Sleep Myths You Should Stop Believing

We’ve heard them all before. Many of the following myths have been so ingrained in our brains, it’s hard to believe they aren’t true. But for the sake of your sleep and the sleep of others, it’s time to stop the madness and get back to sleeping like you should. Here some quick advice from your local Wichita mattress store – The Mattress Hub.

Alcohol helps you sleep

Sure, alcohol can make you feel more relaxed. And it can even help with sleep latency, meaning it’s easier to fall asleep. But as for sleep quality – it’s terrible. Alcohol is a depressant, so it dramatically decreases REM sleep.

Laying in bed is just as good as actually sleeping

As crazy as it seems, some think that staring at the ceiling is just as good as quality sleep. But there are a number of neurological and reconstructive processes that don’t go on during the wake state.

Never wake a sleepwalker

This one has long been accepted by many. And although you may startle a sleepwalker by waking them up, there aren’t really any cases of someone dying or being badly injured.

Spicy, savory foods will give you nightmares

This one has gone back centuries. And although cheese and spicy foods eaten before bed can cause an uncomfortable stomach, no legitimate study has found a link between certain foods and bad dreams.

Old people require less sleep

Just because senior citizens typically wake up much earlier than the younger crowd doesn’t mean they require less quality sleep. Although age might make it harder to fall asleep, older generations still require the recommended seven to nine hours per night.

You swallow spiders while you sleep

Many people think the time spent in bed unknowing of what’s crawling around your face would absolutely lead to swallowing a random spider or two. But in reality, spiders typically avoid sleeping humans because their vibrations send off the message of danger.

These six sleep misconceptions are some of the most well known and accepted by sleepers all over the world.

But now you know that’s really all they are – misconceptions. Now that we’ve dispelled these myths, it’s time for some good sober, spider-free sleep. And your friends at The Mattress Hub can make that sleep even better with the right mattress. Stop by or call us today to start sleeping better tonight.

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