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Are you searching for a budget friendly mattress option that provides a soft yet supportive feel?  The Sealy Essentials Happiness Plush Eurotop mattress may be the ideal option. With an affordable price tag and a Medium on our Comfort Scale, this model is specially designed to provide a balanced combination of both comfort and support. Sealy uses hypoallergenic and antimicrobial fabric.

Top Layers of Comfort
Notable features in the Happiness Plush Eurotop include a layer of Sealy Cushion Air Foam right on top panel of the mattress so the sleeper experiences superior contouring to the body, airflow throughout the mattress and above average pressure relief to help eliminate painful pressure points. A layer of Sealy Cushion Air Foam further enhances pressure relief while boosting durability and ensuring the 10 year warranty. The layer of SealySupport Firm Foam is much like a foundational foam since it provides a solid underlying feel.

Core Layers of Support
Necessary back support is provided with the help of the Sealy Response Coil System, an individually wrapped system in which each coil works on its own in order to closely contour to your body while providing solid support. You can rest all the way to the edge without noticing much of a difference in comfort or support thanks to the SolidEdge HD Foam Encasement.

Our Recommendation
For the price, we believe the Happiness Plush Eurotop is one of the best buys in our entire mattress lineup.  It suits both a back and side sleeper ideally in pursuit of optimal pressure relief and back support.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King





Comfort Type


Mattress Type



10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced




Antimicrobial Fabric


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4994 reviews for Happiness – Plush Eurotop

  1. J.D.

    Our last mattress felt like we were both falling in a cave…..This mattress (California King) is like flying above the clouds…Thanks Sealy…great job!!

  2. jojo

    Great mid-range mattress. Not too hard, not too soft.

  3. Paul the builder

    It has handles on the side for easy transportation and when you putting on sheets.

  4. Boatman

    The mattress is exactly what I wanted in the correct firmness with great support. It is also very comfortable and good for your back. Would buy again.

  5. marian

    we sleep on it

  6. Junie

    We got this awesome deal at Costco. Feels better than our Sleep Number Bedr

  7. Mojo

    Use this in a guest room in a seasonal cabin. Best bed in the cabin. Nice and firm. High quality construction

  8. Chuck

    Very happy with purchase.

  9. DeeDee

    This is a great mattress. It’s being used for our daughter’s room and she just loves it. We thought her old mattress was comfortable, but this one is even more amazing. So glad we decided to upgrade.

  10. Jesus

    Its comfortable

  11. Katiria

    It’s strong and soft at the same time I don’t need the box spring since this mattress is so fat and cushioned that it feels incredibly strong yet soft at the same time

  12. Col

    This mattress is good quality and is well made. I love that it is the right amount of support, not too soft or firm.

  13. Jeff the Captain

    I like the bed height of the box spring, mattress and pillow topper.

  14. Abi

    It’s very comfortable. I have a bad back and it feels great!

  15. Rita

    very good quality for the price

  16. Michelle

    Great quality and conforms to every way I sleep. I had a double pillowtop for 5 yrs and it was horrible quality. I’m so happy I though it away for this wonderful new Sealy Plush Pillowtop Meticulous.

  17. PJ

    Very pleased with this mattress. Was looking for a firm mattress at a good price and this checks both boxes. It is cushion firm which provides the support needed without feeling like you’re sleeping on a wooden board. It is firm though. Read other reviews that stated it was not good for side sleepers. I sleep on stomach, back, and side without issue.

  18. SuperSuper

    Coming from someone with a twin size bed, this is great, it’s soft but not too soft.

  19. tony

    just purchased the mattress about one week ago. I have already appreciated better sleep quality. I am waking more rested and without the discomfort I experienced with my old mattress

  20. TT

    Used as primary bed. It’s firm, but would be ideal if there was one level of softness without it being too soft.

  21. None


  22. Jshaffer

    Love this product so soft, comfortable, and affordable.

  23. John L

    This is for our guest room only

  24. Sam the horse jumper

    My daughter has back issues and loves this mattress. Said her back never felt better.

  25. Bud

    I use this mattress for my primary bed. The great thing about this mattress is that I get the support of a firm mattress, yet have that soft cushioning of the Eurotop. I was looking for a mattress that was relatively cost-efficient, yet very comfortable and so far have enjoyed it for the one hour I have had it all positioned and covered with my fitted sheet. So far, I am as satisfied with my mattress as I was the day I tested it at the store.

  26. None

    extremely comfortable bed

  27. joey

    this is a great bed for people who dont like too soft and want a little extra support and firmness

  28. joey g

    love this mattress, firm and supports the back well!

  29. BK

    Great quality mattress

  30. Carla

    This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I will never buy any other brand other than Sealy.highly recommended.

  31. Big D

    I use this mattress as my primary sleeping bed, the sturdiness is awesome, not to hard not to soft, the comfort of sleep is beyond good, takes awhile to break it in can be a lil enough in the beginning but once its soft at your comfort level its nothing but good sleeping.

  32. Bargain Hunter

    Needed a new mattress as my old mattress was getting old. Found this mattress online for a great price. My first night sleeping on this mattress provided me with the BEST sleep I’ve had in a long time! So glad I bought it

  33. Kevin

    I would recommend others who love a firm mattress. I don’t enjoy a soft mattress but a sturdy and strong. The first day it would take a while for me to sleep. However, I went to sleep right away the next day. I would purchase another one when my current mattress is dead. Thank you Sealy!

  34. TK

    The bed is very comfortable for my husband and I. I like that I cannot feel him get into bed, like our old bed, which would wake me up. We are both side sleepers and it is comfortable for back and side sleepers. My only complaint is that it does make noise when getting in and out of bed. Hoping it is just a break in period and will stop soon. Other than that, very comfortable.

  35. New bed at last

    Nice sturdy construction.

  36. larisa

    THis is awesome.

  37. Steve the Hiker

    Primary bed for my teenage son. He sleeps hard and complains when he is on a less than ideal mattress. I can’t seem to get him out of be when he is on his Sealy.

  38. Mack

    This mattress is a great addition to my daughter’s room!

  39. Dick

    An elderly couple

  40. My Mattress

    Really sleeps well. I love all Sealy products

  41. Satisfied Customer

    This is for the master bedroom and replaced a 15 year old mattress set. We fell in love with the mattress in the store!

  42. ALB

    The Best mattress I have ever owned was a Sealy posterpedic. I purchased two mattresses before this one and returned them both, knowing I should have gone with my gut instinct to begin with!

  43. Jojo Fisch

    My husband and I are both on the heavy side with back issues. Our sleep on this mattress is the best we have ever had. We each wake up rested with no more achy back or shoulders.

  44. D the bachelor

    Soft feel but supportive

  45. Teresa

    So far loving this bed. I just recently purchased it – but it sleeps well.

  46. New York Chris

    Wow! What can I say. First night on this and I woke up in the same position I fell asleep. That hasn’t happened in years. That’s how good the sleep is on this thing. My children are down to one nap a day now. Previously I couldn’t get much more than 45 minutes out of them for a nap. 2.5 hours now and a much better mood from the kiddos after catching a few zzz’s on this baby. I would highly suggest this mattress to anyone who needs a better sleep.

  47. Nana

    This mattress is used in my bedroom. It is comfortable.

  48. none

    One side sleeps O K. Other side is very hard and causes severe back pain. I bought this mattress because of back problems .Did not help very much

  49. Pam

    I loved this mattress at first, but it got lumpy quickly. I only purchase Sealy products and this is atypical of their merchandise.

  50. jen

    very happy with purchase. our shoulders don’t hurt any more and my back isn’t sore when i wake up.

  51. JJ

    Great support for the back! Paired with a good pillow it really provides great support

  52. kryscott99

    My 6 year old is finally sleeping in his own bed! We have only had the bed for a few weeks, but the last week he has slept all night in his own bed. We allowed him to lay on every mattress in the store (within reason for a 6 year old) and this is the mattress he decided on. Not sure if it was its bounce-ability in the store or if it was truly comfortable, but so far it is a win-win in my book! Very thick and firm, which I think are good for a young, growing child.

  53. Brez

    Looking to get a king set, soon

  54. Ganesh

    It is a good mattress, great value for the price. Bought it only a week before, need more time to give a 5 * rating.

  55. Bink

    So far I am loving my new mattress

  56. Wood butcher

    This is used on a guest bed. Guests love it. They like it much better than the old mattress.

  57. Nicole

    I have only had this mattress for a couple weeks but it is the most comfortable bed I had slept on in years. It feels like it is conforming to your shape without feeling too soft

  58. Max

    I’ve only had this product a short time, but so far, so good. It’s very comfortable, and has just enough “give” to conform to shape of my body.

  59. Keljim

    This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

  60. Zazzle

    Very comfortable!

  61. Sam

    This is my first all memory foam mattress and I’ll never go back! I went with the push for a softer feel, still offers all the support I need and makes for quality sleep.

  62. Chris

    Very soft, comfortable bed

  63. Di

    It feels firm for a foam mattress.

  64. Sew

    This mattress is for a guest room, and is working it well.

  65. Bigboybed

    Purchased for my son, loves his new bed and mattress.

  66. Don

    Good product.

  67. Just Me

    OMG!!! This mattress feels SOOOO GOOD. Having had two back surgeries and still my back is whack, this mattress makes me forget I ever had back problems. Excellent support all around.

  68. Cutie Girl

    I sleep on it every night. It works well for a stomach sleeper. It is squishy when sitting but firm when laying.

  69. Haylie

    The mattress is amazing. I was using the same twin mattress for 15 years and really needed an upgrade to a queen mattress, while on a budget. I was able to get a high quality Sealy mattress that was even well under my price range. I love the mattress and cannot wait to get great use of it!

  70. Rick

    The best is firm and forms to the body and holds shape.

  71. Mr. Perez

    My body feels comfortable and mattress hold the shape.
    No back pain again.

  72. Sophia

    I absolutely love this mattress! I have a bad back that gets very sore after a long day and coming home to this mattress is my dream come true. The only downside to it is that it is a little bit short, in my opinion. I am 5ft 10in and my feet hang off the end of the mattress unless my head rests at the very top of the other end. Other than that minor setback, this mattress is perfect if you are looking for something that is not both soft and holds its shape firmly.

  73. Shannon J

    This is the replacement model for a prior model. The first mattress only held up for 3 years. I am hoping that this one makes it longer than that.

  74. sleepy bear

    I love it. My wife found it too soft the first few days but she is getting use to it

  75. Jenny

    Great bed, great deal! Comfortable, plush, great guality.

  76. Brad

    Love my new mattress. Soft yet firm. Would almost argue but too soft for a firm.

  77. Jm72

    Great bed. Great sleep. Great purchase.

  78. Ashley

    Overall the bed is comfortable and a good combination between soft and firm. However, on the one side of the bed, a lasting body imprint has formed due to regular sleeping habits which has resulted in an uneven surface and uncomfortable during sleep.

  79. Happy mamma

    Great upgrade for a growing teen that needs mor space to stretch out!

  80. None

    Great mattress for a summer home. Price, quality, It’s all there

  81. D and S

    Response Performance is firm yet comfortable, just what we wanted for the guest bedroom.

  82. Dan

    Excellent bed for the price. Its the mid range of the response line and feels only slightly less plush to me than the top of the line which was more than double the price.

  83. ralvarezj

    Plush yet firm

  84. Autumn

    My partner and I bought this mattress for our primary bed in our first apartment. This mattress fit perfectly within our budget and was the perfect firmness for us – impressive since one of us prefers mattresses on the firmer side and the other prefers plush. We have absolutely no regrets about this purchase and feel sure it will last us for years

  85. Adam

    Super happy with this bed. We purchased it based on quality and cost. Really happy with the construction and firmness. It had a little new mattress smell that went away quickly. Id purchase it again.

  86. Mary

    I sllep great

  87. Restless sleeper

    It’s my primary bed needed something very dependable soft I have had it a month and I do sleep better with less back pain since I got it.

  88. mmjmc

    use daily

  89. D and S

    Foundation well matched to the Response Performance innerspring.

  90. JimBo

    An extremely comfortable mattress! Don’t be afraid to buy it!

  91. Chrys

    have it in my spare bedroom, my grandchild sleeps on, have no complaints

  92. Jtex

    I have had this bed for a little over a month and love it. We replaced a pretty old mattress and this was just right. We tried out several different options and we are very happy we went with this one. It has a nice soft top that is comfortable, but the mattress is very firm and seems to keep it’s shape nicely so far.

  93. Felicia

    More comfortable than higher priced beds that I tried. The adjustable base was my selling point because I couldn’t beat that deal. I have sleeping issues, and I was hoping that this bed would give me options to alleviate pains that I feel upon waking up. I’m still working on that, but it’s much better than my last bed.

  94. DP

    It is my first foam mattress and brought it after detail search for different mattress, this one had the value for money.

  95. Peapodaca

    I probably won’t buy this again.

  96. joeberger172

    We purchased this bed to replace a softer mattress. So far, we really enjoy it! We are finding that we are sleeping through the night instead of waking up multiple times. We are much more rested.

  97. Patio Pirate

    I’ve had the mattress for less than a month so it’s hard to rate quality or durability. I’d been putting off shopping for a new mattress because it’s so hard to tell in the store if you’re going to like it at home and I was afraid of buying the wrong one. I will say that at each store I shopped at, I first laid down on them all to narrow it down to the ones I was interested in without even looking at the price. I didn’t want price or manufacturer to be the determining factor. I kept coming back to the Sealy I purchased because it felt the most comfortable to me. I’m satisfied i made the right choice because I adapted to it from the very first full night I slept on it at home. I’m very happy with it so far!

  98. Steve’s Wife

    We had a mattress similar to this one, but was another brand and it developed a cavity in it in no time at all and also the top layer came apart from the rest of the bed. This mattress seems to be better quality already!!!

  99. BigSky Mom

    We saved up for this mattress and were very excited when we made the purchase and replaced our over 20 year mattress. So far we are very happy with the quality and comfort of the mattress.

  100. Medic Gardner

    Have slept on Sealy’s in hotels and knew how they slept.

  101. no

    All good

  102. Lady firestick

    The pillow top gives me the softness that I like and the firmness gives my husband the support that he needs for his bad back. Great fit for the both of us.

  103. Mom of 3

    Bought this mattress for our college aged son. Comfortable and good quality.

  104. C.Taylor

    horrible support. Only lasted 4 years

  105. Jeff

    Our son weighs 275 pounds. It gives him plenty of support

  106. carole

    it feels really nice so far.

  107. MarieS

    We purchased this bed as primary and ended up putting it in guest bedroom as it was not firm enough for us. We had to purchase another primary bed that was firmer.

  108. VICTOR


  109. Debbiemak

    My sister stayed with us for 6 months, sleeping on this mattress and liked it very much. When my daughter needed a mattress, she bought this same mattress.

