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The new TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium feel mattress, built with the original TEMPUR comfort layer, offering advanced adaptability and a truly personalized comfort and support experience. This mattress is made with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial fabric.

Top Layers of Comfort
The mattress is wrapped with the SmartClimate Dual Cover System. This next-generation technology features a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer for convenience and cooling. The original Tempur Comfort layer offers advanced adaptability for personalized comfort right at the surface.

Core Layers of Support
The TEMPUR-APR support layer is the most pressure-relieving material ever made by Tempur Pedic. It was formulated specifically to provide a deeper, more rejuvenating and pressure relieving sleep.

Our Recommendation
We have found that even customers that like a firm mattress sleep better on a Medium Tempur-Pedic. The material gives your spine firm support but offers better pressure relief than firmer, traditionally built mattresses typically do. This mattress gives that elusive “firm but soft” feel many customers ask for.  We recommend this mattress for all types of sleepers including back, stomach and side.

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Bed Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King





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10 Year

Comfort Layers

Tempur Hybrid Technology, TEMPUR-APR™ Support Layer, TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer

Support Structure

Dynamic Support Microcoil Layer



Comfort Type

Firm, Medium, Medium Hybrid, Soft


Antimicrobial Fabric

504 reviews for Tempur-Pro Adapt

  1. Sassy in Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

    I got the ProAdapt Medium Hybrid and I love this bed. It’s so easy to get in and out of, where it has the springs. But, I never feel my husband when he’s tossing and turning, and I guess that’s due to the Tempur material layer.

    Overall, this was the best purchase I’ve made all year!

  2. AUGCBD, Laredo, TX

    I’ve finally found a good night sleep. I used to like the way plush mattresses felt, but with my last mattress I developed a back issue and a friend recommended I try a firmer mattress since I was moving anyway (cross-country). I tried a handful of firm mattresses in the showroom, but it was the ProAdapt that was firm, but still felt like it supported my spine. After a month of sleeping on the Tempur, I’m very happy with my choice.

  3. Restless, Port Orange

    Feels hard but after you lay on a few minutes it conforms to your body. I use to move around bed a lot, no longer, it holds you in place. I like a cool bed, this one is not. Some nights have to get up because I get to warm. It thakes a while to get use to. I am use to latex mattress but not being able to move around freely on this mattress kind of bugs me. Maybe I will learn to love it, not yet.

  4. Marty, Yulee fl

    Most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. After 4 hours get woken up by neck,shoulder and back pain.

  5. Not Happy Sleeper, 48653

    I dont feel that this mattress qualifies as a tempurpedic product – I have the cloud supreme in Florida and love it – this mattress (pro adapt soft) does not compare. I do not believe it is worth the money charged. I would not purchase it again!

  6. SS, Myanmar

    the best mattress i`ve ever used

  7. Pure bliss, Bolton ct

    Love the firm mattress. No hip pain. Can even sleep on my back. The mattress contours to my body. Best purchase of the year.

  8. Blueoceankath, Davenport, Florida

    I purchased a new Tempurpedic pro adapt soft mattress and ergo adjustable frame and Tempur adapt mid pillows earlier this month. I replaced my original Tempurpedic mattress set of nearly twenty years. I have found the new advancements to be extremely comfortable. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and nerve issues and found that this bed is the most comfortable of all that I tried. The Casper memory foam mattress I 100 day tested before caused me more pain and did not at all compare, as well as had a lingering off gasing smell. The new Tempurpedic smells wonderful from day one and required no settling or reshaping. The material is a bit warmer on the Pro Adapt than the Breeze models but when I tried the Breeze models I did not care for the damp sensation I got from the Breeze material. The soft Pro adapt is comfortable enough to allow my shoulders to sink in to the bed when side sleeping without twisting them and supportive enough when I lay on my back. I found the bed edges to be more stable when sitting and getting up or into the bed than earlier models. I love having the softer bed option than my original model. The Pro adapt model pillows are a bit too high for my my neck and are often hot feeling when laying on them. I was unable to find a store to test the pillow options of the different models before purchasing and was disappointed that I could not return them for different models after purchase immediately before use. I could tell that they were not going to be a comfortable fit for me as soon as I received them. I should have gone with a lower height option than the mid and a cooling pillow option. I am sleeping with my old regular pillows now. I do use the mid ones when the ergo back is elevated just for extra back support but cant for actually sleeping on with my neck. They are not very soft and do not easily change shape although I got the soft ones. I wish Tempurpedic would make pillows with a gap center that allows your ears not to get crushed on the pillow when sleeping… that would be amazing! As for the ergo base I have found that it is very nice having the ability to adjust heights for back and leg areas to raise and lower. I did have to find a deep height sheet set as normal height sheets tend to pop off the back when the ergo base back is elevated. I don’t seem to notice any difference with the extra piece for pillow tilt at the top. It doesn’t seem to really push the mattress forward in that spot. The light under the bed was a fun surprise and handy for looking under the bed and finding the bed at night when settling in to a dark room. The motor massage function is a bit odd and not necessarily my favorite feature. I would have purchased the bed without it. The feature does nit seem to do much except rattle or shake the bed in vibration…. reminds me of the old cheap hotel vibrating beds. It is supposed to have varying intensities but there is barely a noticeabke difference between low and high. Also, the display model at a store I was looking at seemed to have options for changing the massage function such as waves, steady vibration or varying movements… my new Pro adapt seems more basic in this regard. It just has four motors that do a steady vibration or a throbbing vibration but no variations, no patterns of massage techniques, no choices. This seems to be a downgrade from previous models… I thought mine might be defective at first but it seems that based on the website this is all the new ergo frames offer, so maybe they were changed. I will go back to the store I tried the massage functions at to double check. I definately felt like the store display was more of a massage feature option bed. The remote control is easy to use and user friendly. The matte finish is easy to grip. I wish it had light up symbols for easier viewing at night. I love the bed cover material. It feels very soft and comfortable. I also like the gentle shapes on the surface. I like that the legs are adjustable, although I did not realize this and the installers never asked me what height I wanted the bed so they put them at the highest height. I am 5’1″ which makes the bed a bit tricky to get in and out of. Not sure with my medical issues if I can easily adjust the leg heights myself, the bed is very heavy… but if I can figure it out and do it, I will adjust this in the future. No instuction materials came with the bed or ergo base, just the warranty pamphlet and care of use. I was able to find some instructions such as the remote control symbol info and ergo base use on the tempurpedic website online. Registering the products purchase was also a little annoying as I had to search for awhile to find all of the hidden skus on the parts to register the product. I wish this could have been more seamless and that the warranty coukd have been an instant register with the order rather than an after delivery set up scavenger hunt and online entry. Contacting Tempurpedic support over the phone has been a very positive experience. Each agent I spoke with was very friendly, understanding and sincere. They wowed me with their outstanding personal service. The $300 promotion offer that was automatically applied at check out for the online purchase was nice without having to search for sale promo codes and manually enter. The only thing that did not work was the no interest limited time repayment plan via Tempurpedic credit card through Wells Fargo that was supposed to be pre-approved at purchase. I attempted to use the pre-approved card at purchase time for the offer as advertised but it would not accept it upon check out. It kept showing as pending despite that it was supposed to be an instant approval and use. I therefore, had to use my personal debit card to make the purchase and pay for everything instantly upfront with no ability to use the no interest spread out payment offer being advertised. a week later after already receiving the products, I received the approved credit card letter in the mail from Wells Fargo. I contacted Tempurpedic Customer Support and they are looking into whether or not anything could be done about this since the purchase was made and product delivered. I could not postpone the order once in check out to wait for the Wells Fargo cc to change from pending status as I needed to make the purchase on Labor Day for the expiring offers. This is frustrating as it was an expensive purchase that I was making with the understanding that I would be able to use the offer advertised for repayment. Hopefully they will get this fixed for the future. All in all I am very happy with my new bed set up and looking forward to many comfortable years of sleep. My friends and family have often asked if these beds are truly worth the money that they cost and myanswer as a double decade product user is a resounding yes. I feel that I got every pennys worth out of my past years as a Tempurpedic owner and will out of the next many years. They make a great product and all of the others out there that I have tested from competitors do not truly compare. They really last! And in my personal opinion, the best money spent is on something I will use every day of my life that will improve my sleep and comfort and health. That is exactly what this does!

  9. Sandman, Minot, North Dakota

    If you want a good nights sleep, this is answer. Two thumbs up!

  10. Happy sleeper, Jax, Fl “Atlantic Beach”

    I am a bigger guy (6’3 290lbs) with lower back issues. Bought a medium proadapt king. Took about a week to break in and get the “soft comfort” feel as felt in the store. But comfort is a amazing as is the support, as I am a predominantly stomach and side sleeper. Use to get the “hammock back” effect that made my back sore when waking up! But has been roughly 2 months now and my sleep has improved through out the night and (knock on wood! Lol) I have NOT woke up in the morning with a sore back! Love it so far! Thanks tempurpedic!

  11. Claudia, Az

    After looking at several mattresses, I bought the firm pro-adapt mattress. It is very firm but I have read that as you use it, it will get softer. I like it but it is very different compared to the other mattresses I have owned. I am still getting used to it. It is very pricey but hope to fall in love with it as I sleep on it.

  12. Nana is a happy sleeper…, Syracuse, New York

    This is the best bed we have owned in our 45 years of marriage. Love the adjustable features. We have some aches and pains and the availability to put the bed into comfortable positions is a big plus. Our sleep patterns seems to come more quickly instead of thrashing around before settling in for the night.

  13. GMS, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    After suffering every night trying to get comfortable and waking up with back and hip pain. I finally made the decision to purchase a Temper-Pedic and it is so worth it! I went to the Rancho Cucamonga store to test the different models and had made my decision, but then Matt Arns, my salesman started asking me a series of questions and suggested the ProAdapt Firm and I said no I don’t want a firm mattress. He insisted I try it and he was right. Exactly what I needed for my back. I also purchased the adjustable base. I LOVE being able to control my neck and feet position. I sleep better than I ever have. It took about a week to acclimate and I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. Don’t wait to purchase you deserve it!

  14. Best sleep ever, Topeka, KS

    My wife and I had the opportunity to get a Pro Adapt soft and it has been the best bed that we have ever had. I had a lot of issues with my back and waking up stiff. Since sleeping on the ProAdapt soft I have had none of those issues. The white glove delivery was great as well. The guys brought it in and had it set up of use in less than 45 minuets. I had heard from some people that they had an unpleasant odor from their Tempur this was not the case with my mattress. I have loved sleeping on it and look forward to many more years of sleeping on it. I cannot recommend Tempur enough. One note… Make sure that you take the time to get the right level of firmness that you need. I happen to love the soft but if you want a firmer bed there were plenty of other Tempur mattresses to choose from.

  15. Happy back!, Oldsmar, FL

    I have needed a great firm bed that adapts to me at the same time, and I found it!!! Love love love my bed!!! Love the adjustable part as it helps my back so much!! Completely worth it!!!!

  16. Luke Starr, Sevierville, TN

    I have had many mattresses, and can’t even begin to put together the correct words that describes how wonderful this one is!! I know that they are more expensive than other mattresses on the market that say they are comparable. But I assure you that they are not!!! The tempurpedic by far is worth every penny! I used to wake up with back and shoulder pain and thought that no mattress would ever work for me. All the reviews and marketing adds from others promise nothing but pain relief and adjustability and BLAH BLAH BLAH!! I assure you that every bit of hype that you will read about these mattresses are true! I feel that the people who have negative reviews about them just have buyers remorse and are the type of individuals who would settle for less just to save money!!!! Thanks tempur for the great product and consider me a lifetime customer!!!!

  17. All zzzzz’s, Kalispell, MT

    Both my husband and I are getting a full nights sleep. It is a wonderful mattress. Just the right mix with the tempur foam and the mattress spring feel. We love it!

  18. Sound Sleeper, Oneida, TN.

    Very comfortable bed. I am starting to sleep all the way through the night without waking up even once. I fall asleep very quickly on most nights. When I do get up, I don’t disturb my wife. Most mornings I wake up in the same position in which I fell asleep, no tossing and turning.

  19. Pt, Renton, WA

    Best sleep for a long time. Having said that, the 1st time the mattress was delivered the smell was just too strong it gave me a headache that I didn’t sleep on the mattress until 3 days later. I wish the salesman should have warned me.

  20. dz, Pittsburgh, PA

    This bed is comfortable but sleep a little hot.

  21. Feeling great, Canton ohio

    This is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. I wake up with no pain and stiffness like I use to. After a long day at work I put it on zero gravity and use the massage to relax…..so happy I bought this bed!

  22. Comfortable Couple, Gustine Ca

    Purchased our Pro Adapt Firm to replace a Tempur-Pedic purchased in 2004 …I had spinal fusion surgery then and bought it on my Doctors recommendation…my wife recently had a similar back surgery and we decided to retire our old mattress and get a new upgrade with an Ease Base…we continue to be happy and comfortable…especially our backs…Count us VERY SATISFIED Customers…

  23. Courtney, Prosser, WA

    We love our new mattress. It is the perfect mix of soft and hard to meet the needs of both my self and my husband.

  24. GypsyVrnda, Denver, Co

    So far so good. It takes a week or 2 to get used to but the more we sleep on it the better we feel. We traveled for a week & noticed how achy we were in the mornings. Both of us have damaged, injured & compromised backs, etc. We have no problem with it being too cool or too hot. I find it comfortable to sleep on my side more which I couldn’t do in our previous bed.
    So far so good.

  25. Run.It.Off, San Francisco, CA

    For the past month I have been trying out the TEMPUR-ProAdapt and LOVE it! I feel so rested the next morning that I am ready to run my day, and the hardest part is convincing myself to get out of bed. Unless there are protein pancakes waiting for me, then I’m up…. bringing them back to bed. Prior to testing this mattress, I had a different brand, that would always result in a hit-or-miss night’s sleep. Recently, I kept waking up with lower back pain that made it really hard to ‘jump’ out of bed and get my day going. So when I had the opportunity to try this mattress, I figured why not? I prefer a firmer mattress and decided to order the Medium Hybrid mattress. This mattress has a medium feel, but with an addition of the TEMPUR Comfort Layer that helps add adaptability to the mattress. It also has SmartClimate Dual Cover System with a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer, a TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer and a TEMPUR-APR Support Layer. All of which work together to provide one of the best night’s rest that I have had in a while. When I first received the mattress, did I know what all those extra layers meant? Nope! Now that I have been using the mattress, I can sum up all those layers in one word: COMFORTABLE!! Needless to say this mattress has replaced our old mattress, and if any of my friends or family ask for a recommendation for a mattress, I am absolutely sending them to the TEMPUR-PEDIC store to try out this style.

  26. Peach in Seattle, Seattle, WA

    This was my first time using Tempur-Pedic and I’m hoping it won’t be my last. I’ve had my old mattress for 7+ years so it was time to upgrade. I live a very active lifestyle: gym 5 times a week, commute on bus + walk every other day and was looking for additional lower back support as my #1. When it came to picking the level of support I wanted, I knew I either wanted Medium Hybrid or Firm. Ultimately, I went with Firm but I will say that it is **pretty** firm. For the first time in a long time I stopped remembering when I fall asleep, I sleep through the night and best of all, my lower back feels supported after a long day. #sponsored

  27. Sleeping Happy Again, Coconut Creek, FL

    My wife and I have slept on a Tempur Pedic for years. We recently went to a king size bed from a queen. So regrettably yet excited we started bed shopping. We came across a Beautyrest Black Bed that we purchased. First night, I did not sleep. I am a poor sleeper to begin with. We gave that mattress a month but it did not get better and we returned it. The next day we didn’t hesitate and purchased our New Pro-Adapt Medium. I laid on every Tempur Pedic and while they are all great mattresses, the Pro Adapt, in my opinion had the best feel. Had my first night on it last night and it was complete heaven

  28. My girl, Wichita Falls, TX

    My pain level is way down with the bed. I have the soft. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, this bed has me sleeping all night. It’s amazing! Love this bed, it supports all my curves and presses on none.

  29. RunEatSleep, Clearwater, FL

    I received my new Tempur ProAdapt Medium mattress last weekend! I’ve never slept so well in my life! The SmartClimate cover is so cool to the touch and helped me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, AND the cover is removable and washable. The new Advanced Pressure Relieving in the mattress is sooooo conforming and kept me from tossing and turning all night long! This bed is awesome! I also have the new Adjustable Support Medium pillow by Tempur and it is the best pillow I have ever slept on! I would recommend these products to anyone who needs support and comfort with unparalleled sleep technology. 5 Stars!
    I will never sleep on another mattress again! #customer4life

  30. Reclaimed Sleep, philadelphia pa

    It used to take me forever to fall asleep and I would toss and turn throughout the night, often waking up throughout the night. I also used to suffer from shoulder pain (but I thought it was me maybe not wearing proper shoes or carrying to ?many things in my bag) After I was gifted the ProAdapt Mattress system from Tempur-Pedic, I fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and my shoulder pain was gone after only a fe???w weeks.

  31. Well-rested designer, Oklahoma City, OK

    We chose the Tempur Pro-Adapt in Medium Hybrid as a sort of compromise between my husband and I for our lake house master bedroom. He prefers the springy feel of a traditional coil mattress but both of us love the way memory foam supports your body. This mattress was the perfect middle-of-the-road solution that we both love. The addition of the coils provides a certain amount of bounce-back like a luxury hotel mattress. And the cool-touch cover is a great perk since both of us tend to sleep hot. Bonus points for the Pro-Adapt: after one night, all of the hip pain I’d been experiencing from our old mattress was significantly improved. Oh, it’s also taller than some of the other Tempurpedic mattresses, which means no more having to search for fitted sheets that actually fit. Score!

  32. HeyJoe415, Menomonee Falls, WI

    ProAdapt and Adapt are Tempur’s newest products. They have a woven cover that regulates body heat, keeping you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. The Breeze, on the other hand, always keeps you cool, a problem if you live in a cold climate. This is a great new product, and I could find nothing else like it. Finally, I’m a side sleeper, and even with the firm mattress (and it IS firm), I find my shoulders and hips sinking in after about 20 to 30 seconds.

  33. Best Sleep Ever, Buchanan Tn

    My wife is a side sleeper and I prefer to sleep on my stomach. We have tried several different mattresses and the ProAdapt soft is the only one that met both of our needs. Thank you Tempur-Pedic for developing such a wonderful product!!

  34. Good and not so good, Somerset ky

    My husband loves it!! He doesn’t wake up with back pain anymore. He reads during the day on the bed because it releases much pain. I like the adjustable remote but am very uncomfortable on a foam mattress. It helps him so I deal with it. We have the medium firmness which is too firm. The soft is too soft and the hard is concrete!!! Foam just isn’t what a mattress such feel like. But great for sitting and reading, not so much for sleep. It retains heat as well.

  35. well rested new mom, Pittsburgh, PA

    My husband & I bought this bed after trying the new trending box in a bed memory foams on the market – there is NO comparison, the splurge was worth it. Our pro-adapt is a dream. He works shift work and gets the best sleep in this bed. We will never own another mattress. worth every penny.

  36. Nurselyn, Manitou, Ky

    The mattress feels great and the flexible frame has helped us both sleep better.

