The Best Netflix Shows to Fall Asleep To

For starters, we have to preface this blog by stating that the best way to fall asleep does not include television. We repeat, the best ways to fall asleep do not include television. Now that that’s out of the way, we get it. Netflix and bedtime go hand in hand. True Crime documentaries, rom coms, and binge-worthy series bring us entertainment we never knew we needed. 

The shows that are too good to turn off keep us up at night. Hello, Game of Thrones.  In an effort to help you sleep better (without advising you to read a book instead of watching Netflix), we have compiled a list of Netflix shows that are relaxing to watch and easy to fall asleep to. 

  1. ‘The Great British Baking Show’– This show is the gift that keeps on giving. With humorous commentary, relaxing background music, beautiful scenery, and mild competition, the show is entertaining while not demanding of your attention.
  2. ‘Our Planet’– Take a look into the life of our animal kingdom in different parts of the world. With relaxing commentary, stunning imagery, and lessons to be learned, the show will relax you and attempt to make you feel grounded. 
  3. ‘Dream Home Makeover’– Meet the Chip and Joanna of L.A., Shea and Syd! Shea and Syd are a married couple who bring their clients’ dream homes to life through interior design. With a predictable structure of the show, you can tune in and out and still get the satisfaction of seeing the final product each episode. 
  4. ‘The Minimalists’– Stressing about the house being a mess? Put on “The Minimalist” to learn how to declutter your life. Follow along as two lifelong friends share their journey to finding happiness with less things. While the show is thought provoking, the imagery uses warm tones and calming voices to create a relaxing night time show. 
  5. ‘Best Leftovers Ever!’– Thinking about the leftovers you have to take to lunch for the 3rd day in a row? After watching this show, you will sleep well and enjoy new ideas for reimagined leftovers. 


Skip the heart thumping, anxiety driving, can’t turn it off shows tonight and try one of the above! Leave us a comment below if you have another sleepy time show to add to the list!

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