  110. Hildegard Set

    This product was viewed in store and it felt soft and comfortable. However, after buying it and getting it home. I immediately laid upon it and felt instant pain from should to shoulder and neck down. I became physically ill. When I called the store the next morning when they were open, they refused to let me return it saying that it was the mattress I viewed and would take time to break in. They told me to walk and jump on my bed. I did so and the box springs collapsed underneath 130 lbs of weight. I am out all the money I spent and am not getting a phone call returned from the store I purchased as to how to get this fixed.

  111. Jaxmax

    Very restful sleep.

  112. John C

    Perfect mattress, great support for my back without feeling like I’m sleeping on the floor.

  113. Mario

    The mattress is great.

  114. Crysray

    It is my primary bed.

  115. Robbie

    I was very impressed by the calvacade mattress. (I tested it at Levins in Stow)
    However, I didn’t know it was not recommended for a traditional box spring foundation . It is for use with a adjustment base. (Up and down controller) while I am a huge fan of Sealy.
    I will never recommend Levins furniture in stow, ( if Westley is working) too much double talk. So know I must get a adjustment base, which I will by some where else. Sealy is great.

  116. Mario

    The box spring is great

  117. Heather

    My bed is very comfortable.

  118. Mad & Pat

    There was no break-in period. The bed was fabulous right from the start.

  119. none

    new mattress to help sleep through night and relieve back pain. works great. very happy with it

  120. R U Kidding

    Difficult to complete on line registration as serial number is in a very difficult place to read and the selection of mattress type doesn’t seem to match any information that we could locate on the sale documents or mattress labels. Suggest you provide a legible SN on sale documents and clearly describe the mattress type. Our mattress is a SMB Blue Mesa CF whatever that is??

  121. Mom2eands

    Very soft mattress and adjustable is exactly what we need.

  122. Los

    At first I thought that it was to soft, but when then sales person told me to lay on it I felt totally different. It sleeps so good I have back problems and it makes a big difference compared to my old mattress.

  123. None

    Bed provides good support for a guest room bed. Lightweight mattress.

  124. Shannon

    This bed feels great. I wake up rested and dont hurt in my joints anymore. I’m very happy!

  125. Rick

    It’s my primary bed and I’m pretty happy with it so far.

  126. Mapachi

    My first Sealy Mattress. Love the support, I’m a heavy person, it’s the right comfort for me.
    I have RA and this mattress is great for me.

  127. Mike

    This bed looks and feels great.

  128. Annie

    I am using this nightly for my bed. I have slept in a recliner for 6 years. Wanted to get back in bed and I was able to be it very easy with this mattress

  129. Ashley

    We absolutely love our new mattress! I would recommend to anyone! && our children love it too!

  130. Isabella

    Love this bed, it is comfy and soft but still firm, not overly soft. It is great and so is the price

  131. The Sleeper

    Highly disappointed

  132. steph

    everyday use . very comfortable I fall asleep quickly.definitly worth it.

  133. Sassy

    I need a firm mattress due to back problems… This was the perfect choice.

  134. Dee

    I like to read and watch television in bed and the adjustable base is great for that

  135. Jimmy Jams

    The mattress is so comfortable , soft and sturdy. First nights sleep was the best in years. It definitely has great support and I will purchase it again.

  136. Mag529

    I just moved and didn’t have a mattress so for almost 3 weeks I slept on an aerobed which at first was ok but after the 2nd week I was over it and now to have this mattress it’s so comfortable and I’m loving it!!

  137. B

    My son has been sleeping on a similar Sealy at his Grand Parent’s house and loves it. We were hoping to get one as close to that and I think we did. My only complaint is that as I pulled the plastic cover off and placed the mattress on the box spring, I noticed some of the cosmetic stitching coming undone. Kind of a bummer.

  138. Steph who can finally sleep all night

    I am finally able to have a good night’s sleep!

  139. Dee

    Very Comfortable

  140. Debbie92565

    This is a very comfortable mattress. It is a soft mattress and at first I thought it may be too soft for me and my back issues. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I am waking up with out back and hip problems. I always thought a farmer bed was what was needed and her old bed was very hard.

  141. Football mom

    I bought this mattress for my growing teenager. He loves it. We got a great deal on it and would recommend it to others.

  142. stephb1

    Overall sturdy mattress. Would purchase again.

  143. Dude

    The salesperson was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  144. Pebbles

    It’s very comfortable and is holding up well.

  145. Mahi

    We have been using this matress for 6 months and it already has a sag not sure if its a defect piece or matress is like that

  146. Gabbie

    It’s not as soft as I thought it would be but its a great mattress! Very comfortable.

  147. Shannon

    This mattress is used every night. It holds shape and doesn’t squeak but is alittle firm. Took a week or so to get used to it.

  148. Mainer

    great guest bed, can’t really complain given the great price. Motion does transfer through, which is the only downside we’ve noticed so far. If buying again I would compare to a 2 twin (king) setup on price to eliminate the movement issue. Otherwise great.

  149. Sleeping like a baby in Miami

    Love how comfortable this mattress is!

  150. Mainer

    Clearly well made, no complaints on construction. Doesn’t make any noise. Movement does transfer through so if your spouse etc moves you’ll notice, which is my only complaint and it’s really no that bad, guessing a more solid bed frame would fix most of this issue.

  151. lsw42

    This is used for a guest bed and there haven’t been any complaints.

  152. Medical student

    Perfect bed for those who like the support of a firm bed but still like a soft topper. This is my first bed that I’ve bought myself but being a student did not have much cash to spend. Still I went for a slightly more costly bed but well worth the ZZZ’s

  153. Brad

    Put in sons room, only had 3 days

  154. satisfied

    Dimensions fit the murphy bed. Needed a 12′ height, close enough.

  155. plutobob

    It’s all good. A really good sleep. Softer then I have ever had and should have had years ago. A great nights sleep and wake refreshed. My bad back feels so much better in the morning, no where near the pain I had with my old one. A happy sleeper.

  156. Dot

    Our old Sealy posture pedic was way past its life span. Both my husband & I have chronic back pain. We find that Sealy offers the best support & comfort for us. Only ever purchased Sealy since we married and my parents recommended to us ~

  157. CK

    The mattress is good, but failed after two years

  158. Ms Sutton

    i use the produce as my primary bed.

  159. 3bulls

    We’ve had it 3 months,absolutely no issues.

  160. Wheels4ever

    I have been looking for a bed that provided more comfort and support. I finally found it.

  161. Abenne66

    This mattress has completely changed the way my wife and I sleep! We each get a great night’s sleep. The adjustable base is quiet and easy to use. We’re big fans of the “Zero Gravity” setting.

  162. dlk325

    very happy with the mattress, I switched from a memory foam. This is the perfect blend between softness and support

  163. Jessica

    We were replacing an 8 year old mattress that was very worn. We’ve had 2 nights on this new mattress and I’ve felt MUCH more support than our old one. It’s still a little too firm, but I’m going to give it a few more days to see if it’s broken in more. Each day feels better than the day before.

  164. Liz

    This mattress is great because it supports all of the varying sleep styles of me and my husband. With the supportive middle he no longer wakes up with back aches. So glad we found a mattress that we both love.

  165. Jojo

    I use this mattress every night. It seems extremely sturdy and it is good quality. No cavity has formed and I feel very supported by this bed; physically and emotionally.

  166. Lizzy

    Bought this mattress after trying all the mattresses in Ikea, because it felt much more comfortable than any of their options, even just in the store. It’s great quality, and we slept well even on our first night of switching to it!

  167. Blesley

    Slept very well immediately and woke refreshed

  168. Dave

    I purchased this mattress because I needed something very comfortable to sleep on after working
    midnights. This mattress is awesome.

  169. Yolie

    Nice found at good price

  170. DUMO

    Very nice comfortable mattress nd a great price.

  171. Rongman

    The bed are comfortable and we really like it a lot.

  172. Shopper Mom

    Great quality at the perfect price point!

  173. SF

    Springs on one side seems to be collapsed on 2nd day of usage

  174. John

    Bought for bad back – firm but not too much so. Seems perfect.

  175. JamesErvin45

    I use this bed for my bad back, and so far no other mattress was able to compare with this Sealy…very glad I decided to buy it. Thanks Sealy for making such a comfortable mattress.

  176. Patty

    This was a great experience with Slumberland, Roseville, MN. They were very helpful, understanding and made it so easy for me to make a decision. Their customer service is outstanding. We were welcomed as soon as we walked in the store and they were always available to answer any questions. The sales person even went so far as to move up our delivery date by making some switching of products and delivery, very thoughtful!! Thank you Slumberland.

  177. QBert

    Replaced traditional inner-spring with this mattress and an adjustable frame. Was having sciatica issued before, but back pain and nerve pain is greatly reduced. Snoring is less on both our parts too!

  178. Stevie

    Excellent price, quality, and comfort

  179. Sleepy Bear

    Bed provides balanced feel: firm support but has some softness to it.

  180. Lizzie

    Great product at a reasonable price

  181. Crazy mom

    Great mattress for my teenager.

  182. Big D

    My wife and I have never slept better. Even after five knee operations I get up in the morning and my knees are not sore, as they were with our other mattress.

  183. Lou

    Good quality mattress and the price was in my budget

  184. Tam

    Great for our back. We had the previous Sealy for 25 years and was still good shape.

  185. EAW

    This is a very comfortable mattress for my husband and I. We have gotten some really good sleep thanks to this mattress.!

  186. Friday

    Before I bought this mattress I used to complain about my back hurting all of the time. Guess what? My back feels great now thanks to my amazing mattress.

  187. A

    This is my first king sized mattress and I love it! It’s so comfortable!

  188. None

    Just right support. Very comfortable.

  189. Sarah

    Great but!

  190. Ronnie

    We purchase this mattress in Feb 2018. It is not firm and sagging on one side. We need to have this mattress replaced by the manufacture.

  191. Laurie Lou

    This bed is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever had. I wouldn’t say it’s firm. You sink down a few inches. It’s nice because both my boyfriend and I move around a lot in our sleep. You would never feel it in this bed though. It’s by far the best purchase I have I’ve made in years and would only buy this mattress again in the future.

  192. none

    We purchased this mattress for our primary bed. We find it to be firm which helps us sleep comfortably throughout the night.

  193. weezie

    Best investment on a great product.

  194. Mrs. Milton

    I got it for the good product Seally makes

  195. Karen the artist

    After sleeping on my Sealy posture pedic mattress my neck and back don’t hurt apon waking the best sleep ever!!

  196. Moe

    I just purchased this mattress and it is a hit so far.

  197. Larry the Terror

    This Sealy is our primary bed, and we love going to bed it’s so comfortable. We have only owned Sealy and would recommend this mattress to any of our friends that asked. Price is low making it a wonderful investment.

  198. Daniel

    If you sleep only yourself may be good but if you sleep with a partner think it twice

  199. Realmimi

    I only had this bed for a few months and it developed mold between bed and foundation, right in the middle.

  200. Brit girl

    Very comfortable and I’m sleeping so much better

  201. Steve

    This is by far the best bed I have bought and slept on!!!

  202. Sleepy john


  203. Sherry

    Was very pleased with the speed in which we received the mattress and the price. My daughter bought one last November and sold us on it. I’m hoping that the tear along the bottom seam of the mattress doesn’t get bigger.

  204. Mattress Mel

    This mattress is a great bargain for the price. It might be a little more firm than we like but it’s confortable in every other category.

  205. andershl

    replaced a bed in my daughter’s old room and upgraded the size. Very pleased with this mattress and the price.

  206. simpson

    great so far

  207. Anne

    Decent mattress, a bit firm, but it doesn’t lose its shape when we get into bed. Our backs haven’t been aching when we wake up in the morning, as with our old mattress.

  208. Diane

    These mattresses were bought for my 2 teenage boys, and they have been so happy with the quality of sleep they have been getting.

  209. Diane

    We just bought 2 sets of Twin XL Mattresses for our boys and they love them so much!! They told me it was the best night sleep they have ever had

  210. Sam

    Bought the mattress when moving into a new home, and it was completely perfect. Had no issues whatsoever.

  211. Rick

    I have used other brands that were uncomfortable and didn’t last long. My Sealy mattress is comfortable and appears to be well made. I expect to get many years of sound sleep from it.

  212. Lulu

    We just got the mattress and will check it later.

  213. Marisela

    It is my primary bed for sleep and has been very comfortable. Nothing negative about it.

  214. PBL

    It’s a good price

  215. Lola

    Purchased this mattress for my son but now wished I had kept it for myself

  216. K. H.

    I am normally a budget shopper but due to existing back and neck problems I decided to take the plunge and get a king size mattress with adjustable base. This was a major splurge for us as a retired couple . One of our children spent the night with us and told us our prior mattress was horrendous even though we had not had it that many years. Surprisingly after purchasing I noticed I was not waking up with back pain during the night. I still have pain during the day but relief from the night pain improved my quality and length of sleep and lessened my daytime pain.

  217. Chel

    The mattress is great!

  218. Tom

    Have used the product and found it quite comfortable

  219. Sleeper

    Looks great, very comfortable to sleep on. Used in guests bedroom, no complaints from guests.

  220. Jo

    This mattress is firm but has a softer feel to it. The cooling layer gives makes it easier for me to fall asleep. We have not had the mattress long but after the first night I woke up feeling refreshed.

  221. User 2187

    I went with the Sealy brand because of their reputation for quality. I was let down with this mattress, it developed a dip with in weeks of having it and now there is a big lump in the center.

  222. Dude

    Our ten-year-old uses this bed and loves it. I think it starts off quite firm, but seems to soften a bit after use. With a box spring the height of the bed is very high.

  223. M. S.

    Pleased that this mattress doesn’t add pressure to hip joint

  224. Emily

    Sleep on it every night. I like it. Never woken up sore from it.

  225. Juliana

    I loved this mattress!

  226. Katykayy

    The bed is very comfortable. It supports my back and is not hot at night. I am very pleased with the product.

  227. Nancy

    This mattress is so comfortable…not too soft and not too firm. I sleep so well now, with no aches or pains in the morning.

  228. Brian W

    Great mattress – feels soft yet supportive and firm. No more backaches!

  229. Too Old

    After having the same mattress for over 25 years (I know) I am like why did I not buy sooner. Like sleeping on a cloud.

  230. Caleb

    This bed is great for the price

  231. Josh

    My adult son overslept first night. Good sign!

  232. Ralph L

    Use this queen mattress and foundation on a primary master bedroom bed. Replaced an aged mattress, and even though its a new one that would be expected to be a big change, was extremely pleased on how fantastic this mattress is, with comfort, sturdiness and manufacturing quality. Should have bought this sooner.

  233. Sam

    I slept on this mattress at my sister’s; it was ideal for me every night. Came home and purchased a cheaper one and couldn’t adjust after 30+ days. Shouldn’t have tried to save $. Exchanged that one for this and it was immediately comfortable for me.

  234. Bob

    very firm, added an eggcrate foam topper for a slight cushion-like feel.