  37. row1340, Prescott Valley AZ.

    This is our second Tempur-pedic in the last 20 years. Both have been great. If you want a great night’s sleep and alot fewer aches and pains this is the only way to go. In fact our old Tempur pedic and bases had alot of life left in them and our daughter and her husband loved it. So now they have it and couldn’t be happier.

  38. Eric, Henderson, NV

    Not very soft yet for the “soft”version of the TEMPUR-PRO-ADAPT mattress. I haven’t managed to get a full nights sleep yet. My dog prefers to sleep on a blanket on the floor. I have had it less than a month so there is time for it to break-in. It IS a bit more comfortable than my previous mattress.

  39. Getting it right, PNW

    I bought this mattress for my cottage. I have a tempurpedic at home and love it. There was a bit of confusion at the store and was under the impression that only the soft and firm were available. The firm felt closest to what we had at home so purchased it. Well, it’s too firm and I wake up several times a night and get up with a sore back. We contacted the store and can replace it with a medium (which wasn’t in the showroom) but have to wait until the end of the 30 day period. I am getting more use to it, but really looking forward to getting the replacement.

  40. Sleepyhead, Houston, TX

    Our new Pro-Adapt mattress is literally life changing! I sink into this bed, fall asleep soundly, don’t toss and turn, then wake up WITHOUT BACK PAIN! I couldn’t believe how good I felt waking up in this bed – I haven’t woken up without pain in a long, long time. My other favorite part? The integrated cooling technologies keep you cool at night. Surviving the Houston humidity one night at a time 😉 I will say it took a few nights to get used to – it is completely different feel than any other mattress I’d ever slept on. But now I couldn’t go back!

    Note: We received this mattress in exchange for our honest review.

  41. Goldilocks of the mattress world…, Austin, TX

    Having been a proud Tempur-Pedic owner, since 2007, I feel as if I’m in a unique position to give solid comparisons and address the area most scan for…..does it sleep hot? First, let me begin with I am extremely biased. I loved..beyond measure, the mattress this is replacing, my BellaFina. I didn’t think I could love a mattress as much…was I WRONG! Important to note this review is after NIGHT ONE, folks. Yep. One night. I will come back and edit if anything changes. Okay, now why is this superior to the mattresses of the past? In case you haven’t heard, Tempur-Pedic has a new formulation for 2018, the first since it’s inception…and no one knows exactly what it is, but it is awesome. If you, like me, struggled to figure out the difference between the Adapt and ProAdapt models, here it is: ProAdapt has a removable cover, a fabulous feature that makes washing a breeze! How awesome is it to be able to remove the cover and pop it in the laundry? I’m super thrilled about that aspect. Also, I don’t know what voodoo they have employed, but this is the absolute perfect mix of traditional Tempur feel, without the heat…but also without the cold. If you, like me, get squirrely about throwing down an extra grand for the Breeze models ($500, if you get lucky and a sale is going on), but tend to sleep hot…this is your mattress. I’m the Goldilocks of Tempur-Pedic. As a back and side sleeper and not a small person, finding the right mattress is a chore, albeit a first-world chore/problem, admittedly. Add that I sleep hot, something I’ve just dealt with for 12 years, because a lack of pressure points outweighed the heat aspect, and then enter the ProAdapt and I slept like a dream! I did not move. How do I know? I woke up, with my glasses still on, in the same position I unexpectedly fell asleep in. So, to summarize: new formulation that is even BETTER at relieving pressure points than previously (WOW); a dizzying variety of choices in comfort, I chose Medium and am wild about it, but from soft to firm and even a hybrid, whatever your pleasure, they have it; zip-off cover that disperses heat and can be easily washed; sleeps cool….I mean, it is Tempur-Pedic, and it isn’t the Breeze…. but I feel like, for the money, this is a much better option…and finally, the money, I suspect they are narrowing their offerings, after their Sealy merger thing, and adjusting to the market being so inundated, and conscious about maintaining their position as number one…so, instead of charging $$$$ for their latest technology, it is more in-line with competitors, but still a tad more pricy, however well-worth it! Finally let’s discuss off-gassing. If you are an owner, chances are you’ve dealt with this before. A couple of weeks of varying degrees of misery for years of delight…you know this drill. If you are new to the brand and have heard about it and read article after article about it, and have settled on just powering through it…here is the good news…this model had slim to none. I am throwing “slim” in there because, although I have a very finely attuned and sensitive sense of smell, I’m sure someone else is more sensitive than I…that said, my mattress was delivered yesterday morning. They cut the plastic off and I was braced…hmm…just a little odor…and then, poof, it was gone. Gone. Haven’t smelled a thing. If this is part of the new formulation, count me even more impressed. The only real question is what feel is to your liking. Go to the closest store that has the most models as testers and find out. I was convinced I wanted the softest possible, turns out that isn’t for me…try them out…it is worth every second.

  42. Getting lazy, Augusta ga.

    You need to come get this mattress,! I don’t want to get out of bed,since purchasing this mattress.its too comfortable

  43. L. Sarao, Boston, MA

    When Tempur-Pedic asked me if I’d like to try one of their new Tempur-ProAdapt mattresses in exchange for an honest review and a few social media posts I was ecstatic! It turned out to be perfect timing as I was desperately in need of a new mattress. I can honestly say that my new Tempur-ProAdapt is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in! I travel a lot and usually the hotel beds are super comfy and I get a great night sleep – much better than at home. But now I look forward to coming home to sleep in my own bed. As soon as I sink into the mattress I can feel my body relaxing and I’ve never fallen asleep so easily and stayed asleep all night long. This mattress is seriously the answer to all my sleep issues! Now I can get up in the morning feeling refreshed and tackle the day ahead.

  44. Skeptic no more, Houston TX

    Thought I wasn’t sleeping due to my ancient posturepedic. Crazy how awesome this mattress feels in the store. First 5 nights I had buyers remorse, tossed & turned, still couldn’t sleep. It’s not until I got “used” to this different type of mattress did I really start sleeping…and inevitably- No more shoulder & neck pain! Just returned from a business trip and confirmed how much this tempurpedic changed my day! I think I’ll keep it!

  45. Blue Tiger, Chelsea, AL

    I always use to toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable. My hips would hurt from laying in one position too long. My husband and I just decided to go onto this mattress store which happened to sell these amazing mattresses! We tried quite a few different styles and this was perfect!! Not too hard or soft, completely right!! Best mattress ever!! This was a great investment fory health!! I sleep great now!!!

  46. Good night., Chattanooga TN

    For about 10 days we felt the mattress was too firm. We went to store to check how long it takes to soften up. The salesman gave us a foam mattress and it really helped a lot. Our backs feel much better after a good night sleep. Thank you.

  47. Grateful sleeper, Denver, CO

    Originally we had gotten a new basic spring mattress. When we were still having trouble getting a restful sleep we went back and traded it in for the Tempurpedic Pro Adapt soft. This was the best decision we could have made. This is truly the best sleep my husband and I have ever had. We sink in and fall right asleep. We will never go back to a spring mattress again.

  48. To much sleep, Warren mi

    I love the bed, sleep is so much better and I have space now.
    My husband said to take it back because he is sleeping much longer than before.

  49. Bad Sleeper, Philadelphia Area

    The mattress that we tested in the store was soft and comfortable. The mattress we received is like laying on a piece of plywood, and it’s been 2 months. Tempurpedic is completely unwilling to do anything about this either telling me I have to use the free 90 trial which you only get one exchange to get a new mattress.

  50. R. Diana, CT

    I was gifted this mattress set in exchange for an honest product review. I must say this mattress set has made my sleeping pattern much better. I no longer toss and turn as much. I absolutely love the feel of the medium firmness texture. It so happens that I recently hurt my lower back and the mattress has helped me sleep without further pain or aggravation. I honestly believe it shortened my recovery as well. I enjoy the high quality look of the mattress and the ease in which the covers can be removed for cleaning. The only negative I found is that the bottom base set is not tall enough. It doesn’t elevate my bed to a height I would much prefer.

  51. Struggling sleeper, Lexington Kentucky

    I was on the fence about medium vs soft….i was told that the beds get softer with time…and so far that has been my experience…it’s a very ‘different ‘ feeling than traditional spring beds, so I’ve had to transition….it is a very comfortable sleep when i am still…if Im having a ‘toss & turn’ night..it sometimes feels to hard

    It’s been @6 weeks now…I’m glad we bought it

  52. Over Analyzer, Canton, GA

    Sleeping on this mattress is a dream. I can’t believe how comfortable it is. I no longer toss and turn all night and find myself sleeping in the same position all night. But, I still find it too warm. I think if I had the extra grand, I would get the Breeze line.

  53. Satisfied Customer, Upper Marlboro, MD

    I had my previous mattress for a good number of years, and I would always wake up with a stiff neck, and back every morning.
    On my first night sleeping on this new Pro-adapt mattress, I literally woke up with no pain at all and it felt amazing. This mattress is unbelievably comfortable and I highly recommend it.

  54. Sleeping Beauty, Nashville, TN

    I was skeptical about how much a Tempurpedic mattress would change my sleep habits, but I am so pleasantly surprised! For years, I’ve heard people rave about Tempurpedic, and now I understand the hype. The ProAdapt mattress alleviates all the pressure points in my body while keeping me cool. My first night on the ProAdapt, I fell asleep within five minutes and STAYED asleep. No tossing or turning. I would highly recommend this mattress to friends and strangers alike!

  55. Wv coal miner, Boone co. WV.

    The best mattress I’ve ever had

  56. Jeanniebobini, Shakopee, MN

    My mattress is the best ever. I no longer want to leave my home because the bed has entirely consumed me and i feel so happy in the mornings!!

  57. B Jones, Arizona

    My husband and I have very different sleeping patterns. He stays up all night. So, he’s up moving around or getting in and out of the bed. It used to wake me up every single night. But, since we’ve gotten the Pro Adapt I have not been woken up by his movements at all. I rarely even feel him moving anymore!
    Also, he is a back sleeper and I am a side/stomach sleeper. So, it was always a chanlleng?e finid?ng a bed that worked for both of us and this bed did just that!
    So happy with our purchase!

  58. Nap Queen, Houston, TX

    I’ve always wanted a Tempur-pedic and wow, it has not let me down!!! I absolutely love going to bed and it definitely relieves all the strain in my muscles when I lay down. It hugs my body and is extremely comfortable and feels like I’m on a cloud. I can’t get enough of my Tempur Pro Adapt!

  59. Jennifer H., Florida

    My husband prefers a firm mattress, while I like a soft. This ProAdapt is the perfect balance for both of us. While it is on the firmer side, it offers a pleasant softness that makes you feel comfortable while sleeping on your back or side. We love it!

  60. Happy Artist, Charleston, West Virginia

    I recently had the opportunity to receive a TempurPedic Pro-Adapt (soft) bed, and the timing was PERFECT! I am a very light sleeper, but the husband is not – and he’s always fidgety, snoring, talking in his sleep, and waking me up multiple times a night. Add to that insomnia, and it’s rare that I get a full night of restorative sleep! My husband also has back issues, and it’s not uncommon for him to move to the FLOOR in the middle of the night!

    Our bed arrived while I was in the middle of my first mural project – I was exhausted but sleeping very poorly. After the first two nights, my husband actually accused ME of snoring! The difference for us is that I don’t feel every single movement my husband makes, and therefore wake much less often. And while I still struggle with middle-of-the-night insomnia, the sleep I do get is deeper and with more vivid dreams. I was really re-energized after a few nights with this bed, and completed my mural ahead of schedule! My husband has also not needed to move to the floor at night – this mattress is firm enough for him, but still soft enough for me!

    One of my favorite things about this mattress is the Smartclimate cooling cover. Hot flashes are a real struggle, especially at night! I still get warm at night, but I don’t wake up drenched in sweat like before! Huge win.

    I would definitely recommend this bed for anyone who is a light sleeper and/or dealing with nighttime hot flashes. We love it!

  61. Sarah D, Bourne, ma

    Let me just start by saying that this mattress has literally changed my life. I used to sleep on a traditional spring mattress (that was over 10 years old). I would wake up everyday in pain and not have a restful nights sleep. I could never get comfortable no matter how hard I tried and my sciatica didn’t help. I finally decided to break down and try a Tempur-pedic mattress and I’m so glad I did! I fall asleep instantly and wake up refreshed. Plus, I wake up up without any pain ready to take on the day! I can’t imagine my life without this mattress! It’s the best investment I’ve made!

  62. Beth, Los Angeles

    I absolutely can say I’ve never slept better. I always had the feather mattress toppers and now I don’t feel like I need one. I’m a side sleeper and I never wake up with a sore hip now and I don’t turn over as much during the night. It has actually helped me sleep on my back more as well. I’m really pleased with the mattress and I have no complaints.

  63. Robg, Elk Grove

    This bed molds to you and gets better each night! I highly recommend this bed to anyone! It’s the best bed I have ever had. I also have the new pro-adapt pillows which are also amazing!!!

  64. jane, Mcallen, Texas

    Medium adapt is false labeling. Mine is so hard I feel beat up from head to toe. So sad that I am stuck with this painful mattress…

  65. Sean, Boston, MA

    We purchased our Tempur Adapt Medium Hybird about a month ago and it still doesn’t feel like it did in the store. I have been suffering from lower back pain while sleeping for about 10 years, and after trying many other mattress, including running the gambit of online companies, we figured we would bite the bullet and pay for a top of the line mattress. I was hoping that with all the hype and great reviews, we’d get what we paid for…the best nights sleep money can buy. But I’m still experiencing the same lower back pain I had on mattresses 1/3 of the price.

  66. Holli, Texas

    The bed is so comfortable… we really love it… no more need for TV pillows… really helps my leg since right knee replacement … the process was so easy … thanks so much

  67. Firm comfort, Tampa, FL

    Proadapt firm is just the firmness I have been searching for. Wonderful memory foam comfort with great firmness my back needs. I love this mattress.

  68. happy couple (no more split XL twins), Denver CO

    So my wife and i have tried 4 other brands for their 90-100 day trials (air bed, latex, and other highly rated hybrids), and this bed is by far the best of both worlds: The new “adapt” foam really relieves pressure better than anything else we tried and works great for both side and back sleeping which none of the other mattresses did.

  69. No more hip pain!, Lexington, KY

    I was hesitant at first, I had heard that Tempur-pedic’s could be hot to sleep on, and I am a very hot sleeper. I was also concerned it may be too firm, I like fluffy clouds, ha. However, I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I laid on it, how it literally felt like it was holding me. I have trouble with my hips hurting when I sleep, and this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I don’t toss and turn anymore, and I don’t wake up in night sweats. My husband also likes that it doesn’t make noise when he gets up earlier than me in the morning, so he doesn’t wake me. It is heavenly!!

  70. Sortofhappy, California

    Great product but the firmness of the product has been lost.

  71. D_Patt, Raleigh, NC

    I fell in love with this bed the first time I laid on it. Tempur-pedic nailed it with this bed, its not too soft or too firm. I fall asleep faster, wake up feeling refreshed, and ready for the day! Before owning this bed, I had the cloud, which I also loved, but this bed is 10 times better! The only thing I do not like about this bed, is the fact I can’t really tell that it sleeps any cooler than my cloud did.

  72. Bakerman, Delray Beach,Florida

    It’s been almost a month now since my purchase and I got to say it is very very comfortable. I’m a side sleeper and coming from a Beautyrest mattress (which slept warm) of 12 years this Pro Adapt Firm affords a cool comfortable sleep. The only problem I am still having is finding the right pillow to sleep on and I do not know if I’ll ever find the right pillow. I have this mattress on an adjustable frame and to tell you the truth you have to get one. Reading in bed, watching TV and zero gravity positions are just so great . I had back surgery 8 years ago , the mattress supports me when I change position at night and my night pains are gone. Look, I always kept a pillow under my legs at night because by morning I was jumping in pain with spasms. now with adjusting the bed heights and raising the mattress by my legs no more spasms. In fact my whole body is very relaxed the next morning and I like that. This mattress and adjustable frame is worth every penny spent giving me peace of mind to pay off this expense over time

  73. BedRoom, Middletown, CT

    Bought a king Tempurpedic firm bed in 2008. I loved it. Over the years it aged, and within the 10 year warranty period I was able to get a free replacement. We decided to pay a little more and upgrade to the proadapt firm model. It took the 30 days as they say to “get used” to it.
    We love it and the way Tempurpedic handled our warranty claim.

  74. Bg22, Houston, TX

    Bed is good so far, under the impression the new material would help with heat in the night but does not. We got a medium and if could change would of gone foe the soft. Will see in a month or so to see if gets softer. Back is doing a little better since got new mattress.

  75. Rana, Morrisville, NC

    I love this Mattress! I’ve never had the best night sleep in my life until I slept on this Mattress. The firmness is perfect!

  76. DoMo, Texas

    This is our second – the first is going to the guest room. Not sure I can ever go to another kind of mattress after sleeping on my Tempur-Pedic.

  77. Amanda Elizabeth, Tampa, FL

    I used to have a foam mattress that came in a box and my husband complained all the time about it. He always complained there wasn’t enough support and his back hurt. Every minute of sleep as a new mom counts am I right? I never understood what it truly meant to be tired until I had a baby. The ProAdapt series has been such a savior for every precious minute of sleep that I can get. The ProAdapt series comes in three variations of the soft, medium, medium hybrid, and firm. I went with the medium hybrid which now has the combined technology of foam and coils. I love the support of the coils with the ultra-luxe comfort of the foam. It has a cooling technology and my favorite part is the zip off cover. Having a little one, there is a soon to be accident around the corner it seems like and having that option is game-changing. It seriously feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. I don’t have any back problems and I actually feel rested. I’m in and out a lot of my bed to feed my little one at night and I never stir my husband. If you are in the market for a new bed I highly recommend checking it out! Also loved the white glove delivery up to my second floor! I am truly a convert!

  78. Ashley C., Dallas, Texas

    Everyone needs a Tempur-Pedic mattress! As a Team USA figure skater, recovery is a HUGE part of my life. This includes proper amount of sleep. Before I was sleeping on a mattress that I had had since middle school. In the past year I had noticed that I was having trouble falling asleep, getting too hot while I slept, and waking up with a sore back or not feeling refreshed. As soon as I started sleeping on my Tempur-Pedic mattress I noticed that I had more energy in the morning, I didn’t feel as sluggish. This mattress adapts and conforms to my unique weight, shape, and temperature. It’s pretty amazing what a good quality mattress can do for your life!

  79. Well Rested out West, Litchfield Park, AZ

    I find myself sleeping more soundly, with more deep sleep and REM sleep, as confirmed by my sleep tracker, and am therefore waking up far more rested and energetic than previously. I couldn’t be happier with my mattress and feel sorry for those that don’t have one

  80. Satisfied sleeper, Albuquerque, NM

    This is my second tempur-pedic mattress. I have to be honest and say I hated this new mattress the first couple of weeks of use. It was nothing like my previous mattress but I held strong and now, after 90 days and finding the right pillow loft, I am sleeping like a baby.

  81. Sound sleeper, Manhattan Beach, CA

    It has been over 2 months since we purchased our split king mattress with an adjustable base. We can’t remember ever sleeping so well. And I no longer wake up with a backache. This mattress is well worth the cost.

