Why Buying Before Trying is Trending

Bed-in-a-box is growing in popularity especially in the age of 2020. The need for a new mattress doesn’t suddenly go away during a pandemic, but the idea of shopping in-store during a pandemic has shifted significantly. The age-old mattress shopping experience where you sit on each bed in the store, and try out all of the cool features, is at a stand still for many during the pandemic. We understand that and have pivoted our mattress shopping experience to tailor to in-store shoppers and online shoppers alike! Our latest offering makes mattress shopping safe, easy, and risk free! 

Meet Quilbed. Quilbed is made by real people for real people. The only sleep system created by a 15 Year veteran of the mattress industry. Quilbed is the best bed at the best price on the market. Its meticulously engineered layers offer the ultimate combination of luxurious comfort and support, packaged in a convenient box shipped straight to your door. With advanced technology we have created and manufactured a wide variety of mattresses right here in Kansas. Bed-in-a-box options make purchasing a mattress convenient and EASY. At The Mattress Hub we offer a ONE-YEAR comfort guarantee on all online purchases to eliminate all risks associated with your better sleep investment.

When there is a need for a new mattress, there are often pain points that are being experienced with your current mattress. With careful planning, we have created a bed-in-a-box option for each pain point that we hear most often. Let’s explore them! 


Quilbed Basic

The Quilbed Basic was designed to maximize spinal support. Over time, mattresses can lose their shape and create uncomfortable spots in the bed that cause pressure point pain and muscle stiffness. The Quildbed basic is built with memory foam curated to relieve pressure point pain and maximize comfort. Goodbye back pain, hello good sleep! 

Quilbed Plush

The Quilbed Plush is what durability is all about. This mattress was built to hold it’s shape and comfortable assets for over 10 years. (There is a 10 year warranty to back this up!). Superior materials and an unmatched warranty make the Quildbed Plush our top seller time and time again. If your current mattress was once plush, and now stiff as a board…. The Quildbed Plush is calling to say “Hi, It’s me your looking for!”

Quilbed Firm

The Quilbed Firm uses materials that work together to distribute body weight evenly across the mattress and contour to the sleeper for superior support. Do you get hot at night? The Quilbed Firm has an industry leading cool cover option to regulate body temperature

Quilbed Prime Firm

The Quilbed Prime Firm is where bed-in-a-box meets top selling traditional mattresses. The Quilbed Prime Firm uses luxury materials such as CopperGel memory foam. For those wanting a bed in the box experience without having to cheat on quality, this mattress is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

Quilbed Prime Plush Eurotop

The Quilbed Prime Plush Eurotop is an uber soft mattress made with advanced technology and luxury materials. Made with pressure relief in mind, this mattress exceeds comfort expectations by our customers! The Quilbed Prime Plush Eurotop mattress is one of the most value priced products found in the industry.


Quilbed Luxe

The Quilbed Luxe checks all of the boxes. Pressure relief, temperature regulation, and maximum comfort. The Stretch Knit Cover provides a soft, direct contact design that allows the sleeper to fully experience the pressure relieving materials beneath. With a 7” memory foam layer, this type of base foam stabilizes the mattress all the way to the sleep surface while protecting it from breakdown over time. 

Quilbed iFoam Plush

The Quilbed iFoam Plush model combines advanced materials as well as the industries leading cooling technology. We highly recommend the Quilbed iFoam Plush mattress for all types of sleepers, but preferably for side sleepers needing pressure relieving attributes and for sleepers that struggle sleeping hot at night.

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