Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you sleep, it’s where you relax, it’s where you get dressed, it could be where you work or study, it’s where you hang out, it’s where you destress. It’s the room in your house that you can make 100% yours and store all of your things. But, did you know that researchers have found that having high levels of clutter in your sleep environment can affect how well you sleep? When you have a cluttered room it can actually make it harder for you to recharge your batteries. Clutter doesn’t always mean messy. Sometimes you just have a lot of things and no place to put it all. Let’s look at some affordable, stylish, practical, and fun ways to create more storage in your room without making your space larger.

Floating shelves are a great way to store books, speakers, plants, and other things you might typically put on a free-standing bookshelf. Floating shelves take up wall space instead of valuable floor space, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are pretty easy to install. 

Instead of just a bedside table, use a chest of drawers. While having something by your bed for your phone, alarm clock, book, water, or whatever else you have by your bed at night is essential, maximizing storage by being able to store things inside the drawers and on top of the chest is a great idea. You can also use a trunk at the end of your bed if you want to have a place to sit. This gives you extra storage and a place to sit that’s not your bed. Sometimes you want to be in your room and not sit on your bed. You could also use an ottoman with storage if you wanted something smaller than a trunk. 

Another great way to free up floor space is by stashing your dresser in your closet if you can. If your closet is large enough stashing your dresser in there will not only free up floor space but also give you an extra shelf in your closet to store some things on top of the dresser. Speaking of your closet, make sure you maximize that space by thinking vertically as well as horizontally. If you can grab a second rail to hang double the amount of clothes you can hang.

Think about storing things under your bed. No, don’t just shove dirty clothes and shoes under the bed. You can get a bed frame that has built-in storage, or create your own. Whatever you choose optimizing how you use the space under your bed can create a lot of extra storage space for things that you might not need all the time but want to keep handy. You can also utilize a headboard for storage.

If you have an old dresser just hanging around, take out the drawers, paint it and hang it on the wall for a fun and affordable storage idea. You can even hang them close enough to the wall that you can take a closet rail and make extra space to hang your coats, purses, hats, belts, and other items that could take up space in your closet.

Don’t forget utilizing over the door hangers and shoe organizers. Using shoe organizers for items other than shoes works too! They are great for storing toys, legos, stuffed animals, brushes, bodyspray, makeup, chargers, and other items that you use regularly but don’t want to leave out on top of your dressers.

You don’t have to spend thousands on making your bedroom bigger, and you don’t have to downsize your things if you don’t want to. Keeping your bedroom decluttered is a great way to sleep well and live well. 

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