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Experience Serta’s most powerful temperature regulating technology with the Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush model – the most luxuriously soft iComfort memory foam mattress Serta has to offer.

Top Layers of Comfort
First, it combines Serta TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam and TempActiv™ Touch Fabric Technology with two other layers of premium memory foam for an instant “cool-to-the-touch” feeling and enhanced heat dissipation. Next, a layer of ActivBalance™ Support Foam and all-new Air Suspension Technology™ helps further enhance comfort and support. These materials work together to relieve painful pressure points while helping to keep your body properly supported so you can relax your body and mind.

Core Layers of Support
The 6” Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core is the foundation for the advanced Gel Foams. It provides a firm and long-lasting support system.

Our Recommendation
The Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush is Serta’s Ultra-Soft, most luxurious and supple mattress. It’s caresses and conforms to every contour of the body while relieving pressure and heat. Made for the customer who wants luxury, durability and healthy sleep for years.  We highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers that have experienced painful pressure points on previous mattresses.

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  • Cal King
  • Split Cal King
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Bed Size

Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





Comfort Type

Ultra Plush

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10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced

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48 reviews for Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush

  1. MargaretM1520198917

    I love everything about the sleep of it and the person who sold it to me.

  2. CrystalC1502648934

    The mattress is wonderful. We use to years ago own a water bed and this is the next best thing. This matterss replaces a Beauty Rest which was way to firm.

  3. HilaryY1542248278

    This is our first memory foam mattress. It is amazing. So comfortable and we have been sleeping much better. It reduces the pressure points that our previous coil mattress exacerbated. We are looking forward to many years of sleeping soundly.

  4. RonR1536549487

    Wow this thing is Soft, feels amazing, I went from a temperpedic cloud to this and I am amazed on how good my sleep is now

  5. JosephS1540820965

    I have spent 12 years in the military and have slept in many uncomfortable positions over the years and it had done its damage. My serta has helped my back and neck issues as well as give me my best nights sleep. The only issue I had was when we bought the mattress we were supposed to receive two memory foam pillows with it and never did. Hopefully that can be resolved!

  6. morganm1506044072

    i love the feel of the mattress and adjustable base. never had a better nights sleep.

  7. sbender

    It’s like sinking into a cloud. I love the way it molds to your body but provides the right amount of firmness. The comfort is incredible and the design allows for cooling and proper ventilation which is critical here in Texas. I’ve always had pillow top mattresses but lately my shoulders and back had been bothering me. After I began sleeping on this mattress I could tell that I was getting the right amount of support. I wake up feeling refreshed and the stiffness I felt previously is gone. Serta consistently delivers one of the best sleep experiences.

    I highly recommend this mattress.

  8. ChristineT1530843147

    I couldn’t recommend the Icomfort Blue Max3000 enough! It’s so comfortable and I’m sleeping so much better. This mattress and brand is the best quality and you get the most for your money!

  9. TAnder

    I went from a traditional pillowtop spring mattress to this memory foam mattress and it was the best choice ever. I’ve suffered from lower back and neck pain for the last 5 years and this mattress has helped keep my body aligned and I don’t feel as stiff in the morning when I wake up. (FYI I’m a side sleeper) The mattress also stays cool enough that I don’t overheat in the middle of the night, which is a plus. The last two weeks have been the best sleep I’ve had in quite some time. One thing that people should be aware of is that the mattress does have some off-gassing. I have noticed the smell is slowly going away. It helps opening some windows so that fresh air can circulate and the smell doesn’t get too overwhelming in the first week.

  10. LindaS1537064003

    We no longer wake up with back pain and are enjoying the coolness of the mattress. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new mattress.

  11. DavidW1506871870

    I was in the store for about 4 hours and I kept coming back to this mattress! I was going to spend a lot of money, however, this was a well worth it purchase. I have been sleeping on it since May 2017 and just love it. I show friends all the time. Don’t think about it, just buy it. You’ll be happy you did!

  12. MichaelT1528807291

    We previously owned a Tempurpedic for several years but the bed felt hot and when we moved, we opted to purchase a new bed. We were told the iComfort was the equivalent of the Tempurpedic and we would not experience the heat that the Tempurpedic gave off. We’ve had the iComfort now for 7 months and most mornings we wake up with a back ache. Something we never experienced with the previous bed.