  82. Sleep, UpState New York

    Just an outstanding mattress! Great for a side sleeper like me. Also no more hurting on pressure points. Have had 3 back surgeries, so you know it great. You will not regret this purchase!

  83. san_chai, Jacksonville Florida

    our old matress i experience a back pain and always waking up my back shoulder are so hurt, Now that My husband and I got a tempurpedic we love to have a tempurpedic (Firm) my husband is a tummy sleeper and I am a back sleeper we always wake up so good and we always feel a long sleep and not tired when waking up.

  84. Best Night’s Sleep Ever, Iowa

    My wife and I are sleeping better than ever. A great purchase.

  85. Roxanne, Chicago, IL

    I’m a very light sleeper and always used to wake up when my husband came to bed. I would feel every toss and turn! This mattress does such a good job at minimizing motion transfer, allowing me to sleep soundly through the night. It also alleviates pressure points, so I don’t wake up with random aches and pains in the mornings! It is all around a fabulous mattress and I can’t recommend it enough. Note: I received this product as a gift for writing this review.

  86. The Pest, Smyrna TN

    love the cool feel all night long comfortable firm and the best sleep ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. HeyJoe, Menomonee Falls, WI

    My previous bed was also a Tempurpedic. I used it for 10 years and it was time for a change. The new ProAdapt (firm for me) is incredible. I’m a side sleeper, and this bed provides the firm support I need. I don’t like the feeling of sinking into a bed, so if that’s your thing, look at a medium or soft version of this mattress. I also bought the Ergo Extend adjustable base and it’s a must have if you read in bed or watch TV. Yes Tempurpedic beds are very expensive compared to the competition, but I believe that over time, they provide the best value. The firmness extends to the edges of the bed, making getting into and out of bed much easier on my back. Check it out and get one!

  88. Dream sleep, Minneapolis, MN

    This mattress, although expensive, was worth every penny. You get what you pay for. Now I consistently get the best sleep of my life. Highly recommend. I now dream just about every night. With my old mattress, I would dream maybe 2 or 3 times per month.

  89. Sleeping All Night, Pinehurst, NC

    We are still in our trial period but we are finally sleeping through the night. This bed is so comfortable and allows us to fall asleep almost immediately. No pressure points, no discernible movement from each other as we turn over.
    The cover is such a nice quality and removable for cleaning. We have not found a suitable extra cover, so are just using a heavier sheet under our fitted sheet. This is working well.
    I wish there were more quality sheets that fit that did not cost over$100. So many designed for deep mattresses.
    Overall, very pleased with the purchase and our local dealer.

  90. Kat, Orlando, Florida

    I’ve had my mattress for well over 3 months and it has absolutely changed my life! I’m a light sleeper and used to always wake up in the middle of the night, leaving me to feel like I’ve had no sleep. I can feel the difference. It took me a few days to get used to a new mattress (because of the firmness) but now, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

    What I love the most is the cooling technology and how it forms to my body to prevent all the toss/turns. I used to think it was normal to wake up feeling sore (back & neck) until I started got this mattress. I genuinely get excited to sleep on my bed after going on vacation haha so yep, I 110% recommend a Tempur-Pedic!

  91. JackG, Tacoma, WA

    While shopping for a new mattress my wife, whom I let guide the tour, settled on this mattress. My first thoughts were that her intent were to first torture and slowly kill me. This mattress is firm ! As I laid upon the “Rock” for the first night I discovered this felt great. The support, comfort and yes the firmness combined to provide what I had been missing all these years. I know longer had to climb out of a hole to change positions and I did not wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty from body heat. Now, did my wife ever say “I told you so” — Yup she sure has !!!
    Love her and the mattress.

  92. Child Sleeps= Parents Sleep, SLC, Ut

    It is a little hard for me to give a true review on this product from my experience alone but I do believe actions speak louder than words at times and having my daughter fall asleep faster and sleeping in longer says a lot. I often times lay down on the bed while reading books to my daughter and I can tell you that I find the bed to be very comfortable. I also love knowing that the cover on this bed can be removed and washed if needed- since my daughter is almost 4 yrs old there could be an accident in the future. I do have sheets to protect from this but it is also nice knowing this is an option as well.

  93. Cindy, Charlotte, NC

    My husband loves it! He is a side sleeper and his hips do not hurt anymore- he wakes with no aches and pains! I like it, but am struggling with the type of pillow to use so that my neck and upper back are not sore in the morning. Too fluffy, too flat. Still experimenting with the pillows, but the quality of the mattress is great and I am happy with our purchase. Worth the splurge if you are you looking in to a new mattress.

  94. Tempur-Pedic’s #1 fan!, Austin Texas

    This is some of the best money we’ve ever spent! We also have the ergo frame for the mattress which is great for watching TV. The Zero Gravity button is another bonus.
    I USE to wake up with a sore back every single morning, not anymore since we got this bed. Only regret is not buying this sooner.
    We now look forward to hanging out in our bed it’s so awesome. It’s totally worth the money. Great investment. It reallt is life changing. Who doesn’t love sleep? This is the Ferrari of beds. Get one.

  95. Angelia, Danville IL

    We purchased this bed after my husbands neck surgery and it has allowed him to sleep great!!

  96. Northwoods Slumber, Northern Wisconsin

    Had a Tempurpedic medium firm queen before this split king. Also purchased the adjustable bases. The adjust-ability is fantastic. It allows me to find the sweet spot to get a restful night sleep. The only issue we have had so far is the break in time required. At first the firm was too firm, but now three weeks later it is starting to conform better. Overall we are very happy with the mattress.

  97. Ieie, Landis, NC

    The Pro Adapt soft is not what I would call soft. It is firm with a little hug to your body. Easy to turn over in. The cooling gel center doesn’t really help a lot when having a hot flash, but the mattress doesn’t sleep hot. We have only been sleeping on this for a month. My shoulder would hurt after sleeping, not any more. They tell us it will get softer. I think it will be 5 stars then.

  98. Mimi, Raleigh, NC

    This mattress is way too firm, actually it’s hard. It is like sleeping on the floor. I really hope to fall in love with it but I’m having my doubts. I’ve read that there is an “adjustment” period, but I don’t know if that means the bed will soften up or that I will get use to the hardness. The sample at the store was firm but very comfortable and I could feel it contouring to my body, but my bed did zero contouring. I am very disappointed but it has only been one night. Actually the idea of having to adjust to a bed is a bit ridiculous. i don’t know if I can exchange the bed for Medium firmness but I may try. Remember too that the mattresses at the store have been repeatedly sat and layed on so over time they soften up. I don’t have that sort of time, plus I weight 170 and I sleep alone so will my body weight alone soften the bed up enough for me to really find comfort and joy my expensive purchase. Overall the bed is beautiful and well made. Quality is top of the line.

  99. Happy Sleeper whole night, Minneapolis Minnesota

    Very nice we recommend to everyone

  100. Victim of TempurPedic ProAdapt, Houston, TX

    My wife and I wake up 5-10 times at night due to this bad mattress. They claim it will soften after 15 days, 30 days, 60 days …..etc. Not true! Never try new technology for sleep. Called back and they said to accelerate softness walk on it before you sleep. You must write that in the invoice! Did that no improvement! Waste of money!

  101. Kiki, Dallas, TX

    This literally was our Fourth try at a new mattress in less than a year. We first tried what we were replacing. Traditional high end Stearns & Foster. After 4-6 weeks on all 3 different models we both felt as though we were sleeping in a gully. One of us is a back sleeper & the other a side sleeper. We both move VERY LITTLE through the night. So we gave up & at our sons suggestion, bought our Tempurpedic. We absolutely love it. We both are sleeping so well now.

  102. MarCat, NE Oklahoma

    My wife has rheumatiod arthritis. She had been complaining lately that the airbed we’d owned for 19 years was not working for her anymore. We tried out the ProAdapt mattresses and she wanted the soft, while I opted for the medium on a split king with adustable bases. After only one night she said, “I wish we hadn’t bought these matteresses.” I looked at her with a frown. She continued, “I don’t want to get out of bed now.”
    I’ve had sinus problems all my life. I have found that by elevating the head just a few degrees my nose does not stop up during the night. I can now sleep uninterrupted the entire night.

  103. Man who cares, Birmingham alabama

    Honestly, i look forward to getting home and taking a nap….and i am 40 years old…. but the best part was the service. I had a issue, and they went over and beyond. Ethics matters here!

  104. Meeko, New York

    Shopping for a mattress is a long and dreadful process that we all don’t want to do. After spending weeks shopping for a mattress I finally found the one worth buying. My tempur proadapt is perfect for me because I am a back and side sleeper. It adapts to your curves and stiff back right were you need it. Highly recommended!

  105. Well Rested Mom, Dallas, TX

    I purchased my first Tempurpedic mattress 8 years ago when I first got pregnant and wasn’t getting good sleep so when it came time for a new mattress, I knew I had to get another Tempurpedic. The ProAdapt line has been incredible and I LOVE that it adjusts to relieve pressure. Plus I can turn / move and not wake up my husband so he gets his sleep too! I’ve been waking up feeling more rested than ever.

  106. Happy,Happy,Happy, Bullard, TX

    We have been talking about purchasing a new mattress for a while now. We have three sons that own a Tempur-Pedic mattress and now we know why. The wife and I no longer wake up during the night having to change positions due to our shoulders or backs hurting. We also purchased the adjustable base. The zero gravity position is incredible and takes all the pressure off of our backs. We also love the vibration feature of the base. We have been sleeping on our new mattress for five weeks now and I have yet to still be awake when the vibrations feature ends. We would highly recommend this mattress and base to anyone. We have had our best sleep ever. The only problem this has created for us, is that we may now have to purchase one of these for our Motor Home!!!!!

  107. Jenny, Houston, TX

    I have had my Pro-Adapt mattress for about three weeks now and I am loving it so far. I sleep a lot better than I used to and experience more quality sleep. My one qualm is that the bed really holds your body heat if you don’t use a mattress protector and my sheets slipped off a lot but once I ordered a new mattress protector all of these problems were solved. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone – even my husband with a bad back is enjoying our new mattress.

  108. Momof4J’s, Tampa, Florida

    I am currently waiting on the delivery guys who are switching out my medium mattress with a soft one! The medium is quite firm, and it was hurting my shoulders during the night. I tried to get used to sleeping on my back, but it didn’t work.

  109. Sleepy, Arizona

    My only regret is why I put off buying a Tempur-Pedic. Maybe because I could not find my comfort, but the new Pro Adapt firm is incredibly comfortable. Best sleep ever on the the first night with no back pain after a restful sleep. Also purchased the adjustable bases with our split King. The adjust-ability is fantastic that allows us to find our own comfortable setting. Highly recommended even though it’s expensive but it’s worth the money invested in it.

  110. Sleeping on a Cloud, ODESSA, Texas

    We haven’t slept this comfortable in years. It is like sleeping on air as the mattress contours to your body.

  111. Happy Mimi, Bakersfield CA

    This bed has made it possible to get some pain free sleep. I have insomnia and have slowly but surely started to gain more hours of sleep. I thank God on Saturday mornings now when I can sleep in and raise my head with the adjustable frame , wake up slowly, watch TV and listen to my pool waterfall with my legs elevated and back up. I am blessed.

  112. Kat, Houston

    This mattress has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while now, and I thought it was because of stress. After the first two nights w/ my ProAdapt I quickly realized that it wasn’t stress; I needed a better mattress. Since the ProAdapt conforms to my body, I can easily sleep without spending all night trying to find the right position, and as a result I’ve been getting amazing, uninterrupted sleep; something that I didn’t even know was possible for me. A huge bonus is that because I’m so rested, I’ve seen incredible improvements in my work and daily life . Both my outlook and productivity has changed because my mind and body have been able to rest and recharge. I couldn’t recommend this mattress more!

  113. Celeste, Denver, CO

    I had a 20+ year old mattress and really needed a new one because I was having problems with my back. I have been on the road to wellness and getting a new mattress was part of that process. The first 2 weeks of having the new mattress, my hips were stiff but now that it was been almost a month, I have adjusted! I sleep great and seriously, hard to get up in the morning because it is so comfortable. Pricey but in the long run, worth it!

  114. Frank, Miami, fl

    Hot and uncomfortable

  115. Mo, Dallas

    Great bed and getting better sleep.

  116. Cloud9sleeper, Sacramento, CA

    The Absolutely BEST Mattress in the World!!! It does actually feel like you are floating on a cloud!!! No pressure points when you move at all! Every position is comfortable! You wake up feeling refreshed every time! Easy to fall asleep each and every time!

  117. Two can sleep like a bear in hibernation, San Antonio Texas

    We love our hybrid. First we bought the regular Pro Adapt Medium and it was not the best fit for both of us. You could easily slide off the sides of the bed. It was too soft. The sides didn’t support to prevent us rolling off the sides.

    We called Tempurepedic & they suggested the hybrids medium pro adapt. It’s an awesome solution.

  118. Steve, Norcross, GA

    Our mattress provides us with the best sleep we have ever had.
    As a construction worker, a good night sleep is required to be fully functional.

  119. Gurbey, Richmond, TX

    The reason we search for a new mattress is that we were having some back pain in the morning with our old mattress. Now it does not happen. So I am glad we purchased Tempur

  120. No more sore back…., Colchester Ct

    We should have bought a tempurpedic years ago!!

  121. Content, Danforth, IL

    I love my new TEMPUR Pedic mattress set. I sleep a lot better at night. When I go to bed with aches and pains I wake up in the morning felling refreshed and the pains are gone. I love the adjustable part as I can sit comfortably in bed to do work on the computer, listen to music and read a book. I am looking forward to cold winter nights and being able to snuggle in my bed. I wish I had made this purchase years ago.

  122. Lisa, Ohio

    No aches and pains! Great sleep!

  123. Afrosleep, Atlanta, Ga

    I bought this for my parent’s and they were skeptics that this mattress couldn’t possibly be different from any other mattress on the market. When the mattress arrived after the first night, they raved about how the mattress helped them sleep better, their backs were no longer aching and also that the mattress was so great that they didn’t want to get up in the morning for work. Thank you tempur pedic for coming through !!!!

  124. Happy Sleeper, New York City

    Only wish it weren’t so thick. Our previous one was just 8″. It was fine

  125. Sleep Master, Jacksonville FL

    Adapts to your body. The quality is evident.

  126. Pam6, Chicago, IL

    It was very nervous purchasing this bed not only because of the price but the extreme firmness of the mattress. Most mattresses out there that call themselves firm really are not. I thought this one would be like sleeping on a rock, but it forms to your body enough to ease lower back pain, but you don’t feel like you are sinking in. My husband has a lot of back pain and is in a physical job, and he was in love with this bed from night one. We both love it and hope to have it for many many years!

  127. Good to go, Dallas, TX

    Mattress is amazing. I sleep a little hotter than my old one but overall it’s pretty great. I should have got the 5″ platform instead of the ultra low 2″. PS – King size only comes in two twin foundations if that helps!

  128. Sleepin good, Bentonville, Ar

    When we first got our bed it was super firm and had almost no give, to the point we thought we bought the wrong bed. We gave it some time to break in and now the both of us love this bed! It gives us both the support and comfort we are looking for.

  129. Sleepy couple, Schertz Texas

    We love our hybrid pro adapt medium mattress. It’s so comfy it feels like sleeping on air. We would recommend to anyone. And the customer service rocks!!!

  130. Satisfied sleeper, Sylva, NC

    I get an excellent nights sleep, I don’t wake up with my usual back pain. It’s so comfy, I just want to lay there all day.

  131. Stoked on life, Oceanside, Ca

    I bought this mattress after weeks of laying on it at Living spaces. I asked myself everyday if I really needed something this high end or if I should buy something cheap for the meantime and do a tempur later, all I can say is I made the best decision of my life by finanacing with tempur and getting the pro adapt medium. This mattress is the perfect combination of firm, supportive and contouring as well as plush and cozy. It’s takes about a month and a half to fully break in. When you first get the mattress as any mattress, it’s very firm not the most comfortable but I urge everyone to take the time to break it in. Having an adjustable base really helps break it in as well from raising the head and feet and going into “zero gravity”. This mattress has changed the way my boyfriend and I sleep. We used to wake up with back pain every night and this mattress happen to be the solution we needed. Very high quality and if you’re someone who worry’s about getting hot at night don’t even worry about that, this mattress really regulates body temperature and if you want you can always add a cooling mattress protector to enhance that even more. I’m laying in this fantastic bed as I write this review! I urge everyone to go out and try one for themselves! You won’t regret it. Also! Buy a nice pillow guys, it’s 25% of your support when you sleep.

  132. randy, Elkhart, In

    pick the one you like and consider a split king if you and your partner have different likes or wants

  133. Accustomed sleeper, Houston, TX

    I might just be used to pillowtop beds, but this is still very comfortable. Needed to get used to the extreme plank feeling but now i feel what all the hype is about

  134. RickD, Texas

    I could hardly wait for the delivery. Even thou it took almost two weeks it was worth the wait. I went from back pain..cracking joints to the best rest/sleep. It’s also great the you can’t feel your spouse get out of bed at night.
    I can’t wait to get in bed after a long day of work.

  135. Jfmc, Janesville,Wi.

    My wife and I are just loving this bed. It is truly a great product.

  136. SLF, Washingtn DC

    High quality mattress ,as expected from Tempur-Pedic.

  137. Rested Sleeper, Dallas, Texas

    We’ve tried different mattress brands but Tempur-ProAdapt has been the best night sleep we’ve had in years.

  138. GS, Brooklyn, NY

    Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made. Thrilled with the mattress as I am able to sleep through the night and it cured my aches and pains from my old mattress. Would highly recommend it over one the cheap “mattress in a box” brands that don’t last very long.

  139. Sleep whisperer, Green Cove Springs, Fl

    We are enjoying our Proadapt firm. At first it was uncomfortable. However after a week, we are getting the best sleep and rest. No tossing and turning. Wxcellent choice.

  140. SnugglySleeper, Brooklyn, NY

    Our second tempurpedic is just as comfy as our other one. I can barely sense when my wife moves in the bed. Would not consider another type of mattress.

  141. Night Owl, Redlands, CA

    When your close to retirement and want to spend those golden years in complete comfort. My opinion is that the Tempur-ProAdapt is a friend to my back. It took about a week to get used to a different style from my old spring mattress. Another two weeks to find the perfect angle with the Tempur adjustable base. After one month things are feeling like I’ve gained some youthfulness throughout my spine and neck.

  142. JRod, Beaver Falls, PA

    I am sleeping better than I have in years! Love the firmness and adjustability of the mattress.

  143. Fit Prof, NYC

    The pro-adapt series mattress with an adjustable base is an exceptional sleeping experience. The use of the zero-gravity option, while sleeping, is the most transcendent experience I have ever experienced.

  144. Hammer, Union, mo

    Sleeps great

  145. Nanny, Las cruses, NM

    This is our second Tempurpedic mattress. Our first one was about 10 years old. It was still fine but we wanted a split king with adjustable base. We love it! Reading and TV watching is so much more comfortable. The massage feature lulls us to sleep. Our daughter just bought one too. They love it.

