem with changing linens. I have tried different sheets, different mattress pad, different blankets, none of which made a difference. This mattress was not worth the TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS we spent. In my opinion, for that kind of money I should be sleeping like the dead, waking up feeling 10 years younger each and every morning. I feel so disappointed because this mattress is advertised to be state of the art heat dispersing technology, or something along those lines, clearly not the mattress I own. I have to say this mattress just isn’t what Serta made it out to be, maybe they should consider changing the advertisement pitch…

  158. LawrenceR1503086011

    The mattress appears to be very supportive, however, I have not spent the night sleeping on it yet. My old mattress was 40 years old and no longer provided support for me. This purchase was long overdue! Looking forward to a great night of sleep! I did check several ratings for mattresses before I made my purchase. Serta I Comfort was very highly rated by Consumer Reports and others.

  159. CharlesW1522516261

    Firtst nite on it stopped tossing and turning woke up to my body not having pain. Great product .They know what it takes to get a good nite sleep

  160. JanS1534085483

    Our new Serta IComfort, firm is the most comfortablt mattress we’ve ever had. It’s helping our backs, hips, etc. We are completely satisfied and excited for our recent purchase of this mattress!

  161. KenF1521576260

    We purchased two TwinXL iComfort plush foam mattresses 3 months ago along with an adjustable foundation. We are very pleased with this set. The mattresses are very comfortable and the best we have ever owned. They are not too hot and allow one to turn over silently without moving or disturbing the other partner. The option to elevate the top of the mattress has greatly reduced snoring for us. It is also very comfortable for reading in bed. The number of brands and options available is overwhelming but our salesperson was a great aid in our selection process. We are glad we chose Serta.

  162. LynnJ1501433399

    Have only slept on it two nights, will have to see after a longer time.

  163. BartJ1531530251

    I’ve pretty much slept on crummy hand me down mattresses my entire life and I’m in my 30s, altho I have laid I nice mattresses before and knew I wanted one eventually; so when I finally decided to upgrade when moving video no into new house I wanted it to be a significant 1! I laid on a blue 100 that seemed too soft and also a blue 300 that seemed too firm, the store didn’t have the 1000, but from what I’ve tried it seemed to be the happy medium; also was interested in mattresses due to its cooling feature and claims of some edge support for a foam mattress. I’ve only slept on for a few nights but I think I chose the right firmness for my liking, no problems falling asleep and have woken up rested, also I feel that I can sit on edge of bed and it’ll hold. Only issue is that so far I thought it would sleep a bit cooler, but that could just be me as I sleep real hot and we’re on the middle of a heatwave. I’m pretty confident at this point that I made the right choice.

  164. RoseV1509298999

    I love the cooling ability about this mattress. Nothing beats cool, clean sheets in the South. This is my first foam bed and I am hooked. I get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. I don’t wake up to find a more comfortable position. You get what you pay for with this mattress.

  165. KennethC1520185597

    I love the fact that I realized REM sleep for the first time in as long as I can remember. We owned a Temperpedic and it never delivered on comfort like this mattress is. I would recommend this mattress to anyone and don’t just look at price. make sure you select the mattress that going to still be your friend after the honeymoon is over. This one will.

  166. AntBubsy

    As someone who lives with Arthritis and back issues, I have been on a never

    ending search for a matress that will help. In the past few years I have tried

    different mattresses, nothing helped. After researching the Blue Max 1000

    cushion firm, I decided to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier.

    It’s been two weeks now and this mattress has made a huge difference. I have

    noticed a considerable decreasein my back pain. It offers the perfect

    combination of comfort and support. This mattress had also helped with the

    dreaded sweating I have had with other mattresses.

    I can highly recommend the Blue Max 1000.

  167. SteveM1503196129

    We recently purchased an icomfort bed. I had back surgery about 2 months prior and was having difficulty sleeping on our old pillow top matress. We looked at this bed for the firmness yet still comfortable and also for the cooling feature. I have been incredibly pleased with the bed and I am not waking up without the pain I was having in my back, hips, and leg anymore. This has been a great purchase.

  168. marniem1507585890

    Our mattress was ancient and causing low back pain, so we decided it was time for a new mattress investment. i was hesitant to purchase a foam mattress, but after lying on this one in the store, I was hopeful it would work out. We have now had the mattress for seven days, and I have not had any back pain! Also, the cooling gel layer is working thus far; we aren’t sleeping hot. I definitely recommend this mattress!