  13. MrsTinaMarieM1510821148

    There is nothing that I don’t like about this product. I’m blessed to own this product. My husband and I had to purchase two Twin XL. Reason’s, I had an accident at work and my body is in sever pain day in and out. I was unable to sleep and hurt so bad I can’t lay flat. My bed is like a hospital bed which I control and it is so awesome. The comfort of the mattress is beyond what I could explain. The night my product was delived, I was very happy. I went to sleep and I felt that due to the severity of my pain, this mattress was a God sent. Anyone who has severe pain in their body, this investment was well worth it. I will always be grateful that I can finally fall a sleep regardless if I’m sitting up or not. Thank you so much for bringing a peace to my body.

  14. PaulB1521758932

    This is my second iComfort mattress. I bought the original iComfort when it came out several years ago. Still loved the mattress, and it has held up well. I decided I wanted an adjustable base, so I went ahead and purchased the new Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush. I could not be happier with this mattress. It has all the great qualities of the original, only better. It has more breathability and just feels amazing to sleep on. The first one was a firm model, but after trying out the different types I went with this one over the others. I like that it allows you to sink in while side sleeping, yet supports all areas of your body. The adjustable base is great for watching TV in bed or reading, and also for keeping your head raised for the occasional cold or stuffy head. Yes, there are cheaper options out there, but you will not be happy with the results and end up spending more in the long run.

  15. JeremiahG1538576725

    I did a lot of research before buying a bed. I mean a LOT of research. My last bed was a Sleep Number purchased back in 2007 and it was showing its age. It was queen size and had two adjustable air chambers, so in the middle it had a foam piece inside. This meant that you had to choose one side of the bed or the other…you couldn’t sleep in the middle because of the infamous hump. I was tossing and turning every night and waking up with tingling in my legs and sciatic nerve pain. I went to stores and tried out various mattresses and Serta won out. I loved the cooling fabric feel of the mattress. My next big question was: which mattress? I tried the foam, I tried the hybrid. Still wasn’t sure what level I wanted: firm, soft, plush? My grandma used to have a latex foam bed that was soft and I loved it and would fall asleep on her bed when I would visit. I don’t like a hard bed, so I finally decided on plush. I am not sorry. This mattress is amazing!! It is a little firm when you first get into bed, but as the bed warms to you, you begin to sink in a little, but there is still plenty of support without sinking in and not being able to move. You can roll from one position to another and feel the different between the softness of where you were and where you are now. I’m always hot, and was concerned about being hot with a foam bed. I have not been hot in this bed so far. The mattress looks great as well. I almost want to use it without sheets because it looks so good! I am an RN who works night shift, so I value the quality of my sleep. I have been sleeping exceptionally well in the two weeks since I got this mattress and look forward to it even getting better since they tell you to give it at least 30 days to get used to the mattress and for the mattress to “break in.” The first couple of nights I woke up a little sore, but nothing unbearable. I would highly recommend this mattress to others. It is a little pricey, but to me it has been worth it! I also purchased the Motion Perfect III adjustable base. The delivery guys had a little issue getting everything upstairs and I did feel sorry for them, especially with the king size mattress! They really struggled getting it up my stairs and around the corners. I purchased the bed directly from Serta and was told it could take 10-15 days AFTER your order is placed to get a call about scheduling delivery. I ordered Monday 9/10/18 and received the call to schedule delivery on Friday 9/14/18 and delivery was Tuesday 9/18/18. The only oddity was the order status page said delivery would be 9/20, but when I spoke to the delivery agent we scheduled for 9/18. It was a little confusing and I wanted to make sure I was around on the right day. I ended up calling the number on the order status page and was told it was scheduled for 9/18 as originally agreed upon. None of this was Serta’s fault, however. Buy the bed. You won’t be sorry!

  16. WendyT1506124718

    Last night was my first night with my mattress and it was the first time in years that I did not wake up with some ache or pain. I slept like a log and am anxiously awaiting bed time tonight just so I can be uber comfortable. The only “bad” thing is that the cover of the outer mattress has a spot that was not sewn and so there’s a hole in the outer covering. I have not contacted Serta yet and hope they’ll just be able to replace the outer cover.

  17. MariaR1532919571

    We purchased our mattress set a year ago. I don’t typically write reviews but this mattress is awesome! I suggest getting the bamboo sheets as it allows the mattress to perform best. The only negative is I wish we had purchased it sooner. I suggest a really good strong base as just a metal frame doesn’t quite support it well. We purchased a sturdy frame and have plans for the adjustable frame in the near future. You can’t put a price tag on good sleep and if you have back, hip and other problems this mattress does aide in significantly better restful sleep!

