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Blue Max 1000 Plush

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Step up to the next level of cooling comfort with the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush mattress, featuring even more temperature-regulating technology than the Blue 100, 300 and 500 models. It combines Serta TempActiv™Max Gel Memory Foam and TempActiv™ Touch Fabric Technology with two other layers of premium memory foams for an instant “cool-to-the-touch” feeling and enhanced heat dissipation. Plus, a layer of ActivBalance™ Support Foam enhances the responsive feel of the memory foam layers, creating a substantial and extremely comfortable cushion-plush feel.

Top Layers of Comfort
TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam is the ultimate Serta foam for temperature regulation and conforming comfort.  EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam provides deep support and excellent pressure relief.  2” ActivBalance™ Support Foam is created for ultimate airflow and spinal support.

Core Layers of Support
The 7” Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core is the foundation for the advanced Gel Foams. It provides a firm and long-lasting support system.

Our Recommendation
The Serta iComfort 1000 Plush is one of the top selling mattress models in the industry for a reason.  Price point, feel and technologies make this option the best value in our entire lineup.  This is a great choice for almost anyone inlcuding back, stomach and side sleepers.

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Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





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10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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209 reviews for Blue Max 1000 Plush

  1. KathyH1543509297

    I love it. It’s very comfortable and I sleep all night. My legs no longer hurt during the night. It feels like your sleeping on a cloud. It’s wonderful. The best mattress I ever had. Thanks serta for the best sleep ever.

  2. CaLeeY1527215674

    I love this bed! Easy set up! Great night’s sleep! Like sleeping on a cloud!

  3. RyanR1509666588

    love this bed! so glad i chose it! have never slept better in my life! wish i couldve gotten this sooner!

  4. JacquiM1500384883

    My husband had been having bulging disc back pain (severe), after 3 days of sleeping on this mattress his back if feeling better! I am noticing differences in my sleep as well. I’m actually sleeping through the night and waking well rested !

  5. KellyM1510791187

    I have only had it for a week, but my sleeping has been great. And love the size of the king. I went from a queen waterbed that I have had for over 20 plus years. To a king. And I absolutely love it!!!! Husband has also been getting great sleep. Would highly recommend this mattress.

  6. ChadB1543257996

    Since I recieved my mattress, I have been sleeping all the way through the night. On my old mattress I would toss and turn, then wake up with horrible lower back pain. My new mattress is supportive in the places I need it, but at the same time very soft and comfortable. I can’t believe how rested I feel when I wake up now. Wish I bought this mattress years ago!

  7. lizg1510946308

    I love every thing about my perfect sleeper must buy

  8. KRISTINEK1513985088

    After going mattress shopping for 3 days and laying on many different types from inner spring to hybrid to foam, we were sold on the Serta I Comfort blue max 1000 plush. I always slept on a firm mattress until the sales person pointed me towards this memory foam plush mattress after listening to our sleep positions and other concerns of being hot sleepers. The cooling foam layers are perfect. We have never slept so good, I can’t believe how comfortable we are at night. Absolute best mattress I have ever slept on. Thank you Serta

  9. TinaW1500337302

    I absolutely love my IComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush mattress. Since I have purchased this product, I have had a good night’s sleep every night. Prior to purchasing the IComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush mattress, I was unable to get a good nights rest. I wish I would have purchased this product a lot earlier. I would have been getting a good night’s rest a lot sooner. I highly recommend this mattress.

  10. PeterR1501099454

    We needed a new bed, our old one was 10 years old, giving us neck and back aches. So one day we decided to go just look at some beds. Came across this icomfort blue max plush and couldn’t pass it up!! We just wanted to look and walked out purchasing a new bed. It has been a month and I will say it is the most comfortable bed I ever slept on. I suffer from knee and shoulder issues and I will say this, I am able to sleep on my sides and stomach now with this bed. Sleep is better, I do not toss and turn, and my hot flashes are subsided. I just love this bed. Thank you for giving me the peace and comfort of sleep again!!!

  11. LeslieV1540615578

    I’m a side sleeper and my husband and I have always had a medium mattress. Not to firm and not to push. This time we got our own so i went plush since I sleep on my side mostly. I have been sleeping wonderfully ever since to the point I don’t want to leave my bed in the morning.

  12. ToniL1500047894

    I got this product free from Serta and love it! I was in the market for a mattress and this came at the perfect time! I don’t want to leave my bed! Love it!!! Highly recommended

  13. ReginaldW1511206544

    This bed is amazing especially when compared to my previous waterbed mattress. The first thing I noticed was “surprise” no more waking up to a sore back! I was certianly inpressed and would recommend this mattress without hesitation.

  14. TammyK1531356431

    This memory foam mattress will cradle you in amazing comfortable support. We’ll never go back to a pillow top mattress again!

  15. MarkP1498418363

    Had the best night sleep in a long time. My old mattress was about 13 years old, and was feeling the springs, but no more spring mattresses for me. I don’t have anything bad to say about this mattress.

  16. MarshaB1524254252

    Getting a new mattress after 10 year and oh my! This is like sleeping on a cloud!!!!! Seriously! I love my bed! Thanks Serta for making an outstanding mattress I can recommend to everyone!

  17. TimC1512319774

    we purchased the adjustable frame with the bed. We so look forward to going to bed every night and experience the most comfortable night’s sleep. . These mattresses fits every curve of our body and, we can adjust to our own comfort with the twin XL mattress. Hard to believe how refreshed you feel in the morning. We highly recommend this bed.

  18. CoreyK1518024958

    I struggled in the past to get a good night sleep, with my new icomfort mattress, I have been getting a great night sleep. Wake up very relaxed. Thank you Serta

  19. PhyllisR1518374359

    I absolutely love this bed. My husband and I have owned many beds over the years and this is by far the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. It totally conforms to your body without being overly squishy. You don’t get that hard “bottoming out” sensation as you do with some other memory foam mattresses. You just slowly sink in, but not too much. The way it conforms to the small of your back is amazing. I’m a side sleeper also and it’s perfect for that as well. It’s definitely softer than some other memory foam mattresses. If you prefer a firmer feel, then this may not be for you, but if you liked to be cuddled in softness, the plush is the right choice. Don’t ruin the effect of your mattress by using one of those puffy mattress covers. Be sure to find a thin waterproof cover that doesn’t change the feel and benefits of your mattress. Right now I’m using an inexpensive cover that’s working, but I may be investing in one of the Serta 2 in 1 covers later on. I’m using my mattress on a Serta Motion III adjustable frame. Fantastic!

  20. JasonA1519322754

    Decided on this mattress t o replace a 10 year old orthopaedic we had. Best decision we ever made. Going from a conventional mattress to an all foam one was the biggest issue to get used to but after 2 weeks my wife and I are getting the best sleep we have ever had. We tested this mattress at our local furniture store and decided to by direct because of the great financing with the icomfort card.Buying direct was the easiest process. The only issue we had was with the third party shipping company but after one phone call to Serta the issue was corrected.

  21. CaitlinD1499722695

    This mattress fulfilled all our requirements. The foam keeps each of us sleeping soundly when the other person gets out of bed. It’s pushy enough for me but firm enough for him. The structure of the bed will help to minimize indentations and side sagging. This bed is everything we could have asked for! Not only do we sleep more soundly but we wake up more rested.

  22. BradleyM1537217653

    I bought a beauty rest 9yrs ago within 7yrs the springs were sagging and the bed was so uncomfortable. I would wake up multiple times at night and always awoke with back pain and fatigue. My husband and I decided to search for a new bed. We went to several stores and layed down on some great beds like temperpedic, sealy, icomfort, and beauty rest black. Hands down icomfort was the best choice. $1000 less the temperpedic but same quality. These beds are identical to each other. It has been 3 nights with our new bed. We have never been happier. Sleep is great and a lot of my aches and pains are slowly subsiding. It takes about 2 weeks to break in a bed so I can see things improving even more in the near future. I would recommend this bed 100 times over.

  23. JackH1522962030

    Never slept so good! Love the comfort and different settings and the massage is one of the best options!

  24. WaltV1496527640

    Me and my wife has been talking about getting a new bed for months. So we tried out so many different types and we kept going back to the icomfort. For the price and comfort it is up there with temperpedic brand and close to half the price. We have had it less than a week and it has been the best sleep of my life. It keeps me cool at night and keeps me sleeping longer without waking up at night. Best investment me and my wife has ever made. You have tried the rest now try the best. You will not be disappointed.

