The Beautyrest Series Defined

The Beautyrest Series Defined

With so many mattress options to choose from, the mattress buying process can be overwhelming. The best part of having many options to choose from is there is a mattress to accommodate every type of sleeper. The downside is figuring out which mattress is best suited for the type of unique sleeper you are. Here is the Beautyrest breakdown highlighting the benefits of the Beautyrest Series, simplifying the mattress shopping experience. 

Harmony Lux Diamond Series Medium 

The Harmony Lux Diamond Series Medium accommodates various types of sleepers including back, stomach or side sleepers that enjoy a moderately firm sleep surface. It finds the perfect balance between cooling, comfort and support to deliver a restful and rejuvenated sleep. 

Core Layers of Support 

Harmony Lux utilizes a Precision Support System powered by T2 Pocketed Coil Technology. This support system promotes additional support in the center third of your mattress where the bulk of our body weight exists. This added support enhances healthy back support while helping to distribute body weight evenly across the sleep surface. The T2 Pocketed Coil features double to reduce motion and promote long lasting durability. 

Harmony Lux Carbon Series Plush Pillowtop 

The Harmony Lux Carbon Series Plush Pillowtop mattress is an option that provides a soft initial feel with substantial core support. This mattress is best suited for side sleepers who have battled painful pressure points in their hips and shoulders. 

Top Layers of Comfort 

The core layers of comfort are the same across the Harmony Lux series. What makes the Plush Pillowtop is the top layers that feature 1.25” of AirFeel Foam to provide a loftier feel for the sleeper, as well as 1” RightTemp Wave Foam, 3.5” Gel TouchFoam and .5” of Dynamic Response Memory Foam. These layers help ensure a softer sleep surface that provides excellent pressure relief. 

Harmony Lux Carbon Series Plush

The Harmony Lux Carbon Series Plush mattress is the most popular option in the collection due to its price point and wide comfort appeal. Find cooling technology, pressure relieving materials, coupled with a worthy cause ideal for a variety of customers including back, stomach or side sleepers. Customers dealing with heat issues will also find incredible relief and cooling comfort. 

Top Layers of Comfort 

The top layer that makes this mattress unique and ideal comfort is the InfiniCool Lux Technology that is cool to the touch and works to deplete heat buildup for the sleeper. Ideal for the sleeper that sleeps hot. Featuring the AirFeel Foam, RightTemp Wave Foam, Gel TouchFoam and Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam ensure a moderately plush sleep surface while also providing excellent pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning at night. 

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