  18. EricR1500693999

    I recommend this bed to any one best sleep I have ever had

  19. AlexanderM1501008118

    I love the product. Soft but supportive. I was waking up 10 plus times a night. Now I am able to sleep thru the night! Best investment in a long time!

  20. JosiahG1519169970

    Having been a Serta sleeper for the last ten years, I was thrilled to buy another Serta! I went from a pillow top, coil spring mattress to the Blue Max 3000 iComfort Foam mattress and I haven’t slept better. They told me that it would take about 30 days to break in, but I honestly have to tell you I slept for 14 hours on the very first night of use. It may be a bit “too comfortable” because I fear I may not want to get out of bed to go to work. I will say that the Blue Max 3000 has already relieved the stress on my joints. I had planned to purchase the adjustable base for it, but instead went with a standard bed frame and box springs. The only down side of this was that I feel the bed is a bit too high off the ground and I somewhat feel like the “Princess and the Pea” getting into it. All and all, a great buy and sleeping experience!

  21. ValarieJ1506386714

    I LOVE soft beds, and this bed is soft. The only reason I am not rating it as a 5, is because it is still a little hot. I thought that it would be cooler because of all of the hype around being a cooler mattress. We have a mattress protector for it, and that could be what is holding in heat, but we were told it wasn’t supposed to. However, it is still extremely comfortable and has helped with my shoulder and neck pain. This is the first foam mattress we have ever owned, and we are so glad that we made the switch. We have only had the bed for around 3 weeks, but we plan on keeping it.

  22. StarlenaS1512124713

    I like that it comforms to my body perfectly. I like it better than my last one since this one is alot more plush than my previous one.

  23. SandraM1505094911

    This is the first week i’ve had the new mattress. I like that the mattress is softer than my previous mattress. It is very comfortable and my sleep has improved since i’ve started sleeping on it. I am experiencing less leg pain during the night than i did previously.

  24. NghiepCL1527184353

    We are actually like the mattress. The top foam layer is very cool. My husband used to have a difficult for sleep. Now we bought icomfort serta mattress, he sleep very good and not any more hurt his back. I would like to recommend Serta mattress to everyone.

  25. LindaC1504139648

    We had a Tempur-Pedic for twenty years and were over-due for a new mattress. We thought we wanted another but were impressed with Serta’s IComfort line. The Blue Max 3000 far exceeds our expectations and we are happy we purchased a Serta instead of a Temp-Pedic. The quality is impressive, the price fair and we are sleeping so much better.

  26. andrewb1499213993

    Super comfortable bed! Have been waking up sleeping on my back most nights which was very uncommon prior to this bed. Highly recommend!

  27. Beverlyj1522449884

    Our children have one and we slept on it for a week. My back never hurt and we slept awesome on this mattress! It is an iComfort BM3000 PL Matt (per my receipt). Thank you for making an awesome mattress! Please send me a plush toy for my grandson.

  28. RichardG1521720131

    I especially enjoy the comfort of this foam mattress. I am aware that it takes time to assimilate to a new mattress so I am pleased that the time was shorter that I expected. It may be that foam assimilates to the person. I noticed an immediate relief of back pressure on arising. I found the assembly to be excellent and the stitching and finish to be first rate. Would certainly buy another if and when this excellent product ever wears out.

  29. JohnW1522450131

    This is by far the best mattress, I sleep much better and better for back problems.

  30. KevinP1522037457

    I bought the Serta iComfort 3000 Elite Plush mattress and love it. It relieved a lot of stress in my knees and shoulders. Many expert opinions online said it wasn’t for belly sleepers. I am a belly sleeper and I love this mattress. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  31. KenM1514833863

    We had a previous version of the iComfort mattress with the adjustable foundation and loved it! We could not imagine anything being better, but when we decided to get the King size Blue Max 3000 Elite (2 Twin XL) we realized it’s even more dreamy!! There are no issues with the mattress being too hot or cold… it’s just right and Wonderfully comfortable!!! We highly recommend!

  32. MaryC1505954319

    Mattress is firmer than expected but sleeps well, back issues better right now so far great mattress.