  25. DonnaS1537448836

    I love how easy it was to set up, 15 minutes top. I have a California King (oak waterbed frame with drawers underneath). I got the low profile box with the mattress. First night did not notice difference. After 6 nights on the bed I am sleeping sounder, not waking up 4 or 5 times a night, not waking up sweating, like my old mattress, which I bought 7 years ago with Havertys. It was a Sealy pillow top which had begun to sag in the middle and every time you rolled over you end up in the middle of the bed. My German Shepard puppy (4 months old) slept with me last night for the first time and even he slept through the night! This bed fits like a glove. I do not sleep with a pillow and sleeping flat on this bed I think I have gotten a better deeper sounder sleep. Go to a store and test out a bed in person before you buy online. Believe me, I have tested out a lot of beds in a lot of stores and read reviews online. You will be glad you did. You have to really check all the beds available and in your price range. Sort of like buying a car. Research. Research. Research. Test out the Blue Max 1000 Plush Set and see for yourself. Best bed ever! Happy sleeping! 🙂

  26. judyc1533055404

    I love my new serta mattress. best sleep I ever had.

  27. JamesD1501974118

    Very comfortable, I Love my Serta Mattress so far, could not be more pleased. I am sure I will feel the same way for many more years about this mattress. I highly recommend a Serta. Thanks for a great product!

  28. KareyB1531518190

    As one who gets hot while sleeping, I was very hesitant about buying a foam mattress. This is not an issue with this mattress. Serta has done a wonderful job in overcoming this problem. There new foam technology keeps me comfortable all night. In combination with the motion plus adjustable base, it is also great for a bad back. Great job Serta!!

  29. Lisa39

    This is by far one of the best mattresses I have slept on. I had extreme back and hip pain daily before I got this mattress and I am happy to say that it does not hurt to get out of bed anymore. I will recommend this mattress to all of my family and friends. It is so comfortable I find myself sleeping soundly all night. The design is one that can’t be beat as well. Well done Serta and thanks for the great mattress.

  30. DerkH1524342265

    Love this mattress , it has given me the best sleep I have had in years. I have problems with hips and shoulders and this mattress has given me relief so I can finally sleep thru the night. It’s worked so well my mother in law and our son also purchased the same mattress.

  31. BeccaJoy23

    I am a side sleeper, and I am very very difficult to please, I have never met a mattress that I did not think required a memory foam topper… until now! I love this mattress the only issue I have with it is that it’s in the guest room and not the master. It’s wonderfully supportive like being cradled, and so soft sooooo soft. Best Mattress ever. I don’t recommend it if you like a firm mattress, however if you like to be comfortable all night long you can not go wrong here.

  32. MitchB1505355603

    I was considering getting a tempurpedic mattress but when I was at the store I saw the serta icomfort series and tested/compared the same softness of the two brands and I couldn’t tell a difference in the quality or comfort but the price for the serta was significantly cheaper and better value. No point in spending a bunch of extra money on a tempurpedic when the serta icomfort is just as good, if not better!

  33. LaurenA1516910587

    I love how the bed molds to me! It is so comfortable. Glad I made this purchase and am looking forward to purchasing the adjustable base that goes with it. The previous mattress I had “broke down” after a couple of years use and was killing my back. I am not sure that it “stays cool” but it certainly is a comfortable nights sleep.

  34. MickealP1522076419

    We are so impressed by this mattress. Highly recommend! Time to change all our mattresses to a Serta.

  35. RobynR1502035925

    This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud…I have no trouble falling asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I no longer wake up sore and stiff, which is worth the investment in this mattress system. The only drawback is that I frequently wake up sweaty even though this is a cooling gel mattress, however it is still worth the buy.

  36. ByrdB1534086374

    We looked for weeks for the right mattress! This mattress felt the closet to the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe for half the price. Plus the local dealer price matched online pricing which was a deal we couldn’t pass. Last night we slept like kids and rose with ZERO pain.

  37. DanielH1510542645

    I work at a retail store selling various products, mattresses being one of them. After long thought and trying a lot of mattresses, the blue max 1000 was perfect in the store. Keep in mind when you get these foam mattresses delivered it’ll be firm, it needs to break in. Give it time and it’ll feel exactly like it did in the store. All my body pain has gone away since I’ve started sleeping on this mattress. I look forward to getting in bed after a long day. I highly recommend any Serta Blue series mattress.

  38. StefaniJ1517696546

    My husband recently had back surgery and we needed a new mattress. I myself have back problems. This bed is wonderful. We both are sleeping great, no tossing and turning anymore. Our previous mattress was a traditional spring with pillow top that broke down after a few years. The warranty on the Serta was a big help in our decision to purchase our new bed. The adjustable features and massage mode are wonderful!

  39. AmyK1500556848

    Best nights sleep have had so far after a month of having it. Contours to our bodies and is like sleeping on a cloud. Never had a better mattress in my life.

  40. DebraT1540678407

    I suffer from insomnia. With this mattress I sleep deeper and longer. Feels like I am being enveloped in a cloud.

  41. DebbieK1502743391

    Absolutely love this Sealy mattress. I have really bad body pain and this firm mattress has given me the best nights sleep I have had in years. I would recommend this to anyone needing a new one. You just have to experience it to believe it. This Sealy Dealer was honest in all he described to us about this purchase.

  42. TinaR1509819308

    I cannot believe I waited this long to get a real mattress. This mattress when we laid on it in the store we both start yawning. We tried ten other mattresses and none them felt as good as this one. I have had this mattress for two weeks and it is wonderful. Eases any pressure points that causes pain in the mornings. It was amazing to find on mattress that fit both my husband and my comfort. Go try it out at the store. I went to Sears as they do not bother you as your trying to find the right mattress. But, they are surely there to answer any questions you might have and they are not pushy to sale it to you. You make up you own decision and then you can even order it on line. The deal at Sears was the lowest and in comparison to others as we search on line on our phone why laying comfortably on the bed. Great Sleep at a decent price! Try it, I did!

  43. ROWALK1509490217


  44. PaulaF1509196728

    As soon as we laid on this mattress in the store we knew this was the right mattress for us. We have bought many mattress sets and even had to return one set. We decided it was time to upsize to a king mattress. This is the first time I did not care about the price but the COMFORT! The first night on our mattress we knew we made the right decision! We look forward to a good nights sleep everyday!

  45. TiffanyP1519321050

    This bed has exceeded all of my expectations! It is so wonderful to sleep on! I have had it for 3 months now and I can safely say that this mattress is 100 percent perfect for both my husband and myself! I also purchased matching icomfort gel memory foam pillows which are incredible! This is the best investment i could have ever made for myself!

  46. sharid1512263628

    We had our new mattress delivered last Monday and have been sleeping better ever since! Our “old” pillow top mattress was only 6 years old but had already starting to develop sags in it two years ago, but now there was a “mountain” in the middle of it and we are not big people. Also, I broke my femur in two 5 months ago and had to have a rod and screws placed to repair it and just the past two months have been able to sleep a little on my side and this bed has already been so much more comfortable to my surgery sites! It is supportive where it should be, yet cushiony feeling at the same time. My husband had been achey in the mornings due to the sagginess of our old bed and he’s feeling much better in the mornings too! This style of mattress does take a little getting used to compared to a standard pillow top style, but so far we are very happy with this purchase. Our salesperson listened to our complaints of our old mattress and our wants in a new one and was very helpful in our selection of this one. Really glad we made the change!

  47. HomerA1522549328

    We’ve had two different Tempurpedic beds. The older deluxe model and the newer cloud supreme. The deluxe model had to replaced under warranty and was very hot. The cloud supreme model was cooler but it didn’t last either and neither one of us is over 210 pounds! We tried a sleep number bed before these two and never mind them at all. The bed before we bought this Serta was a Simmons beauty rest recharge and it didn’t last. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like sleeping in what feels like a ditch even though I turned this bed once a month like I’m suppose to. I just hope this bed last for at least ten years!

  48. JulieO1511012031

    We love our new mattress. It’s very comfortable to sleep on. You melt into the bed when laying down. It supports you based on movement. Would highly recommend this mattress set to anyone.