  235. Christie

    I have not had the bed very long but this mattress replaced a 14 year old one. Last night was best sleep I have had in a long time. It’s early, but if I continue to receive this type of sleep, I definitely made the correct choice in mattresses.

  236. Restful Bob

    Appears to be a great deal.

  237. Bill

    so far, it is very comfortable

  238. Mom

    This was purchased to replace a 40 year old mattress set in my son’s room. (We got it from his grandparents.) He is sleeping much better than he did in the previous three years in an Army barracks. With his bad back, I am glad he is resting better.

  239. EB

    We have enjoyed our bed for the past 2 weeks.

  240. Fly

    Felt a little firm the first night but by the second night is was comfortable. Good support without feeling hard.

  241. Doc

    extremely comfortable and supportive from the first day

  242. Rose

    Very comfortable. supportive

  243. Robert

    I needed a new mattress because of my back. My previous mattress was too soft, which caused numerous back pain and issues. I was recommended by my doctor to get something more firmer but comfortable. I started to sleep better again after sleeping with this mattress.

  244. MB

    I bought this for a guest room – I chose firm thinking I could add a foam topper if it was too soft. Guest said it was fine as is.

  245. Lindsey

    Perfect guest room mattress- soft and comfortable yet affordable. Good quality to accommodate many guests for years to come!

  246. Lisa

    I have had my new mattress for about a month now and I am very satisfied. I had my previous Sealy pillow top mattress for exactly 10 years. They are worth the investment.

  247. Kathryn

    So soft, even from the first night I used it. I worried it would be too soft but the mattress below the pillowtop has good support. Wonderful price for a pillowtop as well. Was able to order from another location

  248. Kids

    My son loves it! The dog too!

  249. john

    used as a guest bed

  250. Dancin’ Grandma

    Nice mattress for my guests to use, and I might just have to take a nap on it sometime too!!

  251. Dancin’ Grandma

    This will be used on a trundle bed for my grandson. He will love it!

  252. Dom

    Daily use

  253. Cynizzle

    This mattress was just delivered as a replacement for another brand which didn’t make it’s warranty expiration! Big difference. It is not too firm so you don’t feel like you’re laying on a board and not too soft wherein you sink and can’t move around.

  254. Susie

    Very comfortable,

  255. Dave the Rave

    Love It

  256. Big George

    We’ve only had our new mattress for about 2 weeks but so far we have no complaints. It is comfortable and just firm enough to still feel soft.

  257. Chichi1

    We have used the mattress for about two weeks and so far it’s doing great…

  258. Marbar Mama

    Looking for a comfortable but firm new mattress for my teen stomach sleeper. He loves his new Cooper Mountain IV cushion firm mattress. Thanks Sealy Posturepedic for making our relo to AZ a lot more enjoyable!

  259. K. Rojas

    Great matress. But theres a dent in the middle

  260. Lisa

    My sleep has improved tremendously with my new mattress.

  261. Audrey

    I love how this mattress is firm, yet comfortable. My back pain has vanished since using this mattress. I always have a good night’s rest in my new Sealy!

  262. AprilSnow

    I actually was quoted less for this mattress by mistake, but after laying on it and feeling how comfortable it was, I decided to pay $100 more for it! Love this mattress!

  263. Dan

    The bed is very comfortable my wife and I really enjoy it the only problem I have is that I think the bed starting to develop a cavity in the middle so when I lay on my side I tend to roll to the middle of the bed

  264. dc

    Comfortable and supportive yet soft on the top. We are both sleeping much better.

  265. LaRue

    Great buy during Memory day sale. Fits both our taste in support with soft pillow top but firm under support. Mattress height 12.5″ good for sheets staying in place. Works perfectly with our adjustable base.

  266. Leah

    I would prefer softer but the husband loves the firmness. The quality is exceptional. I would buy again.

  267. Amber

    This mattress is perfect for me. It is sturdy but still soft and comfortable.

  268. Dr. Dale

    Firm but not hard. My back loves it!

  269. Tony the great

    I use the product for everyday sleeping

  270. MindPhyxer

    Being very tall and heavy set, I needed a more firmer mattress than the recommended soft. This mattress provides the little bit of softness with the firmness underneath. On my old Memory Foam Mattress, I would wake up constantly during the night to shift or use the bathroom since it was putting pressure on me with no actual area support. With the Memory Foam I had joint pain as well, especially my shoulders. I am mostly a side sleeper but I find that now I will also end up on my stomach and the support is incredible. I have only been using this mattress for two days the tension and joint pain are now virtually non-existent. I also now have a deeper sleep though I am a light sleeper which is amazing.

  271. Renee B.

    Got for my personal use, love it.

  272. Lala729

    This mattress was so much better than I expected. Looking forward to going to bed tonight.

  273. Vera

    Mattress is very comfortable. The chemical odor is bothersome.
    I would recommend this mattress once the smell dissipates.

  274. Rachna

    I use this bed to sleep every day. Perfection in a bed.

  275. Gin

    It works well for my fiance who has 2 blown discs in his back. I prefer a softer bed but I sleep well.

  276. hitri

    Perfect bed for Mom.

  277. SB

    We upgraded from a queen to a new king and this mattress fit our needs. We definitely got the most for our dollar on this bed.

  278. Diane

    Happy with product. Will buy Sealy again.

  279. E

    Has comfortable Euro top with good support.

  280. Dan

    I finally got rid of my sleep number bed and LOVE this mattress. The Foxtrot model is both firm but with a soft feel.

  281. Gigi

    Best nights sleep i’ve gotten in a long time.

  282. Diane

    Great nights sleep. Comfortable, affordable, and sturdy

  283. Googs

    I spent the previous 15 years sleeping on a hand me down mattress that looked like a prop from a horror movie and I am a heavy sleeper who hasn’t found a hotel mattress that i couldn’t sleep on so i didn’t know if i would take my opinion on if you should purchase this mattress or not. But it is comfortable doesn’t run hot i don’t wake up feeling like gremlins spent the night beating me up so yes i would recommend this mattress.

  284. Stu

    Mattress is good looking quality product

  285. Dave

    We bought this mattress to fit a Murphy bed we just installed. Low profile was exactly what we needed.

  286. Cherir

    Very comfortable, my old mattress was very old, wish I had made this purchase much earlier!

  287. Van

    Comfortable mattress and lightweight box springs. Nice set

  288. Kassandra R

    Fits our needs perfectly.

  289. Mrs. B

    Good support on edge of mattress to facilitate safety when sitting on bed

  290. Jim the man

    This have been one mattress that supports a good night’s sleep.

  291. Pam

    Sleep on it

  292. Ocean City Mom

    Great for a good night sleep

  293. Frank

    Needed to replace primary bed. Reviewed mattress on-line and seen favorable reviews. Bed has been great! Solid firm, with enough softness and cusion.

  294. Jeanna

    I was very disappointed with this mattress. it formed a lump in the center of the mattress after sleeping on it.

  295. Katie

    Perfect new bed for my toddler

  296. Helen the helper

    I love the bed, very comfortable and soft.

  297. klampm

    I like the height and space on this mattress.

  298. Jason the mechanic

    Great comfort. Pillowtop not too thick. Sheets fit great

  299. Rocio

    This mattress is in my guest room. It’s feels comfortable and I hope my guest will enjoy their stay when they visit

  300. Pat

    Very comfortable.

  301. Keith

    We just got the mattress, so we cannot say a whole lot about it, but it feels very comfy and hardly no back pains like what the previous one did.

  302. KINGLEAR55


  303. NONE


  304. Bronwen

    I was looking for a mattress with natural latex or individually wrapped coils and this has both! I’ve been sleeping on it for a month and a half and it’s great!!

  305. Melissa

    This is the first NEW mattress I have bought in a very long time. I’m so excited to be able to get a great nights sleep. I am very happy with how comfortable the bed is.

  306. Mike

    very good value. Ii is used as a guest bed but I sometimes sleep on it as well. Very comfortable and cool.

  307. AD

    Mattress was great for the first few months now having an issue with warranty information

  308. BRAINS


  309. Amy

    I bought this bed for my guest room. That didn’t stop me from immediately taking a nap on it. I’m heavily considering buying one for my bed now.

  310. No one of consequence

    Sturdy, but in handling, the bottom fabric already ripped.

  311. No one of consequence

    Nice to have the edge protection.

  312. Karen

    I sleep on my side and need a semi-firm mattress, and the euro top is a perfect fit. So comfortable!

  313. J Ramos

    Bought this for my daughter’s bed. Very comfortable and good quality.

  314. geezer

    Good mattress for a guest room bed. Good quality at a fair price.

  315. hank

    firm enough to be comfortable while you sit up to read

  316. granpa

    Kids like this mattress

  317. Stephen

    I use this product as my primary bed and sleep on it every night.

  318. Apakva

    Very pleased with this purchase!

  319. Terri M

    Used on a child’s bunkbed

  320. JKHH

    Best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!

  321. Francisco

    If you are tired of lousy sleep, look no further. I’m picky about my sleep. This mattress is beyond my expectations.

  322. Drew the dude

    Was on a great sale at Sears. Is comfortable so far after a month of use.

  323. Liu

    The mattress support is very comfortable, especially we prefer more firm mattress.

  324. GMB

    My box spring is broke and I haven’t had the bed a month. I’m to get a replacement free of charge.

  325. watersrob100

    I am so glad that after 12 years on my old bed that I stopped in to check prices… I am now a very happy man 🙂

  326. Diamond LIL

    We shop for the best value. Love the way it stays level, We upgraded from a memory foam which sloped on the edges and did not give a firm edge. This works great, the coils on the edge give it great support on the edge of the bed.

  327. Tom the Accountant

    This mattress is used as my primary bed. It is quite comfortable and relaxing.

  328. bob the wiz

    this is a very good matress and very comfortable and the service was excellent

  329. GJG

    Was a great buy, price was reasoable

  330. Katie

    My young son has this mattress and I’m always falling asleep in his bed with him, it is so comfortable!

  331. Jim from Michigan

    Sales person was knowledgeable and able to answer our questions as well as allow us to try a number of options.

  332. Momof4

    This mattress is very comfortable. At times it can feel almost too plush but it is helpful for our back pain.

  333. Sal

    Have used the bed and it is comfortable

  334. Lyn

    I bought this mattress so that my disabled husband could get in and out of bed more easily. This mattress has more support in the midsection where he needs it. It seems to be helping.

  335. Mc

    Great overall mattress. I like firm mattress and this one is perfect!

  336. Sarah

    I’ve had my mattress for a little less than a month now and love how it feels. Soft yet firm, comfortable. I fall asleep right away.

  337. Steve

    Great bed and not too hot.

  338. PC

    Nice fairly firm mattress

  339. Johnny

    We bought 3 full size mattresses for the kids. All my boys think the mattresses are very comfortable and get a great nights sleep. I highly recommend the Response line for those on a budget.

  340. TC

    so far a very good quality mattress and firm.

  341. peewee

    I can not say a lot about it yet because I have only slept on it for 2 nights, but I can say that it has been the best to nights of sleep I have had in quite some time.

  342. Pam

    We are a big time sealy and Posturepedic family will constantly keep continuing to buy Sealy awesome product

  343. BeK

    I’m a side/back sleeper with an L4 issue. This bed is firm, yet soft enough for lying on my sides. Very comfortable!

  344. Jruff

    I appreciated the hassle free exchange

  345. BN

    Perfect for us.

  346. Ivepervilla

    I know I made an exclenet purchase.

  347. Sound sleeper

    I have a lot of hip pain, being a side sleeper. And also low back pain. But just a few days with this new mattress I am able to sleep comfortably!

  348. Hard to satisfy Art

    I have heard nothing but good comments about this product.

  349. Lyn

    Best most comfortable bed.

  350. JIM


  351. PharmacistSleeper

    Great mattress! Firm! Back pain disappears!

  352. BEV


  353. Paul

    Great deal and what I was looking for

  354. Stu

    My fiancee is a back and side sleeper while I’m a stomach sleeper and we both love our mattress. This mattress is extremely comfortable for both of us.

  355. KmartRob13

    We have had this mattress for a little over a month and so far LOVE it. We previously had a memory foam mattress which sunk in after a few years and was giving me back issues. Before purchasing this bed we tried out a sleep number which was double the cost of this mattress. We Hated the sleep number because it was basically sleeping on an air mattress which I hated. We decided to go with a innerspring for the support, the price was so much better and I have a 10 year old sealy that has held up very well.

  356. George the working man

    Love the price and the feel of the mattress !

  357. LT

    Bought for toddlers room. Perfect for him.

  358. Brian the Sleeper

    No matter how I twist and turn I’m still supported. No more back pain, no more restless nights. LOTS MORE SLEEP AND COMFORT

  359. Laura the Laugher

    Great, comfortable mattress, great delivery and set up – white glove was awesome!

  360. Kit the Kat

    The bed has a topper which creates a more comfortable and soothing place to sleep on. Everyone who has tried the bed all was amazed at how plush the bed is.

  361. Kathy the walker

    The mattress is very comfortable in any sleeping position. It allows me the best nights sleep I have ever had.

  362. C

    Really nice bed for the price. It has developed a bit of a cavity after a year which I’m investigating to see if it’s within the acceptable threshold. Still very comfortable

  363. NA

    It gives me the support I need.

  364. The flop stopped

    Very happy with it.

  365. Dream Weaver

    My wife ordered this mattress for me because she didn’t want me to spend over a grand on a bed. Buying a bed is extremely confusing if you haven’t been in the market for a decade or two. I have learned that foam mattresses heat up like a pistol and some emit an odor, so beware. I’ve slept on this mattress now for nine days and I am having vivid dreams despite my initial negative reaction because of the firmness and a distinct factory odor. I am happy to report that the odor was gone by the next evening and I can always buy a pillow top if I want a little less firmness. I think I’ll keep this mattress. I’m getting used to it.

  366. Mopman

    I’ve had this mattress for 2 weeks, so far it has met all my expectations

  367. Rosebuds

    I look for value and quality and this has both. Bought through Costco.

  368. miguel cotto


  369. IS

    This bed is wonderful. Perfect combination of comfort and support. We previously had a Sealy bed and loved it. It was just time for a new one. I’m very pleased with the new bed. We also had a really good experience with The staff and Management at the Sealy Ontario store, we were shown the utmost customer care and service.

  370. Wattie

    I bought this mattress for our guest room. It is a good mattress for a reasonable price.

  371. JAW

    Bought this for a guest bedroom, got a great deal at Costco, so far all guests at the house have found it to be very comfortable!!

  372. NATALIE

    We have 3 of these same mattresses in our house and everyone loves them!

  373. Jordan

    We have a total of 3 of these mattresses in our household! Everyone loves them!

  374. Nine

    Purchased for a guest bedroom and selected for Sealy name and exceptionally reasonable cost

  375. Lynn

    I was stuck in between picking a Serta or a Sealy mattress. Sealy is always the way to go. My grandmother slept on Sealy, my mom has a Sealy mattress, and now I do too. I love it. I have no complaints so far.