  169. SW1509224721

    We were really looking forward to purchasing a new mattress as it had been awhile since we were in the market for one. We originally did not have our eyes on a Serta, but quickly changed our minds after reading reviews and laying on one. We soon found it was the comfort and quality that we wanted. We have been getting a better nights rest ever since the first night we slept on it.

  170. WilliamS1500385554

    Went from a spring mattress to the Blue Max 1000 and its working out well so far.

  171. BarbaraM1505927379

    These mattresses required little breaking down of the gel foam in order to feel comfortable. There was essentially no odor from the foam after removal from the plastic bags. The Serta Motion Adjustable Foundation bases by Ergomotion work great. We really are enjoying a good night’s rest with these new mattresses.

  172. SandiM1540268451

    This is the MOST COMFORTABLE and LUXURIOUS bed that we have EVER bought or slept in. We LOVE IT!!! I used to have problems sleeping well, I’m NEVER going back to a “regular” bed. I’m SOOO glad that my husband and I decided that we deserved better.

  173. JackK1498482759

    This is firm enough to sleep in any position but asa side sleeper supports my hips and shoulders without pressure spots. This foam mattress is not hot like many of the memory foam mattresses.

  174. BrianW1501119699

    It has a quality feel and seems well made. Just received it today, so hopefully it will continue to impress

  175. KevinM1528668050

    Only sleeping on the new mattresses for a little over two weeks. So far so good. Had been sleeping on a 15 year old TempurPedic. The new Sertas seems firmer but cooler. Purchased a split king with the Motion Essentials adjustable bases. They are working well, very quiet.

  176. MaryK1505675025

    We are so excited about our new mattress. With a baby on the way and a husband who needs a great mattress for his back, we can already feel the difference in support and comfort. And coolness! Here’s to many, many nights of better sleep!

  177. PaulR1516740007

    I love how comfortable this bed is. I had a regular coil Serta before this one. I kept it longer than needed and was in line for a new bed. I am very happy with my choice.

  178. GaryW1524355962

    I had a sleep number bed before, your always adjusting your setting and never finding the comfort of this Serta Imotion. In the morning, I’m reluctant to get out of bed. I would recommend this mattress to everyone and have already recommend it to all my family.

  179. WILLIAMW1534463676

    I can’t believe how impressed I was with this Matrress thought i would want a plush version but the cushion firm was just perfect.I tried numerous mattress but this one contours to your body so nice but yet has such great support it really impressed us.Mattress Firm also made in painless and they really took their time never felt pressured or rushed and gave us a great deal.Thanks Serta and Mattress Firm!!

  180. Brendalee

    On the first day that I got the mattress I felt it a little bit too hard, but it just needed to lay down for a while. Oh my, the first night I slept in it I was like in a cloud. The mattress hug’s my body . I’ve been having the best sleep ever ! My husband and kids also love it ! I would highly recommend this mattress 100%

  181. BettyF1498928825

    So far just received the mattress and seem to be what we was looking for Firm and comfortable . Will know more in a couple of weeks The delivery guys was great, caring and clean:

  182. MARSHAA1534947437

    We love them, they are very comfortable and firm at the same time.

  183. BKC2010

    This is hands down the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. Paired with an adjustable base it truly delivers the best night’s sleep. I was a little hesitant about trying a memory foam mattress seeing that all I’ve ever owned we’re traditional innerspring mattresses. Once you try a memory foam mattress you’ll never want to sleep on an innerspring again. The memory foam gives my spine the best support and prevents neck and back pain. The material in this mattress also helps regulate body temperature. I’m never to cool or to warm while sleeping always at the perfect temp. Very comfortable bed. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  184. JasonG1521304823

    The iComfort Foam mattress is very comfortable and after constantly waking up with back pain from my old spring mattress, I no longer have to deal with that pain. I haven’t woken up with back pain since I’ve received my iComfort Foam mattress! I sleep easily through the night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning! This mattress is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The iComfort Foam mattress is worth every penny of the price in my opinion. I’ll never buy another spring mattress again.