  49. FilomenaS1533250480

    Much more comfortable than my previous mattress. I also purchased the adjustable bade

  50. WalterC1500564781

    First Foam mattress we have owned. Replaced old mattress because of aches and pains after sleeping. Nice to wake up and feel refreshed. We only purchased the mattress because we have a platform bed. we did not need the foundation box spring. One concern we had is if the mattress would be warmer. We have not found this to be the case. Would highly recommend

  51. VickiK1508164425

    I’ve had my bed for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a difference in comfort levels. Prior to my new mattress I was waking up with migrating pain. The pain I was experiencing has greatly diminished and I’m waking up more rested. I’m finding the mattress to be quite comfortable. However, if I had known there was a “more firm” mattress I would of purchased it. It is a little to “squishy” for me when I sit or lay on it. I know some people like the “sink in feeling” I’m just not one of them. In saying this, I must add that is still comfortable.

  52. SusanD1520445939

    Had originally ordered a different brand mattress, it was on the firm side. Three days of sleeping on it I returned it. The salesman recommended the Serta plush and I could not be happier, it has the perfect amount of support with just the right amount of softness!

  53. MichealW1532957136

    Our sleep has improved tremendously. Our old mattress was 15 years old and I would wake up several times per night and be very stiff in the morning. Now I sleep the entire night and no more hip and back pain in the morning.

  54. StarM1512848953

    We love this mattress, after the first night sleeping on it for the first time in years I woke up without back pain. I recommend this mattress highly.

  55. KellyM1512606397

    I love love when it’s time to go to bed.. WE went from a pillow top queen waterbed to the serta icomfrot king. I think the last month I have sleep the best i have in a long time. So glad we chose this mattress!!

  56. TinaW1498689776

    I absolutely love my new I-Comfort Blue Max 1000 Plush mattress set. Prior to purchasing this product, I was unable to sleep very well at night. I also woke up in the morning and could hardly move because my old mattress was so uncomfortable. I now wake up with no aches or pain and I am getting a good night’s rest. I highly recommend this mattress.

  57. MichaelR1513013053

    We first bought the iComfort 300 firm and it was to hard the first night. My wife has fibromyalgia so she couldn’t sleep. We went back to the store the next morning and the Manager was VERY helpful picking out a new medium (in between firm and very soft) mattress the iComfort 1000 AND had it delivered THAT DAY!!! That night my wife was asleep before I left for work at 8 pm!!! The next morning when I got home it was my turn. I slept for 6 hours stright. IT WAS AMAZING!! LIKE SLEEPING ON A CLOUD!!!!

  58. AlexandraS1538626478

    This is the best mattress that we have laid on. We tried out many other mattresses but the Blue Max 1000 Plush was the best one. When you laid on it ; you sunk in.

  59. KristineK1512871360

    This is absolutely the best purchase I have ever made. I always slept on a firm mattress because of back issues. I work construction and really could never get comfortable at night always tossing and turning and waking up with sore shoulders and hips. The day we went mattress shopping we were introduced to the SERTA I comfort after speaking with the salesperson and explaining our sleep positions and back issues. We fell in love with it and we laid on a lot of mattresses and kept going back to the BLUE MAX 1000 PLUSH. Absolutely love the cooling feature of the memory foam because we both are hot sleepers. Also we bought the 2 twin XL adjustable bases, no more waking up sore and stiff and we sleep through the night, sometimes in zero gravity. In all couldn’t be happier with our purchase in SERTA.

  60. MistyB1507303010

    I am in love with my new bed. It has helped me get a better nights sleep. I was not tossing and turning like I have been doing on my old bed. I love how it conforms to my body and I am able to adjust it to exactly where I want it. The massage feature is definitely a plus!

  61. DavidL1529176976

    Sleeping better – cooler- together with the adjustable base is a dream. Should not have waited this long to change mattresses.

  62. VirginiaC1522931379

    Only have it for a few days but really love the feel of the bed. Supportive yet super soft and comfortable. Not waking up with aches and pains! Let’s see how it holds up.

  63. DebbieR1498507984

    Purchasing the I Comfort BlueMax 1000 Plush Mattress and the adjustable base has been the best treatment for my fibromyagia. My hips, back, neck and shoulders no longer ache while I’m sleeping. I don’t toss and turn all night long anymore. I’m actually sleeping the night through. I don’t wake up with a stiff back anymore. I wish I had made this purchase years ago.

  64. CO1542490232

    Meets and exceeds all expectations. Very versatile with Adjustable Foundation and Plush Comfort. Look forward to many years of restful sleep.

  65. GregP1508200080

    I used to ache while tossing and turning at night. This bed is amazing! I sleep well with no aches at night or when I get up!!! This is a very wise investment!!!!

  66. DeFarronKeithH1515179136

    I have no dislikes about the I-comfort 1000 Blue Max Plush mattress. Prior to owning this mattress, I owned a pillowtop. This I-comfort mattress lives up to it’s name. I found out about it while visiting a store. In the store, I got a chance to lay on the mattress. Love it.

  67. thomash1517420112

    Have had our Serra for about a month now. It’s very comfortable, and is getting Better every night. Motion base is a nice plus.

  68. LarryR1505767945

    We looked at this mattress, a Sleep Number and a Temperpedic. We first bought a sleep number and it was a total nightmare..An overrated airbag. We then looked at the Serta Blue Max 1000 plush again and decided that this was the best mattress that we could buy. Tried a local furniture store and didn’t like their service so we called Serta direct. Best thing we ever did. Great service, got the product very quick and have been well pleased with the delivery and the product. It is extremely comfy and highly recommend this mattress. My wife has back problems and this mattress is great for her condition.

  69. JimB1517082476

    The most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. This is the second Icomfort mattress I’ve purchased.

  70. RenautaE1499739144

    I purchased the iComfort Blue Max 1000 matress in May and so far I like it. I just wish that it lived it to Serta’s claim about it remaining cool throughout the night. Unfortunately, I still wake up hot despite sleeping with the ceiling fan on and the thermostat set at 70 degrees. Beside that, this is a really comfortable mattress.

  71. BethS1509821095

    I am so Happy with this purchase, it is expensive and I spent almost a year trying different Mattresses and every time I would like this the best. I had broken my tailbone , twice and could not get comfortable in our regular bed, I could on the reclining chair and started sleeping there. But that caused other problems , leg cramping, arms falling asleep , I was always tired, and my body hurt. It was time to do something. I knew that having the choice of different positions would work for me. My husband said , don’t change the bed! He doesn’t like change. But he was also always sore , he has had back surgery and has very bad knees. I was out shopping with a friend for a sofa for her, and I went straight to the bed section, again tried them all and ended up on the serta , just so happens the store was having a sale and I finally bit the bullet! SO Happy I did , I bought the Serta Blue Max 1000 Plush and the Serta Custom II bases to make a King size bed. I set up the new bed and left the old bed setup in our bedroom and told my husband , just try it if you don’t like it you can get in the old bed. He hasn’t yet and is sleeping great and waking up perky. He is a side sleeper, I am a back sleeper with head of bed in up position. Sleeping on recliner I also got in bad habit of falling asleep with the TV , No More, I am confortable and am falling asleep with no distractions. I Love My New Bed!

  72. CarolR1515357217

    I love this mattress! It has plenty of firm support, but has a very plush, cushioned surface for maximum comfort of these old bones and joints! Best sleep ever!

  73. JerrieF1520722170

    I absolutely love my new mattress. I have been looking everywhere for the right mattress and I believe i have finally found it.

  74. JohnB1520661883

    I tried several different mattress while in the Sears Store and with the help of the sales person I was able to select the perfect mattress. The delivery crew kept to their schedule and set up my frame and mattress and went over the remote function thoroughly and the left no mess. Tonight will be the first night I get to sleep on my new bed and I’m sure I will sleep very well.

  75. GreggE1516417414

    I am very pleased with this mattress. The first night I slept on it I woke up without my usual back and neck aches. I sleep on my side and usually toss back and forth, but I slept thru out the night without tossing back and forth

  76. RobertR1499959091

    x Owned a different mattress that was always warm and made in unconfortable to sleep. Bought the I comfort blue max king plush to replace the old one, found it to be very comfortable and cool to sleep on.

  77. CarolynS1503931265

    From the very first night it has been like sleeping on a cloud. We love it, adjusting to our new pillows has been an issue for my husband. Compared to our old mattress this ICloud 1000 Plush I would highly recommend this product.

