Trust II

1567 customer reviews

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Sealy has set out to ensure that the perfect mattress for every customer can be found in their Hybrid Collection.  If you prefer a firm mattress, the Sealy Hybrid Trust II mattress is a fantastic choice that provides an incredible value for the price. The fabric on this bed is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Top Layers of Comfort
The Sealy Hybrid Trust II mattress features Moisture Wicking Technology on the sleep surface that helps promote a cool and healthy environment for sleep. Comfort layers such as Sealy Support Foam and Sealy ComfortSense Foam help to provide a pressure relief so that you find a truly restorative sleep experience.

Core Layers of Support
Advanced support technologies such as the Sealy Response Pro Encased Coil System combined with a DuraFlex Edge Encasement System deliver solid support without all the motion transfer on the sleep surface.

Our Recommendation
We recommend the Sealy Hybrid Trust II mattress specifically for both stomach and back sleepers.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King





Comfort Type


Mattress Type



10 Years

Comfort Layers

Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric, Primasense™ Gel Foam

Support Structure

Intellicoil® Advanced




Antimicrobial Fabric

1567 reviews for Trust II

  1. Melabrit

    Very comfortable bed. No complaints. Has eased a back problem

  2. lerial

    this bed is very firm with lots of support!our delivery and setup was fast and easy. they even disposed of our old mattress.

  3. BradM

    Added the adjustable base which makes a great combination!Delivery was a little late but not a big deal.

  4. none

    Use as primary bed.

  5. Beth

    I sleep good don’t want to get up when I awakeNo it took month

  6. M Rose

    I haven’t had this mattress terribly long, but so far so good! This mattress has done wonders for my back. It did let off an unpleasant smell when it was first delivered, but it wasn’t strong and didn’t last too long. Overall I would recommend.



  8. Bec

    I was happy to know that I was able to find a great mattress that would work with my slat bed.Delivery was prompt.

  9. Bedhead

    First hybrid bed we owned and honestly it’s the best choice. We had an all memory foam mattress before and was good. But now it’s the best of both worlds. Memory foam for comfort and springs for support. Best night sleep in years.

  10. none

    this is our primary bed

  11. Carebear

    We have only had our mattress for a couple of months now. It seems to be a bit more firm than expected however it seems to be an excellent mattress so far.

  12. Jim Jim

    This mattress is very comfortable and worth every penny. I like softer beds and my wife likes sturdier, this bed is a great happy medium as we are both sleeping really comfortable. We also got the sealy reflexion 4 and it is fantastic.

  13. Setter0486

    Most comfortable mattress I have slept on. No back or shoulder aches anymore. Highly recommend.

  14. Steve

    This is the mattress in our master bedroom. We both sleep much better since getting this mattress.

  15. Sissy

    Purchased to use in our guest room. Very pleased with this purchase price and quality.

  16. None

    To sleep in.

  17. JK

    No more backaches since I began sleeping on this mattress.

  18. None

    Would do it again. And again

  19. Alex

    Such an amazing bed! Best night of sleep!

  20. JerryG

    Just the right comfort level for our sleep. Well, made hybrid and happy with our purchase.

  21. gmorgan

    Perfect mattress for both of us. No more waking up with aches and pains.

  22. Andrea

    We definitely noticed the lack of back pain in the morning with this bed! I love how the mattress supports the body in all the right places. The cooling portion of the mattress is a wonderful thing to have on a hot summer night!! It is well worth the money spent!!

  23. odd work hours

    The mattress is really good if you sleep on your side like my wife or roll all over the place as you sleep like me. And I toss and turn and she is not disturbed by my movement anymore.

  24. Jose the Yeti

    I like how the mattress contours my body and supports my lower back.

  25. Parker’s mom

    Still too new to tell if the ‘firmness’ will soften any. Overall good sleep.

  26. Curt

    We bought two of these mattresses. I sleep so well after several years of an awful bed.

  27. Jerry E

    My wife got the firm for her twin of the split king but I prefer the plush. It is so comfortable. Best sleep in years.

  28. None

    The mattress is very comfortable

  29. JEH


  30. Bob

    It is very heavy which makes it difficult to turn.

    It was difficult to locate a dealer who carried the Kilburn II.

    It lives up to the top rating that Consumer Reports gave it for performance.

  31. SAL

    its a firm mattress and still new so lets see how it holds up. My last Sealy mattress was 20 years old and it was still comfortable.

  32. Trish

    I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I get hot but the cooling Jell makes this perfect

  33. RLH


  34. MichelleB

    So happy we decided to splurge on this mattress! I have never owned a better one in my life. I would highly recommend a Sealy for all master bedrooms.

  35. Scott & Kelly

    We purchased the Hybrid Performance Plush. We tested the Sleep # beds, Tempur beds, Spring beds and NOTHING feels this comfortable.

  36. ANDY

    Love this bed. It is sturdy, but still soft at the same time. The king size is perfect for our lifestyle

  37. JC

    Cool and comfortable. Has helped to relieve chronic lower back pain.

  38. Kand and Lauren

    So far we love it. I’ve been able to sleep through the night with no pain or having to readjust, it feels great.

  39. CH

    I was a little skeptical about the bed match technology from Mattress Warehouse. Even after they paired my husband and I to the Sealy Hybrid Performance, we still weren’t 100% sure. We thought it would be a little too firm at first. Let me tell you, after sleeping on it for even 1 night, my husband and I noticed our back and shoulder pain disappeared. It’s the perfect balance of firm and soft. We’re so happy with our purchase and look forward to sleeping and getting our rest every night.

  40. mich-

    I went in asking for a Tempurpedic mattress, but there was too much “sinking” feeling when I tried it. The store manager helping me was awesome and told me the different styles, feels, and qualities of the mattresses and which one would suit me according to my needs. He went over the comfort guarantee with me to help decide. He did not go straight to the most expensive, but showed me many options. It was an easy,good shopping experience. My first night’s sleep was good, comfortable and none of my limbs “feel asleep” like with my old mattress. It gave my back support where I did not wake up with any pains.I know it’s an early review (1 night), but so far, so good!

  41. Andrea

    Exceptional Mattress for the price!! Love this Sealy Knightwick Mattress and will definitely get another one!!

  42. Steve K

    I love the coolness.

  43. Cheryl K


  44. DDA

    Super comfy. Super supportive. Having a mattress cover helps cover smell, but still fairly potent.

  45. Better Sleeper

    Best feel and support I’ve ever had in a bed. I highly recommend this bed.

  46. Andreu

    This is my primary bed where I spend most of my time in

  47. Lady Bear

    I have lower back problems. Felt awesome the getting out of bed after the first night sleeping on my new Sealy. I also have had issues with sleeping more than 3 to 4 hours at a time. Apparently, part of the problem was my old mattress. Oh, and my cat approves with 4 paws up!

  48. Grandma

    Perfect for my back

  49. JJ

    Getting the best sleep I’ve gotten in a LONG while.

  50. Steve

    I love this mattress so much. It has really helped me sleep better.

  51. Babs

    We’ve need a new mattress for sometime now…. I finally put my foot down and made my husband shop with me! We viewed numerous mattresses on the showroom floor but kept coming back to the Sealy Trust II Hybrid. Excellent firmness and support made right here in the Great state of Ohio!! We like to shop local and buy local whenever we can. This purchase was a no brainer!

  52. Sue

    Very comfortable

  53. Neil

    This bed is amazing. The adjustment on my back felt like it hurt at first which is to be expected within the first 30 days. The mattress worked its magic and I sank in and fell asleep I managed to hit the deepest sleep I’ve had in a decade the first night in this bed. It’s a little pricey but when you factor it out over a decade it’s a decently priced investment in sleep.

  54. VBehm

    The first time I tried the Silver Chill mattress I was immediately sold. I didn’t even try other less expensive mattresses because it felt like i was laying on a cloud. I have had it over a month and I love it.

  55. Lololady

    We love this mattress so much more than our last one! The hybrid technology is superior and comfortable. The “chill” effect is comparatively noticable on hot nights.

  56. Bayonet_Blackhorse

    This bed feels great.

  57. Matt

    This mattress is amazing. The cooling effect keeps you cool and provides comfortable nights sleep while the gel top provides support. Even though the mattress has springs, you never feel them.

  58. Jen

    Purchased mattress for a guest room. Slept on it myself and was very comfortable and supportive. Great quality!

  59. josh

    Been sleeping on this mattress for a month so far and ZERO complaints. My wife and I have been getting a great night sleep each and every night!!

  60. mommyofatoddler

    this bed fits both mine and my boyfriends needs. we love it! would totally buy it again. we’ve had it for a month and so far no issues

  61. Lynn

    We had a High end memory foam mattress to this very comfortable Hybrid mattress. We love it!!

  62. PAMMY

    I recently purchased a home and bought a queen size Sealy hybrid performance bed. I liked it so much that I bought 2 more king mattress for the other 2 bedrooms.

  63. IR

    My bed is so comfortable. Had not purchased a bed in years. So happy with my purchased.

  64. TJA

    We bought this mattress to replace a 25 year old one. It is very comfortable and exactly what we were looking for.

  65. Pam

    I have only had this mattress for a short period of time but have had no problems sleeping since I got it. It is very comfortable and I wake up feeling refreshed.

  66. Sleepy Guy

    Just received it about 2 weeks ago and very satisfied thus far.

  67. plc

    Purchased this mattress along with adjustable base, specifically for its comfort and the adjustable features. Great mattress for my purposes. My only difficulty is that being of slight build, changing bedding can be a bit of a challenge.

  68. Rick

    Usually when I get a new mattress it will take several days to get use to it. Not with this copper top. I was sleeping soundly from day 1 and so was my wife.

  69. Juancho

    Perfect mattress for my back

  70. dfrancis

    The topper keeps you nice and cool when resting for a short nap or a hot night. I am buying my son one for his room he’s going to love it.

  71. Dave

    I noticed that i fall asleep much quicker. I wish i would’ve bought this bed sooner.

  72. Kate

    This mattress is on my primary bed. Very comfortable.

  73. RJM

    Nice to have a longer bed to accommodate taller family member

  74. Happy Sleeper

    very pleased with this purchase. Most restful sleep I have had in a very long time.

  75. Geoff

    My wife and I both wanted a firm bed. The first week or so we thought it was too hard. We have it some time and we now are sleeping great and love it.

  76. Fussy Lynn

    Mattress is firm yet has the feel of softness when you lie down on it. I have arthritis and other back problems that my old mattress was just making worse. This was one of the mattresses recommended by my doctor.I did shop around and I liked this one the best and look forward to a good nights sleep without waking up in pain.

  77. RM/SM

    Guest bed, very comfortable

  78. RJM/SKM

    Main bed for sleeping

  79. Johnny D

    My daughter is very happy with her bed. We bought this for her and me and she has been happy with it since.

  80. frank

    good to sleep on..

  81. Kristen

    This is one purchase I will never regret. I have had back issues all my life and this bed provides me with a great nights sleep! I could not be happier!

  82. none

    It’s all around GREAT mattress. Right now we have no problems and we REALLY sleep better.

  83. Swimmer Gal

    I have back problems and this bed is the perfect combination of comfort and support.

  84. Angel Nightrod

    so glad i purchased this mattress well worth the cost

  85. Bre

    This bed gives me a perfect nights sleep.

  86. Hillbilly

    The stay cool top is nice. All night you stay cool, doesn’t get hot at all. It feels like the Bed has Air Conditioning. Wonderful nights sleep! All you have to say is WOW! When you get up! I’m not pulling your leg, it’s the best!

  87. rhonda

    Definitely comfortable just wish sheets would stay.

  88. Bryan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this hybrid model.

  89. Papa

    Primary bed, replaces an all-foam mattress.

  90. Chris

    Love it and the color is one of the best mattresses

  91. Glen

    Keeps face cool and is supportive

  92. UTJunior

    This is definitely one comfortable mattress! I was a little hesitant at first, but after my first night’s sleep on it I was sold. My other mattress, which is a Sealy, doesn’t even compare and I loved that mattress. I’m thinking about putting one in my guest bedroom I like it so much!

  93. Chelsea

    This bed has been amazing! We went with this specific matress due to my fiance’s back issues. He has been suffering from disc issues for the past year. This bed allows him to lay, almost pain free!

  94. Marty

    I enjoy a good 8 or 9 hours sleep and this bed is just what I needed. I purchased the Hybrid II Firm and glad I did!

  95. Lee

    This is a very sturdy box spring

  96. Ted

    I have back problems and my back feels great every morning when I get up. So I get better sleep and feel great on the daily!

  97. Envirso

    Feels comfortable at first, but doesn’t conform to your posture. Sides of bed seems to be sinking a little after just 2 weeks of use. Middle of bed feels more comfortable.

  98. Anitta

    This is our second sealy hybrid mattress, we moved our queen bed to the guest room and got us a king bed!

  99. Lisa

    Bed is firm and comfortable

  100. BJ

    So far we are pleased after only two nights sleeping on this mattress! No cons so far!

  101. Mia

    I have back pain and I sleep so much better now. So glad I got it!

  102. Dave

    An outstanding mattress. Very comfortable, sleeps great. Purchased with a power base which gives versatile sleep settings.

  103. Chris

    This is our main bed. My wife and I love it!

  104. Nlturner20

    I received this mattress to test though Viewpoints’s I haven’t had a new mattress in 35 years my son put the mattress in my room my first nights sleep was the best I’d had in years I have told everyone of my family and friends about my new mattress I love it thank you

  105. LG

    More money than we anticipated spending. Softer than the floor model we tried at the store, but very comfortable. I am looking forward to a better night sleep. Only complaint so far is the ver strong odor from the material so needs to be aired out before use.

