Sleep Myths Debunked

Sleep Myths

Over the years studies have shown that quality of sleep can create a better quality of life. And there are a lot of myths about sleep that are floating around. Is a cold bedroom better than a hot bedroom? What about drinking alcohol before you go to bed? Do you really get used to a lack of sleep? We’re going to dive into some of these myths and see what is and isn’t true when it comes to what is a fact and myth about sleep. 

Myth- Your body gets used to a lack of sleep and adapts.

Fact- Your body does not adapt to lack of sleep. After only a few nights of insufficient sleep, your cognitive function will be affected. Even if you think you’re getting used to not getting enough sleep, there could be more serious health problems occurring since your body isn’t getting the rest it needs. When your body misses out on necessary rest you can have difficulty concentrating, signs of fatigue, poor work performance, and even have a heightened risk of dementia.

Myth- All that matters is that you get enough sleep

Fact- The amount and quality of sleep are important to your body recharging the way it needs to. Frequent sleep disruptions can decrease the time spent in the most restorative stages of sleep. Making sure you are comfortable when you sleep is important to the quality of sleep you get. Things like a dark room, the right mattress, a good pillow, and a quiet sleep environment will help you get the most restorative sleep.

Myth- A warm bedroom is better than a cooler bedroom

Fact- Most people sleep best in a bedroom around 65-68 degrees. It’s nice to get into cozy pjs, and curl up under your warm blankets, but when your bedroom is too hot it can disrupt the natural process of your body temperature dropping as you sleep. A warmer bedroom can also cause you to get too hot interrupting your sleep by causing you to wake up.

Myth- Alcohol before bed improves sleep

Fact- When you drink alcohol your quality of sleep declines. Having a drink to wind down after a hard day is understandable, but the later in the day the more it will affect your sleep. Your sleep cycle can be thrown off when you consume alcohol before going to bed making sleep interruptions more likely. It’s best to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption before going to bed to improve your quality of sleep.

Myth- If you can’t go to sleep you should stay in bed until you do

Fact- If you have spent 20 minutes trying to fall asleep, getting out of bed is a better option. We’ve all had nights where we toss and turn, and more than likely the first thing you do is grab your phone or turn on the TV to help you fall asleep. However, getting up and doing something relaxing in a quiet and dim setting is better. Find a quiet corner and read some of your favorite book, or write in a journal. Even doing some light stretching or yoga can help you relax and go to sleep.

Myth- Taking naps during the day can help with lack of sleep

Fact- Naps do not make up for lack of sleep. Taking a short nap in the middle of the day can give you a burst of energy and make you feel better. But, it doesn’t mean that you can lose sleep at night. When you nap you don’t go through the entire sleep cycle, so while your body does get a little recharge, it’s not enough to fully charge your body. 

We could actually write a novel on debunking sleep myths, so we’ll leave you with just a few more. Leaving a TV on can affect your sleep. The noise and light can actually cause you to wake up and miss out on a good quality of sleep. No, spiders do not crawl in your mouth while you sleep. We won’t lie, this is a huge relief, so now you can rest easy knowing spiders leave you alone when you sleep! We can’t help with some of these myths, but we can help make sure you have a comfortable uninterrupted sleep with a new mattress, good quality pillow, or new sheets. Stop by the Mattress Hub today and start your journey to sleeping well and living well.

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