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The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium mattress offers a cool-to-touch cover combined with advanced adaptability for truly personalized support.

The new TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid mattress pairs premium spring coils with the original TEMPUR® support layer to deliver a truly unique sleeping experience.  The cover provides a cool-to-touch feel for legendary comfort and support. Tempur-Pedic designs all of their mattresses with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial fabric.

Top Layers of Comfort
Cool-to-touch Cover – Premium knit technology for superior cool-to-touch feel. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer offers a softer feel and works in combination with other materials to help maximize support, pressure relief, and relaxation.

Core Layers of Support
The Original TEMPUR® Support Layer gives you advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support. Hybrid Technology adds 1,000+ premium individually wrapped coils designed by Tempur-Pedic to work with in perfect unity with Tempur material.

Our Recommendation
The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium mattress is a fantastic way to get into the most recommended brand in America at a lower price than ever before.

The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid mattress is a great choice for those who want the superior conformability of Tempur material but prefer a more tradtional mattress feel.

We recommend this mattress for all varieties of sleepers including back, side and stomach.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





Mattress Type

Hybrid, Specialty


10 Year

Comfort Layers

Cool-to-touch Cover, Hybrid Technology, Original TEMPUR® Support Layer, TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer

Support Structure

Dynamic Support Microcoil Layer




Antimicrobial Fabric

Comfort Type

Medium, Medium Hybrid

186 reviews for Tempur Adapt

  1. Shaq, Dallas

    I Would not buy again.

  2. Comfortable and happy, Hazel Green, Alabama

    I purchased this mattress with the two free “ADAPT PRO MID COOLING PILLOWS,” which also perform equally well. If you get this mattress, it’s a no brainer,,, then you MUST also get the matching technology pillows !!! I got mine free also with a free mattress pad. Why sleep on your old flat worn out pillow? I usually flip mine over if I wake up to feel that fresh coolness every time. If you have been having trouble sleeping on a worn out mattress then this one is for you. A medium firmness is good enough for just about everybody. I am a side sleeper and this product works great for me. Settle in and fall asleep instantly. I have been sleeping on mine three weeks now and I feel my Money was well spent. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z.

  3. Very happy!, NC

    This has been the best mattress ever for me! I was having hip and back pain with my old mattress. I was afraid when I got the new mattress that it would take a while for me to get used to it, but I immediately slept better and don’t have the hip and back pain I was having! It’s very comfortable. At first it feels “soft” as you sink into it but once you get past the memory foam in the top and get to the coils, it feels more firm. It’s the perfect combination for me. So far, I haven’t found anything I don’t love about it except that I have to get up in the morning and go to work and can’t stay in bed!

  4. Fewer Aches and Pains, Fort Mill, SC

    The adapt medium mattress has improved our nights sleep. We can sleep in any position and be comfortable. We love the fact the mattress does not leave an impression where you sleep.

  5. Sleeping, Huddleston, VA

    Bought one for permanent home. Liked it so well – bought another for vacation home! Sleeping well and waking WITHOUT stiffness. BACK PAIN gone.

  6. Two Picky Sleepers, Washington, DC

    We got a queen size Adapt Medium Hybrid mattress and foundation. It’s so comfortable! I had a hard time finding a mattress that works for me (I like medium soft) and my spouse (who likes medium firm). This mattress has us both happy. We sleep on our backs, sides, and stomachs and have had a really hard time finding the right mattress. You slightly sink into the top layer and can feel the mattress cradle your whole body…right down to your feet. It has a little bit of “give” overall…I think because of the coils in our hybrid version. To me, it has a plusher feeling than the all foam version. My spouse has had two back surgeries…in the lumbar and cervical areas and is happy with the level of support in this mattress. We didn’t want to get out of bed this am. (I also appreciate that it’s cool to the touch.) We’re thankful we found this mattress.

  7. Totally relaxed, Port Orange FL

    We love this mattress! We had the original classic 12 years and it was nice, but this hybrid takes the cake-it’s just enough firm and soft mix to be the best night’s sleep we’ve gotten in a while! Who wants to get out of bed!

  8. Deep sleepers, Tuscaloosa Alabama

    We bought the new Adapt Hybrid king size and now know what a good night sleep is.

  9. Happy Sleepers, Pennington Gap,Va

    This is the best bed ever. We got the Hybrid Queen. We had the original Tempur Mattresses for 15 years. The new Tempur- Adapt is well improved.

  10. Back problem sleeper, Elizabethton, TN

    We had a tempurpedic mattress for many years and felt it was becoming old and worn out. We bought the new tempur-adapt hybrid. However, now believe it is too soft and we are having more back problems so we are exchanging it for the Tempur-pro-Adapt Firm

  11. Calliemama, Arkansas

    We purchased the Tempur-Pedic Adapt medium hybrid mattress around a month ago. We had a memory foam mattress prior to this one, but it has taken us about a month to adjust to this one. Even though it was labeled a medium, it felt softer when we got it home than it did in the store. After a little while, it seemed to be a little firmer, which was what we wanted. We also purchased an Ergo base and I would definitely suggest getting one! We love being able to adjust the head and feet of the mattress. But, by far our favorite part is the massage option. We look forward to it every night! Even our cats enjoy it! I would definitley recommend this mattress and base. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it took us so long to get used to it. If you’re on the fence, try it out! Tempur-Pedic has a wonderful guarantee.

  12. Unsure guy, Long Island ny

    Lots of back pain and shoulder pain for an expensive mattress.

  13. Hot and tired, Pittsburgh

    I am so unhappy with how hot this mattress is; it has a cooling topper/cover on it that is only “cool” for about 20 minutes; I wake up 5x per night from being too hot; I move to a cool spot, fall back asleep and within 1-1/2 hours I am awake from being too warm. I have not slept a whole night since getting this Tempur-Adapt Hybrid. I am exhausted. I have owned it now for 3 weeks. So so disappointed.

  14. Refreshed, Jacksonville, Fl.

    Most restful sleep. We are sleeping through the night. Wake refreshed. Best investment.

  15. Happy Senior, Palmdale, CA

    I really didn’t realize how bad my other mattress was until my Tempurpedic. I sleep more soundly & am so comfortable.

  16. No Sleepy Peepers, Ruidoso,NM

    Very comfortable. It envelopes your body in total comfort. The mattress is very firm, and yet feels like heaven when you lay on it. Top quality. The only down side is the weight of the mattress. Makes it difficult to change the sheets. I will recommend this product to others.


