Spring Cleaning

Springtime signifies that it’s time to reset, refresh, and revive our outlook on life. The sun is shining more, flowers are blooming, and pollen is blowing through the wind straight to our noses bringing a fresh new set of allergies, am I right? Springtime is the start of spring cleaning and gearing back up our house maintenance routine. Mowing, weed eating, gardening, dusting the house…our to-do lists grow right along with the flowers, but we are happy to do it (thanks increased vitamin D). Before you make your spring cleaning list of to-do’s take a moment to consider 2 simple, but uncommon, spring cleaning essentials.


  1. Examine your pillows. Pillows are essential to having a good night’s sleep. They’ve seen us at our worst (hello, drooling) and they’ve helped us through many stressful times (Did somebody say nap time?). 


Overtime pillows begin to collect dust mites. Dust begins to multiply by feeding off of dead skin cells left behind on the pillow. If your pillows are over a year old, it is time to consider replacing them during your spring cleaning. We suggest pillows that utilize antimicrobial fabrics that eliminate bacterial build up such as the QuilPillow! 


     2. With allergy season comes a game of “guess the culprit”. Whether it is pollen or seasonal allergies, it is always a good idea to check over your current mattress to see if the mattress could be amplifying your allergies. Older mattresses trap dust and bacteria from normal wear and tear and pets. 


At The Mattress Hub, we understand that mattresses are investments. This spring season we are offering up to 50% off of our TMH Exclusive line that is made with affordability in mind without compromising quality. Stop in to rock your spring cleaning today!

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