  78. Benjam36

    I received this Serta mattress a week ago, and it is more on the soft/plush side. So far the mattress is extremely comfortable when sleeping on my side and back, and doesn’t sink in too deeply (conforms with your body). The plushness of the mattress provides well distributed support when relaxing and trying to sleep, with just the right amount of softness. However, the mattress seems smaller than my previous Serta queen size mattress, and not so sure about the temperature regulation feature because I can’t tell a difference between this mattress and my old mattress(could be due to me living in the South where temperatures are hot). I can’t say enough on how comfortable it is, and the great quality of the Serta Blue Max 1000 plush mattress. I am very happy thus far with the mattress.

  79. DebraJ1541423328

    I have slept on this mattress for about a week now and I have not slept this good in a long time. The mattress fits my body perfectly. It is not to hard or too soft. I lay down and when I fall asleep I stay asleep and I don’t toss and turn as I had been on my old mattress. In the morning when I wake up my back and neck are not hurting as before either. I am glad I purchased it.

  80. DipaliH1522683370

    It’s a comfortable mattress, I purchased it with adjustable foundation with massage feature. love the comfort.

  81. KatherineB1516039498

    I’m resting, sleeping better. Much needed purchase.

  82. AlanA1498001979

    We love everything about this mattress! It feels way more supportive than the previous icomfort (original model). More appealing looks and it seems to dissipate the heat a lot faster than our original icomfort! Sleep quality is about the same as our original icomfort. They are simply the best matress’s on the market! I highly recommend this mattress!

  83. JoshuaC1505922656

    After we received this icomfort with adjustable base, I noticed after a few weeks, that I am sleeping through the night, not waking up grouchy, and feel well rested. The way it conforms to my body is nothing short of amazing!!

  84. LarryS1539048209

    I am so glad I got this new mattress as I was not able to sleep very well on my old bed.

  85. KathyK1507864369

    We have had the mattress about a month now and the mattress is very comfortable. We have noticed a better quality of sleep. I would recommend this mattress to others.

  86. RyanB1515548231

    We’ve really enjoyed our new mattress – we sleep better at night and when either of us moves around it doesn’t bother the other. We tried a Purple mattress before this but it just wasn’t what we had hoped for, and we didn’t sleep very well. With this Serta mattress we’ve really slept great and have been very pleased with our decision!

  87. JoshuaC1505260080

    “This mattress is AMAZING balls!!” Quote from wife. I have never slept so good in my life! So far so good. Sheets from Serta are perfect fit for this mattress and NEVER come off corners even with motion. Other brands didn’t seem to work good at all. I also bought the iComfort Premium Mattress Encasement just in case. Why chance ruining the mattress? Now is the waiting game on how long it will last.

  88. JeanZ1507077914

    I love this bed and i plan on getting it in a gueen size or king. I have a serta adjustabe double bed that is 5 years old, but now i have a boy friend and we need a bigger bed at his house and we decided since i love my bed we would get a larger serta adjustable bed for the two of us.

  89. DebraT1520814492

    Softest bed I’ve ever owned! I like to use the controls to adjust the tilt of my bed. I like it when it stretches out my back. Zero Gravity mode is also nice.

  90. AlecB1504795424

    I had an old Sealy mattress, that I used for 10 years, upgraded to the Blue Max 1000 plush, in full size, and I could immediately tell a difference, in my comfort level, and how well I slept! I can find a comfortable spot no matter how I sleep! It stays nice and cool, really soft, and supportive! I have never had a more comfortable mattress! I know these aren’t inexpensive by any means, but they are definitely worth the money spent! Especially with the 10-year warranty if anything should happen. I am so glad that I ended up buying one of these! Now I look forward to a good nights sleep every night, and I don’t wake up in pain anymore, or toss and turn nearly as much as I used to either!

  91. NancyS1517098087

    This is the first foam mattress I have had and it exceeded my expectations. I liked my old mattress but not as comfortable as the foam.

  92. StanB1535893808

    My wife doesn’t snore nearly as bad as she used to. She doesn’t keep me awake snoring anymore.

  93. TeresaB1517632427

    Love this bed, head and foot frame. Probably wouldn’t have bought without the movable frame because of the price.

  94. mikeg1528137016

    This mattress replaced temper pedic cloud and it was a great decision.We now sleep longer,more relaxed when we get out. We find ourselves in no hurry to get out of bed in the morning like we use to. For our money we made a good investment.

  95. KristenS1525287357

    We purchased a Serta mattress in January of 2015, and returned it within a three month period do to sagging, and discomfort. We went with the Icomfort series instead after reading great reviews. We were never really satisfied with the mattress, but thought that we would come to like it over time. We were told that it takes some time to break in a mattress and that it will become more comfortable over time. Wrong!! This mattress is sagging just like the other one, and is causing back problems. We are not heavy people. I am 125 lbs. and my husband is 200 lbs. He has to get out of bed earlier than usual do to his back hurting. We paid almost $2000.00 for this bed. We will never buy Serta again! We have a Tuft and Needle in our guest bedroom, and slept on it while our master bedroom and bath were being remodeled. We love it! We are going to purchase this for our master for a fraction of the price, and enjoy sleep once again.

  96. MarcT1535402992

    We had been having trouble sleeping on our old mattress which was an expensive brand. It was no longer comfortable 6 years later. We went into the store looking for a kitchen table and got to talking to our salesmen about our old bed. He then told us he knew of the perfect mattress for us. He had us try several out and we picked the one he said all along we would like. We both had a rough day from moving furniture and mattresses so when we went to sleep we had our fingers crossed. I didn’t wake up throughout the night which was nice. My wife and I didn’t have any back, hip or shoulder pain. We felt refreshed and pain free. If you are on the fence try this out. It also sleeps cool too we didn’t get hot at all.

  97. TerryS1520483303

    I love how I am able to find a comfortable position no matter how I lay down!

  98. KimV1534505694

    Purchased this mattress and it was delivered about 10 days ago. It is not plush at all. It’s very firm and I hate it. I’m tossing and turning all night. I wake up and my arm has gone numb and my back and hips are aching. I laid on the same model on the showroom floor and it was wonderful. It was like laying on a cloud. But what I got, even though it is the same model (and I checked the tags on both) is horrible. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. I have purchased 3 other icomfort mattresses and was satisfied with all three. This one is BAD!

  99. TomR1495771540

    Sleeps cool, conforms to body wraps in comfort. The different layers of foam are used to create cooling, support, and cushion, Wife’s back pain has disappeared we are sleeping better and an extra hour longer every night.

  100. NadineM1528568511

    We love this mattress. We are side sleepers. I no longer have hip or back aches but wake up refreshed. I sleep better throughout the night with less tossing and turning. It is an extraordinary difference from other mattresses, so much more comfortable. I give it my highest rating and would highly recommend this mattress.

  101. JanP1540059369

    This was a replacement for a Tempurpedic mattress which was too hot and too hard for me. The Serta is so comfortable and I don’t get hot or feel pain in my hips and shoulders anymore. Thanks for a great product!

  102. JackV1506117661

    This mattress provides a great way to get a good night’s sleep. It was a little above what I wished to pay, but I got to thinking that I will be spending 8 hours a night on the mattress, so it is best to get a product that allows one to fall asleep fast, and stay asleep. Thank you Serta for your product.

  103. SheldonS1536064953

    It is exactly what I was looking for, compared to the other mattresses with this level of comfort I was able to get an affordable mattress with everything I was looking for. Best sleep I have had in years!

  104. JeremyH1517322416

    I suffer from arthritis and herniated discs in my back and prefer to sleep on my side. With my old mattress I would wake up with pain throughout the night due to the pressure points. My new mattress, along with the Serta Motion Perfect III base has allowed me to get a more restful night’s sleep, I wake up with more energy, and all around feel better. The app I use on my Apple Watch has shown drastic improvement with my deep sleep. I should’ve bought these years ago!

  105. MitchE1497789420

    Our last bed was coils and had to add a 4″ foam pad to make it useable. We purchased the Icomfort 1000 with the Serta adjustable base and from first night set at zero gravity we slept thru the night and woke without any back pain for the first time in years. I would recommend this bed combo to anyone.