  33. AndyC1525534007

    After having many different innerspring mattress’s for 40 years, this new foam is much better! The first night I noticed that I wasn’t cold like I always have been on my old mattress. I slept better and didn’t toss and turn as much. I’m a side sleeper and normally my hip will start to hurt after a few hours on my old innerspring mattress. However, this new Serta Blue Max 3000, I have had NO complaints of hip pain. I would recommend this mattress to everyone!!

  34. CarmelaS1541518876

    I’ve wanted to by a serta for many years. First when I had to stay at a hotel near Philadelphia for training several years ago I spent three weeks on a non foam serta. More recently I stayed at a vacation home on the palm coast of Florida for a.month on a foam serta. I’ve never been so confident that my back would be okay and that I would sleep well. So when I relocated to Jacksonville I looked for the same mattress in numerous mattress and furniture stores alike. The model numbers and labels are confusing. I carefully explained to each salesperson that my back can not withstand a mattress which is too soft or too firm. Most salespersons are poorly trained and religiously respond with confusing misinformation. I only could compare one serta with random sertas that a particular store has on their showroom floor. I tried the blue max 3000 at a store in St Augustine. It seemed better than the surrounding sertas. A couple of weeks later I bought a kitchen table and couch at Ashley’s in Jacksonville. The salesman convinced me, after I explained that I have back problems that this matteress would be fine for me and that he could have it delivered on Monday October 1. Neither statement was true. This matteress was $2500 as opposed to my price point of under $500 for each of the other items I purchased. My ability to operate and take care of myself depends on my back health. Unfortunately, the mattress delivered on October 5 was great when I first got into bed, but within an hour and after one restless night I was in a lot of pain. The salesman had also told me that I could exchange it for store credit, which is misleading. If you wait 30 days fill out forms and take pictures of the mattress you may be approved to send back your mattress and only use the credit for whatever mattress Ashley’s happens to have in stock. If they don’t carry the one you need, which I believe is my circumstance, you lose, if you opt for one of lesser value Ashley keeps the balance as you are not permitted to use this credit on other items. I can not sleep on this mattress. My $60 air mattress and my $400 couch are better then this $2500 serta which sits in a room unused. Dissappointed in the rude Ashley customer service I called serta directly. The young lady was respectful and sincere, but again was also confused about the labels and models for the mattress’ of the company she works for! Customers, employees, and retail stores desperately need a Serta training school. Better yet-simplify the system! As a side comment, researching the mattresses on the internet did not help either. This was an important and expensive decision that I mulled over for quite some time.

  35. TashaT1504542802

    I was using a Tempur-Pedic mattress for about 10 years and started noticing recently (last year or so) that I was having pretty substantial shoulder pain. I thought it was my pillow, so I tried SO MANY different pillows. Nothing changed except my stockpile of guest pillows. I was visiting my sister and slept on her iComfort mattress and was immediately converted. Her iComfort was so plush that I slept without tossing and turning, and I woke up the next day without ANY pain in my shoulders and neck. The next week I bought the iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Twin XL mattress and have been in dreamland since. I LOVE IT! My husband still uses his Tempur-Pedic because he likes a firmer mattress, and we have them pushed together. My new mattress was a little taller, so I bought my husband a new frame and now it is the perfect height. The only problem that I have with the iComfort is that my bulldog discovered it and now I have to share my bed with her! :o)

  36. STEVEA1519143065

    I love this product because of the conference and the ability to get a better sleep. the comparison for my old mattress to my new mattress. on my old mattress on a scale from 1 to 10 . the old one a 4 and the new one get a big 10. my hat off to Serta for having one the best products out there in the market. i have been looking for the perfect bed for 2 months and i finally found it. now i can sleep well at night knowing that i have a great bed and a company that stands behind its product.thank you for let me have a great night sleep. it have been 5 to 6 since i had a good night sleep. good night now i’m going to bed for a great night sleep in my new bed. thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. AprylleD1542892768

    I had no idea what a good night sleep was like until now. The MOST comfortable bed I’ve slept on. Also, we purchased the adjustable frame. There were many pressure points on our tire bodies that were aggravated by our old mattress. Now there is none of that. Best thing I ever purchased. No kidding!

  38. LaurenR1518117319

    I loved this bed as soon as I laid on it, I knew it was a match for me. No more pressure point issues or waking up stiff.

  39. kimt1502136298

    the very first night we slept on our new mattress, we could feel the difference in our bodies when waking up in the morning! it is so comfortable!!! we are both getting a better nights sleep on our new i-comfort mattress! thanks certa!!!!