  106. Scottyo76

    Old mattress was horrible. Have had tempurpedic and liked it but this mattress is much better. Don’t have to wait to sink in like other brand

  107. Mrs, Trujillo

    This was a well made bed! but don’t like the splite bed

  108. Mr. Zak

    This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud! Get one and you will be very happy! The springs give it that regular feel and then you have the memory foam and the chilling technology.

  109. New Mom

    My husband and I needed a bed large enough to accommodate his 6’2″ frame along with my growing pregnancy and this was perfect! Not only is there more than enough room for us, the sturdiness of the bed has been great for the required side sleeping for me.

  110. Chum

    When i went to try out beds at the local store i ended up going through a lot of them until i laid down on this bed. It was soft but also supportive and felt much better than any of the Temperpedic mattresses i tried. I was not planing on buying a mattress when i went that day but it was a good deal for a comfortable mattress that i look forward to sleeping on.

  111. Seth

    This is my primary bed. I sleep on it every night and seeing as my old mattress was over 16 years old, this one is a marvelous improvement. The cover is super soft and bed itself is softer than other hybrids such as tempurpiedic.

  112. Cal

    My wife had a problem of falling downhill in our old bed towards me. We found our Sealy at a local mattress store and after laying on what seemed to be every bed, in every home, for eternity, we both agreed we liked this mattress way more than the rest. My wife does not feel she’s falling into the center. When I get up to go to work none of the motion transfers over and she is undisturbed. As like with some foam mattresses you start to sweat, I haven’t had this. The list of pros seems to be endless. The only con we can is some of our sheets don’t appear to be long enough on the sides to stay on. But I fix that problem with sheet clips.

  113. Bigun

    Take some time for the mattress to break in. I was really surprised at the difference with the display and new mattress. I was ready to give up and return the bed. Give a minimum 30 days for a break in period.



  115. Ashley

    I had the same mattress for 20 years out of shear laziness. I loved my bed but boy when I bought this Mattress it is a world of difference. The first morning I woke up I didnt want to get out of the bed. It is the right amount of firm. I love that I never have to flip it and I bought a mattress cover on it to protect it because its really pretty. I will be buying more of these . Im a sealy girl now.

  116. King silver chill

    Excellent Mattress, best one I’ve had

  117. DSW

    Bed has luxurious feel. Memory foam layer provides comfortable support .

  118. Patty

    Sealy is the one and only mattress I will buy every time. Thank you for all you do.

  119. Deanna

    This was a replacement mattress under the Sealy warranty. Our old mattress after only sleeping on it for 12 months developed a cavity on one side of the bed. The cavity was over 2 inches deep after only sleeping on it for 12 months. Sealy was great in standing behind their warranty and suggested we review products to choose the right product. The Premium Hybrid Copper II is a brand new product for 2018. It’s great !

  120. Six pack

    All pros, no cons.

  121. JJ

    Used as my primary bed, extremely comfortable and spacious. World of difference from my old Queen bed. Very comfortable.

  122. Davis

    This bed provides a great nights sleep and seems like it will last for a long time.

  123. Wilcodep

    Outstanding mattress with outstanding comfort. Very pleased with the quality and cool to the touch feature. Very very pleased..

  124. Gdmorgan

    Takes a few nights to get used to because our old mattress was really saggy.

  125. Drew

    Great nights sleep!

  126. RunnerA

    The bed is probably the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s very comfortable and supports my back very well. It seems like it would be too soft but I haven’t had any trouble sleeping since switching to the Sealy Hybrid.

  127. Faxer

    Very Comfortable and feels “cool”. I think that we made the right choice in getting one.

  128. BB

    Primary bed

  129. Pam, Former Waterbed Owner

    This mattress is on the bed we use every night. We had waited a very long time to replace our former mattress and can’t believe what a difference it makes to have a new high quality mattress.

  130. Jennifer

    We spend a lot of time in our bedroom as it is a bedroom/ den where we watch a lot of tv and this mattress has all the comfort and support we have needed. It also works well with the adjustable bed frame! Good choice and quite an upgrade from our last mattress.

  131. Tim

    We love the cool technology and the comfortable support. It’s still new, but so far so good!

  132. Denise

    So far, we love the new mattress! We have slept like a dream since we got it and I would recommend it to a friend for sure!

  133. Shak

    Just what I expected. Great sleep.

  134. Diane

    This mattress has really helped me sleep through the night and feel rested when I wake up.

  135. Shiny teeth

    We love this bed! Our old bed had gotten deep depressions in it despite rotating it and neither of us slept well in it. First night in this bed we both slept great! Our kids love to come snuggle in it because it’s so comfortable too! Their only complaint is “it’s not very jumpy” haha! Loving the memory foam otherwise!!

  136. LeAnn

    This is the best bed ever- always looking forward to coming home from a trip to get in my new bed.
    Would recommend this bed to everyone

  137. Rachel

    Hey everyone! This is our first apartment and I love our matress! We got it on sale and we were in a budget. Doesnt feel too hard neither too soft. Actually feels fresh for summer nights. Good matress for the price. Doesnt make noise

  138. Paul

    This mattress replaced a Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop which was a nice mattress for the first few years but then I began feeling shoulder and back pain as well as sleeping hot. The Sealy Hybrid Silver has relieved my aches and sleeps much cooler. I like to take 30-60 minute naps in the late afternoon and I have noticed that my naps often last a bit longer now because the mattress is sooooo comfortable. I have more energy and more productivity now.

  139. Joanie

    It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Holds it’s shape and bounces back quickly when you get up.

  140. no nickname

    Very happy with our selection

  141. Iz the cyclist

    To start I have moderate scoliosis so this bed really suits me!

  142. skip

    I have back problems and with this mattress I wake up with less bask pain.

  143. J&S

    Our main bedroom. We got it with the adjustable base so we have tons of options for comfort. Does not smell bad. Stays cool which we love.

  144. Ali

    I’ve been wanting a hybrid for a while now. Tested out several before I choose this one.

  145. Luke

    Very firm mattress. Fits my full bed frame nicely. Good price.

  146. Carol the PTA

    Solid support yet soft and comfortable. Used to wake up 2 or 3 times at night, but now I sleep through the night.

  147. Fozma

    I’ve only had the mattress for 10 days, but so far so good. It was what I was expecting form a plush hybrid.

  148. Jen and Jeremy

    This mattress was the best option for both my husband and I. We are definitely combo sleepers and loved the hybrid because it met all of our needs.

  149. Steve

    I’ve been having great sleep on this mattress ever since i got it!

  150. Bruce

    Very pleased with our new Sealy Hybrid Performance Mattress! We’ve had our best sleep in months since we received it!

  151. OaktownLove

    You can actually feel the cooling technology. It is like being in a cloud but very supported. Not just floating protected. Best mattress I have owned in 40 years.

  152. Louis

    One of the best relaxation and rest I’ve gotten

  153. Stevo

    Very first night I sleep like a champ. I had been waking up with neck and back pain from our previous foam mattress. No pain the next morning and the pain has gotten less and less and better nights of sleep for my wife and I

  154. JK

    I am so impressed with this mattress. I shopped for over a month to find just the right one and I did. My sleep has improved and my back is not stiff when I get up. The cooling technology really makes a difference in terms of comfort.

  155. LuLu

    I have currently only used this mattress for a few days, but it is very comfortable & I think I will be happy with it for a long time.

  156. Sonia

    I love our new bedroom furniture and the mattress is awesome.

  157. Moxcoak

    Very nice change from our sagging mattress. Very firm, no motion transfer and comfortable temperature. It took a few nights to change over from saggy to firm. Now we are happy. I am a large male and do not feel any weakness in the mattress. So far so good after 1 month.

  158. McDuff

    This mattress replaced an aging one, and the difference in my sleep has been noticeable. I’ve been regularly dreaming since I started sleeping on this mattress, which is something I didn’t often do on our older mattress.

  159. Ann

    I’m thrilled with this mattress It was the first time I remember sleeping thru the night

  160. Charette

    This is the first King size bed we have had and we are both appreciating the extra space. We do not feel any movement from the partner moving. Have only had the bed for about 2 weeks so cannot speak to the lasting quality. We purchased the mattress pad recommended by the salesman who states it helps to dissipate heat but there have been a few nights I still got a little warm. My husband has not noticed any problems with that. Overall we are happy with our purchase.

  161. Ratso

    We really love this mattress, both my wife and I have back issues and this mattress is a blessing as we both are sleeping much better than with our last mattress. Even when sitting up in bed watching television it is very relaxing. We highly recommend this mattress…worth the price.

  162. CL

    This is a great mattress for the price we paid! We sleep in different positions and all are always comfortable and supportive.

  163. JD


  164. Jewel

    I have found immediate relief from back pain by adjusting the mattress levels that fit my body’s pressure points.

  165. C.J.

    I had major back surgery and this mattress keeps me comfortable all night, best purchase I’ve ever made.

  166. DWH

    I have exceptional rest sleeping on this bed

  167. Lainie

    I don’t wake up with a back ache anymore.

  168. Goldwing Rider

    Purchasing our Sealy Kilburn II split king, adjustable bed has been one of the best sleeping decisions we’ve made in our 50+ years marriage. After 30 days of resting on this excellent mattress, we are as pleased with our decision as we first were with decision to purchase this mattress based on Consumer Report’s top-rated evaluation. The added adjustable bed feature has been a huge bonus and a feature we wish we had made years ago.

  169. None

    Sleep on it every night. Getting better sleep and feel better in the morning.

  170. Happy in bed

    Got this bed with an adjustable base and so far so good. Stays fairly cool, is very comfortable and adjusts to the base well.

  171. Paul

    We can now sleep and not wake up in the morning with a neck ache.

  172. Toni P

    I love my new Sealy bed, great purchase! Would recommend to others!

  173. Big Tom

    I finally get to sleep through the night

  174. pianoman

    Big upgrade for us. Couldn’t be happier with the mattress.

  175. IVAN


  176. Andy

    Soft at first but is really great after getting used to it.

  177. The fixer

    First time trying a Sealy mattress . So far impressed and liking the new Hybrid bed. Bought the plush twin xl and a adjustable bed frame .

  178. Rosey Lee

    First time Sealy purchaser . Like the new technology in beds . This mattress has the best of both worlds

  179. Jim

    I was very please with Ashley. I glade I picked a Sealy.

  180. SH

    We bought this mattress for our guest room to be used when our adult kids come for a visit. They all love it! Sometimes I go take naps on it.

  181. Sue

    Beautiful Mattress

  182. smitty

    After reviewing and testing numerous brands and types of mattresses, Sealy was clearly the best product for our needs.

  183. Venmur

    Very comfortable bed for me and my husband. Forms to my body when I lay down.

  184. Silver Chill Dave

    I waited too long to replace my old mattress. The difference in comfort is amazing.

  185. Jackie

    It’s hard to beat the mattress we had before. It was comfortable from day one. Since we can’t replace that same mattress we thought we would try a Hybrid. We have only had this mattress a few days but so far it’s been great. Not quite as plush as I would prefer but very comfortable and supportive.

  186. CurrenceFamily

    This mattress is soft enough for me and firm enough for my spouse.

  187. Jenn

    As a back sleeper, this mattress gives complete all over support to my neck, back, and legs. I noticed a reduction in soreness within days!

  188. Ann

    My first king bed and well worth it!

  189. Joyce

    I love my new Hybrid mattress. My previous mattress was not a good nights sleep. I stay cool at night because of the Chill Technology and I wake up refreshed in the morning and not tired.

  190. Senior mama

    The mattress is comfortable. I have only had it one month so I don’t know how it will hold up but the sides do feel quite sturdy. In the showroom I could feel good back support which sold me but I was laying on a queen mattress. The mattress I bought is a twinXL and I don’t feel the same support.

  191. Sara and Jeff

    This is an extremely comfortable bed that is not to soft and not to firm! It sleeps two people comfortably with out disturbing one another and stays cool through out the night!

  192. Sara

    This is a very comfortable bed! Not to soft not to firm and provides good support. It also stays cool though out the night.

  193. Christy

    Very comfortable.

  194. zoby

    waking up without a backache is amazing. didn’t realize how bad our old mattress was. during day i lay across it and relax and its like a pillow.

  195. y-von

    the bed is very comfortable and supports well. no trouble adjusting to this bed, would buy again

  196. Veronica

    I use this mattress every night and I love it!!

  197. Tpy1121

    This bed is amazing, I’ve had it for a few days and have not rested better in years! I would highly recommend it to anyone! The price point is awesome as well! Way better than other competitors prices! Photo was taken before buying down comforter set in black!

  198. Tom

    I bought this bed because I was having some minor back pain. The mattress has really helped. It’s very comfortable and yet provides plenty of support. I would highly recommend this mattress

  199. JOHN


  200. Shirley

    Love the mattress. No pressure points.

  201. none

    only had it a week. Happy so far.

  202. Debbie

    Have a different King and bought new mattress for 2nd home. Great mattress at a great price!

  203. Nikkie

    This is my main bed, and I love it.

  204. Alvaro

    This mattress is incredibly comfortable and gives plenty of support. It goes well with an adjustable base.

  205. Joe

    This is our primary bed and the first time with a moving base. We like it, very smooth and totally silent.

  206. The Sleeper

    Great mattress

  207. Shawn

    Very comfortable bed. Finally needed to invest in a quality bed and feel that the price for this bed is excellent for the quality!

  208. Shane

    So far the bed is very comfortable, I’m only 30 and have a bad lower back from constructuon. Since I have been sleeping on this mattress my back feels much better in the morning.

  209. Crazyotto

    This mattress was recommended to me and bought a cheaper Foam mattress as I thought I could sleep on anything. When that didn’t work out I went out and bought one of these…. why did I wait so long?

  210. Moose

    This is an excellent bed for a couple. Very comfortable I would highly recommend it.