  146. aleko, Florida

    Better in every way

  147. Princess and The Pea, Long Island, New York

    Our adjustable split king tempur pedic mattress is so much more than we expected. It cradles you in comfort while supporting your back. I am sleeping better than ever. The frame has lights, massage settings and charging ports. Now I really hate getting out of bed in the morning!

  148. RN Approved, Virginia Beach, VA

    It didnt take long for the back pain to go away…just a few nights on the Proadapt Medium Hybrid. Now, I’m really glad I made this kind of investment on my personal health. I work in the medical field and I know all about taking care of your back, and what happens when you don’t.

  149. G, Miami Fl

    Best mattress in the market, feel great in the morning, no more back issues.

  150. Mr. StealyourGirl, Westminster, CA

    All of my girlfriend’s love my Tempur bed so much. It’s so comfy, adapts to any position. The only thing I hate is that it’s so expensive.

  151. Happiest sleeper in Oracle, AZ, Oracle, AZ

    Best bed. I really like that I can adjust head and feet. It is nice and firm. Sleep better.

  152. Tipster, Pomona, il

    We are not wealthy at all, but we each spend 1/3 of our life on a bed, Once I slept on a tempur pedic (I like firm), it is all I have bought these last 20 years for me and landscaper husband and four children. Now we are all spoiled, but our backs feel better.

  153. Éd, Camp Hill, PA

    This mattress makes you sleep like a baby…it is just too comfortable. I love it!

  154. Sleepy cloud, Orlando Florida

    Truly enjoying a way better sleep with tempurpedic

  155. JerodG, Cincinnati, OH

    Loved the first mattress I got but my back didn’t. Excellent customer service and corporate culture enabled me to exchange it for the perfect bed for me. Great company, great products.

  156. Finally rested, Lawton, ok

    My wife and I have tried several mattresses in the past few years, including one we ordered online from one of these online only mattress companies. None of them lived up to our expectations and we continued to wake up in the morning tired and sore. Finally got a tempurpedic and could not be happier…wish we had done it years ago. Definitely recommend getting an adjustable base as well.

  157. jerry, new jersey

    incredibly comfortable

  158. Wolf, Miami, Florida

    Very comfortable. Forget about Casper and other brands. This is my second one, first lasted more than 10 years.

  159. Ray in Georgia, Central Georgia

    My wife and I researched all of the various mattress types and narrowed our search to memory foam and traditional innerspring. We followed all of the shopping tips, including lying on the beds for at least 10 minutes, as well as sampling different firmness levels within each type. After all of this, we chose Tempurpedic due to longevity, comfort, and lack of motion transfer. We’ve had the mattress about a month and we absolutely love it. It took a couple of nights to get used to, but now we would never go back. Our Tempurpedic Pro Adapt – Firm King was among the most expensive mattresses we looked at, but we believe it was worth every penny. I bought online directly from Tempur and they delivered it directly to the house – no fuss, no muss. I recommend reading the warranty very carefully though. It provides excellent coverage for the consumer, but you have to have a proper, sturdy base – so just something to check.

  160. Mike, Inverness FL.

    Bed feels comfortable. The adjustable base is great for easing back pain. The downfall is when head is elevated the mattress cover wrinkles up under your lower back.

  161. RestedSleeper, Laredo, TX

    Amazing sleep!!! Love this mattress. I feel so rested and refreshed in the mornings. I’m never sleeping on anything else ever again.

  162. Happy Camper, Lake Havasu, AZ

    Best bed I ever slept on. It’s a dream. Love Love Love!

  163. David, Prospect, KY

    A bit pricey; hoping it helps with my aging back!

  164. Good Stuff, Billings, MT

    My wife and I tried out several different mattresses and this stood head and shoulders above the rest. Plus the customer service has been terrific! Our base showed up with a tear in the fabric from shipping, they sent out a replacement right away.

  165. Dani, Ohio

    I’ll keep this simple, this bed is amazing.

    Motion transfer, ZERO. Really great when your spouse hops into bed like he’s doing a cannonball.

    No, it doesn’t sleep “hot”. I’m a very hot sleeper and I stay pretty neutral all night. Also, the cool touch thing doesn’t matter much once you put a mattress protector and sheets on, so keep that in mind.

    I’ve never experienced the “stuck in the mud” feeling. I’m a heavier sleeper so I was worried about this, but thankfully I can turn and get out of bed just fine.

    You’ll have an adjustment period. I’ve never slept on memory foam and boy is it different. Not in a bad way, but you’ll think that at first. Give it a few weeks.

    Pricey? Yes. But totally worth every penny. We both wake up feeling well rested and have more energy throughout the day.

    Sleep impacts pretty much everything you do, why not make life a little better?

  166. Worried buyer, Alabama

    Not recommended for hot sleepers. Firm is too hard and don’t even feel the cool temperature as described.

  167. Bone, Mars Hill NC

    I have had a sleep number bed which was ok, but this bed is awesome!

  168. Satisfied customer, Clackamas Oregon

    I purchased 2 mattresses one queen and one full size for our new house. We always love tempurpedic mattresses for their quality and great for our backs. We are waiting for our cal king mattress to wear out so we can replace it with another tempurpedic mattress soon.

  169. Cathy, Columbia City, Indiana

    Really enjoying the firm mattress.

  170. Big willy, Cayuga New York

    Love the adjustable base. Always feel great in the morning

  171. The Dream Finder, Chicago, IL

    I’ve always been someone who never wanted the day to end. I just always thought the more I slept the more I missed so I’ve always resisted going to bed until I was exhausted. I realize now my desire to stay up until exhaustion was partly due to my mattress being uncomfortable. It would feel good at first but as the night would go on I would continue to toss and turn trying to get comfy. I would wake up with sore hips and back. My neck was stiff. It was hard to get my day started. Not anymore. I wake up refreshed. Rejuvenated. I can’t wait to go to bed. I will never go back to another mattress. This conforms to your body. It nestles you in and “hugs” you to sleep.

  172. Happy Campers, Leesburg, VA

    My husband likes a very firm mattress…me…not so much. I took a chance on the new Pro-Adapt and couldn’t be happier. And, my husband just loves it which was my biggest concern when I ordered.

  173. Dreams galore, San Diego

    Better sleep, my back feels great!

  174. Tempur for Life, Bristow, VA

    I sleep on this bed every night. I’ve had back problems my entire life and it’s completely gone after sleeping in this bed.

  175. Back pain free, Shepherdsville, KY

    Bought this mattress for my husband who has chronic lower back pain. He hasn’t had any pain since we bought this mattress. Everyone thinks it’s too hard when they first lay on it but as soon as it contours to their body they think it’s the best thing ever.

  176. Happy sleeper, Texas

    Ever since I got our new mattress my back stopped hurting and can sleep through the night. I would buy this bed again! Love it!

  177. Pelegolas, Waltham, MA

    I can’t last more than 10 minutes on this bed. There have been multiple times where I decided to lounge on the bed a bit after dinner and ended up fast asleep. Same in the afternoons, I’ve taken more naps than I can count.
    Anyway, about the bed itself. It provides a good level of support without being too firm. You do sink in a little but can still roll without too much effort. My main concern with these mattresses was whether I would end up getting too hot as the night goes on and the bed starts reflecting my heat. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case and I can remain at a reasonable temperature all night.
    You spend almost a third of your life asleep. A quality mattress is worth the investment.

  178. Jimbob, Medford, OK

    As my Dad always said, “You get what you pay for.” There are less expensive mattresses out there but if you want the ultimate in comfort and quality, Tempur-Pedic is absolutely the ‘Gold Standard’. We simply couldn’t be happier with our TEMPUR-ProAdapt Soft mattress and as someone with a very bad back, I can attest to its support qualities.

  179. Sweet Dreams, Colo Springs, CO

    Best mattress ever. No more back pain ! That simple. I tried the rest and they do not match or give any comfort.

  180. All night long, Durango, co

    I love how I sink in to this bed slowly and it’s not to soft. Great Suport all night

  181. Oldies, San Mateo, CA

    We can sleep well.

  182. Elocha98, Cleveland, OH

    I just bough my first memory foam mattress and so far so good.

  183. Catlady, Bayonne, NJ

    I don’t toss and turn as I did before in a regular mattress! Conforms to your body, my medium hybrid is the perfect mix of firm and soft.

  184. Cool sleeper, Spruce Pine, NC

    We loved the mattress but it was too firm for us. We switched out to a softer model.

  185. Comfy with numb hands, Oklahoma

    PROS: Very comfortable yet supportive. Love the adjustable feature, especially if stuffy nose, neck sore etc. We bought a split king—it’s nice to have separate adjustments for position. Does not sleep hot at all—temperature very consistent. Have only had for a few months but comfy immediately and has not dented/sunk. Takes no time at all to get comfortable. My neck has felt great since getting this bed.

    Cons: ordering process was chaotic. It took longer than expected without much communication. I’m kind of bony and don’t move much in my sleep—the bed is so comfy I don’t really move so my arms are both going numb if I sleep on my side. No problems in other beds. Also, split king is hard if you have small kids—someone ends up “in the crack” if they get in bed with you. The crack isn’t terrible but I often wish we had gotten the king.

  186. Happy sleeper, California

    Very comfortable and the cooling top is amazing

  187. Raquel, Denver, CO

    I love my new bed

  188. Alejandro, Miami Florida

    Love the way body lays

  189. Happy Customer, Ohio

    I’ve had my TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Hybrid King Mattress for about two weeks now. I also got the Ergo Extend Adjustable Bass. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I finally get a good nights sleep. I also suffer from acid reflux and often wake up during the middle of the night with it. That hasn’t happened since I got my new bed. Having the adjustable base has really made a difference. I was worried that the mattress would sleep warm due to the foam, but that hasn’t been an issue. The only negative thing I’d have to say is in regards to the base. Not a big issue but the included USB Ports are located underneath the base and aren’t super easy to get to. I’ve seen other bases where they are on the side and that would make more sense to me. Overall I’m very happy. Yes the bed/base is expensive but in my opinion well worth the money. I’m wishing I would have bought it sooner!

  190. Peaceful sleeper, New Orleans

    I have a very bad back and arthritis. My new tempurpedic purchase has help reduce the daily pain from my condition. The pillow and matress have improved my sleep and eased my pain. I highly recommend Tempurpedic

  191. Trace, Waxahachie, Texas

    I purchased both the mattress with the adjustable frame and it has made such a big difference in my sleep and my overall health. I highly recommend this to everyone for a better sleep.

  192. Lola, Georgia

    Ever since sleeping on my tempur pedic my nights sleep quality has improved. I have the firm mattress and it is at the right level of firmness. I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for 5 months now and I have never slept better. I definitely recommend investing in your sleep quality.

  193. De, Comfort, Texas

    This mattress is perfect for people with back problems. I wouldn’t have believed a bed could help that much but it really does. Love my tempru-pedic bed.

  194. Ele, Minneapolis, MN

    This bed is great for both my partner and I and we are very different sleepers. I am no longer sore in the morning and my partner no longer snores! While sometimes my partner has found it too warm, I have not. The bed is pricey, but I think worth it.

  195. No so happy for the price, Mexico, MO

    I bought the new ProAdapt medium support and have slept on it going on two months now. It was okay at first but my back pain never went away. I was definately getting more support than with my old mattress but the hidden truth is that the support fades as you sleep. Your body heat actually weakens the memory foam thus losing the support you have while falling asleep. The memory foam also traps the heat so I’ve been waking up hot as well. This was never an issue with my traditional mattress. They tried putting a climate control topper memory foam with a cooling cover but it still doesn’t do the trick. Also my wife and I are side and back sleepers. We usually sleep mostly on our sides though and have been waking with our shoulders asleep and having pain in them throughout the day. Guess we are in the low percentage of unsatisfied customer of TempurPedic but maybe we just have a higher expectation for the price we paid for this mattress. We will be cashing in on the trial period.

  196. Tom, Mariville, TN

    Far exceeded expectations. Finally able to get a good nights sleep.

  197. ?, oregon

    my first memory foam bed. it been great so far.

  198. ROI Guy, New York

    After having the “more affordable” mattress for my adult life and living with the mediocre sleep experience I finally made the investment in a Tempur-pedic. What a difference the last few months of quality sleep have made. I use the word “investment” intentionally. The returns are a better life experience thru better rest.

  199. 20+ year customer, Merritt Island, FL

    This is the third Tempur-Pedic mattress we have purchased. I bought my first one about 20 years ago and just replaced it. When my son was ready for his “adult” bedroom set we bought him a Tempur-Pedic. We all love them! Delivery ad set-up was definitely white glove.

  200. Satisfied Sleeper, Chesterfield, VA

    We bought this product along with the adjustable base for health reasons, it has made all the difference in being able to incline the feet and or head of just one side at a time as we both have different needs. At first I thought the firm was going to be too firm and hard for me but the more we sleep on it the more I have gotten used to the product. If you prefer a firm mattress I would definitely recommend this mattress. The firmness of this mattress makes it easy to get in and out of the bed…no sinking.

  201. Lindsey, Philadelphia, PA

    Can’t say enough how much I love my ProAdapt mattress! It gives me such a deep sleep and it’s amazing how you do not feel any movement throughout the night. I’d highly recommend to anyone!

  202. Very Pleased Sleeper Now, Charlotte, NC

    My wife and I have been nagged by lower back pain, and thought it was just us getting older. We needed a new mattress, so I did some research and settled on the ProAdapt Tempur mattress. What a complete difference in our night sleep and waking up without any lower back pain. None! Should have changed out the mattress years ago, although the new ProAdapt just came out this year. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to get a better night sleep and to wake up without back pain. Love it!

  203. JM, Raleigh, NC

    This review is for the Pro-Adapt Medium & the EASE bed frame. This set replaced a 10-year old Tempur-pedic. Pros: I don’t like a super soft nor a firm mattress so this mattress is perfect. I sleep both on my back & side. The head & leg lift for watching TV is great! We have found that by sleeping with a slight tilt at the head of the bed, it has eliminated my husband’s snoring: WIN!! The second night we were watching TV & my husband remarked that this was worth every penny we paid for it. It’s true! Having 3 height adjustments for the frame is a plus. CON: The mattress had a strong chemical odor when it was delivered. I opened all of the windows & zipped off the mattress cover & washed it. I also sprayed the mattress with oder eliminator. Every once in awhile I will get a whiff of chemical, but it dissipated quite a bit after day one.

  204. Happy Customer, Pittsburgh, PA

    We love our new Tempur-pedic. We have a split king and absolutely love it ! It is so comfortable, I don’t know how I survived all these years without a Tempur-pedic. It is well worth the investment. The fact that my husband and I can independently adjust the mattress makes a huge difference based on our sleep patterns. It has been great.

  205. Satisfied First Responder, Irvine, California

    I work as a first responder. Lifting, using my back, and getting into uncommon, awkward positions in order to help is common for me. Problem is, it’s not so great for my back. I knew that when it was time to replace my mattress, I needed to make sure I purchased something that was going to take care of my back and my neck.

    I was skeptical of these mattresses before I purchased, but now that I have it? This mattress is a game changer. My back and neck feel incredible. I actually never knew how much better quality of sleep I could have been getting all of these years. This mattress. Is. Amazing.

    The price is steep, but when it comes to purchasing something that is going to be holding your body for 1/3 of your entire life, the decision to pay the price became quite clear to me, especially considering that you absolutely get what you pay for. Tempurpedic has a great financing option that works perfect for me. I’m paying $50 a month for 60 months for a product that not only puts me right to sleep, but keeps my back healthy, pain free, and allows me to get such good quality of sleep, that I wake up feeling so much more refreshed and ready to take on the day. It’s almost too good to be true. If you’re on the fence about this, don’t be any longer. This bed is one of the best things to have happened to me in many years. And if for any reason it isn’t for you? They allow you to try it for 2 months and you can return it! Simple as that.

    You can’t beat the quality, you can’t beat the kind of sleep it will bring, and you can’t beat the customer service.

    Buy it. Love it. You will not regret it I promise you.

  206. Happy Back, San Diego

    Ordered a different brand of mattress that was suppose to medium softness but it was not soft enough as it caused me to have arthritis in my hip. Finding the right mattress to keep my lower back steady and my arthritis away may be a challenge, but so far the tempur pro adapt has done that. I wasn’t expecting it to depress so much during my sleep, which I find distracting at times cause I feel like something is wrong, but I’m getting used to it. So far this seems to be what I need. Very comfy. Oh, and it stays cool but doesn’t make me feel cold.

  207. Sleeping Beauty, Las Vegas, NV

    I’ve tried many mattresses over the years, and as a side sleeper, I was always left with shoulder and hip problems and pain. Add in a loudly snoring bulldog, and its a recipe for a sleepless night. That is, until I tried THIS bed. I knew that I would love it the moment I unwrapped the protective plastic and sat down on it. It was love at first seat. 😀 Not only do I sleep through the night (and sometimes my alarms), but I actually wake up feeling rested and not in pain. I like how the cover feels cool to the touch, and the mattress itself has enough firmness to keep me aligned, but the softness to sink in a bit to really get that cozy feeling. Even the dogs love it! 😀 The only thing that I wasn’t a big fan of, and it’s mostly dissipated, was the smell. Once unwrapped, it does have a bit of a chemical smell that needs to air out, but is definitely not a deal-breaker!

    *I received this mattress in exchange for my honest and open review.

  208. Well Rested, Tampa, FL

    We let our pups sleep with us and they move around at night which in the past would wake me up anytime someone shifted. The motion transfer technology on this mattress is incredible so I don’t wake up when the boys move around anymore! As far as comfort goes it’s like sleeping on a soft, cool cloud! I am getting the best night sleep of my life every night now.

  209. The Log Sawyer, Comfort, Texas

    It took about a month to get used to but I would not own any other mattress. It is so comfortable and allows you to sleep next to someone without any sag in the middle of the mattress. Its wonderful..

  210. Gianni, Miami, FL

    Have had the mattess for 2 month now, love the sleep, although it’s a little to hard for my taste. Wake up a little sore. Hopefully the bed will continue to break in with time. Much better sleep than with my other spring mattress.

  211. Sleeping well, Long Beach

    I was worried I would have buyers remorse after buy my Tempur-ProAdapt bed and adjustable frame, but the opposite is true. I sleep so much better on this mattress and I hate getting out of bed in the morning. I have had to have hip replacement surgery on bith sides and suffer from arthritis. The fact that I have such control of the position of the matress has been a god sent. Expensive, but worth it.

  212. Sleeping like a baby, Seattle, WA

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about Tempur-Pedic mattresses and I was very fortunate to have received the ProAdapt mattress through a partnership with Tempur-Pedic. I’ve had it for several weeks now and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. It’s extremely comfortable, keeps me cool at night, and conforms to my body. I also love how I don’t feel my fiancé’s tosses and turns next to me so that I can get really deep sleeps!

  213. Hock, Illinois

    Side sleeper and thought I would love this and was assured it was newest technology and also was cool to sleep on. Went into debt thinking it was worth the money to take care of my health but all I got was more problems. Shoulder started hurting and bed warmed so much I had to get up in middle of night to cool down. Bed is going back under the warranty period.

