Cheap Sheep Says—Live Life Fully Charged! Dreaming on the Beautyrest


As a sheep of impeccable taste, Cheap Sheep believes there to be nothing finer than the fusion of illuminating ideas—the union of practicality and innovation. Specifically, I’m talking about Recharge Sleep System from Beautyrest.

Beautyrest took the best in mattress technology and put it all to work in a single product. Their Recharge Sleep System makes use of AirCool Memory Foam, Beautyrest Independent Support Technology, and the AirCool Design. Or, to make it simpler: your body is going to be comfortably and fully supported, the bed is designed to be completely comfortable for two, and the breathable nature of the materials will keep you from the uncomfortable sweat and heat that can disrupt a good night’s sleep.

Sheep (and people) pass through life in a series of cycles: expending energy, taking in fuel, and recharging. You know how best you want to spend the precious energy of life; others are the experts in food and medicine; the good folks at Mattress Hub are the wizards of recharging. Your body needs its rest—needs that uninterrupted downtime to repair and recharge. A substandard mattress leads to a substandard experience of life. Come down to Mattress Hub. Let Cheap Sheep show you the wonder of a Beautyrest experience.

Until next time, I leave you with words of wisdom from the fine folks at Beautyrest: Live life fully charged! (BTW: Cheap Sheep loves the slogan so much, he’s thinking about making that his next tattoo…a nice deep blue across the front left flank…maybe…perhaps he’ll sleep on it first.)
Until next time, sleep well my friends,
Cheap Sheep

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