  106. KathleenS1523150627

    I hate shopping for beds. You lay on all of them and eventually they all start to feel the same however, once we laid on this one we knew. I called my husband over because we were shopping with him in mind. I had picked out the last one forever ago, a firm spring mattress. The foams that were available at the time I found very uncomfortable, like i was being suffocated, and highly expensive. My husband suffers from chronic neck and back pain so needless to say the spring we had was not the best but it served it purpose. So with this one it was all him, foams all the way. We saw and laid on the ones that have been around since the last time we looked ( no names necessary) and just as expensive with the same results for both of us this time. This was like a light in a sea of darkness, it stood out of all of them. Kinda shocked me at first. Once my husband laid on it he had the same reaction as I did. We giggled like school children. We still didn’t rush, we looked at all of them and tested them all out, talked, wandered around the store came back and did it all over again. Still this one stuck out. I will say that it took the hubby a few days to get accustom to it, my mom and her new foam mattress had the same start, but me I noticed a difference the first morning. It was wonderful to wake up and not hobble to the bathroom and have achy shoulders (side sleeper) among other “old”‘ aches and pains. Couldn’t wait to see if it was a fluke but nope…slept on my sons for a couple hours (exact same style and make of our old one) and as soon as I woke up knew it was no joke. Hubby is doing great with it now too. I’ve never been so anxious to come home and lay in bed….its wonderful.

  107. MarinaM1512494764

    Suffering 27 years with a sciatic injury, and more complications recent years, needed an a mattress for an adjustable frame for my seasonal home. Was going with a lower model of Serta, until I found a store display of a Blue Max 1000 ‘Plush’. It’s exactly what I needed. After just a few nights, I know this is the comfort I was looking for.

  108. ChrisC1509483280

    I’ve only had my mattress for a few hours. I’m a little disappointed with the mattress. There appears to be 2 stains and there are 2 lumps in the mattress. I have contacted the store where it was purchased and they are supposedly bringing me a new mattress, however I have to wait a week for it! Once the new mattress is delivered and I’ve had a chance to sleep on it, I’ll be able to give a better review.

  109. EmilyC1537569775

    I love this product! I have no dislikes about this product! I had a sorta pillow top before which I also loved but the sleep can’t even compare to how well I do on the foam bed! all in all I am impressed!

  110. RobertF1523934396

    This mattress is so much more comfortable than our previous mattress boxspring. We like the fact that it is taller than a conventional mattress. We’ve had it for just over a month now and definitely notice an improvement in our sleep patterns. We love it!

  111. ZenaT1510589860

    I do not have any complaints. I have been sleeping like a baby. This is the best sleep I have ever had, truly. Its amazing. In 10 years when I replace this mattress I will be getting another Icomfort, likley the upgraded 3000 or 5000. I LOVE THIS MATTRESS.

  112. PattiB1505289437

    I liked the mattress and the quality of it as well. I think I needed a little bit firmer mattress. Plus I used to sleep on a Sealy mattress and not one with memory foam in it either.

  113. SarahL1537554336

    I highly recommend this mattress! We went from a plush pillowtop to this plush foam and it has changed everything about our sleep experience. Never going back to coil mattresses.

  114. LeeW1510767242

    We’ve only had the bed for two nights, but already I’m seeing a difference. Our older mattress was 15 years old and in need of a replacement. I couldn’t get through the night without tossing and turning and trying different positions trying to get comfortable. Of course after a long and useful life it was time for a new mattress. We have heard that foam mattresses sleep hotter than conventional beds, but my wife enjoyed sleeping on our firm foam mattress in our spare bedroom. Where as I enjoy the soft cushioning of a traditional coil spring mattress we seem to have found a happy compromise. We went to a local mattress show room and tried out at least a half dozen beds. We both found that the Serta icomfort plush blue max 1000 had the best of both worlds. The mattress definitely has some of the firmness of a foam mattress and the plushness of a softer bed without compromising support. You lay down in the bed and it feels like it’s enveloping you in comfort and support. So far I’ve been able to sleep on my side for the first time in years. Also my wife came to bed after I fell asleep and I had no clue as to what time she came to bed which never happened in our old bed. In our old bed you could feel every move in and out of the bed by the other spouse. It’s definitely a welcomed new change I’m quickly adapting to. So far I haven’t slept this good in years. Thanks Serta!

  115. KenY1523479526

    I’m 52 and bought my first new bed after using an old spring mattress for many, many years. After just one week I sleep so much better and have no aches or pains. I’m not sure why I waited so long but I knew I needed something different and this is heaven. Simple payment plan makes it easy to afford. I’m in heaven with this bed. I highly recommend it. bought mine through Mattress Firm.

  116. JavierD1516242522

    I always thought that a foam mattress it was crazy and something out of town. That it wasn’t real because is foam and it will sink instantly. But after I try at the store and in my house, I got impress, with the quality and feeling of the mattress. Specially in my back. It took some pressure out.I was able to sleep and get up rested. Thank you . Now I can sleep better.

  117. RachelB1509669039

    When we started looking to upgrade to a king size mattress we looked at several different mattresses and didn’t care for any of them, then I laid on the Serta iComfort bluemax 1000 plush and I knew it was the one! Then we took the art van sleep study to match us to the mattress firmness we needed just to find out that it was a match to this mattress. Since getting this mattress both my husband and I have woken up without back aches for the first time in years. My husband is on the larger side at 6’5” and 280 pounds and the mattress holds up great. It was worth every penny.

  118. CharlesP1532545028

    The mattress seems to be a good one ( I Comfort Blue Max 1000 Plush Twin Long ) I haven’t had a good night sleep in 20 years; but now I have.

  119. NicholasJ1496277112

    I absolutely love this mattress, it’s so soft like a cloud that hugs me in all the right places and supports me where I need it. The one major selling point for me was the cooling features this mattress had, because I sleep like a heater and I like it cold. Unfortunately, I have a big tv and home theater system in my bedroom which tends to cause it to be hotter than your usual bedroom and on top of that my old memory foam would retain my body heat so I could never get a cool nights sleep. The only mattress that I knew of that would keep me cool was the Tempurpedic Breeze models, and I don’t know about you but I don’t have $3,000 or $5,000 for a mattress. It was like this mattress was a gift from God, because I could not only afford this mattress but it was soft and cooling. I honestly have to say, I sleep like a baby in this mattress and I strongly recommend that anyone looks at the new Serta iComfort mattresses. You won’t regret it.

  120. JenniferM1517915099

    Great nights sleep, no more tossing and turning and no more constant backaches

  121. CarolP1511052981

    I have had this mattress for 4 nights. I am sleeping more comfortably than I have in a long time. My other mattress was worn out and not giving my back enough support. The Blue Max 1000 Plush is very supportive. After a good night’s sleep my back feels much better than it did when sleeping on my old mattress. I like a soft feel mattress and this one is soft but very supportive of my body. I love it. Thank you Serta IComfort.

  122. AgiM1537327606

    This is the best mattress I ever slept on. I have no hip or back pain. I look forward to going to bed at night. I wake up feeling really good. no discomfort at all. Love this mattress.

  123. TimF1524010007

    This is the best investment I have ever made. I bought this blue fusion 1000 soft series mattress with the electric bed frame. I have never slept this well in my life. I love my new bed!!!!

  124. KarlyM1505348410

    I love how comfortable this mattress is and the cooling feature. I also love the height. You cannot even tell someone else is moving on the other side while sleeping. The sales experience was really great as well. We worked with two people and they were very honest and nice! I would definitely recommend!

  125. SusanL1504900721

    Love the cool feel and the support that feels like floating! I can be comfortable whether on my back, side or stomach! My former mattress was like sleeping in a hammock and the Serta has the softness with the support of a firm mattress and the even floating feel not found with coil mattresses.

  126. MichaelK1536811329

    We did the split king on the MotionPerfectlll! It is great, I can have my side any way I want it. Very nice what a great night sleep !

  127. BettyS1524062692

    This mattress is the most comfortable one I have ever owned don’t want to get up in the morning would recommend it highly.

  128. SheilatempelT1536942038

    It is so comfortable I feel like it is hugging me all over!!!!! My back has never felt better

  129. ElizabethL1520374823

    We’ve never owned a product quite like the Blue Max 1000 Serta iComfort Mattress before. It truly is amazing. For a fraction of competitor pricing, you can own a pure heavenly product without feeling bad for how much you spent on it. The cooling sensation of the Blue Max is something I didn’t think I’d feel through a mattress protector and sheets, but boy was I wrong! It’s so nice to have a nice, cool, comfortable bed to slide into at night and fall straight asleep. I used to have a hard time with sleeping because of waking up multiple times in the night and tossing and turning – but no more. This mattress is on my list of “best things I ever bought” purchases. I highly recommend this mattress!