  214. Dogmosaic, South central Idaho

    This mattress is very firm but is just how I like it. It is pretty hard and solid when you first lay down but it is never cold and your body does not have to take time to warm the mattress, I love that. I love that I just slightly melt into the surface of the firmness and off I go to sleep. This is our second firm temperpedic, they are really the best, expensive but they last and the comfort, technology and construction are unsurpassed. Flawless online purchase, competent delivery and set up of mattress set. Satisfied customer for sure.

  215. talononeguy, Pensacola, FL

    Have slept on this mattress for over 100 days. It seemed firm to begin with (no overly so), but has softened slightly since sleeping on it. I was considering getting the slightly softer hybrid mattress version, but I’m glad I didn’t. My wife says that she still thinks it’s a little firm, but not so much so that it’s any problem for her. She is still comfortable. I’m 6’1″ and 215 lbs. She’s 5’4″ and 115 lbs.

    I think this was a great compromise for us. I’ve read that some people complain about the temperature (hotness) of these mattresses. Honestly, I do not notice much of a difference from my last innerspring mattress. We live in Florida and have not changed our A/C settings from what we used with our previous mattress.

    I’m very happy I bought this particular model, and I would definitely purchase it again.

  216. Sleeping well, Seattle wa

    awesome, has assisted in eliminating mom’s sleepless nights

  217. Jim, The Villages, FL

    Enjoy the sound sleep!

  218. Dogmosaic, South central Idaho

    I am very happy with the quality and firmness of this mattress. Somehow it is hard as a rock, yet always warm and you just melt a little into the top and poof! You’re asleep. So happy to have a new tempurpedic, second one purchased for us and I hope I sleep on this perfect brand for all my life. Also, it is a very very nice mattress to look at and the quality is obvious

  219. Sleepy, Austin, tx

    I love ny new Tempur-Pedic. The firm mattress is nice a firm but slowly breaking in to be just right.

  220. German shepherd lover, Verona wi

    Great mattress for people with back pain like myself

  221. Happy Sleeper, North Platte, NE

    Absolutly love these products, sleeps well. Comfortable to sleep on.

  222. Finally sleeping again!, Nashville

    I have always been a huge fan of Tempur-Pedic beds. We love our new Hybrid. I love that I can’t feel my husband move around and that my back is starting to feel better. The firm was a little too firm for us so we went with the Hybrid and love it. My arm no longer falls asleep when I lay on my side with this bed. It’s been a game changer for my back. Very satisfied

  223. Crashes hard, Orlando, Fl

    Me, my wife and my 2 dogs all sleep like babies every night. When my wife or dogs move around or get up in the middle of the night, it doesn’t wake me up.

  224. Firmsleeper, Boston

    My husband and I had beeen struggling with back problems for several months when we purchased our tempurpedic firm. The matress has been great. It has helped us recover from any issues we had experienced previously. It is incredibly supportive. We went out of town last weekend and could not wait to get home to our matress. Thank you for a great product.

  225. Mandy, Miami, Fl

    Super happy with our purchase!

  226. Brandi75165, Waxahachie, Texas

    Bought our first tempur-pedic mattress and we are in love! It is so comfortable and I sleep so peacefully. It has helped tremendously on my back pain and my husbands knee pain. If I could afford one for each of my 3 children, everyone in my house would have one. I highly recommend

  227. FitNana, Miami, Florida

    We purchased the tempurpefic prodapt king split adjustable. I love the way the mattress feels, but my husband is still adjusting. I want him to love it just as I do. Hopefully, in time he will.

  228. Lill, Santa Barbara Ca

    I sleep like a baby ever since I got my bed, I love it!

  229. New parents get rest, New York, NY

    Best night sleep. We needed a bigger bed for our growing family. My husband and I fall asleep quickly a get rest when we can. It’s extremely comfortable.

  230. Sleeping beauty, Philadelphia

    I typically like firm mattresses but ithis was too firm. I’m a side sleeper and it actually hurt my shoulder and arm because of the firmness. I returned it for pro adapt medium hybrid and I love it.

  231. regular shopper, mesa, AZ

    Still having back problems with the mattress. I am wondering if I didn’t get the mattress someone else rejected. I anticipated more immediate comfortable sleep and waking. It has been over a month. It is better, but not what I expected for the price I paid and the hype I was given. There is a definite level change on the one side of the bed. Am I number 2, 3 or more in trying it? I don’t know.

  232. Me, California

    There are so many bogus horrible product on the market that when you find something that is truly amazing, when you have a product that works so well you want to scream from the mountain tops and tell everybody about it which is what I’ve done over the past 10 years . It’s simply the greatest mattress that God ever created. Please please please listen, don’t even think about getting a mattress with springs go to any mattress store and tried Tempur-pedic I guarantee you you’ll fall in love with it.

  233. Shelby, Campbell

    Very comfortable bed



  235. Finally Sleeping, Madison Heights, VA

    I love my mattress. I would buy this mattress over and over again.

  236. rhs1227, Chicago

    This mattresses is perfect. It forms to your body helping to give a lot of support. I’ve had back issues in the past and this mattress has really helped in comparison to others I’ve had in the past. Would highly recommend.

  237. Mr. Jimi, SE Wisconsin

    I’ve slept on a tempur-pedic before and experienced a good nights rest, so I decided to purchase the hybrid mattress and I am amazed how my body feels every morning. I have no sore body joints and feel fully rested every morning, I am surprised this mattress made a such a significant change in my sleep and body comfort. I recommenced this mattress to a co-worker who purchased a similar tempur-pedic and he has relayed the same results to me. Great product.

  238. Katrina, WA

    Very comfortable, I sleep like a baby. Recommended this product

  239. Satisfied Customer, Lakewood, CO

    This is the 3rd Memory Foam Bed we have owned and by far the most comfortable bed we have owned. We purchased the Easy 2.0 adjustable foundation and it is great for reading and watching TV in bed.

  240. Comfy, San Francisco, CA

    Love my bed!

  241. Doc3801, Munster, IN

    I purchased this needing firm support for my back. It was a little too firm at first. I bought a soft topper and it was perfect.

  242. mg316, Cleveland Ohio

    I toss and turn a lot on this mattress and if I sleep over 6 hours, I wake up with pain in my middle to lower back. I am 6’2″ and weight between 195-200-ish. I have been to both my family practitioner and a chiropractor to confirm that I do not have any back issues, injuries or circumstances that would cause me back pain. I travel for work and will sleep on a hotel mattress at least a couple times a month and usually sleep like a baby with out tossing and turning and with out back pain. My wife also did not like her bed and ask that I put her Next Alexander Hybrid back on her side. I will probably go with a Sealy Posturepedic . I bought them for my 11 and 16 year old and they love them.

  243. Blissfully Sleeping, Orange County, CA

    I had a cloud for 7 years that started to sag and Tempur-Pedic stood up to its promise and fulfilled my warranty. Just a week after my claim I received my new bed. It’s amazing! I am so impressed by them standing by their product and am in love with my new bed. Comfortable on day 1. After 2 spine surgeries (including a fusion) I could not be more comfortable! Slept all night without a bit of pain. Thank you tempurpedic!! You have a customer for life! The pro adapt hybrid medium is the perfect balance of comfort and support.

  244. CP, Denver

    This is my 2nd tempurpedic. I love it! Tried other memory foam beds, they just don’t compare.

  245. Rested in Long Island, Long Island NY

    Tempurpedic mattresses are always very comfortable and allow you to sleep all night – but the lack of a spring response in a typical Tempurpedic can make getting in and out of the bed – and undertaking any other activities that are better with a little bounce – somewhat tedious. However, the ProAdapt solves those issues – while maintaining the comfort of sleeping on a Tempurpedic, when you’re sleeping….

    I got the new adjustable base too and love it – the Zero Gravity setting is amazing. Note that the foot of the bed is up really high when you’re in this position – like literally 4 feet off the ground – which is fine for the person in the bed but I can’t imagine somebody else or a pet trying to join you or depart – instructions state that the bed should be flat when you get in and out of it so that shouldn’t be an issue.

  246. Happy husband, Chicago

    I’ve always had and grown up with spring mattresses so a foam bed was a little hard for me to get used to. Something about bouncing into bed helps me mentally prepare for sleep. The first few weeks I had a hard time getting to sleep because of this. However I did notice once I was asleep I woke up less in the middle of the night. My husband however loved it from night one. He has been a fan of Tempur-Pedic beds so he is more accustomed to it. He falls asleep instantly and deeply. So I would say the type of mattress you are used to plays a part in whether you love it instantly or not.

  247. Reyna, santa fe, nm

    This bed is way too firm for me. I am 5’5 and 200 pounds, medium frame. I am a side sleeper. I experience a lot of neck, back, and shoulder pain. The recommendation for people like me is a medium firm bed, unfortunately Tempur-pedic no longer offers a medium firm in their new line, so I tried the firm and I experienced back, neck and shoulder pain for thirty days. My husband loves the firm, he is much larger than me though. I then traded the firm for a medium, which is better, but feels like it may be a little too soft, and it sinks down quite a bit, which makes it hard to move and hot. I do not know why Tempu-pedic decided to not offer the most popular mattress feel, which is medium firm, it is also the most recommended by pain doctors and regular doctors. If the medium was just a little firmer it would be perfect. The firm just caused me too much pain.

  248. Naren, Newtown, PA

    Mattress is making creaking sound.

  249. CMac, G-ville OH

    Great matress set! Old pillow top style formed a “dip” creating a lack of support and causing hip pain. Noticeable difference after one night sleep on our new TEMPUR-ProAdapt matress and has continued to provide great support and sleep.

  250. Comfortable but HOT!, Philadelphia

    The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept in. It does sleep hot…I wake up at night because the mattress retains body heat; this in turn, makes sleeping through the night difficult. Yes, we use the recommended mattress cover!

  251. Sleeping in Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.

    Previously owned a name brand memory foam. I had it for 4 years and never liked it. This Tempur-ProAdapt is unbelievably nice. From day one I slept better than I have in 4 years. I did add the adjustable base and its also worth every penny. Back pain when I wake up is gone. Great mattress!

  252. Rob, Silver Spring, Maryland

    We owned a Tempur Pedic for 22 years and just upgraded to the Pro Adapt Firm – King size mattress. All I can say is “WOW”. Ultra amazing sleep and super restful mornings. Best investment for the money and results.

  253. Well Rester, Atlanta

    Have had this mattress for 2 weeks now and couldn’t be happier. I travel a lot for work and avid runner so I have back and body aches. This mattress has completely how I feel when I wake up. I bought the medium firmness which is the perfect balance of soft upon laying down but firm to support you all night. We have our 2 smaller dogs in our bed whom move several times a night, which used to wake me up, and you don’t feel their movement at all. I couldn’t recommend it more. No complaints whatsoever.

  254. Well-Rested, San Antonio, TX

    I am not typically one to write reviews, but this mattress is amazing. I’d previously used a high quality memory foam mattress after upgrading from a spring mattress and thought it couldn’t get any better, but it absolutely did. There were two major differences: 1) The temperature regulation which keeps me cool when I’m warm and warm when I’m cold, and 2) The stability feature that affords me undisturbed sleep while lying with my husband on one side and my son on the other. I especially love that this mattress is firm, but still somehow manages to “hug” your body. Finding a firm mattress that isn’t just plain hard has always been a challenge, but the ProAdapt gets it just right.

    Since receiving this mattress in partnership with Tempur-Pedic I have fallen to sleep quicker, returned to sleep quicker after being woken up by my little one, and finally wake up free of shoulder and neck cramps. I would absolutely recommend this mattress to anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and quality of life.

  255. Abe, Illinois

    I am dealing with Temperpeduic from years , I never saw customer service and quality like this a++++++

  256. Spangelina, Arizona

    This mattress was so soft in the store, instant love. My hubby likes a slightly firm mattress, and I prefer sleeping in clouds. The salesperson told us to jump on the bed (we don’t have the electric base) so that it’d add wear to it. The first 2 weeks I slept okay but the bed was firm. It adapted to my body, but honestly I wasn’t comfortable and thought I’d just made a HUGE financial mistake buying it.

    Fast forward 6 weeks and my standpoint has changed, A LOT! The mattress still seems a little firmer when we first lay down, but it adapts to your body and is so comfy. I’ve been getting some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten.

    Hubby is a side/back sleeper and I’m a side/stomach sleeper.

    Side note: both hubby and I were getting weekly, sometimes bi-weekly adjustments at the chiropractor. In the 8 weeks of owning the bed, we’ve each only been adjusted once. Our chiropractor said that the bed is really helping us by providing the support we need in our necks/backs.

  257. Nschoochoo, Ga

    My back and legs are not supported in this bed. My Fitbit says I don’t get any deep sleep on this mattress. My husband loves it but I can’t take another night.

  258. Sleeping Well in New Jersey, Vineland, New Jersey

    I originally purchased the Adapt Medium Hybrid model and hated it. After several sleepless nights, I went to several different stores and tried out other tempur pedic models. The Pro Adapt Series is definitely a significant upgrade from the Adapt series. The Pro Adapt Series does just what it says “advanced pressure relief for deep relaxation.” The Pro Adapt series is also very relaxing in the SOFT firmness especially when lying on your back, but I noticed that the medium model provides a bit more support when you turn on your side. Since I suffer from back, neck, and shoulder issues, I needed a mattress that adapts to my body and provides pressure relief without the discomfort.

    What works for one person may not work for another. Try out as many tempur pedic beds as possible before buying. The company definately has something for everyone. Also, get a pillow that will compliment the mattress firmness. Certain pillows feel great with some mattresses but take on a different feel and can be quite uncomfortable when you switch mattresses. Overall, the Pro Adapt Series is a great mattress. You just have to find the model/series that works for you.

  259. Barb G, St. Louis, MO

    I love the mattress and it’s very comfortable the only thing the top of the mattress material is very slippery so when you put on a mattress pad it is very slippery and slides. I wish they had used a different material for the top part of the mattress. You can purchase a mattress protector from them but I’ve read some reviews and sounds like it bunches up and is slippery also.

  260. Brittany M., York

    In August my boyfriend and I decided it was time to replace a really old and uncomfortable BeautyRest Mattress. After doing some research (and help of family members owning a Tempur-Pedic product) I had finally convinced my boyfriend into purchasing the ProAdapt Medium. I use to wake up every morning with numb arms and an aching back, and now I wake up every morning feeling refreshed. If I could change anything, I wish it was easier to put sheets on, but I use my adjustable base to help me!

  261. No backpain!, Churubusco IN

    My wife and I have suffered from back pain for years now, it was crazy how in one night our back pain was gone and has never returned. So comfortable but definitely a little different to get used to! Thanks

  262. Alex, Chicago, IL

    Love tempurpedic and this one is even better than my first.

  263. kenbet, 28625

    My husband and I purchased the Tempur-pedic adjustable bed on the advise of my Dr. We decided on the Adapt-Pro Luxe soft mattress. It was well worth taking his advise! I have joint/muscle issues and this bed truly does seem to take a lot of the stress off the body. I slightly elevate the head to sleep and NO sleep issues! Anyone having acid reflux will benefit from the elevated head. I have had several nights that I will sleep 5-6 hours without waking once. This is awesome for me! My husband claims he is more comfortable on this mattress than he has ever been before…waking totally pain free. I would definitely recommend this model to anyone having pain sleep issues. It is a horrible expense, but well worth the money involved. As for the temper-pedic support folks….they were great helping us solve a child lock shutdown on one of our remotes. I give this product a full thumbs up for sleep comfort.

  264. Cabbages, Houston

    Well worth the cost. Very comfortable

  265. Well rested in Texas, Waco, Tx

    Had been putting off buying a new mattress and now realize how much our old mattress was impacting our sleep. Most comfortable mattress we have ever owned and that includes a water bed. Well worth the cost

  266. 1st Time Tempurpedic User, El Paso, TX

    Firm enough to support, yet soft enough to adapt to your body this mattress provides a good night’s rest.

  267. Unhappy Sleeper, Iowa

    This bed is wonderful for my husband who likes to sleep on anything rock solid and generally uncomfortable for the rest of the world. We spent quite a deal of money on this bed after lots of urging from a salesman about how wonderful it would be for both of us. It’s not. I like to sleep on a cloud and want to sink into my bed. I thought I could get used to this bed and I cannot. We will be returning to our local Slumberland and getting a replacement of some kind that will allow me to sleep and not keep me awake in pain, tossing and turning. My 6 month old should be keeping me awake, not the uncomfortable new, highly expensive mattress we bought.

  268. Rested, Morgantown indiana

    We love it. Wake up feeling rested. Very comfortable. Puts you in a deep sleep. Very happy we bought it.

  269. Rested, Lindstrom Mn

    this is our first king size Tempur-pedic and we love it! The firm yet supple feeling is what we like the most-plus having the extra room with a king size offers is even better. We also have the remote adjustable platform which comes in very handy as well. We will have this for many years I’m sure

  270. Very Happy Sleeper, San Antonio, Tx

    I sleep through the entire night. I don’t toss and turn anymore. My body doesn’t ache from being so uncomfortable.
    Purchasing this mattress, is by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made!

  271. Sleep Easy, Southfield, Michigan

    I’m 54 and recently purchased my ProAdapt Firm mattress and adjustable base at the Novi Home show. This mattress is the best! I should have made the investment along time ago. It is the absolutely best sleep experience I’ve ever had. Just sitting in bed watching my new TV with the head raised is a blessing. It’s like a staycation. The purchase included 2 pillows and a sheet set and extended warranty.

  272. Kind of sleeper, Ms

    We haven’t gotten to fully enjoy our bed yet. My wife is nearly 9 months pregnant and has had to sleep with the head and feet up. Don’t get me wrong, I sleep no problem! I’m just looking forward to sleeping in it as a bed and not a chair!

  273. Mr. ZZZZ’s, Tampa, FL

    I’m sleeping much better on my Tempur-ProAdapt Firm mattress than I had been on my old and considerably softer mattress. Whether I sleep on my side or back I rest comfortably and awaken without the stiffness I experienced with my previous mattress.
    This is a fairly expensive mattress, but if you can fit it in your budget it’s worth every penny. I don’t regret for a moment having made this purchase.

  274. Sleep through the night, Flint, Mi

    After the first two weeks; we now sleep all night.

  275. KJF, O’Fallon, MO

    I have only had the mattress just under a month, but I am enjoying it greatly. At first, it took some time to get use to the firmness and how it molded around my body as I slept. After a few nights I really appreciate the comfort it provides and how it has helped with my back issues.
    The product is of the highest quality and sometimes you have to realize that you have to pay a little more for something that will help you as it has myself.
    It is worth the money to be able to sleep and not wake up stiff and sore. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone with back problems.

  276. Mrs. Accordion, MI

    Love this product. My back aches are gone. Also purchased the pillows and they are also great. Best decision for a great night of sleep.

  277. Best Sleeper, Canfield, Ohio

    Simply the best!!!! Words can’t explain it, an hour trying it in the store can’t explain it either. Wait till you sleep on the mattress all night and become a believer. Simply said it’s amazing!

