What does your sleeping position say about you?

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Humans spend over half of our lives asleep. How you sleep can say a lot about you as a person as well as your health. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common position for adults with over 60% of people spending the majority of the night on their side. Side sleeping also offers many health benefits such as preventing snoring and a reduction in back/neck pain.

Fetal – The fetal position gets its name from the shape of a baby in the womb.Sleeping in the fetal position says a lot about your personality. People who sleep in this position tend to lean more towards the emotional side and have anxious tendencies

Log– The log is the most rare of the side positions because most people sleep with at least one limb curled under them. The log is exactly what you are picturing, someone sleeping with both arms stretched to their sides – Guess where the term, ‘sleeping like a log’ comes from? Those who sleep in the log position are usually very sociable and interact with others easily.

Yearner – The Yearner is when the sleeper looks like they are reaching out in their sleep, usually straight out in front of them. People who sleep in this position are said to be cynical and suspicious.

Back Sleepers 

Studies state that One Third of your night is spent sleeping on your back. Many doctors believe that this sleeping position alleviates the most amount of back pain and the 

Soldier – Soldier sleepers sleep with straight legs and arms stretched to to the side – straight as a soldier. At ease!

Starfish – People who sleep like a starfish are not good at sharing the bed to say the least. They sleep with arms and legs spread out. 

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the most rare of the sleeping positions – most people do not continue this position into adulthood. Studies show that people who sleep on their stomach tend to be less flexible and have problems with anxiety.

Freefall – Imagine a skydiver freefalling and landing in bed facedown into the pillows and that is exactly how this sleeping position gets its name.

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