Revolution and…Conformity? Introducing the Serta iComfort Line


Cheap Sheep here to discuss the beauty of paradox, and the essence of a great night sleep.

For a sheep, I get around a lot. Like to travel. Like to take my message on the road. From Wichita to Joplin, down to Stillwater and Enid—I like to keep my woolly tail movin’ and thanks to the wonderful people at The Mattress Hub, I know I’ve always got a place where I can get a restful night of sweet, sweet sleep.

Ah, but to the message at hand: the connection between revolution and conformity. For decades, people have been seeking a mattress that will conform to their body shape—a mattress that would evenly distribute the weight of the body, a mattress that could adapt to body shape, a mattress that would isolate movement and keep one sleeper from waking another. For a time, foam was the answer. But this foam often resulted in a deep-sink position; also, for many it collected too much body heat and produced a discomforting sweat.

And so, now, I Cheap Sheep say “Vive la Revolution!” The iComfort Sleep System by Serta is nothing short of revolutionary. Only this mattress line is made with Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. Simply put, this mattress provides twice the support of traditional foam and its breakthrough gel produces 7x the cooling comfort!

Join the revolution! Select a mattress that will conform to your needs and give you the quality sleep your body desires. Again, you can find the Serta iComfort line of mattresses anywhere that Cheap Sheep lays his woolly little head. My Mattress Hub friends can be found all over the Midwest (18 stores at my last count), including locations in Wichita, Joplin, Enid, and Stillwater.

Until next time, sleep well my friends,
Cheap Sheep

PS-Baaaaa! Live the Revolution…

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