  211. Kosar

    Would recommend this product

  212. kats46227

    Great mattress but I haven’t had it long. Most I have ever spent on a mattress

  213. Cindy

    This bed is great for both my husband and myself. He likes really firm but I want a little squish to it and this mattress gives us both what we want. So glad to not be waking up with back anymore!

  214. Sue

    Our son loves this mattress! Plush and soft but offers support too!

  215. Tom the farmer

    I really like the way it feels when combined with the Ease II base.

  216. Sgraham

    I would highly recommend this mattress. I had previously bought a different brand mattress and could not sleep for months. After purchasing my Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill Firm I No Longer toss, turn and wake up in pain. I am so satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to all.

  217. Brian

    Doesn’t feel the same as the one I tested in the store even after having it and using it daily for a full month.

  218. Fabi

    Getting a quality sleep is important to us and this mattress defitiinly helps. We were looking for a firm and mattress without the feeling of sleeping on wood, this is the perfect mattress.

  219. Blaqknight

    This is the second purchase of this mattress, upgraded from queen to king…

  220. Slate

    First night on my new mattress was heaven!

  221. Tree

    We recently upgraded from a 25-year-old mattress and are completely delighted.

  222. Kim

    Love the cooling feature! Finally get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed which doesn’t happen often due to the chronic widespread pain from fibromyalgia… so a quality mattress was very important to me. Very pleased with my purchase of the Silver Chill mattress from the premium collection and the 5 inch foundation

  223. CD

    Good night’s sleep.

  224. CD

    Comfortable Mattress

  225. Dave

    The mattress met or exceeded all of our expectations.

  226. Corrinn

    I got this mattress for a reasonable price on sale through a mattress retailer. I am very impressed with it so far! So comfy, but also supportive. You don’t have any sinking feeling with other softer mattresses. I put good for guest bed because of the price point, but we use it for our primary bed!

  227. Carriethe1st

    Really good mattress for $400. Better than expected. Reminds me of staying at nicer hotel.

  228. Indiana Gal

    The Kilburn II split king adjustable bed and mattress is the first adjustable bed I’ve own and I could not be more thrilled with my purchase. Consumer Reports “nailed it” when it ranked this mattress as one of its top rated mattress for multiple years. The adjustable bed feature has been an wonderful sleep-aid bonus that has provided me with the best sleep I’ve enjoyed for several decades.

  229. Jenny

    I got the Hybrid Sealy Silver Chill Firm mattress after looking extensively for a mattress that is firm but also soft enough for a side sleeper. I love it! My back pain is better than ever before.

  230. JM

    I love the hybrid. Coils for structure and foam to reduce disturbances from my partner moving

  231. None

    The mattress is very comfortable and we would recommend it to family or friend. One problem is that it is difficult to rotate without outside straps.

  232. Sophie

    I love this mattress!! I woke up with no back pain the next day. It definitely supports you even sleeping on your side. So far has not developed any sagging. So far would purchase again!

  233. RD – Ohio

    Excellent Bed with a competitive price! The bed is extremely comfortable and you can hardly feel your partner move. We are both hot sleepers and this bed does a great job of keeping your cooler.

  234. Derek

    Best mattress I’ve ever bought. The silver chill is worth every penny if you’re hit nature like I am!

  235. Mrs 960

    I love the middle support feature. Previous king size beds have sagged where as this one does not.

  236. B

    Great mid range mattress. Hybrid gives gives a better feel than tempur’s that i tried.

  237. Mando

    Bed is a super comfy

  238. Ray

    Have a back problem. This is the only mattress that helped.

  239. Eckbud

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned.

  240. mark

    great sleep experience

  241. Andy

    Needed a queen mattress for our Murphy bed. Went to Mattress Firm in Santa Fe and quickly found exactly what we needed. They delivered it two days later and brought it upstairs and put it in the Murphy bed. Very comfortable and received compliments from our guests.

  242. Spence

    This is my second Seally mattress. The first one lasted a long time,10 years and still going. Gave it away to move so bought this new one and we love it.

  243. East Coast Iowan

    Worth every penny. Best feeling ever after a long day at work is to sink into this bed.

  244. Misty

    Last night was our first night with our new silver chill plush mattress and adjustable base and I have to at this is the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in a long time.

  245. Glo

    I love this mattress! I wake up feeling refreshed and reenergized. I recommend this mattress to EVERYONE!

  246. Joe

    This mattress has been such a game changer. Very comfortable, in any position. When I lay down, it feels like the mattress is hugging me and pulling me into it ever so gently. No complaints.

  247. Air Force Flyer

    My wife and I upgraded our 9 year old spring mattress and have truly noticed a difference in our sleep quality. Im a flyer in the Air Force and my back sometimes gives me trouble do to sitting in an ejection seat for long periods of time. We bought the mattress a little firmer than we initially planned but the sales agent informed us it would have a slight break in which it did and is right were we want it.

  248. restless

    My husband and I are both comfortable.

  249. NA

    Great for relieving back tension if used in “head up” and “knees up” position for about 20 minutes (after heavy workout)

  250. JWooten

    I haven’t slept this well in years and years.

  251. Sunshine

    I really like my Hybrid Performance Copper II bed (with adjustable frame). I moved from a queen bed to an twin XL since my living space had downsized. I really like this bed and the adjustable base is really nice! (first time having one of those.) I shopped high and low for the type of mattress I wanted to see what the best prices were. There are a lot of low-end mattresses and bases that were priced close to what I paid for this one, but to very honest, this one felt the sturdiest and best quality (long lasting) of all that I tried. After a month of trying it out, I am glad I made the switch.

  252. The AC

    Things are going well with the mattress. Very happy with it,

  253. Yack

    Love this mattress. Went from a waterbed to this bed and could not have made a better choice.

  254. MN Girl

    Love this mattress, so glad we chose this hybrid

  255. schultnj

    I like the mattress. It’s comfortable to sleep in and seems to hold its shape well. Not too hard or too soft. The only negative things I can say is it’s not as “cooling” as I hoped it would be, given the chill technology. We bought this to replace a king size mattress and bed we’d had for many years, and it didn’t seem as wide as the old pillow top mattress we had. I know California King’s are usually not as wide and longer than regular king mattresses (I think) so I don’t think that was the issue, but was a little disappointed it didn’t seem as wide. Still an awesome mattress and would recommend.

  256. KayC

    Hands down best mattress I’ve tried and I’ve had a lot of fails in the past!

  257. La


  258. Finally getting some sleep!

    With my previous mattress I was often awakened by my husband’s restlessness (flipping around). I am pleased to say that this has not happened with the new Performance hybrid!

  259. Sy

    So far we are quite happy

  260. Rich

    Finally decided to replace my prior Sealy mattress that served me well for over 15 years. Eventually had added a memory foam topper to it which started to crumble. Thrilled to find that Sealy now incorporates the memory foam into their upper end mattresses. Slept on it, and immediately saw the improvement with greater support, giving me a great night’s sleep! Highly recommend

  261. quiltlady

    This is my (and my little dog’s) primary bed. So far it has been very comfortable for both of us, especially me. I like a firm feeling bed, yet one that has a lot of comfortable features about it. This fills the bill.

  262. Scott

    Shopped around a lot before selecting this Sealy. Could not be happier. Prior back and sciatica issues are fading away. Thanks you Sealy!

  263. A Teacher

    I sleep in this every day!

  264. Roxanne

    Love my new mattress and happy I went with a hybrid model. Many restful nights ahead.

  265. Ronnie

    Mattress is a great investment. Love the coolness of mattress.

  266. Desiree

    This is the perfect mattress for my husband as he is a back sleeper. I only gave it three stars because I am a side sleeper and the firmness of this mattress pushes up on my neck and shoulders instead of conforming.

  267. Heather, savvy budget-conscious shopper

    I’m typically a budget shopper, which did work to my advantage as I negotiated the price at the mattress store; however, this mattress is not my typical budget purchase. This is more of a mid-range price for a high-end product, and we couldn’t be happier with our selection. Especially as you get older, you realize that quality sleep is so valuable and worth a bit of extra money above the low-priced (budget) mattresses we had previously purchased.

  268. Ali

    It is very comfortable yet still supportive.

  269. Sam

    This is the best mattress I’ve ever bought. Once I laid on it I was sold. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a plush mattress. You won’t be disappointed.

  270. T. Smith

    After trying out our new queen mattress, it was found (confirmed by our fitbits) that we’ve been getting a better nights rest then before. Increased Deep and Rem Sleep cycles with less time awake due to moving and being too hot.

    All around very pleased with our purchase.

  271. EB

    My husband and I just bought a sealy king size bed and we have no regrets! We were looking for a great quality bed that wasn’t going to break the bank. This bed exceeds our expectations!! Our old bed creaked with the slightest movement, wasn’t supportive, and was just uncomfortable. My husband likes a firmer bed whereas I like a soft bed, making us nervous about finding something that made us both happy. We purchased the Sealy hybrid essentials trust and are beyond pleased! I will continue to buy sealy beds time and time again.

  272. Carlos E

    Very comfortable special for me that I don’t sleep for long hours. My body gets all rest event when I use it for short hours.

  273. Kassey

    This bed is amazing. I have never had as good of a nights sleep as I do with my new mattress. I will forever recommend this!

  274. Jim

    I have been searching for some time for the perfect mattress. The Sealy Copper II Plush Queen Performance Hybrid is pretty near perfect. And, I purchased through Sears during the July 4 sale and got an extra $75 off the Sealy sales price.

  275. Jim

    The bed is used for myself and when I have company. No complaints.

  276. Happy

    Nice support but is soft so I do not feel every ache and pain. Getting restful sleep

  277. MKT

    Daily use. Comfortable. No lumps.

  278. CME

    Very satisfied

  279. Katie New Home Owner

    Impressed with a mattress that’s both super soft but firm enough for a stomach sleeper like myself. Couldn’t have picked a better one.

  280. Kay

    So far very comfortable

  281. Pat

    Getting the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in a long time. My wife and I tried quite a few mattresses in the store and, although many were more expensive than this one, this was the best to us by far. Were not disappointed once we got it home.

  282. Yogi

    First mattress we have had that made us both happy. My wife has had back and hip surgery and this supports her yer feels soft to her.

  283. Ashlyn

    Used every night!

  284. Taylor Oil Field Worker

    I use the bed in my camper that i live in full time. I have had the same bed for 10 years and can notice a difference from the first night sleep. I wake up well rested and no longer wake up multiple times in the night!

  285. Becky

    It is comparable to the Tempur Pedic Cloud.

  286. Buckner

    This mattress is in the master bedroom and so far no complaints. It sleeps well and is very supportive.

  287. Carol s

    Tried many brands and styles, this was the best hands down

  288. Bob the builder

    It supports my back and lets me relax completely after a long day at work

  289. GolfGal44

    I have a herniated disc and this mattress has saved my life. We purchased this mattress after 2 months of sleepless nights. It conforms to my body and alleviates the stress in my lower back. I now sleep through the night! Best investment I ever made. Getting a good nights sleep has improved my physical and mental health. Would recommend this to those with or without back issues and I would definitely purchase again.

  290. Amateur golfer

    We bought to help with back issues and are excited about the results.

  291. Fluffy side sleeper

    The memory foam is really great and when I get into bed I just sink into it. The only thing I don’t like is sometimes I wake up with the side I laid on hurting. Just my rib area but I’m still breaking it in and it seems to be getting better.

  292. yolanda

    I use it to sleep . have back issues that needs this kind of mattress

  293. Ann

    This mattress is extremely comfortable. We do have to rotate it, but my husband and I have no problem doing it. The mattress has just the right amount of firmness to allow for a great night sleep!

  294. R.A.

    Great Bed

  295. Red VW

    Love being able to adjust head and feet along with excellent quality.

  296. Lee

    These are our main beds. Its been a week haven’t lost any sleep. I would do it again.

  297. Gretchen

    I was looking for a bed with a lot of sink, and while this mattress is VERY comfortable, I would’ve preferred more soft/sink. The salesperson explained that there is a 30-45 day break-in period and it will become a bit softer…and I like the mattress more each night. Overall, after testing every mattress, in every nearby store, I found the quality vs price to exceptional. Very pleased with my purchase. Would buy brand again.

  298. Nephnurse

    We were both having a lot of aches and pains in the mornings and so far this change in our mattress has made a good difference

  299. Joe

    Primarily as guest room but I end up there enough to appreciate it.

  300. Lee

    We use as primary bed. There is nothing bad to say. Ofcoursee we have had it only one week.

  301. None

    Very satisfied so far.

  302. D and K

    My husband and I sleep in this Queen bed together and there is about 140 pound difference so I usually am rolling toward him. We do not roll toward one another in this bed. we actually had a 100% memory foam mattress before and our back hurt when we woke up and now there is no more back pain or stiffness when we wake up. We love the adjustable base and the comfort it provides when reading and watching TV.

  303. snwsnw

    We have put off purchasing a new mattress for a while, because they are so expensive, and the last one we purchased, was basically garbage. A 4k piece of garbage! I have always heard very good things about Sealy, so we went to the showroom and tried the hybrid out. It’s perfect; not too soft, not too firm, and super cool to the touch. Couldn’t recommend more!

  304. gma

    Improved sleep, with less pressure point pain.

  305. Rip Van W.

    After looking for months to find just the right mattress, the Sealy Hybrid fit the bill. Great support and comfort at a reasonable price.

  306. Trouble

    Love the color great not white! Not to expensive

  307. RR

    Mattress is great so far!

  308. Leo

    You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. You only lose weight or gain muscle while you sleep. After a cheap bed, this is heaven.

  309. smitty

    I love the softness of the mattress. It allows me to sleep in any position and still be comfortable.

  310. Gswen

    Great mattress. No complaints

  311. Becki’s Bed

    The cooling feel is nice and helps you sleep better.