  40. Rsdart

    I need something with more support, I love the height, but again I need better support

  41. JudithM1508863996

    We had given our queen bed to my son and were sleeping on a different poor quality, old king mattress when we bought this one. The first 2 nights we were sore and debated our purchase but by night 3, we slept wonderful. For the first time in as long as I can remember I woke up without back pain, and my husband’s arms didn’t go numb for the first time in a long time for him. I think those first couple of nights were our bodies getting used to a quality mattress after sleeping on one that was sub-standard. If you are going to buy a memory foam mattress, we do feel the cooling features are necessary. Don’t skip this to save money or you will be too hot. The cooling is perfect on this one and this review is coming from a person who is always cold (my husband is always hot). This mattress suits us both. It has an extra layer to help it vent that the expensive competition doesn’t have. We are still in the trial period, but we are both happy with it so far.

  42. DonaldS1512857573

    We love our new bed. I used to wake up in the morning feeling stiff and had a lot of low back pain. since we have purchased the new bed I wake up feeling good and with no pain.

  43. TinaS1522107136

    Our last mattress was at least 20 years old so we were well over due to buy a new one!! We were unsure how to even go about buying a new mattress, how can you tell a mattress is going to be good by laying on it for a couple minutes in the store!? Well we tried other brands/types then we found the IComfort at Ashley’s Furniture and we both fell in LOVE!!!! We love how it forms to your body and like cradles you! I was worried about the foam not rising after my laying on it because i’m on the heavier side but it’s fantastic and rises right back up!!! We got the adjustable base for it and it is heavenly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so far!! Highly recommend it!

  44. ScottB1516395021

    Conforms well to body and is not hot. The adjustability of the mattress allow oneself to position in infant positions for a good night deep sleep.

  45. EdW1527116273

    This product has a good warranty and it’s made in the USA. I’m very happy with this mattress. My overall sleep has improved since purchasing this mattress. I purchased this mattress because of the great reviews.

  46. AlanK1520278016

    Product is exactly as you’d expect. Seems to be of high quality, very plush and the adjustable foundation is great. Still waiting for promotional pillows to arrive, but that will get taken care of eventually. This bed was definitely what I needed in regard to my sleeping needs.

  47. stever1540818243

    I have suffered from back and hip pain for several years. I always felt the worst getting out of bed in the morning. One day my wife and I were talking and she mentioned that she wakes up in pain. At that moment we realized that our mattress was not the one for us. We just happened to be on vacation and happened upon a furniture store with serta mattresses. We went inside and looked around. The salesperson was very helpful and showed us the i-comfort blue max 3000 with the adjustable base. We knew instantly when we laid on it that it was the mattress for us. We never jump on anything right away, so when we returned home from vacation we decided to shop around. We had gotten a flyer on tempurpedic memory foam mattresses so we checked those out. I could not get over the sticker shock on the price. We located the serta mattress we tried on vacation at Mattress Firm. What a great experience!!! Very helpful staff and the price was right. We felt we got a very good value. Delivery and set up went without a hitch. We both felt the difference after the very first night sleeping on it. I wish we would have done this years ago. Our sleep has never been better.

  48. JeffT1506627961

    This mattress provides a great night sleep for me and my wife. Very satisfied with our purchase. The cooling is the best!

  49. KarenH1526006691

    So, I have a multitude of issues that affect my sleep: chronic insomnia, arthritis in neck that causes arms to go numb when I lie down, and degenerative discs in my low back. My mattress was way to soft and painful. I tried and returned 2 other high-end mattresses but no luck. My final exchange was for this mattress and my life has changed. I look forward to crawling I to bed now. Arm numbness and back pain are at a minimum. If I have one negative to say it’s that I don’t find the bed to be at all cool. If you’re a hot sleeper, like I am, this will be hot. Still, that’s the trade-off for having everything else so I’m still happy.

  50. JohnG1518199726

    This mattress is amazing…plush but not to soft…we don’t sink into it! It’s like floating! The best sleep Team’s we’ve ever had!

  51. TimE1508722829

    Let me just say if you have back issues you really need to give this mattress a try.It hugs your body giving full support I noticed major relief in just the first night.This bed is so comfortable I hate to get out of it,it just feels so good. Thank you Serta for a wonderful product this could be totally life changing for me and wanted to tell of my experience

  52. SandraS1510855496

    I bought this because my old mattress was hurting my Back. After purchasing the serta 3000 I comfort not only does my back hurt but my ribs also. It is extremely hard on one side.

