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Happiness - Plush Eurotop
Twin XL

Are you searching for a budget friendly mattress option that provides a soft yet supportive feel?  The Sealy Essentials Happiness Plush Eurotop mattress may be the ideal option. With an affordable price tag and a Medium on our Comfort Scale, this model is specially designed to provide a balanced combination of both comfort and support.

Top Layers of Comfort
Notable features in the Happiness Plush Eurotop include a layer of Sealy Cushion Air Foam right on top panel of the mattress so the sleeper experiences superior contouring to the body, airflow throughout the mattress and above average pressure relief to help eliminate painful pressure points. A layer of Sealy Cushion Air Foam further enhances pressure relief while boosting durability and ensuring the 10 year warranty. The layer of SealySupport Firm Foam is much like a foundational foam since it provides a solid underlying feel.

Core Layers of Support
Necessary back support is provided with the help of the Sealy Response Coil System, an individually wrapped system in which each coil works on its own in order to closely contour to your body while providing solid support. You can rest all the way to the edge without noticing much of a difference in comfort or support thanks to the SolidEdge HD Foam Encasement.

Our Recommendation
For the price, we believe the Happiness Plush Eurotop is one of the best buys in our entire mattress lineup.  It suits both a back and side sleeper ideally in pursuit of optimal pressure relief and back support.

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Features & Reviews

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  • Twin XL
  • Sealy
  • Essentials
Comfort Type
  • Medium
Mattress Type
  • Traditional
  • 10 Year
Model Number
  • 52060532
  • 38 x 80
  • 11"
Comfort Layers
  • SealyCushion™ Air Foam, Stretch Knit Cover
Support Structure
  • Response™ Coil System