What Type of Mattress is Right for You?

You might find it more comfortable to sleep on your back, sides or stomach. The position of how you sleep won’t change based on your mattress. But how comfortable it feels to sleep a certain way might be different in a different bed.

So you’ll want to know which mattress type is best, whether you prefer the back, side or stomach-sleeping position. Let’s help you figure that one out!

Best Mattress Type for Back Sleepers

Your back is the best place to be when you’re asleep. It’s better than your sides, as you’re not putting any unwanted strain on your shoulders. Plus, if you have any back discomfort or pain, you’ll want to avoid the pressure that sleeping on your stomach causes on your spinal curve.

When sleeping on your back, the most important thing to remember is that your lower back requires support. It’s not much of a thought when you sleep on your sides, as your back isn’t resting on anything. For best results, a medium-firm memory foam mattress will work well if you sleep on your back. It’s different for each person, so test multiple beds to see which thickness level your back responds to best.

Best Mattress Type for Side Sleepers

You might get a more comfortable sleep on your sides, where it’s easy to avoid acid reflux, back pain and constant nasal drip. This sleeping position isn’t unhealthy, but you might find it challenging to find the right mattress for you. Pressure points in your shoulders are experiencing terrible pressure while you sleep on your sides. A flatter, harder surface would cause more pain while resting in this position. This means it won’t feel as comfortable on a firmer mattress if you sleep on your sides.

For the best results, a memory foam mattress is still recommended if you are a side sleeper. There won’t be any painful support in the way of your back and a good night’s sleep. Yet, with the memory foam you’ll have enough padding to remain comfortable at all times.

Best Mattress Type for Stomach Sleepers

You’re not going to get much relief from sleeping on your stomach. It will alleviate sleep apnea and relieve sinus headaches, but for most, this is an uncomfortable way to sleep. If you choose the right bed it might be super comfortable in the end.

When choosing a mattress, remember that you’re wanting to avoid plush without relying on painful support. Memory foam is the best bet, as it’s body-contouring and it doesn’t stress the pressure points in your body. Look for a memory foam mattress that’s not soft. Be careful when picking firmness levels as you don’t want to trigger your pressure points. It’s that comfortable middle that you want, which you’ll feel when you test beds out at a mattress store.


It appears that memory foam mattresses are the best choice for anyone shopping for a new bed. Even the best inner-spring mattresses require a memory foam layer on top to feel up to user standards. So instead of focusing on which “type” is best, it might be better to consider how you can pick the best memory foam bed.

Kansas residents come daily for new beds at our mattress stores, but we always ask the same question first – “Which way do you sleep?” Everyone has a preference. But the way you sleep is only half the story, while the type of bed you have tells the rest. It appears that memory foam wins 9.9 times out of 10, and it’s now an affordable option. So this should be your consideration; after you decide on a bed, make sure find the right pillow so you can have the dreamiest sleep ever!

At The Mattress Hub we know that a good mattress can make all the difference in getting good nights sleep. So stop by today and talk to one of our sleep experts for all the specifics on a better night’s sleep.

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