  53. RyanR1537123416

    Got it during Labor Day weekend sale with a free adjustable base – so comfortable

  54. EL1531255382

    Quite the upgrade from my spring mattress, I never want to leave my bed now it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve slept on even compared to some hotel beds

  55. AngelT1523234536

    I am so stoked and impressed with the work and dedication Serta put into designing this bed. The 3000 elite is such a Mack daddy bed. It is so forming to your body, doesn’t cause any pain in your pressure points and is wonderful for side sleepers like myself!! With back, joint, hip and shoulder issues it was important to me to find a bed that was gentle on those body parts. Serta out did themselves because this bed is perfect! Love!

  56. JovetteG1500047518

    I didn’t know anything about this product before purchasing. I decided to purchase after testing it in the store in Champions. I was very impressed and after getting it home and sleeping on it, I’m glad I made the purchase. After sleeping on it, I love it!

  57. DonH1513125802

    I have had this mattress since June 2017 and I have struggled with how soft this mattress is, it does not have enough support and I wake up after about 3 to 4 hours of sleep in nothing but pain, from my toes to my knees, hips, back and shoulders. It’s sad that I have had to purchase a firmer mattress topper to put on this mattress in order to be able to sleep on my bed. For the price of this mattress, I wish I had never purchased it. It’s also very hot to sleep on for me! I have done everything possible to make it cooler, from cooler mattress pad and cooler sheets, it’s still very hot to me! This has been a very difficult purchase for me! I wish I had my 500q back, it was a better mattress.

  58. ShelleyC1519431098

    Not only is the mattress ultra comfortable, but it seems to conform to my body. With our old mattress, my husband would wake me up when if he got out of bed in the middle of the night. I don’t notice that all on the Serta. I’m very happy we made the choice to go with Serta.

  59. LouisB1503254315

    Just bought this Blue Touch 300 Elite Plush Mattress and its everything i was hoping for. I have always had a problem with being to hot while I sleep and Finally I found a bed that is not only comfortable but keeps me cool while I sleep. Amazing Mattress!!!

  60. KristineB1513646379

    This mattress is so comfortable! You sink right into it. I recommend this mattress! It is much taller then the mattress I had before so I’m still adjusting to that. I love this cooling mattress as I am a hot sleeper. This has helped me tremendously.

  61. AracelyH1532896471

    Love the mattress! So comfortable! I wish I would have had this mattress a long time ago!

  62. GeraldW1510537151

    Slept well starting on the first night we had it. Works well with the adjustable frame. Definitely recommend.

  63. KennethW1541714394

    It is very comfortable; just lie back and enjoy the massage features. The less I snore, the better my Husband can sleep.

  64. PaulaG1511223279

    I love this mattress. It is so comfortable. My last mattress was a king size pillow top and it was humped up in the middle terribly between my husband and I. We bought 2 Twin XL mattresses and 2 adjustable bases so we can each have our head and feet elevated differently. This mattress works well on adjustable bases. We are sleeping so great that we hate to get out of bed!

  65. BettyC1514924394

    Really glad that we went with this mattress. Comfortable. No longer having as many problems sleeping. Less pain. Husband no longer complains that he is not sleeping at night. Had been sleeping on a mattress with memory foam topper that slid. Would definitely recommend this product. Still waiting on my lamb from my first review several weeks ago.

  66. KathleenM1500123548

    This mattress (icomfort Insight) was our first memory foam mattress purchased March 15, 2013. For the first few years, I had the best nights sleep of my life: no waking in the middle of the night, no lower back pain. We are now on year 4 and I am sleeping on the couch. The mattress has sagged and there are two dents where we sleep and a hump in the middle. I wake up several times during the night and the sagging has brought lower back pain. Since it is memory foam, I can’t see the dents but can feel them. We are not heavy people either. My husband is 185 and I am 133. I am so disappointed in the longevity of this mattress, especially since I loved it so much in the beginning.

  67. MarkG1535662694

    Bought two twin XLs for our split-king adjustable bases. Definitely soft yet supportive and a nice cool night’s sleep as well. Used to dread trying to fall asleep– now we look forward to snuggling down for the night! Highly recommend for anyone who wants/needs a softer and cooler feeling bed.

