Giving Back Never Gets Old

Philanthropy is at the heart of The Mattress Hub.

Mattresses need to be replaced every 7-8 years for most people, but having a bed at all can be the difference between sleeping on the floor and sleeping on a comfortable sleep surface. When you purchase a mattress at The Mattress Hub, we take your old mattress and recycle it to help those in need. Any mattresses or accessories that are returned or exchanged are never resold as new.

Organizations Close to Our Heart.

#LOVESCHOOLS – This non profit organization focuses on connecting the community to the classroom via resources, engagement and investment.

Gathered – This non profit organization focuses on reforming the foster care system by collaborating resources, training and support for foster families and children.  

Firm Foundations Ministries – This non profit organization supports incarcerated men and women with transitional housing and life strategies for successful re-introduction into society.  

Freedom Challenge / H.O.P.E. PROJECT – We donate our haul off mattresses to this project for recycling.  The mission is to reduce our landfill footprint while also partnering with the Hutchinson, KS, correctional facility for inmate life skills training.  

Mattress Hub Philanthropy

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