Tips to Care for Your New Mattress

Cheap Sheep recently brought home a new luxury mattress and he couldn’t be happier! We all know he’s a world-class sleeper, which makes it important for our little lamb to keep his mattress clean and safe.

The best ways to keep mattresses soft and supportive

Flip it & Spin it!
It’s a good idea to rotate and flip your mattress every time the seasons change. This helps prevent deep mattress indentations that form when the body continuously sleeps in the same spot. Changing the mattress position can make it last longer and keep you more comfortable. (Although pillow-top mattresses should not be flipped over)

No Jumping on the Bed
Keep lambs and children from playing and jumping on mattresses. Jumping on the bed can damage the bed frame and box springs.

Clean & Vacuum
Not to gross you out Cheap Sheep, but…you share your mattress with dust, skin flakes and dust mites. Super gross! But relax and take some deep breathes. Just use a vacuum brush on the mattress surface to suck up these nightmares. A soft brush with an upholstery detergent can also scrub away any stains.

Cover it!
No matter how comfy it is, you shouldn’t sleep directly on your mattress. Not only are bedsheets soft and billowy, but they also keep a nice barrier between you and dust mites.

Clean Bedding
Wash your sheets once a week. This prevents any seepage into your mattress, and keeps your bed clear of allergens and dust mites (Again with the dust mites, Cheap Sheep…)

This is awkward….you know that cute, stuffed teddy bear you always sleep with Cheap Sheep? Well, it’s infested with dust mites that make any new mattress “buggy.” Switch to a plastic bear (or maybe a rubber ducky).

For more mattress cleaning and care tips, visit Cheap Sheep at The Mattress Hub! We have a wide selection of the best luxury mattresses from the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Stop by for a test drive today!

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