Breaking in a New Mattress

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Congratulations on your new mattress! You’re getting ready to start sleeping better and living better! Anything that’s new needs to be broken in and your mattress isn’t any different. Yes, there can be some discomfort the first few nights of having a new mattress. We know you want to get your mattress set up, new sheets on the bed, the perfect pillow to cradle your head, and drift on into dreamland sailing on a cloud of comfort. Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon! It can take around 30 days to break in a new mattress, and we’ve got some tips for you 

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses will take the longest to break in. A good rule of thumb is the higher the density the longer you need to break it in. If you’re in a hurry to break in your memory foam mattress heat it up! Memory foam becomes more malleable when it gets warm so turn up the heat in your bedroom a few degrees and it will help your bed feel softer. 

If you bought a traditional spring mattress you’ll probably find it more comfortable right away. That’s because the springs are designed to adjust to your weight, but they also wear down quickly. You’ll want to make sure you are rotating your mattress every 3-6 months to avoid the mattress sinkhole which can happen.

You also need to let your mattress breathe. When you are mattress shopping you get to try out all of the mattresses that have been sitting out and breathing, however, when you get your new mattress in it will most likely be in a plastic bag to keep it safe during delivery. Once you get your mattress open it and give it a day or two to air out. This might not help with your comfort level, but it will help you sleep better at night. 

Did you get a mattress in a box like Quilbed or Purple? Then you really need to let it breathe and fully expand before you put your body weight on it. It can take 4-10 hours for a compressed mattress to fully expand, and depending on the company they might recommend waiting 24 to 72 hours before sleeping on it.

There are some other ways you can break in your mattress quickly. Mattresses are made to be used so use it. Lay on it, roll around, and even do a little jumping on the bed to get the foam or springs broken in. It’s also a good idea to just sit on your new bed. If you are going to hang out and watch TV why not sit on your bed instead of the couch? This will help your mattress get broken in a little faster. You also want to be consistent and sleep on it every night once you’ve given it a chance to breathe. 

If you’ve had plenty of time to break in your mattress but it’s still uncomfortable you might want to look at the base your mattress is on. Having box springs, or the wrong base can actually prevent your mattress from providing the support you need. We know it takes time to break in a mattress, and that’s why we have The Mattress Hub’s famous 1-year comfort guarantee. We give you an entire year to break in your mattress! If you’re ready to change the way you sleep forever, stop by one of our locations today! We’re here so you can sleep well and live well.

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