  376. Pod97

    We use this mattress as our primary bed. It replaced one that had developed a severe cavity on the right side. Overall the mattress is very sturdy and comfortable. Good value for the money.

  377. Dave

    Great buy.

  378. Back & Side Sleeper

    I made the shift to a traditional spring mattress after many years of owning a memory foam because my mattress began losing its shape and causing lower back pain. I knew I wanted a firm mattress, but wasn’t too keen on purchasing a traditional mattress since I hadn’t owned one in years. I decided to give this one a shot after really liking the floor sample I tested out in store. This mattress provides the firmness and stability I was seeking. It also holds its shape, while also providing slight comfort/cushion. I’ve owned this mattress for about a week now and so far, so good! I would recommend this mattress to anyone seeking a product which holds its shape and doesn’t sink in or cave in like other traditional or low end memory foam mattresses often do after about a year. Keep in mind this is not a soft mattress, so if that’s the kind of product you’re in the market for this wouldn’t be the product for you. Hope this helps!

  379. None

    I just recently purchased this bed and my significant other and I love it.

  380. Susan

    Me & my husband both picked this Mattress and think we made a great choice we are sleeping much better then we did on our Serta

  381. Ashley

    Bought this as our daughter’s first twin size bed. Great mattress for the price!

  382. Mike

    This is a great mattress!! I was so in need of a new one since I always woke up with shoulder pain and numbness. But with this mattress all of that has disappeared, Most definitely recommend this mattress!!

  383. Denny

    This is a great bed for a great nights sleep!

  384. TT

    Sleeps good, no complaints. My significant other does complain about lumpy feeling

  385. the general

    Wife and I spend every sleeping moment that we can with our new mattress.

  386. Iz

    this is a excellent product

  387. Andy

    I really like the pillowtop mattresses and this one is very nice. Still in the break in period and appears to be good so far.

  388. Lola

    I found this bed by researching the March 2018 issue of Consumer Reports. My local Macy’s had this particular mattress set on their floor room. The combination of the cushion firm mattress and the soft pillowtop won me over for a mattress in this price range as compared to other brands.

  389. Mslad

    I forgot how important a new mattress adds to a good night sleep. I love it.
    I get up in the mornings with less body aches.

  390. Wade the sleeper

    This is the best mattress I have ever owned.

  391. Meem

    So far I have been getting a good night’s sleep on it.

  392. Del de Rom

    Thank you Costco for another excellent quality product! We’re using this mattress for occasional switching beds while spouse snores and for guests. Very happy with it.

  393. KJ

    Surprisingly soft bed that is extremely comfortable to sleep in.

  394. Sophia

    Finally here comes a real firm mattress. My back pain got much better after I slept on this mattress.

  395. My Teenage Sportsman

    Purchased this bed for my teenage son who is an avid sportsman and needs good support. Mattress is perfect.

  396. John

    Took a chance on this highly rated mattress from Costco and for the money, I am satasfied with the quality. Wish it was a bit firmer, but so far it feels ok. I visited local brick and mortar, but backed out of an order to get this.

  397. Ann

    The mattress is perfect. I get a good night sleep and wake up feeling rested and have less aches and pains.

  398. Whuzzal

    Have owned Sealy all my adult life it is the best as far as I am concerned and doesn’t cost a fortune to get the quality.

  399. Arlene

    Choose firm mattress and it is, except for the cavity that is visible. Weigh only 125# and don’t think after a short time (4 weeks) this should occur.

  400. Dave

    Mattress is very comfortable. It is on the firm side which I like.

  401. SA Nurse

    amazing mattress!!!!

  402. Sealy

    No problem transitioning from a waterbed to this mattress

  403. Tony

    To sleep comfortably

  404. Shaun

    A fine product. I use it to sleep, relax, and watch tv.

  405. Omaha Jo

    Sealy products are the best. Won’t use any other brand!

  406. Ashley D

    This works great for my daughters room.

  407. Seeking Comfort

    Best Mattress Ever!!! UI went through a few mattresses and was nuts due to lack of sleep. I tried the Saatva ,too hard ,then the I cloud , way too soft. I found the Humbolt Sealy Firm and have had nothing but peaceful comfortable sleep. Thank God I found you!!!!

  408. Joe

    Only had this for a day.

  409. mimi

    Mattress has FOUR tags attached, finding the info needed to register item was not easy, I did contact customer support.
    was told to look for # under upc code. THERE IS NO UPC CODE ON THE MATTRESS.
    Information on the crucial tag is difficult to read, how about using larger, bold letters!?!

  410. Hoppy

    We are very happy with this mattress. It appears to be well-made and it is very comfortable.

  411. Rootoot

    My husband and I woke up with back issues from the old mattress that was memory foam, then I discovered mold which is one of my allergans. We had that mattress just over a year. I just wish I had bought a Sealy from the start just like my Grandparents did when I was a child. So far I love this nice firm mattress.

  412. Mitch

    I finally replaced my mattress after about 15 years on the same innerspring model. I had resorted to using a 2.5″ topper to reduce the back pain I was experiencing as a result of sleeping on my ancient mattress. After the first three nights on my Sealy Blue Mesa pillow top queen size mattress, I can report that I have experienced a drastic reduction in back pain. I imagine that, given a week or two on this new mattress, the pain will disappear entirely. This mattress offers the perfect balance of cushion and support. The plush pillow top is incredibly luxurious, and the underlying mattress is sturdy and firm. I have not had such a good night’s sleep in many years. I will be recommending this mattress and the Sealy brand to my friends and family!

  413. Rarebird

    This mattress was purchased for my daughter, to replace her old mattress that’s leaving far college with her. After a fair amount of shopping, she liked this sealy cavalcade the best, and we were pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was for the quality. Time will tell how well it holds up in the long run, but she’s quite pleased so far!

  414. margo

    Makes a little noise with movement, my back feels better since sleeping on it.

  415. Dad the napper

    My wife and I were having back and neck pain so we decided to finally buy a new mattress. Our old mattress was a Sealy and was over 10 years old so it made sense to buy another since it lasted so long. This mattress is great! We do not have any more neck or back pain and feel more refreshed when we wake up. She has a vestibular condition and unstable surfaces make her sick and cause vertigo. The individually wrapped coils and layers of foam provide a stable yet comfortable sleep surface that does not affect her condition.

  416. Flip

    Had a earlier version of this product lasted for 12 years, have confidence that we will have the same results with the new bed.

  417. Bobbie

    Best mattress ever. I have been having issues sleeping. Well not any longer. Thank you Sealy!

  418. Ruthie

    I just received my mattresses yesterday, but I did have a restful nights sleep last night.

  419. sama

    Ordered this mattress on sale from Costco and very pleased overall! Would recommend to others!

  420. Pam Jacobs

    It’s a bed I sleep in every night and it is just absolutely wonderful. When I lay on my back there’s no space between my back in the bed.. The support is outstanding

  421. RICKY


  422. RICHARD


  423. GB

    Just purchased this mattress yesterday. It appears to be good quality and the initial comfort is excellent. As with all mattresses time will tell.

  424. Colonel

    When I first got the delivery and made the bed, it looked great. However, I was afraid that it might be too firm. After sleeping on it this week, I had many more continuous hours of sleep each night than I have had for many years. Thanks for making such a fine product.

  425. JT

    Just Bad Fabricated!

  426. JT

    Just Bad Fabricated.

  427. Elynn

    When I first moved out into the world on my own, I purchased a cheap mattress to get by on. Flash foward 10 years, I spend all night tossing and turning and wake up with aches in the morning. I finally decided to treat myself to a new mattress. I’m so happy I did! This pillow top is like sleeping on a cloud! A fluffy, yet firm cloud that just relaxes you to sleep.

  428. Fred

    Beautiful night sleep

  429. Satisfied Customer

    The mattress & boxspring are great! Very well-constructed & comfortable. Very pleased with this purchase.

  430. Jon El Tejano

    I use this bed as a primary bed. I like the fact that I can sleep in any position and still feel comfortable. I literally have no complaints about it.

  431. Barbie

    We ‘ve had this set 6 months now, It’s a beautiful set, good and firm. It doesn’t feel quite as firm as when we first bought it tho. I think I should have picked a much firmer set tho

  432. Bob

    Great Mattress, Great delivery

  433. JP

    I’ve recently had some back/neck issues that started from a pinched nerve. This mattress has helped relieve a lot of the pain that I’ve been dealing with lately.

  434. Comfort Goddess

    I love this bed, comfy but doesn’t sink! Perfect for the side sleeper that wants a firm base but a soft too and to not roll into your partner at night bc it’s sinking in the middle! Awesome buy!

  435. Mickey-Chelle

    All of my 5 bedrooms have Sealy mattresses.

  436. GARCIA


  437. Blessed

    Sleep well

  438. Sarah

    This mattress is too soft for my taste as I was hoping for a firmer mattress for my back. My husband likes it though and it is easy on the knees so we will keep it.

  439. Pat

    Great product

  440. Meat

    I work a very strenuous job and this mattress allows me to sleep comfortably.. I actually jump out bed in the morning ready for work

  441. oc23

    We wanted a bed that was firm but with a soft feel. Our last mattress had me waking up with back pain each night. Since I’ve gotten this mattress- no back pain!

  442. none

    This mattress is on my primary bed and so far it has been great. I love the feel of my new mattress and I have no complaints at this time. I feel this was a great purchase.

  443. Vincie

    It is in our guest room where my grandsons sleeps when they are visiting.

  444. JT


  445. farmgirl

    My husband and I have heart problems and had been sleeping on three pillows for elevation! This firm mattress on this frame which raises our heads is wonderful for us!

  446. Zhanna

    Besides being Ultra Firm, the multiple layers provide a luxurious, comfortable feel.

  447. Sonny

    Have used product for a few days and like very much. Very nice looking mattress

  448. jojo

    Love this mattress! Great buy and extremely comfortable.

  449. Mike

    I was having back pain. The first time I layed on this mattress the pain disappeared. Very comfortable.

  450. Mogook

    I am hoping this mattress remains firm for a long time. Previous mattresses seem to soften over time and form a nest.

  451. Good Sleep

    It’s used as a primary bed in our home. Very comfortable.

  452. Joe

    I needed a firm mattress for my bad back. This mattress is firm but soft!

  453. Ben

    Perfect deal for a relatively low proce

  454. Scott

    Great mattress, we use it in my sons room and for guests everyone sleeps great on it

  455. SP

    Purchased Sealy Ridge Crest Cusion firm Pillowtop mattress from Costco. Mattress is a little less firm than I like but otherwise nice. Have come to trust the reliability of a Sealy mattress.

  456. Jen

    Helped our backs. One of us is on the heavier side and it supports well.

  457. Ant

    Good deal on sale

  458. Luv

    This is my primary bed mattress, bought sealy responsive performance, i have a back problem on soft mattress, but this is perfect for my back, would recommend.

  459. Russell54321

    I have found no cons to this bed at all. I have had Sealy beds since I was a kid before having waveless water beds ( which are a lot of trouble to maintain, change sheets, and worry about it leaking! ) Decided to go back to a regular bed when my last waterbed finally wore out and am glad I did. Sealy in my opinion is the best out there.

  460. VicKry

    Use in primary bedroom – gives me the support/ firmness I like, while being comfy w/pillowtop.

  461. None

    After checking many types of beds, we decided on a Sealy Performance Plush. Sealy = quality
    and we weren’t disappointed in our choice. This mattress is just right for us and even though it’s for a guest bed, we had to sleep on it right away and give it a try. We liked the feel of it so well that I think we’ll just stay there a few more nights!

  462. CD

    Comfortable Mattress

  463. Ronnie

    This is our second Sealy Posturepedic Mattress for our home and we sleep very well on it. We upgraded from Queen to King.

  464. MusicManMike

    For my 8 yr old Daughter’s platform sleigh bed

  465. Jeffry

    Very happy about my mattress

  466. Tom

    Grand kids will love sleeping over.

  467. Tom

    Grand children guest bedroom. They love to have a sleep over.

  468. Jay

    Like laying on a cloud from the moment i first laid on this mattress i felt the wait of the world lift off of me

  469. Yuweezy

    I’ve had lower back pain for a while and I was using a memory foam mattress before. This bed is extremely comfortable and provides support to your back. I would have to use it for a little longer, but totally satisfied so far

  470. Vinnie

    Occasional I use this bed for my self to take a nup in the afternoon.

  471. Tharpy

    We purchased the mattress for our 6 year old grandson who periodically stays with us. We purchased a good quality mattress with the Sealy respectable name for a reasonable price and is very pleased with it.

  472. Mama

    Love our Hybrid Silver Plush– just the right amount of support and softness! Perfect.

  473. Marie from CT

    I did a lot of research before buying this bed. There’s so many to choose from. But what finally sold me to purchase the Sealy Response Performance was the Sealy name, the price, and the pillowtop! Ooh La La!

  474. Cecedru

    Simple…I will use it to sleep on it every night.

  475. Curt

    needed to replace guest bedroom mattress, saw the sale promotion and first guest user was very impressed

  476. Julie

    My husband and I are very pleased with this mattress. The support is fantastic!

  477. Getting a Great Sleep

    Since we love this bed as a primary bed and needed a guest bed, we bought a second one. Our older bed has become our guest bed, and the new bed is now our primary bed. We were not disappointed. It is just as comfortable, and we love it as much as the older bed.

  478. Taytay

    This bed is amazing, I was skeptical at first to buy an extra firm mattress after sleeping on a 4 inch memory foam pad for the last few years. However, I deciced to give it a try because I heard it helps with back pain. Which it really does! 100% recommend!

  479. kk

    OMG! I can’t wait to go to bed at night! This mattress is awesome. It is perfect and I sleep all night and don’t want to get up in the mornings! Buy it now!!

  480. KT

    This mattress exceeded all expectations!

  481. Moni

    This mattress was certainly worth the investment. I only wish that I had purchased it sooner.

  482. mom of many

    My husband and I love this mattress!!!

  483. Tony

    Excellent price, firm as I needed it and my wife is extremely content.

  484. no nick name

    It’s too early to evaluate the mattress. Seems fine. Only had it a few days.

  485. Dude

    I use it every night to sleep on.

  486. Jeff

    I needed a new mattress, but was on a budget. This provided good value and comfort within my price range.

  487. Scooterman

    Went to bed last night with back and shoulder hurting. This morning there was not pain in either. This is an excellent mattress.

  488. I have no nickname

    When I go to bed at night I want a good night sleep. I want to wake up refreshed with no back ache.

  489. Casey

    Very comfortable

  490. rog

    We have only had this mattress for two weeks and at present is only used by spouse because of recent
    surgery, but she noticed right away that the back pain she had before (not related to surgery) was gone.
    She says she is very satisfied with this mattress.

  491. SKINNY


  492. Ken

    So far great!