    Although the mattress is very comfortable in and of itself, I can not find any bedding that fits properly. This mattress is slimmer than others and even the tempurpedic mattress cover (which I was told would fit snugly), slides and bunches as do the tempurpedic sheets I purchased with elastic bands. I have never had this problem with a mattress before and am very dissatisfied.

  18. Happy Camper, Nixa, MO

    I have used this mattress for about a month and so far it is great. I expect it to last many years. If it does I’ll a happy camper and very glad I spent the extra $. I have had no indication that it sleeps hot as I had heard. I’d say go with the best! Ron

  19. eagletts, Eagle, Wi

    We owned a Tempur-Pedic previously for just short of 20 years. Our bed is set up to accommodate the mattress without a box spring and the old mattress fit perfectly. Our new
    mattress is 2 inches narrower and 1-3/4 inches shorter. So now we see the wood platform it lies on. Very disappointing. The mattress is comfortable or we wouldn’t have bought it. Don’t feel the cooling effects of the mattress cover either. It’s also very high uncomfortable to sit at the edge of the bed.

  20. 8hours, AUSTIN

    Rhis mattress changed my life. As a side sleeper I always dealt with shoulder,neck and back pain. Those days are over and I now sleep through the night. I should have made the purchase years ago.

  21. Unhappy Sleeper, Wilmington, DE

    This mattress is terrible. It is way too soft. I wouldn’t call this a medium firmness. I sink in to the mattress and if my husband lays next to me, I am falling in to the dent he makes, and he is not a big guy. Every day I wake up feeling like I got hit by a bus. I wish I could return it buy the 90 day window closed unfortunately. I will never buy another Tempurpedic. I wasted a lot of money on a subpar mattress.

  22. Mrs.Cool, Grain Valley, Mo.

    Love this bed very comfortable. I am not getting up feeling like I never slept all night any more. I use to get up in more pain then when I went to bed. It stays cool all night long.

  23. Sleeps comfortably, Penacook, NH

    I’ve only had my mattress for a few weeks, but so far so good. I like to sleep on my back for most of the night and finally I can do that. Yee haw!!!

    My old mattress was so uncomfortable, that I tossed and turned all night. With my Tempurpedic the difference is like night and day. I no longer toss and turn all night. I sleep a lot better and I don’t wake up with a sore back. Again, Yee haw!!!

    I’ve been telling family, friends, and co-workers about how much I enjoy my new comfy mattress.

  24. Sleeping in Comfort, Texas City, Texas

    Have had the mattress set for a couple of months & there was no breaking it in. We love it. It’s so comfortable, gives good support & no sagging. I’m a side and back sleeper and my husband is a stomach sleeper and neither of us have had any issues with comfort or support. Hybrid is the way to go. I wish it had handles on the side, but we understand there’s no need to rotate it.

  25. Happy Sleepers, Roanoke, VA

    This is our first memory foam mattress experience. We were intrigued by the company’s offer of cooling qualities, the mattress’ longevity, and the support it promised to provide!

    We were advised by our salesman that the bed would need 4 – 6 weeks to offer maximum comfort as we became accustomed to sleeping on this type of mattress. I slept soundly the first night on the bed, but it has taken my husband a little longer to adjust to the support it provides. However, three weeks later he agrees that it was a great investment and we are both enjoying a restful night sleep.

  26. Paul, wilmington, De

    I bought the Adapt Medium Hybrid hoping that it would be the perfect mattress; however, the mattress just doesn’t provide me with enough pressure-relief for my shoulders and hips. I like the firmness of the top of the mattress, however, once you sink down into the mattress, it just becomes too firm. Also, once you put on the waterproof mattress protector, it loses some of its cooling properties.

  27. Happy Hips, Windsor, CT

    I used to have hip and back pain prior to purchasing the tempur adapt but since we started using this mattress about 2 months ago, those pains have disappeared! We sleep much better now!

  28. Mike, New York, NY

    very comfortable mattress for a back

  29. Tempur-Pedic ADAT, L.A California

    this mattress is very exceptional comfortable, I’ve never sleep on mattress like this high quality and best investment .

  30. Challenged sleeper, Oceano, CA

    We thought this bed was a great buy and were excited to have it however I soon realized I was getting too warm when I wake up and need to move to a cooler place on the mattress. It was like the heat gets trapped. My husband on the other hand really enjoyed it at first but the longer we have had it, the more achy he has become and frequently has been waking up. We are both side sleepers and we think we need a softer bed also. This hybrid having 1/2 spring facilitates love making better than 100% foam but due to the aches and heat, we are considering a trade in for a traditional spring mattress.

  31. Kitty, Atlanta, GA

    OMG! OMG! I’ve heard of a few love-hate relationships with owners of Tempur-Pedic mattresses over the years, but I’m here to tell my story. As a new owner of the Adapt Hybrid I’m sold! This is the most comfortable mattress that I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a few over my lifetime. Furthermore, it’s affordable! Thank you Tempur-Pedic for providing your customers with an unbelievable sleeping experience.

  32. I am a happy camper, Arlington Heights, IL

    A very solid, comfortable quality in a mattress that I need for my body that has arthritis. When I wake up I feel refreshed, and content through out the day.

  33. smiling sleeper, California

    I cant wait to lay down on our new mattress, It is such a comforting feeling, the right choice with the adapt med. should have bought it long time ago.

  34. Nicolette, SLC, Utah

    So far, so good. I’ve had it for almost a month and find it very comfortable to sleep on. I’m a little disappointed that my back pain hasn’t gone away, which probably means it wasn’t solely caused by my old mattress. My neck pain has definitely decreased though. The only thing I don’t like about the mattress is that it is really hot to sleep on. I can’t use my thick winter comforter because I get so incredibly hot. I really only need a thin blanket and sometimes only a sheet since I’ve gotten this new mattress. Overall I’m pretty happy with this purchase though.

  35. Annie’s new bed, cattaraugus, new york

    I am very pleased with my new Tempurpedic. My back problem is much better and it is worth all the money I paid.

  36. Mike, Texas

    Best night’s sleep I’ve had in years

  37. CJ, Tacoma, WA

    This mattress has changed so much for not just me but my husband. Before, he would wake up in the middle of the night constantly to toss and turn; but now, he sleeps like a rock. We both have chronic back pain and now we don’t cringe with pain when we wake up. Unbelievable! We loved it so much I recommended it to my parents. Needless to say, my dad is no longer complaining about his bed giving him backaches.

