Cheap Sheep – A Life of Luxury Mattresses

Cheap Sheep is a busy sheep! He’s either taking one of his epic naps, dating Hollywood starlets, or helping our sleep scientists perfect the latest luxury mattress. Sometimes he’s doing all at the same time. Everyone always wants to know more about the “World’s Most Interesting Sheep,” so Cheap Sheep sat down for an exclusive interview!

Cheap Sheep was born on the Bo Peep Sheep Ranch in the early spring. He was an inquisitive little lamb even at an early age, and stood out from the rest of the flock. Unlike Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s unsupportive parental unit, Cheap Sheep’s parents encouraged him in his pursuits.

From the beginning, Cheap Sheep had a passion for naps and luxury mattresses.

It was his Grand Papa, however, who got him to consider sleep more seriously.

“Grand Papa was a complicated Ram. He was very concerned about the passive role sheep were playing during bedtime,” says Cheap Sheep. “Sheep shouldn’t be counted to make people sleepy. There was more we could contribute. He didn’t want me to be just another ‘sleep number.’”

As a result, Cheap Sheep became very interested in types of luxury mattresses, ways to combat sleeping problems, and different sleep technologies. When he was 18, Cheap Sheep left the comforts of the Bo Peep Sheep Ranch and went to college where he majored in the Sleep Sciences. After an adjustment period (and a few failed garage bands), Cheap Sheep graduated with a dream to change the way the world slept. With The Mattress Hub, he turned that dream into a reality!

“I never set out to become an icon,” says Cheap Sheep. “I’m just very passionate about high-quality, comfy mattresses. It’s my goal to give people the best night’s sleep possible. I have a lot of buddies and pals in dreamland who depend on me!”

Cheap Sheep had many adventures while becoming the luxury mattress mogul he is today. There is much more to the Cheap Sheep legend, but those stories will have to wait for another time. Until then, drop by the Mattress Hub and talk to Cheap Sheep about the latest innovations in luxury mattresses!

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