  278. Deciding, Lubbock, TX

    We both chose the Medium Pro-Adapt when we were in the showroom, but the mattress we received seems much harder than the one in the showroom. My husband loves the firmness of the mattress but he is 190 lbs and 6’1″. I am only 105 lbs and 5′ 4″ and think I need the Soft Pro-Adapt. We do have a split adjustable so we might exchange for one soft twin XL and one medium twin XL. I will give it a couple of weeks but I have been having shoulder and back pain. We had a Tempur-Pedic for 17 years before getting this new mattress and I loved it, but my husband really needed a firmer bed. STILL LOVE Tempur-Pedic products!!!

  279. Jenn & Lee, Ludlow, MA

    Love the Mattress & service was amazing. Thank you Karen in West Hartford

  280. Dee, Buffalo , NY

    Our new Hybrid mattress is so comfortable. We are no longer sore when waking up in the morning and tossing and turning are over!

  281. Brandon T, Virginia Beach, VA

    I used to toss and turn trying to get completely comfortable, but with this bed I fall alseep fast. I wake up refreshed and feel like I have more energy througout the day.

  282. Reluctant spendet, Abilene TX

    My wife and I have been looking to buy a new mattress for some time. We both have back problems. I was looking at many different memory foam mattress but none of them will support weight over 200 lbs. Unbeknown to me my wife went furniture shopping before Christmas. She called me and asked me to come and check the mattress out. We decided on the Pro adapt medium split king. All I can say is we are both having the best sleep ever. We both wake up with no back or neck pain. After a week of sleeping on the new mattress, one evening I said to my wife that I could remember many years ago that I would never spend that kind of money on a bed. I am glad that we did.

  283. Happy Sleeper, Boston

    I had a great experience at Jordan’s furniture buying my temperpedic mattress. I purchased the soft option and should have gone a little firmer. But I made the selection, so I have to live with it. It’s far superior to my old mattress. I also looked at sleep number bed, but chose temperpedic.

  284. WF, ALABAMA


  285. ComfortZZZZZs, Reston, VA

    My wife and I have never had a tempur-pedic before, so although we wanted the upgrade, we were suspicious of the hype, especially about the reduction of body aches. Prior to this purchase, I had been waking up with stiffness & aches in my lower back and hip areas for some time. After the first night on our new mattress, I awoke the next morning – and every morning for the past 2+ weeks – totally free of aches & stiffness! We both have had more restful and deeper sleep, as well. The comfort level is better than we both thought possible. Highly recommended!

  286. deli, Henderson, NV

    Changed my very old but hardly used queen-size firm mattress and decided to reward myself with a tempur pedic. The experience with the retail store wasn’t the best, having to have the mattress changed 4 different times due to wrong mattress delivery. I purchased the king size (split) medium hybrid pro adapt but they delivered the soft mattress by mistake the first time. Tried it for 2 nights and didn’t like it. They picked up the soft mattress only to deliver a medium mattress. Again, tried it for a month (per the store’s recommendation), but returned it after a month and they finally delivered the correct mattress after 2 1/2 months.

    It took me almost a week before I truly appreciated the mattress. At first, I found it hard to move and change positions, and also still found the mattress a little firm to my liking. It all changed after a week or so. Waking up in the morning has been less painful with no struggles, and no muscle and/or back pains.

    I love that the mattress have some kind of cooling effect. Choosing the medium-hybrid was the right decision.
    I enjoy the versatility of the base and its special features.

    The only thing I didnt particularly like was how the sheets get out of place every time I use the incline/decline positions of the base. I fixed the problem by buying suspenders :).

  287. Bothrops1, MPLS, MN

    From the first night with this mattress, I’ve slept better than I have in decades. I don’t toss and turn like I used to. I often wake up in the same position in which I fell asleep. The first few steps out of bed are no longer tender. Knee pain and hip pain are absent. To say I’m happy with this mattress would be a serious understatement. I give this as high of a recommendation as I can possible give!

  288. Grateful, Oakland, CA

    I have been using a Tempur-Pedic mattress since the year 2000, and have recommended it to many friends. I still love it, but moved from New York to California, so thought it was a good time for a new one. The new Tempur-Pedic mattresses all looked different–much thicker, and with a textured top instead of my old smooth one. But now with my new Tempur-ProAdapt Firm, my back stills says “Thank you!” when I lie down. When I invite friends to try it, they also say “Thank you!”

  289. vic, mansfield ohio

    we get a great nights sleep on it///////. back don’t hurt anymore//////

  290. ej, Yokohama Japan

    I had some reservations about getting mattress this firm. My wife likes them this way but I was concerned it would be too firm. That wasn’t the case, it’s very comfortable and with the base I get to use Zero G which makes my back feel much better.

  291. Great Sleeper, Northville

    Very comfortable. Solved sore back and shoulder problems.

  292. Sleeper, Belleville,On

    I have slept on a lot of mattress’s be it spring,nanocoils but after this memory foam mattress I cant rest on anything else.

    A must try if you like the feeling of sinking in a deep rem sleep.

  293. Warm sleeper, Burke Va

    We got the Proadapt medium. It took about 4 weeks to break it in (before that it was hurting my lower back) and now feels great to sleep on. Not sure about the “cooltouch cover”, as my husband and I both sleep warm on this bed. He’s always cold so for him to say he’s warm, and removes the flat sheet off of him, says a lot.
    I love the bed but will be exchanging it for a breeze model. Hope I can find one as comfy as this one. 🙁

  294. Difficult Sleeper, North Olmsted, OH

    I have health issues and needed a good quality bed that I can adjust. I love my new bed, finding it easy to use and worth every penny. I have a sleeping disorder, and I find that I can fall asleep much easier with my new bed, and I remain asleep longer. My quality of sleep has improved and helps with my health issues. My kitty loves the bed too. She plays with it whenever I am adjusting it, attacking it as though something alive is within. Just all around a fun and comforting product for me. Thank you Tempur-pedic!

  295. Mocitytexan, Sugar Land Texas

    I’m a side sleeper so to be honest it took a about a week to adjust. Now it is very comfortable. It is very cool when I first lay down but does warm as the night goes in. All in all very comfortable.

  296. Tempur-Pedic Forever!, Cincinnati, Ohio

    We have been sleeping in comfort on Tempur-Pedic for the last 11 years. We had a 20 year warranty and when our mattress developed a swag we upgraded to a Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid. It took a while for our bodies to adjust to the firmer coil make up but as soon as it did our sleep has never been better. Thank you Temper- Pedic!

  297. Captain, Latham NY

    I love the comfort of my new mattress but finding sheets that fit at an affordable price has been a challenge.

  298. Restful sleep, Aurora co

    I really didn’t expect it to be this comfortable… The very first night my wife and I were pleased when we got up in the morning … I was told that it would take between six and 12 weeks to get used to it …quite frankly we were used to it in one night!!.. A little pricey but well worth every penny in my opinion.. no more back pain !!! .. and stiffness I am well satisfied!

  299. Satisfied sleeper, Omaha

    I was a bit hesitant about spending this much money for a mattress. I’m so glad that my husband talked me into it. It has been worth every penny! We sleep so sound and comfortably, we have a hard time getting up.. But look very forward to my retreat when I get to climb in it each night. Very satisfied!

  300. Customer for life, Waukon,Ia

    After 9 years Rhapsody mattress broke down,they replaced it with Pro Adapt medium Hybrid love it.A real pleasure to work with a company that stands behind its product!

  301. Jim-GA, Grayson, GA

    We have owned a TempurPedic mattress for many years, our old queen size was still as good as new, we put it in our guest room. My wife needed a firm mattress due to back and hip pain. The Tempur- ProAdapt Firm mattress was just the ticket. We have slept on it for 45 days and she has been pain free ever since. It takes at least 30 days to get broken in, at first it was too firm for me but now I am very comfortable sleeping on it.

  302. Sleepy Me, NYC

    At this point not having a memory fiam mattress is madness. Any why not get the best? This mattress is amazing. Comfortable, supportive, not hot. We love it!!

  303. Sleeping well, Cohoes, NY

    I love this mattress. I no longer wake up with a low back ache since this one supports me where I need it most. I also love that when myself or my husband gets in/out of bed when the other is already in it’s less noticeable & does not interrupt our sleep. We also love the zero gravity setting & use it every day to unwind when we get home from work. My only dislike is that I was told the mattress would keep us cooler & adjust to out body heat. We also purchased the more expensive cover as it has the same effect (talked into it by salselady) & it seems to have blocked the cooling sensation. I don’t notice it as much. All in all the mattress great, but I feel the cost is high for good mattresses.

  304. Better sleeper, Las Vegas, NV

    My wife has sciatica and, since using this mattress, those pains have decreased to the point where she can sleep through the night. I like it too; so comfortable.

  305. Im a Pain-Fee Sleeper, Harlingen, TX

    From the very first night I slept soundly and my lower back pain that I experienced prior to owning my Pro-Adapt mattress was now gone and I enjoyed a great night of sleep.

  306. Hubby is happy, New York, NY

    This mattress is VERY firm, it works well for my husband’s back but too firm for me, luckily, I read the reviews and one person stated the mattress topper solved the probuand it really did! However, if there are two of you, I would highly recommend getting the split to keep everyone happy, especially when one wants the head up and the other would like it flat.

  307. Happy Camper, Chicago, Illinois

    Due to temps here in Chicago,it took a few days for the mattress to completely “thaw” out! So it was too firm until then…could have used better warning in this regard.

  308. Thankful Sleeper, State College, PA

    I have degenerative disk disease in my entire spine and deal with constant pain. Back spasms are also an ongoing challenge I deal with. Before purchasing this mattress, I ended up having to sleep on our couch for two months. Now I am able to have quality sleep for the entire night. My back pain has gone from level 8 to level 3-4. It has given me much quality of life improvement.

  309. Joe, New Jersey

    I am just in the market for a Mattress and I visited the Englishtown NJ Store and what clean and beautiful displays with pillow covers given to each person for sanitary reason when trying mattresses so you can lay your head on a pillow and not worry about the last person. I would not want to go to another mattress store again otjer than Tempurpedic.

  310. Kat, Tehachapi CA

    This is our second Tempur-pedic mattress. Our first one was a Cloud Supreme. The Pro-Adapt hybrid provides more support and is much cooler to sleep on than our first one. Definitely recommend!

  311. Squeak52, Panama City, FL

    Best mattress purchase we’ve made in many years. I thought the price of our new mattress was a little more than what we were willing to pay, but, we took a leap of faith… The wife and I can’t believe how we no longer toss and turn during our sleep… Well worth the money… We’ll not own anything else…… It has eliminated my wife’s hip joint pains… We also purchased the adjustable platform and it has helped with my acid reflux that happens when I eat spicy foods too late… What can I say? We know we bought well….. Thanks

  312. Love my bed, Coos Bay, OR

    We owned the Rhaspody for under 10 years. We noticed it sagging and uncomfortable and waking up with a backache. Called Tempurpedic exlpained our situation and they replaced our bed with the ProAdapt hybrid what a nice bed we love it we have only had it a week first night slept like a baby Thank You Tempurpedic.

  313. Comfy Firm, Rochester, Michigan

    We decided to go with the firm mattress, for good support. I have to admit, initially it felt a bit hard (only because my old mattress was so horribly soft), but after a week I got used to the feeling and it is wonderful. I would recommend this 100%

  314. Happy Customer, Greenwood, IN

    I had problems with stiffness in my hips when first getting up in the morning. After purchasing the Tempur-Pedic I no longer experience that issue. The medium firmness is much more firm than my old mattress and did take a few nights to acclimate, however, the improvement in hip comfort was immediate. I am very happy with this purchase.

  315. Best Night Sleep Ever, Morgantown, WV

    Life Changing

  316. Love my bed, Vacaville, CA

    This bed is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. I sleep better than ever and have less pain than I have had in a long, long time. It forms to every curve right away so falling asleep is easy. It’s difficult to get out of in the morning, only because it is so comfortable.

  317. Quality Sleep-40 years later., Memphis,TN

    We ordered the AdaptPro Firm mattress. It was a pricey purchase, but after the first night sleeping on it, we concluded it was worth every dollar dime and cent. We have been sleeping wrong ALL OUR LIVES. LOL. We are sleeping more sound and getting more quality sleep. We don’t feel any movement from the other person. We love everything about it and wouldn’t change anything.

  318. Happy Camper, Cordova tn

    Always woke up with lower back pain. Not once since I got the pro adapt have I had this issue. Only problem is now I dont want to get out of bed !!

  319. Axman, Eagan, MN

    Typically, we have a 30-60 day acclimation period . This product was an excellent choice with no “break in” period or any discomfort from the start. We are very pleased with our choice. It is now very difficult to get out of bed on these cold winter morning here in Minnesota!!!! And movement by either of us does not disturb the other. Motionless!!! Awesome.

  320. Gilbert, Chula Vista Ca

    Very comfortable

  321. Out from the haze of poor sleep, Washington

    I use this product to finally get a nights sleep, a solid, pain free, rejuvenated nights sleep.

  322. Happy Customer, California

    Better than any other mattress I’ve ever had, even better when you pair it with the adjustable base!

  323. Edub, Miami, Fl.

    Love this bed!!! Get a full eight hours of sleep!
    Wake up like new every day! Would definitely purchase again!

  324. Rested Finally, Sanford, FL

    We have had other “memory foam” products and they just don’t measure up to this set! This is the most comfortable and full night’s sleep we have had ever. Thank you for designing, manufacturing, and providing such a wonderful prioduct.

  325. Wonderful Cocoon, Greenvillle, SC

    I honestly can’t say enough good things about our ProAdapt Firm mattress. My husband and I waited ten years to purchase a good mattress (we were so confused by the number of choices and the prices). We went to a local furniture/appliance store in Greenville, SC and the sales person was so knowledgeable that we knew instantly what would work. Although it is firm, there are times when we are deep in sleep and don’t want to leave the bed at our alarm. There are mornings when I have the feeling that I’ve been in the most amazing cocoon, and the best part is my back doesn’t hurt in the morning either (unlike our old mattress). Thank you Temperpedic for making this mattress. Even our parents visiting during Thanksgiving asked us what in the world they were sleeping on the next morning–they’d never had such comfortable sleep. I bragged about this bed to them and hope they’ll get one too.

  326. Grateful, Los ángeles Ca

    When my husband decided to get rid of my mattress I’d cried we kept that one for 20 years but we bought another and I can’t be happier I only wish to have a longest nights so we can enjoy every bit of my cozy soft mattress

  327. Alex, Orlando, FL

    I had a Tempurpedic bed for about 10 years now before I bought this. I had twin XLs before but wanted a full King size. The old mattresses are still in decent shape for their age. This one appears to be made even better so I imagine that with care it will last even longer.

  328. Sleepin in NJ, New Jersey

    Our first Tempur-pedic lasted nearly 18 years. The Pro Adapt Firm is comfortably cool and is a guaranteed restful sleep. We have a total of four in the house and they are the only mattresses we will sleep on.

  329. TempurGrateful, California

    I finally got my Tempurpedic mattress and I’m sleeping better than ever. My matress is firm, yet comfortable and supportive. I wake up refreshed and happy. It is simply the best purchase I have ever made.

  330. Satch, Kingston,N.Y.

    A good night’s sleep every day.Great support for your back and consistently firm.

  331. Happy Dreams, FL

    I was amazed at how soon my acid reflux subsided when I could sleep at an angle. The wife also needed a reticulating bed due to her illness. Thanks for providing a wonderful set of beds. We have the split king and love it!!

  332. Sleeping like a baby, Atlanta, GA

    My wife and I had a nice mattress, but it was starting to get close to 8 years old and we gradually started waking up with back and hip pain. (Keep in mind we are only in our 30’s and active) We decided to order a Tempur-Pedic mattress sight unseen from their website based on some quick research and couldn’t be happier. The mattress is perfect and we are thinking about getting them for our kids as well. We would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good, restful nights sleep!

  333. Rockyboy, Portland Mi

    My hips were hurting. Now I have no issues with my hips after buying my temperpedic matress.

  334. Peaceful sleeper, San Francisco, CA

    I have multiple tempur pedic mattresses around the home and when I needed to get a mattress for a vacation home of mine, I only considered temper pedic! It is the more relaxing bed that provides the ultimate sleep experience! The minute I jump in, I can feel my body begin to relax and rest. I don’t toss or turn during the night. I sleep so comfortably through the night and wake refreshed the next morning. I’m so happy this is the mattress I decided to go with! Quality sleep is what you get with a tempur pedic! If you’re on the fence between two products, their guaranty is what makes it worth trying! You know they will help you find the one that is best for you! Go with a tempur pedic! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  335. Anya, Boston MA

    I’m really glad I made this investment. I look forward to going to bed every night! The feel is amazing. My previous mattress was terrible so probably just about any new mattress would be a huge upgrade but I am very happy I went with Tempurpedica

  336. Laredo, Charlottesvile, VA

    We’ve had it for two week and so far, we like it.

  337. Happy sleeper, Kansas City, mo

    Best sleep ever.

  338. Very Happy Buyer, Apex, NC

    Before I was able to try my friends tempurpedic, I was so set on getting a sleep number. I thought sleep number was the best option, because I get cold when I sleep and tempurpedic was hot to sleep on. Boy was I wrong – the first couple nights I was a bit warm bc I’m used to keeping the heat on higher to stay warm, but after I figured out the house temperature thing, this bed has been a godsend. I never want to get up in the morning. The pro adapt medium is perfect for a little softness, but still some structure to allow for “activities”

  339. Real sleep, Emmett, Id

    Will be Absolutely Amazing…

  340. Sur, Ohio

    Should have gotten this mattress years ago!!!

  341. Boomer, Minnesota

    I purchased the king size bed for my husband as he was having sleep issues. No more – he loves the bed and rests so much better. We are waiting for the installers to return my call to customer service last week as the adjustable frame was not installed correctly (the mattress slides off the foot of the bed frame if we put the bed in the upright position). Pending their satisfactory correction if that issue I can’t say enough good things about the bed.

  342. Deep Sleeper, Salt Lake City

    We are on night 4 with this bed and are loving it. We exchanged a purple 4 for this and it’s flap much better. My wife and I both toss and turn significantly less because the memory foam just cradles. My low back, and hip pain from the purple mattress has disappeared, and my shoulders also don’t hurt. Very pleased so far!

  343. David, Brooklyn Iowa

    Have only had the mattress for a week but my hip pain is eased up

  344. Beview, Capitol Heights MD

    After receiving my tempurpedic life is grand it has made a big difference with my joint and back pain due to my autoimmune disease.

  345. Old lady, Olathe, KS

    We had a temper-pedic, which was a “firm” one and we loved it. My husband was having issues with snoring, so we decided to get the new split king ProAdapt. It is amazing, I haven’t heard my husband snoring since we got the new mattress! And the light underneath is great to have at night and the vibrating part of the mattress in beyond description!!!!! The medium model is great for our old bones!!

  346. Antonia, San Diego

    Love my mattress!! I have a back issue and this mattress makes all the difference for physical state.

  347. Happy Sleeper, Texas

    This is a great product that is worth every penny! I’m a terrible sleeper in general, so was skeptical if a mattress could really make any difference. After trying beds from a few other brands, I was pretty sure that was the case. Then I tried the new Tempur bed and have noticed a huge improvement in how rested I feel the next day. No more waking up when my wife moves around!