  38. Langschlaefer, Glenburn,Maine

    At first you might be surprised how hard it feels when you lay down, but as it gets adjusted to your body and warms up you won’t find a better and more comfortable mattress out there . It supports you just in the right spots and you will ask yourself why you did not purchase it way earlier.

  39. Dee, Jackson, OH

    My husband and I both have back problems. Having the split king makes it so we can both adjust for our individual needs. The adjustable bed is perfect for us. We would definitely recommend it for anyone. Thanks Tempur-pedic!!!

  40. Chrissy, PA

    I tried this mattress in the store and it was the one we liked the most. I ordered it online because I could get it sooner and it came with $300 credit toward sheets, which I also bought. I love the sheets, they’re really soft after washing. But the mattress just doesn’t seem right for us. We wake up with neck and back pain. Its only been a week and a half, so I’m hoping that we are still breaking it in because they said it could take up to a month to properly break in a mattress.

  41. Lev, Las Vegas

    I sleep on it every night. Very comfy

  42. Rested, Chula Vista , CA

    Perfect sleep finally!

  43. Cloug 9, Baldwin Park, CA

    Mom asked what I wanted for our wedding gift, I wanted us (husband and I) to start everything new together. I said if she could afford it, I would love a temperpedic. I was okay with just that but she added the adjustable base. Our marital bed is the best gift we received , I’m so happy we did.
    Comfort, no aches, No noises when either of us move (I toss a lot) and the base is great for posture.
    Breakfast in bed and when not feeling well.
    Happy customers

  44. Sleeping like a King in my Medium King, Chicago, IL

    This was the first Tempurpedic I’ve owned. White glove delivery was easy and prompt. It is an incredibly comfortable king mattress. Would buy again. 10 stars out of 5.

  45. Happy Grandma, Poway, CA

    This is our 2nd Tempurpedic mattress. It was the first purchase for our 2nd home in CA with our daughter. We have a Tempurpedic in MN and love it! Now we get a good night’s sleep in both homes.

  46. Happy customer, Central Illinois

    This mattress was a replacement for an aging air mattress. After looking at a number of options, the TEMPUR-Adapt medium did not disappoint — the adaptive material is firm enough to provide support and yet soft enough to yield a great night’s sleep.

  47. Momzers, Carlsbad, CA

    Before we bought our Tempurpedic mattress, my husband and I were experiencing lower back pain. Our pain has significantly decreased since we switched to a Tempurpedic mattress!! It really conforms to your weight and body shape. The medium is just as stated- not too firm but not too soft. We love our Tempurpedic!

  48. Best sleeper ever, Charlotte NC

    We love our mattress so much we bought for our kids, nothing better then waking up feeling rested, most comfortable sleep ever

  49. Sal, Pittsford, ny

    I can not sleep without my temper pedicure mattress

  50. SleepTeam, Elk Grove, California

    We love our new mattress and literally get the best sleep we’ve had in years!

  51. My Teen is Happy, Seattle, WA

    Great product!!! HURRAY!

  52. Elizabeth, Bedford NY

    Love the massage

  53. SleepzCity, Phoenix, AZ

    I’d tried Sleep Number, Casper, Sealy premium mattresses…this one actually let’s you sleep. I wake up feeling rested all over instead of just irritated to start another day having woken up a bunch of time. Was a little warmer under the covers but I’ve just switched to a lighter blanket and now no issues. Glad I have a mattress I can keep for years now!

  54. Vibration convert, Stafford VA

    We are really enjoying our new mattress and bed frame. The adjustable frame is awesome, and at first I thought I’d never use the silly vibration part but now I’m singing a different toon, after a long day, it just rocks you to sleep! Everyone who comes to visit gets dragged into our room to give the new bed a try, I think we’ve already created some new customers!
    The only cons I have are the base is very very heavy if you have to move it, and the mattress topper is very slippery and I have a hard time getting the mattress cover to fit and stay, I realize it has one “built in” so to speak but with dogs , grandchildren and life in general I feel more confidant with one I can get on and off easily!

  55. Back Feels Better, Phoenix, AZ

    This is the first Tempurpedic mattress I’ve purchased and I’m glad to say it exceeded my very high expectations! It’s soft but very supportive- great for relieving back pain. My only complaint is the super smooth feel of the mattress cover causes sheets to slip around. I had to buy fitted sheets with corner loops to help hold them in place.

  56. ChristopherTus, Midland, Texas

    The medium feels incredible; not too firm but just firm enough. I’ve slept wonderfully since the bed was delivered. Also, delivery was very efficient. Highly recommend.

  57. E, Denver

    Everyone was fantastic

  58. Goldilocks, Sykesville, MD

    Love this bed….it has the perfect level of not too soft and not too hard. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is that it is definitely more compressed where I sleep. I’m not sure if this is because it’s only a few months old and needs to settle or what? Not too worried though given that the warranty will cover a replacement if it becomes too much of a problem.

  59. Unhappy sleeper, Richmond, VA

    Exchanging it for a different model. Wish me luck with waking up without a stiff back!

  60. Paul the wall, Kent, OH

    Very comfortable and the cool technology really helps because I get so warm at night

  61. Zzzzz, Brooklyn, NY

    Sleep beautifully everyday

  62. Jayfres, Clovis Ca

    Since day one of sleeping on our new mattress my back problems have seemed to go away. I wake up every morning with no back pain and feeling rested

  63. Sound Sleeper, Accokeek, MD

    This is my 2nd Tempur-pedic mattress and I am completely satisfied.

  64. Camaro Guy, Philadelphia Pa

    After using this product for 3 months and suffering from 5 herniated discs in my back this is been the greatest sleep I’ve ever had in years.

  65. Sleeping good, Atlanta,ga

    Always wondered if I would like a Tempurpedic, finally took the plunge and wish I would have years ago. I’m very particular and love this mattress. Finally found that hard to get balance between support and comfort.
    I bought directly from Tempurpedic on their website, the customer service is not 5 star like the product, in fact it’s not even a 1 star. It’s too bad because the product is really great.

  66. Good noght, Paris Tennessee

    This is a great mattress it sleeps nice, I bought it for my wife so maybe she would sleep better which it helped her some. One only reason I give this mattress a four star instead of five is one the price is high and it didn’t make my wife a 100% happy but other then that it’s great.

  67. klingenbe, Antioch, CA

    After owning a Temper-Pedic before, I am totally happy and feel that NOTHING can compare with the T-P.