  68. rlhellin

    We received this bed, and was very impressed by it’s appearance, quality and packaging. The mattress is about 14 inches tall, and as soon as we placed it on the box springs, we both crawled up and laid down. I could feel my body relaxing as I sank into the mattress. It is a soft mattress, that gives some support, so if you are looking for a mattress with great support, this may not be for you. I must say that we didn’t toss and turn nearly as much, and both my husband and I felt we got a much better sleep than our older spring mattress. I also didn’t feel hot, as one may think in sleeping on a foam mattress. This is a very soft mattress, and would have given 5 stars if it gave a little more support. So far, over all we are very pleased with this mattress after 10 days of sleeping on it!

  69. MarvinV1538159226

    Our old foam mattress was softer and more comfortable. We are trying to exchange it or get our money refunded after 2 months of tryin to adjust to this firm mattress.

  70. MarvinV1533912248

    The bed is too firm for a plush mattress. If you suffer joint pain it is too firm and aggravates the discomfort.

  71. AdamS1515173558

    I always thought that a firm mattress was what I wanted, turns out I was wrong. After lying down at night always felt great on a firm mattress. My body was telling me before going to sleep that firmness was what I needed because it felt so good. But then I was always waking up after 3 hours in pain, tossing and turning I just thought that I’m getting old and my body was wearing out that I was just going to have to live with it. However, every time we stayed at a hotel on a plush bed I discovered that I could sleep all night after all, it was going to take a softer and plush mattress. After sleeping on the iComfort Blue Touch 3000 Elite Plush I am sleeping all night every night.

  72. JohnS1527039701

    Instant comfort. Perfect on motion base. Dreamy. Makes me want to sleep all day.

  73. AngelaG1539917061

    This purchase is the best choice I’ve ever made in a mattress…I am disabled and live in chronic pain 24/7 with many conditions…I have many pressure points and needed a mattress that would not press on these areas..I researched for a few weeks…went to a retailer that sells Serta along with other brands..laid on many mattress to find my body was able to lay on the Blue Max 3000 elite without pressing on my pressure points…I purchased the motion base and I couldn’t be happier with my choice…ordered from Serta online and so glad I did…they took care of all my questions and were there for me all the way to delivery and beyond…if you live with chronic pain…I would highly recommend you try out this mattress…you will be so glad you did…I am !!

  74. GingerB1512420315

    We had a Serta queen mattress and wanted to upgrade to a king size bed. We thought to save some money we would research beds sold online that are vacuum sealed and come to your door. We chose the “Purple Mattress”. We are both side sleepers and the reviews said that the purple mattress was good for people who sleep on their side. We gave the mattress about a month before we told them to come get their mattress it was just way too firm. We love this Serta mattress, we can sleep comfortably on our side and wake up refreshed instead of our hips and shoulders being achy.

  75. BradH1532803677

    Received this mattress a few days ago. It’s very comfy, but I’m hoping my body will get used to it soon. Came from a plush spring mattress. Chose this one because it was comfortable in the store.

  76. DebraD1511551735

    We love how comfortable this bed is. The store where we purchased it has a bed set up that electronically evaluates what type of mattress you should be sleeping on, and it selected the firmness for us. We knew we wanted the Serta iComfort based on a friends recommendation. We purchased the split king adjustable mattresses because my husband needs a more firm mattress than I do, so the split worked out perfectly for us. We are very impressed with the quality and comfort of the mattresses.

  77. TomK1506529580

    I bought this mattress because I have bad arthritis in back and elsewhere. I have degenerative discs and bone spurs in my back. I love the foam for contoured, even support. I bought the motion perfect 3 base for adjustability for my pain of the day. I’m sleeping great now and would recommend this set

  78. DeloresR1523908805

    I bought the hybrid Observer at first and am very glad for the guaranty plan. I have too many pain problems that were not being helped. I am so glad they suggested a memory foam. I now have the Icomfort Blu Max 3000 and no more pain. I love it.

  79. CodyR1502290725

    Never in my life have i got anything other than an average mattress. We build a brand new house and wanted a good quality mattress since we felt we finally deserved it. Have slept so well ever since. Thank you icomfort

  80. HeatherJ1502250357

    I love how comfortable this mattress is – it is so nice to sink into it at the end of a long day. We originally bought a Beauty Rest but exchanged it for the iComfort. We both prefer a softer mattress and this was the absolute most comfortable in the store. Considering we were exchanging the first mattress; we tried every mattress in the store. This mattress was significantly higher in price than the first one we purchased, but so far it is worth it. My one complaint is I sink in a little too far, but putting a pillow under my stomach has helped and I’m sleeping great.

