Cheap Sheep Says—Keep Good Company


For today: a few words regarding Cheap Sheep’s best sheep peeps.

The friends you keep say a lot about who you are. To better understand a sheep (or person), understand their friends. Cheap Sheep here likes to keep it classy—when he’s not hard at work, he’s hanging with his woolly little buddies from Serta. Like Cheap Sheep, they know their sleep. Serta Mattresses will put you down for the count and keep you in comfort all night long. Sweet untroubled sleep.

But back to me. Let’s talk sheep for a few minutes. Review what you know about Cheep Sheep: he is intelligent (a knowledge of mattresses and sleep that is unrivaled), kind (he shares his goodwill and continually bargains to get you better deals on sweet, sweet sleep), and oh-so easy on the eyes (lustrous, curly locks…piercing eyes…sleek nose—don’t feel guilty if you’re sneaking another peek at my picture). He wants friends with equally high standards.

Now, review what you know about the Cheap Sheep peeps from the Serta Factory fold. These sheep make great mattresses. Consider the Serta Perfect Sleeper. That Serta Mattress is stamped as a “Best Buy” from Consumer Digest. ‘Tell me more’ you say. OK. It is also the official mattress of The National Sleep Foundation. Seriously, people. It’s a foundation dedicated to sleep. And they’re saying this Serta Mattress is for real. And, I’m here to tell you that they got it right. If you value your sleep like I do, come down to Mattress Hub and check out the Serta Mattresses my friends have worked so hard to perfect. Those wooly little rascals.

And now, a few words as we part ways again. Remember, Cheap Sheep travels far and wide. He needs places to call home. Thankfully, the good folks at Mattress Hub are keeping pace with Cheap Sheep. They have stores all over Kansas and the Midwest, including new locations in Maize and Kansas City. If you find yourself tossing and turning, seek them out. They can provide help.

Until next time, sleep well my friends,
Cheap Sheep

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