  130. NatashaO1542571186

    I love this mattress and the adjustable frame that came with it. It’s like I’m sleeping on a cloud. It is well worth the investment and I feel so much more rested.

  131. michellea1532287018

    We purchased this bed in June, 2018. I have lower back problems and my arms and hands were continually numb upon awakening. Our old bed was 5 years old, high end and hard as a board. I was constantly waking up with a sore back and shoulders. We bought this bed after trying out a few other models because it was like being cradled in foam! We bought an adjustable frame to lift heads and legs when watching tv and easing sore muscles. I havent had one instance of numbness or soreness in over a month. Its so cozy, that I use the bedroom to watch tv instead of the couch. Love this mattress!

  132. BrianD1518982107

    I recently purchased a i comfort blue max 1000 plush bed and the first impression I had when I laid in it was wow this bed is really comfortable. Coming from a traditional pillow top beautyrest this bed is a lot more supportive, I don’t wake up hurting anymore. When I was looking for a bed I was originally looking for another pillow top bed that was priced around $800 until I laid in this bed, it’s way more comfortable, it’s different, you don’t have the bounce you usually have on a pillow top more of a sinking fill that hugs you.

  133. PaulB1519408473

    product is well made with firm feel however it is very soft and comfortable to lay on, also had choices within this group of mattresses for personal choice and comfort

  134. LeslieC1518565778

    Amazing mattress and competes with highend memory foam mattresses. I find it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning.

  135. MichaelW1497722586

    This bed is so comfy for my fiance and I! We are both side sleepers and after spending months searching for that perfect bed we finally found it in this Serta! They’ve got a real winner on their hands with this new redesign, can’t recommend enough for side sleepers!

  136. MarilynS1527382300

    I purchased this mattress because I have back issues and felt it might help. I had no idea how much it really would help. It’s amazing!

  137. DeborahC1520596172

    We had a Serta pillowtop for 10 years and decided it was time to replace it. In the store, this was the first mattress we saw and was the most comfortable. We tried other brands and models, but in the end, we went back to the same one. We have been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks now and we love it.

  138. RichardB1508493347

    Last night was my first night sleeping it and it was pretty good

  139. KenL1514419343

    The mattress is fairly comfortable. But it might be just a little to soft I wake up with sore hips in the morning and it does get kinda warm at night but not to bad.

  140. EricK1512352011

    I love the comfort and cooling gel of this foam mattress.. this is possibly the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned!

  141. DonaldB1512271715

    After purchasing several other products this is the one to purchase. The mattress is cool to the touch, plush but firm enough for a restful night sleep. Mattress is thick enough and so glad the mattress cover and sheets fit well. You owe it to yourself to try this one and I think you will be pleasing surprised.

  142. NicholasD1514740809

    I like that it is so comfortable and it doesn’t sag in the middle. The last mattress that I owned was a sleep number mattress and I found that after a while it started to sag in the middle. Even though it was adjustable, the air bladders stopped being able to hold the correct amount of air. It simply wasn’t as comfortable as we wanted it to be. After trying out several different beds, we finally settled on this one and so far, it has been very comfortable. There is no issue of sagging at all due to the foam part of the mattress reshaping itself after every move. There is no bouncing when someone else is moving around which allows everyone to get a great night’s sleep.

  143. PatriciaM1502940556

    We have had the mattress 60 days and believe me I am on top of the 120 day trail period. So far so good. I have found it to be very comfortable and it has helped my sciatic just like the salesperson said it would. However, I am still waiting and watching. My Sealy Pillow Top formed our body indention within two years, but never reached the required 1 3/4 for replacement. I paid $1200.00 for that mattress over ten years ago. The mattress cost me almost $1700.00 and I am being very cautious. The money is worth the comfort especially now that we are in our 70’s, but I find it hard to believe that it will not be just like the Sealy within a few years. We went with the foam with recommendation from others although they did not necessarily purchase a Serta.

  144. JudithG1520781296

    Love the way it conforms to your body and supports you Didn’t think I would like it because of all the stories about foam being hot but now with new technology this is not true… very comfortable Also have been a lifelong user of The boxspring mattress so never thought I would like foam We have had for 10days and ?? it!!

  145. StephanieC1521518862

    I Love Our New Mattress I have been sleeping so good since we got it. Hadn’t been getting much sleep before on our old mattress it was definitely time for an upgrade! Best mattress I’ve ever had!

  146. WilliamB1523465979

    I have many back issues and my husband has PTSD. We have had several different types of mattresses in the past and none of them have given me the restful sleep I have needed without waking up in the morning with a backache. When we travel to LA to stay with my sister I sleep perfectly, so I asked her what type of mattress she had. Therefore we decided to purchase the iComfort foam Blue Max 1000 in twin XL. Every night since acquiring the mattress I have had perfect sleep.

  147. AlanK1503429494

    Like the adjustable foundation-our first. Very comfortable mattress.

  148. CelesteO1499914645

    Slept much cooler at night and the mattress conformed to my body very well. Very satisfied.

  149. DENNISS1527467449

    This is our first memory foam mattress, we replaced a 4 year old Beauty Rest that we paid $1300.00 for and have never slept very well on it. This product seems to be made very well, we bought it at our local Mattress Firm Store during their Memorial Day sale. We have done a lot of research before buying and we think we have made a good decision

  150. NormaC1508337383

    We have had this mattress for about 3 weeks now. We LOVE it! This mattress is so soft. I love how it conforms to your body. When I lay in it at the end of a long hard day this mattress will take away all the pressure of every square inch of my body. Our old mattress was a very old traditional mattress with a pillow top. As I age my needs are definitely changing. My old mattress I use to wake up nightly and couldn’t fall back asleep. With this new Serta I haven’t awaken once during the night since we have received it. I love that my husband can move around and I can’t feel a thing. We also purchased the Serta movable and vibrating base to go along with this mattress. The comfort of the two of these together is out of this world! I feel like I am living like the rich. I hope this mattress gives us this kind of comfort for years to come. I would definitely recommend this mattress and the base to anyone. After doing plenty of research this was the mattress we thought would fit our needs best. So far it hasn’t disappointed! I wish I would have made the change years earlier.

  151. NormaC1507745069

    We have had this mattress for about 2 weeks now. We LOVE it! This mattress is so soft. I love how it conforms to your body. When I lay in it at the end of a long hard day this mattress will take away all the pressure of every square inch of my body. Our old mattress was a very old traditional mattress with a pillow top. As I age my needs are definitely changing. My old mattress I use to wake up nightly and couldn’t fall back asleep. With this new Serta I haven’t awaken once during the night since we have received it. I love that my husband can move around and I can’t feel a thing. We also purchased the Serta movable and vibrating base to go along with this mattress. The comfort of the two of these together is out of this world! I feel like I am living like the rich. I hope this mattress gives us this kind of comfort for years to come. I would definitely recommend this mattress and the base to anyone. After doing plenty of research this was the mattress we thought would fit our needs best. So far it hasn’t disappointed! I wish I would have made the change years earlier.

  152. GaryR1514723793

    This is our first experience with a foam mattress. I must say that we have been pleasantly surprised with the comfort. We are especially pleased with the lack of soreness after sleeping. My husband has a cancer that affects his bones, therefore, comfort is a requirement. We both are getting a more quality sleep.

  153. TinaH1502824990

    The mattress is very comfortable, but wish my husband and I had researched the off-gassing smell and return policy before purchasing! Smell is terrible, and it appears we are stuck with it!

  154. KarenB1537884086

    My previous no name foam mattress slept very warm and after 10 years had a terminal sag. Time to go shop a new mattress. I tried a hybrid mattress first, name brand, plush with inner coil and foam….nope… to mushy and did not work well on my adjustable frame. Second up was an all foam mattress in a firm, I thought this might Be what I needed since my old bed was way to soft now. Nope!… way to firm with no give in the hip and shoulder area. I know my salesman( who was ever so patient) was not that surprised to see me when I came back! After reviewing my concerns he asked me to try the I comfort blue max 1000. I had originally tried to get something comfortable in a lower price range, but I tried it because he had been helpful and so patient. As soon as I was horizontal I knew this was the bed for me. Not so firm that when I turned I felt pressure on my hips and not too plush that I couldn’t maneuver. This mattress is also very comfortable when lying on my back. I am sleeping better, less turning, better quality rest. Thanks Serta!

