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Heartwarming Plush Pillowtop

If you are looking for an option to provide quality pressure relief or if you simply are someone who enjoys a soft yet supportive feel, the Sealy Response Performance Heartwarming Plush Pillowtop mattress is a terrific choice. The previous generation’s model from Sealy was one of the most popular mattresses in the industry for the price point, and this new version features markable upgrades in both comfort and support materials.  We rate this on our Comfort Scale as an Ultra Plush, this model provides a soft initial feel with firm underlying support.

Top Layers of Comfort
Notable improvements to the Heartwarming Plush Pillowtop include the Comfort Loft Cover with MoistureProtect, a quilt designed to wick away moisture for a more comfortable night of rest. Comfort is primarily provided through high grade polyurethane foams, which are all CertiPUR-US Certified. A layer of Sealy Air Foam offers initial body contouring, and it is uniquely designed to promote good airflow. A layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam helps soothe pressure points to minimize tossing and turning, as well as promote better blood circulation. The SealyCool Gel Memory Foam layer in the center third supplies more support to the lower back as well as durability. Another layer of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam creates deep down pressure relief, and it is engineered to really help side sleepers get the contouring comfort necessary to avoid waking up with achy limbs.

Core Layers of Support
Support comes from the Sealy Response Pro Encased Coil System, a coil system that boasts a coil density of over 200 more coils than the previous version. This coil system is one of the most forgiving on the market, and it contours well to the curves of your body while ensuring deep down support. It's great for those couples that have different sleep schedules because when movement occurs on one side very little motion is felt on the other. It's also adjustable base compatible option. One of the best edge systems being used today, the DuraFlex Edge also represents an improvement in edge support technology. It allows you to rest anywhere on the surface without sacrificing comfort or support.

Our Recommendation
In all, if you like a soft feel this is one of the top choices available in our mattress lineup. The attention to detail Sealy gave to this new model is incredible and leaves nothing to be desired at this price point.  Backed by a 10-year warranty, we highly recommend this mattress option for side sleepers.

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Features & Reviews

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  • Twin
  • Sealy
  • Performance I
Comfort Type
  • Ultra Plush
Mattress Type
  • Traditional
  • 10 Year
Model Number
  • 52061030
  • 38 x 75
  • 12"
Comfort Layers
  • Sealycool™ Gel Foam, Zoned Support, Stretch Knit Cover
Support Structure
  • Response Pro™ Encased Coil System