  493. Jay

    I use this product every night when I sleep. So far it’s very comfortable and has held its shape.

  494. Ken

    Very good workmanship and quality!

  495. Melissa

    I love my new mattress and it was a great deal!

  496. Garry

    I like the new design.

  497. Simon

    This is a bed that I would recommend any college student. It’s ten times better than the ones provided, and would suit your sleeping style. Although it is a bit tall and pricey I would buy it again in a heartbeat


    Mattress buying is sooooo confusing. I researched a long time for a quality set at a price I could afford and my road always led me to Sealy. Sealy is a well known respected brand so I am very confident with my purchase. Thank you

  499. Ivy

    Great good new get sleep not to hard or soft.

  500. Nita

    I use this as my primary mattress, I was having back pain neck pain. Now I can finally get a goodnight sleep. Thanks Sealy.

  501. richard

    pillow top is firm as expected

  502. Kajte

    This is a kid’s bed. Perfect support for a growing body. Sturdy, holds up well to daily use. Incredible purchase for the cost.

  503. Sarah

    Starting to feel discomfort after 5 years of use.

  504. Thumper

    I literally can’t say anything bad about this bed. It’s absolutely the best purchase I have ever made!!

  505. Mr. C.

    We needed an extra bed for 12 visiting family members, and this one was perfect on the floor for a 9 year old, in the same BR with the parents.

  506. Jerry C.

    Bought this mattress for a 5 year old to match his 9 year old brother’s adjacent bed while visiting us, his grandparents. They both enjoyed the nights sleeping soundly in comfort.

  507. Sunshine

    This mattress is for my teen son.

  508. Saved Dad

    This is my wife and I’s first bed. We love it!

  509. Rhonda

    We moved from out of state and purchased this new mattress to go with our 40 year old headboard. We also bought the adjustable frame. We love how comfortable it is and being able to raise & lower both head and foot of bed. Salesman and delivery guys from Mattress King were all great to deal with! We didn’t like the higher legs on the frame so they ordered the 3″ legs and brackets for headboard. Everything worked out great!

  510. Deb01958

    we got this to replace a 20 year old set. We are getting the best nights sleep in a long time.

  511. Felonia H

    I’m happy with my new Sealy Response Premium West Mattress, I did order on line from Costco one mount ago, the price is very reasonable the quality of the mattress very good, I sleep very well every night.

  512. Kay

    guest bed and first guests were pleased.

  513. Cacao

    I got mine from BJs and I’m very happy with it good deal and very comfortable.

  514. Glenn

    Great Mattress sleeps very good

  515. Aimee

    We were desperately in need of a new mattress, and we are so happy we chose this model. The comfort to cost ratio is great. Of course there are nicer models, but this was perfect for our budget.

  516. Hark

    Great matress.Great sleeping.

  517. Joe


  518. Lady Wills

    Tracy and Tabitha were amazing at helping us find our perfect bed!! My husband and I did not live together before we were married so we really didn’t know what we wanted or what would work. My husband is also an over weight man (he had gastric sleeve in November 2017). Therefore we needed something sturdy to accommodate him. We found that we both life a firmer bed and that the adjustable base was beneficial too! Almost every night we say, “This (referring to the bed) was a great investment”.

  519. Barry

    I have been sleeping a lot sounder since we started using the Sealy. Our old mattress was horrible.

  520. Kari

    Got this mattress on a sale, using it for my son so it’s doesn’t matter as much if it’s thin. Wouldn’t recommend for an adult though.

  521. Eileen, the walker

    Feels comfortable, good night sleep.

  522. Courtneyok!

    The bed is very comfortable and still has support.. I do notice that it’s starting to develop low spots after only a couple of months, but I keep rotating it to keep it as level as possible.

  523. Scott in CA

    So far I have had this bed just over 30 days and I have never slept so well. I no longer wake up tired or with a sore back. This mattress is a great value.

  524. Peanut

    Excellent mattress with the right softness and support

  525. Tony

    I use the bed regularly for naps. It is working out great.

  526. AMK

    We use this in guest bedroom on a Murphy Bed.

  527. Tony

    Used as primary bed.

  528. Dave

    This is used in a guest bedroom

  529. Dee Dee

    I look forward to going to bed each night on a mattress that finally helps me feel good in the morning. The pain in my lower back and neck pain have improved since I bought my Sealy set. I highly recommend that Response Line Premium mattress. Worth every penny!

  530. Jack The Ripper

    Great Mattress for a great price!! Sealy never fails to Amaze me 🙂

  531. Sbailes

    This is the best sleep I have ever had

  532. susan

    Sealy quality is superior.

  533. Lilsouthernsister

    Just delivered today, but we were very impressed with the one in the store. Can’t wait to break it in.

  534. ASh

    Very nice bed. I am a nigh owl and can never fall asleep right away. Got this bed and takes me 5 min and I’m asleep.

  535. Eli

    good mattress but is now lumpy.

  536. Chet

    Being an older fellow, I always got up two, to three times every night. The first night I slept on my new mattress, I slept through the entire night. I was amazed – now I usually get up once – if at all. I feel I am sleeping more soundly, now. This mattress is firm and comfortable no matter what position I am in. Going to sleep in not a problem. It seems to happen very quickly on this new mattress. I am very well pleased with this product.

  537. Jackie

    Just received this mattress today. It was delivered promptly and in perfect condition. Bought this for our daughter to replace an 18 year old mattress. Took her to the store and she selected the Lawson Plush Pillow top. She is a stomach sleeper and is looking forward to hopefully better sleep in the future.

  538. Marie

    I can’t wait to use it.

  539. Joey swift

    Was sleeping very nice for just 2 months and now it’s soft what’s it’s suppose to be firm my body aches everyday it’s hard for me to get out of bed

  540. Annabel

    I needed to buy a new mattress after having my old one for over 10 years and I was developing back pains. I wanted something firm, but still soft and ended up choosing this mattress. I’ve had it for about a month now and I can say that it’s quite easy to fall asleep on this mattress. I do wish it was a bit firmer than it is, but am happy overall with my choice.

  541. Russ

    My daughter needed a new bed, and this one is perfect! comfortable and not too expensive!

  542. BoiseBob

    We purchased this mattress for our adult son who finds it comfortable. His previous mattresses developed cavities after about a year. We are hoping this is lasts longer.

  543. Liz

    Thank you for this product is aguin and I am berry amizinig

  544. DaveVO

    I replaced my old worn out mattress with a new Sealy Premium mattress and foundation and couldn’t be happier!

  545. Charles D

    One of my favorite things about the mattress is how thick it is compared to my older mattresses. It may be that extra layer of squish on top, or perhaps that that it’s not old like my other one, but this one is perfect. It holds me comfortably at night. You can just tell with the stitching and material that it’s a great mattress.

  546. Beach Bum

    This mattress in in my guest room. I have been told it is the most comfortable mattress they’ve slept on. I slept on it one night and totally agree!

  547. The Singer

    After trying a foam filled mattress, I really like inner springs for support.

  548. Mac

    Guest bedroom

  549. Ryan

    Very comfortable and will buy another for our spare bedroom

  550. m&m

    It was time for a new mattress. New mattress is firm and comfortable and I actually had a better nights sleep than I have had in a long time.

  551. Sarah K

    Very comfortable and sturdy

  552. Z

    Very happy with the mattress. Price was right for our budget and we have slept well since the purchase

  553. Meshell

    I’m glad I went into Sears and was able to lay on different mattresses while someone walked me through all that I need. I’m a small person but I don’t move much when I sleep. My last mattress had a big divot from where I sleep. The sales associate pointed out this mattress with the reinforced middle to prevent sagging. My back feels SO much better. I will say it’s a little stiffer than at the store but I know it will soften with time. VERY happy with my purchase and the help I received.

  554. Liz the insomniac

    This product helped my sleeping habits so much. I feel refreshed and not groggy or sore when I wake up. Definitely worth it.

  555. Carlos

    I use this mattress as my main mattress for me and my wife and this matress is great for both of us!

  556. Cphang

    This mattress is amazing. I wasn’t expecting such a great mattress for the price but it is firm and comfortable.

  557. Cass

    I work 3rd shift, Sleeping during the day can be challenging. My new Sealy mattress really helps me to fall asleep faster, because its so comfortable.

  558. Pedro

    very nice edge support. feels like a mattress that should last a long time

  559. Tim

    Purchased for my daughter. Loves it and sleeps well!

  560. LSM49

    This is a fantastic mattress. I purchased it online and was quite nervous about purchasing sight-unseen. I have slept on Sealy mattresses in hotels and always had a good night’s sleep, so went for it. When I first tried it I was afraid it might be a bit too firm, but after just one night I found it to be perfect.

  561. M.Daily

    This mattress is in my guess bedroom, it looks and feels good.

  562. Happy Couple

    We were in dire need of a new mattress. My wife has had pain in her hip during sleeping and we had added a 2″ memory foam pad to our old mattress, which helped somewhat. This new mattress, which we have had less than a month, is very soft and comfortable, yet firm to give the support needed. We love it!

  563. KimC

    Didn’t give five starts simply because it is so new and can’t speak to the long term quality/feel.

  564. Gunsights

    This is our primary bed, so far so good!

  565. MDubs

    The perfect mattress for a guest bedroom

  566. Odd

    Why did I not let my wife persuade me in getting a new mattress sooner. I can’t believe my old mattress was causing my back pain.

  567. None

    Great mattress at a great price.

  568. Angel

    Amazing Mattress for the price that was given. Its super comfortable and amazing quality!

  569. Adrienne

    My daughter is much more comfortable on her new mattress. She sleeps more deeply and we can’t get her up in the mornings now!

  570. Terry

    I really like the Pillow Top comfort of this Rock Star Mattress. I though it might be to hard but the pillow top makes it comfortable but the mattress remans firm with good support.

  571. TJ Sean

    Using it for our guest bedroom, no guests have complained which is a plus.

  572. Big_shadow67

    Great Mattress. I am a big man, 6′ 8″ and the mattress has great support. Comfort is perfect for side sleeping and keeping proper posture.

  573. TJ Sean

    Daughter loves the bed, no complaints from her.

  574. TJ Sean

    Daughter loves her new bed.

  575. Acroyear2002

    Great Mattress. Had a good night’s sleep for the first time in months. Should have bought it sooner.

  576. Jos

    I went from a Serta Perfect Sleeper with a CRAZY soft pillowtop to this tight top cushion firm mattress and I couldn’t be happier. I had low back pain and hip pain from sleeping on a soft mattress and now I feel like those days are over. I’ve slept on this bed a total of one night, but I know how good it is because I slept on the same kind of mattress at my friend’s house before buying this one. I’m looking forward to years of comfort on this bed.

  577. adizzle

    we love it

  578. Kayla S.

    We decided to upgrade to a king bed and tried this one out. It is very comfortable and got a good deal one it.

  579. BK

    Great mattress so far. My wife is really happy with it, she’s 8 months pregnant and has difficulty getting comfortable, this mattress has fixed this!

  580. nwit94

    Wasn’t sure about this mattress after we got it delivered but it has grown on us after two months. Very comfortable and firm. I believe it will hold it’s shape for years to come and will be a good purchase.

  581. Jim and Deb

    Replacing old worn out mattress.

  582. NotSoSore

    We received this bed several weeks ago and so far I am nothing but pleased. The bed I had previously to this Sealy was a full Memory Foam bed with a 10-year warranty and within five years of use the bed started to lose shape, firmness, support, and all around comfortableness. Both me and my spouse have back problems and joint problems and this bed has genuinely helped deter the pain during sleep and upon waking up.

  583. Steve

    Feels great!!!

  584. Patrick

    My review applies to the Sealy Performance Cushion Firm. The website will only let me review on this page. Anyway, it was definitely worth the money. I’m thankful I went with this instead of a memory foam mattress from the internet.

  585. Nana

    Very pleased with quality of this mattress used in quest room.

  586. Mica

    My grown daughter that visits sleeps on the mattress and she loves the bed!! Enough room for a grown person to sleep on.

  587. Counting sheep

    Primary and guest bed for my family and friends that visit. My college daughter stayed with us during the summer and she said the bed can’t even compared to the twin bed that she sleeps on at college with a form mattress topper.

  588. Ali S

    Beds are important so I shop for quality, reputation and comfort. Sealy has it all and we have 5 sealy beds currently in the house (all of our beds) and would buy sealy again when the time comes.

  589. Matthew

    Sleep after construction work

  590. Cherylsh74

    Use this mattress every night. Love everything about it!

  591. Kenny

    Changed a firm 28 year old mattress to this, good move.

  592. Toss and Turner

    Thought I was in search of a new firm bed since my old one left me feeling like I was sinking into the middle. As I tried all the firm mattresses, the sales rep told me to try the plush. I was apprehensive since I thought I was in need of something to support my back. I tried the plush and to my surprise, felt amazing support on my back. Rolled onto my stomach and could have fallen asleep right there in the store.
    I’ve had the bed in my home for 3 nights now and have finally slept through the night. I don’t wake up feeling sore or achy. So far I’m happy with my purchase.

  593. Great

    I was tired of wasting money on cheap mattresses, wanted one that would make me sleep good and feel good in the morning.

  594. Light Sleeper

    I am impressed with the comfort of the mattress. I am a light sleeper and cannot feel movement of my significant other.

  595. Missy

    Everyday sleeper…very nice quality jus needed to b a lil more softer…not sure ive slept the greatest but ive only had ot for a couple days everything takes time getting use to

  596. HC

    This mattress is awesome and for a great price! We use it in our guest room, and everyone raves about it.

  597. JIM


  598. Barbara

    The mattress is a lot firmer than I expected and am still getting used to it. Very hard to move for it is a king size and being a senior citizen it is difficult to turn. We have had it for 2 1/2 weeks and so far it is fine.

  599. BK

    Her is very comfortable and very well priced for the quality of the bed.

  600. Emma

    I always sleep on my side and looks like I done have any body or back ache. Hoping that the mattress stays in shape then I wont have any body ache.

  601. Tishea


  602. Ryan

    Great mattress, bought for our son. He loves his new bed. Will definitely buy again

  603. Bill

    Looks Good and feels good, much better that Serta

  604. Leta

    This has been so much better than our last mattress and I love it.

  605. Trish

    The mattress is in our guest bedroom, it is extremely comfortable. The price is around exactly what I was willing to pay . Quite pleased!

  606. bernita

    Great mattress

  607. 1princess48

    the mattress is sturdy/well made and comfortable.

  608. Gerry

    I have been sleeping on this mattress for a week now. It is so comfortable, firm, but at the same time soft. I am loving this mattress.

  609. Mary

    So happy with this mattress, I was having terrible back pain but my back feels better since I have been sleeping on this mattress. Sears said I could return after 30 days if I was not comfortable but I am keeping it! .

  610. Mike

    This mattress is very comfortable and I sleep extremely well on it. Best nights sleep I have had.

