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What delivery options do you have?

Statewide delivery is provided by our professionally trained Mattress Hub Delivery Service. Our crews place a priority on handling all products and property with tremendous care and efficiency. In addition, delivery services include options such as Basic Delivery that is a simple doorside drop-off, and ranging up to Premium Delivery that is a full white glove setup including haul off of old mattresses for disposal or donation.

Do you have layaway available?

Yes. We have an incredibly flexible layaway program that enables customers to make payments toward products at their own pace. A 10 percent downpayment is required, but beyond that there are no requirements of monthly payments nor is there a fixed payoff term. Simple. Please visit a local Mattress Hub store to learn more details.

Is there financing?

We offer a variety of financing options, with approved credit through Wells Fargo and Synchrony Bank, as well as a no-credit check option through Acima Credit. Applications are available in store or online. If you choose to submit a finance application online, please remember to write down the account number provided and call your local Mattress Hub store with that information and further instructions.

What if I find the same mattress at a lower price?

We work hard to have the best brands at the lowest possible price. In the event you find a like-product advertised in your market at a lower price, we will gladly match that price. We call it our Best Price Guarantee and it’s an integral part of how we work hard to service our customers before, during and after their visit to a Mattress Hub store.

What if I don’t like my mattress after we get it home?

One of the biggest elements of our success is our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction with their sleep system. In 2010, we introduced a policy called the One Year Comfort Guarantee. The Policy’s goal is to ensure that our customers have peace of mind about their purchase for an extended period of time. It’s difficult to determine if the mattress you purchased is the right fit for your needs in just 30, 60 or 90 days. Therefore, we acknowledged that and wanted to formulate a bold policy that gives customers options up to one year post purchase. Again, we work hard to master experience before, during and after the visit to our stores. Please visit one of our stores to learn more about our One Year Comfort Guarantee and how it can help give you confidence in purchasing your next mattress from us.

How long will a new mattress last?

Most mattresses maintain structural integrity for eight to ten years; however a mattress should be evaluated regularly for comfort, quality and cleanliness. If you find yourself realizing that the quality of sleep you are getting has changed, it may be time to get a new mattress. In addition, as we go through life, our lifestyles and bodies change, so it’s important that we have a sleep system that can provide the best quality sleep for whatever season in life we are in. It’s also worth noting that you can tell a lot about the quality of mattress by the type and length of warranty the manufacturer will put on it. We choose to only display mattresses in our stores that have well-represented warranties from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

What if I feel like my mattress has broken down or there is a defect?

Every mattress in our store is accompanied with a manufacturer warranty. If you feel there is a possible warranty defect, we encourage you to click here and submit a warranty claim. Please remember, warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the product, not The Mattress Hub. Instead of asking you to contact the manufacturer directly, we will gladly submit a warranty claim on your behalf and work with you to make sure that the claim process is expedited and our customers are well taken care of. Please see our Warranty Claims section on the website for more information or call a local Mattress Hub store for details.

What are the standard sizes of mattresses?

Mattresses come in five standard sizes. These are Twin (39″x75″), Full (54″x75″), Queen (60″x80″), King (76″x80″) and California King (72″x84″). PLEASE NOTE: Exact mattress sizes vary by manufacturer and by model. The dimensions given are only approximations and a +/- 2” variance is considered industry standard.

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