Sleep Resolutions

2023 Sleep Resolutions

A new year most likely means you have set some resolutions or goals for yourself in the new year. While saving money, eating healthier, and going to the gym are some of the most popular resolutions people set for themselves, what if you set a resolution for your sleep? Sleeping is a big part of not only your mental health but also your physical health. Getting better sleep can help you be more focused, present, positive, and successful. Here are some ways to help you sleep well in 2023.

Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Having a room that relaxes you is one way to send you off to dreamland. Keep your room at a comfortable temperature, make it dark, have a bed that is comfortable and supportive, and don’t have distractions in your room, and use your bedroom as a bedroom. When you use your room as an office, or hang-out area it can be difficult for your body to recognize that when you’re there you should be sleeping. Having a T.V in your room can also cause you to lose sleep, or not have a deep sleep. Try reading before bed, or listening to calming music, or a white noise machine.

Bedtime affirmations are also a great way to end the day. When you wake up in the morning you might have a word, quote, or phrase that you tell yourself to get ready for the day. When you speak positive statements about yourself before going to sleep it can release negative feelings, help you focus on the future, boost your self-confidence, improve physical and mental health, and improve your sleep. Bedtime affirmations should be about relaxation, sleep, and letting go of worries you had during the day. Some examples of affirmations are:

  • I am a magnet for success. All of my dreams and goals are within my reach.
  • I will wake up refreshed and ready for the day.
  • I am confident in my abilities and know I do my best daily.
  • I am grateful for my success and learn from my failures.
  • I am grateful for the chance to recharge my batteries.
  • I choose to have sleep, rest, peace, and relaxation over stress and worry.

Make yourself a priority in the new year, and improve your sleep. Self-care is the best kind of care, and there’s no time like the present to focus on yourself. The busy lives we all lead make it difficult to get the amount of sleep we truly need. Being consistent in your sleep schedule is vital. Instead of sleeping for 2-3 extra hours on the weekends, sleep an extra 15 minutes every day. This will help your body regulate your sleep and you’ll feel well-rested. Think of your sleep as an investment. Investing time in your sleep will improve your energy, and alertness, and help you feel better during the day. Cheers to the new year, and making yourself and your sleep a priority. 

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