  312. Halatious

    This is a “Chill” mattress. which lives up to it’s name. Made in a plush firmness the comfort is as sleeping on a cloud.

  313. Ivan

    Very good mattress. We love it.

  314. M

    We’ve only had it a month but so far so good. So far we like the hybrid combination and don’t feel each other roll around. My husband also has not complained of it being hot, which he was concerned about. One con is that our sheet slide off constantly so we had to invest in something extra to keep them from doing that.

  315. Ipu

    Picked this out at Mattress Warehouse. Rated #3 at Consumer Reports for innerspring mattresses.

  316. Arnie

    Got this mattress to replace our previous mattress (other brand) of 13 years. The Sealy Hybrid is SO comfortable. My wife and I are achieving DEEP sleep through the night (even when our Vizsla dog sleeps with us).

  317. The Ranger

    So far, great reviews. No problems. Performance outstanding

  318. Diane

    I purchased this mattress for my primary bed. It is new, but so far so good. I don’t wake up with all the aches and pains that my old mattress left me with. I was skeptical at first, but no longer am I.

  319. K

    Love the adjustable frame just wish we could have gotten the separate adjustable frame, but too expensive.

  320. AJ

    This Kelburn 2 hybrid performance mattress is the main bed for my wife and and it is a great compromise between plush and firm so it works great for us because I like a mattress a little firmer than my wife. The mattress is a little softer than advertised which works for us. It also holds its shape when you sit on the edge which is nice.

  321. KC

    After installation of the adjustable base and the mattress, I was trying to give the first shot to see how good the products are. I just get myself fall asleep again in the morning regardless the sunlight and noise around me. Great sleeping I could have on it! Thumbs up!!

  322. Cindy

    Main bed.

  323. Rick

    Have only had it for one night. So far it seems good.

  324. stickman

    This mattress beats the Serta, hands down!

  325. ZuZu

    Purchased this mattress with my fiancé since we were moving in together. We both love it. Very comfortable. Everything we were looking for in a mattress plus affordable.

  326. Gloria

    My first Hybrid cooling mattress, I think I’m in Love!

  327. Amiga

    Great quality at a reasonable price.

  328. Db

    Bought as primary mattress

  329. jfgb

    I picked this Sealy mattress after looking at three other manufacturers in the store and lying on all of those I was interested in. This was definitely the most comfortable of all of them and the construction and detail appears to live up to Sealy quality as advertised.

  330. Hogangm

    Just got it in today so we haven’t had a chance to sleep on it, but of all the beds that we tested out, this was the most comfortable.

  331. Pregnant and Comfortable

    Great mattress! Super comfortable and soft! I can’t wait to get to bed every night!

  332. Classygm

    I am on a fixed income so my money is tight. This will be my last bed purchase and I made an excellent one! Even though I have arthritis in my back and knees when I get up in the morning now I feel so, so, so much better, I only wish I had this bed back when I was working…better late than never! *;-)

    Thank you Sealy for such a quality product and a great price.

  333. Guest

    We were set on a pillow top by another brand until we tested the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill. While it was a bit more than we budgeted, we still chose the Sealy.

  334. Main

    We were set on a pillow top by another brand until we tested the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill. While it was a bit more than we budgeted, we still chose the Sealy

  335. Jennifer

    I wish I didn’t wait so long to buy such a wonderful mattress. We work, eat, sleep and repeat. The stresses of the day shouldn’t be carried over into the night. That is where we should find solace and rest.. and that my friend, you will find with this mattress. I just recently moved into my own place and this was my big splurge item. Received a wonderful deal from Ashley Furniture and had the bed delivered in no time. Last night, I fell asleep so quickly and didn’t wake until the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. I didn’t sweat, I don’t recall tossing or turning.. and I woke up on the right side of the bed.. for a change. I also have scoliosis.. and have slept on other orthopaedic mattresses before, but this.. this was the best decision and purchase I have ever made. I’m so thrilled.. I’m writing a review and I never write reviews. If you are looking to get a solid nights sleep.. get a Sealy Copper II.. you will thank me.

  336. Dick

    Put mattress and an adjustable frame first night was good

  337. Tummy Sleeper

    This is our first king sized bed. We didn’t even feel it when each other moved around. We got the Firm mattress and it’s perfect for any position of sleep. No more lumbar pain from stomach sleeping!

  338. Nell

    Very impress first of all that the mattress was made at the manufacturer once order was placed based on what you desire to have,which was new to me. I went with Sealy based on pass usage of a Sealy mattress that far out live what a mattress normally would last. 21 years ago had moved into my home and the bedding was left which was a Sealy mattress and just now replacing it. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a quality mattress that would stand the test of time.

  339. JC

    Using this mattress is one of the primary mattresses in the house. It is constructed well and will last awhile.

  340. Jerry

    Used as our primary mattress. Great support. Very sturdy. Does not feel as cool as was advertised against the body.

  341. Cody

    Primary bed, much improved over traditional mattress

  342. Redhead

    It is our Master Bedroom Mattress, Great Mattress , Great Pricce Point

  343. The D Family

    My husband and I were both in pain from our previous mattress. This is a welcome relief for both of us!

  344. Tim

    Good value

  345. Jr

    Bearly got it and it is super smooth and soft.

  346. Grandma

    This bed fits all my curves.

  347. Millie

    As a senior, I want quality for my money. My previous mattress was cheaper and lasted only about 5 years. Besides the disappointment of my choice, I also wasted my money. As a person on a fixed income this is definitely not good.I shopped around and read reviews before I made this selection.

  348. Andipandi

    The first night, I slept so well that I woke up before my alarm feeling fully rested!

  349. Margarita

    Good riddens to our hot Temperpedic!

  350. Ashlyn the Crossfitter

    I have really bad lower back problems so buying a bed meant a lot to me! This mattress exceeds my expectations! I have never felt better

  351. Rus

    Everything about the purchase went smoothly and love the mattress and warranty. Wish there was more information on the controls.

  352. Chris

    We bought this mattress to replace the one that was in our camper. I can’t wait to sleep on it this weekend!

  353. Walker

    My husband and I were a bit skeptical about making this purchase but are so glad we did. We haven’t slept so good in ages! We loved it so much we went back and got one for my husbands mom.

  354. Nana

    Best mattress I’ve had in years!!

  355. Anonymous

    Very comfortable mattress, soft but firm. Plenty of support. Can definitely feel the cooling top.

  356. djennings

    The bed, with adjustable mechanism, sits a bit low. The comfort and quality of sleep definitely makes up for the deficiency.

  357. Rene’

    My back had been hurting when I woke up in the morning. Since I got my mattress a week ago, I have not had the same issues in the morning.

  358. Matt

    Ever since getting this mattress I’ve said goodbye to hot nights and uncomfortable mornings. My back has never felt better. It’s firm but not stiff. Plush but not saggy. Soft but not sinking. What a premium mattress this is.

  359. Mr. and Mrs.

    We are happy with our new mattress and are sleeping well.

  360. Momoftwo

    This is a great mattress; comfortable and soft yet still a firm base. I would highly recommend it!

  361. tj

    great produvt

  362. Rozzie

    Have only slept on it for 2 nights but it is very comfortable and even though its soft, it supports very nicely. Hopefully it will last for a while.

  363. Lance

    This is very comfortable.

  364. Lily

    My husband and I love our new hybrid premium mattress set. It provides great support and comfort.

  365. Lisa

    This is a wonderful mattress, that is comfortable for a wonderful nights sleep! Thanks Sealy!

  366. mattress sleeper

    It’s totally alleviated hip pains I was having with my old mattress. I seem to be having more continuous sleep without interruptions

  367. Oliver Perry

    Great support. My wife has had 2 lower back surgeries and this mattress supports her. No sleep issues, very satisfied with this mattress.

  368. cuddypk

    Great mattress for the price. Good quality construction. Just a little stiffer than I was hoping.

  369. Earl

    Been sleeping on a firm mattress for years. After some back problems, decided to try a softer mattress.
    This is just perfect, not too soft but very comfortable.

  370. Susan the side sleeper

    I was skeptical about a memory foam so going with the hybrid was a great option for me.

  371. cebj

    This is my primary mattress and it’s a beautiful thing.

  372. jonjon

    give us good sleep finally. everyone love it.

  373. Runners

    I was looking for a mattress this confortable for a long time, I found the perfect one

  374. gkb

    We shopped around trying out several mattresses! It’s very important to pick the right mattress so don’t be pressured by a sales person to buy right away. The place we ended up buying from was not pushing at all & she gave us plenty time alone to discuss out options. We are very confident that we made the right choice with the sealy blue mesa cushion!

  375. MWK

    With my wife battling cancer, she would toss and turn with hot-flashes every night for several hours a night and kick the covers off, pull them on again, and jostle till she was comfortable to sleep for a few hours. The very first night we slept on this new mattress it changed everything. She no longer tossed and turned. She would still get hot-flashes but NOT “kick the covers off” hot. This mattress is a game changer for us.

  376. Ken

    Good quality with quick delivery

  377. Debi

    This is our primary bed. Before back surgery in February, we knew a new bed was needed. This bed has been great. No sink holes, easy to roll out of. I don’t get hot in it, which is a blessing. M

  378. sleepers

    I sleep all night now!

  379. stivers

    I love this product so far, haven’t slept in it yet but I can tell its a one of a kind bed

  380. Judy

    I sleep very hot. The Chill gives me a more comfortable and cooler sleep.

  381. Dave

    Great mattress. Very comfortable. Helps with back pain.

  382. Cody

    This mattress is so comfortable! I used to wake up throughout the night due to being uncomfortable, but ever since I started sleeping on this mattress, I’ve never slept better. A+++

  383. Gretel

    this mattress is so comfortable , and you can tell it holds it’s shape. Would definitely purchase again. Also I like the darker colors , even though it’s covered I think it makes it look nicer.

  384. The Big Coffin Dude

    This is it, the Silver Chill- the best of both worlds. It has the memory foam AND it has coils, slept at the luxury hotel Wynn Encore in Las Vegas and they had a hybrid bed for me in the suite. Get home and realize I need that feeling in my life ALL THE TIME. So then we found the Silver Chill and have really enjoyed it.

  385. CAT


  386. Mekoya

    Had our last mattress for over 15 years and it was time to replace. It’s only been two weeks, but we are happy with the mattress.

  387. JosieMarie

    love this mattress! Building muscles so I can move it myself lol

  388. CJ

    It has only been about a week, but this is a great mattress. Very happy with it.

  389. Comfortable in Castle Rock

    Hybrid technology has both memory foam and individually pocketed innerspring coils which gives great support and comfort. The Sealy silver chill hybrid premium also helps keep things cool on hot nights with added cooling gel in the mattress top. Great upgrade for our primary bed. Non prorated waranty and a 120 day trial when purchased through Denver mattress at furniture row. No risk, no worries.

  390. Mario

    Finally a bed that can adjust for my aches and pains

  391. Jill

    Love the versatility

  392. Mac

    The floor model is WAY softer than the actual mattress. I understand that floor models are always a little more broken in, but the difference was vast. I hope the mattress softens up the longer we have it. I wish we would have bought the floor model because it was SO comfortable!

  393. Paul

    I have back problems, I used to get up every morning to an achy back.After two nights of sleeping on this mattress my back hasn’t bothered me when I wake up.

  394. Xsaunder

    Can’t comment about much yet as it was just delivered.

  395. Dan

    Replaced a Tempurpedic and so happy we did

  396. CANDY


  397. Anonymous

    Fabulous mattress, excellent product.

  398. Hot Head

    Ive gotten more rest in this new bed.

  399. DC

    Looking forward to better sleep

  400. EMTP09

    I was a bit hesitant to pay this much for a mattress but it’s totally worth it! I can sleep comfortably and uninterrupted!

  401. jery

    Extremely comfortable, exceeded our exoectations

  402. Jolly

    This Performance mattress is much more comfortable than our other coil mattresses. Reminds us of the best resort mattresses we have slept on. Looking forward to many years of restful sleep!

  403. Toby

    This bed is extremely soft and makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud! The woman that was the manager at the mattress store was very kind and helped my girlfriend and I out so much! We’ve had it for 5 months and it’s still perfect!

  404. New Mattress Owner

    Definitely a great mesh between a regular mattress and all foam. It is comfy but still sturdy.

  405. Misty

    Sleep so good on this bed. Back did hurt this first morning after sleeping on it, but we had our bed for 18 years and wasn’t used to a good mattress. Feels much better each morning.

  406. Joe E

    Bought this mattress as my primary mattress two weeks ago. Very pleased so far. Just the right amount of softness and firmness. Great for a stomach sleeper like me.

  407. Julie

    This is my primary mattress. It is firm yet oh so comfortable. I’m so pleased with my purchase!!

  408. WAH

    I love this mattress!! It is so comfortable yet firm at the same time.

  409. Savagehenri

    Finally got around to replacing my mattress of 10+ years only had it less than a month, but thus far I couldn’t be happier.

  410. Anju

    i loved this product except for the squeaks that it makes

  411. PJ

    This has been a great purchase! It sleeps well, I would love to see handles on sides so I could rotate the bed for even wear, but otherwise it was a nice purchase for the money.

  412. Big Al

    Good Quality

  413. Jim

    Overall, the mattress is a drastic improvement to my previous mattress. I like the hybrid foam/innerspring combination because it isn’t too soft or too firm. I definitely get hotter sleeping on this mattress, but it isn’t too bad. I’m a side sleeper and I am comfortable. My arm doesn’t fall asleep and my back isn’t sore when I sleep on it.

  414. none

    This product is very comfortable, sturdy and it conforms to the body very well. It promotes good sleep and rest for the body.

  415. Patty

    I use in master bedroom

  416. Nanny

    Our new Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill Premium King mattress is wonderful. The mattress forms to the body nicely. Wake up without a sore body or neck. I love how thick the mattress is. I do recommend this mattress to family and friends.