  348. LG Shepard, Bakersfield CA

    Replaced our five year old traditional mattress with the hybrid –
    husband loves the way he feels when getting out of bed in the morning, likes how the bed conforms to body shape and really appreciates that he doesn’t fell the bed move when wife is restless and is getting up at the wee hours of the moring. Wife enjoys a great night of sleep when she returns home after a week of business travel.

  349. cozy sleeper, Auburn CA

    This bed is so comfortable, we don’t want to get out of it. We sleep so sound and cozy.
    No more sleep aids for me, love our new bed! We love our split Cal King, it works wonders for our
    bad backs, love adjusting it to comfortable positions. I could go on and on.

  350. smother sleeping, biloxi, ms

    does not move when i get up ,great will not wake up husband.

  351. Dallas Sleeper, Dallas, TX

    I could write a thesis on sleep, but I will sum it up in a very few words; the most fantastic, wonderful night sleep in my lifetime.

  352. Grammy Cheri, Philipsburg, PA

    This mattress is very comfortable and doesn’t seem to get as warm as the original which we have on another bed and bought many years ago. We got the adjustable and like being able to raise it if need too. We also got the pillows but am not as happy with them. Got the Medium and I like a firm pillow but they do not seem to give at all which cannot adjust to support my neck.

  353. realguy123, Tallahassee, FL

    I slept on a Tempurpedic about a decade ago. My girlfriend at the time had one, and it was great. I slept on it for several years, but after we broke up I did no *think* I could not afford it. But when was experiencing severe back pain at the age of 41, I started shoping for a new bed. I laid on Temperpedics and SealynPosterpedics at several different stores. I pullled the trigger on the Temperpedic and the back pain is gone. No more doctor copays and hurting. Do not consider this just a bed. It is medical treatment for the prevention and reversal of back pain. Get it. Do not think twice.

  354. Val, Miami, FL

    I love my mattress!!!! It is a pleasure to sleep every night on this tempur pedic

  355. Sleeping like a baby, Las Vegas

    I haven’t slept this good in years. Wish I would have bought it sooner

  356. No more back pain, Minneapolis, MN

    This mattress has really helped alleviate my morning back soreness. It’s supportive but still very soft and does a great job keeping me cool! I recommend it to everyone!

  357. Mike, rochester new york

    I’m 57 years old and for 25 years I woke up with lower back pain, literately had to grab my knee to get out of bed every single morning. I accepted that it was just going to be that way the rest of my life. My wife talked me into this mattress and i hesitantly went for it. In retrospect, the best move I ever made. Back pain completely gone the first night. It is amazing to wake up and not be in pain. Worth every penny!!

  358. Queen Sleeper, Prineville, OR

    Loving our new bed. We have the medium hybrid. No squeaks, super comfy. Only problem is I don’t want to get out of it in the morning.

  359. Scott, Detroit mi

    Never can put a price on health and wellness. At first I was Leary because I like the feel and coziness of traditional mattress. First night sleeping on it and I feel like a new person! Great product

  360. Oakheart, Melbourne, FL

    I have chronic neck & back pain. It has been a long time since I’ve felt this good in the morning. I’m more comfortable through the night and sleep much better.
    We always had a traditional spring mattress and it did take a little getting used to, but we love that we won’t accidentally wake the other when we work different shifts.

  361. Refreshed sleeper, Uniontown OH

    Very comfortable in all positions. A little soft near the edges but if you don’t hang over the edges you will love it. Sleep better and longer than on any other mattress!

  362. Dallas Sleeper, Dallas, TX

    Nothing better

  363. A Happy Back, Ocala, FL

    I can’t say enough about this mattress! For the last 5 years, i’ve been killing myself with traditional mattresses. Well no more! After sleeping on my new Tempurpedic Proadapt, I will never go back to a traditional mattress. The Tempur-Proadapt is so comfortable. It’s a great mattress!!!

  364. Kitty, Wentzville, MO

    I am so happy we found this mattress it is amazing!

  365. Say hello to comfort, Astoria or

    Great mattress sleep much better at night!! Only issue is the sheets do not stay on. I thought it was the$170 mattress protector that was slipping the sheets off. But it wasn’t. They continue to fall off every night. I have the extra deep pocketed sheets too….

  366. Snick, Detroit, Michigan

    I just bought the Pro Adapt medium a week ago and I love it already. Before this bed I used to wake up alot throughout the night, and my new Tempur literally had me sleeping like a log and I didnt wake up once. The next morning I didnt even want to get out of bed ! So happy that I made this purchase.

  367. Poconos Sleeper, Poconos, PA

    For the past 25 years I have only had the pleasure of sleeping on hand-me-down mattresses that probably should have just gone to the trash. I would constantly wake up with back pain, toss and turn throughout the night, and just could not get a good nights sleep.

    My wife and I were reluctant to get a new mattress. The cost to us was shocking. We did not feel comfortable spending the amount but we knew we needed one.

    Well, we are glad we did. Since the first night we haven’t had a bad nights sleep. We are so glad we chose this model and were also happy that the “soft” feel was still firm enough for the both of us. My back pain has since disappeared and each night I’m glad to get a good nights sleep.

    If you have any doubts, put them to rest. This mattress is worth the price and you’ll have a better nights sleep because of it.

  368. Stanley, Long Beach, CA

    It’s definitely worth it. I recommend it to everyone.

  369. Jrs, Cypress Tx

    We tried a mattress in a box nd ended up throwing it away in 2 years. Our new TempurPedic is by far the most comfortable and highest quality mattress we’ve ever owned. Great back support in all positions. Definitely worth the money.

  370. sca, monterey ca


  371. Sleeper, Los Angeles

    Split King with adjustable base: Excellent comfort whether sleeping, reading, watching TV, etc. Definitely worth spending the extra to get the Ergo Extend Adjustable Base so that when you adjust to a more upright position neither you or your mattress slide down toward the foot of the bed. And the mattress does not sleep “hot”. (We had the original Tempurpedic mattress for many years and loved it, but decided to upgrade to the adjustable series, which is excellent.)

  372. Happy Sleeper, Tucson, AZ

    No more pain waking up in the morning

  373. Maseman, Terre Haute, IN

    I love my king size mattress. I sleep better than I have in years, and my back no longer hurts when I wake up. I haven’t found anything wrong with it yet.

  374. Sleeping beauty, Saint Paul, MN

    LOVE the bed we purchased and won’t ever stray away from Tempurpedic!! So worth the money and great sleep! Highly recommend!!

  375. Em, Indianapolis

    I purchased the pro adapt soft. Mattress was very firm at first but after sleeping on it for a few nights it got much softer. It’s like sleeping on a cloud

  376. Cloud 9, Wilmer, Al

    I am sleeping on cloud 9 now. We went from a regular pillowtop that after 5 years have up. This mattress seems a bit hard at 1st however did get softer in the next few months. We are both heavy people and we have jumped on the bed a few times, never has an issue. I ordered this online, took less than 2 weeks for delivery. Delivery was so easy and professional. Worth the $$ especially if you add uo all the years of different mattress purchases in your lifetime. We enjoying it!

  377. Perfect Sleeper, Baton Rouge, La

    I love how the mattres adjusts to my body. I had terrible back pain before purchasing this mattress and now that is no longer a problem.

  378. MrEscalera, Eagle Colorado

    I truly enjoy getting a good night sleep, temperpedic has made this possible.

  379. Berly, Houston

    I love the mattress but the pillows are not as good as they used to be

  380. Tombstone, Eagle Mountain, UT

    Having major back problems because of my injured back and my old bed did not help at all. Felt pain everyday, but now with my tempur-proAdapt, I feel no more pain!

  381. Refreshed, Glendale, CA

    Feel rested when I wake up in the morning.

  382. Roger, Monongahela PA

    This is by far the best mattress we have ever owned. Definitely worth every penny. Love it!

  383. LZzzzzz, Brooklyn NY

    Every morning I wake up feeling fresh, full of energy, and ready to start my day. On my old box spring I felt like my world was over every morning. Thank you tempurpedic

  384. comfortable customer, cincinnati, oh

    Purchased a medium hybrid but it was a little too soft for my parents so with their 90 day guarantee, switched out to a firm mattress with ease! Their customer service was great!

  385. Tyson, old bridge, NJ

    My lower back pain is finally going away thanks to my new mattress

  386. Jimmy Sleeps-Well, Raleigh, NC

    My back pain is GONE! I went with the Medium-Hybrid and it is fantastic. It’s not everyday we think beds can change your life, this one has done it. Every aspect of my life has improved since my purchase.

  387. Woody, Aztec, NM

    Mattress is so very comfortable and I love the variety of options with the base.

  388. Happy Firm Sleeper, Bryan, TX

    Just purchased the firm model. It’s our second tempurpedic and we’re loving it!

  389. Puppy on the bed sleepers, Boise

    Best sleep ever on our new mattress. Kept us both at the perfect temperature and even the dog stayed in one place all night! So good not to be woken up every time the puppy changed position!

  390. Comfortably Numb at Night, Pasadena, MD

    One purchase we have never regretted! The world just melts away. This is the best way to spend 1/3 of your life!

  391. Best Sleep Ever, Nashville, TN

    I love this bed! It is comfortable and adjusts to my body. I never want to get out of it.

  392. Sleeping like a baby, Murphys,Ca

    Love this mattress! We have been sleeping on a full Mattress for 4 years so upgrading to a cal king and to a tempur- pro adapt has been heaven. I sleep like a baby !

  393. Kris, Chicago

    Had a bad back and now I don’t! About 3 weeks into sleeping on this thing my pain went away. I’m in shock.

  394. Comfy Chick, Ravenna, OH

    This mattress is worth every penny. Supportive and wonderful! The only criticism I have is about the cooling cover. You only really feel the effects of it if you don’t use a sheet, but the texture of the cover is a bit uncomfortable to sleep on. Overall though, great investment in our sleep quality!

  395. Well rested, Greenbrae, California

    I had doubts about the softness and comfort, you can’t really get a good feel in a mattress store. But the first nights skeep was amazing and it’s obly supposed to get better. Very impressed

  396. Blissful In Florida, Navarre, Florida

    Up until recently,(after our bed arrived) I didn’t know what a good nights sleep was. I would toss and turn all night and wake up tired and sore. I wake with so much energy and my husband even stated I’m not cranky in the mornings anymore.
    My husband flops when he sleeps and it would wake me through out the night…now all I can say is flop on honey flop on!
    Now my only complaint IF I really wanted to have one is that it sleeps warm so we do not need the heavier blankets.

  397. Very rested, Sartell

    Best sleep ever!!!

  398. Sandy slumbers, Las Vegas nv

    After spilling red wine on my 15 year old tempurpedic I splurged and got a new one. Best bed ever

  399. Happy sleeper in Texas, Victoria, Tx

    We’ve been a Tempur-Pedic customer for 2 decades and I don’t see that changing in our future. Just replaced our old mattress and we’re so happy we did. Amazing!

  400. Happy, New york

    We have gone through 3 other king beds in 11 years. This time I wanted something that was comfortable and would last a decade. So far the comfort is on point and I am hoping it holds up like they claim.

  401. John Baptist, Los Angeles

    I couldn’t be more happier with my purchase. I sleep on my side so I elected to go with the Soft- ProAdapt mattress. My previous mattress was 8 years old so it was definitely time for an upgrade.

    This mattress changed my life! No more waking up in the morning feeling tired from tossing turning all night. Its so soft it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud!!! This is truly the best mattress on the market.

  402. kchughes, Houston

    Best nights sleep ever on the our new Pro-Adapt split king and the tempur pedic sheets & pillow cases are a great combination with the mattresses.

  403. Good Sleep, Hendersonville TN

    So far it is very comfortable and love the different positions. Glad we took the plunge and bought the TempurPedic.

  404. Sleeping on a Cloud, Lakeville, MN

    I have wanted to try a Tempurpedic for years when they first were on the market. I bought mine in January 2019. It has been a most comfortable sleeping experience. I love the adjustable frame also.

  405. Marie, Middletown De

    About 25 years ago I purchased a Tempurpedic Queen size mattress and box spring. My husband and I needed a mattress as his back was not in the best of shape, and our chiropractor suggested we look into this. We ordered this bed thru a catalog back then from the chiropractor and we were a bit skeptical. but in giving this bed a 30v day review we found this bed to be the best out there on the market. Although back then it was pricey, but there’s no price to put on a restful sleep. After 30 days we found that our sleep was more restful, and we didn’t move as much as we used to during the night, and moving around did not interfere with my husband either. The sleep was actually worth waiting for at night. I knew we got the BEST BED EVER… Here today we decided to give our old Tempurpedic to my son and treat ourselves to a new bed so we decided to look on line at the newer ones. I knew I had to try them all out so I went to the store and tried each one.. Fell in love with the Pro Adapt and went for broke with the the base that was on sale !! This a hybrid bed one that has surpassed our old one. Nothing can compare… so very happy again. Once again I got THE BEST BED EVER , NO DOUBT ABOUT IT..

  406. TM, CT

    Very nice mattress bed and comfortable. I sleep good wake up no hurt my body. So happy. Need good sleep better for your health.

  407. Happy Sleeper, Georgetown, TX

    Having wonderful sleep nights.

  408. Loving my firm mattress, Miami Springs, Fl

    We purchased two twin Xl mattresses, one firm for me and a soft one for my husband. I love a firm mattress and this one hasn’t disappointing me. I really enjoy the adjustable base and from the first night of use I haven’t experience any backaches. I do find that the soft one that my husband uses is a little too soft. He has had some back pain, which he had experienced long before buying the new mattress and I attribute it to the mattress being too soft. He loves the adjustable base as well.
    We have only had the mattress for under 3 weeks. We are still testing it and he might end up exchanging for a medium firmness but he isn’t sure yet of what he will do. Buying from City furniture gives us the option for a small fee exchanging it for a different firmness.

  409. Well-rested sleeper!, Houston, TX

    My fiancé and I LOVE our Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt bed. It seriously is the best sleep that we have ever gotten and such a great investment. I wake up well-rested and I do NOT have trouble falling asleep at all. I can’t say enough things about this bed! We wake up pretty early, so getting great rest is essential for us, which our new bed does a fantastic job of doing!





  411. Sleeping Beauty, Sanger CA

    No longer waking up with sore Bach and shoulders. I love the adjustable base and all the options.

  412. T, West Virginia

    We are in love with our new Pro Adapt Hybrid Medium split king. This is my second Tempur-Pedic, our first was an original when they first came out… it was almost 25 years old! There is no comparison in comfort and durability! Well worth your money.

  413. Sierra Sleepers, Reno, Nevada

    We were happy with the tempur pedic mattress we purchased twenty years ago. We wanted a quality product again; we are enjoying the comfort and supported provided by our new tempur pedic. Unfortunately, the removable cover is slippery and causes our mattress pad to slide and bunch up during the night.

  414. Happy Buyer, Port St. Lucie, FL

    We decided on the ProAdapt Firm for our aging bodies. Sleep like a baby now. Great for lower back pain.
    We have the adjustable base for a King (two singles together). Wish I bought two single mattresses instead of a King. Great warrantee.

  415. Al, Bentonville, AR

    You get the bed set up; bought a mattress cover for both twins (split king); put on sheets to make bed and the bedspread. When you go to register the mattresses, you have to register each one seperately , and you must find the mattress serial numbers on each mattress after you have made up the split king bed. Who thinks about registering the product you just bought and looking for a serial number before you even put the mattress on the power base? Perhaps the delivery man might record the serial numbers for the buyer before placing the mattresses on the power bases.
    I’ll complete the registeration another day. Thanks, Al

  416. Terry T, Houston, Texas

    My wife and I both relieved cramps in our legs by adjusting the foot of bed up high. We love our Temper-Pedic! Most comfortable sleep we have had in a long time. And excellent for sore backs!

  417. Firm Mattress Lover, Boise, ID

    This is our second Tempur-Pedic Mattress and the improvements to this new model are great. The new mattress is even more supportive than our older one, preventing any back pain. If you like a firm mattress this mattress is for you. The only draw back is the thing is darn heavy.

  418. DW, Anaheim CA

    Should have purchased long ago!!! Split CA King – fabulous.

  419. snow shovel-er, Minneapolis, MN

    Great for back and sleep apnea. Comfortable and allows you to sleep earlier and longer. You are well rested. Look forward to nighttime as the experience is as smooth as the night before.

  420. Very Happy Customer, Illinois

    We love this mattress. We’ve slept on it for several months now and love it more and more every day. We did try the medium firmness mattress and did not like it at all, but the soft is perfect for us. We’ve owned Sleep Number beds, exclusively for 20+ years, but decided to try something different and are so glad we did. Would highly recommend this mattress to everyone. We also purchased your adjustable base, which is a first for us, that we would also recommend. Thanks for the great products!

  421. Happy wife, WA

    So happy with our new bed < 3 we've had it for a few months and we love it.

  422. PA, Montgomery, Al.

    I sleep very well on this mattress. I don’t wake up to a morning backache anymore. I would recommend this product to others.

  423. Dreamer, Payson, Az.

    Took a lot of time deciding on a new mattress as they are not cheap… Spend the money! Tempurpedic is a life saver for me and I will never be able to go back to a regular mattress ever. I adjusted to the difference the first week. I used to wake up through out the night with back pain and arm pain as I am a stomach sleeper and never could get comfortable on my old mattress which was a very good quality mattress as well but never could get through the night on it without waking up in pain of some sort… Thinking I am just getting old! Tempurpedic has changed my life.. Seriously. I wake up ready to go and no more aches and pains… Worth every penny!

  424. JohnB, Grand Blanc, MI

    This is our second Tempur-Pedic mattress, the first being over 11 years old and feeling a bit stiff for us. We also wanted to go from a queen to a king size bed. We tried several mattresses at the store and found this one to be very comfortable. After several weeks of sleeping on it, we both wake up without the old morning stiffness and sleep more soundly through the night.

  425. George&Lisa, Radford Va

    It was different from what we were used to and took some getting used to. But we love it!

  426. Tony, Ft worth tx

    My experience at this store was beyond excellent if there was 10 stars I would give it to that store.Mike the manager at this store sold the bed to my wife and I he is very knowledgeable about the product .He knew everything there was to know about all of the temperpedic line.I love my bed very much.

  427. Resting Comfortably, St. Louis, MO

    I needed an adjustable bed for myself due to a neck/back injury. I was sleeping in a motorized recliner because it was the only thing comfortable enough for me to sit or lie on for any length of time. my husband was already sleeping in a recliner due to his sinuses; he was unable to lie flat because sinuses would clog up, so he had already been in a recliner for several years. finally, we made the plunge and looked at adjustable beds. We selected the Tempur-pedic Pro-adapt with individual adjustable bases and it has been a life-saver. My husband is back in the bed after nearly 5 years because he can incline the back, and it adjusts perfectly for me as well.
    Initially, we both thought the Tempur-pedic mattress was going to be too hard, but after you lie on it for a few seconds your body just sinks into the mattress until it perfectly fits your contour and it feels AWESOME!! I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that has back or neck problems, sinus issues, or acid reflux. It is truly amazing. Not the cheapest thing, but worth every penny!!

  428. Sweet Dreams, Midway Kentucky

    This is a perfect mattress for my spouse who has chronic pain from a bad back. We’ve owned a Sleep Number in the past but this mattress is so much better. Firm but will contour to the body.

