Lesson 2 from “Cheap Sheep Says…”


“Educating the World for the Best Night’s Sleep”

Cheap Sheep here.

I am a sheep on a mission; I am here to educate the world for the best night’s sleep (that includes you).

The more time I spend around people, the more I realize people aren’t in healthy relationships with their mattresses. If you don’t understand, I Cheap Sheep am here to elucidate. There are clear signs that you and your mattress no longer have a healthy relationship. They are as follows:

1-You’re cranky. Maybe this is silly, but it’s true. If you don’t feel happy and you don’t feel like having a good time, you are probably TIRED. Rested people tend to be more patient, more happy, and more satisfied. Get a good mattress. Get a good night sleep. Get a better life.

2-You want to keep it covered up. Quite frankly, the mattress is disgusting (to look at). If you wouldn’t want someone to see the mattress without sheets on it, that’s a pretty good sign that its an old mattress and ready to be replaced. A mattress doesn’t become stained in a single day or year. If a mattress looks like it has quite an accumulation of stains, then it’s probably lived a long, full life and its time for it to go.

3-You involuntarily roll. The mattress sags. If—whether you like it or not—both you and your bedmate end up implacably drawn to the center of the bed, the mattress is too old. On the flipside, if there’s a hump in the middle, and two alleys near the edges, the mattress is too old. Any bed that has hills and valleys is a bed that isn’t giving you a proper night’s sleep. Get rested; get a mattress that allows for it.

4-You feel crowded. If the mattress feels crowded, then it probably isn’t the right mattress. If you and your spouse don’t have enough space, it’s time for a newer, larger mattress. If you regularly have a small child or animal that invites itself into your space—you still have work the next day, you still have to be good to your family the next day, you still have to deliver on your promises the next day. You still need a good night of sleep. If pets and children regularly end up in your bed, you may need a larger bed.

5-You feel hurt. If your hips hurt, you might not have a mattress giving you the proper support. If you back hurts, it may well be the mattress. Long story short, you spend more time in your mattress than you will any chair, any standing position, any stool—if your body hurts, then it’s less likely due to your shoes or your chair, and more likely due to a mattress that needs replaced.

We’ve said a lot about mattresses not doing their job. Cheap Sheep wants you to know that mattresses have a tough job and that they work a lot of hours. I want to set you up with people who know how to do it right. Visit my friends at the Mattress Hub.

Good people; good deals; good sleep to come.

Until next time, sleep well my friends,


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