The Future of Sleep

As the world of science and sleep coalesce, we, as sleeping humans, are realizing the dramatic effects sleep can have on every aspect of our lives. With the rapid growth of technology in every sector, it’s no wonder that sleep is part of this wave. So the real question is – how far can technology take the world of sleep? The Mattress Hub, your Wichita mattress store, is here to help you find out.

Sleeping smarter and harder

The autonomy of our world has taken hold of our sleep. Although there are many aspects that may hinder good sleep – late-night television, cell phones, basically anything with a glowing screen – this same technology may be able to improve our sleep over the coming years. Think about the emergence of wearable, trackable technology that you’re more than likely wearing or using right now. That same technology can be used to turn you into a master of slumber.

How far will it go?

Many experts believe that sleep will come down to “personalized optimization.” Meaning, not only will your sleep be tracked at a very high level, your environment will change around you to maintain optimal sleep cycles. So let’s say your body temperature rises half a degree above optimal level while you’re dreaming about finally capturing Pikachu. With normal sleep, you might wake up and roll around for a while trying to cool off. But in the future, your thermostat will kick on in your bedroom only and blast cold air until you’re back to optimal Pokemon dreaming temperature. This technology doesn’t just stop at the thermostat. It has to do with all of your senses that may disturb sleep – sight, sound, touch. Esentially, the world around you changes to provide you with the best sleep possible.

Just the beginning

Sleep technology is really just in the earliest stages. And you can image, as technology advances, so does the way in which we sleep. Sleep can, even now, be used as a vital tool to enhance everything about our world. There’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep. But it sounds like, in the future, it will only get better. But there will always be those who trust our natural circadian rhythm. And really, the decision comes down to who truly knows sleep best – science or nature?

No matter where technology takes the world of shuteye, you’ll always need a good mattress. And your friends at The Mattress Hub, Wichita’s leading mattress store, will always remain on the forefront of sleep even as the technology changes. As you may already know, we, too, think sleep is pretty important and can’t wait to be a part of its future.

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