Which Purple Mattress Is Right For You?

Which Purple Mattress Is right for you

Taking the mattress industry by storm, Purple has quickly become a staple when it comes to buying a mattress that can hit the highly coveted balance of comfort and support. Paring this with a more than reasonable price point, it makes sense why it has swept across the nation and into the homes of millions of families. 

Continuously adding to their prestige product line, you may be wondering which purple mattress is best for your specific needs and preferences. Good news – here’s a look at everything you need to know about three of their best selling mattresses, which are now available at The Mattress Hub. 

The Purple Mattress

$799.00 – $1,799.00

Ah – the classic Purple® Mattress. As the forefront of the mattress line that broke the internet, The original Purple® Mattress incorporates Purple’s groundbreaking Purple Grid Technology, which creates comfort through airflow and targeting key pressure points. This targeting creates a structure of support for your hips and shoulders to maintain spinal health. Working together with their motion isolation technology, you really can’t fail going with the original Purple Mattress. 

Purple Plus Mattress

$1,199.00 – $2,299.00

Looking for even more comfort? The Purple Plus Mattress was designed specifically with comfort in mind. The mattress includes an extra top layer of premium foam that allows for more cushion while sleeping. Topped with a breathable two-inch GelFlex Grid, The Purple Plus Mattress remains airflow friendly while maintaining comfort. 

Purple Hybrid Premier 3

$2,299.00 – $3,299.00

What do you get when you combine Purple Mattress’s already renowned technology with 30 patents? The Purple Hybrid Premier 3. The upper 3” layer was designed to adapt to your body, whilst maintaining coolness. In addition, the Hybrid Premier 3 houses a new base layer of support coils, allowing for further durability. If you’re looking for a perfect split between a firm mattress and the softness of the Purple Plus Mattress, this is it.

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