  81. LanieB1535249344

    I don’t have huge pressure points on my hips and shoulders anymore. Definite upgrade from my old mattress!

  82. ThomasC1522322473

    We struggled with making a decision on purchasing a mail order mattress or purchasing from a retailer. We decided to purchase for a retailer since we could go and lay on the mattress before making a decision. We also purchased the EgroMotion base which is a great addition to the mattress and combined with the iComfort pillows, that were free as a special offer, our sleep had improved. We fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night!

  83. AliciaJ1511117583

    We like the comfort of this mattress. Our old mattress wasn’t comfortable at all making it hard to get a good nights sleep. We have heard about Serta on tv and decided to check them out. Glad that we did !!

  84. MarshaP1522340303

    This is an early review as I’ve only had this mattress 1 week however, loving it thus far. It did take a couple of days to get used to the foam compared to my last mattress which was more pillow toppy. I was tossing and turning all night and now getting a more sound sleep. I recommend this mattress.

  85. GaryF1515085845

    About a month sleeping on my Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush and no complaints. Forms to your body as advertised and no pain when I wake up. So far so good.

  86. NancyD1499655570

    This bed is so comfortable. It has definitely improved our sleep. I’ve noticed a difference with my back and shoulders, as they don’t ache as they used to when sleeping on our old mattress. We recommend you giving it a try!

  87. kitty7214

    We’ve had this bed for several weeks and I love it. It is very comfortable. I don’t have any pressure point pain or joint pain. I sleep very well. Love the memory foam. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that it doesn’t keep me as cool as I would like. I am a hot natured person and I can’t sleep when I’m hot. It does keep me cooler than my old mattress did. Overall, I’m very happy with this mattress and would buy another one.

  88. EugeneH1519939572

    I first bought and tried out the Simmons Black Mariela which I thought was too firm…after trying it out for 120 days, I decided to return it and although it ended up costing me more because of the restocking and additional delivery fees. I decided to go with the Serta IComfort and have never been happier…it usually takes me about five minutes to fall asleep but on the Serta..I knock out within a few minutes. Ive been getting the best sleep I ever had in years. The mattress is also fantastic at dissipating the heat from my body so I also sleep much more comfortably than I have on any of my previous mattresses.

  89. BrendaF1515698141

    I fall in love with my bed every night…SO Comfortable…Quality and Comfort are important to me. Serta exceeds in both!

  90. LoriannF1509734068

    I originally purchased a Sealy Copper Hybrid on August 26th and had that mattress for two months. It was very firm too firm for me so I went back to the store and after a lot of trials, I ended up buying the Serta IComfort 3000 CG Max. This mattress is already way better than the other and I am so glad I brought this home. I have slept better on this mattress in one week than I did in the whole two months I had the other. I highly recommend this. I also bought the adjustable base to go with it so I am totally happy!

  91. RyanS1504835381

    Only have had less than a week. So far the mattress is very comfortable and conforms to your body. Bought with an adjustable base which increases comfort.

  92. ElliottY1531089895

    I live the bed so far. I immediately felt like I was almost floating on the bed with no pressure. It’s a great bed and I love the cover on it.

  93. StevenM1509377398

    Our old mattress sagged in middle and we woke up wore. This one give each of us independent support, it stays cool, and we wake up feeling rested. Very comfy!

  94. MariaG1507837508

    This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. I absolutely love it and am so happy we made this purchase!

  95. KevinK1529695719

    NO DISLIKES AT ALL! After one and half month’s of sleeping on this mattress, I’ve been having a much more restful sleep. It literally seems like you’re sleeping on a cloud…not that I’ve ever slept on a cloud, but it I’m thinking it would feel like this! Absolutely WONDERFUL! I would highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers as the mattress is soft yet supportive. It cradles the body to a point where you don’t toss around in bed to find a comfortable position to sleep. I went from one major brand and switched over to Serta, and I’m glad that I did as I had done extensive research before my purchase. THANK YOU SERTA FOR MAKING SUCH A WONDERFUL MATTRESS! I WILL DEFINITELY PURCHASE FROM YOU AGAIN!

  96. ThomasC1520353411

    Previous mattress was in need of replacement and the Serta is like sleeping on a cloud. Wonderful decision and we are looking forward to many years of comfortable sleep!

  97. DavidP1501104230

    So far this product feels good not to soft and not to hard. You sink right in to the bed so you feel like you are floating .

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