  185. KarenS1516799764

    The mattress was a bit stiff at first but loosened up after awhile. Along with the adjustable base, it seems very comfortable.

  186. CaroleB1528388239

    The iComfort 1000 is a great mattress. It only took one night to adjust to it. I also got the adjustable foundation. It’s great too, except for the remote. The remote is really hard to make adjustments. The design of it could really be better. Trying to change the buttons, especially at night is nearly impossible.

  187. JamesH1537332096

    I like the comfort what I don’t like is having to call Mattress Firm on the sides of the mattress, they are uneven. it appears the foam was not cut correctly. I asked Brad at Mattress Firm if he sold me a second as its supposed to be a new mattress. I expect the sides to be uniform and even, not protruding and one side the top foam is cut short very bad. The other side is lumpy. Is there no quality control. I have only had the mattress for 6 days, Brad said he would send another one out tomottow. If it does not I except Serta to make it good.

  188. IngridV1506905173

    My sleep quality improved immediately, it took a couple weeks to adjust from regular old mattress to foam but I love it! When I first slip into bed I definitely feel the coolness of mattress. Paired with a moveable bedframe it’s the best purchase I have made in a long time!

  189. DAWNF1520138714

    This mattress is AMAZING!!!! The firmness is just perfectly mixed with being soft. I can not say enough about this set!! The 10 year warranty makes it even better!

  190. LindaT1534690065

    We purchased this mattress to help with my husbands shoulder and for me to stay cool. The mattress is cool to the touch. It felt great trying it out at the store. However, after sleeping on it for 2 weeks now I do not feel this to be a cool bed at all. I wake up in the middle of the night so hot. I would compare it to heated seats in a car. I was looking forward to the cooling gel to keep my body temperature cool at night. I was cooler in my last mattress.. So disappointed. It is otherwise comfortable to lay on as long as you can stand the heat. We invested in the I Serta mattress protector. I feel that just helps the heat stay in the mattress.

  191. DoreenP1537252465

    My mattress is so uncomfortable, this is the worst purchase ive ever made, i spent soo much money on this purchase and regret it, my mattress started to sink in after 5 months of having it

  192. JoeC1521406192

    Make sure you give this bed time…it feels so firm at first, but you will sink in after 15min. We came from a terrible, old mattress, so my body hurt for about a week as I git used to the support…I am sleeping better, enough to have spent near $2k? Not so sure…

  193. JeffersonR1502124170

    Comfortable Bed, firm but gives enough to not wake up in pain.

  194. BernadetteC1519242367

    Recommended to buy this by a friend who had the same issues with their previous mattress. I was always falling asleep in front of the TV. Now I can be in bed and fall asleep without the disruption of getting up to go to bed and try to fall asleep again.

  195. TimK1531918709

    This is my first foam mattress. We tried it out at the store and have been sleeping great. No aches and pains in the mornings and enjoying the comfort. It was a great choice!

  196. DennisM1516718845

    I used to change positions several times each night, and had to use a body pillow. Since sleeping in this Serta Foam mattress, I stay in one position and get a great nights sleep. I no longer need a body pillow. The mattress does not heat up, which was a concern. I would recommend that you at least try this mattress. I love it.

  197. ZakP1530386325

    Great bed! The adjustable base link system is fragile, but the base and mattress is the best I ever had.

  198. WilliamP1522956979

    I just purchased this mattress with an adjustable base and it really improved my sleep. I am a side sleeper and it really helped me sleep throughout the night. Before this mattress, I always wake up in the middle of the night. This is the best investment I have and the best purchase I did.

  199. HP1508438587

    I really like this mattress. Never owned foam mattress. Relieved my pressure points gave me a better sleep.

  200. LyndaP1504628751

    I did not think I would like a foam mattress; but once I slept on it, I found it is more comfortable than regular mattresses. It’s not hot like I thought it would be. We’ve had very good nights since having the bed. I don’t feel my husband move at all during the night.

  201. JulieW1498743117

    I love our new mattress. I am an old time spring mattress person and was always al little worried about memory foam mattress. I was presently surprised at how comfortable the mattress is. I am glad I bought it. I love the cooling technology built into the bed

  202. JaniceS1520014142

    I love my new Serta Mattress. My sleep has improved. Best Mattress Ever for me.

