Plants That Improve Sleep in the Bedroom

Do you feel exhausted instead of rejuvenated when you wake up? Many factors have a role in your sleep quality, but one in particular may surprise you: plants. Some houseplants filter out chemicals in the air, while others have soothing scents. Plus, plants let you add living decor to your room. Consider these houseplants when you want a better night’s sleep after visiting your nearest Kansas mattress store.


Lavender finds its way into teas, soaps and even your food. This beautiful and versatile flower also has a scent that helps you relax as you settle in for the night. The pastel purple flowers work well with a broad range of bedroom decor, whether you use them for a splash of color or match them up with other jewel-tone shades.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm makes a strong statement piece for the bedroom, thanks to its long fronds and maximum 12-foot height. These characteristics also help it purify your air by removing chemicals such as benzene, which comes from many household products. You might not detect it by smelling the air, but you’ll notice the difference in sleep quality once this plant gets to work.


These cheerful white flowers add a pleasant scent to the air, which also happens to do great things for your sleep quality. You end up with a deeper sleep when you curl up under the covers, and if you suffer from anxiety, you’ll also get some relief.

Aloe Vera

You’re probably familiar with this plant thanks to its sunburn-healing capabilities. However, it should also have a place in your bedroom. Aloe Vera is a succulent, which means you don’t need a green thumb to keep it alive; find it a sunny spot in your room, and remember to water it every so often. Aloe also takes formaldehyde out of the air, a chemical that can often be found in carpets. Put this low-maintenance friend all over the place after you go to the mattress store in Kansas.

Snake Plant

Don’t have a bright spot in your room for aloe vera? Turn your attention to the snake plant. The leaves look like long, vertical snake tongues that reach for the ceiling, and the plant often fits into narrow spaces. It’s happy in low light and can take paint-related chemicals out of your bedroom air.


Gardenia doesn’t have to go outside in your garden. If you bring it into your room, you’ll discover it helps you fall and stay asleep. The plant does require more care than a few of the others on this list, however; you may want to get some experience with other houseplants before taking this one on.

English Ivy

English Ivy loves to climb along porch railings and posts outside, but it’s also your best friend if allergies stop you from sleeping. Decorate window frames with this fast-spreading plant, and keep it trimmed down so it remains manageable. However, give it a pass if you have children or pets.

The beauty of these plants coupled with a superior mattress from The Mattress Hub will bring you the best night’s sleep possible. Read more from the Cheap Sheep, who is eyeing up all of these plants and wondering whether to put them in your bedroom or try them out for a snack.

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