  429. Restoring sleep, Jacksonville

    Purchased this mattress because I was not getting a good nights sleep and it really has made a difference. Best money ever spent!

  430. Ground Control to Major Thom, Fort Lee,New Jersey

    Replaced our 15 year old Tempurpedic with the Pro Adapt and an adjustable base.
    Zero Gravity is my new home!

  431. None, TX

    The mattress limits the impact of various frailties on my sleep. There is no more comfortable place to be!

  432. Happy sleeper, Fresno CA

    This is my first tempur-pedic mattress I have owned, and I love it, it was a great purchase.

  433. Vernalisa, Stephenville, TX

    I was a 17 year original Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress owner and didn’t think it could be any better! I was wrong. The Adapt-Pro in medium density is A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. and we paired it with an adjustable base! I wake up refreshed but am so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed!!

  434. Sleeping wonderful, Cincinnati

    We loved our previous series Tempur-Pedic mattress of 15 years, but this new pro-adapt is even more comfortable and support is more uniform. Awesome.

  435. None, Kansas

    Took some getting use too but love it now

  436. Iowa man, Iowa

    Mattress never soft. Like the warranty. Have only had 2 weeks and my wife is very happy. A h ave queen size. If our room was larger we would have bought king….would not fit in our small room.

  437. DaScT, Harrisburg, PA

    My wife and I wake feeling refreshed and ready to go for the day. No back aches or headaches. Just great sleep.

  438. Dreamer, Northern California

    Couldn’t be happier! Best night sleep ever.

  439. Wonderfful!!, Shreveport, LA

    We knew from night one that we made a great investment! Unlike any other mattress!!

  440. Sleepless no longer, Harrodsburg,ky

    First time tempurpedic owner, and its the best decision i ever made.

  441. Holnee, Walpole, MA

    My husband and I are both sleeping better with this mattress. We both love it.

  442. Michelle, Sunset beach,Nc

    I love temper person. This is our second mattress. We love them. We moved and got a new one. We live the proadapt firm. An awesome nights sleep guaranteed!!!

  443. Happy sleeper, Kenton Ohio

    Love this bed! We also bought the base that goes up and down best decision we ever made. I wish it came with fitted sheets. After 30 years of marriage finally have a great bed!

  444. Sleep, Chesterfield, MI

    Wonderful experience.

  445. So glad we waited and saved, New Orleans

    After waiting for 2 years we were finally able to order our split King Tempur. After only about 4 nights we were both fully adjusted to the new amazing mattress. We have both been experiencing much better and less interrupted night sleep. Thank you soo much Tempur

  446. Tom, Naples, FL

    We purchased two twin xl ProAdopt medium mattresses for our adjustable bed. We both sleep through the night and wakeup being refreshed and pain free. We tried all the cheap knockoffs; don’t waste your time and money. These ProAdopt mattresses are wonderful.

  447. Debbie, Maryland

    My husband and I purchased a Tempurpedic Mattress and box springs 9+ years ago. Recently we started having problems with the mattress sagging. I called the company and they couldn’t have been better! Their service was extraordinary! They far exceeded my expectations! Everything they said and did was perfect! I am so excited to have found truly great service in today’s world! Tempurpedic you are wonderful!!! Our new mattress is so nice and comfortable! Thank you!!!

  448. Sleeping Great in Arizona, Arizona

    I bought a Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed and hated it. Never had my back hurt from any mattress. We replaced it with the Prodapt and we love our new bed and adjustable base. Save yourself a headache and just go with a Tempurpedic. Great product!

  449. Jaime, Jacksonville, FL

    So comfortable. Greatly improved my quality of sleep.

  450. Heydam, St. Petersburg,Florida

    Is the best mattress and pillows I have in my life,sleep very comfortable not pain ,not sore,not nothing,is amazing technology. Also is one of the best investments for my self

    Thanks Tempurpedic

  451. Bobo, Ithaca, N. Y.

    I am an elderly woman with the usual aches and pains. My night’s sleep is a wonderful experience. I tried another mattress for a few weeks but had to exchange it for a tempurpedic. I love it.

  452. zzzzzzzzz, Tennessee

    Prior to trying this mattress, I only thought I liked my mattress. I had a “memory foam” type mattress and tried to convince myself that it was comfortable. I still woke up with sore muscles…thought I was just “getting old”. The first night I slept on our new mattress, I thought it might not be “soft” enough?? Nope. Woke up with NO soreness in my joints. I have also noticed a remarkable difference in not getting so hot at night! The old mattress “held heat” and I would often wake up sweating from being too hot. This one does not do that. Worth the money!

  453. Runner101, Clermont , Florida

    It’s one of those things you buy and really enjoy. You actually look forward to a night of sleep each day. My medium is what I chose after being a customer from 11 years ago. I wanted comfort, help for my lower back, legs and got it. Truly a great invention. Would never go back to a plain mattress. There are several varieties of Tempurpedic so try them out and see what suits you. I personally like the soft and medium varieties and the Pro Adapt was the finishing touch on a great night of sleep. Wake up refressed for the start of a new day.

  454. Sleepy, MN

    We love this mattress. We had a previous tempurpedic mattress and this replaced it. Very very comfortable. Soft, cool and comfy.

  455. Bubba, Little Rock

    It is great

  456. Sleeping Beauty, Jacksonville, FL

    It’s indescribable. It’s the best sleep I’ve experienced since an adult. The ability to control where how high or low I want my head and feet. Also with my ongoing back issues, this bed has been a blessing!!

  457. Happy Sleeper, Tennessee

    I looked at a lot of mattresses prior to purchasing this one. At first I was a little put off by the price of this mattress but after sleeping on it for the past few weeks I guarantee it’s money well-spent. I’m in my early sixties and began to wake up very sore every morning on my old mattress. After two weeks of sleeping on this mattress my sore back and achy joints are gone This mattress relieves pressure points while still giving you good back support. I am so glad I bought this mattress. Sleeping more soundly than I have in months

  458. Tempur-elated, Elizabethtown,PA

    I have been disabled by a bad back after almost 40 year career.I was in need of a new mattress so I figured I would go all in and get one with an adjustable base with a Zero G position for when my back pain is excruciating. That turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in never ending search for back relief. No it didn’t fix everything but it sure gave my body so much needed recovery time. I went from getting up 6-8 times every night to sleeping thru the night almost every night. I am blown away by that much improvement considering the shape my back is in. I have another surgery in 2 weeks to hopefully “fix” some more issues but I now know I’ll be able to sleep soundly and get some recovery rest.

  459. Peaceful sleeper, Brooklyn, NY

    So comfortable. No tossing and turning. Best of all no more hip and shoulder pain.

  460. Happy Husband, Englewood, FL

    We’ve had this for about 60 days. After a short break-in period, been sleeping great. Wake up refreshed.

  461. Ginger Man, Planet Earth

    This mattress helps support my body well. I am on the heavier side (around 190lbs). The mattress supports my back well.

  462. Kgillmore, Martinsburg, WV

    I was skeptical about this mattress, but I am loving it. I am sleeping better than I have in years. Purchase and set up were very easy and quick. We did have to buy the TempurPedic sheets as our old sheets would not stay on the corners. We do love the new sheets, so it’s been fine.

  463. Wanda, Ellabell, GA

    I sleep all night. No more sore back.
    My only wish is that it had a pillow top.

  464. Comfortable Sleepers, Everett, Wa

    The Tempur Proadpt Medium Hybrid mattress is the best me and my wife have ever owned, slept on where comfort and support finally meet so one of us are uncomfortable earthier being to firm or too soft, wish we would of bought this mattress years ago we can both finally get a good night sleep( well worth the money, the saying you get what you pay for really applies) so our suggestion find a Tempurpedic mattress you really feel comfortable on and Buy it 🙂

  465. Barbie, Columbus, Ohio

    This mattress is so nice I never want to get up. Add in the Dreamfit sheets and all I think about is going back to bed.

  466. Hawaiian Dream, Honolullu

    I had a Terpur mattress I bought in Hong Kong…it is the original product and not the USA licensed product. It started to delaminate after 5 years and since ai moved back to Hawaii, I could not make any adjustments with the original Tempur company. So far, this USA mattress gives me the comfort that I wanted and has decreased my back aches. I have a concern, though…will this mattress start to delaminate because I also have a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed frame and I like to raise the head and leg when I watch TV in bed.

    Other than that concern, I am happy with my purchase.

  467. Lnr, New Orleans

    Highest quality and best comfort. Simply no comparison.
    If I had to find a negative, it is very heavy to move and lift.

  468. Javaman, Central Texas

    Customer service representatives quickly resolved our warranty issues with our 19 year old mattresses and we’re set for many more years of unequaled support and comfortable sleep.

  469. Ironcrete, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    I sleep like a baby since I bought this bed, it is a great product.

  470. Gratefully rested, Seattle WA

    I very rarely review products online but this is one of the best purchases I’ve made in my 40 years as a consumer. My partner and I struggle with sleep and with our old mattress we were constantly waking each other up from tossing and turning. Now that never happens. If I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep right away I’m still incredibly comfortable and calm. And so now I’m back to sleep very shortly. This has solved a lifetime issue of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. I just can’t believe that a mattress could be this good. For most of my life I wouldn’t have been able to afford the price, but I’m telling you that if you have the money you won’t regret spending it on this mattress. Sleep is so important.

  471. Happy Sleeper, Charlotte, NC

    I hate spending excessive amounts of money especially on a bed, but its worth it. Super soft, comfortable, and cool to touch. Came on delivery date with no issues. There’s a reason why they are top dollar its because it is top dollar quality. I will be ordering some pillows next!

  472. Upenuff, Burnaby, BC

    Memory foam and the price kept us away from this product for years. Finally took the plunge when we had the 100 day return policy. Our king was not cheap but after 30, 60 days and than 3 months we were sold. My wife and I have not had such deep sleeps since when we were in our late teens! The bed is so comfortable and so far worth the price paid for if you are looking for comfort and no more aches and pains when you wake up.

  473. Richard, Broken Arrow, OM

    Started waking up with a backache every morning after sleeping on my nine year old Tempur-Pedic. New mattress has eliminated the problem.

  474. Munoz, Nevada

    This mattress really did change my life by improving the quality of my sleep. I thought I was a deep, good sleeper on my old mattress. This tempurpedic took me to a whole new level.

  475. Happy Camper, Kentucky

    I love the softness of this mattress and the fact that it also supports your body. I also love the fact that the cover can unzip around the top for washing without removing the cover underneath the mattress! That is a definite plus!!

  476. Wvmtndog, Martinsburg, WV

    We had an older version that we never realized was keeping us from having a good nights sleep. After purchasing the newest Pro-Adapt mattress we have both been sleeping more sound and waking up feeling so much better and very well rested. It not only gives us a good nights sleep, it’s a GREAT nights sleep. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. We will never have any other mattress. Ever! 🙂

  477. J.Vigil, Denver, CO

    I’ve had some awesome night sleeps in this bed no more pins and needles feeling when sleeping on my side anymore. Also even just as comfortable sleeping on my back and the best part I keep cool throughout the night no more waking up in sweaty sheets. Thanks Tempur-pedic!

  478. Sally, Miami fl

    This mattress is trouble, everytime you lay on it you will wind up staying in it and not want to get up meaning you will be late for work or just not even want to go to work it is that comfortable. At first you think its firm but it slowly adapts to your shape not in a sinking way at all though like a very comfortable way. The cool technology on the thin layer at the top also is a bonus, we never feel hot. I am very happy with the results. It has helped my back tremendously. Worth the money.

  479. Back pain rescued, Yakima WA

    So a couple of things to keep in mind, the mattress takes a while to break in and can sleep warmer than other mattresses. With this in mind, choose appropriate bedding, my wife, and I use cooling sheets and blankets as anyone might in the summertime. After the bed breaks in, it does hug your curves and supports you completely. I have had ours now for two months and feel amazing benefits, no back or neck pain, worth the investment. We have tried other companies that ship in a box, and this is just superior quality and manufacturing. One thing I would like to note is they do have the top cooling layer to their bed with the tight-knit material, but you don’t notice when sheets are on, unless you sleep directly on, which I know most would not do as it may void a warranty from stains. I wish Tempurpedic would offer the same quality of knitting for the bed as a sheet or blanket set. Pro is the comfort you will obtain, its truly unlike any other bed and it shows how they made memory foam their own. A con, it’s relatively expensive, but its made in the USA and they employ US workers, this means a lot to my family. I suggest this bed for anyone with back pain or special conditions. Perhaps another suggestion I could make is most other companies will offer a full money back warranty with no restocking fees and an extended trial period, Tempurpedic is more conservative compared to others, but, they most likely incur more costs than the others do. Excellent mattress, try it out at a store first before buying, as there are many models. Its all about the right feel for you and your body type/preferences. Great bed, sleeping well! Thank you Tempurpedic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. Healing Support, Edmond, OK

    Temper-Pedic beds in general are expensive but worth every penny. At one point, I was told I had to have shoulder surgery. Then I bought a Temper-Pedic. Surgery no longer needed! The support it gave allowed healing to take place.
    The Proadapt medium model is just right – not too soft, which makes it difficult to get out of bed, and not too hard. We love it!

  481. ZzzzzX, Sacramento, CA

    This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. It is high quality. If you’re looking for a “memory foam” type of bed, Tempurpedic is the best. This bed was a replacement for a Tempur-Deluxe bed that was 10 years old and worn out (no bed will last forever). When this one is past its life cycle, I’m sure I’ll replace it with another Tempurpedic bed. I love the new temperature regulating cover on this bed, as it helps keep me cool when I sleep. I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone.

  482. c20h10n2, Houston, TX

    Upgraded from a 10yr old pillow top off-brand.

    Same sleep since day 1. Restful, and I am no longer stiff and sore every morning. I used to be eager to get out of bed so my headaches would ease. Now, I want to sleep later and longer.

    As a marathon runner, every minute of rest is critical to recovery. I am highly satisfied with my new matress, and recommend the brand to anyone replacing what they have.

  483. No more back pain sleeper, Palm Coast Fl

    In the past, we used conventional mattresses. They did not support our backs. We moved to the sleep number for a number of years. My back still hurt. Got the tempur-ProAdapt and in two days my back stopped hurting. I toss around at night which always bothered my wife. The temper bed does not transfer movement. She now sleeps soundly. both of us love the mattress and foundation. we also bought sheets which fit perfectly
    thank you for the best night sleep in years

  484. Chuck, Melbourne, FL

    We have been sleeping on this mattress for several weeks now. To be honest, the first couple of nights were worrying. Each night got better and now, I am very happy with the quality of rest we both enjoy. My former mattress gave me hip pain every night as I am a side sleeper. This TEMPUR-PorAdapt firm has totally eliminated my hip pain. Should have purchased this years ago.

  485. Sleeping well in ND, ND

    Well worth the money for the Tempur-ProAdapt Hybrid. Making the change from our previous bed was well worth it!!!


    Wonderful! We got 15 wonderful years out of our first Temper Pedic! Looking forward to many years of comfort! Best money spent in our 49 years of marriage! Love Love Love it!

  487. Restful Sleeper, Pflugerville, TX

    I suffer from serious back issues. I’ve had one back surgery and a second on the horizon and before I bought this mattress I could barely lie down much less sleep at night. This mattress has the right amount of firmness and give on pressure points. Best money I’ve ever spent!!!

  488. Happy Customer, Oak Harbor WA

    I am a long time customer of Tempurpedic customer. This my third mattress and love it

  489. Happy me, Billings, MT

    I never knew a bed could make such a difference in my life. The comfort is incredible. I have issues with my back and this bed has made all the difference in the world.

  490. Shannondawnt, Anaheim, CA

    This mattress is extremely comfortable. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have noticed a significant change in my sleeping patterns I no longer wake up several times a night in pain. Since it conforms to my body my entire back is supported and along with the pillow I no longer have neck pain.

  491. All night sleeper, Salt Lake City, Utah

    My sleeping has improved so much from sleeping on a pillow top mattress. Its like night and day in comparison. No more tossing and turning anymore. Best sleep I’ve had in 20 years

  492. Jim, NJ

    Everything went as planned. Love the mattress and Ergo base. I had a question and customer service also was a pleasure to work with.

  493. HAPPY OLDSTER, Titusville Fl

    I am quite familiar with Tempur-Pedic-, I use to own a king size, and when I down sized to a queen, It was with mixed feelings to spend so much money on a mattress, well, after sleeping on my mattress I now realize how I would pay double just to have the same sleep I used to get, this mattress out performs my old mattress and the new tea to keep it cooler really is a God send.

  494. Sleeper, Saint Louis

    Finally found a bed I a can get a full night sleep and feel fully rejuvenated and full of energy the next day

  495. Good night’s rest, Sharpsburg, Georgia

    Mattress is great. Staff at Temperpedic were very knowledgeable, helpful, and made it so easy to do business with them.

    We are very satisfied! Dianne & Stan Rivers, Sharpsburg, Georgia

  496. Sound sleeper, Imperial Beach, CA

    It took me about 30 days to adjust to this, mattress. But now that I have I would not give it up. It is so comfortable, that I now sleep all night. Where before I would wake up 2 or 3 times a night, being very uncomfortable. My back was hurting so much, I no longer have back aches after sleeping all night.

  497. Kathy, South Carolina

    This is our 2nd tempurpedic mattress. Our first one was the Celebrity bed/mattress and we had it for 12 years and loved it. With the Celebrity bed, we had to break-in the mattress the first month by walking on the mattress every night before bed. With the ProAdapt Medium mattress, there was no need for a “break-in” period. We slept well from the very first night. Love how much lighter this mattress is than our old mattress is, too. Only down side is that all of our sheets, and the tempurpedic mattress protector are too big for it.

  498. Courtney, Los Angeles, California

    This bed is incredible. It has just the right amount of firmness and memory foam, I’ve never slept better!

  499. Sleeping sound, Springfield, MO

    My husband has a degenerative back problem which has prevented him from getting a good nights sleep. This mattress has helped him sleep so much better! I sleep better as well. We wake up rested and refreshed. I recommend this mattress to anyone that has trouble sleeping and/or back issues. Tye adjustable base is wonderful as well. The only issue is with the sheets staying on the mattress while using the adjustable base. We’ve bought mattress clips to help with that issue.

  500. Jaydun, Canby, Oregon

    Once the break-in period past this bed has been amazing on two levels. One the slept is amazing. Two the 10 year warranty gives me peace of mind! Customer for life!

  501. Moe, Denver, CO

    It’s been a month and I already love my bed. It doesn’t suck me in (which I don’t like in a mattress), it’s not hot at all and it’s just the right amount of comfy softness. Just amazing. A friend of mine laid on my bed as she’s looking for a new mattress and she was floored! All around 5 stars. Thank you Tempur-Pedic for an amazing product!

  502. Great Nights Sleep, Millington, TN

    I didn’t realize how good it would feel to sleep through the night when though tossing and turning

  503. The sleeping machine, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    This is the mattress I ever slept on, nice and firm yet it conforms to your body.

  504. Satisfied in the Adirondacks, Lake George, NY

    This is a great mattress. It truly conforms to you body and provides just the right amount of firmness.

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