How to Stop Sabotaging Your Sleep

Do you find yourself sleeping so well that your body can’t handle it? Well, we have all had that problem before. So we decided to show some ways to fix this problem.

In all seriousness, we’ve learned that there are many ways to improve sleep but if you find yourself sabotaging your own sleep cycle, you’ll probably still wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus.

11 habits to stop:

1. Drinking coffee during a dragging day at work. It takes the human body 8-10 hours to break down caffeine, so if you’re a person who is sensitive to caffeine, that mid-afternoon boost will still be going as you lay in bed at 11.

2. Eating a late dinner full of meat and beans. Your body digests that protein slowly and will still be breaking your meal down as you attempt to fall asleep.

3. Stressing about getting enough sleep as you get through your bedtime routines. Stress and worry will definitely sabotage your sleep.

4. Drinking alcohol to help you sleep. While it can potentially make falling asleep easier, it will also make it much more difficult to sleep soundly through the night.

5. Screen time before bed. Watch TV, or surfing the internet seems like a good idea but the glowing screen in your face may keep you from becoming tired. If you read before bed, use your Kindle over your iPad because the difference in light produced aides in sleep. A Kindle will produce blue light that won’t interfere with your sleepiness.

6. Turning up the heat. Colder temperatures (within reason) actually generates a better nights sleep.

7. Sleeping with your pets. Pets serve as a disruption to your sleep cycle as the snoring and kicking and the possibility of being allergic, can keep you from a good nights sleep.

8. Thinking about all of life’s deepest questions, your daily schedule, that big presentation at work or school and the most embarrassing moments of your childhood can act as another sabotaging agent to your sleep. Your thoughts keep your conscious and serve as a deterrent for any chance of sleep.

9. Forcing sleep. Doing this actually builds up more anxiety associated with being in bed, and sabotages your sleep more than just getting up and doing something relaxing that doesn’t involve a crazy exercise routine or bright lights.

10. Sleeping on an old or cheaply made mattress. This will ensure that your sleep is second rate to what it could be, because the average mattress should be replaced after eight years and are not all made the same.

11. Hitting that snooze button every ten minutes. This actually disrupts your sleep cycle and means you’ll wake up feeling worse than if you had gotten up on the first ring.

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