  417. the adjuster

    love how the head and feet sections can be raised and lowered with a remote to meet my comfort level.

  418. Thales

    Great bed. Had back issues and now it all stoped

  419. Dan

    An exceptional mattress! I have the Copper ll Plush Hybrid, and it was a great find. I am upgrading to this mattress from a 10 year old spring mattress that was starting to show its age, and affecting my body. This is a fantastic upgrade, and its price tag is not outrageous like other brands. You know you have a trusted brand in Sealy, and that should also (along with the mattress) help you sleep well at night!

  420. I have none

    I have found you “get what you pay for.” I believe in getting the best product for our money. This is our
    second Sealy Posturpedic mattress, It is very comfortable and gives us good support. I have a lot of pain
    sleeping on my side; and I have not been awaken with pain during the night since we received our new
    mattress. The people at Bedzzz Express were easy to work with and very professional.

  421. Val

    So much softer than our previous mattress, but still has support!

  422. John boy

    Good stuff Sealy

  423. Kristin

    For every-day products, you can’t cut corners with pricing. We buy the best we can afford, and Sealy gives us the best bang for our buck!

  424. Jc

    Its is very comfortable and the cooling technology is great. Such an amazing bed

  425. Mary

    I really needed better sleep, I shopped more for this mattress purchase than I did for my car. This was the
    very best value for the quality and comfort that this mattress offers, I know I made the right decision.

  426. SealySnob

    We bought this mattress one week ago and our bodies are feeling so much better. I woke up with sciatica and my husband would wake up with numb arms. The morning after we bought this bed and ever since, we have not experienced those symptoms!

  427. BigTime

    Great bed.

  428. CC

    So comfortable. The right amount of plush and sturdiness.

  429. Chris

    I bought this mattress as my main bed…it is still new, so i am still trying it out. It is very soft, may be too soft, but not sure yet.

  430. Steve

    This mattress coupled with the Sealy Reflexion-4 Adjustable Base have joined to provide the support I need for a good night’s rest. With sleep apnea, two surgically repaired shoulders and a back back the mattress provides the right support in the right places to keep me comfortable and generally pain free.

  431. Em

    I didn’t want to get rid of my old mattress that I had for 10 years because I couldn’t find anything like it. Until I found this! It’s comfy and soft, but still supportive (supportive enough for a young person, at least). I am very happy with it and feel right at home in it.

  432. SGE

    One week of sleep. So far so good.

  433. Noah the Karate Kid Sleeper

    This was a recent purchase so I cannot speak to the long term satisfaction, however, we are initially very happy with the mattress. It is very comfortable and soft, yet provides nice support. It arrived on the scheduled date and was set up quickly.

  434. John B

    Very comfortable. I sleep great on this mattress and wake up well rested. My back no longer aches when I wake up. Solidly built, no more wavy moving mattress when either one of us rolls over.

  435. Jay

    This bed is for every day use.

  436. Jeff

    It’s only been 2 weeks but sleeping comfortably

  437. Spider

    I am a 100% side sleeper and this mattress has eliminated my shoulder pain. My body took to it immediately. I am well pleased.

  438. AnneEMart

    I am very pleased with my new mattress purchase.

  439. Ann

    We’ve only slept on this mattress one night, so I can’t say how it holds up, but we are happy with it so far.

  440. Happy Teacher

    We’ve had this mattress for a couple weeks. We replaced a firm mattress that had a comfort top. I was waking up with achy shoulders and back on the old mattress. I’ve been sleeping wonderfully on this mattress and waking up with no pain. The only drawback is that it is so heavy. It’s difficult to tuck sheets in. I’m guessing this might be the case with bigger mattresses but I’m wondering if its because it is a hybrid and has the coils.

  441. dagrlk

    I expect to enjoy this product for years to come!!

  442. Roger

    Bed feels great, stays nice and cool, I have a bad back it this has great support.

  443. Happy sleeper

    We have noticed a chemical smell coming off the mattress. We hope with time it will go away.

  444. Heather

    It’s a very comfortable mattress! Your body melts right into it! We liked the hybrid over pillow top, since it’s still soft and conforms to your shape.

  445. Jack

    I did research on this mattress and this one and it at the correct feel for me.

  446. GR

    This is our second bed and highly recommend.

  447. Alex

    The best mattress we have ever owned. SO comfortable and haven’t slept this great in a long time

  448. Saxplayer

    My husband and I sought a softer feel to replace our relatively new mattress (which was relocated to the guest room). This hybrid isn’t as soft as we had hoped, but we do appreciate that there’s no motion when one of us gets in or out of bed. It’s also not as thick as our previous mattress, but offers just as much luxurious feel.

  449. Chris

    Love it. Second mattress in a month first one was from a different manufacturer. Our backs hurt the first night. We then went to a different store and purchased the Sealy and felt a difference right away.

  450. KenTheTeacher

    I have been searching for a bed of this quality and at this price point for three years. I am a very large man weighing more than 360 pounds. I have purchased (and regretted it) other beds which had foam encasement edges. Within months sitting on the side of the bed or sleeping near it meant either sagging or rolling off. This mattress which I researched heavily on line, and then in stores lying on it on my side and back was simply outstanding for the cost. I have paid more for a mattress only to give it away after six months; but not this one. It is cool to the touch and when you are over 70 and heavy, with arthritis that is still another plus

  451. Kevie

    Wife was constantly at issue with back problem. New mattress solved issue. Now she (and I) get a good night’s sleep.

  452. Serge

    Very comfortable and supportive mattress. I am very satisfied with tis mattress.

  453. None

    I sleep on the mattress. It is firm, comfortable and does hold its shape.

  454. Tiffani

    I have never had a more comfortable mattress. I am very satisfied, and am having the best sleep ever.

  455. Joel

    This bed is amazing! Has great support after just having back surgery. Does not make any noise when getting into it and very little transfer when the other person gets into bed. I sleep like a baby! Great purchase and well worth it!

  456. Sydney

    It’s really comfortable. Cooking mattress that regulates your body temperature in the night

  457. Lori

    We bought a pillow top mattress topper to add softness. This mattress felt good while testing it at the store. But, it is taking some time to get used too. While it has good support, it is too firm after a full night’s sleep. The pillow top cover I purchased seems to help make it more comfortable. The cool gel top feel good when you first lay on it at night, but our body heat seems to make it feel hot during the night and by morning. Again, the pillow top mattress pad seems to keep the whole bed cooler, overall.

  458. Lisa

    Sleep with no problem yet.

  459. Jim

    Main bed

  460. Pat

    Our new mattress is in the master bedroom and used every night.

  461. Granny

    I was sleeping on a pillow top mattress and waking up every morning with back and leg pain. I purchased the Sealy Copper II Firm Hybrid Twin Long firm. It is a great mattress for me. It was recommended by the salesman and I am very happy with it.

  462. Ms. Drea

    I was in need of a mattress and wanted to upgrade size and quality..Sealy Hybrid Premium(King) has met all the requirements and exceed my expectations. Sealy customer for life!

  463. Lan513

    Great support love the cooling top

  464. Trace

    Ready to sleep well for a change.

  465. Ally

    We had an old bed and had looked at a bunch of different mattresses. We weren’t wanting to spend a lot and almost bought a cheaper mattress. However we tried this one out and realized it was worth every penny.

  466. Karl

    I now seriously regret waiting so long to replace my mattress. My new Sealy is exactly what I needed to wake up refreshed.

  467. Katie

    We enjoy using this product for daily use in our house.

  468. Joy

    I traded a foam mattress for this one. This has got to be the best decision Ive made in a long time.

  469. aaadrian

    Amazing Matress for the price! Would highly recommend.

  470. Nick

    Great Mattress, comfortable but supportive

  471. Jane

    Very comfortable and we love the lower height box spring. Much easier to get into and opt of bed. We also like the built in memory foam. We had a separate foam pad on the old mattress, which made the sheets hard to fit.

  472. Golfer

    Hybrid Mattresses are the best, combining a memory foam and innerspring mattress.

  473. Mekmek865

    After dealing with back pains for years this mattress was a lifesaver. I’ve never slept so good before and was able to rest.

  474. 918alma

    Higher than expected

  475. Drowsy

    I can finally sleep on my back again with no back pain! I can sleep on my stomach with no knee or hip pain! I’m also happy with side sleeping. The reviews I saw prior to purchase mentioned that it may not be good for side sleepers but it works for me. I love this mattress!

  476. Bpamike366

    Very cool keeps you cool

  477. Napoleon

    Great purchase

  478. TJ

    So far the mattress has passed our expectations!

  479. Tony

    By far one of the best mattresses I have ever laid on. Shopping in the store was easy, there is a pretty cool machine they use to determine what type of mattress would best suit you based on pressure points and how your body lays on the mattress. The machine definitely picked the best option for my girlfriend and I. Very supportive yet very soft and comfortable. Its pretty impressive how it can help so much with relaxation yet be so supportive. Quality seems VERY good. All the seams are nicely done, material is top notch and it doesn’t give off any unusual odors (Like some new mattresses do) The cooling technology they incorporate into these is amazing. All in all, very pleased with the purchase. Definitely recommend this mattress to anyone that determines they need this type! 10 year warranty is also nice!!!

  480. The Reader

    This is a wonderful mattress. I love the firmness, but it is not hard. It also does not get hot like the old, innerspring mattresses. I am very happy to have this mattress on my bed!

  481. Joe

    Product is really good. Not to hard, since having this I have not had back pain.

  482. Lily

    Sleep through the night, one needs good pillow.

  483. Jeff

    I sleep very sound in this bed. I wake up refreshed.

  484. JB

    We needed a little more support for our backs, We are surprised at the comfort of the Sealy Hybrid

  485. Jerry

    This is really the most amazing mattress I’ve ever had. Very comfortable and it supports every part of you just right.

  486. Shawnd

    Bought bed to replace an 8 year old mattress. Back pain is gone with the first sleep. Better for back sleeps than side sleepers.

  487. The stomach sleeper

    This mattress has been wonderful. I am a stomach sleeper so finding a good and affordable mattress was key. It has held its shape and is extremely soft. I would purchase one of these again.

  488. MVB

    The mattress may be a little stiff. I will give it more time and then may try a less firm version.

  489. Laurie

    Mattress is great slept all night !

  490. Deb the sleeper

    I have had many sleepless nights in my lifetime.I am now retired and was in need of new mattress.Wish I would have bought this years ago.I sleep so well now!

  491. bakyardman

    15 years since a new mattress. Did our research. Checked all name brands and prices. Found Sealy hybrid Silver Chill that we liked. So far (1-night) slept ok. Good support. (It’s new). Did smell oder from foam from inside of mattress. I guess in time it will stop. Also (mite be petty) No brand name tag sewn into the mattress. Just the paper tags. I did spend good money for your mattress. Would be nice to see brand name tag on it.

  492. Judy

    We absolutely love our new Sealy Hybrid bed. My husband and I struggle to get a comfortable fit in a bed, but this one seems to fit us well. Its very comfortable and there’s no sagging or rolling into the middle, plus its not too hot to sleep on either. We would highly recommend!!!

  493. Tracy the Sleeper

    The cool feel is very nice, conforms to the shape of your body, not too soft and not too form.



  495. Sleeper

    I am really liking this mattress. It took a while for it to feel like the one I tried in the store.

  496. Sleeper

    Great buy.

  497. AH

    Provides a great night’s sleep.

  498. Bill C

    This mattress is both firm and soft

  499. golfinfool

    Sleeping better than I have in YEARS !!!

  500. Paige

    Very comfortable bed! It’s great that the person sleeping next to you is barely able to feel you get out of the bed in the morning. Very pleased with our purchase!

  501. Goldilocks

    I’m a high-end shopper on a budget. I have had the mattress w/adjustable base for 1 week and can only rave about it. Every morning I say to my husband ‘I love my bed’, then I say ‘good morning’. I’m sleeping better than I have in years! I’m 70 and feel like Goldilocks, I’ve tried so many beds. You can lay me down to rest in this one! I’ve already recommended it to my brother. The clincher will be if I can say the same in five years. Ask me again.

  502. no nick name

    very comfortable, I do not wake up with lower back pain now.
    I do like the Hybrid Plush. we originally had the Hybrid firm and i found it way to firm form my liking

  503. AEH in Lindale

    Very pleased. So glad we finally decided to upgrade our mattress.

  504. Jennifer

    We love the comfort of the mattress but are concerned about the heat. It’s supposed to have “cool technology” and we seem to be sleeping hot.

  505. Superman

    I have a temperpedic mattress and this one is just as equal to it. This mattress replaced a traditional box spring my wife had. Well now we sleep deeper and more rested after 6 hrs.before felt like we never went to sleep even after 8 hrs.

  506. Chuck

    Great Matress

  507. Tom

    we just got this mattress yesterday and so far so good! My husband has a bad back and needs a good support and he also gets very hot while sleeping. He has not complained about the sweat at night but he did king of hoped for more cooling feeling on the mattress. Overall, we like it!

  508. Deedee

    I am loving my new Sealy mattress. I am no longer experiencing back aches in the morning. I would definitely recommend this mattress to my friends.

  509. Toni

    This bed is very comfortable, it has a chilling effect

  510. Toni

    No complaints, very comfortable

  511. hankster

    Bed feels sooooo good! sleeps very comfortable.

  512. Brandon

    I haven’t had a lot of time with it, but I also have a full memory foam and it is not as comfortable. I’m hoping that this adds more support. It feels so much more comfortable and supportive.

  513. N/a


  514. Timmaaiiee

    Great feel. Hypo allergenic, cool to touch.

    I would make sure you get a supportive pillow. The mattress is so soft you sync in slightly. But I can be a good thing

  515. ANC

    Primary residence.

  516. Itsmie

    After trying wat to many we found this mattress and knew right away that it was the one we were searching for.

