Cheap Sheep says – Good Morning Sunshine!

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Beautiful Mornings at The Mattress Hub

One thing I love about Springtime, are the beautiful mornings. There is nothing better then waking up from a great night’s sleep on an wonderful mattress, and hearing the birds chirping and enjoying a great cup of coffee (yes, sheep drink coffee too!). In my opinion, the better the mattress, the better your start to the day will be.  Take the advise of this wise sheep, and look into the amazing sleep systems from Five Star Mattress.

Great Sleep with a Five Star Mattress

At The Mattress Hub, we carry the Pro-Comfort Collection, True Luxury Collection, and the Gelactive Collection from Five Start Mattress. The “Pro Comfort” collection features our Mira-Coil Innerspring with Foam Encasement. This collection is designed to provide enhanced comfort with proper support, with our Mira-Coil innerspring unit, a continuous coil design with our Head-to-Toe Coil Construction to help promote proper back support and reduce motion transfer. Rows of continuous coils run head-to-toe, with each coil attaching to its neighbor, for the durability and stability needed to provide support while absorbing motion. Plus, Foam Encasement helps strengthen the mattress edges while extending the sleep surface.

The Five Star Mattress “True Luxury” collection features our 744 Individually Wrapped Coil with Foam Encasement. With this collection, hundreds of individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to the body, responding to pressure and providing extra support where you need it most. The advanced design works to reduce motion transfer while Foam Encasement extends the sleeping surface and eliminates potential edge “roll off”.

The Gel Active Memory Foam Collection features GelActive Memory Foam over a 6″ high performance foam core and enhanced edge support system. Available with a steel grid foundation, the GL8 model also includes a designer fabric cover to provide a luxurious look and feel.

With all these great mattresses available to you from The Mattress Hub, how could you not allow yourself to get a great night’s sleep? If you live in Kansas (including Wichita, Kansas City, Hutchinson, Manhattan, Topeka or western Kansas) or Joplin, MO, let The Mattress Hub help you! Don’t miss out on another beautiful spring morning!

Sleep well my friends!

Cheap Sheep

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