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Exuberant Plush Pillow Top

The Sealy Response Premium Exuberant Plush Pillowtop mattress is designed to provide an excellent blend of comfort and support for a wide variety of sleepers. We rate this mattress as Ultra Plush on our Comfort Scale, but many customers have stated that although it offers a soft feel to the touch there is a definitively firm underlying support once your body settles into the bed.  This is certainly one of the best values in the premium mattress category.

Top Layers of Comfort
It's rare for improvements to be made across the board when a new model is designed, but that's exactly what happened when Sealy launched the Response Premium Exuberant Plush Pillowtop mattress. First of all, the SupremeLoft Cover with MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect Technology is a top-tier fabric that is specially designed to draw moisture away from your body to protect against dust mites and dander for a fresh, clean sleep environment. Next, each of the comfort layers are now CertiPUR-US certified to either meet or exceed the highest foam standards in bedding. Comfort layers begin with Sealy Cushion Air Foam, which supplies initial body contouring while promoting good airflow. A layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam delivers deep down contouring to help reduce pressure points that are a concern for many side sleepers. A full layer of SealyCool Gel Memory Foam, a top of the line comfort material, provides phenomenal pressure relief and includes gel for a more supportive feel than standard memory foam.

Core Layers of Support
Support is provided from the layer of SealyCool Gel Memory Foam working along with the Sealy Response Pro HD Encased Coil System to provide targeted support to an area where it is needed most -- the lower back. This combination of functions is known as Posturepedic Technology. The Sealy Response Pro HD Encased Coil System is more forgiving than tied coil systems since each of the coils perform independently. In addition to support, this system also helps isolate motion transfer, so when movement occurs on one side the other remains undisrupted. Lastly, the DuraFlex Edge offers one of the top edge support systems on the market in the bedding industry today helping to ensure a consistent feel across the sleep surface and the confidence of a 10-year warranty.

Our Recommendation
We recommend this mattress specifically for side sleepers looking for pressure relief throughout the hips and shoulders.

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Features & Reviews

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  • Twin
  • Premium
  • Sealy
Comfort Type
  • Ultra Plush
Mattress Type
  • Traditional
  • 10 Years
Model Number
  • 52031430
  • 38 x 75
  • 13"
Comfort Layers
  • Sealycool™ Gel Memory Foam, Zoned Support, MoistureProtect™ Cover
Support Structure
  • Response Pro HD™ Encased Coil System