  517. Tony

    Very happy and my back feels much better when I wake from a Good night sleep on my Sealy.

  518. Liz

    Had foam and cooling features needed along with proper mattress height.

  519. Jim

    I was having problems with my back and hips and kept waking up. Since I got this mattress I have no problems sleeping with no pain.

  520. Goodnight Moon

    Love our new mattress because it’s so comfortable and we sleep so much better. It’s the first hybrid type of mattress that we’ve purchased. Love that it has the foam plus springs. We also bought the Ergomotion adjustable bed foundation that has the zero gravity setting, flat setting and individual settings for head, feet incline as well as massage!

  521. Blue

    Super comfortable and supportive.

  522. LJ

    I have fibromyalgia and have sleep disturbances. This mattress has made these more manageable by being comfortable and allowing me to fall back asleep easier.

  523. Sleeper

    Comfortable mattress and gives good support

  524. Val

    Waited 1 month for the Hybrid sliver chill and just Love it. Nothing more to say. If your spending money on anything it should be the best matress since you spend half your life sleeping

  525. Pris

    Great mattress and easy set up.

  526. Marcos

    I know that after 6 months you can tell a real review not the 1st day of using it. But i want my free pillow so my review so far it’s that i like it.

  527. Wage the boomers

    This mattress is so very comfortable. My husband could not sleep on his side until we purchased this Silver Chill Hybrid model. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. No more foam mattress topper that used to make us sweat. We look forward to many years of use.

  528. The Hardscapers

    We switched to this mattress after both my husband and I began to have problems with our old mattress. We needed something that would be comfortable and good for our hard working bodies. I finally feel like i’m actually able to snuggle into my bed and not feel like a straight board on a mattress.

  529. Sarah

    We both have bad backs for different reasons and needed a mattress that would provide the support to stretch out our muscles overnight. We are pleased with the Copper II Plush because it gives us the support we absolutely must have while also giving us the soft comfort we wanted.

  530. Quill

    We’ve only had this mattress a couple of days, but it is very comfortable. While new, it does have a slight odor (the foam, I think) which I expect will go away within a few weeks.

  531. Jpro1312

    I’ve been in need of a new mattress for awhile. This is worth every penny.

  532. Ike

    I tried out all sorts of beds and my bride and I agreed this one works best for us. It is ‘medium’ firm and has lots of give. We found out we preferred a hybrid over both a traditional as well as a full memory foam bed.

  533. Warren

    This is our primary bed, we feel like we splurged to get this mattress and it comes with no regrets.

  534. Happy

    The bed is extra comfortable–both soft but firm. We couldn’t be happier with our selection.

  535. Wes

    I normally toss and turn all night now I hardly move

  536. Sleepless in the swamp

    The mattress is on adjustable base and conforms nicely. Supportive, but not too hard.

  537. Sherry

    I wanted to review this mattress after one month and three months and now 6 months. My husband and I both do not like this mattress because it has developed a canyon on both sides where we sleep after 6 months. We both started noticing it around the three month timeframe. We have now turned it around to see if it makes a difference. It is also very heavy. When I went to ” test” the mattress it was a lot firmer.

  538. Tommy

    I sleep on this mattress every night, it is in my master bedroom. It took my body a couple of nights to adjust to the new mattress, but now I wake up fully rested and refreshed! No more back pain, yay!! I thought it was too firm on the first night, but obviously I was just used to sleeping on a pieceof foam lol.

  539. P21

    My bed is primary bed so I had to choose something very comfortable and I made the right choice!

  540. T21

    I just love the mattress it has been the best decision ever!

  541. None

    I’m little and my partner is big but we both are fairly comfortable. A little too firm for me but was told it may soften up a bit.

  542. Happy Sleeper

    My husband has been wanting a new mattress for awhile, as he was waking up in pain and struggling to sleep restfully through the night. This mattress gave him pretty much instant relief! We love the way the top layers form to your body offering great support, but you don’t sink in and get stuck like with some memory foam mattresses. We are both very happy with this purchase!

  543. drachefeuer

    We use this for our primary bed, my husband, 2 kids and I all love it! We tend to also acquire 2 cats (who also approve) through the night.

  544. Tom

    I got this mattress because I have lower back issues and wanted a plush bed for comfort that was still able to support my back enough. I haven’t woken up with any pain since I got the mattress.

  545. J & G

    We always look for good quality mattresses at a fair price. Value as well as durability and comfort are our major concerns as we select new mattresses. We believe this Sealy Hybrid will serve us well for many years to come.

  546. Nena

    Very great price for the product.

  547. Jose

    like the bed

  548. PATRICK


  549. Trixie

    I was waking up every morning with serious pain in my neck and upper back from our old mattress and knew it was time to replace the old one. We shopped for our new mattress at a bunch of different retailers testing each one. We knew right away we had picked the perfect mattress as soon as we tested the Sealy Kelburn II. I now wake up every morning no longer in pain and we both get a perfect night’s sleep. I’m just sorry we didn’t purchase it sooner.

  550. me

    so far this sleeps pretty good.

  551. Leo

    I really like this mattress. It is the best of both worlds.(springs and memory foam). Also, I don’t disturb when I move.

  552. Leo

    It is very comfortable. It has springs and memory foam. Also, I don’t disturb my wife when I move.

  553. Philip

    So far, this product is everything we expected. I am a stomach sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper, and it works wonderfully for both of us. We feel support through our whole bodies and no longer wake up stiff and sore.

  554. Don

    Great product. Used for primary bed for myself and my wife.

  555. Sportsfan

    Very comfortable, conforms nice on adjustable frame.

  556. CHRIS


  557. Funshinebear

    We love that this mattress feels soft and plush, but it also firm enough to offer good support.

  558. SleepyinPA

    The mattress is so comfortable and keeps you cool all night

  559. Mimi

    I always trust the Sealy brand name.

  560. JM

    I am so happy that we purchased this mattress

  561. BeanSF

    Love the combination of support and memory foam

  562. Mr. Z

    After trying out several different mattresses and different brands, I finally bought the Sealy mattress recommended for me. It really makes a world of difference! Love it.

  563. Mrs. Z

    This is a very comfortable mattress that makes sleeping pleasurable. Fewer aches and areas of stiffness in the morning.

  564. G

    This is the best bed. It is firm yet soft, holds its shape, keeps movement to a minimum when another sleeper changes position, is quiet and supportive. We love our new bed!

  565. Dawn

    Best night sleep

  566. Mike

    Very comfy, no back pain defiantly worth the money

  567. J the scientist

    We selected this mattress because we wanted a hubrid in the mid price range that was also of great quality. This one was the beat firmness for us and cool to the touch vs. others. We have had it about a month and enjoy sleeping on it!

  568. Shan

    I was looking for not only comfort and support, but also cooling technology. This mattress has it.

  569. Dre Day

    I’ve had this mattress for over a month now and it feels more comfortable now than when I first received it. My wife and I absolutely love it. Very soft but just the right amount of support. Still squeak free. The best mattress I’ve ever owned hands down. My only complaint is that it makes me ignore my alarm every morning!!! Absolutely no regrets buying this mattress and would recommend it to anybody.

  570. jas5489

    So far like this mattress. Cool at night and comfortable.

  571. davindel

    Love the comfort & plush Sealy Mattress. Best nite sleep in years.

  572. coachmichele

    It comfortable

  573. Tha Boz

    Primary bed in master bedroom…..excellent choice.

  574. CK

    I have constant lower back pain even with physical therapy and exercise. I haven’t even had the mattress for less than a week and I can already see an improved difference. The mattress is firm(er), but it is still extremely comfortable. I thought about getting another model that was slightly softer, but knew the Kelburn was the way to go. I am optimistic the new mattress will help alleviate pain and eventually keep me out of PT!
    Sealy, thank you for making a high-quality, dependable mattress.

  575. Dawn

    We are so happy with our new mattress!!! It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had!!

  576. Jhh


  577. PAVZ


  578. JJ

    Great support and pressure relieveing qualities

  579. Stretch

    Very comfortable and makes for a good night of sleep

  580. Dakota garcia

    Se siente muy bien dejenme dormir
    Good let me sleep

  581. J the MIMI

    I have been sleeping on the same mattress for 20 years so LOVE this new one! It was much needed

  582. BKC

    Great mattress.

  583. Gaby

    This is my second Sealy mattress I have purchased because I love my first mattress. It is so comfortable!! Will always buy a Sealy!!!

  584. Grey

    I wanted a good firm bed for my back but I didn’t want it to be too hard. This hybrid mattress is great. It provides good support and the pillow top makes it very comfortable as well.

  585. MyNew Bed

    This is a really great bed.

  586. Rollyx4

    We love our new mattress. It was a long time coming! We got the ultra plush mattress and it is so comfortable. Highly recommend!

  587. Katie

    I love this bed! This is my primary bed and I love how comfortable it is!

  588. Katie

    I love this bed! I love everything about this bed but mostly I love how comfortable it is!!!

  589. Lu

    It is very comfortable. It does slide on the base some.

  590. Diecargra

    To improve my stomach condition

  591. Rob

    Best sleep in years

  592. Rachel

    My husband prefers a firm bed and I would rather sleep on a pillow top. This mattress was a great compromise! We love it!

  593. Billy

    Very comfortable night’s sleep. Do not notice other person’s movement. Awesome mattress.

  594. Paula

    Have back problems so like the comfort n support

  595. The happy sleeper

    I purchased the premium hybrid mattress and box spring with a mattress protector. My bed was delivered yesterday. I am very happy, I slept better than I have in a long time, and I did not wake up sore like I usually do. It was very supportive yet soft with no pressure points. Looking forward to sleeping well every night.

  596. Mattress reviewer

    Really soft comfortable mattress

  597. Maggie

    I look for what i want and don’t care the cost as long it’s comfortable.i am very happy with my purchase.

  598. Chris

    I was able to find a comfortable mattress at an affordable cost.

  599. HipSleeper

    I bought this online without trying it in person – a first. Thus far, happy with the mattress. Eliminating back and hip pain while sleeping is a biggie for me.

  600. n/a

    I just received this mattress as a replacement for a Stearns & Foster that was sunken in the center.

  601. T

    Only had this mattress for two months. Hope it holds up!

  602. KingJames

    I have the Sealy Hybrid Performance mattress. It’s been great so far. I’m a back sleeper and this mattress has the right amount of support and comfort to keep me asleep through the night.

  603. Kelli

    This mattress was described as being on the firmer side, and since it is a hybrid it is perfect because it provides the firmness/support but the top memory foam portion allows you to be able to sleep on your side without any pain. So far it is wonderful! It does have a slight memory foam smell as most memory foam things do when they are brand new, but that dissipates. It also helps if you have a mattress protector.

  604. None

    My husband and I are both having back problems and, although we have only had the mattress for a little less than a week, we have not gotten out of bed in the mornings with aches and pains. We are certainly hoping that this continues!

  605. Angie

    Since purchasing our new mattress, I get up and feel refreshed with no aches. Very happy with our purchase.

  606. newhomeowner

    My fiance and I typically prefer different firmness of mattresses, but we BOTH LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!! So comfortable, molds to your body, and has a cooling aspect to it that makes it comfortable to sleep throughout the night. We purchased with an adjustable base and could not be happier.

  607. Ernie

    Buying this mattress was a great investment .I wake up feeling refreshed, well rested and overall happy.

  608. Senior Moments

    Very happy. Glad it’s made in the U.S.A

  609. Dr Kurt

    This is our second Sealy Hybrid and we love it. Nice support and it doesn’t get as hot as other hybrids we have owned.

  610. suzy q

    Love the feel of this bed and the base it is on.

  611. Julie

    The mattress is for my personal use. The mattress is firm yet soft. It feels like it has a pillow top. I am completely satisfied and in love with my mattress.

  612. Julie

    The mattresses are for my personal use. Very satisfied with my purchase!

  613. Wayne

    We love the mattress. We will be exchanging the boxspring for a low profile one because the overall height is too high. Other than that it is great.

  614. Eric

    We use this product every day. It has changed how my husband and I sleep. My husband is having a lot less back pain and is sleeping more soundly. My only hangup is that I like a soft mattress and this might not have been soft enough, but hoping over time it will get more to my liking.

  615. Kader

    The bed is supportive and I dont ache in the morning

  616. Kym

    Absolutely love this bed, it’s been over a decade since we’ve purchased a new mattress, so we’re incredibly happy with this purchase. It’s so comfortable, not to soft and not to hard. If you’re gonna splurge do it on your mattress and do it on one of the sealy hybrids!

  617. Super Happy Customer

    This bed has an amazing feel and I know it will keep me supported. The top is so soft! I do hear a touch of squeak when I rise up but it was fine when I rolled around on it. I don’t think it will bother me. Very happy!

  618. Rachel

    I sleep on it and it is super comfortable.

  619. Ali

    Love this bed. Great purchase.

  620. Tired mama

    Primary bed and love the feel and comfort

  621. Deb

    Very comfortable. I like firm, but with support so I don’t have sore spots. This is one of the best support I have ever had in a mattress.

  622. Big white

    I use this product to get a great night rest.

  623. Kellie

    Great mattress. Very comfortable for a great night sleep. Would definitely recommend.

  624. bria

    it is for my daugher’s bed , she likes it very well

  625. Bg

    Being an active person I was suffering from back aches upon lying down on my old mattress at night. I was also waking up with a sore back.With this Sealy mattress I have none of those complaints anymore.

  626. Jenny and Andy

    After over 20+ hours of bed research and testing my wife and I chose the Sealy Hybrid Performance (Kelburn II). It was in the right price range and rated very highly on Consumer Reports. Now, after 2 months of use her lower back pain is now gone. She is pretty estatic about this. She says that the bed is firmer than rated, but is OK with it. I have been very pleased by the supportive back sleeping, but am not quite as happy with the degree of support for side sleeping. Additionally, one of the features for this bed, the “cool sleep,” material is not very effective. It could be the protective cover that we use or it could be the “cool sleep” isn’t quite cool enough. Either way, overall I would say that this a very good bed and would recommend it.