  611. Noelle

    We wanted a California king as my husband is 6’3″. We are impressed with the quality of this mattress. I didn’t realize I was sleeping in an uncomfortable bed previously until the first night I slept in this! So far, no complaints, but we are only 1 month out.

  612. April

    I love my bed except after 3 years I now have permanent indentions where we sleep. This make it very uncomfortable.

  613. SergeS

    It was finally time to replace our 14 year old mattress. We were looking for a firm mattress at an affordable price. So far this mattress does the job

  614. None

    Great mattress.

  615. Isaac

    This is my primary bed I sleep in it every night and it is very comfortable

  616. Ash

    I loved the pillow top mattress. It’s so comfortable and soft. I don’t have any problems with it.

  617. Large Family

    Purchased three for oldest child;s bed. He loves it and is sleeping better and longer.

  618. Large Family

    Purchased three for our kids beds. This for the middle child’s bed. hse loves it, is sleeping better, and longer.

  619. Large Family

    Purchased three for our kids beds. This for the youngest child’s bed. He loves it, is sleeping better, and longer.

  620. KT

    Love, love, love this bed!!!!! Most supportive, yet comfortable mattress ever. I don’t wake up with a backache any more. Highly Recommend!

  621. Rhino

    Bought from Costco where it was in stock and priced well. Slept on it and was very pleased.

  622. Donna 58

    I am still getting adjusted to the firm mattress. I am currently testing various pillows. Haven’t found one yet I like to go with the new mattress. Attaching my current headboard to the adjustable Ease bed frame was a major pain. I was told by the sales people and delivery people that it would be simple. It wasn’t!

  623. Doddsie22

    Great mattress for the money

  624. ElSendero

    Worked great for us right out of the bag.

  625. Sandrap2

    Back and neck hurt until we bought this mattress and box springs!!

  626. Susan

    Its comfortable and now I can sleep

  627. Zoe

    This mattress has the right amount of support and comfort needed for a good night sleep.

  628. Rose

    Had a Sealy memory foam before this mattress so this will be a bit of a change but very good so far.

  629. Joi

    I love my new mattress. Was having issues with my back, but it has totally improved!

  630. tri it

    Guest bedroom.

  631. Adil

    It’s great and comfortable

  632. BK

    My husband like a little softer of a bed, while I like a firmer bed. This is a great mattress because it is firm when you lay on it but as you lay on it you sink in just slightly which gives both a firm and comfortable feel.

  633. Red

    I waited a long time to purchase a new mattress and bed, because I wanted to down size from a queen size to a double. I feel that I made the right choice.

  634. MJ

    Firm but comfortable!

  635. Relocated

    After shopping at 5 different mattress stores, this Sealy was the best overall mattress in the low price range

  636. Jared

    My 4 year old daughter loves her new bed.

  637. Hank

    Really will need more time on mattress for most accurate review

  638. Hanuh

    I had the idea that any cheap mattress could be fixed with a nice mattress pad… but even under my mattress pad this bed feels very firm. It holds it’s shape though, and is a good quality mattress at a price you can’t beat. But as far as personal preference goes, it’s just much too firm for me.

  639. Patti the single mom

    This is my daughters bed that she sleeps in every night.

  640. CJ

    Nice firm mattress, give good support

  641. Jasmine

    This bed is super comfortable

  642. TootieM

    Got this mattress for my daughter when moving her from her toddler bed to a full size bed. It is a comfortable mattress and she loves it!

  643. Tina

    It is very comfortable!

  644. None

    We sleep on it every night. It is very comfortable and we sleep well.

  645. GCCgrad75

    I purchased this for my new guest bedroom. The reason I chose this mattress is because I have this same mattress on my other guest bed and my guests love it. I have never had a complaint.

  646. Reenie

    Very nice product for the money. I have always loved Sealy products and this one does not disappoint!

  647. Tammy

    The mattress was for my son and he said it was more comfortable then the mattress they had in the store for their display.

  648. Chris

    Great bed. Great sleep

  649. dennis

    great to have a new mattress on my bed, long over due

  650. Pepe

    My kids will use this mattress

  651. Bern

    The mattress is perfect. I’m a side sleeper and it feels just great

  652. none

    my bed I like a firm one and so far so good

  653. Night sleeper

    This mattress is not to hard or to soft, in the middle as we like it. Just purchased this mattress and so far so good.

  654. Bigdaddy

    Seems to be a good product

  655. The Father

    Excellent mattress. good combination of firm and soft.

  656. Father

    good combination of mattress and foundation

  657. Marie

    Just got this bed and we love it.

  658. Bob the builder

    Great mattress!

  659. Michelle

    This bed is perfect for a stomach sleeper. I like soft beds but require something relatively firm due to my back and this bed is a perfect combo of both.

  660. Jo the Georgia peach

    Just received this product today!

  661. Z

    Very pleased with product.

  662. Mountain Bike Fan

    So far so good – look forward to many great nights of sleep

  663. cindler2000

    I needed a bed that was comfortable. This is comfortable just wish it was a little softer.

  664. ZZZZ guy and girl

    I purchased this mattress set for our guest bedroom and we are extremely pleased!

  665. Gottagrippe

    We purchased our king mattress at Mattress King in Hot Springs, AR and it was the best deal we got, we compared to two others. No one had the same product we were looking for with a great deal like this.

  666. LoLo

    This is the most comfortable mattress. I have yet to have a bad nights sleep

  667. Mr. Sleepy

    I bought this mattress for my 5 years old kid. I’m comparison with his previous mattress, this is harder. But so far he loves his new mattress.

  668. Bob the Builder

    Use this product in my apartment and it has been great thus far

  669. Cherze

    I had the best sleep ever on this mattress. Great support, keeps cool and feels so luxurious. Thank you Serta!

  670. n/a

    Looking for beds that support heavier weights. This mattress is measuring up to the challenge

  671. Shopwise

    This mattress replaced a high end memory gel/foam mattress and I’m very happy to go back to a more traditional feel with the added comforts this provides.

  672. moeman

    So nice to sleep on a proper mattress.

  673. n/a

    After initial first night or two of sleep the mattress conformed to my style of sleeping and is now very comfortable. All mattresses need breaking in period and it has been very comfortable

  674. Steve

    Just bought this mattress and loved it. I made a great choice with the mattress I purchased.

  675. Paymentpro

    This bed is as comfortable as the Hotel Presidential mattresses in Las Vegas at MGM properties. DO not need double-sided bed, but wanted a great bed and found the best reviewed Google for the Sealy Posturepedic Performance IV Cooper Mountain Plush Pillowtop Queen! Firm and soft, with support in the right places, and allows my body to breath. Great deal and great quality. Ordering another for wife’s room.

  676. Larry

    very pleased with the comfort of the bed

  677. Turk

    I would not buy anything other than a Sealy. It’s a great mattress on a budget income.

  678. Firm sleeper

    Good value

  679. none

    had no problems when first used, my wife says now she sees a dip on one side, not level. will watch for another month . if top of bed does not go to a level position will then call in problem.

  680. Matt

    Great bed for an affordable price. It is soft, but does not allow you to sink in too much when sleeping to give you that firm feel.

  681. Raymond the napper

    We’ve been mattress shopping for a while and was just ready to give up. We came across this mattress and felt really comfortable with the floor model. We decided to buy since it is within our price range. On the first night we felt some sturdiness, more so than the floor but it was to be expected. It has gotten softer with time. Overall a good buy!

  682. Karen

    Converted our office back to our primary bedroom and needed this bed. Enjoying the mattress on an adjustable bed frame.

  683. None

    Became more comfortable after a few days of use. But I wish I had bought a mattress with a slightly lower lever of firmness.

  684. Tracy

    primary bed comfortable supporing

  685. N/A

    I am very pleased with our purchase for our bedroom for our summer home.

  686. Natalia

    I can finally sleep with this mattress. It is so sturdy and so comfortable…best mattress I have ever had.

  687. MJB

    May get a topper for a softer, luxurious feel.

  688. Ryan Cui

    Very satisfied with this product. Response and support are great. Soft feeling on top.



  690. Felfol

    Good product

  691. Tara

    This is one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in. As soon as you lay down you get comfortable and can fall right asleep. My dogs love it as well!

  692. budget shopper

    chuck at sealy customer service was pleasant and answered my questions quickly and accurately

  693. Mike

    Best night sleep I’ve had in years!

  694. Berrjos

    I was skeptical buying this with trying it first.. but I couldn’t be more happy with the feel and quality . Being that I just received it i cant speak to how it sleeps yet . But if it sleeps like it feels and looks I will get a good nights rest.

  695. Sleep tight

    I went with the pillow top for comfort, but firm for support.

  696. JR

    This is my primary bed.

  697. CJ

    Great buy!

  698. Bree

    Great mattress for back support with a soft feel. I am happy with my purchase.

  699. MDubs

    This mattress is very comfortable

  700. Julie

    I am a small petite woman 5’2″ 120# and sleep mostly on my back, some on my side and my husband is 5’8″ 212# and sleeps all over the place, side, back, etc. . I have back problems and had trouble with my previous memory foam purchase. The mattress looks great, holds its shape, and is equally firm for sitting on the mattress and getting back up. We both commented how we weren’t waking throughout the night due to pain or comfort and very comfortable

  701. Frohike

    Old mattress was a queen sealy pillow top that was 10 years old. It was the most comfortable bed ever but it was too small. Bought the academy award plush pillow top to replace. So far no complaints!

  702. Fran

    Looking forward to a good night’s rest.

  703. Christie

    Use product to sleep on. Provides good support.

  704. Retired professor

    My partner and I use our new mattress a couple times a day. Our chiropractor recommended we go in for a new one because it was well past time to do so. We experienced aches and pains upon waking up in the past. The last two nights on the new mattress have been restful and relatively painfree. Thank you Sealy.

  705. Adfdav

    I use my new mattress nightly for a comfortable nights rest, and also for relaxation purposes.

  706. Mi

    I had this mattress for 5 months and it has been great for sleep especially after long work hours. The extra support configures to your body.

  707. Pa-paw

    This mattress was a great choice for the guest bedroom. Good quality at an affordable price!

  708. Luke

    I would buy this Sealy mattress and box spring again.

  709. oats

    Good Product

  710. oats

    Good Product

  711. oats

    Good Product

  712. factory worker

    my back felt better the first morning I got up

  713. Eddie

    It is used in a guest room. Love it, very comfortable and sturdy

  714. Carm

    I bought this only a week ago, but what a difference this mattress makes for a good night sleep.

  715. Capp

    Sleeps good every night.

  716. James

    Good product so far. No complaints !

  717. Bob

    This is a comfortable mattress that gives good support.

  718. busy professional/mom

    I use mattress in primary bed. It’s so comfortable that i look forward to going to sleep every night. I sleep comfortably and it’s soft like a cloud. very happy with my purchase

  719. T-Cat

    Daily use for relaxation and back issues

  720. Joe

    One of the best mattresses I’ve ever owned, the Sealy pillowtop adds a perfect softness

  721. Frank Castal

    My husband and I wanted a good mattress for a decent price that fits us both. We found it with this mattress! The bed is super comfortable, we believe we sleep better and wake up refreshed. We don’t feel each other getting out of the bed in the middle of the night. It’s a good mix between firm and soft. I would buy this mattress again!!

  722. Oldjars

    This is our main mattress, used every night and both my husband and I like it.

  723. Nita

    I sleep so good.

  724. Mister Maine

    I was updating my 11yr old mattress and this Sealy was heaven sent. My wife and I suffer from back pains and this mattress gives full support to us both. I would highly recommend getting this.

  725. Diana

    It’s a great mattress with a great price too. Bought 2 for both my boys

  726. Dm

    Wonderful mattress. It’s so comfortable and it sturdy but soft at the same time!

  727. Pam

    I have only had it for a few days,but I have slept better than I have in a long time.

  728. Newlybeds

    Haven’t had this bed very long as of yet, but no compliants thus far. Price was much more reasonable than the tempurpedic. We woud have liked to get that, but this mattress made more sense because we plan to upgrade from a queen to a king in a couple of years.

  729. TMAC

    I have had the best sleep since purchasing this mattress. Conforms to my body.A great investment!

  730. Bill

    This is a mattress we purchased for our daughter. She loves it.

  731. Sleepy in AK

    This is a guest bed but I like to sleep in it every now and again.

  732. Vanessa

    extra soft and comfortable

  733. Sleeper Z

    Light weight, comfortable, and really does keep you cool.

  734. Brian

    Has been a great mattress for our teenage daughter and she’s really enjoyed it.

  735. Sharon

    First mattress I have ever bought new. I love it. It is soooo comfortable. I have slept all night and wake up rested with no back ache.

  736. Randy

    The bed is great. It came with the box springs. I felt that for a plush pillow top, the bed would be less “Spring like”, but overall a really comfortable and quality bed for the price!

  737. Holmesslp

    This mattress is my 8 year old son’s. He’s been complaining about back aches, but since we bought this new mattress there have been no complaints at all!

  738. Train guy

    Our new mattress was delivered yesterday so we’ve only had one night on it but what a night! It is soooo comfortable. I stayed in bed longer than usual because I fell in love!

  739. DG

    Bought this for my daughter – she loves it. Would get one for myself – so much more comfortable than my own bed.

  740. thedocmom

    great value!

  741. Nanners

    Only had it about a week, and so far it’s a good mattress

  742. Phantomdriver

    We ordered two of these Queen sized mattresses for our guest bedrooms. We slept on them to see how comfortable they were and we were quite pleased.

  743. happysleeper

    This replaced an old lumpy mattress. It has just the correct firmness. While it does conform to the body when sleeping on my side it bounces right back. Very happy with my purchase!

  744. Sleeping not-so-Beauty

    We had the firm version of this mattress and tried it for the 60-day period. Found it too hard. We exchanged for the plush version and WOW it’s so much better! Love it.

  745. Jg

    Great night sleep
    Would purchase a Sealy again.

  746. Joan

    Awesome and durable for the kids

  747. Ernie

    I bought this for my son who is growing up so fast. he is going from a twin Sealy to a Queen Sealy. You would be pleased with a Sealy mattress they sleep really great. this is my 4th Sealy mattress.

  748. Joe

    We had another mattress that was firm–too firm and my husband was uncomfortable—we purchased the Sealy and from the first night, he was happy.

  749. Joan

    Great for durable bed for Low price

  750. Yoyo

    great selection

  751. Sara’s Bed

    I really like this bed for my daughter. WIth a growing girl her joints are sore. This bed is very comfortable.

  752. My Bed

    This bed is so comfortable. I sleep really good at night. Soft yet sturdy.

  753. Judy

    Didn’t know a new mattress like Sealy would be such a great purchase. It is comfortable..soft and I slept like a baby last night.

  754. yaki

    have only had mattress a few days

  755. Nene

    We’ve just purchased this mattress, and the one delivered feels just as awesome as the one in the store. We’re using an adjustable base and it is comfortable at many points. Can’t wait to see how it wears.