  68. 802Btown, Burlington VT

    This mattress replaced a Nectar which replaced an older sagging foam mattress. The Nectar is also rated as a medium firmness according to various mattress review/advertising sites but it conform to your body much like a slab of concrete does. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain for several years now and with the Nectar I could only lay on my back and would wake up with more stiffness and soreness than I had before going to sleep. The Tempur-Adapt has been amazing for my back regardless if I sleep on my back, stomach or side. When I go to sleep with a sore back from overuse I wake up with zero pain. Waking up pain free more than makes up for the cost of the mattress.

  69. Bj, Henning mn

    I sleep on it. And my wife and I will in the sheets on it. Very comfortable.

  70. Rested sleeper, California

    So comfortable I look forward to going to bed every day, wake up refreshed and rested!

  71. Ben, San Antonio

    I have tried many other mattresses not one comes close to this one.

  72. Benson’s dad, Chicago

    My wife has back problems and I am a stomach sleeper. We are both very happy, and she feels better than she has in years

  73. Barista Opener, Schaumburg, Il

    I’ve slept on my mattress for over 2 months now and at first it was a little too firm for my taste but I think my body just needed to adjust to a new mattress opposed to the trash I was sleeping on before. Now I love my bed and sleep better than I have in a long time

  74. zzzz’s in vegas, Las Vegas

    This mattress has so many great qualities, where do I start? The support that it gives is amazing! I was having awful back and shoulder pain with my previous mattress and that is absolutely no longer a problem. You cannot feel your partner moving around in the middle of the night so you do not get disturbed by them. Although the prices are high they are undoubtedly worth every penny!!

  75. Happy sleeper, Parsippany, nj

    I recently purchased this mattress and am very pleased! I work as a cardiac nurse with long shifts and sleep at night is crucial. My old spring mattress was uncomfortable and I would wake up very sore. I also have scoliosis with chronic back pain. Ever since I got my new mattress, I no longer wake up with aches and pains. What an excellent purchase!

  76. Unhappy Camper, Belmont, Ca

    As others said on the floor it felt fine. I was looking for a replacement for the original Tempurpedic, which my wife and i loved. TP sales crew could not tell me which one would be closest match so we went with this in medium. It is awful. Terrible. Doesn’t feel anything like what I knew and loved about TP. We both wake up in pain. Back and neck pain. Unfortunately when I bought the “upgrade” on a warranty return I didn’t read everything. Their is no comfort guarantee. Only discomfort guaranteed. Also no sheets fit properly, especially waterproof covers, even theirs. They know this and told me to not use a cover or buy from another vendor.

  77. Jjstar, Jackson , nj

    This is a great mattress. So comfortable.

  78. Sleepymeepies, Pennsylvania

    We purchased our medium hybrid almost 3 months ago now and we love it! It did take about a week to get used to but now it’s my favorite thing in our apartment. The hybrid is a good transition between a spring mattress and completely memory foam. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! We just came back from a vacation too and our bed at home is now more comfortable than a bed at a 4 star hotel.

  79. JC, Atlanta, GA

    WOW! I’ve heard conflicting reviews about the Tempur-Pedic, but my lower back pain had me considering many options. I then recalled a chiropractor years ago who mentioned that Tempur-Pedic was the best mattress for spine alignment. That being said, I went with the Adapt Hybrid, and … WOW … I’ve been experiencing the best, pain-free sleep ever. I can’t believe that I waited so long to purchase a Tempur-Pedic. Don’t be fooled by all of the mattresses in a box. You can’t beat the Tempur-Pedic Adapt for comfort at a reasonable price.

  80. Sleepless in New Jersey, Vineland, New Jersey

    After reading several reviews and trying out this mattress in the store, my wife and I decided to purchase 2 Twin XL’s. At first, this mattress seemed comfortable, but after a couple of nights, I noticed that it does not support the upper back, neck, and shoulder areas. I tried several different pillows and tried sleeping in different positions but I just couldn’t get to sleep peacefully. When I did wake up, my back was twisted and achy. Secondly, when you turn on your side there is little support and it is quite uncomfortable. After 55 days of restless sleep, I returned this mattress for the Pro Adapt Medium model.

    With all that being said, what works for one person may not work for another. My wife is satisfied with her mattress but she does not suffer from back and neck issues. Be sure to shop around and try out as many tempur pedic beds as possible before buying. The company has a nice portfolio of different mattress styles and they definitely have something for everyone. Also, make sure you have a pillow that is compatible to the mattress. I noticed that certain pillows work great with some mattresses, but when you switch beds, the pillow takes on a totally different feel. I am pleased that tempur pedic has a return policy. Otherwise, I would be one unhappy sleepless customer. I am very happy with the Pro Adapt Medium Firm Mattress.

  81. Its me, Chicago

    Instantly notice a difference in the way i feel when iwake up, not to mention how much easier i fall asleep overall am very pleased best word to describe it exceptional

  82. Tempur-Trash, Minneapolis MN

    this has nothing better to offer it is just regular mattress that was overpriced so they can rip you off. after 30 days am returning it.

  83. Jen, Salt Lake City, UT

    I have been sleeping on this mattress for three weeks now and am so pleased with the quality. The first week I wasn’t sure I was going to like the firmness and thought that I would not want to keep it. As the weeks have progressed, I have noticed my body has less aches. I feel like I am standing up with better posture and I am sleeping better. My back just feels more supported and I have stopped my bimonthly chiropractic visits. My husband has also realized that he has less aches and pains. He had thought they were just pains from his workouts but he feels so much better. We had been looking to upgrade our mattress and had thought we would go with a Sleep Number but now I am glad we gave this one a try. It has been a good fit for us.

    The fabric on the mattress feels very cool but it is also a bit slippery with sheets. As long as you use the deep pocket sheets you will be just fine.

  84. Cloud 9 Ninja, St Petersburg, FL

    This bed is incredible! It’s hard to explain how comfortable it really is. Worth every penny!

  85. Heaven Sent, Cottage Grove, MN

    I bought my Adapt Medium on Black Friday. The salesman told me that I would go to heaven every night from now on. I know what this means to me now! This bed keeps my temperature even so I don’t wake up. It is perfect for me and I get great REM sleep. I dream in color and remember multiple dreams. This never happened before. I wake up refreshed and have more energy and a lower blood pressure!