  627. eric

    haven’t had it very long but so far it’s the most comfortable mattress i’ve ever owned

  628. Dee

    Have only used the product for a few days but no longer getting up with a sore back.

  629. Better Sleep

    Our night sleep is amazing! We feel well rested and we’re not tossing and turning anymore! Thanks Sealy!

  630. Jon the plumber

    We love to lay in bed and watch TV or use our readers. This bed is so comfortable we can’t wait to finish dinner and hit the bed. Excellent nights sleep.

  631. AC

    What an upgrade over our last “premium” pillowtop

  632. Marlon V

    I use this product to rest at night. The movement of the machine makes the mattress feel very comfortable. Nothing is wrong as of now for this product.

  633. Bemajedareki

    very comfortable

  634. L

    I bought Sealy mattresses before and was very pleased with the quality. After purchasing this mattress within a month it’s seem to lose its firmness. It felt like a 8 year mattress then a month old.

  635. Happy Online Shopper

    We bought this matress online through US Matress as we decided to have a larger bed from our previous 6 years old Memory Foam. We always thought we would not be able to afford a Sealy mattress ever, as they were very pricey when we went to the stores, but we loved the quality and how it felt when we tried this brand at the store. It is so much better than all the Serta’s we tried and I am going to say at the same level than high-end Tempurpedic but with a much better price tag. We like the Blue Mesa/Cooper Mountain one as it felt very soft to the touch without sacrifying the support on your back. After trying it at the store, all we could talk about was about saving money for the Sealy matress, and it really paid off to continue looking for it online until we found US Matress. Great price, shipping, and status throughout the buying process. It took about 2 weeks to arrive but it was defiy worth it! I was a little bit skeptical at the beggining about the hybrid matresses due to the springs, as over long period of time, you could hear and feel them…but when I tried Sealy’s hybrid at the store It was a day to night difference. None of these things were present plus my wife could not feel me rolling on the bed, which was something she has always complained with our cheap memory foam mattress. I would definitely recommend this matress to anybody out there, just look for a good sale online as you will get a much better disccount from what they give you at the stores, Including free shipping. We will definitely go with Sealy next time again!

  636. APO

    Always buy Sealy

  637. KMD

    Good mattress for mid-range price. Very nice pillow top. Woke up with no back pain for first time in years.

  638. Steve S.

    i am hoping the bed never develops a cavity that does not bounce back . Currently the bed is fine and by the evening the bed has returned to the original shape and support.

  639. Becca the Sleeping Beauty

    I’m usually a frugal shopper but I am very serious about my sleep. This mattress set has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life thus far. I’m only 22 and just moved into my first apartment. This bed is so soft and comfortable and without a doubt my favorite part of my place. It molds and conforms to whichever way I decide to lay my body on it and I love it. It’s everything that I could ask for in a bed and more. Seriously, a dream come true !

  640. Ney

    Has been a wonderful experience so far.

  641. Dale

    I tried out over 25 mattresses in 3 different stores, but I kept returning to the Sealy Hybrid Copper.
    It has the best balance of comfort and support.
    I bought a second one for another bed in my house.

  642. Jay

    So far this mattress has been great. I use to had a Temperpedic but it was way to hot and was not as comfortable but I love this hybrid mattress as it is the best of both world! Great support and great cooling features.

  643. Nancy

    First mattress purchase in 20 years! After trying dozens of mattresses in several stores, the Sealy Hybrid Copper was “just right”.

  644. AQHA show horses for fun

    Went to the my favorite furniture store to purchase the mattress I had tried several months ago. While walking through the store I saw the display with this mattress. I climbed up and it was a great fit for me I have low back issues, that cause other problems, the support in the mid range area is great. I did not need a pillow to fit the contour of my body. I went back and forth three times to the preselected mattress and this Sealy. The other company offered a 15 year warranty, and it was a less money, but when I got to the register, I had to buy the Sealy. Glad I did, I have slept 2 nights on it and so far haven’t had the residual bad back stiffness in the morning or all day long pains.

  645. Karen

    I finally sleep soundly through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. We have had no issues with sleep temperature. It’s the balance between firm enough, providing good support and luxurious feeling.

  646. Eric

    The quality is superb.

  647. Tom

    Not sure the cooling factor is relevant, in fact it seems hotter than our conventional old mattress.

  648. polkadot756

    I think this bed is great. My husband has a bad back and this bed really helps him sleep better.

  649. Sleeping beauty

    Good mattress for light sleepers and those who have back pain.

  650. Teacher Lindsay

    For years I’ve suffered from morning stiffness. After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I decided it was in my best interest to get a new bed. The staff at Jordan’s sleep lab were so helpful in supporting me to find the right mattress.

  651. Margo

    I just got my mattress today, I purchased it because I thought it was very comfortable, I loved the firmness and quality of the mattress, hopefully it will be comfortable for many years to come

  652. Ryno

    Had purchased the Kellburn 2 and ended up being a little to firm. Switched to the silver chill plush tight top and it is much better.

  653. Sheldon

    I love this mattress. I wish it was on all of my beds.

  654. John Davis

    satisfied with my purchase so far unless I may have find out any negative outcomes issues later on.

  655. Michael Bklyn

    My wife and I are two different style of sleepers. I on my side. She on her back. Works great for both of us. My last mattress was giving me pain at point of contact on hip. With new mattress i sleep all night without the constant rollover. Molds nicely to however I am positioned.

  656. The Tetzloff’s

    My husband and I were looking for a good support mattres. We got one!

  657. Alisha

    Bed is very comfortable for both laying and sitting.

  658. none

    Use to sleep to go with the adj base

  659. Babs

    feels very good to touch conforms to my body love it

  660. Jan’s spouse

    We had one small problem with the mattress when we first bought it in 2015, but Sealy replaced it immediately without question.

  661. karl

    I know it takes time to get adjusted to a new mattress. So it is hard to give a def review but so far it seems to be getting better and better as we sleep in it. Not sure how long it should take before we will def know for sure if we like it but so far seems to be good. It is a little on the hard side but I am thinking it should loosen up a bit in time

  662. Happy

    best mattress we have owned in years

  663. Very pleased

    best mattress over all. tried air beds and foam mattress’s in recent past

  664. Frank

    This mattress (after 1 month) has been AMAZING. One of the best features is that you can get in and out of the bed without disturbing the other person.

  665. Grafton WV

    Best mattress I’ve purchased so far.

  666. Patti

    Offers good balance between comfort and support. As a long time user of latex mattresses I was leery of going with a hybrid but I have been very please thus far. Purchased with adjustable base and it works well with it.

  667. Kristy

    This mattress is so plush! Wonderful for hip pain. The cooling gel is great for all the hot sleepers!

  668. Comfort Sleeper

    I wanted the best for comfort and liked the cool feature advertisement!

  669. Gwn

    Love my bed

  670. Kermit

    At first it was a bit too firm. But after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks, it’s beginning to feel softer. And we are sleeping through most of the night, unlike with our old mattress. Fewer aches and pains when we arise.

  671. Judy

    When registering this mattress I could not find the exact name of the mattress. I chose a Hybrid but the name on the tag is SBR Surrey Lane Queen Mattress. I have only used the mattress for a few days and today I received my adjustable bed frame. Looking forward to using that feature tonight and many nights to come.

  672. Greg

    We were looking for a mattress with the characteristics of a foam bed but with a plush top. This was the perfect find.

  673. N/A

    N/A I just brought and it was delivered on 07/21/18.

  674. Lore

    Sleep thru the whole night without tossing and turning first time in years

  675. bigjoe

    I expect this bed to be awesome. As everyone will tell you a mattress has to be broken in. Our mattress was manufactured less than 3 weeks ago, so it is brand new and a little firm. I am fine with the firmness, but my wife wants it to be as soft as it was in the store. It will be in time I am sure. We went with this hybrid mattress because of concerns with solid foam mattresses cratering over time.

  676. Bob

    I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and getting home to this bed is the one thing I look forward to every single night. After getting divorced a few months ago, I decided to splurge a little and treat myself to something I could never get from anyone else; a whole night of comfort. Overall this is the best bed, and honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank Sealy, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  677. BB

    We had nan old pillow top mattress and it is such a relief not to have saggy areas in our bed.

  678. Math Guy

    Excellent value

  679. The hardworking teacher

    This bed helped my husband and I with all of our sleepless nights! With his back and my neck we have been in search for a mattress that would give us support and comfort so we could sleep through the night and help with our aches and pains. This bed does just that! We are very happy with our mattress and would recommend to anyone and everyone!

  680. AlexisD

    Loved the bed on the showroom floor. I must admit it is a bit more firm than the plush model i laid in on the floor.

  681. DG

    Good mattress

  682. Kinda happy customer

    Have had the mattress for a couple of weeks, so hard to comment on the durability, but so far, we are sleeping soundly. Hopefully this will continue for many years.

  683. Slanda

    Primary bed, great mattress.

  684. ter

    works nicely with the adjustable base

  685. Liz

    We bought this as our master bed. It’s wonderful. I didn’t realize how awful my old bed was until I got this. Best sleep in years!

  686. john

    this mattress is for our master bedroom. we weren’t sleeping well. after just one weekend we’re very satisfied. hope it keeps up

  687. Sleepy in AL

    We just got our new mattress 2 weeks & we love it so far.

  688. RICK


  689. KStina

    We are very happy with this mattress- great night’s sleep.

  690. Joe M

    The Silver Chill firm is very comfortable. Only had it for a week but seems great. Good back support. I might have choosen the soft version but I like soft mattresses, but thought the firm would be a better choice.

  691. Kiff


  692. Big Dave

    Very comfortable. Sturdy. High quality.

  693. John

    This mattress alleviated all of the sleep issues that I had with my old mattress. I tend to sleep on my back or my side. With my old mattress, sleeping on my back resulted in lower back stiffness and sleeping on my side resulted in sore shoulders. I have not experienced pain in either of these areas since I purchased this mattress. I also seem to be sleeping more soundly and waking up less throughout the night.

  694. MTsleepers

    My husband and I have always had hand me down mattresses. We finally bought a new memory foam mattress about a year ago and hated it! It turned to a giant sinkhole and cause us both back pain. We are loving the softness of the foam with the support of the coil. Best combo!

  695. Beebe


  696. Scotober

    Primary bed. I wanted something a little plush but I tend to like a little firmness, so this mattress was perfect. The deal on this mattress can’t be beat.

  697. New Mom

    I recently purchased a new hybrid plush pillow top mattress and I am very satisfied. I had slight back problem from delivering my baby boy, and this mattress has helped extremely. I highly recommend it to family and friends.

  698. Stephen

    I have no complaints about this bed. I’ve owned a very expensive king size tempurpedic, and a Serta iComfort, and my Sealy Copper II Hybrid blows both of the other. It’s soft enough for my wife, and offered me great support in the center of the bed for my bad back and hips. I would definitely recommend to anyone I know.

  699. nani

    Fortunately the manager of the store I went to (in Bellevue, TN) was also going through “the change” with it’s miserable hot flashes & night sweats. She explained the technology of the hybrid and after laying on a performance style for about 10:00 I purchased it on the spot. I also appreciated that she didn’t come after me with a “hard sell” attitude – she simply explained the benefits of the mattress.

  700. Sam the Sleeper

    This mattress has helped my hips

  701. Carol

    Love the mattress and I got the adjustable bottom to lift head and legs. So easy to get out of bed in the morning, reading at night.

  702. Fresca

    Love this mattress! Very comfortable. Sleeping like a baby.

  703. ROB

    I needed a firm but soft mattress made by a name brand company with a good reputation. I love the top memory foam used with a 1000 coil support. I was told I can use this mattress with adjustable base, which doesn’t make this an obsolete purchase down the road.

  704. Jaguar06

    Soft but not to soft. No pressure on my shoulders.

  705. greensaverlady

    We actually set ours on a platform frame, which works nicely.

  706. Mary

    Just the right bed for us

  707. Bob

    Holds shape no matter which side I sleep on, unlike old mattress the would sag where I commonly slept.

  708. Steve

    Nice mattress

  709. D

    Comfortable bed

  710. Gary W

    Have the adjustable frame. to raise head, works great

  711. Max

    Vast Improvement in comfort over our last mattress.

  712. Max

    Purchased a King for my bedroom and a Queen for a guest room. Great mattress so far.

  713. SJ

    My husband and I are getting the best sleep on the Sealy Silver Chill. We both wake up refreshed! We highly recommend this mattress!

  714. JaneL.

    Best mattress ever had, would highly recommend.

  715. Serena

    Absolutely love this bed. I normally do not like memory foam, but with the hybrid style I can’t even tell. It hugs your body in all the right ways yet gives the perfect amount of support. Highly recommend!

  716. Kay

    My boyfriend and I were sleeping on a lumpy low quality mattress and we laid on this mattress at the store and instantly our back problems were cured!! We hope this mattress with bring us the rest and relaxation we need and deserve!!

  717. SLA08

    The mattress claims to have a Chill™ Cooling Technology, which my husband and I have yet to feel . Neither of us feel like this mattress is any cooler than our last mattress and our last mattress did not have any cooling technology.

  718. Pandabear

    I love this bed

  719. Sound Sleepers

    I like that you don’t feel the other person’s movement.

  720. Donna

    So far, so good. My husband and I sleep great on this mattress.

  721. Raybeth

    Feels soft and comfortable

  722. Tracy

    This is an extremely comfortable bed for two people with very different sleeping styles. Would highly recommend.