  155. BillieK1524602378

    Had a Serta and loved it . This mattress is not too soft and not too firm ! Counting sheep is so easy with the Serta memory foam! Also provides a cool nights sleep !

  156. AmberB1520389529

    Truly was skeptical that I would sleep more sound just from a mattress! The first night was even noticeable, not even more from changing types of beds. Has been a great spur of the moment purchase!

  157. RobertB1516471506

    The floor model was extremely comfortable, we have only had ours for one night, seems a little stiff. We are hoping it will soften up a little.

  158. PaulK1499013887

    We both needed to sleep better, since we both have hip problems. He bought our son one a couple of years ago and have tried is a couple of times and thought it was real nice, it did not cause “pinch points” when we sleep on our sides. I expect we will be getting a third one in the near future as well. When I lay down on it, it just feels right.

  159. ElizabethL1519158024

    My husband and I recently purchased the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush edition Mattress and box spring. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we upgraded to this mattress! We received a superior quality mattress that is not only comfortable, but is worth the price – especially a price that is far less than a competitor in which this mattress feels the absolute same in comparison to! Our first night’s sleep on it was absolutely amazing! The cooling portion of this mattress was definitely an upgrade I’m glad we did, as I didn’t realize sleeping on a cooler mattress would affect me as positively as it has. Being pregnant and already having a hard time sleeping, this mattress makes a nights sleep so comfortable and such a dream. I’ve had friends purchase the competitor’s more expensive brand mattress, but honestly, I’m the one that got the most bang for my buck and this mattress is literally the best. I’d highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade their current mattress and move up the line to a superior quality nights sleep. Definitely an A and 5 Stars from my family!

  160. LisaY1523209730

    This mattress is an outstanding product. Extreme comfort and excellent craftsmanship. I’m confident i will rest well on this mattress for many years to come.

  161. ShellyW1512176340

    We purchased the Split King Blue Max 1000 Plush with the Motion Custom II fondation and it is one of the best investments ever. I used to snore, now the head tilt the snoring has stopped. The other features are excellent too! The massage features work very good and are pretty quite. We have a two story house with wood floors and the family room is under the master bedroom. If the massage feature is on you can’t hear it….. it’s excellent. Now for the bed. This is our second Serta Mattress. Our first one was a “Perfect Day” Exuberence. We loved this mattress but now because of my back and snoring we have the new bed, it is more comfortable than our old one. I sleep on my back and my wife is a side sleeper. With this bed you won’t have to count sheep anymore!

  162. MacyO1519171352

    If you do not purchase this product, you will regret it. I have no idea how I spent life without this matress to be quite honest. Will never purchase any other brand!

  163. KelliM1502385053

    We just finished night 3 on our new mattress. I LOOOVE this one. I am a stomach sleeper and the plush is perfect. My favorite feature is the cool gel. Living in South Florida I get the best sleep when I’m cool. Second best feature is how soft to the touch the mattress is yet it gives good support. We decided to get the adjustable bed frame as well. Makes watching TV in bed very comfortable as well. We are still playing with it to find the best comfort level for bot of us.

  164. DaleH1527866338

    Replacement our 11yr old Sonta pillow top comfort cool memory foam 12 inch mattress. Enjoying our new Icomfort King BM1000 Plus mattress,

  165. TamaraK1535375346

    Much cooler then our last bed! Takes a little time to break in because it feels very firm at first. Definitely takes some getting used to if you are used to a spring bed. Overall, it’s definutely an improvement from our Simmons beautyrest.

  166. JoeM1502845809

    We went in 17 years after buying our last mattress. Thinking hybrid was the way to go. All I can say about testing this model, is my wife melted into it. I haven’t seen her that relaxed in a bed in years. A few nights in and I’m kicking myself that we waited this long. Go try one out!

  167. CortneyH1536324143

    We’ve owned this mattress for one year, and it becomes extremely uncomfortable after having it that first year. There’s is a big lump in the middle of the bed, in between my husband and I. The “cooling technology” no longer exists, and it feels like we’ve owned it for years. This mattress is not worth the amount of money it costs.

  168. PaulR1530375909

    I am so very impressed with this mattress. We have been sleeping well and deeply since the very first night! We are not even anxious to get up in the morning we are so comfortable. Wonderful product and I would never again hesitate to purchase another one of these mattresses!

  169. MichelleC1503200335

    We’ve had the bed 3 days and already in love! We haven’t slept this good is years! I am very hopeful it will stay amazing!

  170. MaryR1502390435

    We got 2 XL twins for our adjustable base so we can each set it to our individual preferences.

  171. AmyK1499171416

    Very comfortable, hugs to your body, keeps you cool at night, and can’t feel spouse move during night.

  172. MichaelB1525225076

    The only thing that I do not like is that the king bed cover we bought inhibits the cooling feeling the bed is supposed to give off. Otherwise, I used to have terrible back and neck pain and the bed has helped greatly!

  173. ChrisI1511136634

    Had it delivered a few days ago. We went with an adjustable base. Both are working out great so far. The plush feel is just what my wife and I like, and the mattress seems a lot cooler than our old mattress – I’m not waking up all sweaty anymore. We needed a new mattress because my wife was waking up with back pain from our 17-year old standard coil mattress. So far, she’s in significantly less pain with the iComfort, which is awesome.

  174. NikiP1509115317

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to sleep in Heaven? Well Serta now has access! The bed is insanely plush yet supportive which is what I love. I have had back issues and gone through many high end brands but this bed takes the cake! I am planning on buying one for my parents this Christmas!

  175. CharlesB1515360003

    This mattress is so soft but firm to sleep in all night. We have adjustable platforms and Love it! We spend a lot of time in bed now watching TV and taking naps. It is top quality and we have the Blue max and do not any problems with getting hot at night. Very Nice Produce. We Love It.

  176. TomS1532792722

    This mattress arrived lopsided after 3 delivery attempts. We kept the least lopsided one. Funny, because in the store the mattress was not lopsided at all. The foam apparently shifts during delivery and there is apparently nothing the delivery personnel could do about it. So we have foam sticking out of one side and coming up short on another. The mattress is comfortable, but needs to be reengineered to be able to withstand being vertical on a truck for an hour, especially in the king size.

  177. Sqwigsmom

    Transitioning from a traditional box spring mattress was/is the best choice I’ve ever made. Usually we wake up with covers tossed around from trying to get comfortable or cooling off. Our first night we went to bed normally, pulling the covers back and crawl into bed, but the morning is were we instantly could tell our night had been better than previous nights. Our covers were still in place and we felt so rested and refreshed. Hands down best matters ever.

  178. ZachL1521478651

    I bought my icomfort 1000 plush a couple months ago after being assured that the mattress and box springs are good quality. A month after I got them, the wood in the box spring cracked from just sitting on the bed like any normal person would. If it sitting on a metal bed frame. I am so sick of dealing with the junk wood used in box springs anymore. They use these tiny low quality thin boards that break if you even look at them wrong!!!

  179. JudyB1518725322

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever owned. It is also one of the best, most informed purchases we’ve made in the last several years. We have the iComfort Blue Maxx 1000 Plush and it meets our aging needs extremely well. We’re in good health but have some physical issues due to arthritis and have found great comfort and the ease with which our bodies adjust to the mattress (actually, it adjust to us) each night. The only concern I have is that the Cool Max does not keep me cool to the degree I hoped it would. It is still great, though.

  180. GarryB1540401281

    The likes: Does not trap body heat, very supportive and comfortable. Looks good and is not as bulky or heavy that I thought it may have been. I can sit of the edge with the bed supporting me well, yet this same firmness is very soft and supportive to every curve of my body. The other plus is that my movement while sleeping does not cause my wife to notice the shift at all. The dislikes: I should have purchase this mattress and foundation set 5 years ago….it is that good. To clarify: Our purchase was a Queen Blue Max 1000 Plush with the 8-9 inch foundation box.

  181. MR1499376844

    Buyer beware!! I called over a week ago about my mattress and was told that a manager would call me back, but I haven’t heard from anyone. I ordered the Icomfort 1000 max plush and it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It feels nothing like the store model. I haven’t had a good night of sleep since it was delivered. I plan on returning this uncomfortable mattress as soon as I can get someone on the phone.

