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Scarborough V
Twin XL

"What do you sleep on?" is a question I am often asked as a Mattress Salesman. After many years of sleeping on a "foam" mattress, I am now in my fifth month of ownership of the Stearns & Foster Scarborough V. I must say, this mattress is exactly what I needed and I have 100% confidence that it will continue to excite me for years to come!! This hand crafted mattress is built like a tank by a company that is known first for its quality. My first night of sleeping on the Scarborough was an easy transition from my previous bed. The luxury Primasense Gel Foam gave me welcoming cool "hug" while still having a great firm supporting feel for every position I layed in. The Precisionedge system is another feature I must mention. As a side sleeper who tends to find myself towards the edge of the mattress, I have to applaud the extra details that were applied. The mattress is surrounded by a high-density border. This incases the Advanced Intellicoil system and adds tremendous strenth and increases the sleeping surface, perfect for my sleeping habits. If you are looking for your last bed, or simply your best sleep, this is the mattress for you!" - Lee M.
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Features & Reviews

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  • Reviews
  • Twin XL
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Estate
Comfort Type
  • Plush
Mattress Type
  • Traditional
  • 10 Years
Model Number
  • 51875531
  • 38 X 80
  • 14.5"
Comfort Layers
  • Primasense™ Gel Foam, Advanced Adapt™ Foam, Primacool™ Performance Fabric
Support Structure
  • Intellicoil® Advanced