  203. CherylG1527821799

    This is my first foam mattress. I was sleeping on a traditional coil mattress that while not really uncomfortable it had reached the end if it’s lifecycle and I was starting to have pain upon waking in the morning. It took a few weeks to get used to this new mattress and at first I was concerned because I was not sleeping that well on it. Now after about 3 weeks I am sleeping very well and not waking with any pain. I am very happy right now and really hoping this love affair continues. I recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for a slightly firmer mattress that they don’t sink into too much. I do not notice that I am sleeping too warm on it and there was zero smell even on the first night.

  204. MargaretP1500371873

    Just not soft or plush enough. Still hot. Maybe a foam bed is not for me. Hurts my back

  205. TammyL1523819109

    Just purchased 2 twin xl with 2 motion bases. I slept great so far. Very comfy. I just hope this product holds up for a significant amount of years. Buying a bed is one of the most difficult purchases to make. I’m hoping that Serta mattress has the quality I’ve been looking for. And that Serta stands behind their product.

  206. GaryS1523044387

    What is most difficult to get used to is the firmness of the foam as opposed to the comfort “pillow” fluff of our old regular mattress. Am not sure we are actually sleeping better, but it is a very comfortable mattress to sleep on. I was most surprised at how easy it was to get used to the firmer feeling of the foam. Am VERY happy with our purchase and would do it again.

  207. VivianH1508522810

    I like the firmness and that the mattress does not lose its appearance. This is the ideal mattress for me since I have had back surgery. I feel my back adjusting to a better posture and comfort.

  208. FranciscoT1531148450

    Serta matress it’s the best option for you sleep good very very good experience with Serta matress I’m really satisfied and happy

  209. DonaM1521732162

    This is our first memory foam mattress and I was a bit skeptical that it could be that much better than our old innerspring set, but it was comfortable right away and we couldn’t be more pleased! There was a slight not unpleasant odor when it was first set up, but I aired out the room for 2 hours before putting the bedding on and it was almost undetectable even the first night.

  210. DonnaU1511833771

    This mattress is very comfortable. My husband likes a cool bed and this has zones to cool all areas of the body. We have only had it a short time but are very satisfied with this mattress.

  211. MichaelG1499894480

    I like the firmness, and that I don’t sink in. I don’t like how the mattress slides forward a few inches after leveling it flat from the head being up. I do feel well rested afterwards.

  212. BakreI1524342024

    my wife and I bought this mattress about a month ago. We love it. I am getting the best night’s sleep on it. I don’t wake up when my wife moves around on her side of the mattress. Highly recommend this mattress.

  213. CrystalD1521772857

    I bought the IComfort 1000 for both my husband and I but mainly for my husband though. he has really bad neck and shoulder pain and I have back pain. So far the IComfort 1000 has helped all of that. Since we bought this bed the first night I woke up the next morning with no back pain whatsoever. The only down side is it seems hot at night but then again that could be me and my hot flashes.

  214. MaureenF1521475558

    More comfortable than we imagined. First time for foam mattress. Very impressed.

  215. MaryannA1522329201

    This is the second Serta mattress set that we have purchased. I love the brand and the quality for the price.

  216. LisaP1505661814

    Very Happy with this product after one week. We had a Tempur Pedic like mattress prior for 12 years. Very happy with how the mattress feels and is firm but not too firm. Not waking up as stiff in the morning. Also like the gel cool feeling. Very happy with our salesperson. Very knowledgable and helpful.

  217. CathyW1527054408

    Seal price got me into store. Look at top grade and went with better matress

  218. TravisD1502478854

    Very Comfortable mattress. Hopefully I get many years of use out of it because it was very expensive

  219. DanE1537913902

    From the first night, we’ve found this mattress to be comfortable while offering the firmness we require. The adjustable bases make the bed very versatile as well. We’ve had no problem with it being hot to sleep on either. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for new bedding.

  220. AlisonK1506219056

    This mattress is a perfect blend for my husband and I with the cooling mattress and memory foam that provides great back support!

  221. JammieS1500835964

    We have had ours for only a short period of time but have already notice we are sleeping better. Great mattress!

  222. DIANAH1513969547

    I used to get up a few times a night because my old mattress was uncomfortable. I can now sleep through the night without any shoulder or hip pain! I highly recommend this mattress! You will love it too!