  86. Happy Sleeper, Seminole, Fl

    This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. I would definately recommend to friends and family

  87. that’s wright, Southern Indiana

    We slept on the mattress for 33 nights then went to the retailer seeking a refund invoking the 90 refund policy. The mattress is too firm. Both my wife and I slept poorly and got up each morning sore. An exchange for a softer Tempurpedic was going to cost an additional $800 and that became an excessive expense on top of the high price of the original purchase. We chose not to buy it. We are both 60 and of average height and normal weight. The best thing I can say is the refund from the retailer was no hassle.

  88. Haven’t slept in days!, La Jolla, Ca

    We bought this mattress 30 days ago. It is the most uncomfortable mattress we have ever owned. We are tossing and turning all night long. This mattress causes extreme back pain and numbness in the arms for side sleepers. We have tried kneeling and walking on mattress to loosen up, but nothing works. I am now sleeping on the couch. We called 2 days ago to return and we are still waiting to hear back from a representative from Tempur-Pedic. So far, not an easy return process as suggested by salesperson in flagship store.

  89. domestic engineer, Cullman AL.

    We were sleeping on a queen for several years and went to the CA split for health reasons. the quality matches up to what we were use to. However it is difficult to make up.

  90. Picky sleeper, Prince Frederick, MD

    I have some back issues and I will wake up in pain if the mattress is not a really good one. This mattress is not to soft and not to firm, in fact it is just right 🙂

  91. I Feel well rested every morning, Virginia

    My current sleep experience now was a complete 360 from my old mattress!! The Tempur-Adapt sleeps like dream come true! I will always be Tempur-pedic owner for life!!!!

  92. Peaceful sleeper, Winchester, VA

    We absolutely love our new mattress! Our old one was so worn out so this was a must need and I would not change the one we picked at all. It’s beyond comfortable and when my husband or I get up it doesn’t wake or move the other one. Peaceful sleep!

  93. Relaxed Sleeper, Reynoldsburg, OH.

    Great mattress for the price. Very comfortable and relaxing nights sleep, looking forward to many, many more

  94. Southern Lady, Georgia

    Had a hard time deciding on what mattress to purchase but we made the right choice. We love this mattress and sleep wonderfully on it. Love it !!!!!

  95. Satisfied customer, Osceola Wisconsin

    This is the first Tempurpedic bed my wife and I bought love the comfort it gives us!! We had a queen conventional bed and went to a twin King medium adapt. Won’t sleep on anything else but a Tempur-Pedic love it!!

  96. Sleepy, Seale, Al

    Fall asleep faster and get a deeper more restful nights sleep. Wake up with no or very little back pain.

  97. Happy sleepers, San Antonio, TX

    We love it. Only had it for two months, but we got use to it in a few days and not complaints so far.

  98. seagull, nashua NH

    I love my new Tempur-Pedic I don’t get up sore anymore from the old Spring Type bed…..it is Heaven. I sleep all night so comfortly.

  99. Mr & Mrs EK, Galveston Tx

    Very comfortable….. haven’t slept this well in years !!!!!
    Beyond pleased with our purchase….should have done it a longgg time ago !

  100. Night Owl no longer!, Daytona Beach, Florida

    This is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. I used to have a Sleep Number, my Tempur-Adapt puts the Sleep Number to shame. From day one I have slept so sound. When I walk into my room and see my mattress I get the biggest smile just knowing its there waiting for me. It may cost more but is well worth it. No more aches and pains when I wake in the morning and sleep through the night. Thank you Tempur-pedic!!!!!

  101. Happy Sleeper, Farmington Hills Michigan

    I had a 14 year old temperpedic mattress that I loved but it was getting old. I used my warranty 20 years at the time to replace it at a discount . The customer service is amazing! So professional. I am behond happy! My back feels great in the morning now.im actually able to do yoga 1st thing. Thank you ! The delivery was on time and professional.

  102. Happy Camper, Eatonton GA

    Sleeping better. Love the flexibility. Adjustable frame and mattress work great together. Wife’s very happy and that’s a really good thing!

  103. Sound Sleeper, Wellington, Florida

    What a great mattress! It is so comfortable. No more tossing and turning from painful, pressure points. I am so happy with my tempurpedic purchase!

  104. Happy Family, California

    Relieved my husband’s achy back after driving allday..

  105. PRCCUSM, Hattiesburg, MS

    As advertised and sleeps like a dream …

  106. Undisturbed sleep, Tonawanda,NY

    My joints and muscles no longer force me to get up several times a night, giving me a restful sleep.

  107. Bether, Woodbury, MN

    This bed is so comfortable! Perfectly designed for my sleep habits! I need the firmness to keep my joint from aching. Wake up feeling refreshed.

  108. Cloud nine bedtime, Atlanta, GA

    Mattress is cool, I’m not sweating all night like I was with my old mattress. My back was feeling terrible, and now I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

  109. Desert sleeper, Moab Utah

    My Tempur-Pedic mattress (Adapt Medium) is my favorite mattress that I’ve ever slept on. With my old mattresses I would wake up with back and hip pain feeling more tired than when I went to sleep. Since getting this mattress I wake up refreshed every day and feel great.

  110. Sleepy in Boise, Boise ID

    We have slept on tempurpedic for years and at this point it’s all we will use. Love these beds!

  111. Pain free sleeper, Chico Ca.

    I used to wake up with shoulder pain ever morning. Now that I have a Tempur Pedic mattress, I don’t wake up in pain anymore.

  112. KimMc, Lewisville, TX

    Best sleep ever. Sooo comfortable.

  113. Momzers, Carlsbad, CA

    LOVE our Tempurpedic! My husband and I were having lower back pain. When we switched to the Tempurpedic, our back pain improved! We will never buy a different bed again!

  114. Sleepbull, Homestead, fl

    Best sleep in years

  115. Cooper, Texas

    Great product, absolutely would recommend!

  116. recovering patient, Estero, Fl

    I wish it had a heat setting

  117. Sound sleeper, Hibbing, MN

    Have had my mattress (no box spring, just on a platform frame) for about 3 months now. Took a couple weeks getting settled in on it, I thinks because we got new pillows at the same time. But after that short time it has been terrific. I would recommend this bed to everyone.

  118. Sleeping peacefully, Middletown , DE

    Best investment I could have made for my sleep and relaxation.

  119. silver surfer, Malibu , CA

    Two shoulder surgery… Back surgery.. Thrashed neck… trying all i can to never fuse my cervical. Fast furious fun life… Haven’t had a decent night sleep in 15 years… This mattress is without question the has changed my life… I sleep better than i ever have in my entire adult life!!!!

