Introducing the iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm!

With the breakout sensation of the Plush iComfort Savant Everfeel mattress, the sleep scientists at Serta thought they had reached the ultimate in sleep technology. However, they decided to take the iComfort mattress to the next level and really knock us into some sweet dreams! If a surplus of softness is too much of a good thing, then the Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm mattress levels the playing field by bringing some welcome padded support to the Zzz-Zone!

Is Your Old Mattress too Soft, Other Mattresses too Firm? Look no Further Than Our New iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm Mattress!

The Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm mattress is a triple threat — Coolness, Softness and Support. Sounds like the ultimate dream-time experience! Other firm mattresses can over-do it by making your sleep surface equivalent to sleeping on a slab of concrete. Traditional memory foam also sleeps too hot and changes with the room temperature. The Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm is the first mattress in the iComfort family that combines CoolAction Gel Memory Foam and Serta PillowSoft Foam. The best dynamic duo this side of Batman and Robin, each type of foam unites to form the Cool Action™ Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam! CoolAction enters the fight against hot nights and stiff joints by regulating your sleeping temperature. Then the PillowSoft Foam adds a mighty “Ka-Pow!” against uneven sleep surfaces by providing extra support! (Who knew bedtime was so action-packed, Cheap Sheep?).

The Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm mattress also boasts a Comfort Last® Foam Core to provide extra support with 6 inches of padding. Ultimate Edge® Support guards against mattress sagging, while TENCEL® fibers bring the softness! The Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm also supplies a deeper sleep experience with lower-back support and pressure point relief. It even absorbs the movement of your partner so you can become oblivious to their tossing and turning! The Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm mattress is ready to change the way you sleep with its edge-to-edge StabL-Base® comfort foundation. At this very moment, the sleep scientists are giving each other celebratory high-fives. Nice work sleep geniuses — take a bow! Join us at the Mattress Hub for the sleep celebration!

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