  223. DavidF1505597694

    This is my first foam bed and I do like its durability and comfort. I was searching for a competing foam bed however the sales consultant told me of the great value and quality of this bed in comparison to another foam mattress company. He was right…after sleeping on this bed for a couple weeks it was the right choice. I sleep very well in fact perhaps I sleep too well! It is very hard to get out of the bed in the morning because it is so comfortable. I highly recommend this bed and if you want to save some money over the competitor then look no further.

  224. RyanD1527349079

    My wife and I have only had this mattress for a week, however, I can already tell that this is the best mattress that I have ever owned. The mattress is extremely comfortable and helps to sooth my long-going back pain.

  225. LizO1500397756

    The Max Blue 1000 CFM is so cool to the touch. It took a couple weeks to lessen the firmness but now it’s a perfect comfort. With this new mattress I’ve been sleeping through the entire nights and wake up refreshed 🙂

  226. ChangY1512367849

    I was not impressed with this purchase at all for about 2 weeks of owning it. However that wasn’t the case. After the break in period, I was so pleased with the bed and was glad I bought it. My sleep has improved dramatically. It feels like I’m sleeping on air through out the night. Please give it sometime to adjust and you’ll be amazed…

  227. DJ1498376791

    This bed is the Best! Like the title says words can not describe find a store and try one out. Sweet Dreams

  228. PennyE1502550304

    We slept on our mattress last night and I slept so good. My husband said that it’s the best sleep he’s had in a long time. I have no complaints of the series we purchased. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  229. HarleeT1515284289

    After sleeping on the same spring mattress for well over 20 years, I can’t believe I took so long to finally decide on a memory foam mattress. I was happy with the quality of the mattress vs the price. The mattress actually felt cool and was not too hot to lay on even though the mattress cover kind of ruins that experience, yet it is necessary if you don’t want to possibly void the warranty. It provides amazing firm support but is still supple which helps with my bad back and the fact I flop between sleeping on my side and stomach. I would compare it easily to the beautyrest black mattress that I tried but it has a much better price point. Since this is my first full memory foam mattress, I hope that it holds up well over the years. Only time will tell but for now I am more than ecstatic with my purchase thus far.

  230. BillH1520877324

    We were sceptical about a foam mattresses. Would we sink into it, not be able to move around, and get out of bed easly. All our concerns were put to rest after the first night. This mattress is listed as firm, but you do sink into it as it cradles the body curves, I don’t think we would be satisfied with a softer, plush foam mattress.

  231. KatieH1512535555

    My husband and I recently purchased a Serta IComfort Blue Max 1000 in the firm. After spending several hours in our local furniture store we went home, slept on our old mattress ( a Simmons), woke up and went back to the store first thing and ordered the new bed. We both always thought we liked a “plush” bed so after finding out the one we had liked was a “firm” we were a little nervous. Well let me tell you….. this is the most comfortable bed we have EVER owned! The first night we slept on it we both woke up and said “Wow, that was the best sleep I’ve ever had!” We have had the bed for several weeks now and still absolutely love it. We both wake up in the morning refreshed without any aches or pains. Highly, HIGHLY recommend this bed!! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Serta!!

  232. PatrickK1520453238

    I needed a firmer mattress than the last one. I have a bad back and this mattress helps with that. It was like heaven sleeping on this mattress. Also, it is a lot cooler than my previous memory foam mattress. I have had it for over 120 days now so I can not rate how well it will hold up.

  233. PatrickK1520453214

    I needed a firmer mattress than the last one. I have a bad back and this mattress helps with that. It was like heaven sleeping on this mattress. Also, it is a lot cooler than my previous memory foam mattress. I have had it for over 120 days now so I can not rate how well it will hold up.

  234. SteveM1502315141

    This was our first foam mattress purchase and could not believe the support yet comfort it gave both my wife and I. I would not change a thing. We had it for a few days and already notice a difference when we awake in the morning feeling refreshed with a great nights sleep.

  235. LAWRENCED1526072104


  236. MeganY1508161428

    If you want a bed that will put you to sleep right when your head hits the pillow, this is it. The first night we slept on this bed, I woke up the next morning to realize how awful our previous mattress was. We have been sleeping on it now for over a month and it is still one of the best things we have ever bought!!

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