  120. Picky Consumer, Boston, MA

    I’ve had this mattress for less than a month, and my only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner! Great support and comfort for all sleeping positions. Premium product!

  121. Good night, Alabama

    Love the cooling feature. So good for my bad lower back.

  122. cj, louisville, ky

    The best sleep every, no more back pain or turning all night. Well worth every dollar.

  123. BackIsBestSleeper, Newport Beach

    I tried the top of the line Casper bed before this and it was too soft. TEMPUR-Adapt Medium is their most affordable bed but feels a lot sturdier and the firmness is the right amount for supporting my back (I’m a back sleeper). It still took me a little getting used to for foam as I was on a hybrid before Casper but the transition was much quicker with TEMPURPEDIC. Love and would recommend over the other foam mattress I had.

  124. Less achy, Towson, MD

    Really helps my joint pain and tendonitis. I feel better when i get up in the mornings.

  125. S12, Alexandria, VA

    Love the bed and delivery process was completely painless.

  126. Hummy, Bowie, MD

    Most comfortable sleep I have ever had. The ability to adjust the mattress is great for reading and watching TV.

  127. Stiff neck, Tennessee

    When we ordered the bed we did not know what to expect. When they arrived it was set up in tandem and we quickly realized that we both have to rest in the same way together. So we had to unsink them so we each had control of our own side. It is easy to do. We love resting in our bed it is comfortable we love that you can raise the head and your foot and get yourself as comfortable as you want ! Nether of us has woke with back pain! That’s a big plus! We bought pillows with bed and love them I have not had the neck pain and headache when I wake up anymore!

  128. Derek, Katy, TX

    My wife and I purchased the split king Tempur-adapt medium with adjustable base….I found it was a bit too firm for my liking. Called Tempur-pedic and we swapped out for the ProAdapt split King (paid a bit more but worth it)….I chose the ‘soft’ for my side, my wife chose the ‘medium hybrid’ for her side. We both love it and the mattresses are equal thicknesses, which was extremely important being a split king. Customer service was awesome during the whole process. Best mattress we’ve ever owned!!

  129. Lindsey M., West Point, MS

    My husband and I purchased the tempur adapt hybrid medium about a month ago, and oh my goodness, we’ve never slept better in our lives. I’m trying to figure out why we slept on our old, awful mattress for so long. The medium adapt is the perfect blend between soft and firm. It feels really firm when you plop down on it, but as soon as you lay down, it begins to form ever so slightly around your body. You’re basically cradled in this perfect foam cloud, but it’s still firm enough to help alleviate any back, neck or shoulder pain! For about three years now, I’ve had chronic neck and back pain (I’m 33, so still young) that I think was caused from a nonsupportive mattress. Since buying the tempur adapt, my neck and back pain is almost completely gone. This mattress has literally improved my life! I don’t hurt all day anymore. If you’re on the fence, just try it! We absolutely love it!

    Oh, and yes, it does seem really firm when you first get it, but after a month, it has broken in nicely and isn’t nearly as firm as when we first slept on it. I also followed the suggestion of slowly walking on the mattress upon receiving it to help speed up the break-in process.

  130. Shelly, Baldwim Park, CA

    There’s nothing bad I can say about my temper Pedic. It’s our greatest gift and investment – my mother partially gifted us the money for our temper Pedic as our wedding gift. I recommend it to all and those looking for a new bed.
    I would however encourage the sales representative to be a bit more warm with her customers. Transaction was like military drill. A bit uncomfortable. I wanted the bed so bad I continued the transaction.

  131. Great sleeper with less pain, Glade Hill Virginia

    We had a Queen Tempur-Pedic and loved it so much that when we decided to get a bigger bed we moved the queen to the guest room and bought a king Tempur-Pedic. We got the adjustable base with both which is great for me because I have back problems and being able to raise my head and feet helps to relieve some of the pain.

  132. Satisfied customer, Austin, Texas

    First time sleeping hasn’t caused back pain

  133. Best sleep, Fort Worth, texas

    I sleep comfortably every night

  134. Peach, WY

    With two adults and a large dog on the bed, one would think movements from the others would be felt. It’s actually as if I am sleeping solo- I feel no movement and neither does my spouse! Restful!

  135. KEB, Winchester, VA

    The bed is so comfortable and supportive. I sleelnwithout moving.

  136. I Snore A Ton, St Joseph MO

    Took around a week to get used to the new bed but after that it is like a dream. I feel so restored with so much energy after getting a good full nights sleep

  137. Becky, Columbus

    We are really pleased with our split king… finally out of the sink hole

  138. Marsha, Texas

    I love this mattress, however my husband isn’t as happy with his. We purchased the Adapt Medium Hybrid Twin XL mattresses.

  139. Happy Mom & Wife, Boise, Idaho

    The mattress is fantastic. I am extremely pleased we went with the King size and the hybrid. We have had a Temper-Pedic mattress before (not hybrid) so we did not need the coils for a “transition” purposes, however we definitely like the feel and comfort. For anyone, size is limited on space… however with little kids this has been a blessing for us! I am not sure why we endured the Queen for so long! It does still sleep hotter than I would like but definitely cooler than previous models (I have night sweats so this may be user specific). I wish there was a better mattress protector cover for cooling though. We love the mattress … biggest complaint is trying to put the sheets on 🙂

  140. Wake up Refreshed, Wash DC

    I had a Sterns and Foster plush mattress which is a very good mattress. Have some health issues started to have spasms in legs at night. Diagnosis Fibostist, switched mattress to Tempur adapt. Corrected spinal alignment which relieved pressure on nerve. Leg spasms and night cramps ceased. This mattress is very helpful for me to have a good night sleep

  141. TriMom, Hubbard, Iowa

    My husband was having neck problems sleeping. I was having lower back pain with our old mattress. I dont feel any more pain after switching to this mattress. We both have very physical demanding jobs and train for marathons and triathlons. We are so RECHARGED! Stage 4 every night. It’s like having a recliner at the same time. So happy and satisfied customers.

  142. mac, englewood,tn

    We have had our tempur-pedic mattress for over 10 years. It is the best thing we have ever bought. I am shopping for a larger size now. When I go to bed it is with pleasure as I lie down and feel the bed seem to hug me. You will not be sorry. My husband has a bad back, fused neck, bad shoulder, bad knees and lots of health problems. This mattress has been his only help.