  756. Sound sleeper at last

    Purchased this mattress for every night use after moving and finally getting rid of old, worn out mattress we had for over 15 years. The old one was also a Sealy and we knew we wanted another one. Our new mattress has excellent support, and the pillowtop is soft and comfortable. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend Sealy to everyone.

  757. AQ

    We have been using it for almost a year now. Bed is soft but comfortable and soft.

  758. Jeevesh

    Best Mattress used ever. Good Support for mid region and firm.

  759. Jayca

    It is a great mattress and it is very comfortable and the price was great

  760. Taterbug

    Product is very nice. Customer service is very helpful. They walk you through registration on this product

  761. Fresh colege grad

    Felt confident that I was getting good quality for a reasonable price

  762. Ash

    I have had sealy mattresses before. I really like the quality they offer for such a great price. I move quite often and always aim for sealy as I have always been so satisfied with the product.

  763. Gloria

    This mattress works well in our spare bedroom. Just the right height. Very comfortable and plush.

  764. Tim G

    Mattress is soft and comfortable.

  765. Sando

    Bought on a budget son need adjustable bed

  766. Tapdancer

    My husband is a back sleeper, and he no longer has back ache in the mornings. I am a side sleeper and this bed is soft on the surface making it very comfortable for me. The only downside, is that it immediately leaves impressions where you normally lay and you have to go “up hill” to get out of your. Our last bed was a Serta, and it was the same way. I just assume that is the price we pay for a cushy surface. Overall, we are happy with the bed. We have had it for about 2 months.

  767. Lady G

    My mattress is great

  768. T dubbs

    Great mattress would recommend to friends and family.

  769. Twin Mattress Shopper

    Good, comfortable and affordable!

  770. Carla

    I really like it. Was expecting more support

  771. Wofeman

    Looks and feels great

  772. local yocal

    Bought this mattress for the spare room and so far everyone loves it! Would never be without a Sealy.

  773. Court

    I absolutely love this mattress! Very comfortable and sturdy!

  774. Budget Guy

    Purchased Firm style , it is on the Firm’er’ side

  775. Proud Grandma

    This mattress is for my granddaughter when she visits.

  776. Happy Customer

    I just received my mattress yesterday and first night sleep was amazing. I would tossa and turn on my old mattress but I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep. My old mattress I would wake up still feeling tired. This morning I woke up rested and ready for the day.

  777. Grets

    Love this mattress, we purchased the adjustable base as well and we love it.

  778. Grandma Sue

    Using this mattress for my granddaughters when they sleep over.

  779. Grets

    Love it

  780. Purpledaisy

    I needed something affordable, yet reliable for my sons first big boy bed. He absolutely loves it. Its also very comfy when mommy has to spend a night with him. So far I’m very happy with my purchase.

  781. Purpledaisy

    Got the big boy bed, need the box spring. Its a nice addition to the mattress and offers great support.

  782. SL

    Don’t be surprised how tall it is once you put a foundation on it. The tag states can be used with or without. I didn’t realize that or I would have just bought the mattress

  783. Kiky

    Just what we are looking for in matters

  784. Brock

    This is for our master bedroom.

  785. DLM3

    Comfortable and firm.

  786. sparkler

    woke up with back hurting which is a wonderful feeling!!

  787. Jerry

    I like the quality of the Sealy products

  788. D.J.

    so far everything is wonderful once I deceided on on what position to use

  789. Stacy

    Comfortable. Sleep like a baby

  790. A-a-ron

    We like our bed. It’s a good product for the value price.

  791. krose1802

    The Sealy Response Holly Hills Mattress is a great combination of both comfort and value. It comes in both plush and firm. It is a great replacement for my 12 year old mattress.

  792. Mom of 2

    This mattress was purchased for my daughter’s bedroom. She is enjoying having this comfy mattress.

  793. em

    sleep is great

  794. Happy customer only because of mattress

    The Sealy mattress is the best I’ve ever bought. It’s comfortable and keeps its shape.

  795. Bev murr

    Great mattress would buy again

  796. JACKIE

    Just a great all around mattress

  797. Eck

    We needed to get a good value mattress for our money and this one fit the bill. Very comfortable.

  798. M

    I had a hard time finding a firm, inexpensive mattress that didn’t feel too cheap until I found this one. It’s perfect!

  799. Cliff

    Excellent and courteous assistance at store. Very nice product. Would buy again.

  800. Jen

    This bed is comfortable. I bought it because it is a “plush” mattress but is actually a little firmer than I expected. Overall it is a good for the price.

  801. rich

    will be using it for guest in the spare bedroom.

  802. Ian

    Great mattress for the value and price range.

  803. GLO

    I replaced a 10 year old mattress that was too soft and starting to sag and give me back aches. I love my new firm mattress on its adjustable base. I feel like a Princess and why not?

  804. In the Mountains

    Immediately developed a dip making it difficult to roll over. Has been only 5 weeks since delivery. I will be calling Sealy to determine what exactly the problem is and how to resolve.

  805. Mabel

    I don’t regret buying this mattress! It’s very comfortable and I like that it provides good support.

  806. Meghana

    This mattress is comfortable and great.

  807. Megs

    This is great!

  808. Trisha

    It makes a great guest bed.

  809. John

    I have a couple of double beds in a large room. The antique bed frames call for the full mattresses. I am a 150-pound widower with an empty nest, but with children who visit. I prefer to sleep in that room when the house is empty, and to use the master bedroom when I have visitors; so, these mattresses suit me just fine, while not being costly overkill in quality for occasional guests.

  810. Dragonsheart1970

    Shopped at four different matress stores. Found Sealy to be of good quality without breaking the bank

  811. Pan

    Wow I got best sleep ever!
    The mattress is so comfortable and cozy.

  812. John

    I might be in a peculiar situation, as a relatively small, light-weight widower who has grown, out-of-town sons who visit with friends now and then. I just abandoned the master bedroom with its queen bed when my wife passed away; and I now sleep on one of two double beds in a large room in the house. I don’t need a heavy-duty or expensive mattress, and the other bed in that room is used only occasionally when I turn the room over to visitors. So, these good-quality but relatively inexpensive mattresses meet my needs and don’t cost more than I would think it wise to spend on a rarely used bed in a guest room.

  813. Shad the sleeper

    Great for the price. Slept great so far. Bought a deliver to your house memory foam mattress a few months ago and my back pain got worse. Back pain has decreased so far on this one.

  814. Rick

    This mattress is very comfortable and fits both mine and my wife’s needs for a good night’s sleep.

  815. Hollywood

    This mattress have allowed me to sleep comfortably every night since I purchased a week ago

  816. Sherry

    This will be our primary mattress. My daughter has one and loves it. That’s what prompted us to buy one.

  817. Mattress

    So far the product is great, sleeps well. I hope it continues to fee this way.

  818. Renee

    Just got this bed and feels great so far – this was my favorite mattress in this price range out of everything I’d tried at mattress stores. Conforms to the body but with enough support that I don’t feel like I’m sinking.

  819. Jay

    I shopped for months and tried lots of beds. The Deerfield Drive was by far the best bed in it’s price range.

  820. Rachael

    The mattress is very comfortable and good quality my only complaint would be that it does retain some heat so if you get hot easily or live in a warm climate the mattress can get warm.

  821. Linda

    I Needed a new bed that was firm with a soft topping & this is so comfortable I want to sleep late.

  822. Art

    The product we bought is very satisfying to me and wife comfortable bed not to heavy or bulky just perfect.

  823. nhlgrrl

    Sleep sucks these days.

  824. Sherry

    My husband and I love our new mattress & box spring set. We have had the best nights of sleep since we bought it in January, now July and we are still sleeping without aches & pains in the morning.

  825. B2

    Bed very comfortable.

  826. Charlie

    Main primary bed. Most comfortable mattress.

  827. Lake Sleeper

    I love the thickness of the matress!

  828. Snakeman

    Have had mattress just a few weeks, comfortable, made well, If your looking for an affordable mattress, this is it!

  829. Phillip

    Just bought it and are very happy with comfort and quality.

  830. Wordsmith

    over all wonderful…look forward to bedtime now.

  831. No nickname

    This will be used for a guest bedroom. I have owned Sealy products before and have been satisfied.

  832. M3in LA

    The firmness is just right for me

  833. Yosue

    Mattress seems to be pretty good so far.

  834. Eddie

    I love it great quality and comfort.

  835. Marc T

    My wife is always getting up in the middle of the night and my old mattress would shake and it would, in turn, wake me up. With the new one i hardly notice her waking up, thus giving me a better nights sleep.

  836. Angel

    I am so grateful for finding this bed! My old pillowtop mattress left me with daily back pain and sunk in the middle only after having it for 4 years. I’ve had this bed for about 2 weeks now and I no longer wake up with back issues. I sleep like a baby each night! It’s the PERFECT amount of firm and plushness! I highly recommend!

  837. Gar

    I have always used Sealy Posturepedic mattresses because they provide great support but are still comfortable. They are also very durable. This one is the most comfortable one that I have had.

  838. JR

    Enjoying the new bed in more ways then one 😉

  839. Popcorn59

    We purchased the mattress to replace a 20 year double sized one in the guest room. When family comes to stay, they do not get out of bed very early due to the comfort of the new mattress. We tried several in the showroom and liked the quality and comfort as well as the price of the Sealy selections. This one is comparable to our solid core mattress that we sleep on. I like the feature where you can’t feel the other person move or get out of bed at all. Very nice! Glad to have made the decision to buy a Sealy!

  840. KIM

    We bought the Sealy Response Premium king mattress to replace a foam mattress. I was tired of waking up with neck pain and a sore body. This mattress is WONDERFUL!!!! It has the perfect amount of support but with the soft pillow top comfort. I no longer wake up with neck pain and feel so much better in the morning. My husband prefers a firmer mattress and I prefer softer, but this mattress is perfect for us both!!!

  841. Front Desk Jess

    I gave up a dreamy Sealy when I moved cross country to pursue other dreams. After sleeping on a mail order mattress we got from a friend for over a year, my back was a mess. I actually remember my back starting to be painful every day after we got that old mattress. I decided to downsize and ordered this bed in a twin size. Now, my large bedroom is a small studio (pretty good for the price in Los Angeles!), and my back doesn’t hurt as much anymore. In fact, when I have days off from my stand-all-day job, I don’t even notice pain anymore. A huge improvement! This mattress feels sturdy, is firm and posses the quality that I was lacking in my life. I highly recommend this line!

  842. Jaime32

    I love this mattress. I have been having a lot of hip pain and lower back pain and this mattress has alleviated it. This mattress is firm and supportive without being “hard.”

  843. ElliottOH

    I am so happy I decided to spend the extra money for this mattress. The quality is everything I expected and more. I love how it looks but most importantly I feel no pressure anywhere and immediately felt my back pain alleviated. It’s not warm like everyone says about memory foam. This is A++++ and I would recommend to anyone.

  844. J

    It is used as my main sleeping area. It was comfortable, until it developed cavities on both sides of the mattress. Hoping this is just a defect, and Sealy can help me. I have only owned Sealy, so my past experiences with the brand were great!

  845. Mike

    I am using it for everyday routine & its works very good.

  846. votreaime

    I was overdue for a new mattress as the old one had several indentations from my sleeping on it for 12 yrs. I wanted to upgrade to a King sized bed (last was a Queen) and was VERY surprised to find a Sealy brand at such a great price that also had good reviews (I purchased the Holly Hills Plush w/ the foundations included in the price on sale). After about 3 wks of sleeping on it, I haven’t had many issues, except that it is not very plush… all. It is actually quite “hard” for my taste and I have been waking up with back and hip pain every other morning. Since I ordered it online, I didn’t have a chance to first try it out in the store, but I don’t think it would have made much difference unless I had the chance to sleep on it first. This is only my 2nd mattress purchase; I’m not sure if a “breaking in” period is really a thing….?….but I will give it another month to see if something changes. If not, I will probably purchase a mattress top rather than go through the drama of a return and replacement and everything that goes with that. I give it 3 stars b/c quality-wise, the mattress seems to be made very well and I haven’t seen or felt any indentations or other problem areas. For someone who enjoys a firm mattress, this may suit them very well.

  847. Mike

    This bed was thoughtful my wife and myself what a difference it made the first time we slept in it.

  848. Jagan

    Bought for guest bedroom. But use it occasionally ourselves when we want to sleep on a firm bed. Also use for sitting and doing simple activities on bed like reading books, playing games….and firmness helps.

  849. Shay

    I love how the sales lady treated me, and she told me what’s good about this bed. The manager was very helpful

  850. HistoApple

    A very comfortable bed and will recommended it to consumers!

  851. andres

    good quality prodiuct

  852. Mimi

    I chose a firm mattress and I have slept like a baby from the first day it was delivered. I have been raving to friends and family about how comfortable this is and suggesting that they buy one.

  853. Judy

    I have it on an EASE adjustable base and love being to adjust to my comfort level whenever I need to. I am disabled with a back disability and this helps relieve some pain and discomfort.

  854. Dave

    Love the support of this mattress. Definitely helps my back problems and I am getting a better nights sleep.

  855. diane

    This is a queen size bed, my husband and i share, we love the way it works for us, the mattress is not too hard or too soft like some are, it is just right for us, for course we tried it out in the store first.

  856. Anthony

    I use as my everyday bed.

  857. Happy man.

    Very soft and comfortable.

  858. hairformer

    Love my mattress. I have had it for two weeks and sleep well on it with no back pain in the morning.

  859. Scott

    This mattress is great! I wake up feeling rested because I no longer toss and turn all night!

  860. bossmommy

    This is my primary bed. It’s been a good fit.

  861. Duck

    Good value for the money.

  862. Lorilu

    This mattress was soft and comfortable, yet firm and supportive

  863. Hambone

    Our 12 year old granddaughter lives with us. We upgraded her bedroom set and it included a frame for a Double mattress. We had a Sealy on her last smaller bed and knew right away that we would buy Sealy again. She is so thrilled with her new mattress and she sleeps like a “rock” on her new Sealy.

  864. Claude

    Great product and really nice mattress.

  865. Claudia

    It’s sturdy and firm. It came well protected and it’s a really nice mattress.

  866. Tom

    So far it seems great!

  867. Salty

    Bought this mattress from sears— great quality for the price

  868. Zigga

    Great mattress…very comfortable…supports back…

  869. momma of 4

    Love the mattress. The price point is fantastic, and the quality has been impressive. We are very pleased!

  870. Koliya

    This mattress is soo soft

  871. Jen

    Very firm but a little hard

  872. Jen

    Just right for our guests!

  873. Diana

    I took a chances, never brought a Sealy, but I am so happy I did, I love it.

  874. Carol

    My mattress is almost 2 months old. I do like the firmness but found it a bit to firm yet the pillow tops are way too soft and the support isnt there in my opinion. I added a thicker mattress pad to help. Unable to lie on my back to read because its still to firm. I do like quality but this time around it was hard to shop for the right fit in a mattress after looking for 2 months and returning one. You really don’t know how a mattress will be while in a showroom but so far so good here.