  723. Juddzee

    I have had chronic pain since I was a kid. Lately I’ve been having really bad back spasms and I finally decided it was time to try a new mattress. I went for this firmer feel and I was a little nervous, but since sleeping on it for about a month, I wake up feeling ready to go for the day. It’s firm, but still comfortable. I feel supported and probably the way one should on a mattress. I’ve already recommended it to my brother for his back pain as well.

  724. Akasol

    purchased for the multi-functions

  725. Peanut

    My wife and I have had 3 mattresses exchanged in the last 4 years due to defects and other issues. We finally were told about the Sealy Hybrid Premium and we fell in love…with our mattress. After not having slept comfortably for so long, we had forgotten what a good night sleep was until the first night we slept on the Hybrid. No more back aches, neck aches, restless legs, or sliding into the middle. In fact, when either of us gets out of bed now…we can’t even feel a thing. This mattress is wonderful!

  726. Sue

    Mattress is a bit harder than what I originally felt in store, but I think it needs to be broken in.

  727. Jessica

    So far we are very pleased with the mattress

  728. Karen

    I am so far pleased with this bed. Very soft and holds shape.

  729. Buster

    Sleep in every night. No more back pain and it stays cool.

  730. Ruben

    This mattress is our primary bed & replaced a Tempurpedic mattress we have had for many years. To say this is an improvement in comfort is putting things mildly.

  731. Phylis19

    This is for our master bedroom. We had been sleeping on a softside waterbed for 20 years, so anything will be an improvement. It is really a nice mattress.

  732. SLW

    Very happy with this product.

  733. MM

    My primary sleep bed. Sleeping better than have in years.

  734. Jenny

    Such an upgrade over what we had before. I love that my husband tossing in his sleep doesn’t wake me up anymore. We’re both sleeping so much sounder.

  735. Cape

    This mattress has completely changed my quality of sleep. You can tell it is well made and has been a blessing.

  736. no nickname

    want to help alleviate some hip discomfort

  737. Sue

    Have not had it long but i feel it will last a long time! Very comfortable.

  738. Grazer10

    Purchased to replace old mattress

  739. Wubba

    Good buy

  740. El

    Best mattress we had, well built. very good night sleep.

  741. none

    everything great

  742. Tyler

    I absolutely love this mattress! It provides support no matter what position you sleep in is.

  743. Kate

    I had the copper bed before this and loved it. This is my second Sealy mattress And I would NEVER go to another brand. Absolutely amazing.

  744. Matt-ress

    It was a good price and overall comfortable much better than my last mattress

  745. Claire

    This is a great product. I love the cool feel of it and it is comparable to a tempur pedic

  746. Jbird

    I love love this mattress!! I was skeptical about buying a hybrid but I am a believer!! Love this bed!!

  747. Dick

    Most comfortable, haven’t slept this well for a very long time.

  748. Jim

    Comfortable and provided the support I needed for my back.

  749. Dick

    New customer, but extremely happy with my new mattress, first morning I haven’t woke up with a back ache in a long time!

  750. TJ

    I love this bed, it is very supportive but comfortable too!

  751. SealySleeper

    It’s really everything you want out of a high end mattress. It’s sturdy, super comfortable, and extremely supportive. I love the Silver Premium Plush mattress. No more morning pains, anywhere?

  752. Rainbow

    Needed a mattress that would accommodate my health needs and this baby did it all !

  753. Daisy

    This mattress provides the best of both worlds! Comfort and Support that both my husband and I need.

  754. Sound Sleeper

    comfort, quality, and looks are all very good

  755. AJ

    This is our new primary mattress. We love it!

  756. Tiffany

    Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is very comfortable. The right balance between firm and soft. We didn’t have to get used to it and had a good night’s sleep the first night.

  757. Lauren

    When we originally shopped for this mattress I was 8 months pregnant so everything was uncomfortable. I had trouble selecting between the various Sealy Hybrids – they either felt too firm or too soft. I decided to select Copper II, the most firm of the collection, because I tend to prefer a firm mattress and figured it would soften up over time. 4 months post-partum, I couldn’t be happier with the mattress – it is super comfortable, cool, and just the perfect amount of support.

  758. Emorym

    Sleep on it every night. Wish we had purchased sooner. Vibrating mode is the greatest.

  759. Larry

    I am very happy with my new mattress. I was having some problems with lower back discomfort and decided to shop for a firm mattress. After comparing quite a few, I decided on the firm Sealy Humbolt model. I’ve had it for about a week now and it has really changed how I feel each morning. I highly recommend this product for anyone shopping for a mattress for the same reasons I had.

  760. Dianam

    Should have purchased years ago.

  761. max

    Just got this product and so far it is amazing!!!!

  762. Maria

    Very comfortable, great back support

  763. Bevy C.

    After purchasing a SleepNumber bed (oops, am I allowed to say this?!) and within 3 days it wouldn’t hold the number range chosen, we sent it back. We then tried a lot of other beds in another store and found we really liked the Sealy Posturepedic Kelburn II. We also bought the adjustable base for the head and foot and truly found that to be wonderful too! We’d recommend this bed to you!

  764. Keith

    I simply love this mattress. Best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time.

  765. Tired mom

    When we get into this bed we just sink right into it and it’s amazing! Conforms right to our bodies.

  766. PJ

    This mattress is perfect. It provides just the right amount of soft comfort, while still having wonderful support for my back.

  767. Liz and Komos

    I’ve had this Mattress for almost a solid 2months and I still love it as much as I did the first day I fell asleep on it in the store. Amazing support. Cooling technology helps with night sweats so it’s nice this feature actually helps. My only regret is not getting a King

  768. Pat

    Seals Ease foundation does not attach to regular headboard easily.

  769. Hottest Sleeper Ever

    I bought this bed for myself after having a mattress for 10+ years. It is the perfect firmness! I absolutely love it. I was very optimistic about the “cooling” qualities of it and truly was hoping it would keep me cool at night. Unfortunately, it is not quite as cool as I hoped it would be, but it definitely is still worth the pretty penny that I paid for it, despite not being the solution for a hot sleeper.

  770. Sleeping Beauty

    I’ve always wanted to upgrade to a king size bed and finally did it. This Sealy is far beyond expectations. I used to not be able to sleep more than seven hours or would wake up with pain in my middle back and shoulders. I now sleep like a baby all night long. This mattress supports my body and neck great. I wished I had made this great investment sooner!

  771. Chris

    The best mattress I have slept on.

  772. DavidIowa

    Ee were tired of not sleepong so we bought the Silver Chill. We both love the mattress. We sleep differently, yet this is perfect for us both.

  773. Mayo

    This bed was a great bed for the price and over all feel

  774. LB

    I love the chill factor! It sleeps cooler!

  775. Chris

    I am waking up with no pain now! Awesome mattress!

  776. Stan

    It’s a great mattress.

  777. Priscilla

    This bed is super comfy! It was love at first sight!

  778. Lisa

    It was time to replace old bed. While everyone was buying memory foams, beds in a box, and
    super expensive brand name beds, my budget was important. The bed I had picked out on computer was
    not the one I bought. You HAVE to try them out. I didn’t want the hassle of returning any bed, no
    matter what the deal is. The second I tried this mattress it was a top contender. I tried every mattress
    on floor and narrowed it to 2. I liked the idea of a hybrid because I’m afraid to try something completely
    new at those prices. Still have mattress with a supersoft top. Pleased to say I slept great very first night. Super comfortable.

  779. Jake the bed enthusiast

    I enjoy soft beds, the one we got is a firm but the memory foam top gives just the right amount of softness with the firmness i needed

  780. Sleepy

    This bed is the best I’ve ever had. I love how it just take the shape of your body and supports it. No complaints.

  781. Fetch

    So far we like it. Bought it for our 6’2″ son and he fits and likes the support.

  782. Green Cove shopper

    Excellent night sleep and much better value than temperpedic.

  783. Tommy

    This mattress has given me the best night’s sleep I have had in a while. No more aching pressure points.

  784. BedMaster

    Primary Bed.

  785. MsSleeve

    It is a nice mattress. I purchased it online without trying it first, so it’s a little softer than I like, but doesn’t stop me from sleeping.

  786. Newly Weds

    We’ve had the mattress for a week and so far it sleeps great! As long as it holds up it will be perfect.

  787. Lawrence Chong

    Able to allows me to sleep throughout the night

  788. Kate

    This is a great mattress for the price! My husband and I didn’t have a huge budget for our new mattress and this is a great value and super comfortable. The comfort is a huge upgrade from our old mattress.

  789. Kelly

    We love our new Sealy Hybrid mattress! It is soft and comfy yet firm enough to support you while you sleep. I love a firmer mattress and my husband prefers a softer one, so it is the perfect match for us! We also had a problem with our old mattress squeaking and this new Sealy mattress is so quiet. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  790. Back trouble

    We switched from a firm hybrid to the plush for a slightly softer but supporting feel. Still in early use but sleep is definitely improved.

  791. jan

    The mattress is soft and is still firm.

  792. Tomjan

    It is the best sleep I have had in months. No more tossing and turning.

  793. Ron

    It is so new to give a complete review.

  794. RDPerez

    Get mattress that cools great.

  795. Kim

    Supports your body. No back pain in the mornings.

  796. Bernice

    I love it! Has done great things for my back.

  797. J & J

    slept wonderfully on the first night, but needed to air it out for a few hours from the packing smell

  798. Jonnie

    Chilling technoly really works. The mattress feels really cool to the touch!

  799. None

    Prior to my new Sealy I was sleeping on a very firm mattress and waking during the night with a sore back.
    Love my plush mattress

  800. Don

    We sleep on it every night & love it

  801. Mack

    The Hybrid Premium Collection is the best of Both Worlds! Those that want the feel of a memory foam but the support of a spring. Truly Exceptional ! I was always a Sealy Fan but now they have teamed up Temperpedic which is the soul of what makes this bed amazing.

  802. Brad

    This is the best mattress that I have ever owned and I love the chill technology.

  803. Nathalie the Vet Tech

    I work swing shifts so when I go to bed at 6 in the morning it’s nice to be able to fall right to sleep!

  804. Garden13

    Very Happy with my purchase for master bedroom. Have had for 2 months and it is very comfortable.

  805. Peter

    This is a quality mattress at a reasonable cost. Very comfortable.

  806. hELEN

    very comfortable and good price, highly recommend

  807. Tracey

    We have only had this bed a few days but I can tell already this is the best mattress we have owned yet. I have back problems so it is really hard to fall asleep or stay asleep and that hasn’t been an issue since I got this bed. It is amazing

  808. Sleeping Better

    My back was starting to hurt with my old mattress. Since I purchased this mattress my back pain has gone away and I sleep so much better

  809. Marissa

    We bought this for our 2 year old son so we could start transitioning him out of our bed. We wanted somewhere that would be comfortable for us to also be spending a good portion of the night and something that will hopefully last his whole childhood and I think this should do the trick. We have had it a week and I have had several restful nights (as restful as you can have when sleeping with a toddler…)

  810. NM

    I have had the bed for about a month. Good thickness. Good “on top” feel. ” The bed starts over very firm and it definitely takes a moment for the body to adjust. But do not be weary the cushion top definite set in within the fist few weeks. My only concerns is that the cushion top does not get increasingly soft as I did choose a “cushion firm” mattress because I wanted a balance of a strong firm bed with added comfort.

  811. Matt sleeps faster

    I sleep on my bed. It is comfortable. Soft.

  812. Judy D

    Such an improvement. Very comfortable .A bit large to tuck mattress pad and sheets on.

  813. Jewel

    This is our everyday sleepee. My husband was skeptical at first because we bought a firmer mattress than his taste, but he loves this als. We get such deep sleep.

  814. Bridgette

    I sleep on it

  815. Jojo

    Made my old mattress feel like I was sleeping on a pile of towels. Very comfortable. Sleeping more soundly. My husband and I are very satisfied.

  816. Jav

    I had back pain for years now, tried everything including massages, stretching, yoga, doctor visits, etc. and NOTHING seemed to provide lasting relief or improvement. My mom suggested it might be my bed (which I had brushed off initially), so I did a ton of research only to find out she was right! So grateful to have this mattress in my life. My sleep quality and duration has improved dramatically in just one week and a half. The mattress is pretty firm, but just soft enough to provide genuine comfort. I LOVE!

  817. BH

    Had car accident 4 years ago and was in need of a good supportive mattress for my back.

  818. Dianne

    We are very happy with the combination of innerspring for support and softness of the foam. This matteress sleeps cooler than our memory foam mattress.

  819. Bjh

    Perfectly fits my needs, would recommend.

  820. comfy in kenosha

    We decided to go with this hybrid mattress and we are so glad we did. Copper top is cool and the plush feel is perfect!

  821. Rota

    We looked at many mattresses and kept coming back to the Sealy. It’s so comfortable.

  822. AL

    We haven’t had the bed long, but so far so good. We are sleeping well. We also purchased the adjustable frame and love it!

  823. Retired Mom

    So far this bed is great !!!!! So comfortable and feels cool

  824. Shampy

    was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the bed was for the price. I didn’t even want to consider buying it because it “felt too expensive” and now I feel like I couldn’t live without it. Great sleep.

  825. Peter

    Very Comfortable mattress like we are sleeping on an adjustable cloud.

  826. Kay

    I sleep, I mean sleep on this mattress and with two replacement Hips I do not wake up sore like with regular mattresses.

  827. DW

    Product is great; however, Mattress One did not advise how high the foundation would be and the bed is much too high. I contacted Mattress One in Yulee and was told I could exchange but there would be a delivery charge. I feel that as we did not discuss the height of the standard foundation that Mattress One should provide replacement of the foundation with no delivery charge. It’s a question of lack of good salesmanship to make sure that the customer fully understands there is a difference in the height of the foundation.

  828. Sleeper

    Some off odor after delivery,