How to Choose the Right Pillow

Cheap Sheep has taught millions of sleepers the importance of finding the perfect luxury mattress. Well, our little lamb also doesn’t want you to forget about pillows! Not just ANY “pillow” either — the PERFECT pillow for dreamy bedtime goodness and high-quality Zzz’s! That sounds pretty nice. However, the wrong pillow can result in neck pain, arm numbness, and headaches (that’s not so nice). The right pillow doesn’t need to be constantly fluffed. It keeps its shape no matter what, and neutrally aligns our noggins with the rest of our body for perfect sleeping posture. Where can we find such a perfect pillow?

Finding the right pillow depends on whether you are a back, stomach or side sleeper.

Back Sleepers
You need to keep your neck from moving too far forward at night. This is why thinner pillows with extra padding at the bottom are ideal for back sleepers. Since it conforms to the shape of your neck and head, you should try pillows made of memory foam. It’s also recommended that back sleepers put a pillow under their knees, in order to alleviate lower back pressure.

Stomach Sleepers
Those of you who sleep on your tummy need the thinnest pillow possible. This sleeping position places an unhealthy amount of stress on the lower back. To help your back, sleep on your side and hug a body pillow instead.

Side Sleepers
All of you need to go “firm” when choosing the right pillow. Make sure it’s extra-wide at the gusset, so it supports the area between the ear and shoulder. To improve your spine alignment at night, it’s also good to position an additional pillow between your knees.

If your pillow is older than 18 months, then it’s past time for a replacement. When a pillow doesn’t spring back after being folded in half, then you’re dealing with a “dead pillow.” These dead pillows are also stuffed to the gills with mold, dead skin cells, allergens, and dust mites — Super gross! For more help on finding the right pillow, come down to The Mattress Hub to visit Cheap Sheep. You’ll be having sweet dreams again in no time!

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