  875. Dan the Man

    This mattress was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I highly recommend this bed to the shopper who is looking for an affordable, comfy, and long-lasting mattress. With the pillow-top feature, this mattress is so comfortable and is a good choice when looking for a mattress that is firm yet plush.

  876. Catherine

    My husband and I both have bad backs, and we shopped around quite a bit. We trust the seals brand, and the price was right.

  877. Serenity7799

    I not only love the comfort but i love the various colors that Sealy have to offer now days

  878. GB

    Good purchase!

  879. LJM

    Bought for my 90-year-old mother. No complaints.

  880. Carol

    Good nights sleep

  881. Danash

    I use this for my primary bed for sleeping. At first it was perfect, but the durability of the bed seemed to have worn off in less than 2 years. It is now saggy and lumpy. Very uncomfortable.

  882. Okie

    It is my son’s new big boy bed.

  883. The sleeper

    The mattress is extremely comfortable! You definitely receive a solid, good night’s sleep on this mattress!

  884. Bert

    It is very comfortable

  885. TJ

    This mattress is very comfortable and a great buy.

  886. victor_s

    Used for guest room

  887. Lisa T.

    Loved it in the store and had to have it. Very soft and comfortable

  888. Ciara

    Just got this mattress so I can’t give a long term review, but its quite firm compared to my old lumpy mattress, but I think over time this will be comfortable for me and last a long time.

  889. Britt

    I love how this firm mattress really gives the support I needed for my lower back!

  890. sound sleeper

    I ve just received my mattress, so as time goes by I would a have a better review. So far I’m loving it , firm yet not to firm a thin layer of cushioning. Which is perfect i have a bad back and prefer firm but this was a good fit not to hard for the wife and so far so good for me too.

  891. Abdul

    My first day sleep was very comfortable had sound un disturbed sleep

  892. Mom of Toddler & Newborn

    I love my bed. My newborn co sleeps with my husband and I. Sometimes my toddler will climb up the bed too when she gets a little jealousy of little sister. Good thing the bed is big enough for the 4 of us. The only problem that I’m having now after 2 years, it squeaks a little.

  893. Michelle

    Very firm will last longer them pillow top!

  894. Bad back mom of 2

    I have degenerative disc disease and 2 bulging discs…. This is the most comfortable and supportive mattress I have ever used. I can actually sleep through the night and not wake up with excessive pain or soreness. Would buy this mattress over & over!



  896. MP

    If I had a larger budget I would’ve bought a higher end mattress with an adjustable power base. However, I do feel that for my price point I received a good product.

  897. the buzz

    I get up in the mornings feeling great, with out a back ache. great mattress.

  898. Dave

    Had the bed for a week or so and it’s really comfortable. First time purchasing a firmer mattress and I fall asleep instantly. Mostly bought a new bed since our last one was so small. Great bed for the price.

  899. the buzz

    very comforable

  900. Super Mario

    Great support for my back

  901. vince

    Needs some adjustment to switch from conventional bed to foam, liking it better each night…

  902. Alison

    Getting used to it…

  903. Tim

    This mattress was a huge win! I was daunted at the idea of mattress shopping because I’ve heard stories of people making endless trips to stores, trying out countless mattresses, and still not being able to decide because one feels like the next. I found this one on sale and decided to go for it. I’ve never been happier with a bed. It’s extremely soft, allowing for rest, while maintaining a firm, sturdy structure that gives all the support necessary.

  904. Guest Bed

    Used a a guest bed. Tried out and got a great nights rest.

  905. Rocking H

    This is a firm mattress, we like the support and response to movement it has compared to all foam. We added a topper for more softness

  906. NONE

    Best mattress I have EVER owned! Very comfortable and most of all affordable.

  907. Comfortable bed

    Nice bed for the money. Height of bed is just right – not too low. I purchased the box spring and metal frame.

  908. Lake Bed

    Nice bed for the price.

  909. Karen And Druis


  910. Bruce

    This is my primary mattress and love it. I have back issues and this mattress gives me the support and comfort I need for a good nights rest.

  911. Joe

    This is our second mattress, we are very happy with them. Wonderful item!

  912. Freddy the Quality expert

    I think is a good bed, but I think is to expensive, develops cavities and also the cooling is not the same after a year of use, I only sleep on one side and that side is softer now, when I first bought it it was firm, so if your looking for a firm bed, I don’t recommend.

  913. a picky buyer

    Sealy’s inner springs mattresses are my preference over the overrated “foam” mattresses the market targets.

  914. m_hunse

    This mattress is just too firm for me. I’m someone who can sleep comfortably on the floor, so I don’t mind hard surfaces, but I wake up achy every morning after sleeping on this mattress. I will have to get a mattress topper to hopefully help soften it up some.

  915. Stormy

    Great comfort for a side sleeper!!

  916. Rock and Roll Rick

    Enjoyed good night Sleep!

  917. Lou

    This mattress is my primary sleeping mattress and so far it is great!, Love it!

  918. Cat

    The first night I slept on the mattress I could tell a difference with my back. I slept like a queen and prayerfully will continue to sleep the same way nightly.

  919. Mum Janeese

    We went up to a king from a queen. Our old mattress was worn out. The size and quality upgrade is really incredible. Eliminating the box spring has the bed lower to the floor. The Sealy is firm and supportive. We both feel better in the morning and seem to sleep better. We really appreciated the side handles when moving the mattress into place.

  920. Susie

    No complaints

  921. Crackup

    After trying a couple of “plush” mattresses with springs and waking up with a sore hip (I’m a 200 lb man and a side sleeper), we decided to go with a pure foam mattress. It’s only been a couple of weeks, so it might be too early to tell, Hip soreness from previous mattresses seems to be going away gradually, so we’ll see. Although it’s rated as a 5 on a firmness scale of 10, I would’ve rated it a 7.

  922. Doc

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  923. DragonflyDarla

    This mattress is better than we imagined. My husband had to lay on it in the store before he would purchase it and after his ‘store test drive’ we bought it.

  924. Grammie

    Purchased this mattress for visiting grandchildren and I could not resist sleeping on it myself for several nights to check it’s comfort. Thoroughly enjoyed the night’s sleep, comfort of the memory foam top and great support for my back.

  925. Michele

    I love the Euro pillow top

  926. Slimlam

    This mattress supports my back as I suffer from back pain. It’s is very gentle on my pressure points. Very high quality!

  927. J.D.

    We are very satisfied with this mattress.

  928. Jack

    You won’t be disappointed with this (we bought two).

  929. Walker Texas Ranger

    It is a very comfortable mattress. We sleep on it as a family and use it as a guest bed as well

  930. Sunglow Langer

    I am disabled and use my bed constantly. The last matteress I had from sealy lasted me over 10 years until it finally gave out being used with my hospital bed. That one was just a foam mattress, this one is a step up and I look forward to a long use. Sealy customer service is also a huge plus. Thank you Nita

  931. Kris the night owl

    I bought this bed due to the fact that my boyfriend and I will be moving in together soon and a full size bed was not going to cut it. We went mattress shopping and once we laid on the sealy mattress it was love at first lay (lol).

  932. Lisa

    We love our new mattress

  933. The Governor

    I haven’t slept this well in 30 years, the edge support on this mattress is outstanding. Highly recommend if you are a problem sleeper.

  934. Marg RN

    I would like to rate this product again after I have slept on it a while

  935. Sealy

    It’s very soft.

  936. Tinabellz3

    Just got this bed and I’m in love. It is so soft, I feel like I’m sleeping on a could. It’s very well made, with quality materials and manufacturing. While it’s very plush, I still feel like I’m well supported.

  937. Tony

    A great buy

  938. Renee

    I just bought a Sealy mattress and it feels comfortable and sturdy. I was way past due for a mattress and I’m glad I chose Sealy.

  939. None

    None the mattress is for my granddaughter

  940. Fran

    Purchased for my cabin

  941. Daddy

    It’s finally the perfect combo of memory and support

  942. R.G.M

    I’ve just had this for a week a so far it’s been great. Not hot. Perfect support. This replaced a memory foam mattress that was just to soft for someone with lower back pain, as my hips would sink in too much. Innersprings appear the way to go for me.

  943. Lola

    I tried this mattress at a friend’s house and was impressed with the quality so I ordered one for myself. I ordered the cushion firm style. I just wish it was slightly softer but overall I am impressed with the comfort and quality for the price.

  944. Dave

    Don was extremely helpful with helping us pick out a bed. We got a firm mattress and love it!

  945. TR17

    Great quality for a great price

  946. BillE

    I purchased the mattress for my guest bedroom which gets very little use. It is a nice, thick mattress and was a bargain at the price.

  947. Dave

    so far loving the matresses bought 2 sets

  948. Mitco

    we were Looking for a quality, but not over a $1000, mattress. This had great reviews, priced right and I can verify that it is a good quality mattress. Have had for 42 days now and it still has 100% shape and no issues at all.

  949. Kate

    really enjoying the quality and comfort

  950. Active mama

    Happy with my purchase.

  951. Reg the beach bum

    As above, I have arthritis and my shoulders are sore in AM. I have ordered a 2 ”

  952. Jayslady95

    I have honestly not enjoyed this mattress at all. Wake up in pain everyday

  953. Missy the back pain conqueror

    I have had such terrible back pain from mattresses that I’ve been sleeping on camping pads for the last year. I thought I would never go back to a traditional mattress until I slept on this one. My parents have a queen of this mattress for their guest bed and when I stay there I get such good sleep and my back improves. I bought one in a twin and I’ve now had 5 restful nights sleep! It’s the perfect balance of firm and soft – with the soft being support and comfort without sinking in.

  954. Sasho

    Use for a nice and comfortable sleep

  955. Steph


  956. Swephy

    Great bed!

  957. Digger

    Am looking forward to 1st night’s sleep

  958. Glad

    We are adjusting to the new way of sleeping but I am a little concerned about the cavity created.

  959. Frank

    Both my wife and I have back issues so this works well for us.

  960. Sylviav

    I really love my mattress this is the second mattres that I bought, firm for my back ..perfect for me!!

  961. D

    So far so go. Only had the bed for a week but it is very comfortable

  962. Grandma

    After a hard day of work this is a great mattress to refresh on.

  963. Jo

    I am so comfortable on this bed, It’s firm and gives me a good night sleep. I barely move at night.
    It is my favorite mattress!

  964. profjones

    Great mattress for price. Would give it a 5 but some stitching on the mattress is not perfect. Not consequential to the mattress structure overall, but it is not perfect.

  965. CB

    I have painful hips and I find this mattress to be extremely comfortable. It has a soft feel yet gives me the support I need. I love it!

  966. Susan

    So far so good.

  967. Roxy

    This bed is very supportive/firm, but doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a plank. Super soft and cushy. I don’t feel my partner’s movements as much as the last bed.

  968. Martha

    Bed for teenage daughter.

  969. BD

    Just starting out hoping this mattress is the beginning of many great nights sleep

  970. huggibear5

    I have only slept in this bed one night and I love it much better than I have any other bed I have ever slept in. I’m going to let my brother and sister-in-law sleep in it when they visit me in about a week from now. I wouldn’t want to sleep anywhere else after I slept on this mattress. They are going to be so jealous of me when they depart.

  971. Jay

    Good sturdy mattress, that doesn’t move my wife when I roll over.

  972. Barbara

    New mattress after many years on the old one. Sleeping great!

  973. Joni, the Energizer bunny

    A good night’s sleep every night

  974. Cjr

    Love the pillow top

  975. CJ

    We just got this bed and we are so impressed with the quality. We got the luxury firm pillow top and its perfect. Soft so you don’t feel like you’re on a brick, but firm for support.

  976. Quick

    I need a good night sleep and I finally found the right mattress. No more deep curves on my mattress or squeaky noises, that is history. I am glad I switched to a sealy mattress.

  977. Quick

    It is very comfortable and had a great price.

  978. JWilneff

    Great firm (but not too firm) bed at a great price. Happy with build quality and 10 year warranty.

  979. Jamie

    This is our primary bed for my husband and myself. It just got delivered today and we are so excited to sleep on this bed! I of course laid down on it and it felt amazing. Cant wait to see how we sleep in it. Thank You Sealy!

  980. Matthew’s dad

    Buy it.

  981. boo

    Nice sleeper

  982. Jamie

    My husband and myself purchased this for our quest bed but we have slept on it the past two nights to test it out and we LOVE it. Such a goodnights rest and great quality! Thank you Sealy!

  983. Fran

    Very comfortable

  984. JuneBug

    I am overall happy with this Mattress

  985. June bug


  986. Junebug


  987. Junebug

    Really like

  988. Duffy, the oldster

    This is a guest room mattress. Our grandchildren have utilized this room for napping & appear to rest comfortably. We tested this mattress one night ourselves & obtained a good night’s sleep.

  989. Tyler

    Amazing mattress. I can’t wait to buy one for my entire family!

  990. LJW

    I have always preferred a firm mattress. After 20 years we decided to replace our mattress. This has been a good decision, with the addition of the 1″ padding we still have an excellent firm mattress with the added comfort of added padding.

  991. ss

    Works well for us.

  992. Crys

    I just got it but I love Sealy so I’m sure this will be the same

  993. Ken B

    Have been sleeping on this mattress for just over three weeks. Got it by mistake. We ordered the Copper II firm after laying on the mattresses at the store. On delivery day the Kelburn II was delivered. That was problematic until I called my salesperson. He asked if I would keep the Kelburn until he could get the Copper II delivered. I agreed and the next morning called and told him to keep the Copper II because we loved the Kelburn II. Just over three weeks later we still love it. It sleeps real well. I am a side and back sleeper and my wife is a stomach sleeper. We found a mattress that suits us both. Thanks Sealy

  994. Good Buy

    If you are looking for a firm mattress, then this is what you want. My previous mattress was a pillow top about 15 years old, so the firmness was certainly different. I did not ache the next morning when I woke and I felt well rested. There is an odor to the mattress, so if you are a stomach sleeper, you will notice it. I let it air out for about 6 hours before I put it on the box springs and I only noticed it when on my stomach and face down. I primarily sleep on my back and side, so the smell did not wake me.

  995. Rita

    Great value, I like the firmness of this mattress, great back support!

  996. Sai

    I had a sealy matress for 5 years before I bought this one and I have had no complaints in the last 5 years.

  997. Peluza

    I needed a new mattress and thought of buying a firm mattress. I did have a pillow top mattress and didn’t realize the difference between the two types, firm vs. pillow top. My back has begun to hurt the last month. I cannot sleep in “any” position. It is too hard and its hurting me.

  998. David love golf

    Mattress is used in master bedroom & sleep on nightly. Great mattress for far, time will tell. No negative comments.

  999. Benni

    Was surprised at the immediate comfort of the mattress, did not take time to adjust