  143. Jeff T, Hagerstown , maryland

    I was on the fence about rather or not I wanted to buy this bed it wasn’t the cheapest but I decided to because of the comfort and the kindness and understanding of the sales team they explained everything clearly to me

  144. Refreshed AM, Northern Virginia

    Supportive and firm usually are not mentioned in the same sentence when referring to a mattress… Well this one is! Holds us like a glove. Refreshed mornings.

  145. Muffin, Montrose, CO

    My husband was having trouble sleeping, he could not sleep through the night because of shoulder and neck aches. We love our new mattress, he sleeps much better now. We like being able to raise our heads to watch TV.

  146. Find-a-way, Olympia, WA

    I have had my mattress for 6 years and still love it. I had some struggles with putting on the sheets until someone said to raise the head of the bed. Then the distance needed is less and makes fitting the sheet easy.. The sheets will not rip, they will stretch when the mattress is lowered.

  147. Elzza, Prescott, AZ

    I have experienced relief from my lower back pain since sleeping on our new Tempur Adapt Medium king mattress. We have had the mattress for six months now and it has not developed any “body impressions,” unlike previous mattresses we have owned. We would recommend it to others.

  148. Deep Nights Sleep, San Diego, CA

    The Adapt foam mattress molds to body contours, cradling and providing unparalleled support. The medium-firm foam has proven to be comfortable for back, side and stomach sleeping. Best of all, falling asleep and waking up with asleep limbs has ceased. The only complaint has been Tempur-pedic’s mattress Warranty which requires the use of a mattress foundation. We purchased the ultra low profile foundation for our platform bed frame. Unfortunately, the depth of the mattress foundation plus mattress appears dimensionally out of proportion for the platform bed frame.

  149. Tempurpedic only, Casper, wy

    We had to replace our 6 year old mattress due to issues and this one is so much better from the get go

  150. Great sleep, Burnet Texas

    Researched a lot of mattresses and always went back to this one. My husband and I both have back problems and this mattress has relieved some of our pain. I think we made the right choice. Totally comfortable and holds its shape. No feeling any movement from your partner.

  151. Happy sleeper, Cincinnati Ohio

    This product, for me is the ideal firmness. I’ve found myself over the years trying to buy the most firm pillows I could find, so when I bought my mattress, I also looked for as firm as I could find. But, some were too firm. My medium adapt tempurpedic is the ideal firmness for me. Firm, but you can still feel the cushion when you lie down. Would totally recommend to anybody, also bought a new tempurpedic adapt pillow with cooling technology (hi) for my fiancé and i, and we love the pillows too! Worth every penny.

  152. Coastal Sleeper, Portland, ME

    This was an upgrade for me from my previous Tempur-Pedic Deluxe mattress that I had for over 12 years and I have to say that I LOVE the feel of the hybrid model and have never sleep better. This hybrid model combines the incredible comfort of the tempur material with just enough bounce from the coils that I feel fully supported. I’m a 6’2″, 190lb. 50 y.o. guy that has had previous lumbar/hip pain issues and now wake up feeling rested and pain free. I’ve slept on this mattress for over 4 months now and am very happy with my purchase!

  153. The FINEST, San Jose, California

    The BEST mattress I have ever slept in, relaxed in, watched TV in, ate dinner in — and more!

  154. Sleeping Beauty, El Paso, TX

    It only took my a few days to adjust to my mattress. Now after a few weeks I can’t stay out of the bed. Along with the ease 2.0 adjustable base, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get the best sleep ever!!

  155. Fatman, WV

    It feels good and helps with my back. I’m a bigger guy and it supports me!!

  156. Impressed and thankful, Dublin, VA

    My husband and I purchased the Adapt Medium King mattress after trying several models. We previously had mid to high end conventional mattresses. We would purchase a new mattress every few years. We were also big mattress flippers, constantly trying to spin it to get a better feel. I typically would wake several times a night and rollover to get more comfortable. Additionally I had been experiencing side hip pain which caused me to wake and roll over often. I attributed this to being a middle aged runner and thought it came with the territory. I actually stopped running for a week thinking maybe it would help. Well after a few nights on our new Tempurpedic mattress I must say I was pain free. We have had our mattress for over a month. I sleep great, I am pain free, and best of all I never imagined a bed would feel so good!

  157. Satisfied shopper, Honolulu, Hawaii

    We tried several stores and mattresses, and never tried a tempur-pedic throughout the time we spent mattress shopping. All other mattresses were mediocre but when we finally tried out the tempur-adapt medium model, my mind was immediately was made up. Unbelievably comfortable. Puts other mattresses to shame. Ive always had trouble falling and staying asleep until I bought this mattress! Now I sleep like a rock.

  158. Happy wife!!!!!!, New York NY

    Best mattress I ever brought. No more back pain in the morning

  159. sleeping soundly, fargo,nd

    the split king adjustable is wonderful

  160. Sleepy, Florida

    Took a few days to adjust but the tempurpedic adapt is an amazing mattress. Love it!

  161. Satisfied Customers, Las Vegas, NV.

    We purchased the split King Adapt Medium & LOVE IT!!!!!!! Also purchased the adjustable frames, great for watching late night TV Should’ve purchased this 5 yrs ago Only slight problem adjusting to the cooling mattress, but after a few short nights, wouldn’t trade it for anything. Am sure we’ll appreciate it even more when summer comes, Las Vegas Summers are hot. Love the pillows as well & the underneath light, great for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom. The massaging feature is fantastic . ShihTzu Approved !

  162. gingerpacasleepcombo, CO

    Ive had multiple Tempur-Pedic beds, they are perfectly soft and just melt to your body. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a bed I had for over a decade still was warrantied by Tempur-Pedic, was the old 20 year prorated warranty. The warranty process was seamless with honestly the best customer service I have seen from any business, ever… Sherrie Dickerson assisted me in upgrading my warranty to a king sized adapt medium, which is just flawless!!! She is a wonderful person!! Sooooo sweet and helpful! Thank you Sherrie! And thank you Tempur-Pedic for being just an awesome company! I will definitely be brand loyal in the future! Keep up the good work!

  163. Wild Woman, Central Florida

    I had an original queen mattress for fourteen years, always loved it…now I have a new queen and will love it for a long time!

  164. Happy People, Scituate, MA

    This product is excellent. I will never own another mattress.

