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Quilbed Hybrid

Quilbed Hybrid, the better bed in a box, is an online mattress product sold exclusively in Mattress Hub stores.  Quilbed has grown in popularity due to it's superior craftmanship, materials and the industry leading cool cover option.  With multiple options in the program, the original Quilbed remains the number one selling mattress in the collection.    

Comfort Layers
The QuilCool Cover has been rated as the coolest mattress by industry leading reveiew sites.  The phase change cover cools the sleeper by dissipating body heat on the surface of the mattress.  Beneath the cover is a 4" layer of QuilGel Memory Foam that is designed to optimize pressure releive and comfort.  These materials work together to distribute body weight evenly across the mattress and contour to the sleeper for superior support.

Support Layer
The Quilbed Hybrid Mattress utilizes the best of specialty mattress and traditional mattress designs.  The core of the mattress utilizes a 650 individually wrapped coil unit that maximizes support below while enforcing conformability on the sleep surface.  The superior materials allow for a 25 year warranty.

Our Recommendation
We highly recommend the original Quilbed Hybrid Mattress for all types of sleepers including back, stomach and side.  We also believe those that struggle with heat buildup at night will benefit from the Quilbed Hybrid mattress due to the cool cover feature.  

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Features & Reviews

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  • Twin
  • Quilbed
  • Bed in Box
Comfort Type
  • Ultra Plush
Mattress Type
  • Hybrid
  • 25 Years
Model Number
  • MHQBHM-1110
  • 38 X 75
  • 12"
Comfort Layers
  • 4" Quilgel Memory Foam
Support Structure
  • 650 Individualy Wrapped Coil Unit