  182. AshlieS1525547225

    I purchased the iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush and couldn’t be more unsatisfied. The mattress is defective. There are multiple lumps and it appears the foam layers detached and shifted the entire mattress at some point in the delivery. I had a new one exchanged and experienced the exact same problems. The delivery drivers and the sales manager told me they were aware of this problem and that they have several exchanges of this mattress weekly due to the quality of the mattress. I don’t understand how a product that is so known to be defective is still being sold, let alone the price point it is sold for. I’m extremely dissatisfied and do not recommend this mattress to anyone.

  183. MandyS1537586708

    Please tune into our modern day horror story featuring Serta mattress/company..It started on an average Tuesday, 9/3 MY wife

  184. ChuckV1533866786

    We laid on this in the store, wanted to actually feel it for ourselves although the reviews were impressive, this mattress was recommended by our friends and our daughter, they just LOVE theirs. our old mattress is almost 30 years old, we just got our new mattress delivered and set up today, can’t wait to go to bed tonight and hopefully wake up in the morning without being in pain.

  185. MA1523543398

    This is a must have product! I wish we would have made this switch years ago. After 3 back surgeries and dealing with Chronic Back Pain, this is the first time my husband has had a good nights sleep in 6 years! When we went to look at mattresses, we slowly worked our way over to the corner of the store where this gem was hiding and as soon as my husband laid down, he said this is it!! Amazing.. Thanks Serta!!

  186. TamraD1502851501

    This mattress has made a world of difference in our sleep. We both suffer from insomnia and other chronic pain issues and we have both been able to get more, quality sleep at night. The coolness assists with my hot flashes and the plushness allows my hips to sink in without pain, so less tossing and turning. We had an older Serta already so we knew the potential they had but this is far beyond what we imagined sleep could be like.

  187. DavidB1498404500

    While the mattress was comfortable, it made me too hot at night, ended up taking it in the shorts switching to the Bilagio series which has made my sleep much better.

  188. ChadC1514487606

    I just love this product. I have always had traditional spring mattress.. Didn’t know what I was missing!! The blue max 1000 combined it with an adjustable frame and it is totally awesome. I have never sleep better.. I do not get hot like the old mattress and just love how I sleep.

  189. Tim1967

    We got our blue max 1000 plush mattress 3 weeks ago. Within the first week we fell in love with it. This mattress hugs the body but still remains firm. My husband suffers from restless leg syndrome and with our old mattress he was constantly waking me up at with spasms. Now I’m not even aware of him sleeping beside me. Another feature that makes this mattress amazing is the cooling feature. I’m very hot natured and always struggling to stay cool at night and with this feature it’s not longer a problem. We love our new mattress and wouldn’t consider purchasing any other mattress but serta in the future

  190. DefarronH1513361718

    I like that this mattress does not allow your body to become hot and sweaty throughout the night compared to my last mattress. This mattress conforms to your body and allows you to receive a great nights sleep. Not to firm and not to soft. Perfect sleep mattress.

  191. ThomH1511721243

    I purchased this mattress because of a hip injury requiring surgery with rods and screws. I am a side sleeper and with a spring mattress, I could not lay on my left side which is the side of my injury. The pain would cause me to wake up at night. The IComfort mattress eliminates that problem completely. There are no pressure points with this mattress at all.

  192. DebraK1527692222

    Looks good and is comfortable. I can’t give you a more detailed review because I haven’t had very long.

  193. AaronH1530838235

    We originally purchased a TP supreme breeze after trying it out in the store. After 3 weeks it still felt very stiff. We then found the Serta Blue Max 1000 plush in the store and fell in love with it. It was very soft and was exactly what we were looking for. So we returned the TP and brought our new mattress home. It was a little stiff at first but after some break in it became as soft as the sample in the store and is very comfortable.

  194. davec1523963817

    much better than our previous mattress. we are sleeping much better now.

  195. MargaretP1500371611

    For those that like a very firm bed. Not plush or soft. It is hot for me. Mattress Firm has a good return policy. I will probably exchange for a different Serta.

  196. ChanningW1520176393

    This was my first time purchasing a new bed and was a little skeptical about spending a lot of money on purchasing a new set. After laying in this mattress I felt how important a quality bed was to a restful sleep. Since buying the mattress my quality of sleep has improved drastically. I love the adjustable base, massage mode and the 0 gravity position in particular is very relaxing!

  197. LisaB1498062396

    We had purchased a different expensive brand mattress and could not adjust to the feel of it! We purchased Serta Blue Max 1000PS and we are pleased with the comfort and quality.

  198. ChristinaB1518896959

    Very comfortable mattress conforms around you after you lay down. Best mattress that we have ever owned

  199. TomB1510508690

    We chose this mattress because it was the right firmness for both of us. It was also the perfect balance between the typical foam mattress that you sink into and the spring mattress that has too much movement. The cool foam was also a major consideration in choosing this mattress. We are very pleased with our purchase.

  200. chuckb1505600959

    My husband is a back sleeper I am a side sleeper this is the first mattress that has had fit us both. I have also have had 4 back surgeries and this is the first mattress that I have had in a few years. Thank you, Thank you Serta.

  201. KristenP1512571589

    Hate hate hate this bed. Nothing plush about it. I cry almost every morning getting out of bed. I haven’t had a restful night sleep since the purchase of this bed. I bought it from Ashley furniture and no one ever told us that there was a comfort guarantee. I called them and was told sorry you are about 20 days out of your comfort guarantee. My husband and I spent $3,400 between this mattress and adjustable base and it was the worst purchase of my entire life. If I could afford to I would throw the bed away and purchase a new one.

  202. laural1520537504

    This bed is so comfortable I used to have a pillow top and decided to give Serta a try recommended by Consumer Report they were not lying after years of suffering with a bad back and now I’m getting the best sleep of my life.

  203. AL1503424116

    foam mattresses aren’t for everyone…no one tells you that it’s the hottest mattress in town. Cooling gel? Still plan on waking up as if you were in a sauna all night. Comfort? For those of you who like a firm or semi-firm mattress, be prepared. Foam will sink…and stay that way until you get up and get in bed the next night. Not sure I would consider the foam “taking on the contour” of your body as support. I’ve woken up more tired than ever. Slept better on the substandard bed when we were out of town. If you haven’t tried a foam mattress, you may want to “rent” one for a while. It’s not a cheap purchase by any stretch, so buy wisely. I would say foam mattresses are for light weight people…maybe 150lb or so…cause I’m told, because you sink into the mattress you will “naturally” be warmer. And, please stop telling me that it’s my linens.

  204. JanetM1535925992

    Very comfortable bed. Really relieves the pressure points. Our old pillow top bed made us wake up feeling like we’d been run over by a truck. This bed gives us the support where we need it.

  205. DerekO1531886525

    This is the most comfortable mattress .. its worth the money .. very happy we made the decision to buy comfort max 1000 plush . highly recommend

  206. LindaM1507228528

    The mattress says it is an icool mattress and when we tried it out in several different mattress stores it felt very cooling. Now that it is in our home, I’m not so sure it feels as cool as it did in the store. This would be the only thing I am disappointed in at this time.

  207. AnnS1504021035

    We bought two Twin XL I comfort blue Max 1000 TXL mattresses with fully adjustable and vibrating deluxe foundations. We have them together (side by side) to make on King. After trying them out in the store, my wife wanted the plush, I wanted the firm. We replaced a Select Comfort (Sleep Number) mattress that we had had for 23 years. We wanted a change and also wanted something adjustable that would vibrate but we wanted to be able to adjust the mattresses independently. We have had our new bed(s) for six weeks now. My wife slept on the plush for two weeks and then we switched mattresses. After just a couple of days, she wanted her plush back. She rates it an 8 out of ten for sleep, comfort, etc. I tried the plush for a couple of days, and liked it, but prefer something a little more firm. Our previous Select Comfort bed had a 2″ gel foam topper, so we are used to the cooling effect of the gel foam on our new mattresses.

  208. DavidL1528294680

    I have only slept on it for only 1 night but it was extremely comfortable .I have a very bad back back and it was like a dream sleeping.I also have an adjustable base, so together what else could I ask for.

  209. JessicaM1528894674

    Wonderful mattress! Fits to my body perfectly! Makes sleeping good again! Would recommend!

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