  165. Beach Bum, Outer Banks, NC

    We purchased our first Tempur-Pedic because we were not achieving a good night’s rest. My husband purchased one without either of us testing it out prior to purchase. The morning after our first night’s sleep had us thinking we had made a mistake – we ached from the top of our heads to the bottoms of our feet. The reason was that our bodies were out of alignment from sleeping on a mattress without proper support. After a few nights on the new mattress we were getting a excellent night’s rest and our bodies were back in alignment. It came time to replace our Temper-Pedic and because there are no retailers in our beach area we ordered the same model we had the first time. I would not suggest ordering without trying the options out prior to purchase to make sure an appropriate model fits a customer’s needs. We had a lucky experience our first time. A testament to the quality of Temper-Pedic mattresses is that after 15 years our first mattress still provided a good night’s rest. As a result, we had no body realignment issues with the new mattress. There is no other mattress we would choose. I recommended this mattress to a family member who was also very pleased.

  166. Melissa, Big Bear, Ca

    I’ve never slept better than I have since I bought this mattress! I sleep like a baby. This mattress is very comfortable and cozy! I used to toss and turn and wake up through the night. Now I can sleep through the night without even waking up once! It does take getting used to though, when I hop into bed though as there is no “spring” to it like you get from a regular mattress. Totally worth the investment!

  167. Mart, Missouri

    I’ve never slept deeper.

  168. Sheryl B., Lombard, Illinois

    The best experience when it comes to sleep . I love my Tempur-Pedic bed . So soft and comfortable and love the ergo adjustable . Loving every night with this bed .

  169. Happy Sleeper 1 0, Ontario,Ca

    I recently bought this medium queen mattress adapt hybrid we it’s comfortable once u find ur comfort spot u easily fall asleep .get a great night sleep would recommend this bed

  170. Happy Manu, Hayes, Kansas

    We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it is just amazing to wake up every morning WITHOUT my typical back pain. I did a lot of research before we made this expensive purchase, but it is worth every penny. We just hope the mattress will last as promised. Thanks for creating such a good product.

  171. Can I just live in my bed?, MO

    Best mattress I’ve ever owned.

  172. Jill, Boynton Beach Florida

    I had some soreness in my leg and could not sleep with my other mattress. This bed gives me a good nights sleep without the pain. It also helps with the snoring as we got the up/down bed frame. The only thing that takes more time is changing the sheets as we have two twin XL.

  173. Nothing, Ft Lauderdale FL

    Full fill expectations

  174. Niki, Kirkville, NY

    We wished we had bought a Tempur-Pedic years ago but glad we waited for the Adapt. It’s comfortable right from the first second you lay in it.

  175. DeborahADM, Michigan

    This is my second buying of a tempur-pedic mattress and adjustable base. The first was a Queen size that was still like new after 10 years of use. It was moved to the guest room and replaced with a split king. The adapt hybrid mattress is even more comfortable than the first.

  176. Sleepy Achy McGee, Fargo, ND

    I had to replace my old mattress as I could never get comfortable and never slept well through the night. I went to many stores and tried out so many beds. This mattress was by far the most comfortable to me and my aches and pain. I have a bad neck, shoulders, back, and hips. I was worried to spend so much on a bed, but took a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did. I sleep so well despite all my aches and pains because the mattress conforms to me. I definitely thought at first that it was not the right bed for me, but after a week, it seemed to break it and it’s been perfect sense! I owe my better sleep to Tempurpedic!

  177. CupRacer, West Chester, PA

    We recently purchased our 3rd Tempur-Pedic mattress set in 25+ years. I guess you could say we are “hooked”. Our newest T-P mattress is the TEMPUR-Adapt, and may be the best yet. Extremely comfortable!

    The T-P mattress that the Adapt replaced is now being used in our guest bedroom, and our recent guests raved how comfortable their 3 nights on the 9 year old T-P mattress. Obviously, there remains very useful life for a 9 year old mattress.

    My wife and I expect and anticipate many comfortable, restful nights on our new TEMPUR-Adapt mattress set.

    Our only comment (“things we don’t love”) regarding the new TEMPUR-Adapt would be the “slickness” of the bottom surface of the mattress and the top surface of the box foundation. The “slickness” causes the bottom bed sheet to creep loose during the night requiring an almost remake of the bed. We are not restless sleepers, exactly the opposite (dead-zone sleepers). To date, we have found no acceptable solution to this annoying problem. It matters not what material the sheet sets are made of, we have tried several different fabrics with good cotton sheets being the least susceptible. Your thoughts, comments, and/or solutions will be greatly appreciated.

    All else being considered, we would likely never be without our Tempur-Pedic!!

  178. Deep Sleeper, Missouri

    Love it!

  179. No more falling in the dent!, Surprise AZ.

    No more dent in the mattress!!!!!

  180. Love my sleep!, Cement, Oklahoma

    Bed makers sheet straps work wonders!

  181. Rebecca, Miami Beach

    It has helped my husband back pain!

  182. JRM Sleeping Well, Clarksville, TN

    We previously had a alternate brand. It’s wasnt bad but what a difference now that we bought the Tempur. Wife and I love, love, love it.

  183. Sound sleeper, Mesa az

    We owned other quality beds however nothing compares to our tempur-pedic

  184. Cece, Tampa, FL

    I was in a car accident a little over a year ago. Caused two herniated discs. I always woke up in pain that would last the whole day. I went into a furniture store and laid on this. It was FANTASTIC! I knew I had to get it. Ever since I’ve been sleeping on it I no longer have any pain in my neck and back. I fall asleep super fast, stay asleep too. (That’s not normal for me) I will never go back to a normal mattress again. Im super happy that I made this investment! Thank you.

  185. SNL, La Jolla, CA

    We’re sleeping very well after our purchase. Super stoked Magdi Ahmed was patient with us while we were in the La Jolla store. He educated us about the different beds and let us try all the beds before we made our decision. He was also knowledgeable about which pillows worked well with sleeping positions and mattress style, very helpful. So far we are very pleased with our decision to buy a Tempurpedic!

  186. Fight the Night, Birmingham AL

    I’ve had my mattress and adjustable base for one year. I have always struggled with the night… Falling asleep, waking at the smallest sounds. I am high strung and I’ve tried many prescriptions, etc. My routine is turn on the sound machine, ear plugs and in bed by 9pm; up at 4am. I can say I am no longer grouchy when I wake. I’m 38 now and I feel the most rested I’ve ever felt. I use the Tempur Cloud breeze dual cooling pillow (I have a blown disc in my neck) and I put a regular hard pillow between my knees when I’m side sleeping. This bed is worth every penny and I’m so happy I sleep well these days. My remote the base stopped working. I called- was sent a replacement right away. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed going with tempur

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